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How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop

Turn off the backlight

To turn off the backlight on your ASUS laptop keyboard, you must press the same button that turns it on. But there are also exceptions. The functionality of the buttons depends on the vehicle model. In some cases, switching on and off is carried out by different buttons or their combinations. Therefore, experts recommend carefully studying the documentation.

Here are some possible options for how to change the color:

  • Press Fn and Space, Fn-F4 or Fn.Space at the same time;
  • Some models have a separate button for adjustment, which has a specific designation;
  • If the backlight has several modes, then press Fn or another button responsible for this function several times.

Under the condition of normal operation of the equipment, the lighting is automatically turned on and off when it is started and turned off. If this does not happen, then it is necessary to find out the possible reason for the deviation. It could be missing or installing the wrong software. Damage to the contacts is also possible. In any case, under such conditions, the backlight of the laptop keyboard will not work correctly.

Turning the keyboard backlight on and off on a laptop

Manufacturers Provide consumers with a large selection of components for computers, which differ in their functionality. You will NOT surprise anyone with the glowing keyboard. This function is present both in separate equipment and in built-in devices.

In the latter case, this can be seen on an Acer laptop. The function is very easy to use. The backlit keyboard on a laptop allows you to use the equipment in a room with insufficient lighting. If necessary, you can change the glow level or turn it off completely. But, for this you need to carefully study the issue.

How to change the backlight color

Modern models Equipped with RGB LEDs, which makes it possible, if necessary, to change the backlight color. This allows you to make work with equipment more convenient and comfortable, to reduce eye strain. To change the color of the keyboard backlight, you need to have a special program. It has a multifunctional menu. With the help of Steel Series Engine, they change the glow of the LEDs to any color.

If the laptop has SIMple LEDs that are highlighted in only one color, then this program is useless. To solve the problem of how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an ASUS laptop in a different color, use the Cardinal methods:

  • If the color of the LEDs is annoying and there is no way to change it using the program, then the only option is to disassemble the keyboard and change them. The choice of lamps must be approached very carefully. They should NOT irritate the eyes and at the same time fully perform their functions.
  • A good option would be gluing transparent paper of different colors. For this, the keyboard backlight on an asus laptop is disassembled. Then the paper is glued in several colors. As a result of this combination, you can get an original and beautiful glow.

How to make keyboard backlight on MCI laptop if there is no such function? This task can be solved with the help of an external lamp, which is connected to a USB port. Unfortunately, this option has several disadvantages:

  • Strong luminescence of the external light leads to the creation of Reflections, which reduces the visibility of worn-out buttons;
  • The lack of a free entrance to connect the luminaire leads to the impossibility of using an external lighting device;
  • The use of single LEDs at several points will not provide normal illumination of the work surface.

If it is possible to replace the motherboard on the laptop keyboard, then it is better to use this option, since it is more effective. Replacement of any parts and elements is best done in a service center.

Turn on the backlight

To deal with how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an Asus laptop, you need to find out if there is such a function at all on this model. Older or inexpensive models may not have it.

Therefore, there is no need to decide how to turn on the backlight on an economy class laptop. You can establish the presence of such a function in several ways:

  • Carefully study the technical characteristics of the device;
  • Study the available information on the Internet, accurately indicated the model;
  • Examine all the signs on the keyboard (sometimes the highlighting has a specific designation, which makes it easy to adjust the glow)
  • Examine the buttons (if they have a translucent base, then with a high probability the panel is equipped with LEDs).

The lighting icon can be located anywhere on the computer panel. It can be one of the buttons F1 to F12. It is designated as the sun. Also, such a special button is located in the bottom row near “Ctrl”.

The exact placement of the key depends on the laptop model. In the first case, you can set the desired button by experiment. To do this, alternately press F1-12 together with Fn. In this case, the last button can independently be responsible for highlighting.

Important! As a result of the combined pressing of several buttons, a change in the settings of the technique may occur. This should be taken into account when deciding how to turn off the keyboard backlight on a laptop.

