iPhone 7 fell into the water what to do

iPhone X, 8, 7, 6 fell into water and got wet, what to do?

If your iPhone falls into the water, toilet, or swimming pool? It can be very frustrating to watch water get into your iPhone and you rush about in a panic to dry it, but this is not the solution and may actually cause more damage.

In most cases, you can still save your iPhone after being exposed to water, but it is important that you take the necessary steps to minimize damage and avoid additional harm. Here are some helpful tips for working with iPhones that have been damaged by water. What to do if iPhone is not working?

How to dry a wet mobile

It’s a popular concept to stuff a wet device into a bag full of rice to dry out the insides. In my experience, this actually works and helps absorb moisture from the smartphone.

To get started, grab a plastic bowl, bag, or anything else that can be filled with rice.

Now fill it with rice and place the iPhone in it so that the whole smartphone is covered with rice.

Leave it there for about 36 hours or more until all the moisture is absorbed. We warn you that some rice grains may end up in ports.

An alternative is to use silica gel, which is more effective at drying wet devices, but you will need a lot of them and need to cover the entire iPhone.

iphone, fell, water

iPhone fell into water

After you have waited at least 36 hours and feel confident that the iPhone is completely dry, take it out and try turning it on. In most cases, the iPhone will turn on successfully.

If your iPhone won’t turn on, then you should take it and take it to an iphone repair service center. Keep in mind that iOS devices have liquid indicators that show if the device has been damaged by water, so make sure you are not claiming that the iPhone stopped working for no apparent reason. Forgot your password? How to recover password on iPhone and iPad?

iPhone dropped into water, helpful tips:

If your iPhone is connected to a power source, unplug it immediately, as this could cause a short circuit. Also, disconnect USB cables, headphones, or any other accessories connected to it with a wire.

Completely dry outer surface of iPhone with a piece of cloth. Avoid using electronic drying devices such as hair dryers.

Hold your iPhone upside down and shake it gently to release liquid from ports and outlets.

If iPhone is still on, turn it off by holding down the power button.

If your iPhone is in a case, remove it to avoid getting any liquids inside.

Now that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to limit water damage to your iPhone, you’re ready to dry out the insides. Not enough space all the time? How to free up space on iPhone 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s without uninstalling apps.

iPhone falls into water, how to find out water damage

All iPhones have a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) that activates if water comes into contact with the circuit board and the phone is damaged. If iPhone has been damaged by water, the indicator will glow bright red.

As soon as you take your iPhone out of the rice, be sure to check if the indicator light is red. If you are lucky and there is no water damage, you should see the normal indicator color, which is white or silver.

To find out where the LCI is on your iPhone, check out the table below.

iPhone fell into water

Remember, it’s always safer to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store before trying to rotate the device. After falling into the water, the iPhone has no network, does not find the network, does not see the network?

Recover data if iPhone fell into water

In some cases, the iPhone can avoid water damage and you can continue to use the device as usual. If you quickly took your iPhone out of the water, turn it off and dry it using the steps above, you may not need to recover the device. IPhone 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s backup, how to create a copy to iCloud and iTunes.

If the iPhone, on the other hand, has returned to factory settings and lost its data, there are several ways to get content back on the iPhone. To do this, you need to restore iPhone from a previous backup made via iTunes or via iCloud.

  • IPhone Recovery via iTunes

If you’ve recently synced iPhone with iTunes before dropping your phone into water, you can restore it via iTunes. The below guide shows you how to restore contacts from iTunes backup. These same steps will also restore other data to your iPhone, such as settings, messages, calendars, and camera photos. How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup.

Please note that iTunes will only restore data from the moment it was backed up. Any subsequent changes made to the iPhone will not be restored.

  • Recover iPhone via iCloud

If the iPhone is running iOS 5 or higher, and if you turned on iCloud backup prior to the incident, you can restore it from an iCloud backup. iCloud will recover the same data as iTunes. contacts, notes, messages, calendars and camera photos.

iPhone fell into water

If iPhone falls into water, you will be prompted to set iPhone as new or restore from backup after turning on the device. Does your iPhone run out of battery quickly? 5 ways to fix it.

Click “Recover from iCloud Backup” and select the latest iCloud recording date. Here’s how to hard reset your iPhone.

