Which iPhone keeps charging longer

Battery life for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Considering the fact that the iPhone 8 is practically the same iPhone 7, it would be foolish to count on any kind of maximized autonomy compared to the previous model. It is logical to assume that everything will remain at the “plus or minus” exactly the same level.

Agree, not a lot. The battery capacity has become slightly lower, and all other figures are similar to the “seven”. However, Apple does not hide the fact that the iPhone 8 keeps charging exactly the same as the iPhone 7. And even in plain text indicates this in the G8 specifications.

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The only moment is that the iPhone 8 has fast charging, but for some it can be a decisive factor when choosing a device.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus battery capacity. how long does it hold a charge?

In the iPhone 7, many, including myself, were expecting, if not a revolutionary breakthrough in battery life, then at least a significant increase. Have you waited? Now we will find out:

The battery capacity has grown by 245 mAh for the iPhone 7 and 150 mAh for the iPhone 7 Plus, which should provide improved battery life. This is what Apple tells us in the specifications of the “seventh” iPhones on its website:

However, if you skip all these statements and look at the numbers, you will see that nothing has changed significantly. And some of the numbers indicating the operating time in hours have even decreased. As a result, we can conclude: all these “dances” with indicators left the autonomy at the same level. the iPhone 7 (Plus) keep charging as much as the “six”.

How long does an iPhone X charge last??

Flagship 2017-2018, new design, new screen, new technologies, etc. This is all, of course, great. But we, within the framework of this article, are interested in something else. did Apple succeed in releasing something really revolutionary in terms of battery life?

Let’s take a look at the iPhone X with a battery:

  • Battery capacity. 2716 mAh.
  • Talk time. up to 21 hours.
  • Internet surfing. up to 12 hours.
  • Audio playback. up to 60 hours.

As you can see, the indicators are almost identical to the iPhone 8 Plus. And the battery capacity does not differ much. Apple itself claims that the iPhone X battery life is up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.

Total. The iPhone X is smaller than any Apple phone with the Plus prefix, but it is not inferior to them in autonomy. In my opinion, this is very cool!

How long does it take to charge the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max?

  • IPhone XS Battery Capacity. 2658 mAh.
  • The battery capacity of the iPhone XS MAX is 3174 mAh. This is the largest battery ever installed in an iPhone so far.!

Now let’s move on to the main indicators. And if we take the official data, then something unimaginable is happening here 🙂

We go to the Apple website and see this information about the operating time of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Confuses nothing? For example, I am very amazed by two lines:

  • iPhone XS lasts up to 30 minutes on a single charge than iPhone X.
  • iPhone XS Max lasts up to 1.5 hours on a single charge than iPhone X.

And now we look at the indicators of the iPhone X (previous iPhone models) and we have a very interesting chain:

  • iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. And iPhone XS Max lasts 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X.
  • At the same time. iPhone X lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.
  • But that’s not all! iPhone 7 lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S.

Apple, are you all right? 🙂 Add up the indicators and get the result:

  • iPhone XS lasts 4.5 hours longer than iPhone 6S.
  • iPhone XS Max lasts 5.5 hours longer than iPhone 6S.

Is it true? It turns out that Apple has achieved almost a twofold increase in operating time since the iPhone 6S?

I wouldn’t say that. In fact, of course, Apple’s latest smartphones do hold up a little better. But in the end, everything comes to the same denominator. the iPhone XS, with active use, keeps charging from morning to evening. The iPhone XS Max has a slightly better situation (about 30%).

How long does it take to charge iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

And finally, sixth iPhones! Does it make sense to pay the price they ask for? Has there been a qualitative leap in operating time? Let’s take a look!

And here are the results. Agree, the battery capacity of the “plus” is impressive, and the “sixth” has distinguished itself, both the talk time and listening to music have considerably increased. This alone prompts the purchase of a new gadget.!

iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C. Battery Capacity and Runtime

The difference is not so big, and the data, although official, are still approximate. Much will depend on how you use the device, but it is immediately striking that the iPhone 5s has less battery capacity than the iPhone 5c and both work the same. Why?

  • A more powerful processor and the presence of a fingerprint scanner require a little more power, which is offset by a larger battery.

iPhone 8 Plus

Official score: “About the same as iPhone 7 Plus” Talk time: up to 21 hours Internet use: up to 13 hours Playback up to 14 hours Audio playback: up to 60 hours iPhone 8 Plus battery: 2.691 milliamps

iPhone Not Charging after 80 Percent? Here is a Fix

Our testing: iPhone 8 Plus is not very different from iPhone 7 Plus, so it did not last until the evening and was discharged in the afternoon.

