Keys Stop Working On Laptop

Dismantle the buttons and clean the keyboard

To remove the key, rather than damaging the device, you usually need to press it slightly from above, and pry it from below with a thin screwdriver. It all depends on the laptop model. The buttons are attached here to latches to the so-called N. Elevator.

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The number of mounts can be from three to four. In the first case, only one connection will be movable. upper or lower, in the latter. both joints will be movable. We are primarily interested in the fixed connection of the elevator. It is from this side that you will need to pry it off if you want to safely snap it off. Most often, fixed connections are located at the bottom. Then just pull the tool up.

After dismantling all the buttons, you can proceed directly to cleaning. You can work with simple wet wipes. You can also use various cleaning fluids, with the exception of aggressive ones. acetone, etc., which can easily damage the circuit. After removing all contaminants Reassemble the device. this must be done in reverse order.

There will also NOT be any particular difficulties with the installation:

  • Lower the key pad onto the center spring;
  • Press it straight down to click.

This procedure is then repeated with each of the buttons.

The device will start working normally if accumulated debris was the cause of the malfunction. Otherwise, a defective board track could be a likely prerequisite. You can also repair them yourself if the damage is not very extensive.

Restoring laptop buttons

A common reason some laptop buttons stop working is due to damaged paths on the device’s keyboard board or a significant amount of debris accumulating. Below we will tell you what to do in this case. how to disassemble the laptop for cleaning, restore damaged tracks and eliminate others, including Software reasons why the above malfunction may occur.

Recovering the tracks on the keyboard board

In the case of faulty tracks, you will have to completely disassemble the device. It will be necessary to repeat all the described actions, and then dismantle the elevators. They are shown in the photo below.

With the last action, difficulties do not have to arise, since they are removed quite simply, especially from the stationary side.

After all the elevators have been removed from the data input device, it will be possible to dismantle a part of the data input device from the aluminum substrate.

The polyethylene board with tracks is also removed. On older laptops, you will also need to dismantle the plastic edging. Before this, it is advisable to heat the part with an ordinary hair dryer. Subsequently, at the assembly stage, to fix the plastic and restore the fasteners, you can use ordinary superglue.

Next, we will work with a polyLenovo board, on which the tracks are drawn. The problem is that the board with tracks includes two plates, so to start repairing these layers you also need to Disconnect:

  • Usually they are connected in several places by dot gluing, so if some places coincide with the tracks, then when trying to disconnect, they can also break. Proceed carefully, heating the bonding site with a hairdryer, and then peel the layers apart with a clerical knife.
  • If in some place you find the remnants of a spilled liquid or other stains, once again Rinse and dry the disassembled device thoroughly.
  • Inspect the tracks carefully for damage. Usually, all defects are visible just upon close examination, but you can also work as a tester and “ring out” suspicious areas.
  • After detecting defective tracks, due to which some elements of the input device did not work, they need to be redrawn. For this, it is not necessary to use special fluids and materials. a regular car kit for repairing rear window heating threads is also suitable.

New paths are drawn directly on top of the rotten ones, but the entire area before that will need to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt. After the renewed track has dried, it will definitely need to “ring”. The polyethylene part can be collected NOT earlier than an hour and a half after carrying out the described actions.
Further, the repaired layer is laid on an aluminum substrate, and on top. a part with spring-loaded elements. You can check its performance right now by connecting it to a PC and opening, for example, a regular notepad. If everything works fine, continue assembling the device, and not forgetting to disconnect the laptop before.

Check for obvious reasons that might be causing the problem

But before you start disassembling and cleaning the keyboard, first make sure that the reason why a few buttons stopped working, and not due to your inattention or other obvious things. For example, if the laptop does NOT respond to pressing numbers, make sure you DO NOT accidentally hit the Num Lock, which is responsible for disabling this unit. Some laptop models support a combination of Fn and Num Lock.

Sometimes problems with accessories can be software-related. For example, the driver responsible for its functioning may be damaged due to the influence of a virus. The first step in this case is to scan the system with a regular anti-virus, or it can be one of the specialized utilities, for example, the free Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky Lab. Then reinstall the required drivers.

If the laptop keyboard was flooded

If, as a result of negligence, the keyboard of the device was flooded, it is important to quickly de-energize the device, remove the battery and clean and dry, having previously disconnected the input device. If you neglect cleaning, then over time, some of the tracks can rot, as a result of which you will have to make rather difficult repairs. one or several buttons may simply stop working.

