What do the icons mean on Samsung Galaxy

Keystroke combinations

In order to reduce the number of controls on the device panel, printer manufacturers use press combinations.

So, buttons can combine many functions, and very often all controls are reduced to only 1 key (especially important for home devices, which in most cases work directly with personal computers, while office models can be operated autonomously and therefore receive extended or even interactive control panels).

As an example, consider the “Go” button on Brother printers.

  • Wake up the printer from standby mode;
  • Restart / continuation of printing after individual errors (meaning out of paper, jam, etc., which can be quickly eliminated by the user);
  • Printing the data remaining in the printer’s memory (holding the button while the “Ready” indicator is active);
  • Cancel printing (long hold in the process of printing a multi-page document);
  • Start reprinting (the button must be pressed within 4 seconds after printing the previous document);
  • Print a test page (without connecting to a PC, the button is held down while the printer is turned on and then pressed again).

Other printers (from other manufacturers) may have more complex combinations and functionality.

In some cases, using the control buttons and the positions of the trays (covers), you can even achieve zeroing of the print counters on the cartridges (important for manual toner refilling).

Detailed information about the buttons and their functions can be found in the instructions for the device.

If it is lost, you can try to download the official electronic version on the manufacturer’s website.

Why are the buttons and lights on the printer blinking and on

Some printers may not have control buttons at all, but indicators are always present.

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The most commonly used device status alarms are:

  • Power / Go / Start, progress or status indicator of the printer. Green or blue.
  • Toner (Toner, lettering or icon in the form of a drop for inkjet printers, etc.). yellow,
  • Drum. mostly yellow,
  • Error. most often red,
  • Ready. green or blue.

In general, blue and green can be referred to as resolving colors. Informational or warning. yellow. To errors or problems. red.

For a more accurate diagnosis of the problem, combinations of flashes are used (there may be a different number and duration) and a set of active indicators.

  • So, if the red button on the printer is flashing, an error has occurred that interferes with normal operation. For example, the last sheet of paper has jammed (entered the rolls and did not come out). It is worth removing the sheets very carefully so that a small piece does not come off inside (its removal may be difficult by the design of the device). After removing, make sure to reattach the printer correctly (all trays and covers are closed, cartridge is installed, etc.).
  • A steady red LED (and the printer is not responding to buttons) may indicate a more serious problem. For example, a functional cartridge is missing. Open the cover to access the cartridge and make sure that it is inserted correctly, that all protective films have been removed from it, there are no other elements that prevent normal contact with the receiving board (no dust, debris, liquid, etc.).
  • The red indicator can combine its lighting with other informational ones, for example, with “Drum” or “Toner”. In the first case (Drum), something interferes with the work of the drum (in laser printers). In the second (Toner). the cartridge has completely run out. Resetting the counter or refilling can help here. Be careful, some manufacturers use special technologies for verification and diagnostics of cartridges for the safety and protection of their devices from low-quality consumables, and therefore the refilling procedure may not help. The printer will refuse to print and will require a complete cartridge replacement.

Of course, if the button on the printer does not work, this may be due not only to a paper jam or lack of toner (ink). The printer can break like any other complex device.

  • Factory defect,
  • Improper operation,
  • Using low-quality consumables,
  • Mechanical damage.

If replacing the cartridge and removing the jammed sheet does not help, you should contact an authorized service center or a specialized workshop. You don’t have to try to fix the printer yourself. This is associated with the risk of further damage to the device.

The icons on the printer allow you to monitor the operating status of the device. Flashing lights do not always indicate a system problem, but in other cases indicate a problem. Why the icon on the printer is on, how to diagnose a problem, the designation of indicators. you will learn all this in our article.

Canon Printer Icons

The icons on a Canon printer indicate the status of the device. You can determine the operation of the printer by the following characteristics:

  • ON indicator is off. power is off;
  • ON icon blinking green — The printer is printing or preparing to print.
  • Alarm light is orange. there is an error in the product (out of paper or ink).

Canon’s usage options are pretty straightforward. If a Canon printer is constantly lit orange or blinking, this is a reason to return the device to a service center. If it is green and blinking red, it indicates a Canon system error. Check for a paper jam, and reload the device.