If, as a result of pressing, there is a change in glow, then at some point you can completely turn off the backlight. The main thing is to remember the combination that led to the change. Some models have several glow modes, and even the ability to change color. Therefore, the check is better carried out in the Eclipse room. This will make it possible to easily change any parameters in the work of the backlight, if any.

Driver installation

Often, as a result of replacing the operating system, certain functions are disrupted. To decide how to turn on the keyboard backlight on your HP laptop, you need to check for the correct driver. After changing the system, it may NOT function or work incorrectly. The only solution is to install the correct driver.

To solve such a problem, how to make a backlight on a laptop keyboard, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Enter the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment in the “Service” section;
  • Go to “Support”;
  • In the column enter the exact model of the technique;
  • In the list that appears, select the appropriate name;
  • Go to the section containing the junk and drivers for the selected model;
  • Indicate the version of the operating system and carefully study its categories;
  • Find ATK version in the provided list of files and download;
  • Open the downloaded file and install (select setup.Exe)
  • After installing the program, restart the equipment and check the switching on and off of the light.

If the installation of the program did not work, then it must be removed. After that, install the old version of the drivers. Also, to solve the problem, special programs are used, which independently analyze the equipment and operating system, after which they find suitable files and download them. Solving the question of how to turn on the keyboard backlight on an ASUS laptop becomes trivial.

Important! If the laptop has a backlight, but it does not turn on in any way, then you should contact the service center. Perhaps the problem lies in damaged contacts. Repair or replacement of damaged parts is indispensable.

The presence of LEDs is a useful function, as it makes it possible to use the equipment without problems in a room with insufficient lighting. But, if the buttons are overwritten, then the highlighting will only interfere. Therefore, it is better to turn it off. The function should work properly, which will make it possible to easily manage it, and turn on and off the keyboard backlight on the laptop.

How to change the keyboard backlight color

The use of RGB LEDs by many manufacturers for backlighting equipment allows the consumer to use the desired glow color when working on a laptop, which will create comfort for the eyes. For example, ASUS uses multi-color LEDs in new models, controlled by the patented ASUS Aura software.

You can change the backlight of any laptop model using the special Steel Series Engine program. It will provide the ability to use absolutely any color, as well as apply the multifunctional menu in full.

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And even if the backlight involves the use of only one color, which irritates the eye, then you can correct the situation in one of two ways:

  • The first one is to disassemble the keyboard, remove the board and determine the type of LEDs, then it remains only to replace the same LEDs with only the second color.
  • The second is to disassemble the keyboard and the board, stick stickers from transparent multi-colored paper. yellow, blue, green, then after turning on the users will see an azure, purple or orange color.

And if a laptop has a backlight at all, then you can independently equip it with a portable USB lamp with multi-colored LEDs or purchase such a lamp already in a ready-made version.

How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop

Solving the problem yourself

Of course, the use of a luminaire cannot be a complete solution to the problem, since this leads to many significant disadvantages:

  • Strong glow. this is what the glare appears on the keyboard, and if it is not new, and some letters are overwritten, then such a glow only interferes with seeing them;
  • The absence of a port in the necessary place to connect the lamp can create additional problems. since then its light coming from behind the screen is not enough;
  • If you use NOT a lamp, but separate LEDs, then they can be placed in the right place, but the glow of such a device in one copy is not enough.

Turn off keyboard backlight

Usually, the keyboard is turned off by the same button that turns on, but there is only one solution for the case of how to turn off the backlight, since each model has its own characteristics when using the function buttons.

  • Combination of FnF4, FnSpace or Fn buttons and space;
  • The use of an individual button that should perform exactly this function;
  • Turning off the multifunctional lighting. several times pressing the Fn button or responsible for the backlight function.

Important! The normal operation of the backlight is automatically turned on when the laptop is started and turned off when it goes to sleep or hibernation.

Turning the keyboard backlight on and off on a laptop

Keypad backlighting is used by almost all component manufacturers. This feature is available in separate equipment as well as in the built-in keyboard. For example, ASUS has released more than one model with this feature. It provides the ability to use the device at night with the overhead light off or during the day in a poorly lit room. To use the function, you need to study the main question, how on a laptop ASUS will turn on the keyboard backlight at the right time.

