IPhone is hard to hear when the speaker is talking

Conversational microphone.

This is perhaps the second most common sound malfunction. It manifests itself in the fact that the interlocutor does not hear what you say to him and constantly asks again.)

Such a malfunction is treated by replacing the lower loop, the repair is usually performed within 20-30 minutes.

Speaker speaker.

The most common sound problem. it is “hard to hear the interlocutor during a conversation.” It manifests itself in the fact that when you are talking on the phone, you have to press it to your ear as much as possible, despite the fact that the maximum volume is set on the device. The earpiece speaker most often fails due to moisture entering the speaker hole. It is not necessary that there was a direct impact of water (spilled water on the iPhone or drowned completely). A small drop from a wet hand or rainwater is enough. In such a situation, replacing the speaker will most often help.

There are also situations when the interlocutor is not heard at all during a conversation. In such a situation, diagnostics will already be required, since in this situation there may be at least 3 reasons for this malfunction:

Speaker “polyphonic”

This speaker is responsible for playing a melody when an incoming call, for playing sound when talking on a speakerphone, when playing video and music (without headphones). This speaker rarely fails. Accompanied by the absence of sound at all, or sound reproduction is accompanied by wheezing and extraneous noise. The incorrect operation of the speaker is not always associated with a failure, in some cases the problem may be associated with a faulty mat. payment. Speaker replacement takes 25-30 minutes.

When iPhone has audio problems. or what to do if it is hard to hear during a conversation?

One of the most common iPhone malfunctions. this is a quiet sound.

And so let’s figure out what sound nodes are in the iPhone.

Hands-free microphone.

This malfunction is manifested in the fact that the interlocutor does not hear you if you are talking to him on the speakerphone. There will also be no sound when recording video to the front camera. This malfunction is treated by replacing the upper loop. 15-30 minutes.

It also happens when you hear yourself while talking or the interlocutor hears you as if from a barrel. In this situation, the problem is either with the noise canceling microphone or the audio path of the mat is faulty. fees.

On iPhone it is difficult to hear when the speaker is talking

If you are faced with the problem of hard to hear the interlocutor on the iPhone, then this small article will be useful to you.

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As a result of various external influences, iPhone may quietly play sounds. This is very inconvenient when the interlocutor is hard to hear (or completely inaudible) during a conversation. If you noticed that during a conversation, the sound of the iPhone’s top speaker became much quieter than it was, or the sound signal began to work differently than initially, then you need to decide and understand what is wrong with the sound. IPhone speaker may need to be repaired.

  • The audio speaker is used to reproduce almost all sounds except for talking on the phone;
  • Speech speaker through which we hear the interlocutor during a conversation.

In this article, we will not touch on the topic of repairing an audio codec. Now we are talking only about the iPhone speakers, since in most cases the problem is associated with them. For quite a long time we have been repairing Apple equipment, we can say that if a malfunction manifests itself in the form of a quiet, muffled sound, the inability to make out the speech of your interlocutor when making a call, the presence of rustles and other noise distorting the sound, then the problem is in the speaker, or, to be more precise, in the dust net. Therefore, a quiet sound does not always mean that the iPhone speaker needs to be replaced.

You can ask for help at the iPhonica service center. we have experienced specialists who will professionally determine the cause of the breakdown and carry out the necessary repairs. If there is no sound when making a call, when playing music, video and other sound signals, then the reason is the incorrect operation of the sound speaker. And in this case, the repair is carried out according to a similar principle as with the speech speaker. This is mainly the contamination of the audio speaker meshes on the bottom of the iPhone.

Features of the procedure: iPhone speaker repair

The first step is to diagnose the iPhone. Diagnostics consists in examining the state of the speech dynamics and moisture protection mesh. In most cases, only the speaker grids need to be replaced, but quite often both the speaker and the grids are changed.

Most often, a malfunction appears for the following reasons:

  • it is hard to hear the interlocutor on the iPhone;
  • particles of liquid have fallen on the mesh and a blockage has formed;
  • liquid got inside the iPhone and oxide formed on the contacts of the loop and speaker;
  • the speakers received mechanical damage;
  • no speaker contact.

