How to Factory Reset ASUS Laptop

Restoring settings on an ASUS laptop

There are two ways to reset all settings on ASUS laptops depending on the changes you made.

System Tools

If you did reinstall the OS and clean up the HDD on the laptop, you can resort to using the system recovery tool. This will roll back Windows to a stable state using restore points.

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Restoring factory settings on an ASUS laptop

ASUS Notebook allows you to roll back all settings to their original state, but only under certain conditions. In this article, we will talk about restoring factory settings.

RECOVERY utility

Regardless of the operating system installed by default, each ASUS laptop has a special “Recovery” section that stores files for emergency system recovery. This section can be used to restore factory settings, but only in cases where the device has not been reinstalled the OS and formatted the hard disk.

    Follow the instructions to open the BIOS of your laptop and go to the “Main” page.

    Restart the laptop and while it boots until the Windows logo appears, press the “F9” button.

From the opened list, click on the “Return to the original state” block.

Confirm your consent to delete user files.

  • Click on the button “Only the disk where Windows is installed”.
  • Now select the option “Just delete my files”.
  • At the last step, you need to click the “Reset” or “Reset” button.

    The entire subsequent process is carried out automatically, requiring you only to make some changes to the settings.

    The main disadvantage of this method is the complete removal of any user files from the local disk on which Windows is installed.

    It is also important to roll back the BIOS to its original state. We talked about this process in a separate article on our website.

    The considered methods of rolling back a laptop to factory settings should be enough to restore the operating system and the device as a whole. You can also contact us in the comments if you encountered any difficulties.

    Restoring laptop and computer to factory settings

    Factory settings on a laptop may be required in a variety of cases. For example, your computer is heavily clogged with various programs, or errors often occur, the computer is very slow and nothing helps. Also, using a reset, you can get rid of the locked Windows problem.

    All these problems can be solved by resetting the laptop to factory settings. Let’s get started.

    By the way, I would like to say that there are times when it is impossible to come to the factory settings. The fact is that some users who bought a laptop immediately, or after a while, reinstall Windows, which came with the laptop. Hidden partition is often removed to allow recovery on the hard drive.

    It also happens that by calling the wizard for computers, he reinstalls Windows, then, most often, the same thing happens. the recovery partition has been deleted. So it’s better to do it all yourself.

    If this happens, you will most likely have to look for a data recovery disc, you can try downloading the image online. The best option, of course, would be to reinstall the system.

    We will move on to those cases where it is possible to bring the laptop to the factory state.

    But this will delete all data from the C drive, Windows will be reinstalled and you will not need to enter the key. After reinstalling and starting the system, the installation of drivers and other components will begin.

    Restoring factory settings on an HP laptop

    So, to carry out this operation on an HP laptop, you need:

    • Turn on the laptop and press the F11 key, the Recovery Manager will appear.
    • Select the System Recovery item.
    • If you are offered to save the necessary data, save.
    • The data recovery process will begin, also do not touch anything, the process is automatic and the computer. The computer may restart several times.

    How to factory reset your Acer laptop

    To do this on an Acer laptop, you need to do the following:

    • Turn on the laptop and, while holding Alt, press F10 several times, the system should ask for a password.
    • If you have not recovered anything before, then the standard password is six zeros (000000).
    • In the window that appears, select Factory reset.

    By the way, a return to factory settings can be done in the Windows operating system itself. To do this, you need to find the eRecovery Management utility on your computer, go to the Recovery tab and reset the settings.

    How to Factory Reset an ASUS Laptop

    • First you need to disable the built-in Boot Booster feature, which makes your laptop boot up faster. This is done in the BIOS. To do this, turn on the device, at the start of the download, press F2, once in the BIOS, we find where this function is disabled. Go to the Boot tab and there we look for the Boot Booster item, press Enter on it and select Disabled. On the last tab, select Save changes and exit. The laptop will save the settings and reboot. After boot, turn off the laptop again.
    • Turn on your device and then press the F9 key. A loading screen will appear.
    • The factory settings program will prepare the data for recovery, after which a message will appear stating whether you really want to recover the data. Don’t forget that everything from the disk will be deleted!
    • Further, do not touch anything, the recovery process is automatic. The computer will restart several times during the recovery.

    How to factory reset a Samsung laptop

    In order to restore this laptop to the factory state, you need to use the Recovery Solution utility that is located in Windows itself. If this utility is not there, then restart your computer and press F4, the recovery utility will start.