Driver installation

If the OS was replaced, then the backlight may NOT work due to the fact that the corresponding driver is missing, therefore its activation in the standard way is unsuccessful, then a more powerful driver must be installed.

To do this, you can consider using the example of ASUS, how the following actions are performed:

  • On the ASUS Official Page in the “Service” section, enable “Support”;
  • Next, enter the name of the laptop and click on the corresponding model in the drop-down list;
  • Go to the section “Drivers and scrap”;
  • Specify the OS version and examine its bitness;
  • It is important to find “ATK” in the list of available files and download the latest version;
  • Open the downloaded program in any convenient way and install it under the name Setup.Exe;
  • When the installation is complete, you need to restart the equipment and try again to turn on the backlight.

Important! If there is no result, you need to install the old version of the driver by uninstalling the current software through software or through the “Device Manager”.

Application of a special program

If you yourself want to select the required driver comments, you can use a special program that will automatically examine the device and load the Corresponding files.

When there is a problem with turning on the backlight on ASUS and the previous options for activating it did not help, you need to contact the service center, as the keyboard contacts may be damaged, which requires its replacement.

Turn on the keyboard backlight

Before activating it, you need to find out whether such a function exists in the device used, for example, when an old model or economy class is used, the backlight may be absent.

You can find out about this:

  • From the technical characteristics;
  • Asked a request in an Internet search engine, correctly indicated the laptop model;
  • Having figured out the question on your own, by studying the designations on the keyboard keys;
  • You can also take a closer look at the buttons. the presence of a semi-transparent base indicates the mandatory presence of LEDs inside the button.

Usually, the backlight icon is located on the F1. F12 keys as a sun or as a separate button in the lowest row to the right between the Fn and Ctrl keys. it all depends on the laptop model used.

If the backlight is attached to one of the F keys and you are not sure which one, then you need to press each one in turn while holding the Fn key. In the course of such an experiment, the functions of the laptop may change, since each of the buttons is responsible for certain actions.

The Fn key is not used when typing, so it can be responsible for the backlight as an independent element. Therefore, if the previous methods did not help, you can try to click on it.

Using the Fn button to turn on the backlight

After determining which button is still responsible for this function, you must try to activate it by pressing. repeated use will be a shutdown signal.

Important! In the absence of a certain sign and result, you can try all the keyboard keys in action.

In models of the latest release, you can use the keys Not only to turn on and off the backlight, but also to adjust its brightness or change the color.

The keyboard backlight on a laptop is an indispensable element if the user often types at night or works in a semi-dark room. In this case, highlighted letters make it possible to work without an overhead light. But if the work is to be done in the afternoon and the letters are already slightly overwritten, then the glowing keys only interfere, since the resulting glare generally makes the symbols invisible.

The backlight should start and stop automatically when the device is turned on / off, but if this does not happen, then you should use the possible solutions to the problem described in the article.

How to switch keyboard backlight

If you think that the backlight is bad for the battery, then you can safely turn it off. There are several ways to do this:

  • Take advantage of the hotkeys that I used to enable.
  • In the settings of the program that I used to change the color (Reviewed program).
  • Press the dedicated button to turn off (exists on some models).

Advice! Can be set to turn on and off automatically.

The main advantages of this option:

  • The brightness changes depending on the ambient light, depending on the special sensor. When it is shaded, the function automatically turns on.
  • Set the time interval. After the last keystroke, after a preset interval, the lamps turn off automatically. Allows you to save laptop power, for example, when reading or viewing.

How to turn on the backlight on the keyboard

The backlight makes it easier to work with the device at night or in low light during the day. It is especially necessary for those who have NOT yet learned touch typing.

You can find out if your device has this function by looking at the book with instructions for the user, or search the Internet for information about the model of your computer or laptop.

Advice! If the markings on the buttons have a translucent color, most likely there is a backlight.

