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Phone call recording on Android Honor

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Call / Conversation Recording, (CallU). call recording

An application with a very original name. Call / Conversation Recorder. Nevertheless, let it not hurt to appreciate the application, as it also deserves attention.

In terms of recording quality, the application is not inferior to the previous copy. It also provides automatic call recording, saving them to Dropbox and Google Drive. over, there are additional “chips”. protection of records with a PIN-code and selection of contacts, conversations with which will be recorded. Appliqato Call Recorder also has such an option, but only in the paid version.

Voice Call was selected as the audio source, which worked as expected this time. The file can be saved in MP3 or WAV format, and you can choose the sound quality. In my experience, a 1-minute WAV file of the best quality takes 5 MB, a 5-minute one. about 27 MB.

Each settings page is accompanied by an information icon, clicking on which opens a detailed and very understandable written help. It will be very useful for beginners.

In addition to the “cloud”, you can choose internal memory or microSD card as a storage for recordings. The application displays the total used size and number of files, and offers to set a limit on the occupied space and clean up unnecessary records. Those entries that are marked as “favorites” are not affected by the cleaning. You can also use the option that will save all entries in the “cloud” when they are deleted from the phone.

Of the minuses. not very convenient processing of the recording after the call ends. You can add a text note to each entry, but to see it, you first need to “tap” on the entry, and then click on the icon for adding this note.

If you find fault with it, then you can pay attention to the interface and design of the application, but I cannot consider this an objective disadvantage with all my desire. For all the time of testing, the application did an excellent job with its duties.

Call recording (Automatic Call Recorder). call recording automatically

For this review, I tried to select applications with the highest possible rating and maximum downloads. It should be admitted that there are a lot of such applications on Google Play. And I want to note that their correct operation on smartphones from other manufacturers is not at all guaranteed, why. read above.

So, the first subject is Appliqato’s Call Recorder. I have come across a lot of applications with this name, so I will definitely indicate the developer and give a link to the page on Google Play.

I can say without exaggeration that the application has demonstrated excellent performance. The only slightly annoying moment is the presence of ads, which will disappear only after purchasing the program.

But apart from this fact, I personally do not see any other reason for purchasing the application, since the functionality of the free version is already quite complete. Supports automatic call recording, storage of records in Dropbox and Google Drive, and the range of settings is very wide. Purchasing the paid version will allow you to use the voice recorder and open the ability to save conversations with certain contacts.

Voice Communications was chosen as a signal source by trial and error. simultaneous recording of audio from both the telephone microphone and from the mowing line. Some sources refused to support my phones. Voice Call, Voice UpLink and Voice DownLink.

Various file types are supported: 3GP, AMR, WAV, AAC. I recorded in WAV. As a result, a minute WAV file takes up almost 6 MB, and a three-minute WAV file takes up about 16 MB. For comparison, a minute AAC file “weighs” 400 KB.

I would like to point out a small but nice feature of this application. After the conversation is ended, a notification about the recording of the conversation is displayed with an offer to add a text mark. If the conversation was important, later this will help you quickly find the desired entry among others. In my opinion, it is very convenient.

In general, I would like to draw your attention to the set of settings again. Here you can specify the path for saving, including saving in the “cloud”, disable recording when using a Bluetooth headset, set a list of contacts, the conversation with which will be recorded, and so on. So I can safely recommend the application for installation and testing.

Call recorder software for Android

As a rule, call recording using standard Android tools does not imply any additional functions: notes, sorting by phone number, name or date, marking for important conversations, and so on. Therefore, if you really need call recording and want to get full functionality with a convenient interface, I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with third-party programs.

Call Recorder in Android 5.1

Before writing this review, I walked around the office and empirically found out: support for recording conversations is allowed on smartphones that are called “out of the box” running Android from version 4.0 and higher. I suggest not to consider earlier versions of the system. all the same, Android 5.1 is the most popular today.

So, the fact is that in the Android system itself, voice recording is implemented and third-party developers are given access to the API, that is, to put it simply, to the bowels of the operating system. However, this opportunity is often not used, or even banned altogether. Why?