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iPhone fell into water

It often happens that when the iPhone is dropped into the water, the screen does not work, or even the device does not turn on at all. This is clearly not a warranty case, but an oversight of the user, so there is no point in downloading your rights and hoping for free repairs. official services will calculate the flooding of the device at a time, and dubious workshops will add various faults and breakdowns to this, after which the cost of repairs will be comparable to the cost of approximately half of the iPhone (or even more). If the iphone falls into the water and you want to save it, read the main risks and ways to save the device.

What services do with the “drowned

An iPhone that has fallen into the water must be brought with the battery removed (in the absence of self-drying attempts) or turned off, so as not to aggravate the situation. Qualified masters perform the following set of procedures:

  • The phone is completely disassembled. The craftsmen have all the necessary tools, so the likelihood of damage to threads or parts is excluded;
  • Cleaning. With the help of an air compressor and special solutions, all traces of liquid ingress are removed from the board and loops;
  • Testing nodes. Every part of your iPhone will be tested and repaired using a soldering station. In case of problems with particularly sensitive parts, you will be notified and warned of a possible failure of the unit. Agree to warm up or not. it’s up to you.

The hardware you need is not cheap, so unlicensed services come at a cost to your iPhone. Do not skimp on repairs, otherwise you run the risk of facing the need to buy a new gadget, which is not cheap.

Effects of water ingress

The flooded board is a herald of final breakdown

Even if you personally drowned the device or your girlfriend dropped the iPhone into water, after which you dried the device yourself, and it worked, there is no guarantee that the phone will continue to work correctly. The fact is that part of the moisture during home drying will still remain inside, causing oxidation and decay. This can cause the following defects:

  • The battery runs out quickly;
  • WI-FI and headsets do not work correctly;
  • The screen does not respond well to pressing;
  • The board is not working correctly;
  • The camera is not detected;
  • The device reboots spontaneously.

That is why it is recommended to visit the service center for diagnostics even in the case of successful drying.

Emergency measures

The fate of your apple friend depends on how quickly you react. Remember the list of emergency actions for the future:

  • Remove the apparatus from the liquid. Do not be nervous or call for help. the iPhone can withstand a few seconds with dignity, more than 15 seconds in water is too much, but if the device is in the water for more than 30 seconds, this will cause serious problems
  • If the system works after “bathing” in water, immediately turn off the iPhone. If the iphone falls into the water and turns off, things are much worse, it may be about a short circuit. Anyway, go to the next step.
  • Remove the battery. It is unlikely that it will be possible to act quickly here, especially without a special screwdriver for disassembly. The fact is that the power supply is screwed on with two miniature bolts, so you cannot simply remove it.
  • Remove visible moisture. When the iPhone fell into the water, you can’t hesitate for a long time: perhaps the couple of drops that you removed could completely kill the device.

What to do if iPhone falls into water

One of the popular methods is drying the iPhone with rice.

Sadly, there may be water inside the drowned person, which is unlikely to be wiped off without disassembling the apparatus. Folk remedies will come to the rescue here:

  • Fig. Cover the container with dry rice, then gently lay down your iPhone. Close the lid and let sit for about 30 hours. The rice will draw out moisture and small cracks, after which, if quickly removed from the water, the phone will work. The disadvantages of the method include the ingress of small crumbs into the holes of the apparatus.
  • Hair dryer. If iPhone falls into water and is dry on the outside after procedures, you can dry it in the hope of evaporating moisture inside. It is much faster than rice, but the evaporation of the liquid has a bad effect on microcircuits and plumes.

If you don’t want to take risks, then use more expensive but productive methods:

  • Drying cover. Designed to combat moisture, the iPhone case contains a special filler that fights not only moisture, but also internal moisture. A complete drying cycle lasts more than 48 hours, however, manufacturers give a high probability of restarting the phone without changing performance and condition.
  • Service center. When the iphone accidentally falls into the water, the warranty expires, but official services are able to make a paid repair. Please note: it is recommended to contact only licensed services, since unofficial offices and dubious private specialists can only ruin your device.

Whichever method is chosen, you should always pay close attention to the behavior of the device after the “resurrection”, because any deviations from the norm may indicate an imminent irreparable breakdown.

IPhone Waterproof Facts

Manufacturers are aware of the problems of their offspring in contact with water, therefore, the interaction with the aquatic environment was taken into account in the new designs.