    • Select the item Restore.
    • Next, the Complete Restore item
    • Selecting a restore point Computer Initial Status.
    • A message about reboot will appear, click “Yes”
    • Follow the system prompts.

    After completing the work, you will need to restart the laptop again to activate the recovery made by the program.

    How to restore factory settings on a Toshiba laptop

    To restore a laptop, you will have to carry out how many manipulations:

    • Press the 0 key on the keyboard and HOLD.
    • Turn on the laptop.
    • Release the 0 key when the computer starts to beep.

    The second option to enter on this laptop, if the first did not work:

    • Turn off the laptop, then press F12.
    • Without releasing your finger from the F12 key, turn on the laptop.
    • Wait for the corresponding window to appear.

    Start the recovery utility, just follow its instructions, it is not so difficult there.

    I hope this article helped you in solving your problems, if you have any questions, ask in the comments.

    How to reset the settings if the laptop does not boot: actions in the BIOS

    But very often you can find situations when the operating system does not start at all under any pretext. In this case, you can use some BIOS settings. It should not be taken literally when talking about how to factory reset an Acer laptop via BIOS. In the primary system itself, you can only activate a special option responsible for rollback (nothing more).

    When turning on the laptop, press the Del key, and after entering the BIOS in the main section (Main), find the D2D Recovery item (it activates the use of the recovery environment even without the mandatory start of the OS). If it is set to Disabled, switch to Enabled, then exit the interface while saving the set parameters (F10 Y).

    How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop: A Few Typical Situations and Reset Methods

    Needless to say, very often laptop owners have to roll back the settings to the factory state as one of the most extreme measures to restore the device’s performance? Most often, the laptop manufacturer supplies it with a preinstalled operating system and special proprietary utilities that allow you to perform all the necessary rollback actions. The next step is to figure out how to reset an Acer laptop to factory settings.

    By and large, it does not matter at all what your laptop model is, since in most cases all the operations performed will be completely identical. Two main methods can be proposed. As the first situation, we will consider the rollback of parameters for models with preinstalled Windows OS, as the second situation, we will take as a basis cases when the operating system could be reinstalled or upgraded (for example, when switching from Windows seventh and eighth to the tenth or when replacing a hard disk ).

    How to reset in Windows 10: standard pattern

    We can assume that you upgraded to Windows 10 or installed it when replacing your hard drive. In these cases, of course, there will be no recovery environment on the disk.

    To rollback in the top ten, you can use a special reset mode, which can be activated through the appropriate section in the parameters menu.

    Recovery after setting BIOS settings

    You are now very close to getting an answer to your questions about how to factory reset your Acer laptop. The keyboard shortcut that allows you to start the above environment is invariable for all models. Alt F10.

    After that, the same utility that was described above will start, but only, if I may say so, in DOS-like mode, but with a graphical interface. You will have to choose a recovery method and wait until all operations are completed.

    Note: If the reset is performed for the first time, it is possible that a password will be required. To access the functionality, you need to enter a standard code consisting of six zeros.

    How to reset Acer laptop to factory settings using proprietary utility?

    As the first and easiest way to rollback a laptop, if the operating system installed on it somehow boots (even if in safe mode), we can suggest using a special environment that is built by the manufacturer into the software shell of the device called Acer eRecovery Management.

    Since even at the factory installation stage, an application shortcut is created in the start menu of the operating system itself, the problem of how to reset an Acer laptop to factory settings can be solved simply.

    Just find this applet among the installed programs in the Start menu, and after it starts, use the recovery section presented on the left side of the main window, and then specify the preferred rollback option (either with saving the data or without it), after which just click the buttons confirmation of performed operations. However, in this case, Honor says that if there are viruses in the system, the choice of restoring with saving user files and programs is inappropriate, since the malware may not be removed, and after a rollback it will continue its destructive activity.

    Reset when starting from removable media

    Resetting the Acer laptop in Windows of the tenth modification can be performed by rebooting with the Shift key pressed (this is equivalent to launching special start options), and then through the recovery section and several additional menus to get to the reset point.

    Similar operations can be performed when starting from a USB flash drive with the tens installation distribution kit, after selecting the main language and regional settings, use the restore link located in the lower left corner, and then follow the standard menu transitions to the desired item.

