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Missing sound on sony bravia TV


Calculate the darkest part of the grayscale bar in the previously downloaded chart. Adjust the brightness so that the black area (on the left) is as dark as possible. Are there any differences between the left and right sides of the screen? Brightness adjusted correctly.

Preparatory work

Save the diagram below to calibrate the image to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Connect the storage device to the TV via the USB connector. Open the picture for customization through the media player.

missing, sound, sony, bravia

On newer models running on the Android TV platform, the calibration files are played from a DVD or Blu-ray player. Since it is impossible to change the settings through the Album application.

First, we set up the main indicators. To do this, you need to disable advanced options. Open the main menu and go to “Settings”, and then to the tab “System settings” and subsection “Eco”, here turn off the light sensor.

Return to the main menu and again go to the “Settings”, and then to the “Image” tab to deactivate the following functions: creation of reality, smooth transition, noise reduction.

For highlight, set the value to 7 or 8 points. Select Standard for Picture Mode. When these changes are made, switch to the “Advanced” tab to deactivate all features.

Access the settings menu only through the HOME button. If you edit the settings using the Options button, the set parameters will be applied to one signal source, and not to the TV as a whole.


Increased sharpness is the cause of unnatural images. To avoid this, adjust the sharpness. There should be no light outline along the intersecting lines in the calibration chart. Reduce the sharpness until the outline is completely lost.

Sound setting

Select the audio playback mode. internal speakers or external speaker. There are no additional parameters. Just adjust the volume.

Setting up Sony Bravia TVs: step by step instructions

How to set up a Sony TV? Adjust the picture and sound settings first. Then go to find and store TV channels. Users are offered two modes. automatic and manual.

Modern TV models from a well-known Japanese brand support all digital signal standards. The search for TV channels is carried out through the built-in receiver. You don’t have to buy an additional receiver and connect it to the TV.

Especially for users who have not previously used Sony TV equipment, step-by-step instructions for setting up channels have been developed. We will also consider the features of setting the image, sound and other important parameters.


Find the lightest part of the diagram. Adjust the contrast until the right side of the screen is as bright as possible. The difference between the left and right side of the diagram should be palpable.

Extra options

Connect the antenna cable to the appropriate connector. Select the signal source “Antenna”. Disable additional devices. TV is now ready to search for TV channels.

How to connect a TV to a router? This option is available only to owners of TVs with support for Smart TV. Synchronization is carried out via a Wi-Fi router or by connecting a cable to the LAN connector.

The likelihood of contacting the service if there is no sound on the Sony-bravia TV

Sonybravia TVs are of high quality and reliability. If, over time, the sound on the Sonybravia TV has disappeared, then you need to contact our company “Done!” The company’s experienced craftsmen will fix the breakdown in all Sonybravia TV models. For repairs, craftsmen use original spare parts. We have our own warehouse with parts, where we will quickly find the right ones. We repair clients’ homes or bring a TV set to our service center for free.

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Why is there no sound?

Among the main reasons when there is no sound on a Sonybravia TV:

  • audio amplifier burned out;
  • the radio channel is out of order;
  • mechanical and hardware damage.

In all cases, it is better to immediately contact the masters of our company. Our advantages:

Departure of the master is carried out within the Moscow Ring Road and up to 20 km outside the Moscow Ring Road. You can call and call the master from 7 am to 12 am. The master will arrive 2 hours after your call and make repairs of any complexity. Will immediately bring all the necessary spare parts, you do not need to buy or buy anything.

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics. For this, the master uses modern equipment. Diagnostics allows you to accurately determine the burnt part. Free diagnostics if the client agrees to the repair. After repair, checks the sound on the TV.

If there is no sound through HDMI on the TV

What to do if there is no sound through HDMI on the TV when trying to connect a computer or laptop. We check the connection of the wires, if everything is fine, you need to check the audio settings in the operating system of the gadget. Device with “High Definition Audio” must be activated.

If this device was, but disappeared, you need to install the necessary drivers. If you are an unsure PC user, then it is best to call the service center.

HDMI audio does not go to TV. a serious enough problem and can be both on the side of the TV and on the side of the computer.

Sony TV No Sound Fix it Now

  • We do diagnostics, tuning and repair;
  • We repair the motherboard;
  • We are replacing speakers;
  • We carry out repair work on connectors.

We offer you TV repair, if there is no sound on it, at a bargain price, from:

When it is found that there is no sound on the TV, then an independent solution to the problem is already difficult. We’ll have to disassemble the case in order to establish the cause of the malfunction, and this is the business of specialists. The simplest reasons that you can fix yourself:

  • try to add sound elementary;
  • check if the speaker is turned off from the control panel;
  • wait, maybe this is a problem on the side of television broadcasting and soon everything will be fine by itself.

If all the points do not give a positive result, without delay, call the wizard from our service center.

If you lose sound on your TV

It often happens that everything worked, suddenly the sound on the TV disappeared, and the image shows normally. This is a common problem that can be physical or systemic. It is easy to fix the physical problem yourself. check the sound on the control panel, look at the connecting wires.

But if the sound on the TV does not work for a systemic reason, self-repair is highly discouraged. Modern TVs practically do not differ from computers in terms of manufacturability, so repairs should be carried out by professionals.

Certified craftsmen working in the service center have the necessary experience and knowledge. They have at their disposal modern equipment for diagnostics and repair.

The specialist will quickly determine the cause of the malfunction and offer the best repair option.

Simultaneously with the repair work, preventive maintenance and adjustment of the TV is carried out, which significantly extends its life in normal mode.

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For all work carried out, a service guarantee of up to 2 years is issued.

How long does it take to repair a TV?