Replacing iPhone speakers is not the most difficult procedure, but it is best to entrust the job to a qualified engineer. Do not attempt to carry out repairs yourself, as this may lead to more serious problems.

If you have problems with your iPhone, call. Repair iPhone. our specialization. We will always advise, help and fix iPhone problems as soon as possible.

IPhone microphone is not working or is hard to hear

Important! If you are not heard when you call. it’s a microphone problem. If you can’t hear. these are speaker problems. IPhones from 4th generation use 2 microphones. One of them (the bottom microphone) is located at the bottom end next to the charge / sync connector. The second (top microphone) is on the top next to the headphone jack (iPhone 4 / 4S) or between the camera and flash (iPhone 5 / 5S / 6). Determine which one does not work. very simple. It is enough to check the sound recording in the voice recorder application and in the camera application. (when recording video, the upper microphone is used and the lower one in the recorder)

I can’t be heard or it’s hard to hear during a conversation.

If, when talking on the iPhone, you hear the interlocutor, but he does not hear you. most likely this is due to the incorrect operation of the microphone, which is located below. It can be clogged with dust, or simply fail. Therefore, you can try to clean the grid, which is located next to the charging connector. If it doesn’t help. most likely you need to change the spare part. It also often happens that during a conversation, you yourself cover the microphone with your hand with which you hold the iPhone during a conversation. In this case, the interlocutor may not hear you well. To confirm that the microphone is not working, just open the voice recorder application and try to record sound.

Sound problems on iPhone 7

One of the most common iPhone 7 malfunctions. Audio codec. The signs are as follows: when you call, you cannot hear the interlocutor, the dictaphone does not record, and the camera freezes when recording video. If these three problems appear on your iPhone at the same time. Need to repair Audio codec.

IPhone microphone only works on speakerphone.

This is due to the fact that the lower microphone does not work and the upper one works. Try to follow the recommendations described in the previous paragraph.

Audio is not recorded when recording video on iPhone.

If no sound is recorded while recording video. this means that the top microphone is not working. In this case, you need to check if the lower microphone and speakers are working. As practice shows, in 90% of cases, the microphone needs to be changed, but before that it is necessary to check whether it is closed with a cover, whether it is clogged with dust / dirt. To confirm that the upper microphone does not work, it is enough to turn on the speakerphone when making a call. If the interlocutor will not hear you when you are talking on the speakerphone. this confirms that the upper microphone does not work, since it is he who is used for speakerphone.

This manual is also intended for iPhone 6 and 6S

Can’t hear the interlocutor iPhone

Select the device that needs repair:

What should I do if I can’t hear my iPhone (“iPhone”) buddy during a call? Unfortunately, many owners of Apple mobile devices face this situation. And not everyone will be able to cope with this trouble on their own. In any case, first you need to understand the reasons.

So, why can’t you hear the interlocutor on the iPhone (“iPhone”) and what to do?

If the earpiece speaker does not work, you first need to figure out where it is located in your device. At the bottom you can see two holes, one of which is responsible for the speaker, and the other for the microphone. If we talk about the connector located in the middle, then it is intended for connecting a cable.

If you do not hear the interlocutor on the “iPhone”, and the sound disappears not from the lower speaker, but from the one on the front panel, then there may be several reasons.

The most common situation is with a problem with the headphone plug. Usually, the owner of the smartphone discovers this shortly after the purchase.

As a rule, such a failure is directly related to the shorting of the adapter to 3.5 mm. In this case, the user can try to connect / disconnect the headset several times, better abruptly, but without damaging the connector. In addition, if you encounter such a problem after prolonged use of the phone, most likely, it will need a complete replacement of the audio jack and the upper audio loop.

Less commonly, the sound does not come out correctly after using a Bluetooth headset. To do this, go to settings and turn off the headset.

It happens that the solution to the problem is much easier and is due to the fact that the owner is not familiar with the buttons of the device. On the side there is a key that is responsible for turning on / off the silent mode. Check if it was accidentally activated and if the volume level has been turned down.