    Retentive Reset: Advanced Technique

    Finally, let’s briefly dwell on how to reset an Acer laptop to factory settings while keeping files and programs in the working “top ten”. This can be done, no matter who says anything there! To do this, you first need to create a bootable USB flash drive using either an image file and a program like Rufus, or an application from Microsoft called Media Creation Tool.

    After connecting the media to the USB port, expand its contents and simply run the installer file Setup.exe. At one of the stages, you will be asked to choose a recovery method, in which you can specify the preservation of all user data and installed applications.

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    Note: when the reboot starts, the flash drive must be removed from the port so that it does not accidentally start from it, since usually such drives are placed first in the boot device queue in the BIOS automatically.

    Samsung laptop

    While the device is booting, press the F4 button several times. Alternatively, find the preinstalled Recovery Solution utility in the list of programs.

    After starting the utility, select the “Recovery” option, then “Full recovery”. Then you need to select a resume point. the state to which you plan to return the computer.

    For factory settings, this is the “Computer Initial Status” item. Agree with the utility’s suggestion to restart the device. Then follow its instructions until the parameters are fully restored. Restart the device again to complete the rollback process.

    Acer laptop

    During boot, hold down the Alt key while pressing F10. A dialog box asking for a password will appear. If you are rolling back the OS for the first time, the default password is 000000. Then select the “Factory reset” option.

    The second way to reset Acer to initial settings is to find the eRecovery Management utility in the standard Windows menu and select “Recovery”. After that, the system will roll back on its own.

    Toshiba laptop

    With the laptop turned off, hold down the 0 button (not on the top row of numbers, but on the right, on the block of numbers). Then turn on the computer and wait for the beep. The 0 key can be released.

    Follow the instructions of the program until the system is fully restored.

    HP Notebook

    Disconnect external media (flash drives, etc.) in advance.

    When turning on, press the F11 button. The Recovery Manager window will open on the display. If it doesn’t work, you can run it in standard mode. just find it in the list of preinstalled applications.

    Preparing to resume

    Most users are sure that before rolling back to the factory settings, it is enough to move personal movies / music / photos, etc. to an external medium.

    However, it is advisable to check folders such as My Documents and Downloads, which often contain the files you need. In addition, you should take care of copying mail, passwords, contact list and other important information. Otherwise, it will be at least problematic to restore all this.

    After that, you should take care of saving the installers of the necessary programs. An alternative option is the presence of an already configured Internet connection, with which you can download the necessary programs.

    Restoring Windows Settings

    To restore the device to the factory state, you need to run the hidden Recovery program, which is by default located on the C drive in the recovery partition.

    ASUS laptop

    Turn on your laptop and press the F2 button. The standard BIOS menu will appear on the display, where you need to disable the Boot Booster option. It affects the download speed and is set by default.

    To disable this option, follow these steps: open the “Boot” tab, then “Boot Booster” and click on “Disabled”. Save the specified settings (“Save changes and exit”). Wait for the computer to restart automatically and turn it off.

    The next time you turn on the device, press the F9 button, thereby calling the Recovery utility, which will prepare the data for resumption. Confirm the request to reset the settings, after which the application will automatically delete user data and files and automatically reinstall Windows.

    Note: During recovery, the device must be connected to the network at all times. During the operation, the laptop will restart several times.

    How do I reset my laptop to factory settings? Step by step algorithm

    With active use of the laptop, sometimes it becomes necessary to urgently reset the settings to the factory settings, returning the device to the factory state. The reasons may be different: this is a decrease in performance due to a large number of unnecessary software, and system failures in the operating system, and Windows blocking.

    Resetting the system to standard parameters is sometimes the only correct solution. This article describes in the most complete way how to restore settings on a laptop, and even if you are a beginner in such matters, difficulties should not arise.

    The described methods are also suitable for those who do not know how to reinstall Windows on their own. the utility will return the operating system to its original state without removing the drivers and programs installed by the manufacturer.

    When to reset your laptop to factory settings

    The most common situation, for the solution of which users use standard settings, is a frozen equipment or its poor performance. There are many reasons for this situation, but the main one is an overfilled hard disk. The solution to this problem is to delete unnecessary files on the system partition (for example, in the TEMP and TMP folders there are link files to various resources previously used by the user. they are not needed and must be deleted) and freeing up the device memory. To get the maximum effect from the system, the system partition of the computer should be cleared by more than 65%.

    If you have two hard drives, all files should be stored on the HDD, which does not have operating system files. The system disk is intended only for working with system files. The best option is to install the OS on a separate hard drive with the smallest capacity (for example, an SSD solid state drive).

