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Laptop Can’T See Jbl Column Through Bluetooth

Features when pairing with a PC

The operating system on a laptop and a stationary PC looks the same, so problems with finding the necessary tab or button should not arise. The main feature of synchronization with a home computer is the Bluetooth module. In many modern laptops, this adapter is already built-in, but for ordinary PCs it must be purchased separately. This is an inexpensive and compact device that looks like a USB flash drive.

Possible problems

When pairing technology, some users face various problems. If the computer does not see the speaker or when you turn on the sound commentary, the reason may be due to the following problems.

  • Old drivers responsible for the operation of the Bluetooth module or sound playback. In this case, you just need to update the software. If there is no driver at all, you need to install it.
  • The computer does NOT play sound. The problem may lie in the breakdown of the sound card. In most cases, this element must be replaced, and only a professional can repair it.
  • NK does not automatically configure the device. The user needs to open the sound parameters on the computer and carry out the work manually by selecting the necessary equipment from the list.
  • Poor sound quality or sufficient volume. Most likely, a prerequisite is the large distance between the speakers and the laptop (PC) when connected wirelessly. The closer the speakers are to the computer, the better signal reception will be. Also, the sound is affected by the settings that are adjusted on the PC.

How to connect a JBL speaker to a computer and laptop?

  • How to connect via Bluetooth?
  • Features when pairing with a PC
  • Helpful hints
  • Wired connection
  • Possible problems
  • How to update the driver?

Mobile gadgets have become an integral part of our life. They are practical and functional helpers in work, study and everyday life. Also, portable devices help to brighten up leisure and have a good time. Users who appreciate high sound quality and compactness choose JBL acoustics. These speakers will be a practical addition to your laptop or PC.

Helpful hints

The operating instructions must indicate the maximum connection distance.

How to connect via Bluetooth?

You can connect the JBL speaker to your computer using Bluetooth wireless technology. The main thing is that this module is built into the laptop and the acoustics used. Let’s first consider synchronization with a technique running on the Windows operating system.

This is the more common OS that many users are familiar with (the most used versions are 7, 8 and 10). Synchronization is done as follows.

  • Acoustics must be connected to a power source.
  • Speakers Must be near the laptop so that the computer can quickly detect the new device.
  • Turn on your music equipment and start the Bluetooth function.
  • Press the button with the corresponding logo in the flashing light signal. The indicator will start blinking red and blue, indicating the operation of the module.
  • Now go to your laptop. On the left side of the screen, click on the Start icon (it displays the Windows logo). A menu will open.
  • Highlight the “Options” tab. Depending on the version of the operating system, this item may be located in different places. If you are using version 8 of the OS, the required button will be located on the left side of the window with the image of a gear.
  • Click once with the mouse on the item “Devices”.
  • Find the item titled “Bluetooth and Other Devices”. Look for it on the left side of the window.
  • Start the Bluetooth function. You will need a slider located at the top of the page. Nearby you will find a status period that will indicate the operation of the wireless module.
  • At this stage, you need to add the required mobile device. Click the mouse on the button “Add Bluetooth or other device”. You can find it on the top of an open window.
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon. an option in the “Add device” tab.
  • If everything is done correctly, the name of the portable speaker should appear in the window. To synchronize, you need to name it.
  • To complete the procedure, you need to click on “Pairing”. This button will be next to the column name.

Now you can check the acoustics, started any music track or.

Appliances trademark Apple works on the basis of its own operating system Mac OS X. This version of the OS is significantly different from Windows. Laptop owners can also connect a JBL speaker. In this case, the work must be done as follows.

  • The speakers need to be turned on, the Bluetooth module will start (hold down the button with the corresponding icon) and place the speakers next to the computer.
  • On a laptop, you also need to enable this function. The Bluetooth symbol can be found on the right side of the screen (drop-down menu). Otherwise, you need to look for this function in the menu. To do this, open “System Preferences” and select Bluetooth there.
  • Go to the protocol settings menu and turn on the wireless connection. If you notice a button with the name “Turn off”, then the function is already running.
  • After starting, the search for devices to connect will start automatically. As soon as the laptop finds the mobile speaker, it will be called the name and the icon “Pairing”. After a few seconds, the connection will be established. Now you need to start an audio or file and check the sound.