Rules for turning on the backlight on the keyboard

Basically, in laptops, the Fn button and one of the F1-F12 function keys are responsible for this function, depending on the manufacturer and model of the device. To understand which one, you can take a closer look at the drawings on the keys. However, remember that each keyboard shortcut is responsible for a specific function (sleep mode, mute, etc.). To undo the actions performed, click again on this combination of buttons.

Consider Methods for Turning On the Backlight on Laptops Some Manufacturers.

  • Lenovo (Z500p): Fn “space”.
  • MSI (GE60, MSI GE70). Separate key located above the keyboard.
  • Asus: Fn F3.
  • HP: Fn F5 or F12.
  • Macbook and Microsoft. The default is “automatic”. To configure using Boot Camp Control Panel.
  • Apple. System Preferences Keyboard.

Advice! A way for users, not backlit ones. By purchasing a miniature USB device. Or you can do it yourself on the basis of lamps, USB cables and additional strengthening agents.

Attention! If you find that the laptop has a button with a corresponding pattern, but the backlight does not turn on, then the following problems are possible:

  • Lack of driver. This problem can occur when reinstalling the operating system. To do this, go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and download the Corresponding driver.
  • Disable in BIOS:
  • Go to the device BIOS. Before turning on the laptop, press Fn (F2. F12, depending on the model).
  • In the configuration, select “System Configuration”.
  • Open the “Action Keys Mode”.
  • A special window will open. If it contains the value “Enable”, then everything is fine, otherwise change to this expression.
  • Save BIOS settings either F10 or Using “Save Changes Exit”.
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How to change the color of the keyboard backlight

Most laptops have single color diodes. In this case, you will NOT be able to switch the hue. Their spectrum is formed on the basis of RGB (red, green and blue) lamps.

However, if you are the owner of a model that has a shade control function, then consider options on how to do this.

Option 1 (for multicolor). As you already understood, the color is based on RGB lamps. To switch to the desired color, for example, in Asus, the Asus Aura program is built in. In addition, it allows you to change the saturation and brightness of the lamps.

Steel Series Engine. Suitable for all modern laptops. The main part of the program settings is designed for gaming mice (to increase acceleration and sensitivity). For keyboards limited to a panel for adjusting color and brightness.

Option 2 (for monochrome). If the single color backlight is NOT useful, then you can change the LED lamps. To do this, you must disassemble the keyboard. Next on the board, change the Single-color lamps to LEDs of the required color. At the same time, given that the dimensions of the lamps must match.

Option 3 (for monochrome). This method does not require buying colored LEDs. Disassemble the keyboard. Glue translucent paper of the desired colors on the board. At your request, you can make a single color, for example, blue or depending on the groups of buttons. As a result, the light will pass through the stickers and glow with its color, creating a muted saturated backlight.

Is there a difference between turning on the backlight on the keyboard of a laptop and a computer

The structure of the laptop keyboard is slightly different from the computer layout of the buttons and the absence of an additional panel.

But when you enable the color of the buttons, there is a significant difference. As in laptops, the same situation is observed here with laptop models and manufacturers.

Since the keyboard is connected to a PC, it will NOT be difficult to change it with a backlight, unlike a laptop. You can also select components from different manufacturers for a PC, depending on the power and price category, or for what purpose by purchasing a computer. And also manufacturers offer modern touch panels with a large selection for customization.

The backlight is a very useful function for those who like to work at night. You can diversify the same type of lighting with different colors at your discretion.

The backlight consumes energy, thus, the battery power decreases much faster. However, there are many more advantages of the function. In addition, the lamps save energy. Therefore, you can enjoy the comfort. Make the most of your device.

Configuring SteelSeries GameSense Technology on MSI Optix MPG Monitors

MSI Optix MPG Series Gaming Monitors are packed with innovative features that allow you to play your game the way you want, and one of them is full color LED backlighting on the front panel. Don’t rush to close this article in disappointment! This lighting is more than just colorful illumination.

Supported by SteelSeries’ GameSense technology, it can change in response to events in a computer game. For example, the backlight can flicker when the ammo level is low or when a magic spell becomes ready for use.