Printing equipment has become a faithful assistant to every person at work and at home. And situations when a red light or an exclamation mark in a triangle is lit on the printer and it does not print, very upset any user of these devices, and sometimes put them into a stupor due to a lack of understanding of the situation.

A Strange Eye Icon That Appears on Your Phone

In this guide, we will explain what the flashing lights and the meanings of the colors mean. Let’s find out the reasons why this happens and how to avoid such problems in further work. We will give practical advice that will help you fix the breakdown and resume the operation of your printer.

Flashing icons on the printer: causes

Light diode lamps located on the printer indicate a particular state of the device. The icons are different on different printer models. Blinking indicators should be considered depending on the brand of the printer.

What does the light mean on printers? Almost all device models are made according to the same type. Some models may not have control buttons, but indicators are always present.

What does the indicator color mean:

  • Green or blue. the printer is working properly, if blinking. preparing to print or in the process of printing;
  • Orange. local error (paper jammed or missing, ink is running out);
  • Red is a serious violation that requires immediate attention. You can find out the reason in the “Troubleshooting” section;
  • Lightning. system problems. A lightning bolt usually indicates printer and system malfunction. You can fix the problem through the taskbar from the desktop.
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Samsung Printer

On Samsung printers, the lights indicate the following:

  • green. the printer is ready to print. A blinking icon means the device is receiving data from the computer;
  • red is an error. There are many reasons: paper jam or lack of paper, container overflow. The help of the service center is required;
  • orange. a paper jam error. In this case, reboot the device, but do not open the cover. This can be considered a mistake;
  • Solid green and blinking red. Cartridge is nearing the end of its life;
  • blinking red and red light. toner is almost empty. Print quality will deteriorate;
  • green is on, indicators are blinking one after the other. the device is overheating.

HP printer icons: what the icon means on the printer

Icons on HP Laserjet P2015D printers:

  • Taskbar display;
  • Up and down arrow button;
  • “Start copying”;
  • “Cancel”;
  • “Copy settings;
  • “Consumables” indicator;
  • “Attention”;
  • “Readiness”.

Samsung Galaxy. App Icon Badge SOLUTION!!

The marks on the printer mean

To facilitate work with printing devices, developers use special controls and displays.

Consider the purpose of buttons, the most common household and office printers from such well-known brands as:

Samsung washing machine symbols

Modern models of automatic machines of the Samsung line have a convenient digital display that displays all the information the user needs. If earlier the function of notifying the housewife about the stages of the washing process, the remaining time and other parameters was assigned to the control panel indicators, now, by looking at the graphic display, you can see all the listed information collected in one place. on a small screen.

To use your au pair with confidence, you need to understand what the icons on the panel of your Samsung washing machine and on the digital display mean. We will try to provide the most understandable interpretation of the symbols located on the AGR.

Symbols on the graphic display

To begin with, I would like to decipher the icons located at the very top of the digital screen, they indicate the steps of the washing process. Hostesses deal with these conventions most often, so you should first of all find out what each of them means.

  • A basin, inside which a Roman numeral I is displayed. This symbol is a designation of a pre-wash mode, it starts to light at the beginning of the wash process only when this option has been selected by the user. If the “Prewash” button has not been pressed, the icon will not light up.
  • A basin, inside which the Roman numeral II is displayed. the designation of the main wash process. It lights up either immediately after starting the selected program, or only after the end of the prewash, if it was provided. The icon will always light up, regardless of the selected program, the main wash cycle is provided in absolutely all intelligently programmed CMA modes.
  • A basin half filled with water and laundry is nothing more than an indicator for starting the rinsing process. At the end of the main wash cycle, the unit will certainly go to the final rinse mode. At this stage, fabric softener will be fed into the drum if it has been poured into the detergent drawer.
  • The spiral icon will tell us about the inclusion of the “Spin” mode, which is the final stage of the washing process. The symbol will light up after the end of the final rinse in any washing program, unless the user has set the function “No spinning”.

    The next category of symbols, which should definitely be disassembled, is the washing options. It is with their help that you can set the necessary additions to the standard programmed mode.

