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Imagine connecting the equipment to a computer. The password is 2767 3855, or rather, you must enter when a request appears to enter contacts after starting without a SIM

How to reset your password on your phone

The most brutal way to unlock your phone is to reset all settings to factory defaults. The cruelty of the method is that all information from a mobile device will be lost. In order to reset the settings, you must simultaneously press the combination of external buttons on the switched off smartphone:

  • Volume down and on.
  • Volume up and on.
  • Volume up and down turn on (all three at the same time).
  • Volume up, Home button (if any) and power on.
  • Volume up, volume down and home button.
  • Volume up and down.

You need to hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds, calling the Recovery mode. Then a small menu should appear. With points like this. reset, formatting, etc. You need a “reset” item. Select it, and then “wipe data”. Literally in 5 minutes, the phone will be unlocked, but it will be completely empty, only a backup copy can help here if it was made shortly before you decided to reset the password on Android.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your pattern

A pattern safeguards your personal information, but it’s just as easy to forget as a digital key. If you have forgotten the pattern on Android, then all the above unlocking options apply to it. But there are other effective ways to unlock the pattern on the phone using, for example, connecting to a computer and other manipulations. Consider other methods, when the question arises, what to do if you forgot the pattern, in addition to those that we have already described:

  • The easiest method you can use to unlock your pattern is to discharge your mobile device. To do this, you need to wait until the charge level has dropped so much that the system will warn you about it. Then you will have the opportunity to enter the smartphone’s power management, which is located exactly in the place of the settings we need, including security. just change the pattern and access to use is open.
  • If you are rooted, then you can bypass the pattern password using a custom Recovery system. In this mode, you will be able to delete the Gesture. Key without factory reset. Then just reboot your device and use.

In order to avoid future problems with how to hack the pattern on the phone. It is still recommended to synchronize your devices with your Google account.

How to unlock Samsung and Sony smartphones

Some smartphone manufacturers have taken care in advance so that you know how to bypass the password on the phone. To do this, owners are provided with additional unlocking tools. For example, Samsung users can use their service. Find My Mobile. To do this, you must be connected to the service, and the locked phone must be on the Internet. To reset the password on a smartphone, you need a stationary computer, laptop or other mobile device, also connected to the Internet.

Step-by-step instructions for unlocking your Samsung phone:

  • Go to their service and log in.
  • On the main page of Find My Mobile there are corresponding subsections for remote locking or unlocking a smartphone.
  • Select the tab “Unlock my device”.
  • After a few minutes, a message appears on the screen that your device is unlocked.
  • After that, you can turn on the smartphone and re-set the password, reset it or cancel it altogether.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer to create their own system when your phone is locked and you forgot your password. For example, Sony has created for all its Xperia smartphones the ability to unlock the phone using an emergency call. To do this, on the emergency call display, you need to dial a special combination. ###.

After the call, a menu from the manufacturer with a Service Test section will appear, after which additional items will appear, among which you need to select NFC → Dag Test. After all the manipulations, press the home key and you will enter your mobile device.

How to unlock your phone with Google

The first method is to reset the password using the connected Google account to the device. Accordingly, the user who synchronized the phone with the profile can use it. In this case, the smartphone must be connected to WI-FI or to the mobile Internet. If at the moment when the phone was locked you were not connected to the World Wide Web, then usually the side or top sliding tab is available and the Internet can be connected without logging in. This is the easiest and fastest way to restore your gadget if you forgot your Android password.

To use it, you need to enter the wrong code a certain number of times, after which an active line will appear: “Forgot your password”. By clicking on it, you will be asked to enter data from your Google account. If you do not remember it, then use your desktop computer to change the forgotten password from your Google profile first. If, after entering the wrong code, such a link does not appear on the screen, you must press the active Home key and re-enter the wrong password several times. After these manipulations, you will be automatically logged into the system, where you can change the password.

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How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

The modern phone is a treasure trove of personal information, photos, access to banking applications and personal communication. It is not surprising that many are striving to make the gadget completely private. Android smartphones have the ability to set digital, alphabetic and graphic passwords on the screen. And at least once, each of the adherents of complete privacy and personal space, faced a situation when he forgot the password on the phone. Don’t panic, smartphones have plenty of ways to log in, although some of them are pretty tough. Now we will tell you about all the ways to unlock your phone if you forgot your password. Please note that not all methods may work on your mobile device, it all depends on its technical capabilities, access to root rights and Internet connection.