Acting as an indicator of certain game parameters, the backlight will allow you to quickly navigate what is happening in the virtual world. By activating this feature, you can even turn off the game interface to fully focus on it. This is how the effect of maximum immersion in the gameplay is created.

Let’s see how the GameSense technology is configured and what parameters can be changed. Let’s split the application into three parts: devices, applications and library.

My Gear. My devices:

Engine Apps. Applications:

Launched the GameSense app, we will see this window. It shows all installed GameSense-compatible devices and their default settings profiles. Here you can quickly select the backlight option that will be used when GameSense technology is disabled. By clicking on the drop-down menu, you will see the user profiles that you created yourself (the illustration shows what I created). Thus, you can completely turn off the backlight and turn it on only for games with GameSense support.

This is the default setting for the MSI Optix MPG gaming monitors built-in full color backlight. Here existing modes (profiles) are edited and new ones are added. The profiles with settings are located in the column on the left. As for the actual parameters available, then, firstly, you should know that you can adjust the operation of the backlight LEDs both on the front and on the back of the monitor.

Secondly, LED elements can be combined into groups or zones.

In the first case, you will have five stripes on the front panel and two on the back of the monitor.

In the second, each element can be adjusted individually, which allows you to create more complex visual effects.

Group control Group control
zone control zone control

When adding effects, different options are available from the drop-down menu. There are five in total:

Steady mode. constant lighting in the color of your choice.

ColorShift Mode. Multicolored Wave Effect.

Multi Color Breathe. Breathing effect created by Pulsating color (or multiple colors).

Cooldown Timer Mode. Color Timer.

Disable Illumination turns off the selected LED element.

Each of THESE modes can be additionally adjusted depending on the type of visual effect used in it. Let’s Take a Look at the ColorShift Mode Settings.

Everything is intuitive, but some of the settings will be available only for the ColorShift mode. Most modes can change the color, speed and brightness of visual effects.

This is the main page for GameSense technology. Here you can specify how exactly the monitor’s LED backlight should work during gameplay. It also contains a collection of supported games and applications, as well as additional utilities.

Let’s start with the PrismSync utility, which is an analogue of MSI’s Mystic Light application. It allows you to synchronize the backlighting of multiple PrismSync-enabled devices. Thus, you can create a real light show based on your computer system.

SteelSeries GameSense is currently supported by six games: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Gigantic, Minecraft, Utopia 9 and iFeelPixel.

Apart from this, it is also compatible with the popular game messenger Discord.

But what exactly can you do with GameSense? Display ammo count, health level, kill count, skill cooldowns, or incoming message notifications.

Let’s find out what game information can be displayed using highlighting in CS: GO games, DOTA 2 and the Discord app.

Status in the game CS: GO DOTA 2 status Discord notices

In the illustrations above, you can see exactly which game parameters can be displayed using the monitor backlight. All this is under your complete control. For example, let’s choose “health” for a CS: GO game. Below are the GameSense technology settings that you can change.

Several visual effects are available through which GameSense technology displays information. There are three main ones:

  • Dual Color. you select two colors, and the backlight will change between them in accordance with the displayed parameter.
  • Color Range. a range of color shades is used to display information.
  • Single Color. one color. only one color is used to display information.

All of these options can be applied to both front and back lighting. But why display game information on the back of the monitor?

For example, when you are playing as a team in an esports tournament, you can use the lights to decorate computers in team colors or to display health or kill information for second players. In other words, other team members will be able to find out your status in the game, SIMply by glancing at the backlight of your monitor.

On the last tab, you can bind certain profiles of lighting settings to specific games or applications in order to apply these settings automatically when they start. The library will be empty at first, but it is very easy to fill it with games.

Add games by clicking the Scan for Games button. Likewise for applications.

Once games have been added, you can assign them to the settings profiles you created earlier on the My Gear tab.

The following shows the process of setting up GameSense technology for a CS: GO game.

Currently, the MSI Optix MAG series includes two models. To learn more about them, Click on the links below.