Consider how to disassemble the laptop for cleaning in the above case:

  • De-energize it and remove the battery.
  • Dismantle the data input device, for which:
  • From above with a thin screwdriver, move the extreme latch and lift its edge; slightly lifting the edge of the input device, use a screwdriver to push the next latch along the way, do the same with all the others (there should be five or six latches in total)
  • After all latches are disengaged together with the input device, carefully lift the latter and disconnect the ribbon cable connecting it to the system board.
  • After dismantling, you can start removing the keys themselves. Please note, when disconnecting the cable, it is necessary to hold the latter only by the plastic connector. It is strictly forbidden to do this by taking the conductors, since in this case there is a great risk of damage to any contact. Also, when assembling a laptop after cleaning, you can accidentally fold the cable or even connect it upside down. In all THESE cases, the laptop will NOT work normally.

Temporarily replacing the physical keyboard

To get the opportunity to download an antivirus program on the Web and perform some other elementary operations on a laptop without a physical keyboard, you can use a virtual one. You can activate it through “Start”:

  • In this menu, select the Accessibility section;
  • Click on the line “On-screen keyboard”.

To enter the desired characters, just click on them with the mouse. Starting with the eighth version of Windows, instead of the standard Screen one, you can use a special touchscreen gadget for a laptop or tablet. It works without a touch screen. clicks are also made with the mouse.

Activation takes place as follows:

  • Clicking the mouse to open the context menu of the taskbar (bottom bar of the screen)
  • Select “Properties” from the menu;
  • In the properties of the taskbar, open the “Toolbar”;
  • Check the box “Touch keyboard” and click “Apply”.

Entering any characters with the mouse can then be done after calling the touch analog from the system tray.

Now that at least the virtual keyboard is working, you can download the necessary drivers from the manufacturer’s website and remove the faulty driver in the device manager. If you are experiencing difficulties in finding the right program, you can download one of the free so-called Driverpacks with a huge database of fresh drivers. You can use products such as DriverPack Solution or Slim Drivers. they will carry out all the necessary updates automatically.

Software reasons

A breakdown of the keyboard for software reasons is due to a software failure, a damaged driver, a virus on the computer, incorrect operation of drivers or the entire system. Often it also does not work due to the PC being in safe mode and due to an inconsistent build order with system startup.

How to troubleshoot

All arising problems can be eliminated by yourself or with the help of IT specialists. You can fix it yourself, for example, a software glitch, viruses and driver malfunctions. A crashed or malfunctioning driver can be removed by restarting the computer or reinstalling the system. Viruses can be cleaned by running a licensed anti-virus system. If it does not help, then, as in the first case, you will need to reinstall the system.

Loop damage

Loop damage is a more serious breakdown problem that goes to specialists. A loop is a wire that is located inside the keyboard and connects the printed circuit boards and all additional electronic elements together. Wires have a large list of varieties and features of soldering due to the unusual arrangement of contacts. Therefore, the elimination of the breakdown of the loop is carried out in service centers.

Breakage occurs due to constant use of the device, rough handling and sticky keys. A frayed and broken train is replaced. To do this, take a copper wire suitable for the cross-section, clean the varnish layer and remove the wire. A new one is put in place of it. It is fixed with conductive glue and technical varnish. Recovery process Takes about an hour. The main thing is to handle contacts well with improvised means.

Some buttons on the keyboard do not work

Over time, everything breaks down sooner or later. This is especially true for computer hardware such as a keyboard. Often the keyboard stops working at all or some buttons do NOT work on it. What is the reason and how to fix it so as not to spend money on a new keyboard and do not repeat mistakes? Consider further.

If some keys on the keyboard do not work

The keyboard and its one or more buttons do not work for the following reasons: damage to the driver, exposure to a virus or errors in settings, sticking, loose contacts and dirt. Sometimes water is caused by some keys not working, but often the whole keyboard does not work in this case.

What should be done in the above cases? There are a number of simple things to do:

  • Check if the connector of the wire of the device that connects it to the computer has fallen out, if it does, insert it back and restart the PC;
  • See if Num Lock (on a laptop) or F-lock (on a stationary computer) has been turned on. it must be off;
  • Update device drivers and scan the entire system for viruses. If viruses are found, remove them or reinstall the system;
  • Clean the buttons from dirt and sticky spots by taking the device apart.