Because there are concepts like “privacy policy” and “privacy”. If you do not warn your interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded, then he will not know about it. And in some countries it is regarded as a violation of rights and other freedoms. As a result, it is easier for the manufacturer to prohibit the recording of a conversation altogether than to bear any responsibility for the misuse of this function. therefore, many phones do not have such a function by default.

over, it can act in different ways: remove the required driver from the kernel, or disable recording in system libraries. The ban, of course, can be bypassed with the help of “root” and other specific actions, but if you do not want to sit at night, looking for the right line in the code or flipping through the pages on the forums, then it is easier to buy another phone.

As for the Russian Federation, the recording of conversations is allowed, but here I will quote the second part of Article 23 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:

“Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph and other messages. Limitation of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision. “

This means that you can record the conversation, but only you can listen to it, as distributing the recording would violate the specified article. However, this also means that smartphones with firmware localized for the Russian Federation are capable of recording a conversation. Unfortunately, not in 100% of cases, since not every developer will suffer over every line of code, depending on the country for which the firmware is localized.

Nevertheless, a walk around the office and our own experiments showed: the models from ZTE, Meizu, Lenovo and Xiaomi that got on the way were recording the conversation with standard firmware, and Huawei and Samsung allowed using third-party applications, of which almost all of the tested 13-15 pieces worked correctly.

Call recording. call recording

Another undemanding application with a small set of settings and even without its own player, but with a more modern interface, and most importantly, it is quite workable, including for Android 6. The application was recently updated, so we can hope for its further support by the developer.

There is a minimum number of settings in the free version. Select audio source and file format, enable notifications about a recorded conversation. The question of whether to save the recording after the end of the call is only asked in the paid version.

On this page, you can specify the path to the directory for storing records and enable automatic cleanup.

As for storing records in the cloud, this is a paid feature. As well as additional notifications, no ads and the ability to share your posts.

In principle, this application has chances, if not for everyday use, then at least for testing when choosing a suitable tool. It is simple, but contains the necessary settings, for example, choosing an audio source or accessing your archive with a password.

Smart Auto Call Recorder. recording an incoming call

Unfortunately, the vast majority of other call recording applications are as alike as two peas in a pod. Take for example this Smart Auto Call Recorder app. It has a good rating on Google Play and a decent number of downloads. from one to five million times.

Despite the rather outdated interface since Android version 2.2, the application is not deprived of attention from the developer.

The number of various functions also makes it possible to carefully configure the recording of conversations.

On the “main” page we are met by a rather convenient sorting either by numbers or by date. In most of these applications, everything is lumped together in a heap of “inboxes” and “important”. This approach, as in Smart Auto Call Recorder, I believe, can make it much easier to find the desired recording. By the way, immediately after the conversation, the recordings can be provided with notes.

The only “but”. storing records in the “cloud” is available only in the paid version. But there is an opportunity to specify a password for access to recordings, a delay in recording so as not to listen to beeps during dialing, and a continuous recording function for long conversations. The work of the latter, by the way, is positively assessed by Google Play users.

As for the operation of the application as a whole, all my smartphones from different manufacturers, including those running Android version 6.0.1, have successfully coped with the recording of the conversation.

How to enable conversation recording

The ability to record a telephone conversation has appeared on mobile devices based on Android 6.0 and newer. You can find it and activate it in the gadget settings. To do this, open “Contacts”, then “Settings”, scroll down the page and click “Record Conversation”.

To activate the function in automatic mode, press “Auto call recording”. In this case, each dialogue on the phone will be recorded and saved in the phone’s memory.

In the “Conversation records” tab, the last recorded conversations are available, here you can listen to them, as well as delete those that are not needed.

In the “Calls for recording” section, you can specify which conversations will be saved. all or only with certain subscribers.

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After activating the function while making a call, the “Record” button will appear on the screen. If it is highlighted, it means that the dialogue is being recorded. By clicking on it, the recording can be completed. Likewise, you can enable the feature if it is disabled by default during a conversation.

Built-in call recording has the following advantages over applications that perform the same function:

  • High quality sound. The voices of both interlocutors are clearly audible on the saved audio recordings.
  • Unlike additional software, the built-in option does not take up the smartphone’s memory.
  • The function can be easily turned on or off directly during the dialogue.

Huawei Native Call Recorder. Record Calls All Phones / Android 9, 10, 11

Despite the advantages, the built-in option has disadvantages. First, it has a minimal set of features. the sound quality cannot be changed, the file size cannot be reduced, the save location can be selected, etc. Secondly, it is impossible to sort the saved calls, add notes to them or make any changes. All the user can do is find an audio file in the device memory and move it to another location, it cannot be edited.

