How To View Disk On Laptop

The first way to view a photo from a phone in a laptop or computer is to connect through a browser

If you do NOT want to install any software on your computer (or just want to quickly connect from your computer), all you have to do is go to in your browser.

The login panel will be displayed. Enter your email address and password for the account we created from your computer and sign in.

After a while, the connection with our device will be established and the control panel will be displayed.

How To View Disk On Laptop

On the main screen you will find a preview of the case. Everything we do on the phone is constantly displayed here.

Using a vertical strip with buttons next to it, we can record material from the screen, as well as take a screenshot.

On the left you will find links to individual libraries. to music, movies, photos and other files.

When choosing music, Mobizen has a player function, so just select a song, click the arrow next to it, and select “Play”.

Likewise with photographs. All photos are grouped in the same way as on a smartphone, that is, we have access to all our albums.

Photos can be viewed on a full screen monitor, downloaded to a computer disk, and deleted from the phone if necessary.

The only drawback I noticed when connecting from the browser is the inability to use the mouse cursor.

In theory, your virtual phone is interactive. buttons and messages of the remote control are displayed, but personally I was unable to start it.

Fortunately, using with a mouse works great when connected via a USB cable, which brings us to the second connection method.

3 ways to view photos from your phone on a computer or laptop

You spend a lot of time at the computer and want to be able to fully view the photo of your phone / tablet on the computer / laptop screen.

I will show you how to connect to a phone, display its screen on a monitor, control it with a mouse, and also how to view all files and photos from your phone or play music, movies and even watch SMS.

Full control of the device from a computer is useful in many cases. This can be useful, for example, when transferring a photo from a phone, as well as when we want to quickly view a photo from a phone on a computer monitor or in a laptop.

It’s also a great way to instantly access all the data on your phone from your PC. There are many ways. I’ll show you 3 ways. with Mobizen and Windows 10 tools.

Mobizen program for viewing photos from a phone on a computer or laptop

Mobizen is an app for Android phones that lets you connect to it from your computer or laptop.

Connection can be done via Wi-Fi or via USB cable. On a computer, Mobizen is released in two versions. browser and classic (I will talk about their differences and applications a little later).

This, of course, includes the main android app for connecting. Everything is free.

The computer version in the form of a classic program allows you to connect to your phone or tablet via a USB cable, therefore a very fast connection is established, which ensures high performance and smooth operation.

This solution is great when we want to control the smartphone using the mouse on the monitor screen.

The image displayed on the monitor is very smooth and lag-free. everything works as if we were just using the mouse cursor instead of a finger.

The browser version, in turn, is useful when we want to quickly Access from a computer, but not from our home.

We don’t need to install anything. just go to the website and log into your account, which you will register when you first launch the app on Android.

The whole panel displays all the content of our smartphone. you can View files, read text messages or View photos, and there is also a screen preview.

To use any of the above methods, We must first install the main Mobizen app from the market on the phone and create a free account.

After installation, launch Mobizen. A screen will appear with the terms of use, which you must accept for remote use.

Next, create a free account to log in to connect, or log in with an existing one.

The second way to view a photo from a phone in a laptop or computer is via a USB cable and the Mobizen application for Windows

This method is very good if we need more functionality. Thanks to the Official Mobizen App for Windows it is possible to control with the mouse cursor. it completely replaces our finger, so we can launch applications, use slider gestures, write on the keyboard, etc.

Connection via USB cable and Mobizen program in Windows also allows transferring files in both directions.

We Install the Mobizen application on our system and then launch it. A window in the form of a smartphone with a login screen will appear on the screen.

On the smartphone, you need to activate USB debugging mode. If you don’t know how to do this, check out my guide on how to activate developer mode and USB debugging on Android.

After that, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Now open the Mobizen window and enter your login details for the account you created in the beginning from your smartphone.

After a while, the devices will connect, and the window on the screen will display the entire image from the phone.

The whole screen is fully interactive. with the mouse we can fully control, view photos and even write SMS.

Another advantage is the support for the mouse wheel, thanks to which we can smoothly move the screen up or down.

At the top we can pull out the Mobizen menu, which allows you to take a screenshot, record, or launch the file browser.