Also, some buttons do not work due to the PC system being in safe mode. This means that the drivers are looking for the problem and the virus. When they finish their work, you should remove the safe mode and the buttons will work again. If the buttons do not work after THESE steps, it is recommended that you restart your computer system or reinstall Windows.

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Reasons for keyboard malfunction

Incorrect operation of computer hardware is due to mechanical and software reasons. A mechanical cause is a broad concept, which includes breakdowns in the form of a cable break, moisture, excessive dirt, port integrity problems, problems with loose contacts, mechanical damage to the cable, etc. Software reason. software failures with incorrect BIOS settings, viruses, malfunctioning drivers, etc. In any case, the device needs repair and elimination of problems in order to continue working. To do this, you can contact the service center or try to solve the arising difficulties yourself.

Dirt and liquid

Dirt with spilled liquid on the keyboard is the most common reason why buttons become malfunctioning. Often people are typing at the computer and drinking tea, coffee and other drinks. As a rule, close-standing drinks are spilled on the weak spot of computer equipment. the keyboard. Causing it to break.

Mechanical damage by dirt or liquid can be easily identified by specialists and repaired. Anyone can also do this. There are five simple steps to follow: visually inspect the degree of damage to the device, remove the keys, clean, dry and reassemble. In 90% of cases, the keyboard starts displaying typed characters. If She did not work, there is only one way out. to buy a new one.

What buttons stop working most often

Most often, buttons used during virtual or downloaded games on a PC become faulty. As a rule, this is a space, Enter, tab, shift, numbers and buttons of the F series, arrows (down, up), letters, print screen, windows button. The most problematic is repairing the space bar. This is the longest button to which is attached a metal bracket that is inserted into the slot of each key support. You need to put the staple in the slot without pressing, because in case of deformation, it will NOT work to replace the key. Thus, this is a complex process, for which NOT every repairman is taken.

As for the rest of the buttons, there are no problems with them: they can simply be replaced in case of a breakdown with others, and also provides.

In general, the keyboard breaks for various reasons: mechanical or software. To avoid mechanical breakdowns, you should treat buttons and technology as carefully as possible. For the absence of repeated software errors, it is worth remembering a number of the above tips.

Touchpad not working on laptop? 5 ways to solve TouchPad

Touchpad An age-old feature that has long replaced alternative mouse controls. With it, we can fully control our device, be it a laptop or a hybrid tablet. Many laptops (Acer, Asus, HP, lenovo, Dell) have problems with the touchpad. What to do if the touchpad does not work on a laptop in Windows 10? Let’s look at 5 ways to fix this problem.

Updating or rolling back the touchpad driver

Try updating or rolling back your touchpad driver. Go to the same device manager as described above. Locate the Touchpad device, usually named after the laptop brand (Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, HP TouchPad, Acer TouchPad, Asus TouchPad.) Right click on your driver and select properties. Next, click Update to see if there are any useful updates for your touchpad.

Many people have reported on the Microsoft forums that the Touchpad stopped working exactly after updating Windows 10, for this you need to select Driver Rollback. If the Rollback button is off, then you have a previous version of the driver.

Re-enable the touchpad using the Fn key

One story happened to me when I turned on Wi-Fi on my laptop and inadvertently turned off the touchpad touchpad. For a long time I was looking for the reason, immediately not realizing what happened. Everything turned out to be simple, in laptops there is a button for additional functions called Fn at the bottom left of the keyboard. To enable any function on a laptop, hold down the Fn and F1 key combination. F12. On THESE same F1-F12 buttons, pictures or symbols are drawn to apply the parameter. For example, to turn on the touchpad, you need to press FnF7, on the F7 button itself there will be an image of a supposedly touchpad. You can press all buttons in order FnF1. F12, but remember that there is a function to turn off the display, press again the buttons on which the screen went out.

On some HP notebooks, the touchpad can be turned on and off by double-tapping the edge of the touchpad itself. The asus and acer brands may have a separate button next to the touchpad. If the touchpad still does not work, then move on.

Removing Other Mouse Drivers

There are times when in the past you have connected a whole bunch of drivers from different mouse devices and you have never removed them. Some drivers from mouse manufacturers will automatically disable the Touchpad themselves. Go to Device Manager by pressing the WinR keyboard shortcut and type devmgmt.Msc at the prompt.