How to turn on the backlight

Unfortunately, Windows 10 has built-in components for customizing button illumination. But some major manufacturers offer their own software to change the default button lighting settings. For example, Dell on Windows 10 offers settings for turning on the keyboard backlight, adjusting the brightness, automatically turning off after 5, 10, 30, 60, 300 seconds of inactivity. To view all settings, Dell users need to open the Keyboard Properties preferences and then go to the Backlight tab.

Backlit keyboard on a laptop. features and uses

The keyboard backlight on all laptops can be turned on and off using keyboard shortcuts. For example, to enable it on Lenovo ThinkPad T series, you need to use the Fn spacebar. Many laptop users often ask if Windows 10 has a dedicated setting for adjusting brightness. The answer is yes and no.

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Adjusting the backlight color on a laptop keyboard.

Asus and Acer

Turning on the backlight on an Asus laptop is done in a couple of clicks. To start:

  • Make sure the feature is enabled in BIOS.
  • Make sure you update your drivers (enter your model number and install the keyboard driver).

When the light sensor is active, ASUS button diodes will automatically turn on / off the LED according to the environment. For manual adjustment, most Asus laptops use FnF4 (to turn on the backlight and increase its brightness) and FnF3 (to reduce the brightness and turn off the diodes completely). If your Acer laptop keyboard lighting does not work, use the FnF9 key combination, or the dedicated keyboard backlight button located on the left.


When it comes to saving battery, one of the most effective methods is to turn off your device’s keyboard backlight. This feature is a huge advantage for all portable gadgets. But, unfortunately, not all laptop models support it. Consider turning off the lights using the example of Microsoft Surface Pro. Surface Pro has a built-in sensor that activates a diode underneath the buttons to make them stand out better. If Surface is plugged into a wall outlet, there will be NO power consumption issues. But if it is running on battery power, activating the diodes will speed up battery discharge several times.!

Other useful settings for saving battery power:

  • Removal of peripherals, mouse and keyboard (20%.30% more battery life per charge).
  • Decrease display brightness by up to 50% (16% longer battery life).

The lighting is automatically switched on and off using a built-in sensor. There are also manual controls for options, but older versions of the Surface keyboard might not. The first two keys next to Esc are the function keys F1 and F2, which control the lighting on the device. If you just click on them, nothing will happen. precisely, pressing F1 or F2 will NOT change the brightness of the backlight or turn it off / on. To access the special features of the Surface keyboard, hold down Alt:

  • Increase brightness. AltF2.
  • Decrease brightness. AltF1.

If you want to squeeze the maximum battery life out of Surface, you will have to give up these “goodies”. Of course, in some situations, for example, in the dark, the backlight is SIMply necessary, so the manufacturer has provided an increase or decrease in brightness.

Sony and Lenovo

Sony also offers standard keyboard brightness options on some of its models. To see the settings, you need to open the VAIO Control Center and then click “Keyboard” and “Mouse”. “Keyboard Light”. Here you can configure the software to automatically turn diodes on or off based on ambient lighting. Like Dell, Sony also offers the ability to automatically turn off diodes after keyboard inactivity. To disable the feature, uncheck the box next to the Turn on backlight in low light conditions button. Here you can also configure the automatic mode and the time interval. 10 s, 30 s, 1 minute or “Do not turn off”. Lenovo does NOT open up new horizons for the use of diodes. Turning on the keyboard backlight on a Lenovo laptop is quite SIMple. using the Fn Spacebar key combination. That is, when you press FnSpace bar once, the driver turns on the backlight at medium brightness. Pressing Fn Space will increase the brightness. Pressing the hotkey again will turn off the keyboard backlight completely.