On smartphones of different brands, with different versions of Android, as well as with their own skins from manufacturers, the inclusion of call recording, as well as its additional capabilities, may slightly differ.

Auto Call Recorder

A common program with customization of file formats and their size, sound quality, automatic or manual recording of a conversation. Supports data placement in the cloud or on a memory card. The interface is simple and straightforward even for inexperienced users.

Third Party Call Recorder Applications

If the mobile device does not have such a built-in function, or if its capabilities do not suit the owner of the gadget, he can install software from third-party developers.

Where is the recording of conversations saved

To perform any actions with one of the recorded files, you need to know where the conversation recording is saved on Android. To make it easier to find, it is recommended to use one of the popular browsers, for example, ES Explorer or Total Commander.

Using one of the named programs, you need to open the internal memory of the gadget and find the “Recorder” folder. It contains the “Call” directory, and it contains all the saved conversations of the user with other subscribers.

On smartphones from different manufacturers, the path may differ, for example, the files will be located at “Audio”. “Recorder”.

“Call recording”

  • saving files to the cloud or a memory card;
  • intuitive interface;
  • setting the recording of all calls, only from selected contacts, from unknown numbers that are not in the phone book.

How To Record Call On Any Honor Smartphone ��||��Honor Smartphone Call Recording��

The disadvantage of the utility is a large amount of ads. It can be disabled by purchasing a paid version or using special software.

How to set up phone call recording on Honor 10 with EMUI 10

The Chinese disabled this option in EMUI 10, but it will work if you have the download file installed above before switching to the new version.

That is, if you have already updated to EMUI 10 and want to install it to record a conversation, then during installation an error message will be displayed on Honor 10, but this will not happen if this update was performed with a previously installed application.

They say there are other options. this is to install the CUBE ACR application from the market, which can also record automatically or select contacts whose conversations you always want to save.

Only right away that I didn’t check it, some say it works, but it’s bad, others don’t work at all, others work well.

Maybe it depends on the phone. Honor 10 lite or Honor 10i, but somehow in the battery configuration, after installation, accept all working permissions so that it can work properly in the background.

How to Record Conversations on Android Honor 10 Phone

Call recording is generally a very useful feature, although not available on all Honor 10 mobile phones.

Why not at all? Because earlier it had the EMUI 9 shell, now there should be EMUI 10, where call recording is no longer supported, in addition, there are 2 dozen more: Honor 10 Lite and Honor 10 ai.

If you have one of them, with a shell with EMUI 9 or 9.1, there is a simple solution to integrate the call recorder into your own application.

Everything happens by installing an APK file that enthusiasts have extracted, it seems, from the P30 Pro when it was updated to EMUI 9.1.

Who needs it, and it looks like you will need it, so that you do not need to search for a long time, you can download it right here (why you need it, I’ll tell you below).

As soon as the application is ready, when you receive a call or call, you will see a new icon represented by waves, which activates the call recording.

When you click on it, you can start recording, which will be interrupted when you press it again or when the call ends.

To access the recording file, we need to go to the “Recorder” application and there you will find it along with the rest of the voice files.

How to use the recorder to record on HONOR 10

It is convenient to use the voice recorder application to record sound, so you can use the application to record your own voice or any other sound, such as lectures, meetings, messages and more.

Then how to use a voice recorder? Open sound recording. Click the Sound Recorder button to start.

Whenever you want to stop, click Stop to finish. Save the entry. Normally, the default entry name is set by time, but you can change it to your liking.

After following the steps above, you can replay the conversation by tapping its play icon.

This will allow you to listen to it on your phone. You can also drag the timeline to set where you want to play or where you want to stop.

How to downgrade EMUI 10 TO EMUI 9.0

The company recently announced the latest development EMUI 10, and while the new features in EMUI 10 contain many improvements, including the system-wide dark mode app, the call recording feature is locked.

If you want to have EMUI 10 and record conversations, you must first go back to version EMUI 9, install the application above, and then update again over the air and do not reset.

To do this, first of all, enable “Allow HiSuite to use HDB” in the settings. This will allow you to connect your device and computer (HiSuite) without using USB debugging mode.

Then open the HiSuite software on your PC. Connect your Honor 10 to PC with a standard USB cable.

