How to use iCloud on iPhone

Windows computer

  • Open the iCloud for Windows app.
  • Select “Storage”.
  • Select “Backup” from the list provided.
  • Select one of the device backups and click the Delete button. To disable the backup function and delete all backups for this device from iCloud, click the Delete button in the confirmation window. Deleting backups disables device backup.

ICloud backups are available for 180 days after you turn off or stop using iCloud Backup.

Mac or Windows PC

If you are using iCloud Mail with a desktop email program such as Mail on a Mac or Microsoft Outlook on a PC, follow these steps:

  • Mail on Mac: Delete messages you no longer need, choose Inbox, Erase Deleted Items, and then choose iCloud email account from the menu.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010-2016 (Windows OS): Delete messages you no longer need. The next time you restart Outlook, the messages are permanently deleted.

iCloud how to use on iPhone

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple. Today, every iPhone user must be able to work with the cloud to make their smartphone more convenient and functional. This article is a guide to working with iCloud on iPhone.

View free iCloud storage space

  • On your Mac, go to the Apple () System Preferences Apple ID iCloud and click the Manage button.
  • On a Windows computer, open the iCloud Windows app.
  • Using a supported browser, sign in to

    Enabling backups

    Even before Apple implemented its own cloud service, all backups of Apple devices were created through iTunes and, accordingly, were stored exclusively on the computer. Agree, it is not always possible to connect an iPhone to a computer. And iCloud solves this problem perfectly.

      Open Settings on iPhone. In the next window, select the “iCloud” section.

    In the same window, go to the “Backup” item. If iCloud Backup is disabled, you’ll need to enable it. Click the “Create a backup” button for the smartphone to immediately start creating a backup (Wi-Fi connection required). In addition, the backup will be periodically updated automatically if there is a wireless network connection on the phone.

    icloud, iphone

    Delete backups and turn off iCloud backups for a device

    Follow the steps for the corresponding device.

    Delete messages and manage mail

    To free up iCloud storage space, you can delete messages from your iCloud email account. You can also move emails from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or PC so they no longer take up iCloud storage.

    To remove messages from your account, follow the steps below. Remember that messages with large attachments take up more space than text-only emails.

    How to view iCloud storage?

    Go to the Settings menu of [your name]. Click iCloud “Manage Storage”.

    Is it possible to recover photos from iCloud?

    Open Sign in with your account and go to iCloud Drive. Click on the name in the upper right corner and select “iCloud Settings”. At the bottom of the page there will be three options: “Restore files”, “Restore contacts”, “Restore calendars and reminders”.

    How to find iPhone using iCloud?

    Sign in to, or use Find [device] on another Apple device. Find your device. Open Find My [device] or go to and click the Find My iPhone icon.

    Is it possible to recover photos after factory reset on iPhone?

    Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

    To restore data after resetting iPhone to factory settings, you need to open iTunes and look for the “Restore from Backup” option. Alternatively, iPhone can be restored from iCloud backup.

    How to register iCloud on iPhone

    With the advent of such gadgets as smartphones and tablets, the problem of storing information and quick access to files with media products, personal information, etc. One of the most convenient and free ways to solve this problem is to use cloud storage, when files are stored on the server without taking up the memory of the user’s device. Today we’ll tell you how to register iCloud on iPhone. Apple’s cloud service

    Apple’s cloud service is iCloud. It was developed by Apple experts for iOS device owners. To use it, you need to have an “apple” device and an account (identifier) ​​Apple ID.

    Key features of iCloud on iPhone

    The cloud provides users with various additional functions:

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  • Backup. All data stored in iPhone 5S, 5, 4, 4S, 6, 7 is automatically copied to storage. By default, 5 GB of free space is available to the user. If necessary, he can increase the volume or clean the existing.
  • Access from all devices. Devices connected to the same Apple ID can access the service at any time. This is very convenient for those who take a lot of photos, but do not like to copy them. After the photo is taken on the iPhone 5S, it will appear on any other, for example, the iPhone 5.
  • Search for a lost gadget. The special function “Find My Phone” allows you to lock the device and determine its location on the map if lost.
  • Service advantages over similar programs

    • iCloud storage was designed specifically for iOS 4 and has evolved along with it. Thanks to this, it is fully automated for iOS;
    • creating iCloud on iPhone is absolutely free;
    • there is no advertising and banner mailing;
    • it is possible to authorize an individual mailbox.

    Thus, using iCloud can make life much easier for smartphone users. It remains to figure out how to create a new iCloud on iPhone.

    How to restore access to your account

    If the user did not have to enter account data for a long time, he may forget the password. It is better not to try to guess it, as the account is locked when you repeatedly enter the wrong password.

    The safest methods of restoring access are:

    • answer security questions;
    • use e-mail;
    • pass two-step identification.

    The last method is the most difficult. Therefore, when registering, it is important to indicate a valid e-mail and select security questions, the answers to which cannot be forgotten (this may be the name of the first pet or the name of the street where the owner of the device lived in childhood).

    If you still failed to unlock the recording, you can use the services of the website

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    How to create iCloud on iPhone?

    New to the Apple ecosystem? Your first step is to sign up for an Apple ID.

    icloud, iphone

    Apple ID allows you to download content from iTunes and the App Store. It also lets you sync reminders, calendars, and contacts via iCloud, and activate FaceTime and iMessage across multiple devices.

    You don’t have to subscribe to an Apple ID if you want to use an Apple device, but it’s important to get the most out of your iPhone and iPad. This is how you can create a new ID.

