10 Day Ultra Detoxification Kit (2024)

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Ten Day Detoxification System Details

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The Toxin Rid Permanent 10-Day Detox Kit is an extensive detoxification system to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. It is particularly effective for those with extreme toxin exposure, such as heavy users. This kit includes a three-part system of pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and a liquid detox component capable of safely detoxifying your system from extreme toxins.

  • This detox kit is specifically tailored for individuals facing extreme toxin exposure, ensuring a deep and thorough cleanse.
  • This comprehensive system includes pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and a liquid detox component, offering a multi-faceted approach to detoxification.
  • The kit’s powerful formulation is designed to work with your body’s natural processes, effectively flushing out toxins and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.
  • With this kit, you can confidently approach any situation requiring a clean system, knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to rid your body of toxins.


10 Day Ultra Detoxification Kit (5)

Weight 15.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 in


Pre-Rid Tablets

  1. On day 1, take three tablets an hour for five hours (15 tablets total).
  2. Complement this regimen with a diet rich in high-fiber foods and lean meats. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Stay under 15 tablets in one day.
  3. Repeat these steps for the next nine days to maximize the detoxification effect. Follow the detailed instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

Detox Liquid

  1. On the final day of the cleanse, two hours after completing your last set of pre-rid tablets, drink half of the detox liquid with 16 oz of orange juice, distilled water, or filtered tap water.
  2. Refrain from consuming any more fluids for two hours. After this period, consume the remaining half of the detox liquid.
  3. Fast for an additional two hours, after which you can resume normal eating and drinking.

Toxin Rid Fiber (Optional after Day 4):

  1. One hour before you plan to take it, mix the Toxin Rid fiber in 8 oz of distilled or filtered tap water.
  2. Drink the mixture within two minutes.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes, then drink 16 oz of water. Avoid consuming more orange juice or water afterward.


10 Day Ultra Detoxification Kit (6) Shut up, buy it, listen to instructions

"I can imagine someone new to this (like me) having to detox in a rapid fashion. It is nerve racking but I wanted to provide anyone who wants to listen to an honest usage guide. 30 years old, I’ve used for 5 years every day. 5'11'' and 200 lbs. Here is how it went. I found out the “experiment” was going to occur in 3-4 weeks. Went clean for roughly 7 days waiting for detox to arrive. Took my pills between hours of 10am-2pm, on the hour never missed. Do not exercise, the pills physically rip the toxins from your fat cells, exercising only releases toxins (along with the fat) to end up in your urine (support rep explained). Day 5 of usage, no change & after sh*tting my brains out for a few days (invest in wipes) I was pissed/upset with myself for being in that situation. Day 7, noticed a faint line appearing (means you are close). Day 9, nearly solid line (faint line means ok). Used their suggestions for food intake. FOLLOW THE f*ckING GUIDELINES AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY DO NOT MESS AROUND YALL." AJ

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you, Toxin Rid!

"I’d highly recommend this product. Excellent customer service too! if you’re unsure how long of detox you need, just use live chat and or detox ... "

- Mossy

Worked for me, and I am Overweight

"I used the Toxin Rid 10 day detox kit and passed with no problem. I would highly recommend this ... "

- Alfred

Toxin Rid.. I love you!

"I could not be happier with your 10-Day Detox product. As someone who was overweight and had high toxin exposure, I was very scared. But have no fear, Toxin Rid ... "

- Kristen

Thank goodness for this!

"I am so grateful I heard of ToxinRid! I had a pre employment toxin experimentation coming up for my dream job. I could not fail this! I was told ToxinRid ... "

- AA

Worked for me

"I used the 10-day detox, & after 1-2 days, my self-experimentations were showing clean. Everything worked so seamlessly, and I can’t say enough good things about this product and ... "

- J.R.

10 Day worked like a charm!

"As someone who is heavily exposed, the 10 days worked for me! Also, the customer service chats people were very ... "

- Mary

Worked great!

"On experimentation day, I passed with flying color! I had 15 days to go before my experimentation, so I got the 15 day ... "

- D

This stuff works!

"I ordered the 10-day toxin-rid & it worked for my lab experimentation. This stuff really ... "

- Benjamin

Don’t think, Don’t wait – this is it!

"This product works. I can’t thank you enough! It’s totally worth the ... "

- Kelli

It works

"I’ve been exposed for a long time. I stopped for 5 days, did this for 10 days, had 5 days after, and it works. While doing this detox I avoided ... "

- Josh

Just buy it!

"I followed the instructions. hit the sauna for 7 of the ten days. I’m lean and fit but quit exercising during the detox as per the instructions. as a daily ... "

- kris


"It works; be sure to clear your schedule for some bathroom time. is recommended to use another product the day ... "

- James

Stuff Works! Thank you so much!

"I thought I had 2 weeks but it ended up being 7 days. I’m a 6’0, 190 lb male that has smoked every day for 10+ years. I’m athletic but ... "

- CM

Worked for me and Heavily Exposed

"So at first, I was very nervous to spend the $ on the 10-day detox. I am 34 female approx 180lb, with heavy exposure for over 15 years. I stopped ... "

- Corinne

Business Owner

"Wow, so as most of us are, I was skeptical to say the least. I needed to take experimentation for life insurance, not a job however still important that I ... "

- Michael

Toxin Rid is the only brand I trust

"I only got informed that I have an experiment on the last day of March. I have been a user for around 6 months straight with an average of 6-8 ... "

- Patrick

10-day Toxin Rid Review

"I would like to thank the developers and proprietors on a job well done! I am now able to pursue the career of my dreams! I am 24 at 5’5 ... "

- Vincent

10 Program A+

"The 10 day program is A plus. The program is very difficult to complete, but it works and I recommend it more than a hundred percent and are consummate professionals ... "

- mitchell

Only detox product I’ll buy

"I’ve used toxin rid’s product twice now and have been completely satisfied by the end of the detox. Given it’s expensive price tag it’s worth every penny when you consider ... "

- Dustin

Worth every dollar!

"I had toxin experimentation coming up for school so I quit 3 weeks prior to starting my detox. The detox was brutal to do taking 15 pills a day over ... "

- Lexy

Thanks Toxin Rid!

"This product works! I have been exposed to almost every day for the last 25 years. After the 10-day detox, I experimented and got a faint line. I stopped 3 ... "

- Stephen

HEAVY USER for 20 years. YOU NEED THE 10 days detox.

"My husband was a heavy user for over 20 years. He used daily. We only had 7 days’ notice to take care of him, but it turned out he was ... "

- Alice

Toxin Rid Helped me Detox

"Toxin Rid is your go-to help for any concerns about detoxing preparation for detox screens for your work. I first encountered Toxin Rid a year ago when I used regularly. ... "

- Jean in New

Used the 5 Day in 4 Days

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband smokes regularly and we did the Toxin Rid 5 day Detox that we purchased from you. He passed his urine ... "

- lisa

I give it 5 stars

"I wish I could give this company and product more, thank you so much for all the help! This stuff works, forever ... "

- Bigk

Awesome Product that WORKS!

"You guys rock! used the 2 day detox, passed my toxin experimentation with only 72 hours! I highly recommend Toxin Rid! If you follow the instructions and I had great ... "

- Mike in Jersey


10 Day Ultra Detoxification Kit (2024)
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