Ricotta Spinach Pizza Recipe (2024)

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Italian crispy thin crust ricotta spinach pizza with fontina and roasted garlic. The best homemade white spinach pizza Bianca!

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This white ricotta spinach pizza with sweet roasted garlic cloves is a nice way to say good-by to summer.

Naturally I wanted to close our little summer pizza series with one of my favorite healthy flavor combinations: ricotta + spinach!

If you like white pizza, then this one is for you!

Not that I mind diving into the soups and stews season at all, but first things first 😉

Now you know ricotta spinach anything is a winner in my book, what a lovely pair, wouldn’t you agree ? Add some fontina to the mix and you got yourself some real magic happening.

Let’s not forget about that garlic: you roast it straight in the skillet on low flame until golden and sweet. Then you add the spinach and let it wilt for just a minute. I actually eat that straight out of the pan like that for breakfast.

You should definitely cook the spinach before putting it on pizza, it just calls for that kind of texture.

This ishow you do it:

  • Start by making the rustic pizza dough ,Shocker huh? 😉
  • Very important: use a pizza stone (<–amazon) preheated with your oven! I know I said it like 15 times before, and I’ll continue saying it till the day I die. Unless you have a pizza oven, go get yourself a cheap pizza stone today. You will thank me later, I know this.

Ricotta spinach and garlic on a thin crisp crust, I mean what else is there ..? A good movie and a chilled bottle of white vino, hashtag #LifeMade !

Oh, you see those little fire kisses on top ? So cute, I know! You can get those by putting the pizza under the broiler flames for about 30 seconds at the end.Of course If you have your ownpizza ovenyou are a boss andthe broiler step won’t benecessary.

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Not in the mood for spinach ? Just replace it with some cooked Italian sausage, or witha few anchovies for a Pizza Biancaalla Romana.

Ricotta Spinach Pizza Recipe (6)

Ricotta Spinach Pizza (Pizza Bianca)

Italian crispy thin crust Pizza Bianca with ricotta, healthy spinach and roasted garlic.

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Prep Time:25 minutes mins

Cook Time:35 minutes mins

Total Time:1 hour hr



  • Make a batch of the rustic pizza dough.

  • Smash the garlic cloves with the side of a chef’s knife and peel.

  • In a large skillet add a lug of olive oil and roast the garlic cloves on medium low flame until golden. Add the spinach with a pinch of sea salt and using a pair of tongues toss to coat in the oil and roasted garlic. Cook for a couple of minutes until wilted and remove from heat. Makes her not to overcook it.

  • Add the ricotta and fontina cheese to the bowl of a food processor together with a lug of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Process until combined and set aside.

  • Preheat your oven with a pizza stone in it to 500”F or as high as it will go.

  • Form the pizza pies as instructed in the rustic pizza dough recipe and brush each one with a thin layer of olive oil on top. Leave about 1/2 inch at the edges. Sprinkle with some of the parmigiana region cheese on top and bake in the preheated oven on the pizza stone for 3 to 4 minutes.

  • Quickly and carefully spoon some of the ricotta fontina mixture over the top of the pizza pie and bake an additional 5 minutes to your desired doneness level.

  • Once the pizza comes out of the oven you want to top it with the sautéed spinach and some of the roasted garlic cloves. Shave some parmigiana reggianno over the top and serve with freshly cracked black pepper.

Course: Main Dishes

Cuisine: Italian

Servings: 6

Author: Florentina

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Ricotta Spinach Pizza Recipe (2024)


Do you put ricotta on pizza before or after baking? ›

Does Ricotta Cheese Go on Pizza Before or After Cooking? While ricotta can technically be put on pizza before or after baking, if you want the ricotta to be warm and creamy, it is best to add it to pizza before baking.

Do you cook spinach before you put it on pizza? ›

Spinach Pizza Tips

For this spinach pizza, you don't need to cook the spinach. Simply chop it, if needed, and add it between the sauce and the cheese. Fresh is best here, as frozen spinach will have a different texture, but in a pinch you can substitute frozen spinach.

Is ricotta cheese good for pizza? ›

Ricotta for the Win

The flavor is mild, almost sweet, and closer in flavor to fresh milk than most cheeses. This allows the pizza to have a delicious creaminess without feeling overly heavy, which is exactly what I want for a summer pizza! Plus, since the ricotta is so deliciously moist, I didn't even need a sauce.

