How To Find Your Hp Pavilion Laptop Model

How to get the information you need?

So how do you know the model of your HP Pavilion DV6 laptop (or some other modification)? There are several proven ways to do this. They differ in the degree of complexity. They are also subdivided into hardware, software and visual. Let’s start with the SIMplest and most obvious.

  • Sticker under the battery. In the battery compartment of any laptop there is a special sticker with a bunch of information. Among other things, the model of a particular laptop is written there.
  • A sticker under the RAM compartment cover. In some laptops, the information you need is written on the back of the lid that covers the RAM compartment. But this is only available in some models.
  • In the BIOS of the device. This method works only on new devices. That is, on those that are equipped with UEFI, and not just BIOS. But nevertheless, there is such an opportunity.

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Here are three of the most effective ways to find out the information you need. And now it’s time to move on to the detailed answer to the question of how to find out the model of the HP Pavilion G6 laptop (or some other modification) if the sticker on the case itself has long been gone.

Sticker under the RAM compartment cover

It is worth warning right away that this method does not work on all devices. But nothing prevents you from trying it. As with the previous option, you first need to completely turn off the laptop and unplug it. Only then can I get to work. This option requires a Phillips screwdriver. You can’t do without it. And the aLGorithm of actions is as follows.

Carefully unscrew the two bolts that hold the cover of the RAM compartment. Then remove the cover and turn it over. If there is a sticker on the lid, then all the necessary information will definitely be on it. After viewing the necessary information, you need to put the cover back in place and screw it on. This is another answer to the question of how to find out the model of your HP Pavilion laptop. The main thing. Model was not forgotten while screwing the cover back in place.

Sticker under the battery

Let’s start with one of the SIMplest options. The laptop battery compartment is usually located at the back of the laptop. It is worth noting that before performing the steps that will be described below, you should completely turn off the laptop and disconnect it from the charger. Only then can you start taking action. Otherwise, the consequences can be sad. And you need to do the following.

Move the laptop battery latches so that they are in the open position. Then carefully remove the battery from the compartment. Now let’s take a closer look at what is written under the battery. There will be a lot of information (including the manufacturer of the device). We find the information we need in the model. Then carefully install the battery in place and close the latches. After that, you can turn on the laptop and connect it to the charger. This is one of the answers to the question of how to find out the model of the HP Pavilion G7 laptop (or some other modification). Now let’s move on to the next method.

How to identify your HP Pavilion laptop model if it has decals

It often happens that it is vital for a user to find out the exact model of his laptop from HP, but the sticker from the case is ripped off. over, it was torn off for a long time. What to do in this case? How do I know my HP Pavilion laptop model? There are several ways to do this. They differ in the degree of complexity and the type of data they provide. Of course, the easiest way would be to read all the information on the stickers. But she’s not there. So you have to get by with the means at hand. But first, some general information.

Why you need to know the exact name of the model?

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Model information can be needed in various situations. And all of them are usually of exceptional importance. Otherwise, the user would not need the full model name of the laptop from HP at all. And this knowledge may be needed for the following reasons:

  • You need to download new drivers. It is impossible to do this without knowing the exact name of the model, since there are too many drivers and not everyone is suitable for a particular laptop.
  • Requires Get support from HP. The first thing to do when communicating with customer service. Please indicate model number. But how to do it if you DO NOT know him.
  • It is necessary to check whether and or another version of the OS is supported. Here, too, without knowing the model of your laptop nowhere. It is necessary to understand whether this OS has been adapted for this laptop.

That is why you need to know your laptop model. This knowledge will come in handy in life more than once. But how do you know your HP Pavilion laptop model if there is no sticker on the device? About it. In the next chapter. We will first consider all Possible methods and only then we will consider them in detail.

Using BIOS

This method belongs to software. It is incredibly SIMple. In order to find out the model of a laptop, you do not need to unscrew or open anything. To get started, you just need to turn off the laptop. It’s SIMple now. Press the power button and while the device is booting, press the “Esc” button on the keyboard several times. A BIOS window will appear. It can look whatever you want. Your task now. Find the item “System Information”. It can be anywhere. Depending on the version and modification of the BIOS. When you find this item, then among other information there will be information about the model of the device. We carefully rewrite them and press the “F10” button. This will allow you to exit the BIOS and boot in standard mode.

It is worth noting that in some laptop models, after pressing the “Esc” button, you will also have to press “F1”, since first the user will go to the boot menu and only after that he will be able to start the BIOS on the laptop. Nevertheless, this is one of the SIMplest answers to the question of how to find out the model of an HP Pavilion laptop if there are no stickers on the case and no documents have been preserved.