  • Falling 6S iPhone into water is not a problem for an hour. that is how much water, according to tests, cannot damage the device;
  • iPhone 7 does not lend itself to water at all: you can even swim with it, because the case is completely waterproof. If the water got inside by some miracle, then the model was of poor quality;
  • The system board can be saved from deposits and oxidation by wiping with rubbing alcohol. This is not recommended for inexperienced users to avoid damaging the smallest parts of the board.
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Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus Water Damage Fixes and Tips. Fliptroniks.com

If you are afraid of “flooding” your iPhone. buy the seventh model of the device.

Sea water, electronics’s worst enemy

Whether the iPhone can be reanimated after being submerged in salt water will depend on your luck. Salt water, the worst thing that can happen to your electronic friend. Salt and impurities in the water will have an extremely negative effect on both the PCB pins and the iPhone screen. 90% that you now have an expensive brick in your hands, but you should try to contact a good service, 10% still remains, but you need to hurry.

Bathing in the washing machine

Is it possible to restore the device after it has sunk in the washing machine? It’s 50/50, maybe yes, maybe not. It is too late with emergency actions, you should not panic and break the washing machine, otherwise you will be left with two dead devices in your hands. Calmly stop the washing process, or wait for it to complete, do not forget the tested iPhone with water at home and go, no, we fly to the service center.

Actions for the risky

What to do if iPhone falls into liquid and your hands grow out of the right place? Then we forget about the risk of losing a precious iPhone, on the front lines of the battle with the liquid that got inside, and proceed to warm up the phone. Video instruction is attached.

  • We weigh all the risks, read the last part of the article and proceed
  • To do this, we need a building hair dryer, in extreme cases, an ordinary household one will do.
  • Whenever possible, we disassemble the iPhone as much as possible in order to allow warm air currents to get into the most distant corners of the microcircuits.
  • We turn on the heating to the very minimum and direct it to the experimental drowned man
  • It is possible that this will help to avoid oxidation of contacts and the phone will work properly.

Drowning in other interesting fluids

Favorite iPhone fell into the toilet? Wet your phone with beer? Filled your iPhone with tequila? The actions are exactly the same as if the iPhone was drowned in plain ordinary water, except that the repairmen will have to pay even more for cleaning the microcircuits from sticky and / or fetid masses. Editorial advice. next time, don’t take your brand new iphone 7 with you to the toilet, leave it under the supervision of friends and a few beers.

Myths and reality

There is a persistent opinion that the faster you put a phone in the water in rice, the easier and cheaper the repair will be. You will be upset, but this is just a myth, rice will not help if the iPhone falls into the water and does not want to turn on. The method can help, but only if you “gut” the iPhone 4 and take out all the chips, put them in a jar of rice for 12-24 hours. Only in this case is there a chance that a miracle will take place. Let’s leave the myths and move on to reality, consider a few really working tips for restoring a phone that has been in water. Let’s answer the main question: what to do if the iphone falls into the water?

Actions in steps, for those who are not ready to take risks

Dropped iPhone in water and iPhone wet? Don’t know what to do? Can’t remove the battery yourself? Then we go to you!

  • We immediately turn off the device, while the phone that has fallen into the toilet is still showing signs of life.
  • Wipe dry and try to shake out excess moisture, but don’t overdo it!
  • We run to the nearest good service for the repair of Apple appliances
  • We speak loudly to the servicemen in what exactly the iPhone was drowned, so that they know how to wipe the flooded microcircuits.

Independent resuscitation actions in case of water ingress

All of the steps below work equally well for all Apple phones, whether it’s the old iPhone 4 series or the upcoming iPhone 8, not to mention the 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus and 7 series. Technology from the United States is good, but little adapted to the aquatic environment, however, like other electronics. The only ones who care about water protection are Korean and Japanese brands, Samsung and Sony. But even then, the protection is more formal than really working. They will save you from splashes and light immersion, but unlikely from serious pressure drops. Therefore, for a very long time, the described methods will be working and in demand.

