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iPhone flashes apple and won’t turn on

Making a forced reboot

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In 90% of cases, a hard reboot will remove most glitches and crashes when the iphone 5 smartphone flashes an apple on the screen and does not turn on.

  • We disconnect the iPhone from the computer or laptop, since iTunes may interfere with the restart and switch the device to UDF mode, now we do not need it.
  • We simultaneously hold down two Home and Power buttons, wait 5-10 seconds, the phone should go into reboot.

After rebooting, the logotype will appear again for a while, and after a minute you will see the loaded iOs, you can use the device in normal mode, and not try to install the crooked application that caused such problems. If the above methods did not help, then you will have to reflash the device.

The device hangs on the “apple” after a factory reset

To get your iPhone back to normal, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the device by long simultaneous pressing of the “Power” and “Home” buttons
  • Put iPhone into DFU mode: Press and hold the Home and Power buttons; keep the buttons pressed for 10 seconds; release the Power button while continuing to hold the Home button; hold the Home key until iTunes detects the new device in recovery mode (approximately 10-15 seconds).

As a result, store your iPhone in a case and avoid dropping onto a hard surface, it will save you from a lot of problems and save a lot of money on repairs. But if this has already happened, we follow the tips and carefully watch the video instructions.

IPhone Freezes When Turning On: Possible Causes

Ordinary iPhone users are often victims of wars between hacker teams. the very ones that develop jailbreaks. For example, the desire of the Evad3rs group to overtake the rest of the teams and release the iOS 7 jailbreak first led to the fact that the problem of freezing Apple gadgets on the logo in 2013 became an epidemic. Due to the “dampness” of the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak utility, smartphones got into a cyclic reboot. they switched on and off sequentially until the charge ran out.

Unsuccessful jailbreak and installation of a “buggy” tweak are two reasons that in the vast majority of cases cause a “white apple”!

However, if the iPhone turns on before the “apple” and turns off, this may be caused not only by a stupid attempt to “jailbreak” the device, but also a malfunction of the gadget at the hardware level. Here are some of the hardware problems that can trigger the appearance of the “white apple”:

    Breakdown of the power circuit. Such a breakdown is a consequence of a sharp voltage surge. In order to protect the gadget from power circuit malfunction, you should not put it on charge during a thunderstorm. Battery failure. You can extend the life of the battery if you use only original and high-quality chargers. Owners of old mobile devices are advised not to let the battery drain completely. Faulty motherboard. Such a breakdown does not immediately make itself felt. If with each launch of the iPhone the apple burns on the screen longer and longer, the user should take this as a symptom and start saving money for repairs.

The problem of the “white apple”, finally, may be due to the fact that the gadget is simply frozen. The Apple website has the following scale:

From this illustration, it is easy to understand that the manufacturer does not guarantee stable operation of the iPhone at temperatures below 32 ° Fahrenheit (which corresponds to 0 ° Celsius). If the smartphone is at a temperature of 4 ° Fahrenheit (-20 ° Celsius) for a long time, expect trouble.

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The easiest way to get rid of the “white apple” caused by low ambient temperatures is to place the iPhone in a dry, warm place and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes.

What to do if iPhone won’t turn on after jailbreak?

Turn off your smartphone.

Hold the volume up button on the side of your iPhone.

With the key pressed, try to start the mobile device.

An iPhone turned on in this way boots without programs from Cydia. If the gadget turns on normally with the volume key pressed, the point is definitely in one of the tweaks.

It will not be possible to establish exactly which jailbreak tweak is problematic. erase the programs one by one (starting with the one that you downloaded last) and after each operation try to start the smartphone in the usual way.

If the smartphone does not turn on even with the volume key pressed, the user has no choice but to jailbreak. We talked about several ways how to remove jailbreak from iPhone. in case of the “white apple” problem, it is recommended to flash the device.

Re-flashing. it just sounds scary, in fact, the procedure is quite simple:

Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to PC with a cable.

Put your smartphone in DFU mode. If this is not done, the PC simply will not see the connected gadget. You can find detailed instructions on how to activate DFU-mode on iPhone in our article on DFU-Mode.

ITunes will notify you that iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.