Now you know exactly how and where to find the exact name of a laptop from HP. This information will be useful, since knowledge of a specific laptop model is required even when downloading banal drivers. Don’t talk about such a trifle as communicating with HP support. Be that as it may, the above methods can help in finding the model name.

How to find out your HP laptop model: easy ways

The question of how to find out the model of an HP laptop arises for a user who needs to get technical support or service remotely. The support service, as a rule, asks for the name of not only the manufacturer, but also the specific model. The information is also important when downloading and installing Certain drivers and utilities. Let’s tell you more about how to find out the device model.

The official HP website contains a Knowledge Base section that describes various ways to find out your laptop model. Here are the most common ones:

  • Look on the product box.
  • Find information in documents.

You can find out the laptop model by looking at the documents that are attached to the computer. The warranty card, which is filled in by the seller, must contain detailed information about the product.

  • Inspect the computer.

You can determine the model number by carefully examining the device. Many vendors post information under their keyboards. A small sticker with a description of the model and its components helps the buyer to make a choice.

The manufacturer on the official website recommends:

  • Turn the laptop over and inspect the bottom rear panel of the product.
  • Remove the battery and look for information on it or in the battery compartment.
  • Take a look at the stand, if any.

The model is listed in the System Information BIOS section. To enter the BIOS, the manufacturer recommends turning on the computer and pressing the power button, followed by Esc. You need to press until the launch menu opens.

Then press the F1 key or manually enter the System Information section. The first four lines will contain information about model, number and release date.

  • Launches a special HP Support Assistant program.

The manufacturer recommends running the HP Support Assistant. If it is not installed during the sale, go to the official website and download. In the opened program there will be a tab “My devices” with a picture and detailed characteristics.

  • Use System Information.

The program is launched by a combination of the Esc and Fn keys. System Information may not be installed by default in Windows 10, but you can download it from the Windows Store.

  • Use the utility to restore the Chrome system.

I downloaded the utility, you need to run it. Then in the “Launcher” section, click the “All Apps” icon, and then “Recovery”. A window will appear on the screen prompting you to identify the product. To do this, you must enter the code provided by the utility.

  • View on the manufacturer’s website by serial number.

Knowing the serial number of the product, you can identify the model using the support site. To do this, go to the “Manual Warranty Support” section and enter the information that the system will ask for (country of residence, serial number, and so on). After processing it, the site will give information about the model.

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You can also go to the official HP website and enter the serial number in the “Search by product” window. Site will show model details.

Information about the laptop can be viewed in Windows, launched the command term with the combination of the Win and R keys. In the window that appears, you can enter a set of commands: CMD, then wmic csproduct get name.

Method two: enter msconfig at the command line. A window will appear with information about the system, computer model and manufacturer.

Method three: At the command prompt, enter dxdiag. The DirectX diagnostic tool will run, which contains a section with information about the system and device model.

  • Use the CPU-Z utility.

This is a free program that works on devices with various operating systems from Windows to Android and is designed to display the technical characteristics of a computer.

I downloaded the program on the official website, you need to run it. It will show the brand of the laptop and all the information about its parts (processor, motherboard, card, and so on).

There are many options for how to view the laptop model. The decision of which one to choose depends on the user and how confidently they use their laptop.

On the official web page of the manufacturer

The HP laptop support site can help you find out the exact model name. But you also need your PC’s serial number or product number to do this. Enter this data in the search field and the site will provide you with the data in your model.

HP System Information Appendix

To launch the application, press the hotkey combination “Fn” and “Esc”. An informative window “System Information” will pop up in front of you, which will indicate:

  • Model. Product name.
  • Serial number.
  • Product number. Product number.

Information sticker on laptop

Often laptop manufacturers leave a label with useful information on the device. Examine carefully all surfaces of the device, and also look under the battery. Usually, several stickers with information about the RAM, card and processor are glued to the case to make it easier for the owner to find information. But during use, such stickers often come off, and in general they do not look very aesthetically pleasing on the case if the laptop is several years old. Therefore, the probability of finding such a sign is not very high.

How To Find Your Hp Pavilion Laptop Model

Proprietary HP Support Assistant

HP software helps you identify the exact model names of your gadgets. Usually this utility is already installed on the system. But if HP Support Assistant is missing, then download it, install and run it. In the open application on the “My devices” tab, information about all HP devices connected to the system will be displayed. The description for the gadgets will contain all the necessary information. product number, serial number, and model.