    • How to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad
    • How to sign in to iCloud with an existing Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad
    • How to sign out of iCloud on your iPhone or iPad

    Create iCloud on iPhone

    Below we will take a look at three ways to create an iCloud profile on iPhone.

    What is iCloud on iPhone and how to use it

    Apple smartphone owners use the cloud storage provided to them. It allows you to save photos, messages, contacts, as well as backups. The cloud is necessary to recover information if the smartphone is lost or broken. It is worth telling in more detail about what iCloud is on the iPhone and how to use it.

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    Cloud service functionality

    Gadget users know what this service is, but not many are well versed in its functions. It is worth understanding the question of what the Cloud can be used for. The owner needs to know what is stored in the iCloud system on the iPhone. So, the service can be used for such actions:

    • Search for a device. If the iPhone is lost, the owner can use iCloud to locate it on a map. Location is accurate, with the address of the location.
    • Purchases. The client can use the Cloud to save all the data on purchases. If the client buys the program through the AppStore, they will be saved on other devices associated with the profile.
    • Gadget files. You can work with any types of files that were previously synchronized with the Cloud.
    • Mail and calendar. You must sync your reminder, calendar, and mail data to access the data on other devices.
    • Transfer of information. The storage allows you to quickly transfer the files you need to another smartphone.
    • Smartphone security. Thanks to this service, the owner does not have to worry about the security of his data.
    • Storage of photos and videos. All photos and videos are automatically backed up to cloud storage. This allows you to save files if the gadget is lost.
    • Copying data. Using the service, the client can make backups from his smartphone. Then this backup is used to restore information on another device.

    iCloud Tutorial. Apple iCloud

    If you read all the information about the Cloud, we can say that the service has a variety of functionality. Now it’s worth figuring out how to use the storage.

    How to use the “Cloud” correctly

    If the owner was able to enable and run this service on the phone, they should learn how to use iCloud on the iPhone. To apply the service, you need to follow the instructions:

    • a section with settings opens on the cell phone;
    • then the item “iCloud” is selected from the list;
    • if the service has not been used before, you will need to authorize;
    • a postal address is entered;
    • the system access code is indicated;
    • the screen will immediately display a window for working with the storage;
    • all types of information that can be stored are listed here;
    • the user must move the slider to the active position;
    • only those items are selected that the client wants to keep;
    • if there is enough space, you can activate all the sliders at once.

    The user should pay attention to several items that are located in this service. Each of them needs to be activated. It is worth considering these sections in more detail:

    • iCloud Drive. If the client clicks on this item, he will go to a new section. There will be applications that work with cloud sync. There is a separate slider for each iPhone app. You should activate those applications that the owner needs.
    • Backup copy. As soon as the client enters this section, a new menu will open for him. If the user has not created backups before, click on the “Create a backup copy” button. A new window will be displayed on the screen, in it the item “Backup to iCloud” is selected. The slider located next to it is transferred to the active position. This will prevent the client from creating new copies on their own. The whole process will take place automatically as soon as new data or files appear on the smartphone.
    • Bunch of keys. You should run this item to protect passwords saved in Safari. As soon as the client activates storage, all entered data on the sites will be automatically saved.
    • note
    • You can also highlight the useful “Find my Phone” option, which allows you to search for a smartphone if it is lost or stolen. It is recommended to activate it on your smartphone immediately after purchase.
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    How to activate and deactivate the service

    If a customer bought a new gadget, they need to turn on iCloud on their iPhone. To do this, you need to follow these instructions:

    • the user opens a section with settings on a smartphone;
    • then the item “iCloud” is selected from the list;
    • you will need to go to the section with the account;
    • the password for the Apple ID profile is specified;
    • the “Enter” key is pressed.

    As soon as the data verification is completed, a message will be displayed on the phone with a proposal to synchronize the work of Safari and the cloud storage. Then the client will be able to activate the “Find iPhone” option on the cell phone. It is not recommended to refuse to connect the function and geolocation. The option will help in case of loss or theft of a smartphone.

    The user can refuse “Cloud” only if he wants to sell the device. You can deactivate the service according to the following instructions:

    • a section with settings opens on the phone;
    • then the item with the username is selected;
    • select the “iCloud” section from the list;
    • now you can scroll down the page and find the “Delete Account” button.
    • note
    • For deactivation to be performed, you must confirm the action by entering a password.

    How to use iCloud on the iPhone or iPad

    What services are provided in iCloud

    If the user has a cloud storage connected, he can communicate via email. First, you need to create a new email account, it will look like “”. After creating the mail, the owner will be able to access the mail from another device. You should also highlight other services that will become available to the client:

    • Contacts. If a lot of contact numbers are saved on the mobile device, then the service will provide additional functions. For example, if you are using the cloud via a computer, you can edit the contact number profiles. Here, the client can attach photos to phones and configure additional parameters. All contact details will be synchronized. This means that you can access them from another gadget linked to the same account.
    • Calendar, notes, reminders. To transfer the necessary data from these applications to another iPhone or iPad, the client does not need to transfer and configure information. If you connect a new device to the same profile, then all notes and reminders will be immediately transferred to this smartphone. Events marked in the calendar will not be lost.
    • Smartphone photo. If you use the photo service, the owner will receive a set of functions. The client can mark with “Hearts” those photos that he liked in the photo stream. You can also track the “Moments” that are in your photos and videos. The owner can add a location to show where the photo was taken.
    • note
    • Thanks to the cloud, all photos will be saved. Even if the smartphone is lost, the client can delete the pictures or transfer them to another gadget.