After successful connection, you will see the device model number in the HiSuite window. Now click the Update button in HiSuite. Select “Switch to another version”.

That’s all for now, and if difficulties arise, you have an assistant. Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thanks for visiting. Success.

Call Recorder Apps

With the help of special programs, you can start recording conversations on Honor immediately after establishing a connection with the subscriber. To do this, configure the appropriate parameters in the utility menu.

Below we list the most simple, convenient and popular mobile programs for saving telephone conversations. All of them are available in the Play Store for free. So, the rating of the best voice recorder applications includes:

  • Call Recorder from Green Apple Studio. To start recording telephone conversations, you just need to specify the appropriate settings in the application menu. In addition, saved conversation files can be renamed, forwarded, locked and password protected.
  • Cube Call Recorder from Catalina Group. Application with the most simple interface. You can record incoming and outgoing calls not only by phone, but also in instant messengers. Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  • CallRec. The advantage of the program is that it has not only a voice recorder, but also an editor for recording files. You can trim them, apply filters, and add Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Conversations are saved in one of three formats to choose from: WAV, AMR, MP4.
  • Auto Call Recorder. A choice of formats and sound quality settings are also available. You can choose automatic or manual recording. An interesting feature. you can turn on the recorder during a call by shaking the phone.

Through a voice recorder

The easiest way is to turn on the recorder in advance, and then send a call. The advantage is that you do not need to download additional software. However, there are some inconveniences: the recording has to be manually turned on and off, due to this, unnecessary information will appear in the media file. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • We find the application “Dictaphone” and turn on.
  • We open the list of contacts and find the subscriber with whom we want to record a conversation.
  • Press “Call”.
  • After the end of the conversation, turn off the recorder.

Done, after that the conversation will be saved in the device’s memory.

We can also check if your smartphone has an automatic call recording function. This is done like this:

  • In the list of contacts we find the required.
  • Click on the ellipsis symbol to open the additional options menu.
  • We are looking for the item “Record”.

If this inscription is indicated in the drop-down menu, activate it by pressing. Thus, the call recording will start automatically immediately after the other person answers the call, and disconnect after one of you hangs up. If this option is not automatically enabled for you, you will have to use third-party software.

How to Record Conversation on Honor Phone

The built-in mobile call recording function is a useful feature of Android smartphones. With its help, you can automatically or manually save your telephone conversations, and then listen to them. Today we will tell you step by step how to do this on Honor devices using system methods and using third-party applications.

Features of recording on Honor

Starting from the 6th Android, the system has a built-in ability to record conversations. However, Honor devices do not run on a pure OS, but using the EMUI shell from the Huawei brand. It does not provide a voice recorder integrated into the call menu, so you have to choose alternative methods.

The following methods of recording phone conversations are relevant for all Honor models: 10, 9 Lite, 8 lite, pro, 7a, 8x, 7c, 6x, 7, 5c, 8x, 6a, the flagship for gamers “Play”, etc.

How to listen to the recording

Saved conversation files are usually stored in the phone‘s internal memory. To find them, use the Explorer. standard or downloaded. and open the Audio. Recorder folders. This path is relevant if you used a system recorder.

When you downloaded a third-party application and recorded a telephone conversation through it, the file should be looked for in the program folder.

To record a conversation on Honor manually, you can use the built-in voice recorder. Automatic recording is not available on the Huawei shell, but free applications have been developed for this. They are also suitable if you later need to modify the file and add Комментарии и мнения владельцев to it.

Using Automatic Call Recorder

Many third-party solutions do not require you to press something during a call. They work automatically, starting when you receive a call or after you have dialed a number. For example, the Automatic Call Recorder program has such an opportunity, which is clear from its name. To use the utility, follow these steps:

Download and install the application, then run it.

At the first launch, you will be prompted to select a theme, increase the volume of calls and set up cloud storage of audio recordings (Google Drive and Dropbox services are supported). You can tinker with these settings if you want. When you do this or decide to skip this step, click the “Finish” button.

Please note: Samsung and some other smartphones have a special energy-saving feature that turns off applications that have not been launched for a long time. If there is one in your device, then the program will immediately warn you about it.

Pull out the curtain from the main menu (you can simply click on the three strips available in the upper left corner). Click here on “Settings”.

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Here, make sure that the switch opposite to the item “Call recording” is activated.

This completes the main configuration of the program. Of course, you can stay in this section for a while longer, but this is already a convention. The main thing is that the application will now automatically write every telephone conversation.