The repair takes an average of 30 minutes. In some cases, 1-2 hours. It depends on the complexity of the breakdown and the number of parts that need to be changed. You can find out only the preliminary cost by phone or on the website. The exact price is calculated individually after the completion of the renovation. 2-year warranty for sound repair on TVs of this brand.

The absence of intermediaries and direct deliveries of spare parts allow us to repair TVs at the lowest in the capital. Using the services of the company is beneficial in all respects. The master will repair the TV at the level of official dealerships.

Therefore, if the sound on the Sonybravia TV is lost, then it is better to use the services of our masters. After confirming the application, the master will promptly arrive and repair the TV. If you have any questions, call and our managers will answer you. You can order the service on the website or by phone. Let the TV make your family happy again.

Sound too quiet

When connected to a laptop TV, the reason for the quiet sound may be related to the settings of the latter.

The inability to increase the volume, despite the fact that the control on the remote control is set to maximum, indicates a breakdown of the radio channel or control processor (needs to be changed). Memory failure may also be the cause. Diagnostics and repair of the TV will be required.

What to do if the sound on the TV is lost. 5 topical reasons and tips for troubleshooting

Home TV sound can be lost not only with older models. Users of modern TV monitors purchased recently may also face this problem. The reasons can lie both on the surface and hiding inside the device. Why there is no sound on the TV and what can be done about it. in the article.

Loose contacts and connectors

On the panel of TV monitors (mainly on the back) there are connectors that are used to connect an additional headset: headphones, mobile gadgets, computers, etc. Regular reusable connection and disconnection of equipment over time leads to wear, poor contact and loosening knots.

The reason why the sound on a Samsung TV or another brand has disappeared is that the contacts have moved away from the connector.

What to do to fix the problem yourself:

  • Remove and check the plugs that connect to the speaker.
  • Verify the presence of a signal at the output of the microprocessor.
  • Check if voltage is supplied to amplifier.
  • Tap lightly on the speaker cone. maybe the contact has come off.
  • Using an indicator screwdriver (working side), touch the amplifier input to see if the signal is reaching the speakers.

Caution: This is how you can find the probable causes of breakdowns, but you need to perform the actions with great care so as not to get an electric shock.

If the contact nodes are broken, the situation can be resolved using a multimeter, for example, NEO 94-001, (a special electrical measuring device), which will help find the damaged part. In the case of a broken connector, it can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Broken speakers or a connector may be a factory defect or mechanical damage. Improper monitor assembly is another factor that can cause loose contacts. When connecting via cable, it is important to check the speaker setting on the monitor.

Missing sound while watching

The reason that could cause problems with sound is damage to the microcircuit. precisely, its burnout due to voltage surges, overloads or poor-quality power supply. You can calculate the problem by the unpleasant smell of burning, which appears immediately after the loss of sound.

You must immediately disconnect the TV from the mains and make sure that there is no fire. After. seek help from the master. It is not recommended to repair the damage on your own.

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The microcircuit can also be damaged due to moisture entering it. To wipe dust off the TV, some users use a damp cloth or spray bottle. The risk that moisture gets inside and spoils the microcircuit is, albeit small. Situations are best avoided as replacement parts for modern LCD or plasma monitors are expensive. If the microcircuit was nevertheless so damaged, it is worth calling the wizard. Self-repair can be dangerous for the user.

If there is no burning smell, but suddenly the sound on the TV (LG or other) disappeared, you can try to disconnect the TV device from the network, wait up to 10 minutes and then turn it back on. If the sound appeared. the reason could be overheating of the TV or a malfunction of the microcircuit.

Reasons why there is no sound on the TV

A breakdown can be caused by many reasons, and improper handling of the device is far from the main one. Build quality, service life and operating conditions, model features, etc all this can be a trigger for problems.

Accidental self-mutilation or setting the volume level to minimum are common reasons for the loss of a sound signal. If, after clarifying these points, the sound did not appear, the reason is much deeper. What can be attributed to the lack of sound on the TV. more.

Important: Having no experience in repairing plasma TV monitors, as well as in case of impossibility to fix the problem yourself, it is better to contact the technical service.

Sound comes later

When you turn on the TV, there is no sound, but after a couple of seconds it appears. The result of a malfunction may be speaker breakage, loose connectors, or poor contact between the device modules. All worn parts must be replaced.

No sound when turned on

May be caused by poor contact between the speakers and the TV motherboard. In this situation, you can try to turn off and turn on the TV again, if the result is the same. you need to look for the reason further.

Check if the speakers are working properly. You can try connecting headphones, then speakers. If the problem is not with the connectors, it is possible that the speakers have simply reached the end of their useful life. But in the case when the TV was bought quite recently, the reason is clearly a factory defect or mechanical damage.

Another, albeit infrequent, reason is the breakage of the part of the cable that is responsible for sound transmission. In this case, a cable replacement is required.

Checking all faults according to the list. checklist

In order not to have to carry the monitor to a specialist in vain, you first need to make sure of the following yourself:

  • the volume level on the remote control is higher than one;
  • mute mode is inactive (the button must not be pressed);
  • the signal source is working properly. some TV channels can sometimes be broadcast without sound;
  • in the settings there is the correct sound output. speakers;
  • no other equipment is connected to the headphone jack;
  • the remote control is working. perhaps you just need to replace the batteries;
  • speakers are not disconnected.

After making sure that all the items on the list have been passed, but there is still no sound, you need to evaluate possible household breakdowns:

With the help of these tips, you can establish the reason why the sound on the TV disappears, and even eliminate some yourself. With regard to mechanical damage (malfunction or defects in parts), you will need the help of specialists. Unqualified intervention can only aggravate the problem and lead to failure of the device, or even harm the user.