If you cannot hear the interlocutor on the iPhone (“iPhone”), it is possible that the reason lies in the installation of third-party programs (both from Cydia and through iTunes). It is important to remember which applications you installed recently, perhaps after uninstalling them and restarting the device, the problem will be resolved. over, you can take care of a simple reboot after this problem has appeared. To restart the device, use the Home and Power buttons, holding them down at the same time.

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What should I do if I cannot hear the interlocutor on the iPhone (“iPhone”)? Some diagnostic features

As you may have guessed, it is very difficult to identify any patterns that indicate the presence of such problems. Self-diagnosis is also highly discouraged. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is better to start with a simple one. check if there is a silent mode, that is, if the Mute mode is activated.

It would be nice to check the microphone itself. To do this, it is enough to record something on it (for example, your voice). If the problem is in it, then it is advisable to immediately contact our Apple-SAPPHIRE service center. If everything is in order with him, then the problem lies in the connection. Sometimes it helps to restore / update the firmware, but in the absence of the necessary skills and special knowledge, this is also not recommended.

Physical damage cannot be ruled out. For example, a board replacement or other type of repair may be required. To do this, you need to seek help from our highly qualified craftsmen. We recommend that you sign up to us in advance through the website or by phone call. We also offer a courier delivery service that will significantly save you time.

The safest and fastest way to find out why the interlocutor cannot be heard on the iPhone (“iPhone“) is to resort to the help of our masters. Apple-SAPPHIRE offers free diagnostics for any device from Apple, which sets us apart from the competition. Depending on the specific problem, the repair process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two business days. But we will try to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, without making you wait long and without overstating the cost of services.

How to solve the above problems?

If the phone is incorrectly configured, you just need to increase the volume of the earpiece speakers. This method is the simplest.

If the passages along which the sound travels are clogged, then opening the case of a mobile phone or smartphone, thoroughly cleaning it and, if necessary, replacing worn-out parts will help. Elimination of the problem is not as elementary as increasing the volume, so if you do not have sufficient qualifications in solving such issues, it is better to give the phone to a service center.

If the coil of the spoken speaker is out of order, then it is only necessary to completely replace the defective part. Without experience in this type of repair work, it is better not to take on this matter, entrust the repair to an experienced specialist.

And if there is no sound at all?

If you do not completely hear the interlocutor on the phone, then there are several culprits of the problem:

  • there was a break in the loop or its contact, which is responsible for the sound of the speaker, or its coil is torn;
  • if the phone fell, then one of the reasons why the interlocutor may not be heard on the phone is a break on the main board of the mobile phone or smartphone;
  • the microcircuit or elements that ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the phone may fail.

In all these cases, you just need to contact the master for help.

Why is there interference??

The reasons that entail a malfunction in the operation of a mobile device are quite numerous and varied. Situations due to which you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone are:

  • incorrect volume settings of the device, it is possible that your device is set to the minimum volume of audio playback in the earpiece speakers;
  • the sound paths of the phone are clogged. Anything can clog them, for example, dust;
  • there was a short circuit in the speaker coil or it is burnt.

For all of the above reasons, it may be very difficult for you to hear the interlocutor, but the voice will sound.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the phone: we solve the problem

Recently you bought a brand new mobile phone and immediately decided to call and tell all your friends and acquaintances about the successful purchase? But here’s the bad luck, as soon as the interlocutor picked up the phone, interference, clicking began to be heard from the speakers of the device, and the voice of the subscriber was practically inaudible? Do not despair, this article will help you solve this situation.

Can’t hear sound on my Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the reasons for the poor performance of the device can be a software glitch. The option to fix the phone could be a full reset of all data to factory settings. During this process, all information contained on the smartphone will be erased, including the application that disrupts its normal operation.

Also, the reason may lie in the microphone of the device. In order to understand what is happening to him and how to fix the accessory, you should come to the service center and show the master the faulty mobile phone.