You can view all saved audio recordings in the program window. Here you can listen to them, delete them and perform other simple actions.

Please note: by default, all audio recordings are contained only in the utility itself. Only after pressing the “Save” button, the file is transferred to a folder available for viewing by other applications. Before that, for example, you will not be able to transfer the recordings of conversations to your computer.

How to record a phone conversation on Android?

Perhaps each of us at least once encountered the desire to record a telephone conversation. And if in the 90s not a single mobile phone would have enough resources for this, then modern devices cope with this without much difficulty. However, many smartphone owners still don’t know how to record a phone conversation on Android. That is why we decided to publish this material. Today we will tell you in full detail what to do in order to record a conversation on Android, where audio recordings are saved and whether all this is always possible.

Using other apps

Note that on some devices the ability to record calls is tightly blocked at the operating system level. As a result, any program that records a telephone conversation refuses to work. Fortunately, there are not very many such smartphones. mainly old devices running Android 4.4 or an older version of the OS.

As for other applications for recording a telephone conversation, their capabilities are almost equal to the utility discussed above. In particular, you can try installing the following programs:

    Call recording. it has quite rich settings, but it may not work if you are currently using Bluetooth. The paid version can automatically send the result of the recording to the e-mail specified by the user. Auto Call Recorder 2016. there is a backup function here, which is useful for those people who change their smartphone very often. It is also one of the few utilities of this kind, the launch of which can be password protected. Call Recorder. works on a huge number of devices, trying to bypass their protection. It is possible to send audio recordings to the cloud service. the list of services is surprising in its length. Also, the creators have not forgotten the scheduled backup function. Password protection is also present here.

Certain restrictions

Google is in no hurry to implement an easy phone call recording feature in Android. The fact is that in many countries it is impossible to record a person’s voice without his permission, or at least his notification about it. That is why the American search giant does not seek to add the function of recording a telephone conversation to absolutely all smartphones. He just doesn’t want to contribute to an increase in the number of violations of the law.

However, some manufacturers still make the Dictaphone application more functional, providing access to its activation right during a call. They do this at their own peril and risk. However, it is often only the user who can be called to account, not the creator of the smartphone.

There are numerous applications that can record phone conversations. In connection with the legislation of many states, before the start of the recording, they notify the interlocutor using an audio signal. Fortunately, in most cases this signal is disabled. By the way, you can often listen to the resulting result directly in the program, without using a third-party audio player for this.

Built-in tools

First, you should try to record the conversation using the capabilities of the operating system. It is quite possible that the proprietary shell installed on your device allows you to do this. So, follow our guide:

During a call, pay attention to the smartphone screen. You will see several icons that serve to activate the speakerphone and some other functions. Go to the second screen containing additional icons, or click the button.

Here, click on the “Recorder” button, if there is one. If it is not there, then your smartphone does not allow you to record conversations with a pre-installed voice recorder. You should try installing a third-party application that records the conversation.

On smartphones running on a more recent version of Android, you can enable automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls. Instructions:

Launch the Phone app (or Calls) and go to settings. To do this, click on the icon in the form of three lines (the icon may differ depending on the manufacturer and the characteristics of the device).

The settings page will open. Here find and select “Call Recording”. Enable automatic call recording of all numbers or specify specific.

Please note: conversations recorded in this way are usually saved in the phone’s memory, unless otherwise specified in the “Dictaphone” program settings. The exact name of the folder depends on the version of the Android operating system and the proprietary shell.

What to do if the conversation is not saved

Often, users are faced with the fact that their phones do not record the conversation when the function is activated. This happens with both built-in and third-party apps from Google Play. If there is no manual recording in the built-in application, try recording the conversation with the other person. In cases where the utility cannot record a conversation with any contact, check the access settings. Problems often appear in applications that we install from the Play Market.

They may also be related to the fact that during installation you revoked some permissions, without which the application will not work correctly. You need to open the options and find the app permissions.

Then provide access to files, calls and more. Try installing another program if you have difficulties or malfunctions during operation.

Automatic Call Recorder. will help you save the recorded conversation on Android

The Automatic Call Recorder application is suitable for any mobile device. It has a significant difference from other applications of a similar purpose. In it, you can save the conversation on your Android phone in HD quality. If the clarity of pronunciation in the recording is very important, then the choice should be with this application. Each entry can be shared on social networks. In order to record a conversation through the application, you need to install it.