While Apple claims that the iPhone XS Max technically can last longer than the iPhone 8 Plus, in our testing we found the iPhone 8 Plus battery life to be the winner in everyday use. At the end of one typical day, we typically had 50 to 40% battery remaining on the iPhone 8 Plus, just below what we got on the iPhone XR. In comparison, using our iPhone XS Max runs from 40% to 30% charge at the end of the day.

iPhone XS Max

Official score: “Up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X” Talk time: up to 25 hours Internet use: up to 13 hours Playback up to 15 hours Audio playback: up to 65 hours Battery capacity: 3.179 milliamps

Our testing: the day keeps charging. Almost like the iPhone 11, but noticeably discharging a little faster.

The iPhone XS Max isn’t a fool either when it comes to longevity. As mentioned, at the end of a typical day, our iPhone XS Max had between 40% and 30% charge remaining. It’s definitely not a two-day phone, but it’s not the type of device that will make you look for a charger as well (at least on the first day).

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Official Score: “Up to 5 hours longer than iPhone XS Max” Streaming playback up to 12 hours Playback up to 20 hours Audio playback: Up to 80 hours Battery capacity: unknown

Our testing: about one day with active use of the Internet and social networks. If you use your smartphone only occasionally. the charge should be enough for two days.

If you want the longest running iPhone then the iPhone 11 Pro Max. the clear winner beating the previous champion, the iPhone XR. Most should have at least a day and a half of charge, but two days is also possible (if it’s a little easier to use). Simply put, the iPhone 11 Pro Max boasts the best battery life you’ll find on an iPhone.

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iPhone 11 Pro

Official Score: “Up to 4 hours more than iPhone XS” Streaming playback up to 11 hours Playback up to 18 hours Audio playback: Up to 65 hours Battery capacity: unknown

Our testing: If you use the iPhone 11 Pro all day (social media, YouTbe browsing over Wi-Fi), then the charge runs out in the afternoon. The iPhone 11 Pro battery isn’t as durable as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it still delivers the quality you need. Most easily have a day and a half of charge, but two are out of the question.

iPhone XR

Official score: “Up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus” Talk time: up to 25 hours Internet use: up to 15 hours Playback up to 16 hours Audio playback: up to 65 hours iPhone XR battery capacity: 2.942 milliamps

Our testing: Charging went down quickly, especially if you keep connected to Wi-Fi all day and watch stories on social networks. But, if you turn off the Internet, the charge was enough until the evening.

Before Apple doubled the battery life with the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR was the top choice for those looking for a durable iPhone. In fact, the battery life of the iPhone XR is even better than that of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. devices that are more expensive. It can easily survive a full day on a single charge, and some may not find it even takes a second day before it needs to be charged.

iPhone 8

Official score: “about the same as 7 and 7 Plus” Talk time: up to 14 hours Internet use: up to 12 hours Playback up to 13 hours Audio playback: up to 40 hours iPhone 8 battery: 1.821 milliamps

Our Testing: When we tested the iPhone 8, we found the battery life to be a little disappointing. The iPhone 8 battery will keep you going until noon (with heavy use).

Which iPhone has the best battery life?

Everyone wants more durable smartphones, so they compare iPhone batteries and choose the best iPhone battery life for themselves. And there is nothing more frustrating than having a device let you down when you need it most.

When it comes to iPhones, it is not always easy to determine which phone has the best battery and which ones hold the iPhone badly. Apple tends to be a little cryptic. Their official data is reproduced as a comparison with older devices (“iPhone A” charges an hour more than “iPhone B”) or the amount of iPhone battery life you can spend doing certain activities (16 hours of video). It’s a little hard to interpret.

To be fair, it must be said that battery life is not easy to measure. Many factors will affect how long an iPhone lasts. If you don’t use your phone a lot, it will have a very different rate than someone who does not hang up all day with the same iPhone battery capacity.

We have tested many iPhones over the years. Therefore, we have a pretty good idea of ​​the best iPhone in terms of battery life, and which iPhone holds the charge longer. We also know how they handle what you might consider typical use. a reliable mix of messages, emails, social media, music, video, and more. If you are inclined towards Apple and you need an iPhone with a good battery, then you need to consider these durable smartphones.

