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Increase Sound On Laptop Program

Razer Surround. for video game lovers

If you thought that Razer Surround is the driver for the products of the same name, this is not the case. This is a whole universal complex that makes the sound louder, more voluminous, and rich. The main purpose is to improve the sound quality of video games through a headset. Even a short use of the program will make it clear that the clear output sound through headphones or speakers got rid of interference, received volume and an additional volume level. With Razer Surround, it’s easy to create a custom gameplay atmosphere that can maximize your gaming experience. After initializing and launching the application, the following screen will open to the user:

increase, sound, laptop, program

Passing several tests Razer Surround will provide junk information on the basis of which it will automatically select parameters in order to create an amplified, surround sound. Calibration results are stored in the cloud, which frees the user from periodic readjustments. Like other programs that really work, Razer Surround belongs to the group of “shareware” applications. Even a basic set of instruments is enough to seriously improve the sound and make it loud. But with access to the full version of the driver, additional functionality opens:

  • Stereo optimization. expands the dynamic range of the stereo area;
  • Bass Boost. “pumps” bass, low frequencies, increasing sound quality;
  • Sound normalization. reduces fluctuations in sound volume;
  • Improving the clarity of speech. during a conversation through a microphone, due to Special filters, such an important parameter as clarity and clarity of speech is increased;
  • Volume. the function allows you to significantly increase the volume of the interlocutor.

You can obtain a license by purchasing a 20 key or after purchasing a Razer product.

Hear is a must have for MacBook owners

MacBook owners won’t lie: the sound quality through inexpensive acoustics or a headset leaves much to be desired, which is typical of other computers without a professional sound card. When the functionality of the operating system and the built-in equalizer in any program become powerless, you need to act radically. It is for such purposes that various software DSP-processors are provided, and one of the best today is Hear.

For a poppy grower experiencing nostalgic feelings at every mention of the iTunes Volume Logic plug-in, this program will be a real godsend. Do not even doubt that Hear will be the best replacement for the iTunes Volume Logic project, which ceased to exist and was only available as an iTunes plugin. Why is this program so good? The absolute coolness of Hear is that the utility processes sound for all running applications (Opera, Safari, VLC or iTunes) at once, improves the quality of the sound stream in any game, any movie, and only then sends it to the audio output.

All in all, an ideal solution for those who use an inexpensive headset. Hear will hardly surprise professional musicians or sound engineers with anything, but for all other users, the program will definitely be a real boon. Hear is naturally compatible with Windows and there are no major problems with it. The main advantage of the utility is a huge set of built-in tools that allow you to set general sound settings: add volume, remove various distortions, level the sound.

Already in the second tab, an equalizer integrated into Hear is available, which can fine-tune the parameters of the audio stream. The tool can be displayed in the form of curves, which makes the settings more elastic, or in the form of the usual slider.

Let’s note other equally important features of the software:

  • The maximum approximation of sound to natural sounding using two dozen different filters and effects;
  • The presence of ready-made all kinds of templates, only simplifying the use of the program: you need to choose a suitable template for watching movies, video games, music;
  • Hear can simulate a spatial sound effect, which creates a special acoustic atmosphere;
  • Sound settings individually for applications and separately for games, music, movies.

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages of the application. One of the main disadvantages is that the program is free for one week, after which you will need to purchase a key. The list of disadvantages is the incompatibility of Hear with 64-bit applications. That is, in order for the sound to be processed through Hear, they will need to be launched in 32-bit mode. In all other respects, the processor and amplifier of the audio stream is not to blame.

DFX Audio Enhancer. Easy Solution

The next program in our rating is the DFX Audio Enhancer sound utility available for free for non-commercial use. The effectiveness of DFX has been proven in practice: a small program is really capable of improving the quality of the reproduced sound from movies, games, video, voice messengers. The main advantage of the application is ease of use, an intuitive interface, which will NOT cause difficulties even for novice computer users.
Immediately after opening DFX Audio Enhancer, sound amplifying instruments will appear on the monitor screen in a shell with a simple but interesting design. Pressing the Equalizer button will open the main window, with which you can achieve the most correct and adequate sound of the original sound from the speakers of the speaker system or laptop speakers.

If you delve into the technical details, then according to its principle of operation, DFX is not just a program, but a whole plug-in, which, after installation, creates an internal Audio Card that works in conjunction with a sound driver. If we summarize all the capabilities of this tool together and briefly describe the main capabilities, then in total we get the ability of DFX Audio Enhancer to simultaneously adjust the frequencies of several audio tracks at once, adjust the bass and volume. For the specified parameters to take effect, just click on the main Power button.