  • Calmly and without fuss, we take out the iPhone after bathing in the bathroom, toilet, sink (underline the necessary). If the gadget has spent no more than 3-5 seconds under water, you should not worry, 90% that full performance will be restored. 10-20 seconds after the iPhone is in the water, the likelihood of painless recovery rushes to zero.
  • Is the smartphone still alive after the water? Turn off the power urgently
  • Does the device not turn on after water? Most likely there was a short circuit and you need to act quickly.
  • If possible, we try to disassemble the case, it is advisable to remove the battery, but on the iPhone 4 this is not so easy to do, you need a specialized tool.
  • We wipe the device, not forgetting about the connectors, they can accumulate up to 30% of all moisture.

Priority actions

If you haven’t already, first of all, remove the iPhone from the water and carefully turn it off.

Do not even try to check if it works, as this can lead to a short circuit.

Step 1

Remove the cover from the wet iphone. Be sure to remove the SIM card from it. Removing the battery will not harm either (this step is only intended for confident users who are willing to void the warranty). By minimizing the nooks and crannies in which water can linger, you increase the chances of avoiding damage to key elements of the iPhone.

iPhone fell into water

If your iPhone falls into water, you probably want to rescue it and restore data. Such damage is the second most common problem with Apple phones (the first is broken screens). Fortunately, a certain algorithm of actions in most cases helps to successfully solve it. over, the same principles can be applied not only to other iOS-enabled devices, but in general to most electronic devices.

How to avoid repetitive diving

Very soon, water damage will remain only an unpleasant memory from the past. After all, the new waterproof iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models can safely stay in water at a depth of up to one meter for 30 minutes.

If these toys don’t fit into your budget yet, consider purchasing a waterproof case or a special bracelet. This way you are more likely to keep your iPhone safe.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Disconnecting iPhone during a call: finding and fixing the cause

IPhone turns on and off immediately: how to restore a smartphone

Step 2

Wipe off excess liquid from all accessible surfaces. Turn the phone upside down and shake gently to clean ports and connectors.

from the water

The IPXX protection code is deciphered as follows:

The first number is the degree of protection against the penetration of foreign objects. All iPhones have a maximum protection level of 6. This means that dust cannot get inside the device.

The second number is the degree of protection against water penetration.

IPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XR have protection level 7. iPhone will stay calmly in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to a meter. Water will not enter the smartphone in an amount that could disrupt the operation.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a water resistance rating of 8. Any smartphone can be submerged in water to a depth of two meters for 30 minutes or less. According to the official description of the eighth degree of protection, the devices can work in submerged mode. But using iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in water is strongly discouraged.

The indicator is pink! Everything is ok?

Unfortunately, pink in this case is just a lighter shade of red. It also signals the ingress of water into the iPhone case.

Whether the indicator is red, pink, light red, or dark red, the iPhone is marked as having been in contact with water. Possible damage to boards, loss of warranty.

But how so, because rice helped me (my friend / girlfriend)?!

It is important to understand that rice did not save a single drowned smartphone. Smartphones that had contact with water restored their working capacity not thanks to, but in spite of the rice. They just lay there for a sufficient amount of time at rest, the water evaporated, the contacts dried out. Rice has nothing to do with it.

Still believe in the miraculous power of rice? The last argument. In November 2016, scientists at the US National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study entitled “The Effectiveness of Commercial Desiccants and Brown Rice in Removing Moisture from Hearing Aids.” Research has shown that there is no difference between drying a hearing aid (and any other device) in rice or on a table without any additional aids. Rice is useless.

In general, we, iFixit specialists and scientists have warned. If you still have the intention of using rice to dry your iPhone, remember that you do it at your own peril and risk. The smartphone can die because of the rice.


If your iPhone is drowned in water, turn it off first and check the liquid contact indicator. He is red? Hold iPhone flat and contact a service center immediately to dry and clean the contacts. This is the most effective way to keep your smartphone alive.

Can’t contact the SC? Place iPhone on a horizontal surface with the display facing down and pull out the SIM card tray to draw air into the case. Cover your smartphone with silica gel (if you have one), turn on the fan and point it towards the SIM card slot for more air to dry. Wait 24 hours.

Never put your iPhone in rice, on a hot battery, wrap your smartphone in a towel or dry it with a hairdryer.!

After 24 hours, try turning on your iPhone. Doesn’t turn on? Connect it to the charging adapter and wait a few minutes. If the iPhone is not “dead” due to being in the water, it should turn on.

How to tell if your iPhone is drowning in water

? Every iPhone has a moisture indicator. It turns red if the insides of the case have been flooded with water. This indicator should be checked first after the iPhone is dropped into water.