Find the term pointing to mice and other pointing devices, click on the shortcut to expand the category and delete all the mouse drivers in order until the touchpad starts working on your laptop. If it doesn’t work, try restarting the system after removing all drivers. Touchpad NOT working? Moving on to the next item.

Enable touchpad in mouse properties

In many cases, the device manager does NOT work in order to enable Touchpat on a laptop. If your Touchpat still does not work on a laptop in windows 10, then go to properties mouse.

  • Type mouse in windows search bar and go to Mouse Preferences.
  • Click Additional mouse options, in the window that opens, go to Device Settings, the Touchpad tab or as in the picture.
  • Find your Touchpad and press “turn on”.

Disable touchscreen input service for hybrid notebooks

If your laptop is a hybrid (laptop and tablet in one with a touchscreen.) There is a chance that the touchscreen input service that controls stylus functionality is interfering with your touchpad.

The keys on the keyboard on the laptop and computer stopped working buttons why

The keyboard is one of the parts of any computer, regardless of whether it is a desktop (system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse), or a laptop (laptop) with which the user has the greatest direct physical contact. Therefore, it often fails. And if you disconnect the keyboard from the system unit and replace it with another one is very simple, then on a laptop this procedure is more complicated and you need special skills.

Consider the common causes of keyboard failure. Damage during operation (spilled liquid, keys touched and torn out, loop damage, short circuits). Therefore, if you have no experience in repairing computer equipment, then it is better to take your device to a service center.

All these are temporary and quick solutions that will NOT replace qualified repair or replacement of your keyboard if it breaks down, so take care of your devices.
Software glitch

It’s worth starting with the most common problem that you can solve yourself. In this case, I want to consider a software glitch.

What does it look like? You just turn on your laptop after some downtime and realize the keyboard isn’t working. The first thing to do is not to panic, as some individuals like to do. It is possible that the problem is trivial and it can be solved in one minute.

The first step is to restart your laptop. You can do this with your mouse or touchpad. We reboot the device or, if you wish, turn it off and turn it on again. I assure you that 60% percent after restarting the keyboard will work again. It’s all about some kind of software failure, which may have occurred at the stage of loading the operating system. If this method helped you, then you may not even read the article further.

If it does not help, then we reboot the device again and as soon as it starts to boot, we try to enter the BIOS. To do this, you need to press the TAB key, and if it does not help, then F10 or DEL. One of THESE options should definitely work. If you managed to do this, then physically the keyboard works and this indicates that the problem is 99% not mechanical.

You need to exit the BIOS and boot the device. Most likely the keyboard won’t work, but don’t worry, we’ll try to get it to do it. To do this, you will need to rollback the system to the moment when it was in an efficient state. I have already described how to do this on the pages of the site. Rolling back to an earlier date should help.

In some cases, you can reinstall the operating system, but this, you understand, is not the most pleasant process, along with which, by the way, you can delete important information.

Some device problems are directly related to drivers. They may, for example, be completely missing or damaged. In cases with a laptop, this moment is very relevant, since almost for each component you need to install its own driver.

Find the name of your laptop model on the case, then go to the manufacturer’s website and find the drivers for the specified model. Among them, there must definitely be drivers for the keyboard. Download and install them. It is very likely that after this procedure the keyboard will work.

The problem is in the hardware

Let’s say that you disassemble the case and get to the loop. What’s next? And then you need to carefully examine it for oxidation or damage. If there is no external sign of damage to the comment, then wipe it off with an eraser. I do not recommend using alcohol and other liquids, as this can adversely affect the performance of the loop.

Assembling the laptop by turning it on and checking the keyboard.

Do not forget about dirt and dust, which love to accumulate under the keys. Oddly enough, the keyboard may NOT work for this very reason. What to do? As one option, you can remove all the keys (some models can easily do this), remove all the dirt and wipe the contacts with an eraser. If it is impossible to carry out this procedure, then you will have to disassemble the device to get to the keyboard, and this is not so easy to do, since you will have to disassemble a good half of the laptop.

If the keyboard does not work due to spilled liquid

What a sin. the laptop seems to attract liquids to itself, because almost every one of us who has this device invariably spilled this or that liquid on it. If for a regular computer keyboard this most often ends asymptomatically, then for a laptop this is hardly a fatal case.