The file browser works on both sides, and using the context menu (right mouse button) we can copy files from the phone and paste them to the desktop of the monitor, and vice versa.

The third way to view a photo from a phone in a laptop or computer is through the tools of Windows 10

Go to the “Windows 10” Settings and select the “phone” item (this is in version 1903, in others it may be a little different, and in very old ones it may be absent altogether).

If you do not have a tethered device, and at the time of writing a leash, you can only click on the blue button “Add phone”.

Now you will need to sign in to your Microsoft account, and if you don’t have one, create one. This happens only once. in the future it will NOT be necessary.

After entering you will be offered a choice. choose Android or iPhone, after which you will be called “Continue working”.

Next, the system will offer to install an application on the phone. this is also done only for the first time.

Write the correct number and click send. In a few seconds you will receive a message with a link to download the application. Check your phone or click on the download link.

After installing the application in it, you need to log into the same account in which the laptop or computer is located.

After that, you can look at your photos in a laptop or computer (it is desirable that the power saving mode is disabled in the phone and the phone and laptop are in the same Wi-Fi network).

You can not only view photos from your phone, but also copy, share or immediately save in a convenient place.

Are there any disadvantages? Is there. You can only see the last 25 photos. That’s all. Success.

The computer does not see the hard drive-reasons!

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you why the computer does not see the hard drive. Progress does not stand still. The popularity of external hard drives is gaining momentum every day.

They will soon become more popular than flash drives. And all this is due to their huge amount of memory, sometimes up to 2 TB. over, its size does NOT exceed the size of the phone. But what to do when the computer does not see the hard drive connected to it? Consider two SIMilar situations: the hard disk is connected for the first time and the NK does not detect the old disk (the one that has been connected to the PC repeatedly).

NOT visible NEW hard drive

Start. Control Panel. System and Security Installation. Administrative Tools. Computer Management.

  • In the window on the left side, open:
  • 2.1 Menu. Disk Management.

Now you see a list of all drives that are connected to the system.

The cause of your malfunction may be an erroneous hard drive letter. It needs to be changed.

  • 2.2 click once with the right mouse button on the hard disk and select “Change drive letter”.
  • 2.3 Enter a letter that is NOT found anywhere in the list.

Another reason why your computer does not see the new hard drive may be the lack of a formatting process. Such a disc is also NOT displayed in the list of the “My Computer” shortcut. Then, of course, changing the symbol (letter) of the disk will NOT work.

2.4 If the context menu has the option “change letter”, select “create SIMple volume”. However, in this case, all the information. Which is contained on the hard drive will be erased! So be careful.

Why the second HDD is not visible on Windows 10?

As users of the new system, the owners of the “dozen” are less likely to encounter the problem of displaying the disk in “Explorer”. Since the system is fresh, and the hardware is still not very good, it so happens that the HDD is not visible. In this case, you must definitely do the same points as for Windows 7, but with a small amendment.

In the previous subheadings, we chose the section style. The fact is that it is for Windows 10 and for Windows 8 | 8.1 it is recommended to install GPT. However, it is better to do this only if you are sure that you have an old computer. Otherwise, feel free to choose MBR and you will definitely not go wrong.

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Good Continuing Articles:

Why is the second HDD not visible in the BIOS menu?

In order to turn on the “visibility” of the Hard disk in BIOS, you need to perform either one or both options.

So the first looks like this:

  • I turn off the computer and start it again. Immediately after the PC has turned on, press the F2 key (sometimes DELETE) on the keyboard so many times until the coveted menu appears;
  • Go to the “Advanced” menu. Then to the hardware configuration tab (it can be named differently, but the word Configuration will definitely be there)
  • Find the controller’s term and change the Disabled status to Enabled;
  • Save changes and exit the BIOS. If the computer asks. restart the computer.
  • We repeat point 1 of the previous instruction and now select the system configuration menu;
  • In the “Configure SATA” field, change AHCI to any other;
  • We repeat point number 4 of the previous version.

In the first case, we just turned on the disk controller, and in the second, we changed the configuration type, because some HDDs may NOT support AHCI. This is where all the “torture” over the BIOS ends, and we proceed to the configuration from the user interface.