    But it can happen that when the memory is completely empty, the laptop starts to work slowly. The reasons for this situation are viruses that have entered the system, a huge number of installed applications. Laptops also slow down with a huge number of installed files. The solution to the problem is to scan the equipment with antivirus programs (to destroy viruses), perform a complete removal of unnecessary programs, for example, the Revo Uninstaller application (the application is free and completely removes both the program itself and its links from system directories and registry). Using the msconfig utility built into the system, you can clear the RAM from unnecessary programs that automatically start when the OS is turned on. Finally, junk files can be cleaned up with CCleaner.

    • On the keyboard, the Win (with the Windows icon) and R (at the same time) buttons are pressed.
    • In the command line window, enter the name of the utility. msconfig.
    • In the window that opens, the startup tab opens.
    • In the list that appears, disable unnecessary applications that consume RAM.

    For those who do not want to perform the above operations, the only way out of the situation is to restore the factory settings on the laptop. But how to do this without performing serious actions, and even so that after the operation all previously installed programs and files are saved?

    But there are also more serious problems in which you definitely cannot do without factory settings, most often these are:

    It should be said that there are more serious problems, when the factory settings can even help very much:

    • Blocking access to the OS;
    • The appearance of malicious programs in the OS;
    • Software glitches;
    • The impossibility of the normal functioning of the OS due to errors made by inexperienced users;
    • Constant automatic reboots of the laptop.

    How to reset a laptop to factory settings

    Most users who are not versed in the device and the principle of operation of computer equipment often have situations when a recently purchased computer or laptop responds more slowly to commands or freezes altogether. The simplest solution to this problem for many people is to reinstall the operating system.

    But after all, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to perform this operation associated with installing the OS itself, installing drivers for system unit devices, and optimizing the system. Will people not versed in computer technology be able to do all this? Wouldn’t it be better to resort to simpler ways to restore the system, for example, reset the laptop to factory settings?

    Ways to restore factory settings on a laptop

    Both the user and the master can perform this operation. But turning to the master is fraught with the loss of an impressive amount. And any specialist will only replace the system to solve the problems described above. Better to reset yourself.

    The simplest and most common method is to restore parameters during the boot process. This is done like this:

    • You must turn on the laptop and immediately start repeatedly pressing the F8 button. The purpose of this action is to bring up the “Advanced Boot Settings” menu.
    • Use the up / down arrows to select options in this menu. You need to highlight the line “Repair your computer” and press the Enter button.
    • A system recovery message will appear in the information window. If the user has previously set a password, you must enter it and confirm the start of the operation.
    • The Windows System Restore Wizard will start, in which you will need to enter the “System Restore Options” value. Next, you need to wait until the system is restored and the laptop is turned on.
    • The OS is restored. Now you need to update the drivers and install the necessary programs.

    In licensed operating systems, this process is much faster. But only “advanced” users can do it. This is done like this:

    • The right button of the manipulator highlights the shortcut “My PC”.
    • The system properties item is highlighted.
    • Open System Restore Tab
    • Click on the restore icon.

    If there are restore points, the factory reset process will start. There is also an icon for creating restore points, files with OS settings that can help with future failures.

    Explain what a restore point is. When the OS is running, it remembers its settings at some point in time and saves them in a separate file. If it is necessary to restore the OS, it connects this file, and also reads and updates from it all the parameters saved in it for a certain time.

    When you can’t return a laptop to factory settings

    A factory reset is most often impossible with newly installed new operating systems, when the partition facilitating the corresponding reset has been removed. The only way to restore the settings is to use the installation discs. If they are absent, it is no longer possible to return to the standard settings. Now you only need to update the OS.

    How to reset a laptop to factory settings

    In almost 90% of cases, for novice users of personal computers or laptops, devices begin to work slower or freeze. People are trying to solve the problem on their own by reinstalling the operating system in order to bring the device back to its original state.

    However, in order to perform such a procedure, you must be well versed in this process, otherwise you can make a large number of serious mistakes, after which the laptop will have to be carried to the service. over, very often there are situations in which it is completely impossible to restore the equipment without replacing the internal components.

    How to restore factory settings: methods

    In order to perform these actions, a licensed OS must be installed, otherwise it will be simply impossible to rollback. It can be done both independently and with the help of specialists. But, the work of the wizards, as a rule, is limited only to replacing the OS, and these are completely different consequences.