    • T-shirt design with two bubbles indicates EcoBubble function. Bubble wash involves turning on a special generator of a foam-liquid mixture. With its help, water and washing powder are saturated with air bubbles, as a result of which there is an accelerated dissolution of detergents and a significant improvement in the quality of washing.
    • The iron icon indicates the Easy Iron add-on. When this function is selected, the clothes will be less wrinkled during the spinning process.
    • The basin, inside which the Roman numeral I is displayed, as we already know, symbolizes the pre-wash function. To enable an additional wash cycle before the main one, you must load powder into the appropriate section of the detergent tray, and turn on this mode before starting the program.
    • A T-shirt with a stain indicates an intensive wash cycle. The add-on can be used when things with stubborn, old, stubborn dirt are loaded into the drum. Assumes an increase in wash time for each cycle.
    • The symbol for a basin filled with clean water indicates the Soak function. It is used to achieve a greater effect in removing stains.

    The next group of symbols that need to be disassembled are designations of various additional functions of the AGR.

    The face lock designates the child lock function of the operating panel. When you select it, the buttons will not respond to touch, therefore, you cannot accidentally change the parameters of the selected washing mode.

    To enable or disable child intervention protection, simultaneously hold down the Temp. Buttons for 3 seconds. and “Rinse”.

    The watch symbolizes the delay in the washing process. With this function, the intelligence of the machine can be programmed to start washing at a specified time. Delay can be selected for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 hours.

    The flash drum is responsible for the self-cleaning function of the CMA drum. If during the washing process there is a strong clogging of its surface, the Eco cleaning symbol on the digital screen and the corresponding indicator on the mode switch will light up. Self-cleaning of the drum is necessary to prevent the appearance of mold, the accumulation of dirt on its surface. Usually, the indicator lights up once a month, and if the Eco cleaning function is not started by the user, the machine will signal the need to turn it on after the next two washes.

    A crossed-out volume speaker means an addition that allows you to turn off the sound for the wash mode. To enable or disable this function, hold down the Rinse and Spin buttons for 3 seconds. The key pattern is nothing more than an indicator of the washing machine door lock. If it lights up, it means that the door lock has worked, and it is firmly closed.

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    The characters located in the center of the digital graphic display are responsible for displaying the washing time, water heating temperature, the number of rinses and the speed of rotation of the drum during spinning.

    • The washing time is displayed directly in the center of the screen, and during the operation of the machine it is constantly decreasing. If any malfunction occurs and the unit cannot continue the process, an error code will appear at this place in the form of a combination of certain letters and numbers.
    • Above the basin, where an asterisk is drawn above the water level, the selected water temperature is shown. It can be adjusted for yourself by pressing the “Temp.” The glow of the lower symbol will tell you that washing is taking place in cold water, without heating.
    • Above the basin, half filled with water, the number of rinses will be displayed, it is possible to set up to 5 additional cycles.
    • In the field above the crossed out spiral, the drum rotation speed during spinning will be indicated.

    If the symbol of the crossed out spiral lights up directly, it means that the “No spinning” option has been selected.

    The digital screen, although it is small, contains all the information about the washing process, its stages, displays the remaining time for cleaning the laundry, and allows you to find out whether any additional functions are included or not. Having dealt with the main characters on the display, you can easily control the intelligence of the SMA.

    Control Panel Symbols

    It is worth mentioning the designations of some of the buttons located on the control panel of Samsung brand washing machines. What can we see on it?

    Firstly, this is the network key, which is responsible for turning the unit on and off. It is indicated by the standard symbol: an incomplete circle, on top of which there is a vertical line. Secondly, it is the well-known “Start / Pause” button, which, after selecting the desired wash program with the selector knob, allows you to start the process, and, if necessary, stop it, turns on the pause function. It is indicated by a triangle icon, near which two vertical mowing lines are drawn.

    Some modern Samsung vending machines have a button with a profile picture of a human face, at the bottom of which is a heart sign. Its name is “My Program”. Provides the ability to record in the memory of the intellect a favorite mode along with additional settings to it.

    The button with the image of a clock with arrows is used to set a delay in the start of washing. Allows you to program in the intelligence of the machine a convenient time for the user, at which the process will start.

    In addition to the described buttons on the control panel of the washing machine there are buttons “Temperature”, “Spin”, “Rinse”, “Easy ironing”, but the user should not have any problems with understanding their purpose, since they are all signed with ordinary words, without using incomprehensible symbols and images.