On the road at night or during a presentation in a dark room, the keyboard on a laptop can be difficult to see. To avoid this hassle, opt for the HP Pavilion models with under-keyboard backlighting that illuminates each button. The highlight character is usually displayed on the left side of the space. If this function is enabled, you will NOT have to turn on the light to type a letter or second text. Depending on the laptop model, the diodes can be activated in several ways:

  • Turn on the laptop and press the “F5” or “F12” key (depending on the model).
  • Look for the Fn key next to the Windows button on the lower left side of your keyboard. Press spacebar while holding Fn to turn on backlight.
  • Press the key light button, if your laptop model has one. A dedicated backlight button is marked with three dots in a horizontal line (found in dv6-2022er, dv6-3250us models worthy of dv6 series notebooks).

If none of the combinations worked, check the entire row of function keys. The desired key may be in a different location. If nothing happens, check your BIOS settings. To do this, select BIOS Setup or BIOS Setup Utility in the BIOS, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to the System Setup tab. Be sure to enable Action Keys Mode (set to Enabled) if it is disabled.

If the lighting is only on for a few seconds, a timeout setting in the BIOS may be required:

  • Restart your laptop and press F10 right away until BIOS opens.
  • Then use the arrow keys to navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • Go to Built-in Device Options and press Enter.
  • Here select the Backlight keyboard timeout.
  • Press the spacebar to open the settings, then select the desired delay.

If there is no such setting in the BIOS, the function is most likely not supported. detailed information can be obtained in the instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website for the laptop model. To adjust the brightness (if your laptop supports this), press the function button two or three times in a row. If that doesn’t work, try pressing Fn together with the function key.

Macbook and Microsoft

All the latest MacBooks automatically adjust brightness in low light using a built-in ambient light sensor. You can also configure the parameters manually using hotkeys. The settings for automatically turning off the diodes after a specified period of inactivity are found in the Boot Camp Control Panel. To open it, right-click the Boot Camp icon in the system tray and select Boot Camp Control Panel. Microsoft Surface users can use AltF2 to increase keyboard brightness and AltF1 to decrease keyboard brightness. Other popular manufacturers such as HP, Asus and Toshiba do NOT offer keyboard brightness settings.

Is there a keyboard backlight in a laptop

But not all laptops have backlit keyboards. To check if your laptop has a backlit keyboard, go to the support page on the developer’s website or use the instructions for the device. Find the correct model and its parameters, and then check the specifications of your laptop. You can also determine the presence of such a possibility visually. carefully study the additional function keys on the device. Usually they are marked with symbols of the second color on the F1-F12 buttons or on the arrow. In most cases, you must also hold down the Fn (Function) button, if available, to use additional hotkey functions.

How to change the keyboard backlight color

Some laptop models are equipped with different colors. For example, the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged 5414. The Latitude Rugged series has a backlit keyboard that can be manually configured. The following colors are available:

  • White;
  • Red;
  • Green;
  • Blue.

Alternatively, the System Setup (BIOS) can configure the system to use the two additional colors installed. To turn diodes on / off or adjust brightness settings:

  • Press FnF10 to activate the switch (if Fn lock is on, the Fn key is not needed).
  • The first use of the previous combination of buttons turns on the lighting at minimum brightness.
  • Repeated pressing of the key combinations cyclically changes the brightness settings by 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent.
  • Try several options to choose the right one or completely turn off the light under the keyboard.

To change the color of the diodes:

  • Press FnC to view available colors.
  • By default, white, red, green and blue are active. System Setup (BIOS) can add up to two custom colors.

Backlit Keyboard Setup in System Setup (BIOS):

  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Turn it on and when the Dell logo appears, press the F2 key several times to open the System Setup menu.
  • From the System Setup menu, select RGB Keyboard Lighting. Here you can enable / disable standard colors (white, red, green and blue).
  • To set a custom RGB value, use the input fields on the right side of the screen.
  • Click “Apply Changes” and “Exit” to close “System Settings”.

To lock Fn, press FnEsc. The other auxiliary function keys at the top are unaffected and require the use of the Fn key. Press FnEsc again to disable the lock. Function keys will revert to default actions.

Most mid to high end laptops today offer a backlit keyboard. Backlit keyboards make it easy to type in low light conditions, especially for those who cannot type in touch. If you already have experience setting up keyboard backlighting on a laptop, share your impressions in the comments under this article.