    Resetting via boot parameters is the simplest and most common method. To use it, follow these steps:

    • We press the power button of the laptop, and at the same time we begin to press the F key repeatedly. If a window appears with the inscription “Advanced Boot Options”, this indicates that everything was done correctly;
    • In the same window, use the arrows on the keyboard to go down a few positions below and select “Repair your computer” using the Enter key.
    • An information window will now inform you that system recovery is starting. If the user has previously set a password, then it will have to be entered to confirm the operation;
    • After a short action, you must select the value “System Recovery Options”. The system recovery process will begin, you just have to wait for the equipment to turn on;
    • Everything is ready, we update the drivers and install the necessary software.
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    Owners of a series of licensed Windows operating systems can complete the process much faster if they have previously created restore points. However, they are only available to advanced users who are well versed in this. To return to a later value, you need to go to the “System Properties” section. you can find it by right-clicking on the “My Computer” icon. Next, you need to select the item “System Protection”, in the window of which the “Recovery” icon will appear, it is on it that you need to click.

    You can create a restore point in the same place by clicking on the “Create” icon. This can be done at any time, as it will greatly help in case of possible problems in the future. Points can be updated daily to minimize differences between systems.

    When to reset your laptop to factory settings

    The most common reason for resorting to standard settings is equipment freezing or reduced performance. This can happen for many reasons, but most often the fault is the overflow of the hard disk. To solve this problem, it is enough to delete unnecessary files and free up the device memory. In order for the system to function as efficiently as possible, the volume of the hard disk must be at least 65% free.

    Important! If the device provides for the presence of two hard drives, in no case is it recommended to fill the drive on which the operating system is installed. This disk is intended solely for storing and using system files. Therefore, the OS should be installed on a separate disk that has the smallest amount of memory.

    However, it very often happens when the laptop’s memory is almost empty, but it still works with high latencies. This may be due to the presence of viruses, or due to the large number of installed programs. With a huge accumulation of files, the OS also starts to slow down. And in order to solve this, it is enough to simply clean the laptop’s memory. Additionally, it is also recommended to defragment the disk. this will clear the drive sectors from unnecessary files. To clean the system, you can resort to special programs that will do this job as quickly and efficiently as possible. The most popular program for this is “Ccleaner”.

    It is with these problems that users restore factory settings. But, as it became known, you can solve this on your own, without resorting to such serious actions. over, in this case all parameters, installed programs and files are saved.

    But there are also more serious problems in which you definitely cannot do without factory settings, most often these are:

    • The presence of viruses in the system;
    • Software failure;
    • OS lock;
    • Restarting the laptop, or the impossibility of turning it on (possibly also due to mechanical damage to its components);
    • Errors of inexperienced users, in which the OS cannot fully function;

    When you can’t return a laptop to factory settings

    Throwing off custom settings is most often impossible when a new operating system is being installed. Because of this, the section responsible for the corresponding reset is deleted. this can be solved with the installation discs that are sold with the equipment. But, if there is no such disk, it will be simply impossible to return to the standard settings, you will have to completely update the OS. Some manufacturers took this problem seriously, so they supply special recovery discs for sale.

    Also, some laptop models are protected from updating the settings. It is not recommended to bypass this blocking on your own, as you can significantly aggravate the situation. over, even if such a formatting succeeds, during system updates, serious problems may appear, which only a responsible specialist can cope with.

    1 way. Software reset of the router settings.

    It is used if you have access to the router’s web interface. This method is used if the WI-FI router is unstable. Factory reset can sometimes solve this problem. A soft reset of the router settings is located in the system settings section of the router. Typically, a factory reset is called Reset Factory Defaults. It is enough to put a tick in front of this item and click OK or Apply. The router will apply the default factory configuration and reboot, after which it will be available with standard parameters.

    Example 2. Resetting the Asus router settings:

    In the menu of the web interface, select the Administration section, the Settings Management tab:

    Press the Restore button and wait for the router to reboot.

    Method 2. Hard reset your router.

    For a hardware reset, each WI-FI router has a dedicated Reset button. It is usually located either on the back of the device or on the bottom cover. It is made in the form of a round hole, in the depth of which there is a small button.

    To press it, you will have to use a fountain pen, pencil or paper clip. The button must be pressed for 10-15 seconds.

    As soon as the router blinks with the indicators on the front panel or they just go out all at once. release the Reset button and wait for the WI-FI router to load. After these manipulations, the router will boot with the factory configuration.