    How to decipher the marking of LG models

    Nameplate (nameplate) on the back of the refrigerator with the model code. GR. B459BVCA

    The code of a specific LG model on the factory tag contains the following information: the refrigerator is made in Korea, has an NF system, a height of 200 cm, the lower location of the freezer, straight handles on the flat door; body color. white, glossy, has an internal display and a special container for storing vegetables and fruits Mois balance crisper. All this information is transmitted as follows.

    How to decipher the Siemens model code

    The decoding principle of Siemens Solo refrigerators

    • F. The freshness zone is created using the innovative Siemens iSensoric technology. Sensors (freshSense, Hyper Fresh) evaluate the temperature regime and maintain optimal cooling for food storage inside the chamber.
    • W— wine cabinet not only provides optimal conditions for storing wines (no vibration, protection from ultraviolet radiation, humidity), but also maintains two different temperature regimes simultaneously. for storing wine and delicacies.
    • X. Cool Vario function. refrigerator and freezer can be swapped.

    The peculiarity of the labeling of Simens refrigerators is a large number of design innovations that open up new possibilities of household appliances.

    Explanation of Bosch models

    The marking of the Bosch KGV 36XL20 R model, produced in 2012 in Russia, carries information about the equipment, functions, dimensions and design of the refrigerator.


    The first symbol indicates the type of refrigerator: “K”. refrigerator; the letter “G” in the first place in the marking means a household freezer.

    Symbols in second place indicate design features:

    • A. swing refrigerator with a side freezer (Side by Side);
    • G. the freezer is at the bottom;
    • D. appliance with two doors and the upper position of the freezer;
    • I. embedded model;
    • K. especially thick insulation;
    • M. a device with three chambers, upper hinged doors and lower sliding compartments (French Door);
    • T. denotes a refrigerator below 85 cm.

    The third letter carries information about the technological equipment: V. the refrigerator has one compressor; S. means a two-compressor device, the letter E. designates a single-compressor two-circuit device with a solenoid valve; N. the presence of the No Frost system.

    The number at the 4th place in the marking means the width of the case: “3”. 60 cm; “4”. 70 cm; “5”. 90 cm.

    Please note: for our market, Bosch refrigerators with a width of 60 cm are assembled in Russia, 70 cm. in Spain and Greece, 90 cm (Side by Side). in South Korea. Built-in models and freezers. German production.

    The next. 5th. number indicates the height of the refrigerator: “6”. 185 cm; “9”. 200 cm.

    The letters of the sixth position encrypt the functional equipment, the “chips” of the model.

    • N. denotes an economy class model;
    • V. basic set of upgrades (LOW FROST technology, vegetable drawer with humidity control, LED lighting)
    • X. redesigned Value model with Vario XL enhancements
    • A. Added Value. maximum refrigerator equipment (VarioXL, LED lighting, open door alarm, AntiFingerPrint coating).

    Vario XL. “more inside than outside”. extended range of options for optimal placement and storage of food in the refrigerator (only for Value, Added Value)

    The seventh position in the marking is a symbol that indicates the color of the model:

    • W. white;
    • L. stainless steel finish (Inox Look);
    • I. stainless steel (Inox) with anti-fingerprint coating (Anti Finger Print).

    The next position contains information about the power consumption of the device. The number “1” denotes energy efficiency class A, “2”. A; “3”. the efficiency of the device of class A.

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    The marking of early models is somewhat different from the given decoding. In particular, after the numerical symbols that convey the dimensions, there are the letters Z (electronic control), Y (mechanical), and information about the color is transmitted in numbers: “00-39”. white; “40-49”. for stainless steel; “60-69”. metallic silver; “90-99”. stainless steel door and body.

    Samsung Refrigerator Labeling Rules

    It is difficult to navigate the variety of models of Samsung refrigerators, since the company does not adhere to the labeling rules for local series, which are traditionally followed by other manufacturers. The markings of the 2008 models are not like the designations of modern refrigerators: the rules change with the release of each series.

    The label shows a high efficiency class (A) for 4 models of the South Korean company, the decoding of their codes will make it clear what are the similarities and differences between devices of this series

    What do the icons on the display of the phone Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F, Galaxy A3 SM-A300F, Galaxy Grand Prime VE Duos SM-G531H / DS and other models mean?