Why the computer does not see the second hard drive

In situations when there is not enough space on the Hard disk, and the new one is larger. There is not enough money, users choose the option of connecting a portable drive or a second HDD. Unfortunately, you can’t configure x right away, but sometimes you get lucky, and the system itself recognizes the device. If the computer does not see the hard drive in both BIOS and Explorer, the article will help you deal with this problem. For convenience, it is divided into several cases. when it is not visible in the BIOS. And then in the interface and, accordingly, in the list of devices.

Using a second hard drive

Initially, we meant that there is a second device (hard drive) that you connect to the computer both internally and externally. Both options are connected radically differently. The fact is that the second option works like a flash drive and there shouldn’t be any problems with recognizing it on a computer, but with the first case everything is a little different.

The situation is that it can work for coherent reasons:

  • If properly connected to the motherboard;
  • If he himself is in good condition;
  • If the motherboard is working properly;
  • If the driver did not crash and everything works fine.

Thus, check that the HDD is properly connected and working. A motherboard that doesn’t work will immediately give itself out. the PC SIMply won’t start. The last item on the list is the most unpleasant. When you “send” drivers, you will need to contact the supplier of the device so that he can resolve this issue. In the case when everything works correctly and is connected. But the computer does not see the second hard drive. go to the next paragraph of the article.

Why the second HDD Windows 7 is not visible?

To immediately understand whether the system does not exactly see the hard disk, you need to go to the disk manager. To do this, use the “Run” utility. Call: key with the Windows logo key R. Then enter the command “diskmgmt.Msc” and click “OK”.

You will be taken to the “Disk Management” window. The instruction will be relevant for you if you have something like this:

According to the screenshot, the system has a disk, which is SIMply not initialized. In this case, you need to make it initialized immediately. To do this, click on it with the right mouse button and select “initialize”. Then we choose the style of the sections. For Windows 7, select MBR. And then click “OK”. After that, you need to create a SIMple volume based on this disk so that you can use the memory on the disk through “local” disks.

Right-click the disk again and select “Create SIMple Volume”. Assigns a letter, go through all the utility items and confirm the action. Then everything will be accurately displayed and work and you will no longer care about the answer to the question of why the computer does not see the second hard drive.

How to find a hard drive on a computer. The computer does not see the hard drive, old.

In this case, we will consider the moment when the computer does not see the hard drive, which has already been installed in the system unit.

NOT visible OLD hard drive

  • As in the first case, go here:

Start. Control Panel. System and Security Installation. Administrative Tools. Computer Management.

Next: Menu. Disk Management.

Find your hard drive in the list and change its letter.

  • Another way is to check the disk for viruses. Use an anti-virus program. Some viruses affect the display of the hard disk in the computer.
  • The third way to determine the malfunction is to go to the Device Manager and pay attention to how correctly the connected device is identified (the device name does not have to contain hieroglyphs and signs).
  • You can try reinstalling the drivers on the USB controller.
  • Connect the hard drive to the second computer, if the drive is good, then reinstall the Windows operating system.
  • Cleaning the registry and optimizing the operation of the computer helps in this problem. A separate article is devoted to this topic in this blog.
  • Try connecting the drive through a different connector. Maybe the problem is a faulty USB port.
  • And finally, check the integrity of the cords. Possibly bad contact due to damage.

On a note! If you have noticed, then at the end of each article I tell you what I published earlier. So be sure to read how to delete tweets on. As well as how to check the map on a computer. You can also see where to download bluetooth on your laptop for free.

As you can see, there can be many reasons why the computer cannot see the hard drive. Try it, I hope you can fix this problem. I ask you to ask your questions in the comments, and I will be happy to answer them. I wish everyone peace!