    Example 1. Resetting the TP-Link router settings:

    We go to the section System Tools = Factory Settings:

    Press the Restore button and wait for the router to reboot.

    Two ways to reset the router settings

    Sometimes, for various reasons, it becomes necessary to reset the WI-FI router settings to the factory settings. Such reasons include cases when the WI-FI router is not available by IP address, or does not allow it to enter the router settings, cursing at the password. Or the user simply forgot the password to access the device settings. After resetting the settings, the WI-FI router will be available at the standard IP address. or with a standard username and password (as a rule, the username is admin and the password is admin). By the way, the router’s IP address, login and password for access are usually indicated on a sticker on the bottom cover of the WI-FI router.

    Example 3. Resetting the D-Link router settings:

    In the menu of the web interface in the upper right corner, click the System button and in the drop-down menu select the Factory settings section:

    We confirm the action and wait for the router to reboot.

    If the F9 button does not work

    If the F9 button is broken and you cannot bring up the recovery menu, another utility developed by ASUS. Backtracker will come to the rescue. The problem may be, among other things, in the damage of the hard drive, the recovery menu of which does not respond to user commands.

    Backtracker can be run from a removable storage device: it is a regular EXE file that Windows works with. The utility can create restore points in which user data is also saved.

    How to factory reset an asus laptop

    If Windows does not boot

    In the event of partial or complete damage to system files or partitions, Windows may not boot and require some action from the user. Unlike laptops of some brands, ASUS rarely has a separate button to launch the operating system recovery utility. However, there is a function key F9 with which you can invoke the standard troubleshooting menu.

    Recovering your ASUS laptop with Recovery is pretty easy if you do it right. After entering the reset menu, highlight the recovery line marked EMS Enabled and press the Enter button. If you press the F8 key, you can select additional recovery options, but this is usually not required.

    A warning will follow to delete all user files. It is recommended to save them even before starting the operating system recovery procedure. It is imperative to restore the OS to the first partition. exactly the one where Windows was originally installed.

    If you choose to restore the entire contents of the HDD, the logical partitions will be deleted and the hard drive will be reformatted. This will completely delete all of its contents.

    Therefore, you need to select the “Restore Windows to the first partition” item by checking the appropriate box and click the “Next” button. The system recovery process will begin, which runs automatically. The laptop will need to reboot several times during the recovery process. This is normal and should not be a concern for the laptop owner.

    As a result, you will get a “clean” OS. exactly the same as immediately after installation. Then you can adjust its operating parameters according to your own preferences, connect to the Internet, install applications: everything is the same as when installing Windows “From scratch”.

    System Restore on Windows 7

    In this version of the OS, you must first create a disk with an image of the system that you will be recovering. To do this, the optical drive in the laptop must be working. To make such a disc, you need to insert an empty disc into the drive. Click the “Start” button and type “Create” in the search bar, and then the appropriate option in the list of found ones. The process takes very little time. just as long as the drive needs to write data to the drive.

    • Insert DVD with image into optical drive.
    • Reboot laptop.
    • Press the F12 button to call the Boot menu.
    • Select boot from optical drive.
    • Confirm your readiness to restore the system by clicking “OK”.
    • Agree to overwrite the hard drive by clicking “OK”.
    • If there are several disks, insert them one by one into the drive when the corresponding notifications appear.
    • Press the “OK” button after the notification that the system restore was successful.

    The process takes an average of 30 minutes. After restarting the laptop, ASUS Preload Wizard will launch. a system recovery wizard. What needs to be done next:

    • Select Russian language and click “Next”.
    • Set the switch to the “Restore the operating system to the first partition” position.
    • Press “Next” a couple of times, then “Finish”.
    • After the restoration is complete, click “OK”.

    Then you can restart your laptop. ASUS Recovery prepares your computer for first use. Then everything is configured in the same way as when starting the newly installed OS: the interface language is selected, the username is entered, the password, date and time are set.

    System Restore on Windows 10

    • Press the “Start” button.
    • Select “Settings”.
    • Click “Update and Security”.
    • Select Recovery. “Restore this PC”.
    • Click the “Start” or Get started button.
    • From all options further select “Restore factory settings”. Restore factory settings.
    • Next “Only the disk where Windows is installed”.
    • If you need to restore user data, select “Move files and clean up disk”, otherwise “Just delete files”.

    Everything is ready to restore Windows 10. It remains to click the “Restore” button and wait for the procedure to finish.

