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What can replace the stylus for a graphics tablet

How to choose a stylus for your tablet

Graphics tablet. professional device for manual rendering of any kind of images, animations, graphics. It is an excellent assistant for artists, illustrators, animators and other professionals whose profession is directly related to the creation and processing of graphics. The only comfortable way to control such a device is with a stylus. The special pen simulates the control of the device with a hand or pencil in many ways. A modern pen for your graphics tablet is hardly interchangeable. Without it, you are not subject to clear lines, schematic sketches, project sketches, quick sketches.

Adonit Note. the latest line for iPad Pro 3/4 generation 11 “and 12.9”. An ultra-technological device that keeps pace with the times and meets all the needs and desires of a modern specialist in artistic graphics. Today there are four models of this line, each of the subsequent ones makes significant additions to its functionality and work. When choosing, we strongly recommend that you pay close attention to them and make a decision based on your personal needs in work.

Model Adonit Note. easy to use, simple to connect: just press the power button and start your first sketch. After the first few hours of use, you notice how sensitive the pen is, it doesn’t even require control and the help of a hand to get used to it. This allows artists to accurately and clearly draw lines on the creative canvas. Palm Rejection keeps your palm resting comfortably on the tablet while you create. It is impossible not to note the stunning performance of the pen. It can work non-stop for 12 hours. Then charge for 4 minutes and it is back in operation for an hour. This comes in handy when you need to finish an urgent, ongoing project. Lack of accessory. charging via micro-USB. outgoing fashion. But the modern stylish appearance pleases. The brushed aluminum body is pleasant to hold in your hand. A blue light on the side of the case signals power on and adds a touch of flavor to the design.

Adonit Note Plus. It is an active stylus with a function to prevent accidental operation of the touch panel. The model is extremely pressure sensitive. Unlike its predecessor, the manufacturer has added an additional button to the body, which gives access to the functions you use most, for example, such as Eraser, Redo, Undo. This addition to the functionality greatly simplifies the work and minimizes the artist’s actions. A more modern Type-C charger is already built into the Adonit Note. Manufacturing materials have been selected for simplicity and lightness. plastic (PCABS), metal. The device is capable of working for about 10 hours without stopping for rest. So that comfort and reliability during working hours are provided to you.

Adonit Note UVC. the world’s first stylus approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that by purchasing this pen model, you are protecting your health and the environment. And this is done thanks to the UVC function. These are built-in germicidal lamps that provide disinfection of your tablet, which is important nowadays. While the function is on, the handle flip control sensor is activated and the eyes are protected from radiation. The pen itself works with a variety of applications, and you can also take notes directly in PDF files. As with all models in this range, the pen is extremely sensitive to pressure and writing. With pixel precision, you can sketch on the smallest pictures. Manufacturing material. aluminum. Drawing time 12 hours. Built-in Type-C charger allows you to charge without any hassle.

The manufacturer recently introduced the new Adonit Note M. This is the first mouse stylus with dual functionality (left and right buttons). Together with the touch panel, it functions as a touch scroll wheel. In addition, it can work on any devices with Bluetooth, such as a smartphone, laptop, computer. Another super feature. magnetic mount on any metal surface and you can easily and conveniently carry the device. Like the entire range, the accessory is pressure sensitive. The lighter the pressure, the thinner the line, which is convenient for handwriting. Two hot buttons quickly switch between the most requested tasks (Eraser / Shutdown / Right Click). You can also use a screen lock for hand placement. The device is charged using the USB-C cable. A full charge of the pen allows you to work with the tablet for up to 30 hours of continuous drawing.

For Android devices, the brand has also created reliable devices. The Adonit Dash 3 model with a super fine nib for precise freehand writing, sketching. If your profession requires the execution of such graphic work. the product will suit you. The appearance is attractive: anodized aluminum smooth body, a fixing clip on the body of the device and an on / off button on top. It looks like a ballpoint pen that you can hide in your and take to meetings with your tablet. The stylus provides up to 14 hours of continuous use. Then pause, charge for 15 minutes and back to work.

If you need a stylus for simple sketches or notes, then the Adonit Droid is worth mentioning here. It is specially designed for Android devices with high resolution screens. Compatible with all devices released after 2018.

It is impossible not to mention the Adonit Ink-M model for Windows with a mouse function. Two buttons (right / left click) on the body of the device, in combination with the touch panel, provides the scroll function of the touch wheel. The built-in multi-angle sensor detects the mouse within 5 mm of the surface and ensures accurate operation of the device. Magnetic fastening to metal objects securely fixes this accessory and prevents it from being lost. Two hot buttons allow you to use the tasks you often use Eraser / Shutdown / Right-click. To prevent accidental operation of the touch panel, you can use a special additional function. With its help, you can comfortably place your hand on the screen when writing. This unit is charged using a USB-C cable.