Which iPhone lasts longer: model comparison

Instead of battery capacity, Apple specifies the battery life for the iPhone in different applications. This marketing ploy. the lifespan of a phone. is more obvious than the characteristics of its battery. Plus, iPhones with large batteries don’t always last longer. It all depends on power consumption and device optimization. Let’s take a look and compare iPhone battery capacity and average battery life. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with ways to save battery power.

iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, SE

These are representatives of the younger versions of different generations. They are equipped with batteries with an average capacity of 1830 mAh and are optimized for moderate performance throughout the day. IPhones 6, 6S, 7 and 8 have 240 hours of standby time, 14 hours of 3G talk time and 40 hours of listening to music. iPhone SE lasts longer than, for example, iPhone 6. This is due to the fact that not only the battery capacity (1624 mAh), but also the screen of this smartphone is smaller. Such a smartphone provides up to 13 hours of Internet access or video playback, up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 50 hours of music.

iPhone X

The autonomy of the phone is completely similar to the 8 Plus. Battery capacity. 2716 mAh, standby time. 384 hours, when talking via 3G. 21 hours, while listening to music. 60 hours.

Which iPhone battery holds the charge better??

Prior to the release of the iPhone X, Apple adhered to the concept of the younger and older versions of the iPhone in the series, which differ significantly in autonomy. But the XS, XS Max and XR have roughly the same battery life. Subcategories of already released iPhones by autonomy:

  • The standard versions of the previous iPhone series are 6, 6S, 7, 8. With active use, the devices may not be enough until the end of the day. The same goes for the SE model.
  • Improved versions of iPhones of the previous series. 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus. With active use at the end of the day, the devices have about 30% of the charge.
  • IPhones of the new series. X, XS, XS Max, XR. These are phones that, with active use, will have enough charge until late at night.

The iPhone XS and XS Max have almost the same battery life. The XR, on the other hand, is the record holder, the best iPhone ever in terms of battery life, although its battery capacity is even lower than that of the XS Max. The reason for the excellent battery life is the energy efficient LCD screen technology and the lowered HD resolution. 1,792,828 dots.

Apple still doesn’t have a smartphone that can be used for several days without recharging. iPhone is all about stable operation with daily charging, and due to the small battery, the devices remain compact and light. If you need the iPhone to be guaranteed to live through the night even with very active use, choose the “plus” or the new version. For stable, but not voluminous work, “junior” options are suitable.

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

The autonomy of iPhones is about the same. The operating time of the XS Max in the network is 13 hours, the battery capacity is 3174 mAh, for the XS. 12 hours and 2658 mAh, for the XR. 15 hours and 2942 mAh, respectively.

Which smartphone keeps charging the longest?

Ever since smartphones hit the mainstream market, the autonomy of gadgets has become a major problem. User needs are constantly growing. For a long time no one has limited itself to cellular communication alone. You need constant access to the Internet, work with applications, various documentation. And after operational work, I want to watch a video or play games.

Of course, no one wants to literally live near an outlet, constantly recharging their smartphone. Therefore, one of the main challenges facing manufacturers of mobile gadgets is to create a smartphone that keeps charging as long as possible. In our article, we give an overview of models that can work for a long time in the most active mode.

  • Battery 4000 mAh, Li-ion;
  • Processor: 4-core MT6580A, 1.3 GHz;
  • Screen: 5.0 “IPS, HD;
  • Main camera resolution: 5 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 15 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 350 hours;
  • .

For 14 years on the mobile phone market, the British company Fly has established itself as a manufacturer that creates high-quality smartphones that meet all modern requirements: productive technical filling, thoughtful design and affordable prices. Naturally, the company could not ignore such a consumer request as the presence of a capacious battery that holds a charge for a long time. The implementation of this task was the Fly Nimbus 12 smartphone.

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The smartphone received a capacious 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery. This allows the gadget to keep charging up to 350 hours in standby mode and up to 15 hours in talk mode. Music lovers should significantly expand their playlist, because with the Fly Nimbus 12 smartphone you can listen to your favorite music for up to 70 hours without a break. Those who like surfing the web can also forget about the charger for a long time. Capacious battery will provide up to 7 hours of work in 3G networks and up to 8 hours with Wi-Fi on.

It is worth praising the smartphone and a high-quality 5-inch display on an IPS-matrix with rich and contrasting colors. And a 4-core 1.3GHz processor for a wide variety of applications.

The disadvantages of a smartphone include only the lack of a 4G LTE high-speed communication module.