    When restoring a pirated copy of Windows, the operating system may display the message “Recovery disc required”. In this case, you need to use the installation disc with the exact assembly that was on your laptop. Please note that an error may occur during the recovery process and it will be impossible to recover data.

    A licensed copy of Windows never requires you to install a recovery disc. This is the advantage of using the original software. no additional “Dance with a tambourine” is required to restore the system.

    In case of physical damage to the hard drive, you need to contact the ASUS service center for data recovery. Data from a non-working hard drive has to be restored in a special laboratory. completely sterile and sealed. This insures against the ingress of microscopic dust particles on the surface of the magnetic disk, its demagnetization and data loss.

    It is extremely difficult to correctly recover information in artisanal conditions. it is impossible to achieve sterile conditions and a complete absence of dust at home or in a workshop.

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    Create a system restore point

    Owners of ASUS notebooks can create a Windows restore point. its image, when everything that needs to be configured and working. After writing the rollback point to disk when using Recovery, you will be able to choose what exactly needs to be restored. “Clean” Windows or configured and functional. The latter option is preferable in that in case of damage to system files after recovery, you do not need to carry out additional manipulations, as well as install previously used applications.

    After starting ASUS Recovery in Windows, select the System Protection option in the graphical interface and click the Create button. Additional settings are set using the Advanced button. The checkpoint creation process will take some time. Upon completion, a corresponding notification will appear. Now, when you restore Windows from this point, you will save user data on the laptop and you will not have to re-configure everything.

    If the device boots normally

    In this case, everything is done in the same way as if Windows is damaged. The difference is that in this case, you can restore your personal files if you select the appropriate option. How exactly to do this will be discussed below.

    What is the Recovery program used for?

    ASUS Recovery is a branded utility from a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer that is software-embedded into the firmware of this brand’s laptops. Backups created with this program help restore system data, including partial damage.

    Recovery saves files of the initial operating system configuration and is stored in a partition hidden from the user. hidden so that it is difficult to accidentally delete them. You can find them only when you roll back Windows to its initial state. In addition, this hidden partition is protected, so it is virtually impossible to delete backups from there.

    The utility will help you reset your laptop to ASUS factory settings if important files are damaged due to lags, malware actions, or after incorrect attempts by the user to reconfigure the OS to increase its performance. This is not the only tool of this kind, but it is extremely convenient. Utilities similar in purpose are available in the arsenal of other brands that produce laptops.

    The main thing to remember is that such software is “sharpened” for a specific brand, so a program from, for example, HP or Toshiba will not work to reset Windows on an ASUS laptop. Likewise, the advisability of using ASUS Recovery when using a laptop of another brand is questionable: it may be that you will not be able to reset the OS.

    How to reset ASUS router programmatically

    Any ASUS WI-FI router is a small computer, only without a keyboard and monitor. He does not need them, since his task is to route traffic. But it has its own operating system OS ASUSWRT. It is controlled either through the console, which is not convenient, or through the web interface. To reset the ASUS router, you need to go to its settings.

    To do this, you need to launch a web browser on a computer, laptop or phone connected to the network of this router and enter the address or In the authentication form that opens, enter the login admin and the password admin.

    Attention! If the password did not fit, then it was changed earlier and you can safely go to the second method.!

    After entering the web interface, in the menu, find the “Administration” section and go to it! You need the “Manage Settings” tab:

    There will be a plate in which you need the “Factory settings” building and the “Restore” button. To reset ASUS router. click on it! A warning will appear:

    Click on “OK”. All! You just need to wait until the device resets its settings and reboots already “clean”, like from the factory!

    Attention! On older versions of Asus router firmware, the interface was not black, but blue. For example, the first versions RT-N10 and RT-N12. In this case, the menu may look slightly different outwardly:

    But despite this, the whole sequence of actions for software reset of an ASUS router to factory settings is completely the same! Go to the “Additional settings”. “Administration” section, open the “Restore settings” tab and click the “Restore” button.

    Resetting ASUS router to factory settings

    From my experience of using ASUS routers, I confidently declare that if it starts to glitch, then you should reset it to the factory settings, configure it again and the router will work like a clock. We can say that it is the reset of the ASUS router that solves most of the problems that arise during its operation! And, despite the fact that this is a very, very simple task, not every average user manages to do everything correctly. I will show two ways to reset the router, which work in the same way on budget models like RT-N10, RT-N11P, RT-N12 VP, and on more expensive RT-AC51U, AC1200, AC5300. The main thing is to be confident in your actions and not be intimidated.