Huion graphic tablet stylus repair. What to do if you stopped holding a charge

Today I will tell you how you can easily and on a budget repair a Huion stylus, which requires charging to work. Read!

Graphic tablets have two types of stylus. active and passive. The principle of operation of the first is that it requires power to function. source of energy such as a battery or accumulator. But sometimes the manufacturer makes an easy replacement of the power supply unavailable. This is where we come in!

This method has been verified precisely with the stylus of the Huion Kamvas GT-191 and Huion GT-190. On the example of the latter, we will analyze today how it can be repaired. For repairs we need:

  • Problem stylus
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic card
  • Super glue
  • Lithium battery with a voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 80 mAh
  • Soldering iron


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First of all, we need to open the stylus for repair. This process is very difficult, because the stylus is completely made of plastic, so if you open it inaccurately, it can be damaged. As in the case of repairing a gamepad, I will provide links to the starting position in the video instructions and a comment on what and how to do.

The first step is to remove the button. It is best to remove it by prying it off with something like a plastic card. The use of knives and other metal objects is not recommended, as the case may be damaged.

replace, stylus, graphics, tablet

Next, we need to separate the two halves of the case, where our battery and the main board are hidden. It is difficult to explain from the photographs, so I recommend watching a fragment of the video as I did. The case is set on glue, attempts to melt it with a soldering hair dryer did not lead to positive results, so I recommend opening the case slowly, carefully, in accordance with the same method as in the video.

By pressing such a “button”, we finally separate one half from the other and proceed to knocking out the glue from the stylus.

The main work has been done. Next, in order to get the battery out, we need to get rid of the glue inside the stylus on which it is attached. This should be done, again, carefully, as an option with tweezers. We take out the glue piece by piece until the battery can freely come out of the stylus body.

A battery of the same format that is used in this stylus, namely the 75300-1S1P, is quite expensive (in the case of this stylus, it is almost like a stylus). Instead, I preferred to take a regular “packet” battery with the same parameters, which, although it turned out to be slightly wider than the original, is thinner and a little shorter. This will allow you to easily install it in the stylus body.

I soldered the original battery from the board at a soldering iron temperature of 250 degrees. It is advisable to apply a little tin to the tip so that the solder on the board comes off more easily. Immediately after soldering the first of the contacts, we wrap it in electrical tape or tape so that it does not short out with the second contact.

The order of soldering a new battery does not matter, the main thing is to correctly observe the “” and “-” of the battery. After that, it is very advisable to check the functionality of the stylus, but if you did everything according to the instructions, then it should already be quite working.

We place the battery in the old place in the case and push it a little deeper with a blunt plastic object. In my case, this is the reverse side of the brush.

We put back the nose of the stylus, snapping it with the “button” and you can collect. The guideline for the compatibility of the assembly grooves is that the Huion inscription on the case should be in one line with the stylus buttons (I did not assemble it correctly in the video, do not be surprised)

In order for the halves of the stylus to hold tightly, it is advisable to glue them a little. Micro-drops of superglue (purely to grab hold) will be with your head so that the stylus does not “figure it out” at the most inopportune moment (however, both halves sit very tightly on top of each other)

If they took a new battery and it did not lie, then immediately after our repair the stylus should work flawlessly as well as be charged from the native cable.

As you can see, the repair of this stylus does not cause any obvious difficulties, so if you have all the necessary tools, you can easily repair it and continue to use it further. This method works exactly with the stylus of the PE330 models and the one that was repaired in the article (from the GT-190 tablet).

You can watch the video of the repair below.

How to choose a stylus: a review of the best

The pen should be comfortable to use, fit well in the hand, fit the user in size and weight. A few examples:

Model Weight (g Buttons Tip Power Supply Body Material
Bamboo Fineline 3 by Wacom 19 1 side switch, programmable in the app thin and hard built-in battery, charging via USB cable plastic
Wacom Bamboo Solo Green 3rd Generation ten not replaceable, carbon fiber built-in battery, charging via USB cable plastic

How to connect the stylus correctly

The action does not take much time and is as follows:

  • Charge the stylus;
  • Turn it on (just turn the handle around the axis or by pressing the button on the stylus body);
  • Open the settings on the digitizer and turn on Bluetooth;
  • Go to general settings and disable the “Gestures” option;
  • Download drawing application;
  • Open the settings menu in the application;
  • Synchronize the stylus and the application (select the desired device in the program).