Click on the “Restore iPhone” button.

iTunes itself will download and install the new firmware on the gadget. You just have to wait for the completion of the procedure.

Re-flashing in the described way is fraught with the loss of all data. the user will receive a completely “clean” device.

The battery is out of order and needs to be replaced

If you do not contact the service center, the chances of purchasing an original battery for replacement are zero. When buying a battery, be sure to check it for leaks, swelling and corrosion. If possible, check the voltage with a tester.

How to fix problems

All faults are traditionally divided into hardware and software problems. To fix software errors, we need a USB cable and a computer.

How To Fix STUCK AT APPLE LOGO ENDLESS REBOOT Trick iOS 12 iPhone, iPod & iPad

For the treatment of iron, the list will be much wider:

iPhone won’t turn on lit apple (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 8, 8, 7, 6s, 6, 5s, 5)

Owners of Apple technology are familiar with the problem when the iPhone does not turn on, the apple is on and the device freezes or turns off altogether. The cause of such a problem may be simple, which is easy to deal with on your own. If the user’s actions turned out to be ineffective, then a visit to the service center would be a reasonable step.

What to do if iPhone won’t turn on but icon is lit

It happens that the smartphone “freezes” on the apple and does not boot. Such complaints are especially common among users who prefer the jailbreak system. It is not easy to establish the exact cause of such a failure, but the “treatment” in most cases turns out to be elementary: it is recommended to restore the device’s performance by a forced restart.

To do this, it is worth holding for 10-15 seconds. keys “Nome” and “Power” (for models up to the 7th generation inclusive) or instead of “home” use the volume down button (for 8 and above). During manipulation, the device must be disconnected from the PC or memory. After this procedure, the iphone starts up and functions as usual. Some wizards advise you to uninstall the latest applications, reinstall them. Due to malware, the iPhone often does not turn on, the apple burns for a few seconds and disappears.

If the device does not work correctly, you should make sure that the charger is working properly, check the cable is working properly. The brand cord is fragile enough, so it should be handled with care. “Left” manufacturers suitable for the charging connector do not always meet the requirements of the developers: the supply of inadequate current power can cause the battery to fail. It happens that the iPhone does not turn on after a while after being dropped. Violations do not appear immediately, for several days or even weeks the device can work as usual, but then it suddenly freezes.

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Flashing a smartphone: when will it help

If a charged iPhone still won’t turn on, then serious software glitches could be causing the problem. A comprehensive solution to this problem will be to reinstall the system. A black screen with an apple appears, but there is no other image? Such an embarrassment can happen after installing unverified programs or specifying incorrect parameters in the settings. You can restore the operation of the smartphone using simple manipulations. you need to enter the mobile into DFU mode. Be consistent:

  • Unplug the device (the apple should not glow).
  • Connect the USB cable to the PC, check if the iTunes version is up to date, launch the program. Iphone do not connect yet.
  • Press both buttons on the device at once. “Home” and “Power”, releasing the latter after 10 seconds. Do not release “Home” for another 10-15 seconds.
  • Connect the gadget to the USB cable.
  • When iTunes recognizes the device, proceed to reboot the system.

Nuance: in new models, instead of the “HOME” button, the volume down is activated. If the flashing did not help and the iPhone still does not turn on, the icon lights up and goes out, then diagnostics on professional equipment will be required.

To reinstall the software, it is recommended to use original accessories and corresponding programs. Analogs may contain an error and fail when “recognizing” the device.

The phone in DFU mode should have a black screen with no glowing logo. Only after the end of the flashing will an apple appear.

If the iPhone does not turn on after a fall, then the cause can be a variety of violations. from microcracks to the displacement of the main chips. There are problems with the charge controllers or power controllers, especially after a long period of inactivity of the device.

Software glitches, shock, moisture ingress can damage the internal NAND memory chip. This leads to complete or partial loss of data, there is no way to recover them. The chip will be quickly replaced by specialists by flashing the component, downloading the current version of iOS.

  • The device works slowly, may turn off, reboot spontaneously.
  • Data disappear.
  • Apps take too long to launch.