  • Battery 3,010 mAh, Li-pol;
  • LTE;
  • Processor: 8-core Qualcomm 430, 1.4 GHz;
  • Screen: 5.2 “IPS Oncell Full Lamination, 2.5 D, FullHD;
  • NFC, Fingerprint;
  • Main camera resolution: 16 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 24 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 190 hours;
  • .

The flagship in the collection of the British brand Wileyfox is the Swift 2 X model. The manufacturer uncompromisingly approached the issue of creating a smartphone that keeps charging not just well, but for a very long time. Judge for yourself. you can talk on the phone without stopping for a whole day! The user can navigate the endless expanses of the World Wide Web for up to 11 hours, and this is when the 4G LTE module is always on, which, as you know, decently loads the battery, and an incredibly powerful 8-core 3-gigabyte processor at 1.4 GHz.

The Wileyfox Swift 2 X smartphone is ideal for those who like to watch videos in good quality on their gadgets. The battery will provide a 10-hour movie marathon on a high-quality 5.2-inch screen in FullHD resolution. Rich color reproduction and high contrast in the smartphone were achieved using the Oncell Full Lamination technology, which allows you to remove the air gap between the layers of the screen and avoid light refraction.

Wileyfox has not forgotten about modern technological trends. The smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging function, and is also reliably protected from damage by high-strength Gorilla Glass 3 protective glass.

  • Battery: 5000 mAh, Li-polymer;
  • Processor: 8-core Qualcomm 410, 1.2 GHz;
  • Screen: 5.5 “, IPS, HD;
  • Main camera resolution: 13 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 37 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 914 hours;
  • .

ASUS company steadily creates smartphones that can compete with their competitors in a certain way. For example, the 2016 model ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser, possessing very average characteristics, had an excellent camera with many settings. In this case, the ZenFone Max ZC550KL takes its place in the niche of smartphones that keep charging for a long time.

Thanks to an impressive 5000 mAh battery, the smartphone will work for at least a week in standby mode. The manufacturer’s declared 37 hours of talk time is actually confirmed by numerous tests. At maximum load with the Internet connected, the smartphone can work for about 27 hours. Thanks to the powerful battery, this model can be used as an external power bank, recharging weaker smartphones or other mobile devices.

  • Battery: 3500mAh;
  • Processor: 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 2.15 GHz;
  • Screen: 5 “, IPS, FHD;
  • Main camera resolution: 13 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 20 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 180 hours;
  • .

Lenovo’s ZUK Z2 smartphone achieves good battery life thanks to the combination of a capacious 3,500 mAh battery and a not-so-bright 5-inch IPS display. According to the results of tests among experts, this smartphone is perfect as a media gadget. When listening to music, the gadget holds a charge for up to 80 hours, and video can be played stably for up to 16 hours.

The smartphone is well built, has a fairly powerful 4-core processor that can handle even “pumped” applications and games. The most obvious drawback is the lack of LTE band 20, in which almost all Russian mobile operators operate.

How Should You Charge Your iPhone (Battery Health & )

  • Battery: 2800mAh;
  • Processor: 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 2.15 GHz;
  • Screen: 5.5 “, IPS, HD;
  • Main camera resolution: 13 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 21 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 485 hours;
  • .

With the seemingly low battery capacity, the smartphone keeps charging for quite a long time. Launched Internet on a 3G or Wi-Fi network, using instant messenger applications, social networks, launching games, playing music and films is possible during the day. True, the smartphone shows such an operating time if all powerful loads are distributed evenly. The simultaneous launch of everything and everything will “eat” the entire battery charge in about 9 hours. For 8 hours of complete inactivity, the smartphone is discharged, by force, by 2-3%.

Quite successful in the smartphone is the combination of the already somewhat outdated Android 5.1 and the proprietary shell HTC Sense 7.0, thanks to which you can very finely customize the work of the gadget for each user. With a very decent technical stuffing, the smartphone has a nice budget price tag.

  • Battery: 6000 mAh, Li-polymer;
  • Processor: 8-core MT6753, 1.3 MHz;
  • Screen: 5.5 “IPS, FHD;
  • Main camera resolution: 13 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 46 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 360 hours;
  • .

In our rating of smartphones that keep charging the longest, OUKITEL K6000 Pro stands out with the most capacious 6000 mAh battery. With active work with a connected 4G Internet and running applications, as well as with frequent calls, the smartphone gives out an impressive battery life of up to 46 hours. The smartphone will also be appreciated by mobile moviegoers: when watching a video, the battery will last for almost 11 hours.