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How to unlock your phone via the app

There are special applications from Google that you can install or they are already in your smartphone. They come in handy when you need to unlock your phone. For example, if you are a prudent person and have set up the Smart Look app from Google, then you can unlock Android in a matter of seconds. To do this, remotely connect the “trusted” device of your smartphone via Bluetooth or WI-FI. When there is a two-way connection between your phone and another device, the gadget is automatically logged in. To use such an application, it is imperative that both devices be in the Internet access zone. If before you needed to unlock the phone, the application was not configured, then you will not be able to use it.

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 4 / 64GB Neptune Blue

Smartphone Apple iPhone XS 64Gb Space Gray

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A51.4 / 64Gb Blue (SM-A515FZBU)

How to remove a pattern

For those who want to know how to reset the pattern on Android and want to use this method, you should download special programs to further delete the Gesture Key or Password Key file (if you want to delete the digital password). There are at least two software that will help you:

  • ADB Run. The program is installed on a PC. A smartphone is connected to the computer and the program is launched. Then select Unlock Gesture Key → Metod 1 / Metod 2. If you select Method 1, the picture password will be removed from the data / System folder. If you select “Method 2”, the password will be reset by deleting the system.db file.
  • AROMA Filemanager program. The difference between ADB Run is that the pattern is removed, but through the transfer of the program folder to the mobile device itself. First, download the zip file with the program to your computer, and then you need to copy the file in this form to the phone’s SD card. After that, you need to enter the Recovery menu and select the command that gives permission to install software from the CD-card. When the program is installed, find the Data / System file, which is located in the OS of the device. And then find the Gesture Key we need and delete it.

There are other utilities to remove the pattern if you forgot it, but these two methods are the most common.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i and other similar Samsung phones on Android if you forgot your pattern or requires you to enter a password.

Attention. Everything that you do with your phone, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not responsible in the event of a malfunction of your phone, since no one is insured against this. If you have a new phone that is under warranty, or if you are afraid that your phone may deteriorate by applying this Samsung factory reset method, then you can contact a service center. Good luck.

Here I want to show how I did a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i since I ran into a problem when my Samsung Galaxy was locked due to repeated attempts to enter the wrong pattern. Of course, I knew how to enter the graphic key, but the children played with a bang, they wanted to unlock at random, as a result, the phone was locked and asked to enter an email account to unlock Google account, which I had long forgotten. Another problem was that although I knew how to unlock My Samsung Galaxy using a pattern, I could not use it, because even after restarting the smartphone, it was not possible to unlock it with a pattern, you just had to enter your Google account. So you need to write down and save your Google account along with a password so that next time there will be no problems with unlocking.

Now let’s see what to do if, nevertheless, it happened so that you ran into a problem when your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i was locked, you do not remember your Google account and there is no other way except to make a hard reset on Samsung, which of course will delete everything that is on the phone memory and restore the factory settings of the smartphone. Be aware that by doing a hard reset on your Samsung you will lose all data on your phone.

To unlock, turn off the phone and on the switched off Samsung phone, hold down and hold three buttons at the same time: the home button, the volume up button, that is, as if we were adding the volume and the button to turn on the phone. We hold in this pressed state until you see the menu on the screen, which is shown in the picture below.

Attention! Perhaps for users of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, in order to unlock the phone, you can hold only two buttons instead of three buttons on the switched off smartphone. This is the home button and the power button. Everything else is as described in the article.

unlock, samsung, phone, e1080w

After you see that the information shown in the picture appears on the Samsung Galaxy screen, without releasing the buttons, slide your finger on the volume up button down, that is, to decrease the volume and then only you can release all the buttons held. I myself tried several times to release the buttons after the information appeared on the screen as shown in the attached picture below and the smartphone always rebooted to no avail until I tried holding the buttons to move the volume control button down and then it only helped, although in your case it may be different. For those who cannot understand which button on a Samsung phone means home, this button is located at the very bottom of the phone in the center under the screen.

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Next, use the volume control button to select the wipe data / factory reset item on the Samsung Galaxy screen and confirm our choice by pressing the home button. Look in the picture below, I have highlighted the line that must be selected to start resetting the phone.

Now we see the following information on the phone screen as shown in the picture below, select Yes —— delete all user data on the display of your smartphone using the volume control button, look at the picture below, where I selected the line and press the home button.

Next, we see on the screen the information that at the beginning of our process when we pressed the buttons to call up the menu to reset the settings, only now in order to reset the hard reset on Samsung we select another line reboot system now and confirm with the home button, look at the attached picture below.