Information in laptop

If your Laptop is NOT completely disabled, then you can find out the model of the HP laptop in the system BIOS. To do this, turn off or restart the gadget, and at the beginning of the system boot, during the first seconds, press the “Esc” button, and then “F1”. The model information will be located on the “System Information” tab in the “Product Name” section.

Another way is by viewing basic information about your computer. To do this, open the Start menu and enter “System Information” in the search bar. In the search results, select and run the systeminfo utility. In the window that opens, you will be presented with complete information, including the model and manufacturer of the laptop!

Finding Information Using the Chromebook Recovery Utility

A window will open in front of you, where you need to enter a code in the field for further work. Laptop name information and its number will be displayed under the PC image.

Through the command term

One of the quickest ways to find out the name of an HP laptop is to request information through the team term. To do this, press the hot key combination “Win” “R”. The “Run” window will appear in front of you, where in the field you must write “cmd” and start the process. A window will appear on the screen where in the command line you need to write the query “wmic csproduct get name”, and then press the “Enter” button on the keyboard. The required information will appear in the line below.

You can also specify the “systeminfo” prompt on the command line. This command will start the system configurations. Next, you will need to run the “System Information” item, where all the elements of your PC will be described in detail, including the laptop model.

Another command line prompt that will help you identify the name of the HP notebook is “dxdiag”. It launches the DirectX diagnostic tool, where right on the first tab you will see information about the manufacturer and the exact name of the computer.

How to find out your HP laptop model. All ways!

After the expiration of the warranty period, users try to get rid of bulky boxes and technical instructions of the gadget. They can be understood. why clutter up the space. But as soon as something goes wrong with the laptop, the technical documentation is helpful. Often when buying or downloading programs, as well as replacing some elements of the system, we need to know exactly the name of the device. We will now tell you how to find out the model of an HP laptop if there are no documents left.

  • Information sticker on laptop
  • Information in laptop
  • Through the command term
  • On the official web page of the manufacturer
  • Proprietary HP Support Assistant
  • HP System Information Appendix
  • Finding Information Using the Chromebook Recovery Utility
  • Universal utility for recognizing computer specifications

Universal utility for recognizing computer specifications

There are many free applications on the web that will help you find the exact name of your HP laptop. One of the most common is Aida 64. This utility not only recognizes the device model, but also perfectly cope with device diagnostics.

Download the program to your laptop and run the test. The application has an intuitive interface, so using it will NOT bring you any problems.

As you can see, it is not difficult to find out the model of an HP laptop, especially if the gadget is working and this information can be viewed by means of the system. Most of the methods we have proposed work for second laptop manufacturers as well.


Compaq was owned by HP, so the appearance and layout of their model number will be nearly identical. They usually differ only in the starting label, so pay close attention. Compaq usually puts the model number in two places, first with the screen open, opening around the frame that borders the screen. You will usually see it there, for example: CQ50

They also have a mark on the bottom of the computer, this image shows a red area.

The model number is in the red box, although a more specific model number is written a few lines below. All we need for a quote is a shorter generic model number.

For most newer Dell laptops since 2005, they are located above the keyboard somewhere, as shown in the red frame. Some of the newer Dell models will have a SIMilar second-manufacturer tag on the bottom of the computer. Examples include: Inspiron 5137 or Latitude E6420


You’ll notice a recurring theme by now, Gateway is the same when their model number is displayed on the bottom of the laptop with a closed screen. Here we show it in red below.

You are almost always looking for the Gateway logo as the model number will be very close to it. popular Gateway models will have the letters “NV” as most of their models are SIMilar to the NV55 or NV72. They have newer and older models, but the identification is the same.

HP (Hewlett Packard)

As mentioned earlier in the Compaq section, HP is the parent company of Compaq, so their model numbers and locations will be very SIMilar. The HP DV6000 is really different from the Compaq V6000. Like Compaq, the model number will be found on the bottom of the computer or around a plastic or metal screen bezel.

Below is an enlarged view of the lower chassis of an HP notebook showing where it might be located. Like most brands, it is best to look for the manufacturer’s logo, in which case the HP logo is just below the product / model number.

Below is a more detailed overview of the model number, which is in the lower right corner of the bezel around the Sony LCD screen.