If at school you received A’s in computer science and are good at firmware, then one of the options for solving the question of why you can’t hear your interlocutor on your Samsung phone is to reflash the device. But this must be done with great care: there is a considerable risk of making a mistake and getting a lifeless brick instead of a normally working mobile phone. If there is no confidence, it is better not to experiment, but to ask for the service of a qualified programmer who understands such things.

Clean the receiver

The iPhone receiver may not work properly if it is dirty or clogged. Make sure that the receiver is not blocked by anything, such as a protective film or case, and also check that the receiver grille is not clogged. In the latter case, you need to brush it with a clean dry brush with soft bristles.

Advice! If you just bought an iPhone, remove the plastic films from the covers of your smartphone.

Check volume and connections

Initially, you need to check the basic settings. First, make sure the call volume is not set to the minimum. During a call, adjust the volume using the control buttons. the screen should display the volume indicator and its current state.

Secondly, make sure that no headset is connected to the iPhone, as there will be no sound from the smartphone’s receiver in this case. Check that nothing is plugged into the headphone jack or dock jack, and that the iPhone is not stuck in headset mode. In addition, go to Settings → Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the phone on the iPhone. what to do

Have you noticed that with some calls on your iPhone you can’t hear the interlocutor? This problem is quite common among owners of Apple smartphones. Its cause can be either an iOS error or a malfunction or contamination of the iPhone receiver. What to do in any of these cases is described in this manual.

Force restart your iPhone

Quite often, the problem with poor performance of the iPhone receiver is due to a software bug. Perform a forced restart of the smartphone by holding down the Power and Home buttons (the volume down button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus) in order to reset errors.

Restore iPhone

An even more powerful way to fix a software bug is to restore your iPhone. For this:

Note: You must have an up-to-date version of iTunes installed on your computer. You can update iTunes on Mac by going to the Updates tab in the Mac App Store, on Windows from Help → Updates. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you can download the latest version on the official Apple website.

Download the latest iOS version for your iPhone on this website.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and then put your smartphone into recovery mode. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button, but continue to hold the Home button for 6-9 seconds. If you did everything correctly, iTunes will report iPhone detection in recovery mode.

Note: Putting iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus into recovery mode is slightly different. Instead of the Home button, you must hold down the Volume Down button.

Hold down the Shift key and hold it down and click “Restore” in iTunes. In the window that opens, select the previously downloaded firmware file.

Confirm the start of the recovery procedure.

After the restoration is completed, perform the initial setup of the iPhone, and then check if the error with the incorrect operation of the device receiver has been fixed.

Contact the service center for help

If none of the above methods helped, in your case the problem is hardware. Only the specialists of the service center will be able to help solve it.

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How to solve the problem with the volume of an Apple smartphone on your own?

If your iPhone speaker is not working well, you can try to fix the problem yourself. It is possible that the earpiece or earpiece itself is working and the reason for the weak ringing on the iPhone is simply eliminated. Follow these steps:

  • check the iPhone volume level. perhaps during a conversation you accidentally pressed the knob and the volume became lower
  • reboot the device. a small software glitch is eliminated by a forced reboot method
  • check the sound of the iPhone without a case. sometimes it is the protective case that dampens the sound during a conversation
  • use a headset. insert the headphones into the jack and pull them out sharply

If none of the above steps helped and the sound of the subwoofer or ring is still weak, call a professional wizard to diagnose the device. The problem may be due to a broken microphone, oxidized contacts, a kinked ribbon cable, or a malfunction of other components.

Speaker on iPhone is not working well

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

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Some users of Apple smartphones are faced with the fact that the speaker on the iPhone does not work well. during a conversation the interlocutor is almost inaudible, a weak sound when listening to music or watching movies. Most often, the cause of the malfunction is contamination of the protective membrane of the speaker and it can be eliminated by cleaning.

However, there are situations when the cause of poor sound during a conversation is damage to the internal components of the phone, and then cleaning the membrane mesh will not be enough to restore good audibility. To understand why an Apple smartphone has poor sound, you need to take a closer look at all the possible causes of the problem.