If you spill something on the keyboard, you urgently need to turn off the laptop, remove the battery from it and turn the gadget over so that the liquid spills out of it.

Then you need to disassemble the device. Whether it is worth doing this if it is under warranty is up to you, but this is definitely not a warranty case, so no one will repair your laptop for free.

If you did disassemble the device, place it in a dry place. It dried best at room temperature without using the “air” technique in the form of a hair dryer. You need to dry your laptop for at least one or two weeks. be patient. Only then can you collect it and turn it on.

Mechanical problems are usually associated with the fall of the laptop or when something heavy falls on it. In this case, both one button and several buttons may NOT work. Less commonly, the entire keyboard. Most likely, only its replacement will help, and it is not so easy to do it yourself, so I recommend contacting a specialized service for help.

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The same applies to those cases when the keyboard does NOT show any signs of life at all, no matter what you do with it.

Why some keys do not work on a laptop

Let’s take a closer look at the malfunctions and understand the reasons.

The right block with numbers does not work.
Most often, the “breakdown” is NOT connected in any way with the failure of any elements. Probably, in the process of work you just pressed the “Num Lock” button. It blocks the keys, there is a special indicator for it, which is most often indicated by the number 1, if it is lit, then the numbers are active, and vice versa.

Keys sticky.
The most common reason. Large accumulation of dust and debris.
The problem is not difficult to fix. You need to carefully remove everything “superfluous” a thin screwdriver, then clean, remove the dirt, and then gently insert into place.

Some keys do not work. DO NOT respond to pressing or display the wrong characters.
If there is dust and dirt, but the keys still do not work, then the malfunction is more serious.
The tracks on the keyboard board may be damaged. Most likely, it will be difficult to fix the malfunction on your own, since you will have to disassemble the keyboard. Usually, upon a detailed examination of the board, you can see problem areas, but we also advise the tester to “ring out” suspicious parts, or better all the elements.

Further, the “bad” paths will need to be redrawn over the damaged ones. Beforehand, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it from dirt. New tracks are usually made with conductive glue. After drying, repeated “ringing” is required. After completing all the steps, we assemble the keyboard. We do NOT recommend doing this procedure yourself!

If the keyboard has partially stopped working, and you really urgently need to write something, then you can always resort to using the virtual keyboard, which can be called through “Start-All Programs-Standard-Accessibility”, or temporarily connect a USB or wireless computer keyboard via a free USB connector.

Why all the keys on the laptop do not work

Now let’s look at the reasons why the keys on the laptop do not work, they DO NOT respond to pressing in any way, the indicators do not light up.

Software glitch.
A common reason is that drivers have crashed. If restarting the laptop did not help, and the laptop keyboard still does not work, then you need to reinstall the driver.
Another not less frequent reason is Viral infection.

Oxidation of loop contacts.
To check this option, you will have to disassemble the device and carefully examine the loop contacts, if the reason is in it, then a replacement will be required. In this case, we advise you to entrust the repair of the laptop keyboard to the masters of the service center.

Failure of the microcircuit.
As a rule, the microcircuit burns out after ingress of moisture, over time, the contacts oxidize, and the keyboard stops working.
If the liquid does get on the “keyboard”, immediately Unplug the laptop from the power supply, try to remove moisture from the surface as much as possible. Unfortunately, flooding can affect the operation of Not only the keys, but the entire device as a whole, so I immediately took the laptop to professionals so that I didn’t have to buy a new one.

Mechanical impact. blow, fall.
Since a laptop is a collection of elements connected to each other, one awkward action can lead to a series of problems that somehow affect the performance of the device.

Why keys on a laptop do not work

Keyboard. One of the main parts of both a computer and a laptop. In this article, we will try to find out why the keys on the laptop do not work or a separate part of it does not work, and also consider options for self-repairing the breakdown. But do not forget, urgent computer assistance in the service will always be much more effective than home repair.
Laptop keyboard not working

Before proceeding with the repair and disassembly of the laptop, we strongly recommend that you carry out a thorough diagnosis in order not to make unnecessary actions and unnecessary manipulations with parts.

At the initial stage, specify the degree of damage:
1. All laptop keys do not work;
2. Some keys do not work;
3. Some keys get stuck;
4. The right block with numbers does not work;
5. The keyboard does NOT react at all, there are backlights and no indicators are on.