Wired connection

  • One end of the cable must be connected to the speaker in the charging socket.
  • Insert the second side (wider) port into the desired connector of a computer or laptop.
  • The column must be turned on. As soon as the OS finds the connected gadget, it will notify the user with a sound signal.
  • A notification about new hardware will appear on the screen.
  • The name of the music device may be displayed differently on each computer.
  • After connecting, you need to play any track to check the speakers.

It is recommended to provide an internet connection, as the PC may ask you to update the driver. This is the program required for the equipment to work. Also, a driver disk may come with the speaker. Be sure to install it before connecting the speakers. An instruction manual is included with any model of acoustic equipment.

It details the acoustics functions, specifications and connections.

How to update the driver?

The software must be regularly updated for optimal mobile device performance. It only takes a few minutes to do this. In most cases, the operating system will notify the user to download a new version. Also, an update is needed if the computer stopped seeing the acoustics or if there were other problems when connecting or using speakers.

The step-by-step instructions are as follows.

  • Click on the Start icon. It’s in the lower right corner, on the taskbar.
  • Open Device Manager. You can find this section through the search term.
  • Next, find the Bluetooth model and right-click on it once. A menu will open.
  • Click on the button labeled “Update”.
  • In order for the computer to download the driver from the World Wide Web, it must be connected to the Internet by any means. wired or wireless.

It is also recommended to download new firmware for audio equipment.

The JBL brand has developed a separate application specifically for its own products. JBL FLIP 4. With its help, you can quickly and easily update the firmware.

For information on how to connect a JBL speaker to a computer and laptop, see the following.

How to connect a bluetooth speaker to a laptop (connect)?

First, check if your keyboard has a quick turn on button for wireless communication. It looks like this:

If there is NO such button, don’t worry, read on.

If there is no such button, then call the “Command line” (WinR key combination), in it we write “devmgmt.Msc” (without quotes).

You can also open this window by clicking on “My Computer” RMB / Properties / Device Manager.

In the window that appears, to connect the speaker to a laptop via bluetooth (JBL for example), double-click on this item:

In the properties, in the “General” tab, click on “Enable” (further → finished).

Now there is a list of available devices in the tray.

Click on the RMB / Add device icon, then there is a search for available equipment.

After detection, double-click on the required bluetooth speaker to connect it to the laptop.

That’s all, but we want to analyze a few more cases when the bluetooth speaker does not connect to the laptop, why this happens and how to deal with it.

How to connect a laptop to a speaker via bluetooth

In this life hack you will learn how to connect a speaker to a laptop via bluetooth JBL or any other, as well as get answers to related questions.

Wires are leaving the past century, the era of wireless devices is coming. mice, keyboards, headsets and even chargers, all this over time loses extra meters of cords and life becomes easier. Unfortunately, progress is not in sync with all devices and many still lack the ability to connect bluetooth speakers to a laptop, and on Windows 7 or even 10 there is still no friendly connection interface, everything is quite complicated.

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Why the laptop does not see the bluetooth speaker (JBL for example)?

This can happen for several reasons:

Be sure to check if the blue tooth function is enabled on the acoustics.

Be sure to check if there is a bluetooth module on your PC.

Perhaps the drivers for it are outdated, then they should be updated, for this click “My Computer” RMB / Properties / Device Manager, select the familiar device, double click / tab “Driver” / Update.

Too weak computer can block BT operation.

Now you know how to turn on the bluetooth speaker to the laptop and what to do if it does not see the available devices.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop

First, you should check if your laptop has a Bluetooth module. It is very easy to do this:

  • On the keyboard, you must SIMultaneously press “Win” and “R”.
  • In the line of the “Run” window, type the command “devmgmt.Msc” and press the “OK” key to open the “Device Manager”.

If the list contains the “Bluetooth” section, open the “View” menu at the top of the window and check the box next to “Show hidden devices”. After that, the device will probably appear.

After we have found out that working with bluetooth is possible, turn it on. To do this, open the side panel (on Windows 8 and 10), which is located in the lower right corner, where we activate Bluetooth by clicking. If you are working in Windows 7, then on the bottom toolbar open the “shutter” (“checkmark” case next to the date and time), find among others the Bluetooth icon, right-click on it and enable it. Of course, this tray icon may not be present. In a SIMilar situation, go to the “Control Panel”, and then open the “Network and Sharing Center”. At the bottom left there is an item “Change adapter settings”. open it. Further:

  • Right-click on “Bluetooth Network Connection” and select “Properties”;
  • In the window that opens, click “Bluetooth” and turn on the network with the switch of the same name.