Leave your smartphone just lying on the table and the battery will last for at least two weeks. When the energy saving mode is on, the OUKITEL K6000 Pro can withstand a little over a week. Given the battery capacity, the smartphone can be used as an external battery, powering other gadgets via an OTG cable.

  • Battery: 4500mAh;
  • Processor: 4-core MT6735, 1 GHz;
  • Screen: 5 “, IPS, HD;
  • Main camera resolution: 8 megapixels;
  • Maximum talk time: up to 20 hours;
  • Maximum standby time: up to 480 hours;
  • .

When creating the T5 Lite, the DOOGEE engineers decided that this smartphone should be powerful and reliable both inside and out. A capacious battery keeps charging up to 20 hours of talk time. And with continuous use of the video player, photo processing, typing, surfing the Web and running games, the smartphone will last more than 6 hours.

A distinctive feature of this model in our rating is the IP67 protection class. This means that the smartphone is protected from dust and will not “swamp” under water at a depth of one meter.

There is only one complaint about this model. The processor power could be higher. In modern conditions, frequencies of only 1 GHz for 4 cores are clearly not enough.

Now you know which smartphone can keep charging the longest. When choosing this or that model, look not only at the battery capacity, but also at other technical characteristics, such as a screen or processor. Features of the technical filling can, in one way or another, affect the battery life declared by the manufacturer.

A smartphone with a powerful battery is a need of today. A modern smartphone is not just a mobile gadget, but a real assistant for its owner in all matters. Waking up in the morning, we pick up our mobile device in order to check the messages received during the night, and late in the evening we open the built-in alarm clock so that the smartphone wakes us up on time the next day. This happens week after week, month after month, year after year, so it would not be a big exaggeration to say that we spend most of our life with a smartphone. Of course, an object so “close” to its owner should be comfortable in everything and satisfy the needs of the user.

One of the main problems faced by the owners of modern mobile devices is the low battery life of the gadget, because high performance also implies high power consumption. At the same time, the capacity of the batteries is not growing at such a fast pace, and budget models are often supplied with such weak batteries that they are not able to work in the talk mode for 4 hours. In the salons of mobile communications, the question “Which smartphone keeps charging longer?” sounds so often that it is quite reasonable to devote a separate article to devices with which the user can be 100% sure that there is no need to recharge for at least 1 working day.

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A smartphone with a good battery provides this opportunity, despite several hours of using the mobile Internet, a large number of phone calls during the day, the active use of various useful applications, in general, everything that is the norm for a modern active person. From a technical point of view, a smartphone with a powerful battery must have a battery capacity of at least 2500 mAh, which guarantees at least 6 hours of talk time and at least 400 hours of standby time. With such a device, you can really forget charging at home and save on purchasing a special car device.

But won’t a smartphone with a good battery be bulky and will not affect its performance and attractive design? In the total mass of mobile devices, smartphones with a large battery today occupy about 15-20 percent of the market and among them there are many premium gadgets, and similar models are also presented in other segments. Having examined the current state of affairs on the market, we drew attention to popular smartphones from Fly, a British manufacturer, whose products are considered one of the best offers in terms of the optimal combination of quality, reliability, manufacturability and price. In 2012 Fly became one of the three leaders in sales of mobile equipment in our country.

If you are looking for a phone that keeps charging for a long time, then the ambitious British are ready to offer you devices with the symbolic word Energie in the model name. Fly Energie 2 (IQ4411 Quad) and Fly Energie 3 (IQ4403 Quad) are smartphones of different classes, but they are united by the presence of a high-capacity XLIFE battery, excellent quality and rich functionality of gadgets, and, importantly, an affordable price. Like all other devices in the Fly smartphone line, both devices support dual SIM and micro SD memory cards, both devices run on the Android mobile operating system.

Fly Energie 2 (IQ4411 Quad) is a novelty in 2013, it is not just a smartphone with a good battery, it is a real “flagship” with the advanced technological progress. Four cores provide the user with a stable guaranteed solution to the most difficult tasks, the large 4.65-inch display is ideal for watching HD videos, reading books or surfing the Internet, and the ability to work in high-speed networks will keep you constantly connected with the world. Fly Energie has been repeatedly noted by analysts as the smartphone with the most powerful battery: the 3000 mAh capacity allows it to be used in talk time for up to 8 hours. We also note the high energy efficiency of the components of the gadget, first of all, the 4-core CPU.