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The main causes of breakdown

If the speaker on your iPhone has become quiet, you should first examine the ear canal. If dust or dirt is found, it must be carefully cleaned. If cleaning the earpiece does not work, then other causes of the failure should be considered. The most common are the following:

  • mechanical damage. poor sound of the phone may be the result of a shock, falling
  • software crash. very quiet sound or no sound at all is often the result of a firmware failure
  • moisture penetration. after moisture gets inside the smartphone, the printed track, board or other components are damaged, as a result of which the user cannot hear the interlocutor

Before deciding to replace the earpiece or earpiece, diagnose your smartphone and follow the recommendations for self-fixing volume problems.

Professional smartphone repair

If the sound on the iPhone starts to drop and you are unable to solve the problem on your own, contact the experienced technicians registered on YouDo for help. Private technicians will replace the bottom speaker on any model of Apple device in a short time. The advantages of working with private craftsmen are as follows:

  • inexpensive iPhone repair of any model at home
  • replacement of broken components with original parts
  • departure at a convenient time for you
  • minimum cost of services

As soon as you notice that the sound of the phone has begun to drop and the call on the iPhone is almost inaudible, urgently call a specialist. The wizard will quickly determine why the sound is weak and, if necessary, replace the iPhone speaker with a guarantee for all work performed. Experts know perfectly well why the speaker on the iPhone does not work well, so they deal with the problem in a short time.

Modem breakdown

Quiet conversation sounds are often the result of a broken modem in a new phone. The symptoms of this part in an Apple mobile device are as follows:

  • rewind sounds are heard during a conversation
  • connection suddenly disappears when making a call
  • very quiet sound of microphone and speaker

iPhone Can’t HEAR Phone Calls Unless on SPEAKER

It is very easy to determine that the caller cannot be heard on the phone due to a breakdown of the modem. If your smartphone does not catch the network or does not connect to the Internet, then most likely this is caused by a damaged modem. It is not recommended to repair or replace this part yourself, as careless actions can lead to more serious damage.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the iPhone

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Users of Apple mobile devices sometimes have a situation when the interlocutor on the iPhone is hard to hear. In exceptional cases, the cause of the malfunction is communication problems. just wait a while or restart the smartphone for the sound to return to normal.

If the problem of poor audibility during a call appears regularly, then you should look for the causes of the problem in the smartphone itself and eliminate them.

Broken speaker

Most often, it is hard to hear the interlocutor on the iPhone if the speaker is malfunctioning. This part of the smartphone is one of the most vulnerable, since dirt and dust accumulates on the membrane. The main reasons for speaker breakage in iPhone are as follows:

  • moisture ingress
  • fall of a mobile device
  • swipe
  • violation of the contact of the audio codec with the board

The first thing to do when the sound in the speaker becomes quieter or disappears is to thoroughly clean the membrane. If this does not help, then you will need to replace the speaker in the iPhone. When a smartphone is dropped or bumped, the speech and microphone codecs are damaged, which affects the quality of the conversation. In this case, you will hardly hear the caller during a conversation, and he may not hear you at all.

Poor audibility due to earpiece loop

If the subscriber is not heard on the phone during a call, or the sound in the speaker constantly “floats” during a call, the cause of the breakdown may lie in the loop of the earpiece. The flat connection cable can oxidize or break and you will not hear the caller during a call.

To fix the problem, you need to replace the flat cable on the iPhone using a special screwdriver, a flat plastic object and an original spare part, but this is a rather difficult task for a person who is not familiar with the device.

Fixing the problem yourself

When the interlocutor is not heard on the phone, the first thing to do is to make sure that the problem is not accidental or inattentive. Sometimes during a call, the user presses the volume control button, and the sound in the smartphone disappears. If the volume on iPhone is set to maximum, then the following may help to solve the problem:

  • operating system update
  • cleaning the sound channel
  • reboot smartphone
  • restore default settings

If, while talking on the phone, the sound in the speaker suddenly disappears and the headphone icon appears on the display, this may mean a malfunction of the audio jack and the loop connected to it. To fix the problem, just plug in the headset and pull it out sharply (but carefully).