    Usually, the decoding of the interface elements is indicated in the manual for the operation of a Samsung mobile phone model Galaxy A5 SM-A500F on the Android 4.4 operating system with a color AMOLED screen, touch screen. 1280 × 720 dpi.

    But not always the quality of the included in the package with the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 SM-T715 LTE, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite SM-T111.8Gb, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T231, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE SM-G531F, Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355H, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32Gb, etc., allows you to find the information you need. The instructions are printed in small print, very simplified and concise, not always well translated. They are always black and white. In general, the problem of finding the necessary information about the icons popping up at the top of the screen of a mobile device is constantly present. Sometimes it’s even more interesting to become, what kind of weird things happen to the mobile phone system.

    You can decrypt on Samsung young, y s5360, s6102, Samsung c3300i, 5230, s5830 and other models using the instructions for a specific phone model. If there is no icon in the description or it is problematic to find it, then you can look among the same type for other models of cellular smartphones.

    Information on these and similar issues is posted further in the text.

    What does the “H” mean?

    This is an indicator of a more stable internet. This technology is completely abbreviated as HSPA. In terms of internet speed, it is faster than 3G. On some phones there is no “H” icon, it is displayed as 3.5G.

    What do the icons on the display of Lenovo P70, A536, S850 and other models mean.

    Usually, the decoding of the interface elements is indicated in the manual for the operation of the Lenovo mobile phone model P780 4Gb on the Android 4.2 operating system with a color IPS screen, touch screen. 1280 × 720 dpi.

    But not always the quality of the Lenovo A319, S60, Vibe Shot, Lenovo g580, 70, s660, etc. included in the package, allows you to find the information you need. The instructions are printed in small print, very simplified and concise, not always well translated. They are always black and white. In general, the problem of finding the necessary information about the icons popping up at the top of the screen of a mobile device is constantly present. Sometimes it’s even more interesting to become, what kind of strange things happen to the mobile phone system.

    You can decrypt on Lenovo vibe x2, vibe z2, a7, Lenovo a5000, b50, a328 and other models by following the instructions for a specific phone model. If there is no icon in the description or it is problematic to find it, then you can look among the same type for other models of cellular smartphones.

    Information on these and similar issues is posted further in the text.

    What do the icons on my Samsung phone mean.

    Determine what the icons, symbols on a mobile phone mean, a Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300F phone based on Android 4.4 OS on a screen with a resolution of 960 × 540, color AMOLED type, touchscreen and other models. List, table of icons on the screen, display on the top Samsung s5230, wave 525, ace duos s6802, s4, Galaxy s2 Galaxy 2, Galaxy A5 SM-A500F, A7 SM-A700F, Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C, Galaxy S6 SM- G920F, Galaxy A3 SM-A300F, Galaxy Grand Prime VE Duos SM-G531H / DS, Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 SM-T715 LTE, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite SM-T111.8Gb, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T231, Galaxy S5 SM.G900F 16Gb, Galaxy Grand Prime VE SM-G531F, Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355H, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32Gb, young, y s5360, s6102, s5380d, c3300i, 5230, s5830, s5830i, s5222, bada, s7562, c3322, s5660, s3 mini, c3530, Galaxy s iii, champ, i9100, grand, c3010, s5300, Galaxy s plus, Galaxy la fleur, c3520. i8160, c6712, 5610, Galaxy tab 10.1, Galaxy note, tab 2 10.1, Galaxy tab 7.0, tab 2 7.0, Galaxy tab 3g, Galaxy tab 16gb, gt p5100 Galaxy tab, n8000, p3100, p5110, p3110, tab 10.1, ativ Smart pc, Galaxy 3, xe500t1c, Windows, n5100, tab2, Galaxy tab 8, tab 7.7, la fleur, s3, note, s5610, star, s5250, i9300, s5260, sgh, gt c3011, the designation, how to remove, is written in this article. What does the icon mean on the Samsung wave 525, ace duos s6802, s4, Galaxy s2 Galaxy 2 and other models at the top of the screen. What do the icons on the top of the Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A500F, A7 SM-A700F, Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C display mean: lightning and symbols.

    What does the Handset icon mean?

    The handset in the status bar indicates that a call is in progress.