Some of the listed breakdowns (2, 3, 4 from the list) are very easy to fix yourself and you do not need to resort to opening the keyboard, while in the first and last case, a complete analysis is required, which, of course, is not recommended to do with your own hands, but it is better to call a computer masters, so as not to aggravate the malfunction, and special equipment is used to revive the “Claudia”.

Laptop keyboard repair or replacement

If you still did not manage to identify the reasons for Incorrect operation or complete lack of keyboard response, then, in order to avoid poor-quality repairs and interference with laptop components, contact the service center for computer help, where professional masters will quickly and inexpensively return the keyboard, and at the same time all device to work.

Why not all buttons on the laptop keyboard work

The problem of the failure of SEPARATE buttons on the keyboard is becoming more and more urgent. Laptop repair technicians regularly encounter such malfunctions. The keys stop working for various reasons. In today’s article, we will consider the problems due to which. the keys on the laptop stopped working.

If the buttons stop working

Damage to the keyboard that is used for a desktop computer is not a problem. It can be replaced with a new one. In the event that the keyboard on a laptop has ceased to function, things are more serious. In this situation, you will either have to repair the buttons or think about buying a new laptop.

The reasons for the failure of the buttons are as follows:

  • The simple reason why the keys stop functioning is a factory defect. The malfunction can be detected immediately after purchasing the PC. One, two, six or more buttons may NOT function. Function keys may fail. numlock, fn, print screen and others.
  • System errors. If the operating system that is installed on the laptop cannot cope with the loads, the input device may interrupt. This can happen due to hardware imperfection or due to virus attacks. A symptom of a malfunction is the disconnection of the device completely. The problem can be solved by cleaning the system from viruses.
  • If the chips or the board on the computer device are damaged, this is a serious problem. In such cases, most of the keyboard turns off.
  • Loop damaged. Disruption of communication between the hardware and the monitor. Such an error may be caused by turning off the keyboard too abruptly.
  • Liquid spilled. One of the common problems. Flooding a laptop is a frequent breakdown that laptop repairmen have to deal with. If, after pouring, not only the keyboard has suffered, but the entire device does not turn on, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Not every user will be able to repair the input device on his own. This requires special knowledge and skills. If the function keys or other buttons are out of order, this is a reason to contact the workshop. Less commonly, the keyboard stops functioning due to drivers. Most often, it does not require special software. But if there is a problem with the drivers, you can remove them and download new ones.

Ways to solve problems

Often the prerequisite for the malfunction of SEPARATE keys is the contamination of the keyboard. The habit of eating and drinking at the computer can result in costly repairs. Food debris, small crumbs, dust and dirt can clog up mechanisms, which eventually fail. In such situations, cleaning is necessary. Another common reason why several keys or half of the device refuses to work is blocking. The user could accidentally block the keyboard by typing a key combination on it. Depending on the laptop model, you can unlock the keyboard by pressing several keys, for example, FnNum Lock. When a part of the keyboard on a laptop does not work, you can try to solve the problem at the software level. Often system settings are lost, which leads to malfunction. Incorrect operation of the software or driver often affects the operation of Some buttons. In SEPARATE cases, turning on safe mode helps to restore the keyboard to work. If the keys work properly in safe mode, then the errors are rooted in the system. A working keyboard is important for those users who spend a lot of time at the computer.

When it is not possible to eliminate the malfunction on your own, you need to use the help of a professional wizard, who will quickly carry out repairs and return the device to working capacity.

All Possible causes and remedies

There are several typical reasons that are to blame for the keyboard not working. It is recommended to eliminate them from easy to difficult. Thus, it comes to analysis last.

What to do if your laptop keyboard stops working

Owners of laptops mainly use the built-in keyboard, and not a separate one, as is the case with a regular PC. When it breaks down, stops working, it is difficult to use the device, since many communications with the laptop occur through the keyboard. If such a problem occurs, it is required to immediately start searching for the causes of the breakdown and its elimination.

Defective microcircuit

A burnt-out microcircuit is precisely the reason that the user cannot eliminate on his own without specific knowledge and skills. You need to contact the service center to specialists.

It is also recommended to disassemble the keyboard and check the status of the loop from it. Quite often, it simply detaches or oxidizes, which disables the keyboard. After cleaning and securely fastening, everything should be fine.