Professional smartphone repair

If you become hard to hear your interlocutors when talking on the iPhone, do not take risks and do not make repairs yourself. Entrust this complex process to experienced specialists registered in Yuda. Professional craftsmen know how to fix damage of any complexity and restore the functionality of a smartphone. The advantages of working with private craftsmen are as follows:

How To Fix The Ear Speaker On Any iPhone! [Hearing Issues | Low Volume]

  • prompt troubleshooting at home or in the office
  • departure at a convenient time for you
  • minimum iPhone repair cost
  • guarantee for all work performed

An experienced technician will determine why the new iPhone has failed and will repair it using original parts and quality consumables. If you become hard of hearing the interlocutor on the iPhone, seek help from professionals who can fix any problem in a short time.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the iPhone

If the interlocutor is hard to hear on the iPhone, the reasons can be very different. Before dealing with them, it is worth clarifying the scheme of voice reproduction on the phone.

Modern devices have an auditory speaker that is capable of producing a sufficiently powerful and high-quality sound while playing music. It can be easily found as the additional hole located on the front of the device above the screen is perfectly visible.

It should be understood that the speaker is not capable of fully reproducing the full range of audio signals. Nevertheless, its functionality is quite extensive. As a rule, the available functions are enough to hear everything that the interlocutor says without any problems.

Important! If the interlocutor is hard to hear on the iPhone 7, this indicates a malfunction, which does not always depend on the device.

Reasons for poor audibility of the interlocutor on the iPhone

Why can there be a quiet iPhone 7 speaker or why the interlocutor is almost (or completely) not heard during a conversation? This problem is less common. The main reasons for poor hearing are described below.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the iPhone 7. the speaker has become quiet

IPhones are of high quality and great functionality, but even with them problems sometimes arise. What the user may encounter is a deterioration in the sound quality during a call. This phenomenon can be a big problem for the owner of the phone. Why the interlocutor’s voice disappears during a call, how to increase the sound on the iPhone. all this is discussed below.

What to do if you can’t hear the interlocutor on iPhone 6

There are not so many options for what to do if the voice of the interlocutor stopped reaching during a conversation. Initially, you can try to solve the problem without resorting to someone else’s help. Despite the apparent complexity, you can determine the cause yourself.

  • Check the location of the microphone. Significant distance will inevitably lead to poor audibility.
  • Just restart your device. It might have been a normal crash and restarting will fix it.
  • Check if the phone case is in the way. This is also a fairly common cause that is very easy to fix. This happens most often when using a non-original iPhone case.
  • See how you can turn up the volume on your iPhone and make sure the speaker isn’t just muted.
  • Make sure the ribbon cable is not damaged. This breakdown guarantees the complete absence of sound during a conversation. Very often, iPhones of the 5 S series sin with a breakdown of the loop.

If none of the above brought the desired result, then there is only one option left. contacting the service.

What decision options can be made by a specialist:

  • Re-flashing the device in the event of a failure. A similar reason is revealed in cases where the symptom is a periodic loss of sound during a conversation.
  • Removal of third-party programs that interfere with the normal operation of the system. The presence of third-party software on the iPhone 7 plus often leads to interruptions in communication.
  • Resolves the problem with improper removal of portable speakers or headphones. As a result, a quiet sound when talking.
  • Repair work, speaker cleaning and so on.

Important! There are a lot of options why the sound on the iPhone 7 plus could disappear. If simple diagnostics did not bring a result, it is recommended to contact the service for help.

How to boost quiet speaker sound on iPhone 4s

There are several simple, but effective ways to increase the volume of the earpiece on the 4s i-device:

  • Cleaning. This is the most working option. You just need to clean the speaker grid from the accumulated dust. This is especially true for those who have been using the same mobile device for a long time.
  • Change of settings. You need to get into the equalizer, there you will find the basic settings regarding sound and playback. Opens “Settings”, then the section “Music”, and then “Equalizer”. You can work with the presented possibilities yourself or connect the “Late Night” function, this is the loudest option of all presented.

To increase the sound of the ringtone, you should also go and change the settings. You can simply choose a louder melody and increase the sound.