Nuance: the procedure may vary depending on the manufacturer (for example, GENIUS), the connection details can be found in the instructions for the device or by video on the network.

Graphic tablet stylus: 6 tips for choosing, setting, using

The stylus looks like a thin stick with a pointed end, and resembles an ordinary pen. With its help, you can draw on the touch surface, make sketches, control all the options of the device to which the stylus is connected. To work correctly and comfortably with the pen, you need to learn how to select and configure the stylus on a graphics tablet correctly. Will it be useful for work? How to charge it? All information about this is in the article.

What the device is made of?

Styluses are constructed from conductive materials (eg aluminum); there are also plastic models. Accessories are equipped with nibs that touch the surface of digitizers (such as the Intuos M), allowing you to draw or write on them.

The pen device depends on the type of device screen:

  • The resistor display responds to pressing itself. The nib of a digital pen here should be tapered and made of silicone or Teflon. This helps the touch pen not to scratch the display.
  • A capacitive display will no longer respond to a metal wand. Accessories for this type of surface have a tip that has an electrical capacity. The stylus is equipped with a rubber or silicone tip, inside it there is a coil, metal filings and a magnetically conductive ring.

Most styluses now support digitizers like the PTH-660P-R without the extra wires.

Features and tips for choosing

The main points to look for when buying an accessory:

  • The stylus in the form of a pen is quite comfortable to use. Additional convenience. attachment to the digitizer case.
  • The nib of the pen should be made of soft materials to avoid scratching the screen while drawing.
  • Some units are equipped with programmable buttons, on others you can adjust the degree of pressing. all this increases the cost of the device, but also affects the convenience and speed of work.
  • Pen sensitivity. the stronger the pressure, the thicker the line. Professional devices recognize 2048 or more pressure levels (for example, the PTH-860-R pen has 8192 sensitivity levels). It helps to emulate natural painting.
  • The presence of a soft touch coating. ensures that the stylus does not slip out of the hand during operation.
  • Pen working height. indicates the distance at which the stylus is perceived by the digitizer without touching it.

The nibs are equipped with several types of nibs. The table contains the most basic ones:

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How to customize the pen on a graphics tablet

Stylus options can be customized, changed for different tasks, adjust the sensitivity of the pen and the pressure of the nib.

What do I need to do:

  • Open the “Properties” tab on the digitizer;
  • Go to the “Pen” section;
  • For each of the pen keys, select the option you want from the drop-down menu.

In this tab, you can change the pen sensitivity from soft to hard by moving the slider to the desired side. The tilt of the pen also changes (from normal to high), the pressure when using the stylus. The number of functions in the setup depends on the model and manufacturer of the fixture. It is very simple to check the settings. in practice, adjusting the parameters for yourself.

A nuance: in devices from Wacom, for example, Intuos Art Black PT S, you can always return to the factory settings by selecting the “Pen” tab. “Default”.

How to customize the pen of a graphics tablet in Photoshop? Here you need to refer to the brush panel in Adobe Photoshop. There are a number of settings in which you can find the required brush size, hardness, diameter, pressure.

How to use the stylus?

The accessory can be used as a pen, making handwritten notes on the tablet, and using drawing programs as a paintbrush.

Some models of the accessory have programmable buttons. Physical keys can be used, for example, to undo an action while drawing, or to switch the brush to an eraser.

You can also change the tips on the accessory. For example, use soft and hard to simulate the process of working with a paper sheet.

❷ There are much more stylus options that connect to a tablet via Bluetooth and each has its own pros and cons.

Generally speaking,
they have a thin tip. Therefore, when drawing, the line is clearly visible.
Line thickness and transparency vary depending on pressing force
The tip is plastic, so it will last for a very long time. It’s just unrealistic to erase it on the screen))
On many models there are additional buttons on the handle (you can set up an action cancellation or something else)

– Need to charge. And they are charged most often through an adapter from USB.
– Not all drawing applications change line thickness from pressure.
Companies that produce such styluses: Adonit, Wacom, Wiwu. Among them, you can choose something suitable for constant drawing on a tablet or smartphone.
For example, I use a Wiwu stylus if only a smartphone is at hand and I want to draw something so that I don’t forget later.
β €
These styluses will fit any tablet or smartphone
The photo shows a Wiwu stylus (2900 rubles) and a pen from Auchan (80 rubles)

Producing a presentation

Typically, presentations are conducted using a computer and a projector. However, in order to attract the attention of the audience, you often have to go to various tricks: addressing the audience, joking, changing the tone of voice, speech rate, presentation format, drawing on flip charts, showing videos, and much more. while the computer can significantly limit your freedom of action.

