iPhone se after battery replacement

How to fix a breakdown yourself

To troubleshoot iPhone that keeps turning on or freezing, turn on operating system updates first. Install them. the latest version of the iPhone operating system may contain bug fixes for the previous one. Also, on an iPhone that constantly reboots or heats up, many applications may be installed that require the inclusion of updates.

Clear your phone memory, free up several gigabytes. This will help increase the performance of the device, which tends to constantly turn on and freeze at any time.

iPhone SE Battery Replacement Guide. RepairsUniverse

In most cases, a forced reboot helps. To enter recovery mode, hold the Power button and the Home button for 20 seconds until the apple logo appears.

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If these steps do not help, copy the files and reset the operating system:

  • go to Settings
  • select “Basic”
  • go to the “Reset” tab
  • select “Erase all content and settings”

The phone will shut down and turn on itself after a few minutes. All information (contacts, music, videos, photos) will be erased from his memory. Update your smartphone.

If the device is constantly rebooting due to exposure to moisture or other mechanical damage, the device will need detailed diagnostics and replacement of parts. In this case, you cannot do without the help of specialists.

If, when you turn on the iPhone, an apple hangs on the screen, after which a blue screen is constantly visible, the central processor has become unusable. The correct solution would be to replace the part. only a master can professionally perform it.

If you are sure the battery is causing your iPhone to be unstable, you need to replace it. If you have experience and knowledge in the field of electronics repair, you can do this work yourself. You will need a set of professional tools and a new battery.

To replace the battery, you need to perform the following work:

  • turn off the phone
  • unscrew the screws
  • remove the phone cover
  • disconnect the battery, remove it
  • clean your phone from dust and debris
  • install a new part
  • collect equipment

If, after replacing the battery in the phone, some functions are out of order (the speaker does not work, the “Home” button, etc.). you need to check the correct connection of the battery to the device, the integrity of the loops.

In the event that independent actions did not solve the problem (the iPhone restarts by itself or cannot turn on on its own), contact the specialists for help.

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iPhone 5 Logic Board Pry Damage after Battery Replacement

Causes of equipment malfunction

Your device may turn off and on again every three minutes as a result of a battery failure. The power supply fails in the following situations:

  • iPhone connected to iPad charger
  • frequent power surges during recharging
  • iPhone was charging in the car

In each of these cases, unstable current levels will affect battery performance, resulting in battery failure. In this case, you will need to replace the battery. Often the phone cannot turn on and work correctly for the following reasons:

  • mechanical damage (there was a shock or a fall of the device, as a result of which the battery lost contact with the device or was deformed)
  • software glitch (apps are not tested for phone compatibility)
  • failure of parts
  • moisture ingress (affects the hardware of the smartphone)
  • failure of the power amplifier (the current inside the device is not regulated)

iPhone restarts by itself

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

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  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If your iPhone restarts by itself, don’t rush to take it to a service center right away. Guided by simple instructions, you can try to restore an iPhone of any model yourself, even without special skills.

To eliminate the breakdown, first of all, you need to find out why the device can turn on and off on its own at any time. In most cases, the iPhone will restart intermittently due to a faulty battery. But there are other reasons that affect iPhone performance.

Signs of a broken smartphone

The main symptom of a malfunctioning device is that the iPhone restarts by itself. Other factors indicating a breakdown of the device:

  • the phone turns off during a call
  • the device heats up while charging
  • every three minutes an “apple” hangs
  • a blue screen appeared
  • equipment cannot turn on

Symptoms depend on the factors causing the failure. To identify the exact cause of the malfunction, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics.

The advantage of qualified assistance

The specialists have the necessary professional tools and experience in repairing all models of Apple equipment. Masters promptly carry out detailed diagnostics and determine the cause of malfunctions.

Experienced professionals know what to do if the iPhone restarts by itself. Craftsmen use high-precision equipment and original parts to restore the device to work.

By entrusting the phone to qualified specialists, you will get a high-quality result. after replacing the battery, cables, power button and other parts, the technician will work stably.

In the event of a software failure, specialists will take the following measures:

  • will conduct a recovery mode
  • update the operating system to the latest version
  • will resume full operation of your device

Order the services of specialists. they will repair the iPhone competently and in the shortest possible time.

Why it is worth contacting the specialists Yuda

Skilled craftsmen registered in Yuda offer low-cost Apple technology refurbishment services. If your phone constantly reboots or heats up after replacing the battery, order the services of qualified technicians. They often face similar problems, so they have a lot of experience in troubleshooting such problems. Yudu specialists guarantee high quality of service:

  • efficiency of task execution
  • restoration of the device at any convenient time
  • low for iPhone repair
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Order the services of Yudu artists if your iPhone restarts by itself. experienced craftsmen will quickly find and fix the problem.

