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How to use a wacom pen tablet

Graphics tablet

Good day, dear reader!

wacom, tablet

I want to share the experience of using this tablet

Since I really like to draw, and on a computer it is more convenient than on a sheet, especially with this tablet, for me personally, I appreciated the work of this tablet. True, for a long time I could not figure out how to connect it.

Let’s start!

The box is in the style of minimalism, I really liked it, I love it

On the lid, we immediately see a brief instruction on how to work with the tablet. Raising the tablet

I have it red, it’s very cool that such things are made not only black.

The wire with which we connect the tablet to the computer; and in a separate package there are rods for the handle, as far as I understand, they are no different from what is already in the handle at the time of purchase. And together with the rods there is a ring with which just these rods can be pulled out of the handle.

Manual for use, already more detailed.

Let’s take a closer look

The tablet has such an external dot structure, the handle has buttons.

On the screen below, you will notice a single dot in a row, this is an on indicator. It gets brighter when you bring the pen to the tablet, and dims when you can’t feel the pen.

Wire connects via micro-USB, bottom

wacom, tablet

On the opposite side of the wire connector, there is a special attachment for the handle

Very convenient, the pen is not lost, it is always close to the tablet.

The tablet has 2 modes of operation: pen and pointer (mouse).

Pen moves smoothly, pointer more sharply.

When you install the customization utility for this tablet, you can customize it for yourself.

On the tablet, you can select the area responsible for the working area. Let me explain, it can be like the entire tablet as a whole, or for convenience you will choose some small part, but it will contain the entire computer monitor.

Very convenient, I chose a small area under my arm

It also has 2 buttons that respond like mouse buttons, but they are still slightly different from the mouse keys, it will take a little getting used to.

And there is also a function of long pressing with the stylus, as far as I understood, this is like the “right mouse button”, i.e. it brings up the action menu.

There is a setting for the time of pressing, and for example, opening a folder with one click is also convenient

And to work with the text, in my opinion, it is very convenient to work with a pen.

I used this tablet, not only for drawing, but also for work, instead of a mouse, I want to say that I liked it

Along with the tablet comes a drawing program with a serial number.

It will be convenient to draw in it on a tablet.

You may have already noticed this program in the first photo, in the upper corner of the box.

We launch the program, we have such a splash screen

In the photo above, I have already pressed the “file” button and pointed to the create item. This is what you need to do in order to start working in the program.

Done, now you can start drawing

Each time you start (if you do not check the “do not show again” box), you will be reminded of where everything is. A small tutorial.

I did not find any minuses in it, everything works well, good response, everything is in order, neat appearance, aesthetic, simple.

As for the size, it is possible that a large tablet is more convenient for drawing, but I think that this is not at all necessary, this tablet has excellent dimensions, does not take up much space, convenient to use, convenient to hold, optimal dimensions, everything is fine

Can’t say it’s small, medium screen size

I am very happy with the tablet

High-quality technology


How to set up your graphics tablet?

In the previous article, we looked at how to use a tablet to significantly improve the efficiency of retouching.

Today we will talk about the first steps after buying a tablet, what you need to do for comfortable work.

I will illustrate the material using the example of setting up my old Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Disable touch input

Go to the Touch Options tab and uncheck the Enable touch option.

This must be done, otherwise in the process of retouching in Photoshop the tablet will react not only to the pen, but also to the movements of the hand on the surface of the tablet, moreover, in an unpredictable way. By disabling touch input, you will get rid of this problem.

Now you can get to work. Launch Photoshop, open a photo for retouching, grab a tablet pen and try using it instead of a mouse in the retouching process. If you don’t have your own sources for retouching, you can try your hand at this photo.

You can attach the results of retouching in the comments, having previously reduced the size to 2000 pixels. on the long side, or post it on the forum.

And as an example, I suggest looking at the result of retouching a photo with creative makeup. Here, the models applied a special make-up to give the skin a golden hue and accentuate the highlights on the skin. Click here to enlarge.

I wish you all creative inspiration and enjoyable work with your graphics tablet.!