From Uv. Evgeny Kryzhanovsky

Thank me, share the link with your friends on social networks:

Good evening, Egen! The article, of course, is useful, but it does not fit my problem. Such a thing, an external drive (Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB) for the last couple of weeks of life sometimes disappeared and appeared. Once it stopped appearing altogether, both in Disk Management and in BIOS. The controller (PCB board) is covered, I’m sure. System Restore didn’t help. I connected it directly (instead of a floppy drive) and it appeared in the BIOS, the system automatically installed the necessary driver and it also appeared in Disk Management. And in the explorer it is not and in the playlist in WMP only the mp3 files that are in it are NOT played. For several days now I have been looking and reading various forums and articles, but have not found a solution to a SIMilar problem. It is impossible to change the letter, this option is NOT displayed when you right-click on the drive, unlike the main drive C.
What to do?
Windows 7, Asus P6T, Intel i7 920, GeForce GTX285, Antec EA-500 PSU
PS: It contains the information I need.

Either the hard drive is slowly dying, or the box in which the hard drive is sitting is inoperative. Try to test the hard drive by connecting it to a second computer.

It is not clear why you wrote this. I already wrote that the controller (PCB board) is covered and if I connected it directly to the computer, then the disk is no longer in the box. Second computer comments, stole from the basement.

The system does not see the second hard drive: what to do

What if there is no floppy drive in the laptop

Welcome to

Today we will be looking for solutions to the question: What if there is no disk drive in the laptop?

This question will be heard more and more often, as discs lose their relevance. But life is such that it always throws up problems, and we need to solve them.

I, in turn, freed my laptop from the floppy drive myself. And this is due to the installation of a second hard drive:

But first things first.

Qoogi. Assembly instructions for an external DVD drive. Practical Blog

Two workplaces on one computer

It’s been almost a year since I made two jobs from one laptop.

And all this with the help of a special application. Aster.

But for even more convenient placement of two workstations in the room, we purchased an HDMI cable 5 meters long.

Now it is possible to place the monitor on the opposite side, or even mount it on the wall.

One computer two workplaces

Like all purchases, it was inexpensive.

This concludes this entry. Thank you for attention.

See you on the site pages.

What if there is no floppy drive in the laptop

First of all, if you have experience finding, downloading and installing software, you can install one of the programs for creating a virtual drive, such as Daemon Tools. But this method will only help if you already have a program or driver on your computer or flash drive. It can also be useful if you have the ability to copy a disc, or create an image of it on another computer, for example, using the Ultra Iso program.

If you only have a disk, and there is no second computer with a drive, then only the second method will suit you, read below.

The smartest decision is to purchase an external device for reading and writing discs. External floppy drive. (Large selection and not expensive).

And the second option is to buy a box on the Internet, namely from our Chinese friends (without this, no matter how).

For installing laptop disks into it (dvd rom. laptop drive). It is better to buy the drive itself at flea markets, since laptop owners themselves rarely use them and they are usually almost new. And their price is not significant. You can also look at ebay.

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In my case, I already had a floppy drive, I just bought a box for it.

The device does not require the installation of Special programs or drivers, everything works immediately after connecting via USB.

New laptops have a floppy drive, can I insert it?

Yes, of course, you can install disks there. Since the laptop model is being developed alone, and the modifications differ only in the filling.

To find out for sure, you can examine the laptop in detail, or just type in the model and search on the Internet.

Most often, a plug is installed instead of a drive.

It is also very important to have a connector on the motherboard itself. If the plug is easily removable, it will be easier to find out. But if you can’t remove it, you can again score the corresponding request with the model in the search engine.

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How to view the hard drive on a laptop?

Hello everyone Today we will look at a hard drive on a laptop, although this method is also suitable if you have a SIMple regular computer. So I have Windows 7, I hope you have it too, and if not, then it’s okay, because in Windows 10 everything is almost the same, no complications!

Now a little about the hard drive itself. You know, many people say, well, sometimes they say that the laptop slows down. Well, yes, it happens. Do you know why it slows down? Well, the hard drive takes it and slows down! In most cases, the hard drive slows down the laptop! But not all users know about this, so if the laptop slows down, then some just buy a new laptop. Well, this is of course a decision, but not entirely correct. It was worth just installing an SSD drive and the laptop would come to life, and at the same time decently come to life. Okay, guys, this is a bit of lyric-shmirik, Not exactly what I wanted to write here

So once again, all things will happen in Windows 7, for the second Windows it is almost the same. Well, the truth is, if you have Windows XP, then I won’t lie, I don’t remember exactly how to look at the hard drive there, well, there is something you need to press, but like this information can be viewed in the device manager.