There are many reasons why the iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and the device freezes. When simple actions do not help, you should trust the professionals. Special equipment will help detect any breakdown and promptly carry out repair work.


There are many reasons when an apple appears on the screen and the device does not turn on. Users complained that at first the iPhone gets very hot, and then the blue screen and that’s it. Silence. The phone went into itself and did not respond to pressing the buttons. We will consider how to avoid this in the next section, and now we will get acquainted with the reasons for such breakdowns:

What to do if the iPhone 5s does not turn on, an apple lights up, then a red screen

The more modern and functional smartphones become, the more risks arise, in terms of hardware and software. Processors have to “shovel mountains” of information; in the process, overheating of microcircuits may occur and, as a result, errors. Errors in software can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as a red screen of death on your iPhone, and a variation of a similar blue screen problem on iPhone 5s (BSOD).

It’s not worth panicking and running in circles around the gadget, shouting “everything is gone”, there is always a way out, remember this.


With this problem, you can find seemingly incompatible symptoms, for example, when the phone warms up and gives a blue screen for 5s. It would seem, what does the heating and system error have to do with it. The answer is simple, most likely there was an error of the processor, which is fixated on solving a meaningless task.

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In addition, there is a whole range of symptoms:

  • Endless reboot.
  • When turned on, a red screen appears.
  • Blue screen appears when turned on.
  • The phone heats up while charging and does not show signs of life, after a minute a blue (BSOD) or red screen (red screen of death) appears.
  • When you try to turn on the device, the message “cooling is required before using the iphone” appears. In this situation, there are two options:
  • The iPhone is just overheated in the sun, so you need to cool it in the shade. Or put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, wrapped in a rag.
  • If 5 does not turn on and the case is cold, but says “cooling is required before using the iphone”, we try to turn it on again, the BSOD mode may appear.

You should not be afraid of this behavior of the device, it is necessary to carry out the procedures described in the next chapter, in 80% of cases, this saves the device from glitches, and you from wasted time and money in the service center.

Software errors (iOs)

  • Software, in particular Jailbreak, is essentially a file system hack. you can judge the consequences for yourself
  • Installing “crooked” applications from the App Store. Yes, and it happens, even if you are not a fan of “jailbreak”
  • The critical update of iOs is not installed (remember when was the last time they were updated)
  • There is a version. a red screen on the iPhone may occur due to a touch ID failure, after several unsuccessful scanning attempts. But this is more from the category of rumors.

Hardware problems (chips)

  • Dropping the iphone 5s on a hard surface does not add to its health. If the iphone does not turn on immediately after a hard landing or a red screen appears and that’s it, then you need to inspect the internal connectors. Perhaps one of the plugs flew out of the groove.
  • Drowning iPhone 6 in water or sea water also causes a blue or red display (BSOD).
  • Installation of low-quality spare parts on the phone during the previous repair. The market is flooded with fake parts for iphone 5s, 6, 7. Be careful when choosing repair shops.
  • The use of cheap Chinese chargers, which can sometimes produce such currents that even the refrigerator will burn out, not to mention the delicate electronic gut of the 5th iPhone.

Solution to the problem

It’s time to answer the question of what to do if the iphone 5 does not want to work as it should, pours out screens of death, becomes hot as an iron and does not turn on at the same time.

  • Trying to hard reset the phone. To do this, hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds. In this case, the Iphone 5s will go into reboot, the procedure can be repeated several times, until the iOs is fully loaded.
  • After successfully loading the iPhone operating system, turn it off for 10-15 minutes.
  • If iOs is loading, we urgently disable syncing applications with iCloud.
  • The next step is to temporarily disable the Find iPhone function. Go to “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Find iPhone” and disable “Find iPhone“.
  • Now on iphone 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, disable authorization by touch ID. Go to “Settings”. “General”. “Passcode Fingerprints”. “Fingerprints”, disable this function. Now the request for touch ID when turned on will not give an error for 5s, throwing out a red screen.
  • Install the iOs update proposed by the system.
  • We carry it from the workshop, the monitor cable may have broken or the connector is loose.

In the end, according to good tradition, I will leave a video instruction, with its help it will be easier to deal with the broken device. Good luck to everyone and see you on the site pages.