Where is the moisture indicator on the iPhone? Here is a table of the location of the indicator in all models:

Drowned iPhone in water, but it works? Be carefull

iPhones are real ichthyandras. Models with water protection are calmly in the water for several hours instead of the officially announced 30 minutes. Models that are not protected from water can also “bathe” without problems, and then work without showing any sign for many years. Even with a reddened indicator in contact with water.

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There are an incredible number of such cases. Right now, tens of thousands of users are walking around with iPhones recently drowned in toilets and sinks. Everything works on such smartphones. It seems to be.

However, on a drowned iPhone, problems can still appear. In a week, several months, or even years. Below we have described the symptoms of iPhones not working properly as a result of contact with water. If these begin to appear, you should seriously think about going to the SC.

What to do if iPhone 7 falls into water

The liquid has a bad effect on the work of any technique, regardless of brand quality. In such a situation, the best option is when clean water gets in, since it does not entail additional “special effects”; with the right approach after contact with water, it is possible to fully restore the device’s performance. If coffee, sweet tea, beer or any other drink gets under the body, the task becomes much more complicated and no one will undertake to guarantee a successful outcome.

Water resistant iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is the first model to feature dust and moisture protection according to the IP 67 standard. This means that the smartphone is completely protected from dust getting under the body. This is evidenced by the first figure. Withstands short-term immersion under water at 1 m, as well as splashes, strong jets of water, etc. This level of dust and moisture protection corresponds to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Even if you are the most careful user of situations in which iPhone 7 fell into the water, you can with each of us:

  • fell into a sink or toilet
  • talking on the phone in the pouring rain;
  • filmed underwater;
  • accidentally spilled water on the surface next to the phone.

If your iPhone is in trouble and it survives contact with water, you need to do the following:

  • turn off the device;
  • wipe dry;
  • to dry, hold the phone with the Lightning connector down;
  • in order to dry the iPhone 7 faster after water, you can use a hair dryer. To do this, a stream of cold air is sent to the Lightning connector.

Never charge iPhone. Ideally, you should immediately go to the service center and not try to solve the problem with rice and other “folk” remedies.

iPhone 7 plus and water; what to expect

After contact with water, open interfaces, speaker connectors, microphone and cameras are the first to suffer. Next, as the liquid penetrates under the case, the internal components suffer. After contact with the liquid, do not rush to check their integrity, malfunctions appear later. The best thing to do if your iPhone 7 falls into the water is to turn off your phone and take it to a service center. The biggest danger is oxidation. Such defects lead to a complete replacement of the damaged module. over, the best option, when it is ordinary water, the presence of other organic substances aggravates the breakdown.

By the way, you can independently check how much the iPhone was damaged by water. To do this, you need to pull out the SIM card slot. The LCI indicator is located here. A smartphone that has not had contact with liquid has a white or silver color. After contact with liquid, the indicator turns bright red. By the way, it is necessary to check it when buying a used iPhone. If a “drowned man” is offered, it is better to refuse such a purchase. Since you probably don’t know where and how the device was reanimated.

For those who nevertheless tried to dry the iPhone at home and refrain from the service, bad signals will be:

  • quiet sound, its disappearance, you do not hear or (the speaker and microphone are damaged);
  • lack of vibration (the taptic engino vibration motor is damaged);
  • headphones do not work;
  • the side button and volume control do not respond;
  • the phone does not see the SIM card, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IMEI information is not displayed (damage to the motherboard).

IP67 protects the case from moisture penetration, but does not guarantee that iPhone 7 Plus and water can coexist without consequence.

Where to get your iPhone 7 repaired after being hit by water

Any kind of repair after contact with liquid is done at the AppleLab service center. If any liquid gets into your smartphone, turn off your iPhone and come to us urgently. Do not try to dry the phone yourself with rice or a hot jet of air. this will only exacerbate possible damage. A timely service call can protect your iPhone 7 from costly repairs. Our service engineers are experienced in repairing all types of Apple appliances. We have all the necessary tools and special equipment. We carry out even the most complex repairs, we will revive even a hopeless “brick”.

IPhone dropped into water. what to do?

To save the “apple” gadget from the destructive effects of water, you need to follow the following algorithm of actions:

Take your smartphone out of the water immediately. This is obvious: even 10 seconds in the liquid can be fatal for the iPhone. After 40 seconds, there is no chance of saving the device.