Numlock button activated

If only part of the keyboard with numbers does not work, then most likely the Numlock button is disabled. It is she who is responsible for the performance of this panel. In some laptop models, this key may not be present or work only in combination with Fn. You need to re-name it and check if the keys work.


Viruses can not only disable the keyboard, but also endanger the entire contents of the laptop. Personal data of the user, passwords with the help of viruses fall into the hands of third parties. That is why it is recommended to periodically check the device for threats and use good antivirus software, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus

It is necessary to scan all the laptop files for viruses and, if detected, delete them using a special program. It is also recommended to update the antivirus program, install a special plugin on the browser, check the downloaded files and DO NOT visit questionable resources.

Features of the model

Some laptop models have their own characteristics, according to which the keyboard stops working. Devices Some manufacturers are configured so that some functions are disabled when the battery is low. If this happens when the laptop practically sat down, then you need to put it on charge and after full replenishment continue to work.

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Also, the use of additional drivers from an unfamiliar source or Special programs that allow you to change the keyboard layout can also lead to failure. In this case, it is recommended to roll back the system to the last restore point.

In addition, if there are only a few non-working keys, it is worth cleaning the keyboard from debris. The point is that dust and crumbs can make the key “stuck” or NOT work at all. Neither one nor the other will not be useful in work, so you need to arm yourself with a can of compressed air or just disassemble and shake out the keyboard.

Correct diagnosis

In the event of a sudden failure of the keyboard, it is recommended to determine the exact reason why it stopped working. The fact is that if the keyboard works partially, then the point is in drivers, viruses or OS. And in case of a complete loss of performance, it is worthwhile to disassemble the laptop to check the components for damage.

You can conduct a simple test, namely, check the functionality of the buttons in the BIOS. If after entering it the buttons work, then the reason is in Windows, viruses or drivers. Some viruses can disable the touchpad and the keyboard itself. It is also recommended to boot into Safe Mode. If the keyboard works there without any problems, then it is worth looking for a virus.

Preventive measures

Fix the problem This is not the most important thing, it is important to prevent its reoccurrence. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to perform the following procedures:

  • Cleans the keyboard every 2-3 months. Also, avoid heavy dirt and DO NOT use the laptop in the kitchen or in a room with increased dust and small parts (shavings, crumbs, etc.).
  • Install good anti-virus software. Set up a weekly full check and a daily fast check. Use antivirus plugin in the browser.
  • Install updates on your computer on time. This will help you always have the latest drivers on your PC.

It is also recommended to use a special protective film on the keyboard against the ingress of liquids. The fact is that tea, coffee and everything that contains salt or sugar begins to corrode the parts. In this case, the laptop can continue to work after a mug of coffee is spilled on it, but after some time it stops abruptly. It is important to refer the device to specialists.

Driver problems

A faulty driver from the keyboard may well simply prevent the laptop from detecting it, which ultimately leads to the inoperability of the device. To fix the problem, you need to reinstall the driver or simply delete the faulty one and download the original ones on the manufacturer’s website.

But, as a rule, if there was a virus on the computer, then it was he who could break the drivers. In this case, it is not always possible to reinstall or remove them so easily. If the usual method does not help, then you need to do the following:

  • Connect a second keyboard to the laptop.
  • To restart a computer.
  • Enter through safe mode.
  • Open “Conductor”.
  • Go to “This computer”.
  • The top panel will have a button “Properties”, will call her.
  • Next, a window will open, in the left pane of which there will be a menu. Follow the link “Device Manager”. Or they will call RMB by the Windows logo and select “Device Manager”.
  • Find in the list “Keyboards” and by selecting the appropriate click on the line with the right mouse button.
  • Go to “Properties”.
  • Try to rollback the driver, if it does not work, then completely remove it. And then install new ones.

How to enable or disable the Fn key

On most laptops, the Fn button is already on and no additional action is required. Since the key is on by default, you can disable it, but this is not always possible.

Some laptop models allow you to disable the Fn key using a combination. In other words, you hold down Fn and the button that is responsible for turning off Function.

Second way. Disable Fn key via BIOS. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • We reboot the laptop and quickly press the key responsible for entering the BIOS (F2, F10, F8, Del, etc.).
  • Go to the System Configuration section. (Switch with arrows).
  • Find the Action Keys Mode option.
  • To turn it off, put it in the Disabled position, and to turn it on, put it in the Enabled position.
  • We exit the BIOS by pressing the F10 key, while saving the changes.