If none of the options suits or does not work, you can always get additional accessories. Special covers with overhead speakers are available for sale.

Important! There are situations when a quiet speaker is nothing more than a factory defect. In this case, you can try to return the device under warranty if the deadline has not yet expired.


Can’t hear your interlocutor? During the call itself, try using the volume control buttons (located on the left side of the iPhone 4s side panel) to adjust it. Make sure that when you press the volume buttons, the volume indicator appears on the screen and its indicators change, depending on your actions. If such an indicator does not appear, then the buttons do not work.

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Reasons why sound does not work on iPhone 4S

In most cases, you should not sound the alarm and contact the service center for help, because you can try to take a number of simple steps, thanks to which, perhaps, you will be able to fix the problems that have arisen on your own.

iPhone turns on and off immediately: how to restore a smartphone

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Hearing aid does not work on iPhone 4. you can hear only from the speaker is it from the settings or?

Restart your iPhone and play with the volume as recommended in the article. If everything is displayed as it should be, most likely it is in the dynamics, otherwise in the firmware or in the hardware.

I record on a dictaphone, everything is clearly and well audible, when I record a video, noise appears

And it’s okay that the phone was no longer produced in 2014, and you probably have it restored from Chinese parts with Chinese hands in some basement?

problem with 4. The recorder is perfect, I can hear the interlocutor, the volume of the call, no problem either. Quite recently, it became poorly audible when recording a video, the recording seems to be covering the speaker with my hand, the sound is dull. What is fashionable to do, the speakers are clean, dust-free, I cleaned everything. It’s okay, but here’s the sound. …. )

Cleaning the iPhone 4s speaker grill

No manipulation will make the speaker of the smartphone work if it is dirty or clogged. If the phone is new, remove the protective film from the panel. Otherwise, make sure the speaker is not blocked by anything (blocking can be the film or case that touches it), and then make sure the mesh is clean and easy to pass sound. If the metal grill is clogged, take a soft dry brush and gently clean the receiver from dirt.

Disconnecting iPhone during a call: finding and fixing the cause

Quiet sound when talking on iPhone: what is the reason?

If the sound of the iPhone dies during a conversation, you have to strain your hearing a lot. Therefore, it is better to immediately find the cause of the problem and fix it.

First, sometimes the solution can be as trivial as the problem itself. You may have accidentally changed the volume settings. In order to return everything back, during a call, simply press the volume up button on the iPhone.

Secondly, if the screen protector on the iPhone display is not glued well, it can drown out the sound. Read about how to properly stick the film on the smartphone screen in our article.

A smartphone case may reduce the volume of the sound if it is too tight or not to fit (for example, covering the speaker). If the problem is in the case, then it is easy to fix it by changing the case to a suitable one, and the volume will be normal again.

If you carry your iPhone in your a lot, dust and other debris can build up on your speakers and adversely affect sound quality. In this case, the speaker should be cleaned.

As is often the case with technology, at times the cause of the problem lies in a combination of problems with various software. In such cases, restarting sometimes helps and the iPhone works fine again.

Quiet sound on iPhone during a conversation: add volume

Does your iPhone sound very quiet during phone calls? There may be several reasons for this.

In this article, we will tell you about the possible reasons why the interlocutor in a telephone conversation on the iPhone may be hard to hear. In addition, we will try to offer several solutions to the problem.

IPhone network problems and technical defects

But the two most common reasons for the quiet sound when talking on the iPhone are technical problems either on the side of your device or on the side of the cellular operator.

If during a call the sound stalls intermittently and does not improve when you turn on the speakerphone, the reason may be network problems. Your phone just won’t pick up, so the volume and sound quality will fluctuate during a call. Read about how to improve the quality of communication in hard-to-reach places in our other material.

You can also easily check if there is a speaker problem (which is the second common reason for quiet sound when talking on an iPhone). Record a short voice note via the corresponding application, and then play it.

If you can hear everything at normal volume, then the reason for the quiet sound is most likely due to network problems. If you have to listen carefully while playing a note, a defect in the speaker may be the cause of the quiet sound. In this case, your iPhone needs to be repaired.

