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RAM For Lenovo Laptop

What kind of RAM is on a laptop?

Before increasing the amount of RAM on a laptop, you should check what type of RAM is already on this PC. Installing an unsuitable module may cause a conflict between the old and new memory sticks, as a result of which the laptop will malfunction, freeze or stop turning on altogether. Consider what characteristics you need to pay attention to when choosing a new RAM and how to determine the type of RAM already installed on a laptop.

Basic parameters of RAM

The first step is to figure out which parameters are considered decisive for random access memory devices. These characteristics are:

  • Generation (type) is the algorithm by which memory chips function. The rest of the RAM parameters depend on it (speed and efficiency, supply voltage, etc.). Today there are four generations of RAM. here are DDR 1 to DDR 4.
  • Capacity. Determines how much information can simultaneously fit into RAM.
  • Speed ​​standard. Indicates the bandwidth of the module, measured in Mb / s. These standards have an alphanumeric designation and always begin with the “RS” marking.
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  • Manufacturer and serial number. Each company assigns a certain marking (part number) to its product.
  • Timing. Determines the time spent on accessing the RAM microcircuit. The smaller it is, the better.
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Visual inspection of the RAM strip

You can check the amount of RAM with a simple call to the properties of the laptop. To do this, on the shortcut “My Computer”, click the RMB and select “Properties” in the list that opens. The RAM capacity can be found in the corresponding line.

However, the information obtained in this way is not enough, so you need to find out the rest of the RAM parameters. All memory card manufacturers put important data directly on the strip. To check them, you need to disassemble the laptop, remove the RAM from it and carefully familiarize yourself with the existing designations.

As an example, consider how to find out the model and characteristics of RAM, the appearance of which is shown in the figure.

Our RAM is produced by the South Korean company Hynix. The slot has a capacity of 4 GB. By the abbreviation 1Rx8, you can find out that the bar is one-sided (1R), that is, all the microcircuits are placed on one side. Double-sided RAM is identified by the 2R mark. Number 8 indicates the number of memory chips.

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This model has a capacity of RS3-12800. This allows you to find out the type of RAM (DDR3) and the maximum operating speed (12800 MB / s). To determine what the RAM frequency is, divide 12800 by 8, which will be equal to 1600 MHz.

Let’s consider another example. RAM for a laptop from Kingston, model KHX6400D2LL / 1G:

  • RAM type. DDR2;
  • Work speed. 6400 Mb / s;
  • Frequency. 6400/8 = 800 MHz;
  • Capacity. 1 GB;
  • 2.0V means that the board is powered by a non-standard voltage. 2 V, which must be manually set in BIOS.

On some storage devices, information is presented in a non-standard form, however, in such cases, you can find out their characteristics. For example, Kingston RAM labeled KHX1600C9D3X2K2 / 8GX has the following characteristics:

  • Frequency. 1600 MHz;
  • C9. 9 clock cycles delay;
  • Type. DDR3;
  • 8GX. ​​4 GB capacity.

Ways to determine the type of installed memory

You can find out which model of RAM is on a laptop in several ways:

  • By visual inspection of the RAM.
  • Check with additional software.

Programs for determining the parameters of RAM

If for some reason you DO NOT want to disassemble a laptop (for example, it is under warranty), but you still need to check what kind of RAM it has, you can use additional software.

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One of the most effective programs in this area is AIDA64. It allows you to find out Not only the type and parameters of the storage device, but also the characteristics of the rest of the hardware. To check what kind of RAM is on the laptop, you need:

  • Download and install AIDA64 on your PC. The installation procedure is standard, so you should handle it without any problems.
  • Launch the application. You will see a message that this version of the utility is a trial version and is valid for only 30 days. We agree with this.
  • The main program window is divided into two parts. The left contains all the components installed on the laptop, and the right contains information about them. You need to open the “Motherboard” section and go to the SPD tab. After performing THESE actions, all information about the RAM installed on the PC will open.

Having figured out the parameters of the RAM, you can independently increase its volume, thereby improving the performance of the laptop.