DirectX Diagnostic Tools

  • Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl R.
  • Enter dxdiag in the Run command.
  • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens.
  • Go to the System tab.
  • In the Computer model section you will see the name of your laptop model.
  • Find out the name using the command line

    • Open the team term.
    • Open start and type CMD as it appears in the list, run.
    • Through the Run command, type cmd and click OK.
    • In the command line that opens, enter:
    • Note. Ctrl c and ctrl v does not work on the command line, instead right click on the command line area and select Paste

    • Hit enter.
    • The command line will display the model name of your laptop.
    • How to find out your laptop model. 6 easy ways

      This guide teaches you how to find your laptop model number. You can use this number, for example, to install drivers, PROVIDE to a service center or pick up spare parts for it.

      Using programs

      Here is a list of programs with which you can find out the name of the laptop model. Enter the name into the search engine and download through the official sites.

      • Aida64
      • CPU-Z
      • Everest
      • Hwinfo HWiNFO Program
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      Via BIOS

      • Turn on the laptop and immediately press the F2, Tab, Delete keys until the BIOS menu is displayed.
      • In the Main or System information tab, you will see Product Name, opposite it will be the name of your laptop.


      Apple model numbers are the most complex of them all. The Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air luckily share the same system. You will find it in the bottom case, when the screen is closed, look at the screenshot where the screen and hinges meet, shown in red.

      There will always be an “A” before the model number. For example, some of their more popular models are A1278, A1286 and A1181. Here is an enlarged photo showing the arrangement in red.

      If it’s worn out or you can’t find it, there is another way Apple uses to determine its models. You need to turn on your laptop and go to the About Mac section, which can be found in the Apple Start menu. Depending on which version of OSX you are using, you will see the Serial Number on the first page it opens, or you need to click on “.” Here you will select “Hardware Overview:” and then you will see the Serial Number, which can then be found on the Apple website. For example, the serial number of this model was W8921PTC66D.

      Below Asus, they are SIMilar to most, where the model number is on the bottom of the case. It should be next to the Asus name on the laptop, as shown in the red box.

      If you look closely at this, you will see the model number written next to where Asus is located, this model is usually the K50 series. Asus usually uses a letter followed by a number, but their newer models are getting more complex, for example: X500CA or G571

      Find out the laptop model

      This short note will focus on an interesting situation when you do not know how to find out the laptop model. I think that more advanced laptop users usually remember this data, although I can say for sure that some people forget this information and, by the way, I am no exception. And if you are still a beginner, then this article is for you.

      To find out which model of your laptop, just look at the front of the laptop. Which is located just above the keyboard, as well as at the top or bottom of the display. In the screenshots below, you can clearly see where you can see this data on the example of Dell and Lenovo laptops:

      It is very rare, but still can be found when the model is written on the right side at the very bottom of the laptop, for example, as in eMachines and Acer laptops.

      If the model is not written on the front of the laptop, then turn the laptop upside down and do a detailed inspection of it from below. There are usually several stickers stuck there, including the one with the name. The model can be written in different ways:

      • Using the word MODEL, and then the number itself goes.
      • Using the abbreviation MB, followed by the number itself.
      • SIMple spelling of numbers, no auxiliary words.

      For example, I showed 2 laptops below: Samsung and Fujitsu.

      However, what is written here is not always completely and completely correct, I mean that the model is not fully painted. To make sure for sure, we drive the manufacturer’s brand and the model itself into Google and check it. There you can find the most reliable information.

      Trying to find out the model using standard Windows tools

      Now consider the option of how to find out the laptop model through the team term. Go to the “Start” menu, type cmd in the search bar or use the hotkeys “Win” “R”, enter cmd and press “Enter”. A window with white English inscriptions on a black background should have appeared. We register the following line here: wmic csproduct get name and press Enter again. The model you are using will appear on the screen, for example “Asus X52J”.

      As an option, I can also suggest one more thing. We go to the “Start” menu. “Control Panel” (look at the upper right corner of the window, the “View” item, set the value “Small icons” there. select “System”). Here everything will be painted in detail: the model, the manufacturer, and in general everything, but not everyone will display this information. You can also open this window using the alternative method “Start”, “Computer”, but click on the last item NOT with the left mouse button, but with the right one. In the drop-down list, select “Properties”.

      Now let’s talk about how to find out the laptop model directly at startup. You probably already guessed that we are now interested in BIOS. We go into it, look for a tab there that is responsible for displaying this information, look, remember, it’s done!

      Of course, I can’t mention in the advanced software, for example I really like Everest. The utility displays the most detailed characteristics of all components of your computer, including of course the laptop model. How to watch it? After starting the program, in the left part of the window, select “Computer”, go to “Summary information”.