So, everything is ready: the wireless data transfer on your laptop is active, it remains only to achieve pairing with the speaker.

We turn on the speaker itself and bluetooth on it (either there should be a button with the wireless module icon, or you need to hold down the on / off button and hold it for a while). When Bluetooth is activated, the indicator on the device will flash.

Now all setup will take place on the laptop. In the system tray (“shutter” in the lower right corner) we find the desired icon, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Add device” from the list. After the module finds the column, we Establish a connection.

  • Open “Settings” (gear icon in “Start”);
  • Open the “Devices” tab and select “Bluetooth and other devices” in the list on the left;
  • If the desired name is in the lists, then click on “” at the top;
  • We are waiting for the search to complete, select the name of the column and connect.

The speaker does not connect via Bluetooth to the laptop

Surround sound lovers are constantly trying to improve their home playback systems. This is understandable. your favorite movie on a laptop is more pleasant to watch with high-quality soundtrack. For this purpose, any external sound production device, for example, a wireless speaker, can easily cope. The case is small. how to connect it to a computer?

Why the laptop does not see the bluetooth speaker

What if everything is connected, but the device remains invisible? Let’s figure it out.

Most likely the problem is in outdated drivers. The fix is ​​very SIMple:

  • It is required to open the “Device Manager” (at the beginning of the article it was said how to do this)
  • Go to the “Bluetooth” section;
  • Check if there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to the name of the installed module. if there is, then we start updating;
  • From the official support site for your laptop, download the latest version of the required driver and install it.

After that the problem should go away.

Important! Sometimes there are times when the device is successfully connected, but still does not work. In such situations, it is necessary to download drivers not to the wireless adapter, but to the speaker itself.

If it’s not about the drivers, then it’s worth checking one more nuance. In the “Settings” when setting up the connection, the items “Allow Bluetooth devices by finding this computer” and “Show Bluetooth icon in the notification area” must be checked. For Windows 10 users, go to “Other Bluetooth Settings” (see the list on the right).

Done! Now your laptop will find devices in the access zone and will be able to connect to them without any problems.

BlueSoleil App

On the Internet, you can download software from the BlueSoleil company, which will provide a stable wireless connection between the modules. This is the official supplier of Bluetooth technology. The software of this company is installed on many PCs, laptops, tablets.

The laptop does not see the bluetooth speaker

Listening to music through a Bluetooth speaker from a laptop is the first option to improve the sound quality of songs. In 90 percent of cases, speakers on laptop computers are NOT sound and technical. Whereas a portable speaker has a wider sound range, it is played loudly and clearly.

Sometimes the laptop does not see the bluetooth speaker and it is impossible to connect to it. Before taking a portable speaker or computer to the workshop, it is worth determining the reason why bluetooth does not see the laptop as it should. To do this, exclude all possible variants of the problem.

We suggest taking a closer look at the variations of connection problems and how to fix visibility errors.

Driver update

In a situation where, even with a connected wireless connection, a connection between the laptop and the bluetooth speaker is NOT established, you will have to update the drivers. You can do this manually through the control panel of your computer, laptop.

Perform the following steps step by step:

  • Press the key combination “Win R”.
  • In the window that appears, write “Device Manager”.
  • Open the Matching section in the search results.
  • Find the Bluetooth speaker inside and go to the device options.
  • Then select “Update driver”.

Thus, the system itself will find on the Internet and install the official drivers for the wireless adapter and the device will continue to work. This method is suitable for owners of operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10.

Bluetooth problems in laptop

If all of the above troubleshooting options did not help you, then the error is much deeper than usual. Perhaps it lies in a factory defect or improper assembly of the laptop, and therefore the laptop does not see the bluetooth speaker. To fix it, you will have to take the device to a repair service.

However, such an outcome of events is unlikely. This communication technology is firmly rooted in the stuffing of every technological product. Bluetooth operating standards are so reliable that it’s hard to imagine why they might fail.

Acoustics check

If you cannot connect bluetooth, make sure that your acoustics is functioning properly. Using JBL as an example, consider diagnosing column problems that occur in 87 percent of cases:

  • Check if the speaker is on and has enough charge.
  • Turn on or reconnect the wireless connection. A special indicator should light up on the bluetooth column.
  • Reboot your device and search for the column again. If connection problems persist, then the problem is not related to the portable speaker.

To finally make sure that the product is not involved in visibility over a Bluetooth connection, try changing the bluetooth speaker to another gadget. If the acoustics functions with it, you exclude this option from the list of problems.

Invalid password

Mainly when forming a connection between the player and the speaker Be sure to use the correct password for the network. By default, the factory pin-code is set to 0 0 0 0 It may have been changed. To do this, go to the parameters of the bluetooth device on the laptop and change the password digits.

Bluetooth device status

If you are sure of the consistency of the portable speaker, check the bluetooth technology on your computer. To do this, turn on the wireless adapter built inside the laptop.

For Windows, the following instruction is suitable:

  • To check and turn on Bluetooth, go to the start menu.
  • Go to the settings through the “Devices” tab and from there to the “Bluetooth” item.
  • Then enable or reconnect the technology on the computer.

Some laptops have a dedicated power button with a bluetooth icon. Pressing this button and a special function key Fn, you turn on the corresponding equipment on a laptop or PC. A bluetooth beacon on the laptop panel will signal this to you.

As a conclusion, advise you not to rush to premature conclusions about the quality of the column. This also applies to the stability of the laptop. Try to try different troubleshooting methods.

Always try to connect to other devices using Bluetooth technology. There is a high probability that, thus, you cross one of the products from the list of problematic.

If repairs cannot be avoided, contact only trusted craftsmen. Real experts will NOT only not damage your equipment, but also solve the tasks that you set before them.

Why the computer can’t see the headphones

The most common reason why your computer does not see headphones is an unconfigured driver (utilities), or a missing or outdated sound driver.

We will look at why the computer does not see wired headphones (USB and mini-jack), and how to solve it. But let’s not ignore the problems with wireless models. In them at the end of the article.

  • Why the computer does not see the headphones. General instructions
  • NK does not see headphones (Windows). Detailed instructions
  • The computer cannot see the microphone from the headphones (headphones with microphone). Instructions for any models with a microphone (JBL, Sony, Airpods)
  • What to do if the computer does not see the Bluetooth \ USB headphones or “reads” them as speakers.
    4.1 The computer does not see the wireless bluetooth headphones
    4.2 Computer does not see USB headphones
    4.3 The computer sees headphones as speakers
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Installing and Configuring Realtek Sound Card Drivers

The computer cannot see the microphone from the headphones (headphones with microphone)

Instructions for any models with a microphone (JBL, Sony, Airpods)

If the computer does not see the headphones with a microphone, then the instructions described above will do. If the computer does not see exactly the microphone from the headphones (there is sound from it), you should pay attention to a couple of nuances.

  • First, check if the connection is correct. If headphones with a microphone have 1 plug (combined), you need to connect it to the combined input, if there is one on the computer. If there are 2 plugs, connect them to the corresponding connectors. In addition, you can use adapters: from 2 to 1 and from 1 to 2. The main thing is that these are not just “splitters”, namely adapters with a microphone input / output.

That is, if there are only 2 connectors with the headphone and microphone icon, then when a combined mini-jack is connected, for example, to the headphone jack, the microphone will not work.

  • If the connection is correct, then you can solve the problem that the computer does not see the headset (microphone from it), you can adjust the microphone levels. In the tray in hours: right-click on the speaker → recording devices → right-click on your microphone → properties → levels → and set the level to about 85-95.
  • Sometimes you need to select a specific microphone as the default recorder. It is done in the same menu. This often happens when there are several recording devices in the list. Another option, if the computer does not see a headset with a microphone (especially a wireless one), is to download proprietary software and / or drivers for it. Updating sound card drivers as described above can also be helpful.
  • It is also worth trying to restart your computer. Sometimes this banal action helps. Especially if you made some software changes / updates in the process of solving the problem.
  • If the computer does not see wireless headphones with a microphone, the nuances of their connection are described below.

Why the computer can’t see the headphones

If the computer does not see wired headphones, there are several options for the reasons and, accordingly, what to do with it. Let’s consider the optimal procedure in general terms.

  • In the device manager, select “Audio inputs and audio outputs” and the desired device in them.
  • If there is an exclamation mark, updates the drivers. A common reason that the computer does not see the headphones plugged into the connector.
  • If there is an exclamation mark, adjust the sound programmatically. It happens that the computer does not see the headphones on the front panel, because the outputs are not configured there.
  • If it doesn’t help, we check the functionality of the connectors. If the computer has stopped seeing the headphones, the connector is also likely to break.

With the help of THESE SIMple actions, in 95% of cases, it can be solved that the computer does not see the headphones (or the headphone jack). Below we will consider all the options in more detail.

NK does not see headphones (Windows)

Let’s take a closer look at why a computer (PC) on Windows (we will build on the current Windows 10) does not see headphones and ways to solve this problem.

    First, it is important to understand what state the sound output device is in: Are the drivers installed, whether the computer sees it. This is what we will define in the Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs section of the Device Manager. We open it this way
    1.1 Windows 10:

1.2 Windows 7. Start. Control Panel. System and Security. Device Manager.
Updating drivers often solves the problem when the laptop or PC does not see the headphones. The easiest way: right-click on the desired device, in the “update driver” menu.

Laptop Can'T See Jbl Column Through Bluetooth

Updating sound drivers.

2.1 You can update the driver by downloading it from the official website of the audio card manufacturer, or through the driver update program.
2.1.1 If you have a Realtek chip (a standard sound card built into the motherboard), then the new driver versions can be downloaded here. If the manufacturer of the audio card is different, download it from their website. Downloaded, installed, rebooted the PC. everything is normal.
2.1.2 There are interesting programs for automatic driver update. For example IObit Driver Booster. Install the program, and then through it. the necessary drivers (sound, at least).

3.2 Sound settings in Windows. If, after the above steps, the computer still does not see the headphones, then it is possible that the device for playing sound by default cannot be selected in Windows. In Windows 7 we go along the path: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Sound”. In Windows 10, you can open the context menu on the volume icon in the tray (right-click), “Open sound options”, on the right. “Sound control panel”. Then we change the default device to headphones / speakers, you can try all the options in turn and check them.

Another possible reason why the computer / laptop does not see the headphones is that the sound in Windows is set to low volume or completely muted. We check by opening the volume control in the lower right corner in hours. Pay special attention to “General” and “Sound”.

  • If the computer stubbornly does not see the headphones, the problem may be more physical. There are several such options for why the headphones DO NOT connect to the PC.
    4.1 Broken audio jack. It can be replaced, if the connector contacts are broken, re-solder them. Read more about Fixing the entrance here. If you are not confident in your abilities, you should trust the professionals.
    4.2 The sound card is out of order (burned out). This would be understandable at the stage of checking the device in the task manager. And the connectors would not work all.
    4.3 The headphone plug is broken. Easily check on your phone or other device. Solution: soldering or replacing the plug. Or take it to the service center.
    4.4 other parts of the headphones are broken. Here is the torn wire, to the burnt out speakers. The initial check is also on a different device. Headphone Repair Solutions. here.
  • How to connect headphones with a microphone to a computer.

      For more information on how to connect headphones with a microphone to your computer, see our detailed article.

    4. What to do if the computer does not see Bluetooth \ USB headphones or “reads” them as speakers

    Another variant

    Some speakers have Bluetooth cable pairing available for users. What the laptop owner needs is to connect the speaker system and the PC with a USB cable. Next, the devices will automatically connect wirelessly.

    In the process, you will need to enter the speaker password for a secure connection. The default password is 0000 but you can change it in the future when setting up the acoustics. After 100% connection, you can disconnect the cable. the gadgets will work stably without it.

    Bluetooth module is on, but nothing has changed

    If it is not possible to connect the devices when the module is turned on, then you need to check them one by one for operability with other gadgets. Connect the speaker to the smartphone and check the connection, and then try to connect the smartphone to the computer already.

    In the event that the problem persists, the unstable bluetooth connection is to blame. Note that this is extremely rare, since wireless data transmission protocols have reliable standards. If it does not work, you will have to replace the module with a new one.

    When the technology does not work with specific devices, then update the driver firmware or manually pair the devices.

    Automatically switch sound to bluetooth speaker

    If you do NOT want to constantly reach for the speaker to switch the sound, try adjusting the volume from your laptop. You can switch the power using the system keys located on the laptop keyboard. But this method will muffle or increase the volume of system sounds.

    Therefore, another way is to adjust through the mixer. To access the mixer in Windows, right-click on the speaker icon. Then select the “Open Volume Mixer” section. You will open a program where a separate slider indicates the connected speaker and volume control separately for it.

    Some portable acoustics have their own software to control the device. It comes with the speaker on disk, or you can download it from the company’s official website online. Thanks to the proprietary program, you can easily adjust the sound of the speaker from a laptop, calibers, connection and data transfer.

    Don’t forget your password

    Password is an important thing when pairing two devices via Bluetooth. If the password on the column is non-standard, then you need to find out the current pin code from the manufacturer. You may have changed the password yourself, make sure you installed a special program on your laptop for setting up wireless acoustics.

    How to choose the right connection

    Often, the search for a bluetooth computer does NOT find the speaker you need to connect them into a single network. At the same time, other gadgets Nearby are visible to the network and are ready for pairing. To fix this, follow these rules:

    • Reboot bluetooth on the connected gadget;
    • If that doesn’t help, try renaming the column manually, for example, via a mobile phone;
    • Reboot bluetooth and start searching again on the laptop.

    It is important to name the name of the connected device. Perhaps the serial number of the model is indicated in the name of the bluetooth connection. Check with the manufacturer or find information in the instructions for the column.

    Frequent problems

    Problems arise when trying to connect or connecting paired devices. In this case, it is important to determine the source and cause of the failure in order to eliminate the malfunction. To do this, we will follow the logical path. gradually eliminate the sources of possible problems, until we find the root of the failure.

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    In this block, we’ll cover the main starting points for diagnostics. After finding them, you yourself must find the specific cause and eliminate it, following the general instructions. Consider the types of problems when connecting a speaker and laptop via bluetooth.

    How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop on Windows 10

    To understand how to use portable acoustics, let’s analyze the bluetooth connection on a standard laptop with Windows 10 installed. This operating system provides a stable connection between the PC and the speaker, plus it offers clear bluetooth setup.

    Note that you can connect the speaker to a laptop and via a cable. For this, the laptop and speaker system must have the appropriate connectors. You can use a standard AUX cable to play sound from your laptop through your speakers.

    Let’s take a step-by-step look at connections with Bluetooth technology, plus we will analyze the problems that arise when setting up data transfer.

    Sun sound

    If the speaker does not produce sound, and Pairing is working, try to test it on the second. If the problem repeats, it is necessary to render acoustics. the speakers or the board inside are out of order. It is important to make sure of everything: battery level, absence of electromagnetic interference and unstable connection.

    Acoustics check

    One of the most common problems is the lack of sound. If your connected speaker system does not play music, then the problem is either in the bluetooth connection or in the speaker. To make sure the device is working properly, connect it wirelessly to another. If the problem disappears, and the acoustics is playing music, then the problem is in the computer.

    Try connecting another playing gadget to your laptop via Bluetooth too. You can borrow the speaker from a friend or use another device. Most likely, the sound from another speaker will be played, which means that the problem is in a particular pairing. To fix it, you will have to manually connect the speaker and PC via a cable.

    If other speakers also DO NOT play music, then the bluetooth driver version is outdated. Try updating it or replace the wireless headset with a different one.

    Possible connection problems

    Sometimes, when connecting a wireless device via bluetooth, it is not easy to do this, since there is a slider in the OS settings for activating Bluetooth. Perhaps this is due to the lack of drivers for the adapter. This unpleasant moment should be corrected by installing drivers. This can be done from the manufacturer’s home site. Usually on the official sites there are “downloads” or “support” points where you need to find a model and download the necessary drivers.

    In non-standard situations, it happens that the adapter is basically not installed. It is difficult to find such a laptop on the modern market, but if the model is old or there is an adapter in principle, then the way out is to buy a module. It connects via USB and after installing the drivers, you can start using any device with Bluetooth. Starting with Windows 8, when the adapter is connected, the system automatically starts searching for drivers on the Internet; in earlier versions of the OS, you will have to install them from a disk, if one is provided in the kit or download from the adapter manufacturer’s website.

    Not always the problem of visibility of devices is in the laptop, sometimes the culprit is a wireless device. Example. after enabling them, users forgot to activate the search mode. Another option, why the laptop and headphones DO NOT see the second second. the latter are far from the laptop. The range of Bluetooth connection is about 15 meters, but when connecting for the first time, it is recommended to put them closer.

    The third reason why it is impossible to connect two devices, the headphones are connected to a smartphone, tablet or other equipment. In order to eliminate the lack of communication, it is enough to disconnect the headphones from the laptop, turn them off completely and start searching again.

    If the headphones, in principle, cannot be connected to the laptop, especially in a situation when they have just been purchased, you should check the performance of the device itself, for example, by connecting them to a smartphone. If the problem persists, then the headphones are faulty, if not, then we check the points indicated above.

    Another important point is that a connection problem may arise with Chinese equipment. Most often, it is not possible to connect headphones to a laptop if they are produced by a little-known Chinese brand. Often, these accessories are NOT connected even with the most popular manufacturers, such as Dell laptops. The reason is that the devices are SIMply not compatible with each other. Also, do not be surprised that the same headphones are NOT visible on the same laptop, but at the same time they are easily detected by the smartphone and vice versa.

    In connection

    Quite often, when connecting wireless headphones to any device, users are faced with the fact that the equipment does NOT connect or cannot find each other. Unlike most mobile devices, devices with the operating system Windows 7 and higher do the job without much difficulty.

    To connect to accessories, hold down a specific button, usually a Bluetooth symbol is drawn on it, and enable the search on the device itself. This is done using hot keys on a laptop or operating system. As a rule, the headset in search mode blinks with a blue or orange LED, and after connecting it starts to light evenly. Additionally, the headphones will notify the user of the connection with a sound signal.

    It is worth noting that in some laptops from different brands the bluetooth connection key is placed on the keyboard and assigned to the F function key. In SEPARATE models it is combined with the wireless network button. In particular, the second option can be seen in technology from Toshiba, Asus and Lenovo. In rare cases, the search for bluetooth devices is enabled exclusively in the operating system.

    In Windows 7, this menu is located in Control Panel. Hardware and Sound. Add Bluetooth Device. If drivers are installed on this module in the laptop, then the Found device will appear in the window that opens, it will be enough to name it by its name to connect. In Windows 10, the tab is called “Bluetooth and other devices”.

    An important nuance: after the first connection, the accessory is connected by clicking on the bluetooth connection icon located next to the date and time (provided that it is not turned off).

    Switch to headphones

    The Windows 10 operating system, like previous versions, is designed in such a way that when using wireless headphones, the user does not need to disconnect the speakers or headphones connected with a wire. To switch between sources of sound output, it is enough to name the icon “Playback devices”, which is located in the lower panel on the desktop. You need to do this with the right mouse button. All connected audio output devices will be marked in the window and just select the desired option. It is very convenient and most importantly fast. In rare cases, when connecting, the system will ask you to enter a password. Usually this is 0000 if the combination does not fit, then you should look at the instructions, the required key will be in it.

    If the user is having problems with the connection, then two options need to be considered:

    • The reason is in the headphones;
    • Malfunctions in the laptop.

    What if your laptop does not see bluetooth headphones? I’m telling you. Laptop stopped connecting via Bluetooth

    It is NOT uncommon for a laptop to stop seeing the headphones after a while.

    There may be several options:

    • Lost connection;
    • The headphones are out of order;
    • There has been a breakdown.

    If the connection is lost, the headphones must be reconnected and they will start playing sound again. This can be done by SIMply turning it on and off. It is worth noting that such an opportunity does not happen often, since the operating system itself, after losing the signal, starts looking for it again and connects automatically.

    If the headphones are out of order, then only repair or replacement remains, if they are still under warranty. You can check this option using a second device.

    In the event of a failure, for example, due to viruses or overloading the laptop, it may happen that it sees the headphones, but does not connect them or does not output sound. In order to eliminate this drawback, it is necessary to disconnect the headphones in the menu of connected wireless devices in Windows (as found above). Depending on the OS, this item will be called. disconnect or forget. After the accessory has stopped communicating with the equipment, it should be reconnected. In most cases, the problem is solved in this way.

    The laptop does not output sound

    In a situation where the laptop saw a wireless device and connected to it, but does not output sound, there are several possible variants of the problem:

    • Headphones are NOT selected as playback device;
    • Codecs for audio and files are not installed (in this case, the sound will not work in principle)
    • Headphones or laptop are muted.

    Connecting wireless accessories to mobile equipment currently does not cause any particular difficulties, since the trend of recent years is to make it easier to operate with the complication of equipment. For this reason, I recommend abandoning wired devices in favor of a bluetooth channel. The sound quality here is at the same level, 15 meters of range is enough to listen to music while NOT near the device, and the absence of wires in general makes the thing more reliable, since the main breakdown of the headset is broken wires.

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