Turn off your iPhone to protect it from short circuits. If you have a Pentalobe screwdriver, disassemble the device and remove the battery.

Remove the cover, if there is one. moisture must have accumulated under the accessory. It is not necessary to remove the film: it should be done only in the presence of water bubbles.

Dry iPhone. Remove visible moisture with tissue or other handy tools. You can use a cocktail straw to suck water out of holes and connectors.

Check moisture indicators. On the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, there are two: the first is in the headphone jack, and the second is in the dock connector. On devices of the 5th and 6th modifications there is only one sensor, and it is located in the SIM card slot.

In the normal state, the indicators are white. If the sensors are red, water has entered. What does it mean? First of all, the fact that you can say goodbye to the guarantee.

Moisture sensors are the first thing to look at when buying a hand-held gadget. Our website also provides other tips on how to check a used iPhone.

Take “legs in hand” and go to the repairmen.

It will be much cheaper for the user to insure against possible flooding of the iPhone than to eliminate the consequences of the iPhone falling into the water. In many networks of mobile salons you can find on sale waterproof covers for Apple devices with an acceptable price. Wearing such a cover every day is problematic due to its impressive size, but if you are planning a visit to the beach or sauna, you should resort to its help.

What to do if iPhone falls into water?

When the iPhone is flooded, its owner must perform a series of “first aid” measures. then the likelihood of saving the gadget will increase many times. How to act for the owner of an “apple” device if his smartphone has fallen into the water, and is it worth trusting the advice of home craftsmen?

Falling a gadget worth a thousand dollars into the water is a real tragedy for the owner. An impressive bill should immediately appear before his eyes, which will be presented by the repairmen after the “resuscitation” of the device, if it turns out to be possible. In such a situation, greed often prevails over common sense, and then the owner of the “drowned” iPhone begins to “dig” on the Internet, trying to find “folk” means of removing moisture.

Of course, not a single qualified specialist will undertake to assert that there are no effective methods of “folk treatment”. At the same time, each master will confirm that most of the tips that are found on the Internet are given by amateurs and can only push the iPhone to “death”. There is a list of mandatory actions that the owner of the “flooded” iPhone must perform; going beyond this list and the desire to take the initiative leads to a huge risk.

Do I have to go to the service?

If a user inadvertently spills a glass of water on a smartphone and immediately dried the device, he does not need to contact a service center: such a short contact does not pose a significant threat. The user should leave the iPhone turned off for several hours (so that the moisture completely evaporates), then try to “launch” the gadget. Now, if the device does not turn on, this is a reason to “sound the alarm”.

Another situation: the owner of the iPhone came to the beach, ran into the water, and only then found that he had forgotten to take the mobile device out of his shorts. In such a situation, it is no longer possible to do without contacting a service center.

You need to go directly to the repairmen, and not to the salon where the iPhone was purchased. The seller will refuse to repair under warranty. the owner of the device will only lose precious seconds.

You will definitely have to pay: only factory defects are eliminated free of charge, but not the consequences of the user’s carelessness. Another thing is that iPhone owners tend to exaggerate the amount, which, in their opinion, will cost the restoration of the “apple” gadget. Nobody will present a five-digit bill. for iPhone 5 / 5S and 6 thousand rubles for iPhone 6th modification.

It is recommended to contact the repairmen for diagnostics in any case. even if the iPhone looks like it works perfectly and does not “glitch”. Penetration of water into the housing can cause a decay process, the consequences of which the user will notice only after a couple of months.

Common symptoms of putrefaction are:

    Fast battery discharge. Loss of screen sensitivity. Problems with the Wi-Fi module. The speaker does not work. the sound has disappeared completely or is very quiet. Water, penetrating through the protective mesh of the speaker, immediately enters the membrane. Dust starts to accumulate on the wet membrane. Even if you manage to remove moisture from the speaker (for example, using a cocktail straw), the dirt will remain. it will form a sound barrier. Speaker is one of the most vulnerable iPhone components.

Diagnostics in a service center will cost 500-800 rubles. Most likely, this service will generally be provided free of charge if you agree to subsequent repairs in the same organization.

What not to do if your iPhone falls into water?