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All the functionality of DFX Audio Enhancer is realized thanks to five sliders:

  • Fidelity. compensation for high frequencies cut off during file encoding;
  • Ambience. increasing the depth of sound, a very useful tool that really improves the sound quality;
  • 3D Surround. a function similar to Ambience, however, it works on the principle of building three-dimensional sound (Test once to notice a significant difference with Ambience)
  • Dynamic Boost. one of the most interesting tools in the plugin, it increases the intensity of the audio tracks (makes it more dynamic)
  • Hyperbass. Replenishes deep bass and compensates for low frequencies.

As you can see, in the free version, the 3D Surround button is disabled for the reason that the tool will become available only after activating the paid version of the plugin. Perhaps this is the only drawback of the DFX Audio Enhancer, albeit easily eliminated.

Volume2 is a great addition to Windows

Many computer users will agree that the Windows system control and volume control tool is terribly simple and primitive. This is how a decent alternative was developed called Volume2. Immediately after the installation of the utility on the computer is completed, an additional indicator with the volume level will be added to the tray. To go to the detailed settings for Volume2, double-click the left mouse button on the indicator. Then the following screen will open:

As you can see from the window that opens, the utility is endowed with really great capabilities: setting hot keys, schedules for adjusting the volume using a regular scheduler, various design options for indicators, icons, and a whole host of other settings. Perhaps the most important advantage of Volume2 is its free base. After downloading the software to your computer, you do not need to purchase a license in order to unlock all the functionality available in the application. It would be wrong to call Volume2 a powerful sound amplifier. After all, this is more of an advanced audio stream adjuster with some nice additions that are definitely in the basic set of Windows tools. What else pleases me is the completely Russian-language interface.

5 best programs to amplify sound on your computer and laptop

Have you ever experienced faint sound from your computer or laptop speakers? This is a fairly common phenomenon, with which owners of portable personal computers especially often deal. Low bass, muffled low and high frequencies bring a lot of discomfort while watching movies, listening to music and while talking on Skype. Some users find a solution to the issue in the purchase of additional computer equipment in the form of headphones, which leads to undesirable financial expenses. But the catch is that an inexpensive headset distorts the perception of the picture and often leads to other problems that also require a certain solution. And it also happens that you have recorded an important conversation on the recorder in your and you need to amplify the sound so that you can make out the words.

Listening to the dialogue or the interlocutor during the video call, the constant rewinding of fragments of the film is a dubious pleasure. The standard sound tuning tools provided in any version of Windows are too limited in functionality and, as a result, are not effective. But the solution to this problem is possible even at minimal cost. the installation of Special programs that can amplify the sound, make it more pronounced, juicy. We note right away that dozens of such applications are known today, but not all of them are capable of giving the desired result and satisfying user requests. In this collection we have collected the 5 best programs for amplifying sound on a computer or laptop. Consider universal amplifiers, which only need to be set up once, after which they will increase the volume and sound quality online.

SRS Audio SandBox. Light version of Hear

Another app that definitely deserves attention is the SRS Audio SandBox. In terms of the efficiency of sound amplification and improvement of its quality, SRS Audio SandBox is next to the Hear, but has noticeably less flexibility in settings. We can say that this is a global plug-in for the entire audio system of a computer, since the program “on the fly” processes all audio tracks, regardless of their origin and content. With this product, it is easy to achieve deep bass, clear and louder sound. During the initialization of Audio SandBox, a special audio driver is installed, which becomes the main one, that is, it processes any incoming signal (applies effects, applies filters) and then transfers it to the main previously installed sound driver.

Basic Audio SandBox settings:

  • SRS 3D Space Level. this slider allows you to adjust the volume of unique sounds for each channel;
  • SRS 3D Center Level. general volume control for all channels;
  • SRS TruBass Level. low frequencies can be made deep, expressive, after processing even the most imperceptible bass will become juicy, but with a high-quality speaker system;
  • Speaker Size xxHz. this size of this value depends on the depth of the bass;
  • SRS Focus Level is an auxiliary function that allows you to highlight the main audio tracks;
  • SRS Definition Level. expands the frequency range of the audio signal;
  • Limiter Level. allows you to remove cod, hiss and other sound defects.

Having played a little with the settings, you can achieve great sounding of music, turn up the volume in movies and games. The program is available for free full use for two weeks, after which you will need to purchase a license. The utility is interesting and definitely deserves attention, if only because it contains ready-made adjusted parameters for various modes: game, music, watching movies, communication.

It should also be borne in mind that a weak sound floor in the Windows system can be due to a number of software and hardware problems. Before introducing third-party programs, you should make sure that the installed sound card driver is up to date, make sure that the device itself is working. Be sure to check your audio accessory drivers for freshness. Only after eliminating the factor of software or hardware malfunction can you use one of the utilities listed in our rating. All these programs for amplifying sound on a computer showed good results during the test.