After that, phone calls will be recorded automatically. Application parameters can be changed in the settings of the Automatic Call Recorder application.

To display all calls, select the “Inbox” tab. Also click on one of the files to listen. To call parameters, hold tap on the file. In the application settings on Android, disable or vice versa activate the recording of communication with this contact.

Cube ACR. mobile application for recording phone calls

Another program with its own peculiarity that will help you create an archive of records in your phone is Cube ACR.

Nowadays, mobile operators are sounding the alarm, as the cellular network is gradually being replaced by IP-telephony technology. Messengers Whats App, Viber and others pose a real threat to operators, as they enable users to communicate almost free of charge. To make a call, we only need to connect an Android phone to a Wi-Fi network.

Cube ACR can record calls not only over GSM networks, but also intercept voice over VoIP. All popular applications for instant messaging and online conversations are supported: WeChat. Skype, Hangouts, Telegram. You can read more in the description on the page on Google Play. After installing Cube ACR on calls, the application will notify you when it records a call. You will see a microphone icon on the screen.

Also in the application you can manage the recording manually in the basic version. The developers warn us that the PRO version does not improve its work, but only adds some functions. Try the free first to evaluate its possibilities.

“ACR call recording”. record phone conversation on Android easily

After downloading and installing the application on your smartphone, it is ready to work. And it does not require any actions to activate and so on. Having dialed the number, at the top of the mobile phone screen, you will see how the icon of the circle, inside which the handset is flickering.

This means that the call is already being recorded. After recording, we will encounter the first drawback of the application. the lack of a phone number in the recording. That is, the application will not show us the number from which the conversation was recorded.

Although this may seem like a trifle, since by recording we can already understand who we were talking to. To find a recording, you need to lower the Android curtain, find the notification from the application and select it.

And here ACR reports that the lack of a number is a Google Play policy, not a flaw in the program.

Confirm what you read to open the file list. The application can also be opened through the icon on the main screen.

To listen to a recording of a telephone conversation, click on it and select the “Play” button in the menu. On the forum, you can find a version of the application that can detect calls and save them to a file. Searching is much easier when the contact we talked to is displayed in the file name.

ACR. Android app to help you record and save a conversation

If you find that your mobile device cannot record phone calls, don’t be discouraged. Mobile applications from the Play Market for Android will help to achieve this.

The first tool we’ll look at is “ACR Call Recorder”.

Huawei Call Recorder | Record Calls All Phones | Android 9, 10, 11

Application Features: Explanation:
Each sound file that you record on the phone can be saved under a password. The file cannot be accessed so easily until it is entered.
Recording files can be marked as important. Because of this, you will not delete them by accident or with the help of garbage cleaners in your phone.
The app supports most Android formats. MP4, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AMR.
Trash can help you keep important files that you deleted earlier. It is also easy to restore them from it, as well as to delete.
After saving a large number of sound files, you can find any of them. This is done according to certain filters, which are organized in the ACR application.
Support for all cloud services where recordings can be stored. This will allow you not to clog the smartphone memory.

The app will be indispensable if you frequently record phone conversations, but the new phone you recently bought does not have this feature. ACR is offered in two versions: the basic program is free, the PRO version has advanced features. In paid, for example, we have the ability to save conversations manually. Free calls will be recorded automatically. These parameters need to be configured on your Android.

Where to Find Phone Recorder on Android

You can check your phone for the recording function by calling another subscriber. It is enough to dial the number and pay attention to the panel with touch buttons to control the call. Among them should be “Record”.

A similar feature was built into almost every Android phone a few years ago. But today it is considered taboo by most manufacturers.

How to record a phone conversation on Android

Not sure how to record an important phone conversation on your Android phone? Now we will tell you in detail what is needed for this. A mobile developer could enable us to save calls without additional software. This feature will need to be checked before using third-party tools.

Technical constraints

Please note: although the function of recording a telephone conversation from the mowing line is standard for the Android operating system, on many models of smartphones or tablets it is disabled by the manufacturer at the firmware or OS kernel level. This is due to the fact that in many countries recording a phone call is illegal, and manufacturers of mobile devices simply do not want unnecessary problems for themselves, separately optimizing each model for countries where phone calls can or cannot be recorded. It is much easier in this case to simply remove the drivers or system libraries necessary for recording telephone conversations from the operating system of the device, leaving the user with no choice.

