Screen share LG how to connect laptop

How to Display iPhone Screen on LG TV?

  • Install the free LG Smart Share app on your TV.
  • Install the Twonky Beam app on your iOS device.
  • Check the box “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen”.
  • Select the video file you want to output from your smartphone to the big screen of your LG TV.

How to connect your phone via Screen Share?

Make sure your phone is running Android 4.2 or newer.Screen Share technology: how to connect a device

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Launch the “Screen Share” application.
  • Turn on Miracast or AllShare Cast on your phone.
  • Select your TV in the device list.

How to enable DLNA function on TV?

If you have a Sony TV (pre-2015 model), you need to turn it on, press the Home button and turn on the Media Player. After you select the type of content: music, photos or videos, you can see the DLNA servers on your home network.

What is DLNA on LG TV?

DLNA technology is literally the Digital Living Network Alliance, which stands for Digital Home Networking Alliance. The solution deservedly enjoys wide popularity, especially due to the launch of functional Smart TVs and game consoles of the latest generation on the market.

How to connect laptop to LG TV via Bluetooth?

How to connect laptop to TV using Bluetooth

  • Turn on TV and laptop.
  • In the bluetooth settings of both devices, enable discoverable mode.
  • Search your computer for a nearby Bluetooth device.
  • Select your TV from the list of detected devices.

How to enable miracast function on LG TV?

Turn on the TV, and press the SETTINGS button on the remote control to enter the settings. In the settings, go to the Network tab and select Miracast / Intel’s WiDi. Next, turn on Miracast. Just flip the switch to On.

How to connect laptop to LG Smart TV?

  • Click “Project”.
  • Click “Connect to Wireless Display”.
  • Click on the name of your LG Smart TV.
  • Enter the code if it appears on the TV screen.
  • Click “Connect”.

Overall impression of WiDi.

WiDi is a great way to get rid of some of the wires in an apartment / house, in addition to a wireless connection displaying a screen from a laptop, ultrabook, tablet on a TV, it can act as a second monitor, which allows several people to use one laptop, ultrabook at once. For example, by expanding the screen, you can turn on a movie / presentation / photo on the TV, and at this time on a laptop, ultrabook, surf the Internet, play a game, etc.

But this method of wireless connection has drawbacks, since this development by Intel, it tightly connected this technology with its products and you can use this technology only on a limited number of laptops, ultrabooks and tablets. Also, WiDi is not suitable for demanding games, since the processing power is relatively scarce, plus there is a noticeable delay in displaying video on a mobile device and TV. It is a fraction of a second and will not prevent you from watching videos, photos, presentations, but it is critical for action games where instant reaction is required.

In my opinion, WiDi technology is a very good solution for a wireless connection, and it is ideal for most tasks.

1 Allows you to wirelessly connect mobile devices to your TV;

2 Supports high resolution FullHD (support for 4K in the near future) 5.1 sound;

3 It is possible to expand the screen (use the TV as a second monitor).

1 Not every device supports WiDi technology (applies to both laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and TVs);

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2 Fractional second delay on TV screen.

Enabling WiDi on the TV.

In this example, an LG TV with WebOs will be used, enabling this function on other TVs (Samsung, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, etc.) will proceed by analogy.

Open the Smart Apps menu, to do this:

screen, share, connect, laptop

So you have turned on the WiDi function on your TV.

Screen Share from LG: How to Connect an Iphone

I think the download and installation itself will not cause any difficulties for users, after the process is completed, just start Twonky Beam and check the box opposite the Show or hide section. After that, the device synchronization process will begin. If your Iphone cannot establish a connection to the TV, it is quite possible that the second one simply has outdated software, then you will need the help of the LG service center wizard, who will update the software and, if necessary, reflash the Smart TV.

If everything went well, just select the videos that you would like to broadcast on your TV and go to the additional menu. In the additional menu, select the name of your TV and click on “Beaming”, after which the file will be broadcast on the screen.

LG SmartShare and SW DLNA Program

SmartShare allows you to view content over a network from a PC, tablet or smartphone. As part of LG TVs, the technology is called Smart Share Plus and even allows you to broadcast TV to an external device using the Screen Share function. To receive content from a computer, the Korean manufacturer provides PC SW DLNA software, the installation and configuration of which we will consider today. We will also take a quick look at other possibilities of this technology.

Since this program is rather unstable, we recommend using HMS according to our new instructions: setting up Home Media Server as a DLNA server for LG.

Enabling WiDi on a laptop, ultrabook, tablet.

In order to use WiDi technology on a laptop, ultrabook, tablet, you need to install the appropriate software. To do this, you need to download the program for WiDi.

For Intel WiDi, download Intel® Wireless Display Software for Windows, for Intel Pro WiDi. Intel® Pro WiDi for Windows.

Installing the program for WiDi is extremely simple and boils down to clicking the “Next” button and agreeing to the license agreement.

After installation, the Intel (R) WiDi shortcut appears on the desktop.

Launch the Intel (R) WiDi application. When turned on, it automatically scans for the presence of wireless displays and, upon finding it, will offer to connect.

After the connection is agreed, numbers will appear on the TV, which must be entered on a laptop, ultrabook, tablet in the Intel WiDi program. Then the connection will be made within a few seconds. As a result, everything that you see on the screen of the mobile device will be displayed on the TV.