Known issues with aging iPhone

You have an iPhone that has survived well over the years of use and is generally fine, with the exception of one caveat. it discharges faster than usual. Now it works at best until the evening, if not at all. Another time and by lunchtime the battery goes to zero.

Sometimes 27 solutions to the problem of autonomy by setting up iOS help fix the situation. But in the end, one cannot do without “sticking” to sockets and without external accessories.

How hard it is to do all the work yourself?

The third option turns out to be the cheapest and, if you have the skill, the fastest. But how complicated is he?

Removing a few screws, opening the case, removing the old battery, connecting a new one. it seems quite a common idea, right?

What to do with a worn out iPhone battery?

⚠ In our blog, you will find step-by-step instructions for replacing the battery yourself in:

iphone, battery, replacement

But is it worth taking on such work yourself or is it better to entrust it to a professional?

Local craftsmen in your city.

IPhone Battery Replacement

Over time, the iPhone’s battery life may decrease significantly and you no longer have enough of it for normal use during the day. This is due to the natural processes of deterioration of the chemical element of the battery, which within 1-2 years of operation can lose up to 15-20% of its original capacity. Sometimes, due to intensive or improper use, capacity loss occurs faster and earlier, after which it may be necessary to replace the battery.

And here it is important to understand what the iPhone battery. it is not just a battery, but a high-tech device that includes the latest generation of Li-ion chemical element and a high-speed electronic control and protection circuit that informs the iPhone of all the main parameters of operation and charging, as well as controls the boundary conditions to instantly disconnect the battery when any important parameter outside.

Often, phone users do not know about such an important feature and agree to the persuasion of dishonest “specialists” to install non-original batteries in order to save money, thinking that they install the same thing, but cheaper. This is not so and very dangerous in its consequences.!

iPhone SE battery replacement in 3 minutes fix

We strongly recommend that you only replace the iPhone battery with an original and certified Apple. In our service center, you will be installed just such a certified, original Apple battery and you can be sure that the new battery will serve you reliably and for a long time. Replacing the iPhone battery is a case when the savings can be extremely expensive and simply unacceptable! over, the cost of the original battery is not much more than a fake, and the difference in their reliability and performance is colossal!

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When replacing a battery on an iPhone, the replacement technology itself is equally important. Since the battery is installed inside the phone, it does not have its own hard case and must be dismantled and installed on special equipment from Apple, otherwise, even a slight bending of the battery case can drastically spoil its performance and durability. Our certified technicians use the necessary equipment and supplies to install a new original iPhone battery using all Apple technologies. At the same time, we guarantee that the neat appearance, mechanical strength and tightness of your iPhone will remain after assembly. The cost of replacing iPhone batteries is listed below:


We know you want a complete computer today. And it’s almost always possible.!

No surprises: include labor and spare parts (unless otherwise stated) and do not change after the completion of the repair.


Top quality parts, work you can’t find fault with, no questions asked!

IPhone Battery Replacement by Model

IPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

Almost all iPhone 7 Plus are still under warranty and battery life is not yet out. If you notice that the battery has begun to discharge noticeably faster, it may not be the battery at all, but damage to the motherboard (or a factory defect). We recommend checking the status of the guarantee, and if it is still active, contact an authorized center. IPhone 7 Plus battery replacement price. 2290 ₽

Battery Specifications: 3.82 V, 11.1 Wh, 2900 mAh, Part Numbers: 616-00249, 616-00250 Life: 20 Minutes Standard Labor and Parts Warranty 6 months.

What kind of batteries do we install??

The short answer: the same batteries that are in the iPhone when you buy, both in terms of characteristics and by manufacturer.

If you pay attention to the inscriptions on the batteries that are installed in the iPhone, you can make sure that they bear the manufacturer’s name, and in different iPhones of the same model there may be batteries from different manufacturers. For example, the battery for the iPhone 7 that we came across was produced by Huapu Technology in Changshu. So the original battery that is made in Apple does not exist, but there are various manufacturers of batteries that are purchased by the contractor Apple and installed in new iPhones.

There is no shortage of suppliers in the battery market, and it often happens that batteries from different manufacturers differ in characteristics from those stated, and even if it is the same “original” manufacturer, the battery will not necessarily be good. In order to make sure that the battery will serve its allotted time, it is required to carry out testing (capacity, charge-discharge cycle), only after that the battery can be installed! We only use pre-tested batteries.