After you have done a hard reset on Samsung, your phone will reboot and it should take some time until it is fully loaded, we wait for a while and see how the already unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone turned on, which no longer requires entering either a Google account or a pattern. Along with unlocking, we lose all our settings, files and other information in the phone’s memory along with contacts. Next, we see the language settings on the phone screen, if you want to change, then select “change” and there you are looking for the desired language for your phone, if everything is fine, then click on the green android and go to the next settings. Look at the picture below.

Now we are offered to enter our Google account or create a new one, you can configure this item later and select “skip”.

Next, we see a window where you can configure permission to use the definition of data about your location, leave the checkboxes if you agree, and if not, then uncheck the boxes and click “next”. Everything is now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is fully unlocked and ready to work, set up everything as you need and do not forget to create a Google account and save it along with the password in a safe place so that there are no more problems with unlocking when you forget the pattern, the set password or children while playing will block your phone.

unlock, samsung, phone, e1080w

I want to express my deep gratitude to Ruslan who sent the text and photos for the article. In this article, with the permission of the author, I slightly changed the sent text and photos, adjusting them to the necessary criteria for the correct display of the article on the site page and to improve the results in search engines.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone

Enter recovery mode. The methods will differ slightly depending on the model of your phone.

  • If you have a Home button on your Samsung phone: press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.
  • If your Samsung phone has a Bixby button: Press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Bixby buttons at the same time.
  • If your Samsung phone does not have Home and Bixby buttons: Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time.

After the appearance of the inscription “Samsung Galaxy. »Release the power button while leaving the other buttons pressed. After a few seconds, the recovery mode will be entered, after which you can release all the buttons of the phone.

Using the volume up and down buttons to navigate, and the power button to confirm, select the “wipe data / factory reset” option from the list of available options.

When prompted to confirm deletion of all data from the phone, select the answer “Yes” or “Yes. delete all user data”.

Wait until the process is complete, after which the main menu will appear on the screen. Select the “reboot system now” option.

After restarting the phone, your pattern will be reset and you can set a new lock pattern or use the phone without a password.

3 other corners

In addition, the study found that 77% of users start their pattern from the other three corners.

Key starting at the top left corner

It is found that about 44% of smartphone owners come up with a graphic design that starts from the upper left corner.

Selection of the lock pattern in accordance with common models

Many smartphone users install fairly simple graphic keys on their gadgets, for example, if the lock is placed not to protect data, but to prevent actions caused by accidental touches of the screen or buttons. In addition, a simple graphic combination is easier to reproduce each time the device is unlocked, while a complex drawing requires more time and attention and therefore is not always convenient. This fact allows us to highlight the most common patterns for creating graphic keys. If you also prefer to put an uncomplicated graphic pattern on your Samsung, then you can try to guess a password for your locked device using one of the options described below, and, perhaps, you can easily remember your key! To learn how to remove your Samsung unlock pattern without losing data, refer to the descriptions of popular key patterns below.

Key features of the program:

  • Unlock your Samsung phone with just one click
  • Instantly remove any type of password: pattern, password, pin code, fingerprint on any Android phone
  • Remove Google Account from Samsung Phone without Password
  • Supports 99% of Samsung models, including Samsung Galaxy S10. S10
  • User friendly interface
  • Prompt work, safety of use and effective results

To learn how to remove the unlock pattern from Samsung using this program, follow the guide below.

Step 1 Download the installation file of the program from the official website of the developer to your PC and install it. Open the program by double-clicking its icon on the computer desktop, and then connect your Samsung phone to the PC using a USB cable.


Note: if the program cannot find your device, click on the question mark icon in the program window for instructions on how to proceed.

Step 2 After the program detects your phone, click on the “Delete” button.

Step 3 When a warning appears about deleting all data on your phone, click OK. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to enter recovery mode on your Samsung phone.

Step 4 Then click on the “Next” button and also read the instructions in the program window and follow the steps indicated in them to restore the factory settings of the smartphone and restart the device. After that, you can use the unlocked device again.

5 points

Many users use only 5 dots when creating a picture password. And some even less. only 4.

Letter keys

Research has shown that 10% of pattern keys are letter designs. Some users set the first letter of their name as such a key.

Perhaps, in one of these patterns for building pattern keys, you will learn your principles of creating a password and, thanks to this, remember the screen lock pattern installed on your Samsung phone. Thus, you can easily unlock the device and keep all the data on it intact, without having to resort to more radical ways to reset your smartphone’s lock key.