Should pizza dough be baked before adding toppings? ›

If you're baking the pizza in the oven, whether on a pizza stone or not, I always pre-bake the dough for 4-5 minutes before adding toppings, to make sure the pizza dough cooks crisp on the outside and soft and airy in the middle. Once you add the Pizza Sauce and toppings, return it to the oven to finish baking.

Do pizza ingredients go on top or under cheese? ›

Cheese always goes belowthe toppings

Then your sauce. The cheese is the next solid layer. Then your toppings (after all, they're called top-pings and not bottom-ings), and then finally your garnishes like basil, pepper, fresh mozzarella, etc, after the pizza is cooked.

How do you add spinach to pizza without burning it? ›

When you use spinach as a pizza topping, do you saute it first, wilt it first, or just put it on raw? I've tried all different ways but I like to wilt it in a saute pan first so it doesn't dry out or burn. If you want to use it raw, I find it best to add it for only the last 2 or 3 minutes.

How do you make spinach pizza without burning it? ›

I would wash the spinach and put it in a hot pan to wilt (the moisture from the washing is all it needs), then add it to the cooked pizza when it comes out of the oven. The heat of an oven, especially a hot, pizza-cooking oven, will just destroy it.

Why do people put spinach on pizza? ›

Spinach is a popular pizza topping, and it offers more than good taste and texture to your favorite dish. The leafy green vegetable adds insoluble fiber to your diet and a host of vitamins and minerals.

What happens if I don't drain my ricotta? ›

Why do I have to drain ricotta? Because otherwise there'd be cheese water in your ricotta (ew!) and if you used it in a recipe your dish would come out soggy.

Does ricotta need egg? ›

For extra creamy ricotta, add in an extra egg, a handful of grated parmesan, and a quarter cup of shredded mozzarella. Eggs help prevent the ricotta from drying out and serve to bind the ricotta so it doesn't become runny.

Why is my ricotta rubbery? ›

It really matters what kind of dairy you use: organic whole milk and not ultra-pasteurized cream are preferred. I also want to emphasize the importance of timing: do not overheat the milk-cream mixture, and do not let it boil. Otherwise, you will end up with tough and rubbery curd.

What are the best 2 cheeses for pizza? ›

What Is the Best Cheese for Pizza? Low-moisture mozzarella is our choice for a classic, dependable pizza. It's meltable with a mild but creamy flavor, and its lack of moisture is perfect for avoiding soggy pies. Good options to blend with mozzarella are Parmesan, cheddar, and provolone.

Is ricotta or feta better on pizza? ›

Finally, ricotta has a higher protein content than other cheeses such as feta or cheddar, making it pack an extra nutritional punch. In short, any pizza-lover would do well to consider ricotta when preparing their delicious creations.

What is the secret to a good cheese pizza? ›

Stick with good mozzarella, provolone, and/or feta cheese. Cheddar or Monterrey Jack cheese has a low melting point, making them less ideal for pizza. Push toppings all the way to the edge of the pizza, and avoid piling too many toppings, which may cause uneven cooking. The pizza should be no more than an inch thick.

Does ricotta melt when cooked? ›

In other words, the cheese doesn't melt. So ricotta falls in the same category as paneer, halloumi, queso blanco and other cheeses that can be heated without melting. This is why ricotta is such a fine choice for lasagna, stuffed shells, ravioli and cheesecake. It heats wonderfully, but doesn't reduce to a pool of goo.

Do you put feta on pizza before or after cooking? ›

Does feta cheese go on pizza before or after cooking? Feta cheese is safe to eat whether you cook it or eat it raw. You can sprinkle chunks of feta cheese on your pizza as an added topping after it has been baked, or put it on your pizza before putting it into the oven.

What happens to ricotta when cooked? ›

Fresh ricotta is fluffy, creamy, spreadable. It can be spooned into a dish and baked in the oven to become baked ricotta. The top browns and is slightly crusty and toasted and the middle is warm and creamy. Fresh ricotta can also be baked into dishes or used as an ingredient in baked goods.

Can you put ricotta on frozen pizza? ›

Upgrade the cheese

It's universally known that frozen pizza skimps on the cheese. So, augment that reality with a sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan, or whole slices of fresh mozzarella and a few small dollops of ricotta.

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