In this case, the best assistant for you will be a tablet from Wacom. Graphire Bluetooth. It allows you to move around the classroom, allowing you to move away from the computer up to 10 meters.Wacom tablets provide a visual presentation of the material, which increases the degree of understanding and learning.

The tablet rechargeable battery lasts for 25 hours of continuous use. Pen and tablet driver included.

Before starting work, you need to connect the tablet to the computer via a USB port, install the tablet driver and the JustWrite Office program.

Using a tablet with a pen and JustWrite Office, you can add handwritten notes, drawings, corrections, drawings and graphs to slides. that is, anything you could previously correct or draw on paper can now be done during a presentation in PowerPoint. To do this, it provides a special menu in the lower left corner of the window, where you activate the icon depicting a pen (pencil).

During the presentation, annotations are superimposed as a graphic JPEG file and do not make changes to the main text, so they can be saved later or easily deleted.

Using the scroll wheel and additional buttons at the top of the tablet, you can flip through slides and move up and down the page, eliminating the need for a computer keyboard.

❸ I would also like to highlight the brushes. Just because they look and paint like real brushes πŸ™‚

They work on the principle of the simplest stylus with an elastic band at the end: no charging and Bluetooth.
Cost 2500-5000 rubles (depending on the model)
These brushes are made by Nomad and Sensu.
I haven’t tried them yet, but it’s very interesting πŸ™‚
In search of the best stylus, I tried many different ones: from homemade (from a pen and foil with a wet sponge in a bag) to Apple pencil. In the video, I told you more about these stylus models and showed how they work:

At first glance, it may seem that a graphics tablet cannot be used in the office, nevertheless, when working with office programs, it can become a faithful assistant, especially for business computer users.

The graphics tablet is a pen input device for working on a computer, and its advantage is a comfortable and ergonomic pen that works wirelessly and without batteries (patented technology from Wacom).

The convenience of using the tablet is achieved due to the fact that the input of information and all work is carried out by the user with a stylus. It fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to work more accurately and quickly with office applications, since the pen is similar to the pen that we are used to using. In addition, unlike a mouse, the pen does not cause carpal tunnel syndrome or pain in the hand.

The pressure-sensitive pen that adjusts line thickness and transparency is ideal for quick and easy navigation. It gives the user more options than a standard mouse because it can be programmed.

After installing the tablet driver, absolute positioning is activated. What does it mean? For example, let’s say you work on a computer with a mouse. In order to move the cursor from one point to another, you will have to perform several manipulations with the mouse: move it, tear it off and again move it across the rug. The larger the diagonal of the monitor screen, the more manipulations will be required. If you are working with a tablet, then when you bring the pen to any point on the surface of the tablet, the cursor instantly appears in the same place on the monitor screen. The advantage is clear.

The graphics tablet works great with all commonly used office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Hex3 YuFu Focus / Pro stylus. 79.99 / 99.99

If you require extreme precision and are also interested in replaceable tips, this is the one for you. Nibs can be very different: for precision work, standard silicone, and even paint brushes. The stylus has two pressure sensors, motion sensors for greater sensitivity, supports accidental touch recognition and recognizes up to 4096 degrees of pressure. A comprehensive solution for the most discerning users. Normal YuFu works with any capacitive screens, while Focus and Pro models connect via Bluetooth LE and require app installation.

The developer promises that the creators of the application (there are more than 40 of them) for iOS and Android for the previous model JaJa will soon release a version for YuFu. This should happen in early 2015, along with the arrival of the stylus on the market.

JustWrite Office Program

This program is a proprietary Wacom company. It allows you to insert a signature into electronic documents, make handwritten notes in any office documents, sign e-mail, draw sketches, diagrams and graphs directly in office programs and presentations, and also use a tablet instead of a mouse.

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The program allows you to make and save notes and drawings in PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Documents with the changes made can be used by Honor and users with a different programming environment, even if they do not have JustWrite Office.

With JustWrite Office, you can check articles, make notes and corrections with an electronic pen, highlight text, and then send the corrected text by e-mail to colleagues.

An interesting feature of the program is the ability to create notes on the desktop or in documents that look like ordinary stickers. Place them on your desktop. and you will not miss an important meeting and do not forget about your planned tasks.!

To sign an electronic document, you can use the Just Write Office. Just Sign utility. It allows you to put a secure electronic signature indicating the date and time of the document’s approval.

All of the above features will come in handy on the road, when you are out of the office, and urgent matters are urgent.