      In the “Motherboard” section there is an item of the same name opposite which it will be written what you were looking for.

      In this article, I have considered far from all the methods of how to find out the laptop model, however, I think that the above methods are enough for everyone. Thank you all for your attention, come again;).

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      How to determine your laptop model

      A small article that will help you find out the model of your (or someone else’s) laptop or netbook. In this case, you don’t even have to look for a box from it or documentation (although this is also an option). Maybe for someone it will seem banal or uninteresting, or there may be questions like “How can you know the laptop model” or “Who do you need to be in order not to find out such SIMple information”, but in fact there really are such situations, when you need to determine the model of a laptop, but there seems to be nowhere to look. In general, I will not languish for a long time and I will go straight to the point.

      1) We look at the sticker on the case itself where the keyboard is. It may be ridiculous, but it happens that people forget about it and DO NOT look. Banal carelessness.
      A SIMilar sticker can also be on the monitor.

      2) As I wrote above, look at the laptop / netbook box. On it, sellers often stick price tags indicating the model and characteristics. And also manufacturers can draw this on the box themselves.
      You can also look at the documents, but they most often give one documentation for the entire series, so the chance to find out the model is unlikely.

      3) Turning the laptop over and see what’s the bottom. Most often, there is the information we need.

      4) Remove the battery. Often you can also see the laptop model under it:

      5) Find out using standard Microsoft tools,

      To do this, open the Command Timeline and enter the following command:

      The result should be like this:

      6) Let’s also use the usual Windows tools. The method is suitable for Windows 7 and 8.

      Right-click on My Computer, select Properties and look:

      7) Using the program AIDA 64 (former Everest ) You can also see the laptop model.

      This program is designed to view all information about the computer and system. It used to be free (when it was still Everest), but now it’s paid. Probably it became too popular and the manufacturers decided to make money on it.
      But she has a trial period of 30 days to “enjoy” all the delights of the program. But we need it in general for a couple of minutes, so download it from the official site. Better yet, right from the Official download page and see.

      8) Using the program Belarc Advisor. Free Personal PC Audit you can also find out the laptop model. It is free, but does not have support for the Russian language, and besides, the size is 3 times smaller than in the previous one from point 7.

      Download, Install, run and get a detailed report with many melons. But we only need one “System Model” block

      That’s all for me. I think 8 ways to look and find out the laptop model will be enough for you.

      How to find out the series of a laptop. Battery

      Sometimes laptop manufacturers can hide this data a little “deeper”, for example, on or under the battery.

      Information for those who did NOT remove the battery. Turn the laptop over, find the latches that hold the battery. Usually there are 2 of them, but there are exceptions when there is only one. Then Spread them apart and the battery will rise by itself.

      Now you can inspect for the data you need. Most often you can find on the battery itself, but also look under it (on a laptop).

      How to know the laptop series

      Laptop series. a combination of letters and numbers or only letters, which is indicated on the stickers located on the bottom of the laptop. The laptop series is capable of doing you a great service. Without it, the device may NOT be accepted for repair, so it is so important to know how to find it.

      Sponsored by the placement of PG Articles on the topic “How to find out the series of a laptop” How to turn on the built-in camera on an Hp laptop How to turn on the webcam on a laptop How to turn on the built-in webcam on a laptop

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      First, understand what a laptop series is and what it is for. A series is a modification of a model within a single production line. The fact is that almost every brand-manufacturer of laptops has a so-called “lineup” or “line” of laptops, which includes sub-varieties of this product, united by common features and aimed at users with specific needs. For example, at Acer these are Aspire, Aspire One, Aspire TimeLine, Extensa, TravelMate, Ferrari. Each such line has several laptop models, and each model has several series. Laptops of the same series usually differ from each other only in configuration, while laptops of different series have differences in screen size, appearance and, of course, in internal content, for example, processors.

      Turn the laptop over with the bottom cover facing up. There you will see a sticker. Look for a combination of numbers and letters or only letters on it. this will be the serial number that you need. It is usually written in large print and stands out from others. This can be, for example, for the Samsung brand. the 7 Gamer series or SIMply 9, for the Sony manufacturer. VAIO S, for the ASUS trademark. N, for the giant in the world of high technologies HP. Pavilion and so on.

      Try to find information about the serial number of the laptop in the documentation for it. If you have an operating manual for your laptop in your hands, then you can easily find its series there. It is usually written immediately after the brand name.