    Important! You should understand that resetting the router will completely delete all its settings, restoring them to their factory defaults. After completing this operation, you need to reconfigure the Internet connection and wireless network WI-FI.

    Reset ASUS settings with the Reset button

    When the router turns off completely, or you have forgotten or do not know the password to enter its settings, then the only way is to reset the ASUS router with a special Reset button. On models with a horizontal case, the button is located on the back. For example, on ASUS RN-N10, RT-N11P, RT-N12, etc. it looks like this:

    As you can see, it is signed by an incomprehensible pictogram o

    Factory reset Lenovo laptop without password

    Welcome dear friends to my website! In today’s article, I am going to show you two methods of factory reset on Lenovo laptop. Resetting a Lenovo laptop to factory settings is easier than any other manufacturer’s laptop. The proprietary OneKey Rescue System software built into Lenovo laptops (sometimes also called “OneKey Recovery”) is intuitively understandable even for a novice PC user.

    If you are unable to reinstall the system, then there is only one way: reset your laptop to factory settings. However, if you forget the administrator password, the factory reset will fail. In today’s article, we are going to talk to you how to reset Lenovo laptop to factory settings without password? This article will show you how to use the OneKey function and get your laptop back on track.

    These methods apply to Lenovo ThinkPad, IdeaPad, YOGA laptop models

    The first thing to do is find the recovery button on your Lenovo ThinkPad / IdeaPad / YOGA laptop. In most cases, you can find it on the right / left side of your laptop, or at the top of your keyboard, next to the power button. If you find the recovery button, please go to the step by step instructions to recover your Lenovo laptop.

    • Turn off your Lenovo laptop. If you cannot disconnect it normally, you can remove from the battery and then reconnect it.
    • Connect the power supply to Lenovo laptop, press the NOVO key (recovery key) for 5 seconds.
    • When the Novo-button pops up the menu, press the down arrow keys to select the “System Restore” option and press the “Enter” key. to enter the recovery environment.
    • On onekey Recovery mode, select “restore from original backup” and then click on Next.
    • Click on “Start” and click “Yes”. when the message puppies request to start the recovery process.
    • Wait for the system restore process to complete, and then follow the on-screen instructions to configure the Windows settings of your Lenovo laptop.

    If there is no Recovery Onekey button on your Lenovo laptop, or you have a clean system installed on your laptop and the system disk is cleaned up, and the Recovery file is deleted or destroyed, this method will not work for you.

    Use a disc Setup / Repair to reset Lenovo laptop to factory settings

    For Lenovo laptops with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 operating system, there is an easy way to return to factory settings by pressing the “shift” key and click on the “Restart” button.

    But along the way, you will need to select a User account and enter a password to get the privilege reset. If you’ve forgotten your laptop password, this method won’t work for you. However, you can get help with the setup / repair disk to bypass the password requirement.

    The setup / repair disk not only helps you reinstall / repair your system, but it can also help you get into Windows recovery environments. The steps below will show you how to use the setup / repair disk to reset your laptop to factory settings without a password.

    • Connect Setup / Repair Drive to Lenovo Laptop.
    • Install Lenovo Laptop to boot from setup / recovery disc. If your laptop cannot boot from a removable device automatically, you may need to press the F2 (or F1) key to enter the UEFI (BIOS) settings to change the boot order to set your laptop to boot from USB and CD device.
    • If you boot from the installation disk, you will see the installation screen, click on the Next button.
    • Click on the “System Restore” link on the bottom left of the screen.
    • Click on “troubleshoot” on the select screen.
    • Click on “reset this computer” on the troubleshooting screen.
    • There will be two options to choose from: “keep my files” and “delete all”.
    • Select the “delete all” option to delete all of your personal files on the system drive, or it will not help to remove a forgotten password from your user account. If you do not need to delete the User account and password, select “Save My Files” to save your personal files.
    • Select Windows system.
    • Select the drive you “update”, “the only drive where Windows is installing”, or “all drives”.
    • There are also two options to choose from in the next step: “just delete My files” or “clean the disk completely”. Choose the right option according to your needs.
    • Finally, click on the “reset” button, this will start the reset process.

    Advice from the author of the article: Before resetting the settings, make sure that your important data will be saved, as soon as it is deleted, it can no longer be recovered from your computer.

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