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So, if none of the programs offered in this review has worked for you, most likely, automatic call recording on your mobile is simply disabled by the manufacturer. In this case, only replacing the smartphone with another model can help you in solving the problem.

It is worth noting that almost all call recording applications have the same names, and finding exactly what you need on Google Play can sometimes be very difficult. Therefore, when choosing a program, do not confuse, and in addition to the name, look at the appearance of the interface, the name of the developer and other criteria that will help you distinguish one product from another.

Now, after a warning about possible problems that may await you, let’s move on to an overview of the most popular programs for recording phone conversations in Android OS.

Total Recall Call Recorder

A fully functional voice recorder, the Total Recall Call Recorder application for Android OS can record calls automatically even remotely via SMS! The program is paid, but the developers provide users with a 30-day trial period. Calls are written in various formats, you can configure the application integration with a huge number of cloud services: Gmail, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, Evernote, and SoundCloud.

When you start the application for the first time, you must have an active Internet connection on your device.

For some smartphone models, the program may require root, a complete list of such devices can be found on the developers website or on Google Play at the link above.


Another excellent voice recorder with rich functionality. The difference between CallRecorder and the previous program is that this application can record calls from the mowing line through the kernel, in addition to the usual recording from the microphone via the Android API.

This application only supports recording phone calls from the line with rooted devices, so please take care of this beforehand. You can find out how to open root access to your phone or tablet model from this article in our FAQ:

At the same time, in the application settings, check the option “Record conversations through the kernel with support for recording from the mowing line”.

If your Android model does not have support for recording conversations from the mowing line through the kernel, select the option “Record conversations via standard Android APIs” in the CallRecorder settings. In this case, the telephone conversation will be recorded through the microphone. For this method of writing, root rights are no longer needed.

The program runs on Android OS versions from 2.2 and older, writes calls in WAV, AMR and MP3 formats, the latest version of the application adds support for the latest version of the Android 5.0 operating system.

Call recorder

One of the most popular applications on Google Play, Call recorder even in the free version has excellent call recording capabilities. Setting up the application is very simple. Go to the Settings of the Call recorder program, and check the “Enable automatic recording mode” checkbox. Select the microphone (Mic) as the sound source, also in the media content settings you can change the format of the recorded file from amr to wav, which, although it takes up more space, has a better recording quality.

Now, after you dial someone’s number, the Call recorder program will automatically record it, and after the end of the call you will be shown a message about the new call recording. The file can not only be listened to, saved or deleted, but also uploaded to cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Call Recorder

The developers of such applications do not try to stand out with a variety of names for automatic recording of telephone conversations, and another program from our list has the same uncomplicated name as the two previous ones: Call Recorder.

The application supports automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls; sending recorded calls by email, Skype and Bluetooth (this functionality is available only in the full version of the application); can write both from a mowing line and through a microphone (different options must be activated on different phone models); writes audio to MP3, 3GP and MP4; has the ability to adjust the sampling rate of the resulting audio file.

In the free version of Call Recorder, you can not choose whether you want to save a recording after each call, there is also a non-disconnectable built-in advertisement here.

The latest version of the program available on Google Play also supports Android 5.0 Lollipop.

This application, unlike others, only works in newer versions of Android OS. from 4.0 and older. Otherwise, its functionality is almost identical to the programs we have already mentioned in this short review. Here you will find the possibilities of manual and automatic recording of telephone conversations, setting the recording quality with support for amr, mp4 or wav formats, the ability to edit recorded audio clips and send them by e-mail and Bluetooth, etc.

As the name of the application suggests, the program is absolutely free, but in this version it contains embedded ads. In addition, in the full version there are additional features: separate settings for incoming and outgoing calls, providing options to save or delete a recording after the end of a call, automatic deletion of records after N days of storage, and others.

Record phone calls on Android

Recording a call on Honor, as well as on Huawei, is as easy as shelling pears:

  • Open Chrome. “Downloaded Files” and install the application;
  • Run the standard application “Phone”. “Settings” and enable the “Automatic call recording” option;

The recording function must be enabled in the settings of the standard “Phone” application

This method works on all Huawei and Honor smartphones, regardless of whether they support Google services or not. I do not know how the Chinese managed to implement this bypassing the rules of the search giant, but something tells me that it could have been done out of spite. In any case, the inclusion of a telephone conversation recording is not accompanied by any notifications for the subscriber at the other end of the line. That is, he will not know that he is being recorded, unless you yourself tell him about it.