Where is the Fn key on a laptop keyboard

In 90% of cases, the Fn function key is located on the left side of the keyboard. Next to her, such keys as Ctrl and Windows have taken root. Sometimes embedded in the Ctrl keys. This arrangement is typical for notebooks HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and others.

It should be noted that the Fn key was embedded in such a place for a reason. Developers know what they are doing when it comes to usability and accessibility. In this case, it is very easy to get to the button for both a sighted person and with “touch typing”.

Key assignment. what it does and why you need it

We found out that the Fn key allows you to enable additional laptop options. The full name of this button is Function. a combination key that works exclusively with other buttons. Most often, additional functions are built into the set of F1-F12 keys located at the top of the keyboard.

The F1-F12 keys (not all) and other buttons will have an emblem drawn to indicate the option. To activate it, simultaneously holds down the Fn key with the function.

The most commonly built-in functions are:

  • Adjusting the screen brightness.
  • Projection to a second screen (you need to connect a second monitor).
  • Decrease and increase sound.
  • Turn on, pause and move between tracks in the player.
  • Turn on flight mode and turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Activation and deactivation
  • Activating or deactivating the touchpad.
  • Turn on sleep or hibernation.

And much more. Each laptop model may have different capabilities built into the keyboard controller.

I want to note that I DO NOT use the Fn key at all. I have Windows 10 on my HP laptop and I just need to press the keys from F1 to F12 to activate the option. That is, in my case, the built-in functions are the main ones on the keys, and not the F1-F12 themselves.

Why is this happening? This is because the Fn key works the other way around. To fix this small problem, you must press the Fn Lock button, if there is one.

In addition, go to the BIOS and find the Hotkey Mode option on the Configuration tab and enable it, or vice versa.

Are Fn Key Drivers Needed? No, they are not needed. After reinstalling the system, the keyboard drivers are automatically installed. You can only update them. And the key will work anyway.

What is the Fn key and how to enable it on a laptop

Laptops have an Fn key that is responsible for activating additional keyboard functions. How to enable it or why the Fn key does not work read further.

What are the Fn key combinations

In addition to the fact that with the help of Function it is possible to activate additional system features, perhaps the following combinations will work for you:

  • Up Arrow Fn. Increase Volume.
  • Down Arrow Fn. Decrease Volume.
  • Right arrow Fn. increase screen brightness.
  • Left Arrow Fn. Decrease Screen Brightness.
  • Home Fn. enable music playback.
  • Pg Up Fn. turn off playback.
  • Pg Dn Fn. rewind music.
  • End Fn. fast forward music.

There are probably other combinations. Check it yourself on your laptop.

What is the Fn key on the laptop responsible for and where is it located

In other words, the keyboard has keys that perform not one but two functions. To activate the second, the Fn button must be activated.

It should be noted that this key is available exclusively on the keyboards of laptops, netbooks and their other varieties. The fact is that the keyboard of a desktop computer is quite wide and in some cases has more features. panels with keys that are responsible for additional functionality. Most often there is a key, pressing which turned on the music playback.

Laptops are very compact devices, which also affected the size of the keyboard. To accommodate additional options, such as turning on music, changing the volume, etc. The developers have implemented the Fn key, and these functions have been embedded as a second function in the existing buttons. (Read How the keyboard works)

If the Fn key does not work on a laptop. what to do

There are several reasons why the Fn function key on your keyboard suddenly stopped working. Now we will consider them.

  • Failure. It is NOT uncommon for a key on the keyboard to break and not work. Most often this happens when the loop is hit or damaged. In the second case, you will definitely not be limited to one key.
  • Drivers. Quite a rare reason, but this is only in my opinion. It has never happened that the keyboard did not work due to improper installation of drivers. But, in any case, it is worth trying to fix the problem. To do this, open the “Keyboards” section in Device Manager and remove all drivers. Then restart your laptop. If the drivers were NOT installed again Use Driver Pack Solution to install.
  • It is disabled. Are you doing something wrong? It is possible that the key is simply disabled by a combination or in the BIOS. Try to recheck everything.

In this article, we examined what the Fn key is, where it is located, why it does not work and what functions it performs, as well as how to enable or disable it. If this information was useful to you, do not forget to leave positive comments and social networks.