Let’s start with the simplest

The tablet completely replaces a conventional mouse when working on a computer, while allowing you to more quickly, accurately and conveniently perform any navigation functions.

Ergonomic, battery-free and cordless, the pen is equipped with two buttons that can be programmed for a variety of essential commands and functions, such as double-left-click, right-click, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space, command combination and many others. For example, by hovering the pen over a file folder, you press the button on the pen or press the pen twice on the surface of the tablet (which is equivalent to double-clicking the mouse) and you will find yourself in the required folder.

We will not consider the professional tablets of the Intuos 3 series for graphic designers and artists, which have received worldwide recognition, but we will talk about the Graphire 4 series tablets, with the advent of which it has become much easier to work with office documents on the Russian market.

The increase in the comfort of work occurred due to the fact that the tablet now has two keys and a scroll wheel, and therefore, when working with text files or on the Internet, you can use the usual scroll wheel. The ease and speed of working with the pen, providing instant access to anywhere on the screen, allow you to freely navigate any large-format documents, such as Excel spreadsheets.


The second type of touch screens that are ubiquitous now is capacitive. They are arranged as follows: the display is covered with a thin conductive layer, and at the moment of touching the material, which also conducts current, resistance changes in the display area, which serves as a signal for pressing or other action. Simply put, these touchscreens respond to a simple finger touch, and it doesn’t have to be strong. You can also find a special touch stylus for them.

The advantages of such displays include convenience and reliability, since foreign objects that do not conduct current will not be able to accidentally turn on the device or perform another operation. And to the cons. the fact that if the fingers are in a glove, covered with liquid or dirt, the screen will not react.

But now more and more often you can find on sale a capacitive stylus, which can be controlled by a touch screen of this technology. It is mainly needed for artists who want to draw on tablets with capacitive displays.


A stylus is a small plastic or iron stick with a special tip, silicone or capacitive. And you need a stylus to operate touch screens. But can’t they be controlled with your fingers, as everyone is used to? Not always. Sometimes it is not as convenient to tap small icons and symbols with your fingers as with a stylus. In addition, the accuracy of his clicks is always much higher, as well as the speed of work. So now we know what a stylus is. Now they are not so common, but earlier one could often see the happy owners of newfangled smartphones with stylus. And by the way, they often got lost or broken, and then they had to use fingers, matches or toothpicks.

Nowadays, there are almost no devices that would be equipped with stylus, and the whole point is not that the interface elements have become larger or people are used to pressing on the display with their fingers, but that touchscreen monitor technologies have changed. With what a stylus is, we figured out in general terms, now let’s talk about new display technologies.


The earliest touchscreens were based on a resistive principle of operation. Simply put, their work was based on a banal closure. Micro-insulators were applied between the monitor and the flexible outer plastic panel, and at the moment of touching at a given point, a short circuit occurred, its signal was processed by a special device, which, depending on the place of pressing, was converted into display coordinates. It is for them that you need a stylus for the screen, because it reacts to hard pressure, and just touching your finger is not enough.

However, you can still use them without stylus. When they are lost or broken, you can press the screen, for example, with a fingernail or other hard object. The advantages of such touch screens include faster typing and the fact that over time, when the outer plastic panel is covered with scratches, it can be easily replaced. Such monitors are often used in factories and in those conditions where reliability is important, and you can activate the sensor with any object or simply by pressing it hard, even when your fingers are stained with something or are protected by gloves.

What is a stylus and what is it used for?

The article tells about what a stylus is, what it is for, what it is and whether it is used now.

Digital age

Nowadays, it has long been difficult to surprise someone with digital technologies, computers, tablets and others. Things like this are developing very quickly when compared to other industries. And every year scientists and developers find new solutions and applications for such technologies. Now the simplest smartphone can successfully replace dozens of devices, and its possibilities are almost limitless, especially when it comes to phones with an open OS.

But even some 15 years ago, not everyone had ordinary computers, their performance left much to be desired, and many only dreamed of unlimited high-speed access to the network. It was then that the first smartphones and tablets with full-fledged operating systems began to appear, for which it was possible to create various applications. Their main feature was multitasking and touch screens. And for a long time, such displays have needed styluses. So what is a stylus, what are they and are they used in our time? This is what we will figure out.


If we talk about how the styluses are arranged, then everything is simple. The ones for resistive monitors are just plastic or metal sticks with tips that won’t scratch the top layer of the display.

The capacitive stylus device is also straightforward. Its tip is made of a material that conducts current in the same way as a human finger, and changes the resistance in a given area of ​​the monitor.

So we figured out what a stylus is and what it is for.