So, the first thing you need to do is open the My Computer window, for this they clamp Win R and write the following command there:

You will probably think what kind of nonsense, why such jokes in order to open the My Computer window? And I’ll tell you why, in Windows 10, I personally did not immediately understand how to open this window and therefore, just in case, I showed such a universal method!

The My Computer window was opened, great, now here you need to right-click on any disk and select Properties there:

The properties window of the selected disk will appear, there you need to go to the Hardware tab, and it is on this tab that the MODELS of your hard disks will be indicated. Please note that you may have several local partitions, but there may be one physical disk. In general, this is the tab and this is where the models are written:

If anything, then this column Name, well, where the disk models are written, then you can move it apart and you will see the full model name

Well, roughly understandable? Now you know how to view the hard drive in a laptop? If this is not enough for you, then I understand, in which case I advise you to download the AIDA64 program, this program shows absolutely all the information in the laptop hardware! It is easy to download it on the Internet, it is on every corner. We launch the program, go to Data storage there and select ATA and here there is Not only the model of the hard disk, but also another infa:

Well, that’s all the guys on this, I hope that everything here was clear to you, but if something is not clear, then sorry. Good luck in life and that everything is fine with you

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How to partition a disk in Windows 10

Many users are accustomed to using two partitions on one physical hard drive or SSD. conditionally, drive C and drive D. In this manual, in detail about how to partition a disk into partitions in Windows 10 as built-in system tools (during installation and after it), and with the help of third-party free programs for working with partitions.

Despite the fact that the available tools in Windows 10 are sufficient for performing basic operations on partitions, some actions with their help are not so easy. The most typical of these tasks is to increase the system partition: if you are interested in this particular action, then I recommend using the second guide: How to increase drive C while using drive D.

  • How to partition a disk in an installed Windows 10 using the system
  • Create drive D when installing Windows 10
  • How to partition a disk using free partitioning software
  • Instructions

Partitioning when installing Windows 10

Partitioning disks is also possible when you cleanly install Windows 10 on a computer from a flash drive or disk. However, one important nuance should be noted here: it will NOT work without deleting data from the system partition.

When installing the system, after entering (or skipping the input, for more details in the article Activating Windows 10), select the activation key, select “Custom installation”, in the next window you will be prompted to select a partition to install, as well as tools for configuring partitions.

In my case, drive C is partition 4 on the drive. In order to make two partitions instead, you must first delete the partition using the appropriate button below, as a result, it will be converted to “unallocated disk space”.

The second step is to select the unallocated space and click Create, then size the future Drive C. After its creation, we will have free unallocated space, which in the same way (using “Create”) can be reprogrammed into the second disk partition.

I also recommend that after creating the second partition, select it and click “Format” (otherwise it may NOT appear in Explorer after installing Windows 10 and you will have to format it and assign a drive letter through Disk Management).

And finally, select the partition that was created first, click the “Next” button to continue installing the system on the C drive.

Programs for partitioning disks into partitions

In addition to the native Windows tools, there are many programs for working with disk partitions. Of the well-established free programs of this kind, I can recommend Aomei Partition Assistant Free (free and in Russian) and Minitool Partition Wizard Free. In the example below, consider using the first of these programs.

In fact, partitioning a disk in Aomei Partition Assistant is very SIMple (despite the fact that the partitioning option is not available in the latest versions of the free version of the program), the order is as follows:

  • Installed the program (from the official website and launched it.
  • Allocated a disk (partition) to be split into two.
  • On the left in the menu, we selected the item “Resize / Move”.
  • Set a new size for the original partition using the mouse, move the separator or enter the number in gigabytes. Clicked Ok.
  • Selected the unallocated space that appeared and clicked “Create Partition” on the left.
  • We pressed the “Apply” button at the top left, confirmed the computer restart, waited for the process to complete.

If something about the use of the program remains NOT clear, the whole process is clearly shown below.

How to partition a disk in an already installed Windows 10

The first scenario that we will consider. the OS is already installed on the computer, everything works, but it was decided to divide the system hard disk into two logical partitions. You can do this without programs.