      Consider also one pleasant fact. Knowing the series of your laptop, you go to the manufacturer’s website, you can easily determine the model of your laptop, download all kinds of drivers and utilities for different software.

      How to find out the year of manufacture of a laptop
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      How to register a laptop
      Registering a laptop on the manufacturer’s website is optional, but allows you to get a lot of useful information about your laptop. You will find out the production hours, the warranty period for your device, you will be prompted by the latest drivers, as well as useful utilities. Consider the procedure

      How to set the serial number
      If you want to get an additional manufacturer’s warranty on your laptop, you definitely need to know its serial number. By going to the manufacturer’s website and filling out the appropriate form indicating the serial number and laptop model, you will receive additional service for a period,

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      How to find out your HP laptop model in CPU-Z

      Information about the brand of a laptop can also be found using a program called “CPU-Z”.

      With the help of “CPU-Z” you can find out the following information about:

      • CPU;
      • Map;
      • RAM;
      • System board;
      • Information about the temperature of the processor, card, motherboard and others.

      You can learn about a laptop from Hewlett-Packard using the “CPU-Z” program as follows:

      • First, download the program on the official website;
      • Then we unpack the program from the archive and run;
      • The main window of the program will provide detailed information about the processor, card, memory and motherboard.

      System Information Utility or HP Support Assistant

      In order to know which model of HP laptop I have, you can use the “System Information” utility or use the “HP Support Assistant”.

      System Information Utility:

      • To call the “System Information” utility, press the following key combination “FNEsc” on the keyboard;
      • After pressing the key combination, the System Information window will appear on the screen. The utility window will display the following information: name and number. The name will reflect information about many types of PCs, and the number, in more detail, reflects information about the brand.

      HP Support Assistant Utility:

      • In order to open the “HP Support Assistant” utility, press the “WinQ” key combination on the keyboard. You can also find the program through “Start” and enter “HP” in the search;
      • Then the utility must be run, in the program window, at the very bottom, the required information will be displayed.

      You can also learn more about the characteristics in the “My Computer” tab. “System Information”.

      Another option to install the brand is to visit the support site.

      The method is perfect for finding out the model by the serial number:

      • Go to the support site;
      • Next, in the “Manual Warranty Check” window, enter data on the country of residence, serial number and product number;
      • Next, click on the “Send” tab;
      • After a few seconds of waiting, the page “HP Product Warranty Result” should appear on the screen, which will provide information about the laptop.

      Finding the number in the BIOS

      You can get information about the brand through the BIOS. To do this, you need to do a number of sequential actions:

      • First you need to turn on your computer. To do this, press the power button on the case next to the screen and keyboard;
      • After that, it is necessary to immediately press the “Esc” key on the keyboard several times in a row;
      • After that, the startup menu will appear on the screen;
      • Then you need to press the function key “F1” on the keyboard or select the item “System Information”;
      • Then the system information window will be displayed on the screen, where: PC brand, product number, serial number, production date and others will be displayed.

      How to find the exact model and serial number of your HP laptop

      Each user should know the laptop model he is using, without this information in his laptop, finding the necessary drivers or components can be much more difficult.

      On HP laptops, a sticker or sticker with their series is located next to the keyboard or screen, but THIS data may not be enough to fully understand its model.

      For example: Hewlett-Packard has launched more than a hundred devices in the G62 series on the desktop PC market over a long time period.

      How to identify your Hewlett-Packard laptop model using body decals

      You can find out the details of your laptop using the device information stickers located on the bottom cover or inside the battery case.

      On the front:

      • First you need to open the laptop and carefully examine the outer case. As mentioned above, Hewlett-Packard most often places information near the screen or keyboard;
      • If the sticker is found, then carefully examine it and find the desired values ​​in the characteristics of the PC.

      On the back:

      • First, turn the computer upside down and carefully inspect the case;
      • Then look for a sticker with information about your laptop.

      Inside the battery compartment:

      • Turn the laptop upside down and carefully remove the battery;
      • Next, carefully inspect the battery compartment and find the sticker with the data on the laptop model.

      Under the cover on the back of the device:

      • First you need to remove the back cover;
      • After the cover is removed, you need to find the sticker with information.

      Second way to find out laptop model number:

      • Find the serial number label on the case;
      • Then go to the official website of the product manufacturer, in our case, “Hewlett-Packard”;
      • Then enter the number in the “Search by Product” window. For example, “HP Photosmart 5510”.

      Device documentation

      You can find out about the characteristics of your laptop by referring to its documentation, and for this you need: