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Is there a fingerprint on the iPhone 11

Option 2. Unlock one material

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Jailbreak and physical data extraction

If you did not have enough information extracted from the backup, or if you could not guess the password for the encrypted backup, only the jail remains. Now jailbreak exists for all versions of iOS 8.x, 9.x, 10.0–11.2.1 (earlier ones are not considered). There is an Electra jail for iOS 11.3.x, which works on earlier versions of iOS 11.

To install the jailbreak, you need to use one of the publicly available utilities (Meridian, Electra, etc.) and the Cydia Impactor tool. There are alternative ways of hacking. for example, escalating privileges without installing a public jailbreak by exploiting a known vulnerability (remember, for iOS 10-11.2.1 this is the same vulnerability, information about which, including the ready-made source code, was published by Google specialists). All these methods have a common point: to use them, the iPhone must be unlocked and connected to the computer (a trusted relationship is established).

The next step is to extract the file system image. To do this, at best, it is enough to open a session with the phone via the SSH protocol and execute a chain of commands on the iPhone; in more complex cases, you will need to manually register the necessary paths in the PATH or use a ready-made product. The result will be a TAR file transferred over the tunnel connection.

If your smartphone has iOS 11.3.x installed, you will have to jailbreak manually, and use the iOS Forensic Toolkit or other similar utility to extract information.

If the iPhone is running iOS 11.4 or a later version, then the jail will have to be postponed indefinitely. until the developer community finds another unpatched vulnerability. In this case, you will serve as a backup (as well as extracting common application files, photos and media files and some system logs).

Of course, not everything is backed up. For example, it does not store Telegram correspondence, it does not include e-mail messages, and the history of the user’s location data is extremely concise. Nevertheless, a backup is already a lot.

But what if the user is not completely careless and still set the lock code?

there, fingerprint, iphone

Even the most careless users are forced to use Passcode if their employer’s security policy requires it or if they want to use Apple Pay. And here there are two options: either the lock code is known or not. Let’s start simple.


On August 13, the BBC Russian Service announced the purchase by the Investigative Committee of iPhone jailbreak equipment, which will open the most recent iPhone in just nine minutes. Do not trust? I also do not believe that such a respectable publication could publish such a thing, but the fact remains.

I would like to comment on the phrase of expert Dmitry Saturchenko: “Israeli Cellebrite needs more than a day to hack an iPhone 7 or 8, and the extracted data requires serious analytics. MagiCube processes the same iPhone in nine minutes, while the equipment is geared towards receiving sensitive data from instant messengers, which contains 80–90% of interesting information. “.

An unprepared reader may get the impression that you can simply take any iPhone and extract information about the use of instant messengers from it. This is not the case for many reasons. Let’s start with the fact that MagiCube is a hard drive duplicator, and another complex analyzes mobile devices. An iPhone is also not suitable for any, but one that runs strictly under the control of iOS 10.0-11.1.2 (that is, it has never been updated after December 2, 2017). Next, we need to find out (from the user) or hack (by third-party solutions. GrayKey or Cellebrite) the lock code. And after that, having unlocked the phone, you can connect it to the Chinese complex and extract information.

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Despite this, the news spread throughout the mass media. “Specialists” from SecurityLab, without bothering to either put a link to the source, or even indicate the author, write: “The Investigative Committee purchased equipment to gain access to the correspondence.” “According to experts, it takes about ten minutes for the MagiCube complex to crack the latest iPhone models.”.

What happens in the end? Can you jailbreak an iPhone 7 or 8 in nine minutes? Is the iDC-4501 solution (not MagiCube, which is just a hard drive duplicator) really superior to Cellebrite and Grayshift technologies? Finally, how can you jailbreak your iPhone? Let’s try to figure out what exactly the Investigative Committee purchased, how and when it works and what to do in those 99% of cases when the complex does not cope with the task.

Has a password been set for the backup?

Not installed? Install and make another backup!

Why set a password for a backup? The fact is that a noticeable part of the information in iOS backups is encrypted even when the user did not set such a password. In such cases, a key unique to each device is used for encryption. It is better to set any password you know on the backup; then the backup copy, including the “secret” data, will be encrypted with the same password. Interestingly, you will get access to the protected keychain storage, that is, to all user passwords saved in the Safari browser and many built-in and third-party applications.

What if the password for the backup is set and you don’t know it? Unlikely for people with nothing to hide, but still? For devices running older versions of iOS (8.x – 10.x), the only option is brute force. And if for iOS 8-10.1 the attack speed was acceptable (hundreds of thousands of passwords per second on the GPU), then starting with iOS 10.2 a frontal attack is not an option: the brute-force attack does not exceed hundreds of passwords per second, even when using a powerful graphics accelerator. However, you can try to extract passwords that the user saved, for example, in the Chrome browser on a personal computer, compose a dictionary from them and use it as a basic dictionary for an attack. (Believe it or not: such a simple tactic works in about two out of three cases.)

But devices on iOS 11 and 12 allow you to easily reset your backup password right from the iPhone settings. This will reset some settings, such as screen brightness and Wi-Fi passwords, but all applications and their data, as well as user passwords in the keychain, will remain in place. If there is a lock code, you will need to enter it, but if it is not set, then resetting the password for backup is a matter of a few clicks.

To reset the password for the backup, use the Reset All Settings command. It will reset only some settings, including the backup password, but will not affect the data.

What else can be removed from a device with an empty lock code? Without jailbreaking, you can easily extract the following data set:

  • complete information about the device;
  • information about the user, Apple accounts, phone number (even if the SIM card was removed);
  • list of installed applications;
  • media files: photos and videos;
  • Application files (for example, iBooks documents);
  • system logs crash logs (in them, in particular, you can find information about applications that were subsequently uninstalled from the system);
  • the already mentioned backup in iTunes format, which will contain the data of many (not all) applications and user passwords from social networks, sites, authentication tokens and much more.

Something like this looks like the interface of the application that retrieves information from the iPhone.

Has a lock code been set??

Apple can use the strongest encryption, heap the most complex multi-layered protection, but no one will be able to protect users who have “nothing to hide”. If your iPhone does not have a lock code set, extracting data from it is trivial. You can get started in the same nine minutes as mentioned in the BBC article. Probably, the process will take longer: it takes about two hours to copy 100 GB of data. What is required for this?

First, connect your phone to your computer, establish a trusted relationship, and create a backup. To do this, you can even use iTunes (be sure to turn off two-way synchronization in it beforehand), but experts will prefer their own software.

How to jailbreak an iPhone. We analyze step by step all the options for accessing data of devices with iOS

How to set up fingerprint on iPhone 5S?

This feature is a technology that identifies your personal fingerprint, which can only be yours, and unlocks the gadget without using a password.

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Function in practice

In iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner is very interesting in practice.

After you have calibrated Touch ID, use the technology to its fullest, for example, to unlock. It’s easy, just press the Home button with your calibrated finger.

But you can still use shopping technology. The sensor in this case. as an authentication password.

Buy a product, take it to the basket.

A window will pop up asking for an ID, and you just click on your Home button and you’re good to go. Easily!

Apple Pay with Touch ID: Does It Work?

Well, and, accordingly, the technology itself can make purchases online from the iPhone. This is where Apple Pay works, how to set it up. read here: But usually they don’t use it.

Touch ID

This is what this function is called. It is used on the fifth “iPhone”, it is easy to turn it on and start using it. This feature replaces the old password entry scheme for stronger security and time savings. over, if you forget your password, you will certainly never forget your finger. Your iPhone takes information from your fingerprint in a matter of seconds, and the lock is immediately removed from the gadget. Everything is very easy technologically and very reliable in terms of the security of your phone.

How to enable the function

How do I set my Touch ID fingerprint on my iPhone? Before setting up a function, the first step is to turn it on.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

Come up with your password (you will need it if you somehow cannot open the phone with your fingerprint or another person needs the gadget).

And make the prints themselves by choosing the same item. Then you will be shown what to do. And you just need to put your finger on a single button on your iPhone, and Apple will scan the fingerprint itself and add it to the database. Done!

If you fail to scan your finger, the system will notify you of this. A total of 5 scan attempts can be made.

And you need to understand that for a thorough and high-quality Touch ID operation, you need to clean the Home button itself from dirt.

The display is great, although not OLED

I won’t say much about the thick bezels that came from the iPhone XR. You already know everything yourself. Whoever didn’t like the “piggy” thing won’t go into the iPhone 11. They remain exactly the same.

Brightness at the same level. 625 nits; less than the 1200 nits iPhone 11 Pro. But it is quite enough for being in the bright sun. How many times did I walk down the street, I always saw everything well.

To some, the LCD display may not seem as clear compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, and even the iPhone XS. I, too, used to belong to this caste of people, believing that OLED shows the picture much better than LCD.

But let’s be honest, do you really need this ultra-sharpness in your day-to-day tasks? Are you seriously seeing all the pixels when watching YouTube videos, reading books or playing games? After the iPhone XS Max, I almost did not notice the difference. For an ordinary user, it will be minimal.

The only really frustrating thing is that there is no full HDR support, as in the iPhone 11 Pro. The colors are not as bright, contrasting and saturated. But this is more a personal quibble than a global claim.

Face ID now works at a larger angle

Personally, I did not notice a noticeable increase in the speed of Face ID. The iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 ran as fast as the iPhone 11 with iOS 13.1.1. Brought to face, instant, Smart unlocked. Is that great? Undoubtedly yes. But it already happened, it was just solved by the firmware.

But what iOS 13 failed to achieve was the increased viewing angle. They have become larger in the iPhone 11, although not much. No need to reach for iPhone display to unlock it.

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How to add or delete fingerprints to your iphone ios 11

The only thing that didn’t work was that there was still no unlock in the horizontal position.

A trivial example: you are sitting, watching a video on YouTube, I wanted to turn up the volume and accidentally pressed the lock button. Additional action is needed. Take iPhone in hand, turn it and only then continue browsing.

Lasts a long time, but nothing special

Let’s talk about battery life. I can’t compare with the iPhone XR, but I can show the difference with the iPhone XS Max.

Apple claims the iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR. And the iPhone XR has the most powerful battery of all iPhones, which means it lasts even longer than the iPhone XS Max.

And you know what? I did not notice any increase in autonomy. Removing the iPhone XS Max from charge at 8 am, with active use (Safari and Telegram almost always work at full capacity), he sat down for lunch, at two o’clock. And I see the same thing in the iPhone 11, well, maybe another half hour.

Statistics of the last 10 days of use

But you probably don’t use your smartphone as often as I do. And in this situation, both the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 11 quite live up to the end of the day. But don’t expect 30 percent the next morning. By the evening, you still have to put on charge.

▪️ Video playback (wireless): up to 17 hours ▪️ Video streaming (wireless): up to 10 hours ▪️ Audio playback (wireless): up to 65 hours

In general, I confirm the figures. iPhone can work as much under the conditions listed above.

In other situations, you cannot do without an outlet.

Night photo. Doesn’t work everywhere

This is probably one of the strengths of the iPhone 11. It is awesome at capturing shots in low light: a lot of small details appear, the picture becomes brighter and richer. Even in the lowest light, you will see what is in front of you.

But here we are talking only about the main camera of the device. Super wide angle does not know how to dark, in general.

iPhone 11. Time 19:00, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:30, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:15, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:30, ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Time 21:20, main camera

Set. Where is the 18W adapter?

It’s frustrating that with the iPhone 11, the company decided to make the device as cheap as possible on all fronts.

▪️ 18-watt USB-C power adapter: 3.5 thousand rubles ▪️ meter Lightning / USB-C cable: 2 thousand rubles

Does iPhone 11 have fingerprint?

Inside, the box has become more ergonomic. Apple has moved away from rectangles, even with pieces of paper: they have rounded edges, and it looks really nicer. But that’s all the changes.

No more 3D Touch, come to terms

This is the weakest point in the new iPhone for all hard-hitting fans. If you didn’t have an iPhone XR and loved 3D Touch, the pain is guaranteed. You get used to good things quickly, but wean them for a long time.

During these 2 weeks, I have not yet been able to fully switch to the new system of long presses. And that’s all. If with 3D Touch everything was done in a split second, now the response time has increased.

I’m typing the text, correcting instant mistakes in words by moving the slider. Previously, it was enough to press harder at any point on the keyboard, but now you need to tap and hold the space bar, which works every other time.

TouchID Might COMEBACK On iPHONE 11! (2019 iPHONE)

Or another example. With 3D Touch, you could instantly hide the incoming notification: clicked on it harder and immediately swipe down. Now you need to hold your finger on this message for a second and only then swipe.

Nikita was right about editing the desktop. If earlier we imagined 2 separate actions for the context menu and deletion, now for only one deletion you need to hold down and then tap on Change the order of applications, or drag the icon to the side. time is spent and it is not very pleasant.