Before repair, you can use the headset to talk on the phone. So you will hear your interlocutors well again.

What to do if the interlocutor is hard to hear on the “iPhone 6”? Causes and solutions to the problem

Modern telephones have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time. Now it is a music player, video and photo camera, GPS-navigator, etc. For conversations, of course, phones are used, but less often than before. But even if the interlocutor is hard to hear on the “iPhone 6”, this is a reason for the owner’s excitement. Such expensive gadgets from Apple should work properly.

Unfortunately, not a single phone is immune from this. Even the new flagships iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are at risk.

Looking for a reason

It is important to remember, after which it became difficult to hear the interlocutor on the “iPhone 6”. For example, after the gadget fell out of your hands or you threw a glass of water on it. It is possible that sand got into the speaker after relaxing on the beach. Anything could disrupt his work, but most often the owner is to blame. The speakers themselves rarely deteriorate. After all, this is a simple module in which there is really nothing to break.

Unfortunately, only a few users can repair the iPhone 6 on their own. This cannot be done without special screwdrivers, therefore the simplest concise advice. take the phone to the service center.

over, if you remember exactly that the speaker began to work worse after a fall, then you shouldn’t be in a hurry. However, if you are sure (or at least there is such a possibility) that you identified a bad sound on the “iPhone 6” after water got inside the case, then you must immediately turn off the phone, remove the battery and take the device to a service center. In this case, this is the minimum that you can do useful. The maximum is if you also dry the phone with a hairdryer for at least 5-10 minutes. Surely during this time, the water will evaporate from the inside. After that, take the phone to the master anyway.

If it turns out that water got inside and closed the contacts, then you will have to put a new speaker on the “iPhone 6”. Usually it is inexpensive, but with the condition of payment for the work, it will not be so cheap. Also, it cannot be ruled out that some contact or train did not come off during the fall. In this case, repairs will not be expensive.

Add volume

Let’s start with the banal. Inexperienced users, when talking, simply make the sound of the speaker quieter by involuntarily pressing the volume down button on the side panel. In this case, you don’t even need to open the “iPhone 6” settings. To set the maximum volume, you need to call someone and increase the volume with the side keys during the call.

Judging by the messages on various forums, a simple action also helps many users: insert and remove the headset. If it helps, then that’s great, but if not, then let’s move on.

Could there be a software reason?

Can. The iOS operating system itself is great. It is well optimized, easy to operate and constantly updated. But nowadays many users have popular jailbreaks. These are special programs installed on iOS. In other words. firmware.

Yes, they open up a lot of possibilities for users, including the ability to install cool free programs that would have to pay money without jailbreak. But firmware. these are unofficial software, and no one is responsible for their performance. No need to be surprised that after some jailbreak it will become hard to hear the interlocutor on the “iPhone 6”. And although the problem in the software is solved quite easily, a similar feature takes place.

So it is not recommended, unless absolutely necessary, to install all sorts of complex software that can harm the system. It’s good if the problem with the speaker is of a software nature. In this case, “iPhone 6” repair is not required at all. It will be enough just to install the latest official software through iTunes.

By the way, it is extremely rare that there can be a problem even in the official firmware. There have been times when new versions of Apple’s software only hurt the phone. Therefore, you can try to “roll back” to the previous version of the software. It is unlikely that this will solve the problem, but it is worth trying.

We clean the speaker mesh

If the mesh that covers the membrane and serves as some kind of protection from debris could become clogged, then to clean it, you need to use a cotton swab with alcohol or a toothbrush. Also try to blow it out and take out the trash.

If cleaning helped, then that’s great. True, dirt accumulates not only outside, but also inside. Therefore, sometimes the phone needs to be disassembled in order to clean the debris from under the mesh.

For disassembly, special star screwdrivers are used. Most likely, you do not have them, so you will have to contact the service center. If you have the necessary tool, then you can try to remove the cover yourself. But do it carefully so as not to hurt or tear off the train.

Did it help? If not, then we will look for the reason.