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We wish the speakers of your audio system high-quality sound.

How to increase and increase sound volume on laptop and PC

First, let’s look at what settings in the Windows 10 operating system and its earlier versions will help fix the problem.

Volume to maximum

First of all, check if the sound is really turned to maximum. Click on the speaker icon in the tray and set the position to 100.

Interesting! Also, if you right-click on it, you can make diagnostics and troubleshooting sound problems, it sometimes helps.

On the laptop keyboard there are special keys for changing the volume, they are marked with special icons applied to the keys. Turn the volume down with them. Sometimes, in order for them to work, you need to additionally hold down the “FN” button, which is located on the case or to the left of the space.

Sound booster

The program works quite easily, install it, set the values ​​you need and check the box with automatic loading along with Windows.

Address: Hear

This is a full-fledged and powerful equalizer in which you can adjust many parameters of sound, bass, ambience and more. Set the parameters that you like so that the speakers are NOT quiet anymore.

Loudness and equalizer

Turn on loudness. Press “WIN R” on the keyboard at the same time and enter the command mmsys.Cpl.

Open the active speakers, they are still marked with a green check mark. Go to the Enhancement tab. The checkbox should be in the item with urgent mode, and set it to “Loudness” in the parameter block. The speakers will get louder, you can check it right away.

In the same block, if you wish, you can adjust the equalizer using it, you can also increase the volume. Check the box and click on the ellipsis icon in settings.

Set the sliders to the top position. You can make the sound to your liking, this is an easy and simple method, a lot of software adjusts the sound quality.

Interesting! You can immediately turn on loudness and adjust the equalizer. it will be even louder, even very.

Important! If there are wheezing from the speakers, change the equalizer settings to lower values. Wheezing is a bad sign, so you can plant speakers. Also with software, which increases the volume. change the values ​​to lower.

Sound amplification with software

Consider the best programs for amplifying sound on a laptop, which work quickly and change the Audibility to great. All software that makes the speakers more audible, see the material. sound amplifier for laptop.

How to increase the sound volume on laptop and computer

It is often necessary to increase the sound volume on a laptop, because Built-in speakers can work very quietly and hear what is being played back at the moment is very difficult.

Quiet sound on a laptop can be corrected using the operating system settings and special programs. sound amplifiers, which make listening to music much more pleasant.

You already know what to do when you deleted a file and how to recover it. Today we will solve the problem with quiet sound in speakers and headphones, you will learn how to adjust the sound on a laptop and computer so that it is louder and clearer.

Important! All these methods will help you for the PC, so you can easily solve the problem. how to increase the volume on the computer if it is already the maximum. All settings will be laid out with pictures to make it easier to understand what needs to be changed.

Sound drivers

You can try to update the drivers, but this is already an extreme measure, especially since the system usually installs normal software, which is more than enough and the installation of new drivers, as a rule, does not give a significant increase in volume. Read more. how to install the driver.

Download and install one of the driver managers on our website, for example DriverHub. Search, select software for audio devices and update them.

You can also do it manually if you know exactly the name of your sound card. Download the required driver from the manufacturer’s website, suitable for your operating system, run the installer and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

SRS Audio Sandbox

A simple utility that is very customizable. After installation, set the desired parameters in the window with special switches and enjoy normal listening.

INDIVIDUAL player settings

If you do not want to adjust the equalizer for the entire operating system, you can do it in SEPARATE programs for playing video and music. Let’s see how to do this using an example, KMPlayer and AIMP.

Kmplayer. when playing any video or audio file, right-click on the main window, in the context menu, go to “Audio”. “Normalization”.

AIMP. open the Sound Effects Manager and go to the “Volume” tab. Here you can simply check the “Normalize Replay Gain”. immediately louder. Or go back and adjust the equalizer to your liking.

Interesting! And other players have such functions, you can usually find them by opening the software menu.

Audio Amplifier

Editor “Audio Amplifier” allows you to effectively increase the playback volume of audio and video files. In addition to amplifying the sound, this software allows you to reduce the volume (it may be necessary when the sound of the file is too loud), and the maximum volume increase is 1000%. ten times. Note the laconic interface of the utility, implemented in the fashionable “minimalism” today. The utility cuts off unnecessary noise, allowing you to achieve better sound quality. Utility developer:


Official website: http://mpesch3.De1.Cc/ (you can download it from the Soft-portal)

Compact audio file editor (MP3). Its main direction: cut and copy parts of MP3 tracks without compression into PCM format.

Within the framework of this article, this editor is interesting because it allows you to remove silence from files and normalize sound. The program works in all versions of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10), full support for the Russian language is implemented.

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A screenshot of the main window is given below.