Whatever advice the “pseudo-experts” give on thematic forums, when the iPhone is flooded, in no case should you do the following things:

    Use a hair dryer to dry. Yes, a stream of warm air will speed up the evaporation of moisture, but at the same time it will contribute to the destruction of internal components. Wrap iPhone with towels. By “wrapping” the gadget, you will only achieve that the humidity inside the case will rise. therefore, push the iPhone to death.

Leaving your smartphone in a container of rice for 24 hours is also not a good way. Rice is an excellent moisture absorber. there is no doubt that the cereal will rid the iPhone of the remaining liquid. However, rice will not be able to remove crystals of salts and minerals that have already settled on the elements of the device, which means that the oxidation reaction will not prevent.

In addition, when you take your iPhone out of rice, you will find that all the holes are clogged with cereals. If you still decide to take the gadget to the workshop after applying such a “folk method”, be sure that there you will be remembered with an unkind word more than once.

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Why water is dangerous for the iPhone and how “bathing” threatens?

For many users, it will probably be a discovery that water is far from the most dangerous liquid for mobile devices. The salts and minerals contained in the water have a negative effect on the technique. They are chemically active substances and during the oxidation reaction. that is, when they come into contact with oxygen. they harm the structure of the metal.

The danger of a liquid for technology can be judged by the pH indicator. the level of acidity (or hydrogen indicator). The lower the pH, the more hazardous the environment. Water is a completely neutral liquid. its pH value is 7. Liquids with a higher acidity level are usually alkaline. They pose the least threat to the iPhone.

You need to know the enemy by sight. what kind of liquids are capable of instantly destroying a gadget?

With long-term contact with the listed substances, it will no longer be possible to save the gadget.

On the contrary, sea water (pH = 8.0), ammonia (pH = 11.5), chlorine (pH = 12.5) are almost harmless to a smartphone in terms of oxidation. Distilled water is completely harmless, from which all salts and minerals have been completely removed.

Oxidation of smartphone elements is not the only danger. Remember that water is an excellent conductor of electricity. That is why the penetration of liquid into the case is capable of provoking short circuits, which will be repeated until the power is completely disconnected. Even one short circuit may be enough to “fry” a couple of microcircuits. a few similar closures will definitely send the gadget “to the next world”.

It depends on how quickly and accurately the owner of the iPhone will be able to “reanimate” the device.

When the iPhone is flooded, it is strongly recommended to visit the service center. at least for the wizards to carry out diagnostics. It is highly likely that the consequences of “bathing” will not appear immediately, but after a few months. the repairmen will neutralize this risk. It is not worth replacing the qualified help of specialists with “folk methods of treatment”. most likely, you will only harm the device more.

If you want to completely avoid the worry that your “apple” gadget will suffer from water, you should buy an iPhone 6S or 7. Both devices are protected from moisture to varying degrees: the 6th iPhone keeps quietly under water for 10 minutes, 7- oh, not at all afraid of liquids.

Tip # 4: For those who have accepted recommendation and are confident in their own abilities

It is easiest for a man to decide on a self-made repair to clean the inside of the device from traces of water ingress than for a representative of the weaker sex. However, a technically savvy woman can easily cope with the solution, in general, an easy task. dismantling the body of a mobile device.

  • Before proceeding with the practical implementation of the scenario: “What to do if the iPhone fell into the water?”, Find a video on disassembly of your particular model of iPhone.
  • Prepare your workplace and tools.
  • You will need rubbing alcohol and a brush (small size) to clean the interior of the case and components on the phone board that has been exposed to water or another derivative.
  • After you disassemble the phone with due care and accuracy, treat each component on the board with alcohol. Using a prepared brush, thoroughly clean the device from moisture.
  • Using a household hair dryer, dry all components and structural parts of the device.
  • Reassemble, making sure that at the end of the process there are no “extra” spare parts.

Congratulations, you now know what to do if your iPhone 5 falls into the water. However, the principle and algorithm of the recovery process remains unchanged and is identical literally for the entire line of iPhones. Only a few design features should be taken into account during the repair process, which you can easily find out about by flipping through the pages of the corresponding information resources.