How to record a phone conversation on Huawei and Honor smartphones

Do you know what privacy is? Apparently not, since they started searching on Google how to record a call on Android. Well, either you know, but they wanted to spit on all these moral attitudes that arose out of nowhere. over, the probability that you belong specifically to users from the second category is much higher. In any case, my personal experience shows that almost every dog ​​knows about confidentiality, privacy and other nonsense. But oddly enough, not so many people know about the possibilities of competently circumventing the restrictions imposed by these very installations.

You can’t officially record calls on Android, but Huawei has its own rules

Two years ago, Google banned recording of conversations on Android. The company not only contributed to the removal of applications with the corresponding functionality from Google Play, but also blocked the sound recording mechanism itself, which could be activated during a telephone conversation. Of course, this led to the fact that users began to look for workarounds, but the only way to return the ability to record calls on Android, which was suitable for all smartphones, was to obtain ROOT rights. It’s good that Huawei smartphone users don’t need to bother with this.

Is it worth recording a telephone conversation

A conversation recorded without the knowledge of the person being recorded will still not be accepted in court

True, you need to understand that by recording your interlocutors, you are violating their right to confidentiality of telephone conversations. Therefore, you will not be able to use the resulting record in any way. For example, it will not be possible to attach it to a criminal case and use it as evidence in court, because such a record will be considered evidence obtained in violation of the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code. As a result, it will not be of any use to you.

It’s another matter if you warn your interlocutor about the recording. But in this case, he is unlikely to tell you what you want from him. Therefore, all that the recording function will do for you is as a tool for reminding yourself and your interlocutors of something, unless you are digging for them, or as a means of threat, if, on the contrary, you are digging for them. It will be very effective to give them the recorded conversation and intimidate it with the publication. But keep in mind that this is a very slippery path, which we do not advise you to tread.

How to Record Phone Conversation While Calling Huawei?

The easiest way to record a phone conversation on Huawei is to turn on the voice recorder before making a call. Simplicity lies in the absence of the need to download additional software. But at the same time, the user will have to independently control the beginning and end of the process, as a result, unnecessary information may be taken into account.

  • Find “Voice Recorder” and turn on.
  • Open the list of contacts and select the number of the person with whom you want to record a phone call.
  • Make a call and turn off the recorder when finished.

Then the files can be transferred to the Dropbox cloud or Google Drive. The process of fixing negotiations is performed automatically only if there is a special application.

If a problem occurs, just press pause for three seconds, and then continue.

How to record a conversation on Honor using programs and apps?

Google Play has Android applications for recording incoming and outgoing calls even on smartphones where this function is not provided by the manufacturers. It works on the phone after downloading a special application. Free utilities allow you to get services without making a payment. Paid (premium options). have a fixed cost and a list of benefits in use.

Before starting active use, go to Google Play, enter the corresponding request and download. To activate the application, accept the privacy policy and do not limit its functionality on a mobile device.

  • address book;
  • making calls;
  • microphone to record sound;
  • phone and media files;

One of the ways is to download Green Apple Studio. an application that works on Android, like a voice recorder, recording on the memory of a mobile device.

  • installation;
  • confirm the settings that the system will automatically suggest;

The resulting file can be named at your own discretion, sent to another user, connect a password to save personal information.

How to Record Phone Conversation on Huawei and Honor?

Recording a conversation on Huawei and Honor is a great opportunity to save the results of telephone conversations that took place with other subscribers. Then you can listen to the created file for an unlimited time.

Where are the recordings of the conversation stored?

They are stored in the phone in mp3 format, which allows you to record the conversation in the player and on the PC. To listen to the file on a PC, you need a USB cable.

On Honor, files are saved in the Gallery, you cannot change their storage location. If the user is not satisfied with this, then there are special programs that save recorded calls not only on the memory of the mobile device, but also on the memory card.

Thanks to the option, everyone can make and record calls for free and in unlimited quantities. It is important to keep in mind that some countries prohibit the recording of telephone calls at the jurisdictional level. Therefore, the failure of such a function to work on the phone or downloaded program may be explained by the reason for the protection of confidentiality at the state level.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know