In addition to mirroring the image, the TV can be used as a second screen. To do this, press the “Win” “P” key and select “Extend” (suitable for Windows8 / 8.1, for Windows 7 follow the steps described below). Thanks to WiDi technology, your TV becomes a full-fledged monitor, you can change the resolution, screen orientation, etc. on it. To do this, right-click on the desktop, select “Screen Resolution” or go to “Control Panel”. “Screen”. “Screen resolution setting”.

In the window that opens, you can change the screen resolution, both on a laptop, ultrabook and on a TV, choose to expand or duplicate the image, change the screen orientation.

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To disable the WiDi connection, in the Intel WiDi application on the corresponding wireless display, click “Disable”.

PC connection

To configure your PC to work with LG SmartShare interface, first, make sure they are connected to the same wired or WI-FI network (to the same router or switch), otherwise you need to connect them this way. Secondly, you will need to install SmartShare PC SW DLNA software. You can find and download it on the official LG website, for this go to and click on the “Software Download” link in the corresponding column with the DLNA heading. There will also be a link to MediaLink, but we will not consider this application.

Our download speed was terrible. 10 KB / sec, I had to wait more than 3 hours for everything to download. This is how Koreans have access to Software. Therefore, we decided to post it for you on our website so that you can download it at normal speed. Windows version is available at the following link: SmartShare PC SW DLNA.

Next, unpack the archive and run setup.exe. The installation process is standard and should be straightforward. We only need to press 5 buttons: Install, Next, Yes, Next and Finish.

At the end of the installation, launch SmartShare from the desktop and do the following:

  • In the main window, wait until the “Update” message disappears and an empty file table appears.
  • At the top right, click on “Options” and wait until a picture appears with a blue inscription ON.
  • Go to “My Shared Files” by clicking on the appropriate button on the left. You will see that the standard Windows shared folders are already “shared”. In order to open access to other folders, you need to add them to this list by clicking on the button with a folder in the upper right.

You can also install MediaLink software to share media files, but in our opinion it does not represent any useful functions, a DLNA server is enough, with it everything is more simple and understandable.

Now we return to the TV, go to the Smart Share menu item and select “DLNA Devices”. The setup is complete! Using the Network File Browser application on the TV, we can fully use the data from the computer.

Screen Share LG. how to connect laptop to TV


Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux

TeamViewer is a remote desktop access and sharing package for individuals, groups and large enterprises.

Presenters can share their screen and let others mark up the broadcast in Presentation mode. Support or training teams have integrated service case management and integration for helpdesk systems at their disposal. TeamViewer allows multiple users to be displayed and hosts can easily transfer or control access.

The best TeamViewer features:

  • Record and Save Screen Sharing Sessions
  • Leaving notes on remote computers
  • Sharing screens and files on a mobile phone
  • Setting specific policies and groups for individual access

TeamViewer pricing: free personal screen sharing; 49 per month for one business user

Improve your customer experience

Screen sharing can also be used in customer service. Solve problems with customer and colleague inquiries, no matter the distance between you! Your employees can be anywhere and can still collaborate and learn from other team members. In addition, customers who need help with new software, resolving technical issues, or changing settings can use the screen sharing feature to have a one-on-one conversation with a technical consultant who will guide them step by step.

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Get to know your software

The fact that this is your first time using a screen sharing app doesn’t give you any reason to get confused in your presentation. As with a new car or device, take some time to learn all the ins and outs of your collaboration tools. Do some test runs with a colleague so there are no surprises.

Screen Sharing Programs

An online screen sharing program is indispensable if it is easier for you to show something to your interlocutor using examples. Agree, this is more effective than explaining over the phone or in a text chat. Using this function will significantly reduce the time and financial costs of communication, but at the same time achieve greater mutual understanding.

Examples of screen sharing programs:

Share your screen

  • On the bottom toolbar, click Screen Share. If you have minimized the Viewer, click the Screen Share icon in the Grab tab.
  • Share from the following options:
  • Primary Monitor Screen, Secondary Monitor Screen, or Both Monitors — Uses the entire screen of one or both monitors (if multiple are configured). Make sure to close any windows you don’t want to share before proceeding.
  • The checkbox “Clear screen” or “Screen of the main monitor, secondary monitor or both monitors” (CLEAR). this will split your screen, but also hide the background, taskbar and desktop icons. Be sure to close any windows you are accessing before proceeding. don’t want to share.
  • Application. only uses the specific application you have selected and hides the rest of the screen.

Note. Sharing via Screen (Blank) and Rectangle (Lab) is not available for Mac organizers. If you want to share a PowerPoint presentation on a Mac, you must first put the presentation into slideshow mode and then select PowerPoint Slide Show in the application window. If you don’t, participants will continue to see the main PowerPoint window instead of the slideshow and they won’t see your slides.

  • Click Share. The screen icon will glow green when your screen is available to other participants.
  • If you want to allow all meeting attendees to show their screen without permission, see Configuring default meeting options.
  • Plan what you are about to say ahead of time.

    The same goes for your materials. You can have a stunning presentation, but if you don’t rehearse it, you will be ill-prepared or repetitive. To prevent this from happening, review what you are going to say and make sure the documents, slides and software you plan to present are ready and accurate.

    Displaying zoom windows during screen sharing

    By default, the zoom window is not used when sharing your screen. Displaying a zoom box while sharing a screen can be helpful if a participant helps you use zoom.

    4.Close unrelated tasks and browser tabs

    A lot of open folders, tasks and browser tabs are negligence and a reason for potential embarrassment. Always keep confidential documents out of sight, close irrelevant tasks and folders, and close or minimize browser tabs before sharing your screen or desktop.