  • Right-click on the “Start” button and select “Disk Management”. You can also launch this utility by pressing the Windows keys (logo key) R on your keyboard and typing diskmgmt.Msc into the Run window. The Windows 10 Disk Management utility will open.
  • At the top, you will see a list of all sections (Volumes). At the bottom is a list of connected physical drives. If your computer or laptop has one physical hard drive or SSD, then most likely you will see it in the list (at the bottom) under the name “Disk 0 (zero)”. At the same time, in most cases it already contains several (two or three) partitions, only one of which corresponds to your C drive. You should not perform actions on hidden partitions “without a letter”. they contain Windows 10 bootloader data and recovery data.
  • In order to split drive C into C and D, right-click on the Corresponding back (on drive C) and select “Shrink Volume”.
  • By default, you will be prompted to shrink the volume (free up space for drive D, in other words) to all the available free space on the hard drive. I do not recommend doing this. leave at least 10-15 gigabytes free on the system partition. That is, instead of the suggested value, enter the one that you yourself consider necessary for disk D. In my example, in the screenshot. 15000 megabytes or slightly less than 15 gigabytes. Click “Compress”.
  • A new Unallocated disk area appears in Disk Management and the C drive shrinks. Click on the “not allocated” area with the right mouse button and select “Create SIMple volume”, the wizard for creating volumes or partitions will start.
  • The wizard will invite the size of the new volume (if you want to create only the D drive, then leave the full size), will offer to assign a drive letter (if the D letter is not available, the solution is shown in the instructions below), as well as format the new partition (leave the default values, change the label to your discretion).
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After that, the new partition will be automatically formatted and mounted in the system under the letter you specified (it will appear in the explorer). Done.

Note: Sometimes, when shrinking a partition, Windows 10 may show too little space to reclaim, even though free space is available. In this case, I recommend partitioning the disk in the installed Windows 10 using Special programs, as described in the last section of this article.

How to partition HDD or SSD in Windows 10. instruction

Hopefully the suggested methods are sufficient for your situation. If, nevertheless, when using any of the described methods, you have problems. write, and I will answer.

How to find out which drive on your computer: SSD or HDD

Users who have purchased a pre-assembled PC or laptop often do not know which drive is installed on their computer, SSD or HDD. In this article, we will look at a few SIMple ways to determine the type of drive in the operating system Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

How to find an SSD or HDD in Windows 10

If you use the Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system, then you can find out which drive on your computer in just a couple of mouse clicks. To do this, open the Start menu or press the Windows-S key combination (if you have Windows 8) and enter the word “Defragmentation” into the search.

The program “Defragment and Optimize Your Disks” should appear in the search results. Open it and you will see a list of all disks that are installed on your computer. In this case, next to each of THESE disks, the type of this disk, SSD or HDD will be indicated.

If “Solid State Drive” is specified, then it is SSD, and if “Hard Drive”, then HDD.

How to find SSD or HDD in Windows 7

If you are using the Windows 7 operating system or the method described above did not suit you for some reason, then you can determine which disk on the computer using third-party programs. For example, you can use the HWiNFO program. Run this program on your computer, go to the “Drives” section and select the drive, the type of which you need to define as SSD or HDD.

If this drive is a hard disk, that is, HDD, then in the right part of the window, in the line “Media Rotation Rate”, its rotation speed will be indicated (for example, 7200 RPM).

If the drive is a solid-state drive, that is, an SSD, then the “Media Rotation Rate” line will say “SSD Drive (Non-ratation)”.

You can also see which disc is installed on the computer using the Piriform Speccy program. Run this program on your computer and pay attention to the data in the “Storage” block. There will be information about all the drives that are connected to the PC.

In this case, next to solid-state drives (SSD) there will be a corresponding Mark.

If it is not possible to install the indicated programs, then you can SIMply find out the name of the disk model and look for information about it on the Internet. In order to use this option, you need to open the “Device Manager”. This can be done in different ways, the SIMplest and most universal is to press the Windows-R key combination and execute the command “mmc devmgmt.Msc”.

In the “Device Manager” window, open the “Disk devices” section. Here you will see a list of all drives on your computer.

Enter the name of the desired disc in any search engine and Explore the information about it. Thus, you can easily determine the type of SSD or HDD.