But if this does not seem enough for you, then pay attention to the new product of October 2013 Fly Energie 3 (IQ4403) with a 4000 mAh battery!

The smartphone will satisfy all the needs of the modern user thanks to its powerful technical component, large 4.5-inch screen, high-quality assembly and stylish design.

It should be noted that despite the presence of a capacious battery, which implies the large dimensions of the device, both smartphones do not look bulky and are easily operated with the fingers of one hand.

, for which the consumer receives a smartphone that opens up all communication possibilities for him, a bright world of multimedia, unique functions of various applications from the Play Market. The gadget will become an irreplaceable assistant in business, will turn into a real center of entertainment and communication with friends around the world. Which smartphone keeps charging longer in the middle price segment? The answer of experts will be unambiguous.

A person leading an active lifestyle and using a smartphone for work and play simply needs a long battery life of the device. One has only to go to thematic forums and make sure that it is the fast discharge of the “flagship” devices that is one of the main complaints against manufacturers. But over time, the capacity decreases even more! Choose a smartphone with a powerful battery and forever get rid of the problem of finding source to recharge your gadget.

Which phones have batteries that last the longest??

When buying a new smartphone, users place their bets on its different functions: for some, a high-quality camera is important, for others. fast Internet access, for others. a user-friendly interface, etc. However, if you want to use all the capabilities of a smartphone to the maximum, you should take into account its operating time without recharging. Manufacturers indicate on the box of the device the battery capacity, which is measured in mAh. But there are other factors that affect the battery life. For example, display size, resolution and energy efficiency.

Which phones have the longest battery life?

Experts from the British technology review portal Expertreviews have compiled a rating of smartphones in terms of their battery life. It includes both expensive flagships and budget alternatives. To measure atomic work, a 20 hour loop video file was played on each device using the MX Player application. The phones were switched to airplane mode, all automatic settings for changing the screen brightness and turning on the sleep mode were turned off, the screen brightness was adjusted to 170 cd / m2.

The top smartphones that hold a charge for the longest time include the following devices:

  • Motorola Moto G7 Power. 26 hours 22 minutes
  • Motorola Moto E5 Plus —24 hours 2 minutes
  • Xiaomi Mi 9. 22 hours 54 minutes
  • Asus ZenFone 6. 22 hours 36 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy A5. 22 hours 5 minutes
  • OnePlus 6T. 21 hours 40 minutes
  • HUAWEI P30 PRO. 21 hours 21 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S10. 21 hours 17 minutes
  • Samsung Galaxy S8. 20 hours 33 minutes
  • Motorola Moto G7 Play. 20 hours 19 minutes.

For comparison, when testing Expertreviews, other well-known smartphones showed the following battery life: Samsung Galaxy A7. 17 hours 43 minutes, Samsung Galaxy A8. 17 hours 34 minutes, Samsung Galaxy J5. 17 hours 50 minutes, iPhone XS. 12 hours 45 minutes. iPhone XS Max. 14 hours 18 minutes.

What other smartphones can work all day?

Experts from Techadvisor, another popular technology resource, have ranked smartphones in terms of battery life. During the experiment, they turned on the Geekbench 4 battery test feature on the devices, set the screen brightness to 120 cd / m2, and tweaked the screen so that it did not dim or rotate. The indicators of this testing differ from the previous one: the leader was able to “hold out” for 14 hours and 2 minutes. But it also became the Motorola Moto G7 Power smartphone.

100 Percent iPhone Battery Health. How I do it

According to experts of the resource, smartphones that were able to work for more than eight hours with the screen turned on and test processes are able to hold a charge throughout the day. Among the best smartphones in terms of battery life, according to Techadvisor, also included Huawei Mate 20 Pro (11:35), Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 (09:59) and Motorola Moto G6 8 (09:15).

A similar study was conducted by the American portal about technology Tomsguide, launching the Internet via LTE in devices. The average battery life was 9 hours and 48 minutes. According to the authors of this test, it is worth taking a closer look at devices with an autonomous operating time of more than 11 hours. Among those not previously named, this rating includes Sony Xperia XZ2 (11 hours 47 minutes), iPhone XR (11 hours 26 minutes) and Galaxy Note 9 (11 hours 26 minutes). Moto G7 Power also took the first place in the ranking, the charge of which lasted 15 hours 35 minutes.