Installing the tablet driver

Do not rush to immediately connect the tablet to your computer after purchase! First, you need to install the driver so that the tablet works correctly and all its settings become available.

The driver for any tablet can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website in the Support section.

Download the driver specifically for your tablet model.

After installing the driver, it is recommended to restart the computer and only then connect the tablet to it.

Genius Tablet

Now you know exactly how to use a graphics tablet, whatever it may be.

Wacom tablet

How do I use a Wacom pen tablet? Very simple. First you need to connect the tablet to your computer, let the first one install everything you need to work. Next, you need to decide on the program in which you will work. After the program starts working, and the tablet is successfully connected, you just have to deal with the features and let your inner Picasso manifest!

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It is worth noting that all Wacom models have features such as:

  • eraser. allows you to immediately make edits without looking for the required function in the program;
  • multi-touch. allows the tablet to determine the coordinates of more than one touch point, which allows you to work with the tablet with the movement of your fingers;
  • working through paper is a very convenient function that allows you to draw as if through tracing paper, which opens up a huge number of creative possibilities.

Bamboo tablet

Let’s discuss a bit how to use the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. This device has a very convenient function, thanks to which you have the ability to control your fingers: press one. it’s like pressing the left mouse button, press two. like the right one, spread your thumb and forefinger. bring the picture closer, twirl your finger. the picture will turn like this as you like.

The main difference between Bamboo tablets can be traced back to the name. Take Bamboo Touch, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo PenTouch, Bamboo Fun PenTouch as an example.

  • Bamboo Touch is a black tablet with a 10×15 work surface. This device has only multi-touch, so the pen cannot be found in the package bundle. For photo processing, of course, it will not work, but for viewing photos it will do.
  • The Bamboo Pen is all the same plus pen input. It is already possible to make simple photo processing.
  • Bamboo PenTouch. going up and down, adding programmable keys to all the functions that were in the previous models.
  • The Bamboo Fun PenTouch is a silver device available in two versions: 10×15 and 21.6×13.7. Here, in addition to everything else, an eraser is added.

Basic principles

Any graphic tablet consists of a so-called pen, which is a kind of pencil or pen, and a working surface, which, as you might guess, will be the artist’s canvas. Feathers, even in weight, are as similar as possible, which is done, of course, for ease of use, and the canvases vary in size and shape. One way or another, all changes only affect the ease of drawing, and not how to use the graphics tablet. Any tablet will capture your monitor completely, so that with the help of the pen you can reach any corner of the drawing program interface. The pen works like a regular computer mouse, but with greater accuracy, since for a person to draw in the same way as the tablet offers, in a format where it is convenient.

How to use a graphics tablet: instructions and specifications

Who has never tried drawing? Probably, such people do not exist at all. Drawing is usually started in early childhood, because it is such a fun activity. You just need to take something that has color and start painting everything around. Modern technology, despite its complexity, has greatly simplified this process by connecting artists to a computer using a graphics tablet. Today, there are many different models of this type of device from completely different companies on the market, so there is practically no point in describing each separately.

How do I use a pen tablet? We will try to grasp the basic principles of working with it, and as an example, we will take the most common models today.

Wacom Intuos tablet

Now let’s talk about how to use the Wacom Intuos pen tablet. Let’s go a little deeper into the details, because we have already discussed how to use a graphics tablet in a broad sense. Wacom’s Intuos line is divided into two types: Intuos and Intuos Pro. Each is split into four more models, which vary in size for the most part. The first one reveals such convenient functions as:

  • the pressure sensitivity of the eraser is a useful thing that opens up the possibility of using special drawing techniques “on the go”;
  • pen holder;
  • programmable hot keys;
  • multi-touch;
  • programmable keys on the pen;
  • connector for wireless receiver.

In the second, you will find almost the same, only on top of everything else:

  • add sensitivity of the pen to tilt by sixty degrees;
  • there is a programmable touch ring for four modes;
  • more programmable keys;
  • sensitivity and accuracy are higher.