How to find out what hard drive is on the computer?

Hello everyone. The hard drive is exactly the device where everything you have on your computer, that’s where it lies. That is, this is a device for storing data, everything is stored on it, well, everything that you have is programs, games, music, and other files. Therefore, if it is covered with a copper basin, then you will lose it all. All this I mean is that the hard drive is a very important device and it must be handled with care, and not subject the computer to any shaking, so to speak.

I will tell you how to find out which hard drive you have in your computer, and also tell you which reliable drives and how to find out the temperature!

But in general, I started to write something, I wanted to show you how to find out which hard drive you have. I’ll show you using Windows 10 as an example, but in other Windows everything will also be. So, first you need to open the My Computer window, if it’s easy in Windows 7, well, there is such an item in the start-up, then in Windows 10 I no longer remember how to do it. I just put the shortcuts to the local drives in Start immediately. But there is a trick, look, hold down Win R and write the following command to the window:

And click OK. This will open the My Computer window, it works, I checked. Great, so we have an open window, right-click on any disk there and select Properties:

A window will open, there go to the Hardware tab and there will be indicated all the physical disks that you have. For example, I have two here, this is WD Hitachi:

The exact model of the disc is indicated here, namely the model. If you need to find out how much of the total disk space, how much is free, then you need to hold down Win R, enter the command in the window:

And click OK. A window will open, it contains such an item as Disk Management, so select it:

And you will see information like this:

I will say right away that there is nothing complicated here, it may only seem difficult to you. Look, down there it says Disk 0 Disk 1, these are just two disks and they are called that in Windows. Opposite each disk, you can see what partitions are there and what is the physical volume of the entire disk:

Well, it seems to be clear I hope. Since I write to the hard drive, I will answer two more questions that often arise in novice computer users

What is the most reliable hard drive? A reliable disk is a relative concept, it just depends on how it will be used. Nevertheless, the most reliable hard drives in the world are of course server hard drives, but they are: noisy, expensive and often of medium size or less. They are not suitable for the house, but they are able to withstand a long load and nothing will happen to them. After that, there are home disks, they are also reliable, but my opinion is that the most reliable manufacturer is, of course, Western Digital (WD): how many disks from this manufacturer I have never broken, despite the fact that I took everything used. So my choice is WD

But recently I came across a disc at a good price, but the truth is it is NOT WD, but Hitachi. For the third month now it has been working around the clock and everything seems to be okay. But all the same, the most reliable hard drives for me will remain under the WD brand, but super-duper reliable is the WD VelociRaptor line of drives. These are not only the most reliable, but also super fast, by the way really super fast! But their price is somewhat cosmic. Regarding ordinary disks, I recommend the WD Black series, these are high-speed disks, there are even two processors, and for the price they are already normal.

By the way, this is what the VelociRaptor hard drive looks like:

As you can see, here the disk is actually small, format 2.5, and everything else is already a radiator, which cools the disk. The whole point of the disk is that it operates at high speeds, like server disks. at 10,000 rpm. But its price is too high.

While the WD Blue lineup is not bad either, the usual quality drives and the price is NOT high. In general, see for yourself, but I think that many will agree with me that the most reliable is WD.

What should be the temperature of the hard drive? But I don’t know this question as for you, but for me it is acute. Well, it’s important to me. The thing is, the hard drive doesn’t like heat. The maximum temperature for a hard drive is 40 degrees and that is not very much, the ideal is 30-35. Then he will work for a long time. It will work at 45, but believe me, it will not be very good for him. It’s still hot for him

How can I see the temperature of a hard drive? It is better to use the free SpeedFan program, download it from some well-known software portal and run it. The temperature of the hard disk will be where HD0 is written (if there is another disk, there will be HD1):

Also SpeedFan shows the processor temperature in the CPU field, the card temperature, this is the GPU field. So SpeedFan will come in handy on the farm

Also, the temperature can be viewed in the AIDA64 program, it cannot be better or worse, it SIMply shows detailed information for each device. The hard temperature is indicated on the Sensors tab:

Well, everything, I hope that everything was normal and clear to you! Good luck and fewer computer glitches

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