Mp3direccut. main program window

Programs for amplifying sound on a computer, laptop


Backfill question: why is a computer without sound?

So I don’t know: neither play, nor watch a movie, what can we say about music. In addition to the lack of sound, the other side of the problem is often encountered. there is sound, but it is hard to hear, it is weak.

There are several dozen programs to solve this problem, but not all of them give real results. Those that helped me. I wanted to dwell in this article.

Note: The article was written based on the experience of the author. Relevant for popular Windows OS (7, 8, 10).


If your computer sound is too quiet, I recommend this article:

DFX Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer is able to integrate into all kinds of modern Windows applications. Windows Media Player, Skype, etc. Allows you to create a surround effect, enhance the intensity of the sound, compensate for some frequencies, etc. Equalizer allows you to adjust the frequency curve to save the settings to a preset. You can download DFX on the page:

Hear. audio control app

Hear is designed to enhance the sound quality of music and movies in almost all applications. Thanks to a large number of settings, it allows you to achieve high quality clear sound.

SRS Audio SandBox

Very, very interesting program for sound processing. What is more important. it is not designed for professionals, Who can select and adjust the necessary frequencies from hundreds of frequencies, but for the most ordinary user of the “average hand”.

The program has several modules:

  • 3D balance;
  • 3D space;
  • Volume;
  • Optimization;
  • Speaker frequency;
  • Clarity of sound (see screenshot below).

SRS Audio SandBox: main program window.

By adjusting each of THESE functions one by one, you can achieve clear and high quality sound. By the way, please note that the program has several operating modes: game (recommended in games), music (when listening to audio tracks), and movie mode (enabled when playing a movie in some player).

In addition, for a more accurate sound adjustment, be sure to select the type of your audio device: regular speakers (speakers), laptop speakers, or headphones. In general, the program is quite interesting, I recommend it.!

Sound booster

One of the most convenient and simple programs to amplify sound easily and quickly. over, for a long time to climb in the settings and dig, looking for the right checkbox. you don’t have to, all you need is to check the Autostart box (so that the program is loaded with Windows) and move the volume slider up.

By the way, Sound Booster is able to increase the volume by 5 times (by 500%)! The program amplifies sound in almost all applications on Windows: web browsers, Skype, MSN, Live, ICQ, video and audio players, etc. A very important difference from the second software of this kind. Sound Booster does NOT distort the sound when the volume is increased (the developers managed to achieve this with the help of unique filters).

Tuning one of the best sound boosters. Sound Boostera

The program supports the Russian language, there is a hotkey setting: you can set which keys to press to turn on the volume boost and which ones to press to turn it off. In general, very convenient!

Cons of the program: paid. By the way, the second disadvantage is connected with this: the trial period is very small. two weeks.

A program like Hear (with so many configuration tweaks and sound enhancements) is still to be found! The number of filters, available switches, options and settings is simply amazing, there are so many of them that you can easily spend the whole evening with them, listening and changing the sound quality of the speakers / headphones.

  • 3D Sound is a module for making 3D surround sound (by the way, this is quite popular lately). The main purpose of this option is to watch movies. When you watch a movie with this option enabled, it will seem to you that the sound surrounds you, comes from the back, and from the right, and from the left. All in all, worth a try;
  • Equalizer. there is a similar module in almost every media player. Thanks to it, you get control over all sound frequencies: you can raise the bass, for example. ;
  • Speaker Correction. a module for controlling the resonance of the speakers, thanks to this, you can slightly increase the volume of the reproduced sound;
  • Virtual subwoofer. if you have a subwoofer, then the program can try to replace it!;
  • Atmosphere. this option allows you to make you think that you are, for example, in a large hall or in the forest. THOSE. The program gives the sound the desired sound effect.
  • Fidelity control is a module oriented for listening to music. Allows you to somewhat restore the frequency and intensity of sound that is lost during the recording of a track.

Hear. main program window.

Cons: the program is paid (but not expensive).

DFX Audio Enhancer

The functionality of this program also helps to enhance and embellish the sound in inexpensive speakers. Its arsenal includes options for changing the clarity of the sound and bass level and the imposition of a volume effect. Equalizer can be used to adjust the frequency curve and save the settings to a preset.

SRS Audio SandBox

“SRS Audio SandBox” is an effective program for sound, which is quite within the power of even users with less in-depth knowledge of tuning the key. The utility has 6 modules that are used to create clear and high-quality sound. There are modes: game, for video files and for listening to audio files. The SRS Audio SandBox has fewer features than the Hear, but many parameters are adjustable. Signal handlers for headphones, regular speakers, and laptop speakers are in place. Site of the creators of the program:

Also, programs are used that allow you to change the frequency of the sound, bring atmosphere, etc. These include DFX Audio Enhancer, Razer Surround and VLC Player.