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How to remove the unlock pattern on Samsung if you forgot it?

A pattern is one of the most common screen lock methods for Samsung phones, as it helps you avoid confusing your device lock password with other passwords (for example, passwords for accounts, apps, websites, etc.), which are mostly alphanumeric. option. Nevertheless, the lock pattern is also quite often forgotten, and then smartphone owners rush in search of answers on how to reset the pattern on Samsung. In this article, we will look at several solutions that you may find useful if you find yourself in a similar situation. Use any of them or try each of the options in turn to ensure you get an effective result. Each of the methods will provide you with a guaranteed result. resetting the graphic key on your phone, they differ only in ease of use or in the conditions of a particular situation.

Now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed descriptions of each of the listed options. Step-by-step instructions for each of the methods will help you easily perform all the necessary actions on your own and in an extremely short time.

Unlock phone Samsung GT-E1200.

How to unlock an operator-locked Samsung GT-E1200 phone?
This type of blocking is used by mobile operators in order to make it impossible to use a phone (usually branded) in the network of another operator. If you insert another SIM-card (of any other operator), then when you turn on the phone will ask you for a password or unlock code. Then the question arises “how to unlock the phone code?”. The best option, of course, is if you have a sufficiently loyal operator who will kindly provide you with a code when you call Support. To do this, you will only need to name the IMEI IMEI (from the English International Mobile Equipment Identity). this is a 15-digit international identifier for mobile gadgets. In fact, this is a serial number that is determined by the operator when the phone gets in touch. Samsung GT-E1200 (the number that is individual for each device, usually you can find it under the phone battery). But this is an ideal option, which is extremely rare. If the operator refused you, then do not despair, as there are a lot of craftsmen who will unlock your phone by flashing. Detailed manuals can often be found on the net, so with a sufficient level of knowledge, you can do this procedure yourself. But if you are not confident in your strengths and knowledge, then it is better to entrust this work to a specialist. Often, a jailbreak program is used to unlock, which is supported by such a well-known company as Apple.

Unlock SIM-card phone Samsung GT-E1200
A small plastic card with a chip in the middle is that irreplaceable device, without which a mobile phone is simply useless as such. Naturally, we are talking about a SIM card. The chip that is used in it, although small in size, allows you to store a certain amount of information, which is often confidential. For the safety of the data is also used to protect the technology with the help of the so-called PIN-code that is requested to be turned off. If you unsuccessfully enter the PIN code three times, the mobile device will ask you for another code, the so-called PUK code. It usually consists of eight digits and is provided to you with your SIM card. If you cannot use the phone because you do not know the PIN-code, then just use the PUK-code. The PUK code is used to unblock the PIN code if the latter is entered incorrectly 3 times. In turn, there are 10 attempts to enter the PUK code, after which the SIM card is blocked completely. If you do not know him either and he is not recorded anywhere (and documents from the SIM card are lost, for example), then the first thing to do is to call the support number of your mobile operator. There they will tell you how to find out your PUK code (you may even be able to find it out by phone).

Unlock phone memory Samsung GT-E1200
Some phone models allow you to separately block access to various files that are in the memory (either a phone or, most often, an additional memory card). In this case, again, a situation is possible when you will not know (or remember) the set password and the functionality of the device will be partially inaccessible to you. It is very unpleasant when the information you need is seemingly at hand, but at the same time is not available to you. To solve this problem, you will have to be puzzled by unlocking the Samsung GT-E1200 memory card. There is such an option as formatting, which will quickly resolve the issue with ignorance of the code. But he will not solve the issue of information recovery, since all of it will be destroyed as a result of formatting. Therefore, this option is not suitable for everyone. All other methods for unlocking the phone memory are based on the use of additional software. To do this, you will need a cable that came with the phone (or you purchased it additionally) to connect it to a computer, or a card reader (a small device that will allow you to read information from a memory card by connecting it to a computer separately from the phone). One of the programs with which you can unlock is JetFlash Recovery Tool. You can download it from the official website of the developers. It can also be used to format the Samsung GT-E1200 memory card.

The main thing is that you are aware of all your actions and perfectly understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you can simply disrupt the phone’s performance, which is not always possible to restore. So if you yourself do not know how to unlock the Samsung GT-E1200 phone, perform any other action with it, then it is better to seek help from professionals. But I still hope that you will not encounter such problems and will use your telephone set wisely.