What to do if iPhone falls into water? Advice

Apple brand products have long established themselves in the mobile device market as high-quality and high-tech electronics. However, the happy owners of elegant iPhone phones may be disappointed by the fact that their cell phone, in general, is practically not protected from the harmful effects of water. Oleophobic coating will not save an expensive mobile phone from protracted “rainy procedures” and the onslaught of liquid from a filled bath. And therefore the question: “What if the iPhone fell into the water?” quite relevant. Let’s make a reservation right away: only your efficiency and clear actions will help to avoid the fatal outcome of unforeseen “wet” circumstances. Not superfluous recommendations and sound humor of the narrative will magically make you, dear reader, a rescue techie. So get ready for reincarnation!

Tip # 2: Explaining Specifically What to Do

If your iPhone falls into water, the first thing to do is turn it off. The plan for further action is as follows:

  • No need to shake your mobile phone and try to “squeeze” the remaining liquid from it.
  • Wipe the device dry and, using the tools at hand, try to unscrew the two end screws that are located at the edges of the system connector of the device.
  • After releasing the back cover of the device from the fixing elements, slide this housing part up and lift it.
  • Carefully unscrew the two mounting bolts of the frame that secures the battery connector.
  • Dismantle the battery, first disconnecting the terminal from the contact pad of the motherboard of the phone.

This is the main thing to do when your iPhone is dropped into the water. Next, you should contact a specialist or independently take a series of actions to restore the working capacity of the “drowned man”.

Tip # 3: Your Tech Upgrade

In the previous paragraph, the phrase “improvised means” was mentioned, which could well have been a penknife, a fastener with sharp edges, or a key to the apartment. As you probably understood, the priority action at the time of adverse effects of water is to promptly de-energize the phone. Since life-giving moisture in this situation completely loses all its “magic” properties. this is a real death for unprotected electronics. Therefore, in order to be fully armed in the event of an unforeseen “emergency”, for the sake of wisdom, buy special Apple screwdrivers, which. believe me ! will be needed more than once. After all, our life is incredibly dynamic, and the repetition of the situation “iPhone fell into the water.” it’s only a matter of time

Tip # 6: Diving Accessory

What to do if you dropped your iPhone in water, you now know. However, it will not be superfluous to purchase a special cover that prevents moisture from entering the device. Fortunately, there are many such accessories on sale today. for every taste and color. The reliability and quality of such products often depends on the price. Due to the fact that the iPhone. far from a cheap pleasure, it is not worth saving on the safety of the operational moment.

Tip # 1: Food for Thought, or iPhone Plov

Various Internet resources (globally) are vying with each other to try a miracle recipe for restoring “wet” mobile technology. It should be noted that this option is not devoid of sense, but certainly not suitable for iPhone devices. Since the rather sealed case of the discussed model will call into question the success of the enterprise. which can be briefly characterized by the phrase: “pulling moisture from the bowels of the device with the help of rice.” Since the modern panacea (according to all the same sources), resolving the difficult question “what to do if the iPhone fell into the water”, is this particular cereal. It is believed that its grains have fantastic properties, “reincarnating” sunken and washed phones. Irony is not appropriate only if the device subjected to drowning is previously disassembled and completely immersed in the motherboard in Fig. However, the treatment with special means will also act as the final part of the recovery process. Draw your own conclusions: is it worth filling your mobile phone with rice groats and languishing in anticipation (rice technology gives the result only after 12-48 hours), like Pinocchio from the famous fairy tale?

Tip # 5: Diagnose problems

After you have safely assembled your device, the question, “What if your iPhone fell into the water?” Is likely to seem simple to implement. However, it is too early to draw conclusions, since it is necessary to make sure that the device is working properly.

  • Start the phone.
  • Connect the charger. If it does not charge, you will hardly be able to avoid a visit to the workshop. Don’t try to fix the situation yourself. It hurts this troublesome business.
  • Check the sound quality and functionality of the touchpad. If you find any defects, follow the advice above.
  • Make a test call and ask the interlocutor how you can be heard. In general, chase the “resurrected from the depths of water”.

Final tip: for the “hopeful

Do not be fooled if you have purchased the supposedly “waterproof” new iPhone 6. The only obstacle to liquid in the sixth model is the rubberized flipper in the form of a structural addition to the navigation buttons of the device. The system connector, speaker and polyphonic speaker are still open to the “water element”. Therefore, you should not be overly naive and it is pointless to hope that you will never have the question: “What if the iPhone fell into the water?” Believe me, despite the real opposite, a bitten apple will still drown. Take care of your iPhone, it’s worth it!