How to view photos in iCloud from your computer

How to view photos and other data in iCloud

Installing the utility, I think there shouldn’t be any difficulties. The process is not very different from any other program. It’s almost as easy as installing iTunes :). After launching, we are interested in the item in the upper right corner. Recover from iCloud Backup File. Push.

It is suggested to enter an Apple ID (if you have no idea what it is. the answer is here, how to register it is written here). After specifying the account ID. click on the arrow (next to the password entry field).

After the program checks the correctness of the specified data, it will display all the latest backups associated with your account. It remains to select the required one and in the “State” field click Download.

That’s it, you can go have tea and go about your business. The program has started downloading the backup. The process is not fast, the time depends on the Internet channel and the amount of data. I downloaded a copy of 1.5 gigabytes in about 1 hour.

After that, you will have the opportunity not only to view photos from iCloud, but also to download them to your computer. And also in front of you at a glance, all the information!

Note. to restore photos and other information, right-click on the data and select:

  • Recover checker. recover all marked files.
  • Recover highlighted. only this file.

How to view and download all data from iCloud to computer?

Hello everyone! There are no products that are perfect in all respects (although I really want to believe that the guys from Apple are still striving for this). No matter how cool, wonderful and convenient the cloud service for storing information iCloud is, there is still nowhere without drawbacks. And its most important inconvenience is that physically your data is far from you (where exactly?), And it is rather difficult to access them without a device.

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But hard does not mean impossible! Now I will tell you how to view photos in iCloud (although this is not limited to photos only) without using iPhone, iPad and other iPods. Cool? Wrong word! 🙂 It’s time to start. let’s go!

  • A computer.
  • Know Apple ID as well as password.
  • You need to have at least one backup copy of your device in the cloud. How to create. read here.

All! With the help of only one Apple ID, you can find out absolutely all the information stored on the iPhone, iPad, iPod:

  • Contacts.
  • Notes.
  • Calendars.
  • Photos.
  • Video.
  • WhatsApp Correspondence.
  • Browser bookmarks.
  • ICloud Mail.

What is it useful for? Imagine an iPhone suddenly broke or you can’t turn it on, and it has everything you really need and need right now! Since the iCloud backup is created automatically, there is a high probability that your data flew to the “cloud” during the last charge. So you need to pick them up from there.

How are we going to do this? It turns out there are specialized programs that download iCloud backups and “open” them. Today we’ll take a look at Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS. The program costs money, and quite good money. 69.99. Trial version is present.

Free options to view iCloud content on computer

As I mentioned, there are other programs like this. Unfortunately, they are all paid and cost a lot of money. And how to view photos and other data in iCloud using free methods?

Here, the user’s choice is not so great, but there are still a couple of ways out of this situation:

  • Set up a photo stream. To do this, the iCloud control panel is installed on the PC, and the necessary option is enabled in the device settings.
  • Use the cloud storage web interface. Notes, mailbox, contacts, documents are available. What about photos and videos? They will only appear if the “iCloud Music Library” option is enabled on the iPhone or iPad.
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In the end, I would like to remind you. do not share your Apple ID with anyone. After all, as we have already seen, knowing the account data, you can do a lot. look at photos, correspondence, documents, other important information and all this is absolutely without your knowledge!

iCloud is a very useful service thanks to which you can manage all your photos from multiple devices at the same time. Share pictures with other users, store them on cloud servers and access them anywhere with Wi-Fi. You can also upload photos from iCloud servers at any time via your computer or other portable device.

Setting up automatic synchronization

To automatically display all your photos and videos taken on the camera not only on your phone, but also on other computers, use the “My Photo Stream” function.

With its help, all images from the gallery independently move to the cloud and appear in the client application of Windows.

To enable the automatic image transfer function, open the settings window on your phone or tablet and click on the “iCloud” field.

Then select the “Photo” item and in a new window activate the “Upload to My Photo Stream” slider.

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Photos are automatically sent to the cloud after these actions:

  • After closing the “Camera” application on a smartphone or tablet;
  • As a result of connecting the phone to a Wi-Fi network;
  • After uploading a specific file manually via the explorer menu.
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How to Extract iCloud Photo Content with USB Cable

You can upload photos from the cloud via a USB cable using the following manipulations:

  • We connect the device to the computer using a USB cable. USB cable allows you to connect your smartphone and laptop
  • You will be offered several options for action with the connected device. We select the item “Import photos and videos” if you want to import all photos at once. The item “Import photos and videos” will allow you to move all files in one click
  • In the window that opens, select where you want to upload photos and videos, click “OK”. After selecting the necessary settings, click the “OK” button

How to Access iCloud Photos from Your PC

If you need to import only one picture, then go to the list of device folders and manually find the desired item, and then copy it and transfer it to the computer‘s memory. You can sort folders by date to speed up the search process.

Synchronization with iPhone and iPad

All gadgets linked to one Apple ID share iCloud storage.

Therefore, to set up sharing of images and other files, you just need to move the necessary files to the storage and open them on another gadget.

To share photos, activate the “My Photo Stream” option in the iCloud settings on your phone.

After taking a photo and completing the content synchronization with the server, open the iCloud program on the second Smart device.

Go to the “Photo Stream” folder (also called “My Photo Stream”). It contains all the images and videos.