Wacom Intuos is perfect for those looking to get into drawing, illustration, sketching design, photo editing, animation, storyboarding, 2D, 3D sculpting, and more.


Wacom pens do not need to be charged as they are powered by Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) from the tablet.

If you’re tired of wires, Wacom tablets offer wireless options. To do this, you will need to purchase a wireless module.

Wacom offers a wide range of devices to suit all tastes, and Genius gives you the opportunity to get to know your graphics tablets at a cost-effective level. When choosing a device, this is useful to consider.

How to work with a tablet

So, in the last article, we told you how to choose a tablet computer. We hope that our tips have helped you make the right choice and get exactly the tablet you dreamed of. But now you have probably visited our site to learn how to work with your tablet. The experts of the website will be happy to answer this question. In this article we will talk about the operation of the tablet operating system, about setting up, installing and working with programs, as well as about the functional features.

Basic rules for how to work on a tablet

After purchasing a tablet, you will need to first insert a SIM card into it (if supported by your tablet model). Modern tablet models, in most cases, only work with microSIM cards. That is why you initially need to clarify what type of SIM cards your tablet supports. This question, for some reason, confuses most beginners. And everything is quite simple: buy a starter package from the operator that provides the lowest for Internet access (as a rule, telephony is not used on the tablet) and insert it into the tablet. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that when buying a starter pack, consider what type of SIM-cards your tablet supports. Most starter packs include a universal SIM card. If you have a standard SIM card, you need to cut it. We do not recommend cutting the SIM card yourself, but in the center where you bought the tablet, for this, special scissors are used that will not damage it.

Any tablet running an Android or iOS operating system needs to be configured. When you have inserted the SIM card, activate the device and make the necessary settings (the tablet itself will ask the questions it is interested in). Then you need to perform a number of first-order actions. First, you need to immediately set up access to your home Internet so that you don’t have extra money from your account, especially if you have cheap and high-speed Wi-Fi. Secondly, for more advanced users, we recommend updating the operating system, if required. Now let’s get down to the settings.

How to Set Up and Use a Wacom Tablet

As for the deeper settings, we recommend turning off 3G, since its module eats up a lot of battery resources, which is already quickly discharged in tablets. In addition to 3G, we recommend that you turn off other services that you do not need to save battery power. You can make changes to the tablet settings by going to the settings menu, it is here that you can make a complete setup of the tablet. everything is much simpler than in a computer.

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Pay attention to the notification settings, disable those that you do not need. We also recommend that you configure the parameters for determining your location in some programs so as not to show your movement and location on the network.

An integral part of working with a tablet is the installation of various applications. For beginners, when working with a tablet, it is often difficult to install applications. Installing the app on your tablet is very easy. To install applications on the iPad, you must create an account in the AppStore and install programs through it. To install programs on tablets running Android, it is not necessary to create an account with PlayMarket, the installation files for the programs can also be downloaded from specialized sites, it’s just safer to do it in PlayMarket. In order to install programs through PlayMarket, you need to authorize in it by adding the ID of your tablet.

Despite the fact that both mentioned mobile operating systems already have a certain number of system programs, most users do not have enough of them, and some do not even like them at all (standard programs), so they change them to new ones.

Installing games is completely identical to installing programs on a particular tablet, as already described above, before installing “heavy” games, we recommend that you make sure that your tablet has enough free space to install a particular game.

Functional features of the tablet

For comfortable work on the tablet, you can integrate all your accounts of various services and social networks by installing their official clients on the tablet. Sometimes the interface and functionality of such applications is much better than the one available in the web version.

Take full advantage of the tablet’s features by reading them in the datasheet. What is characteristic is that beginners have been using the tablet for a long period of time. not knowing all of its functions. This includes the 3G network. it not only “drains” the battery, but also provides high-speed Internet access. Therefore, if your city has a 3G coverage of the operator, then, being outside the home and outside the coverage of the Wi-Fi network, you can provide your tablet with Internet access, and outside the house the tablet is even more useful. The same can be said for the GPS and GLONASS navigation aids. Thanks to them, you will not only be able to orient yourself on the terrain and plot a route, a tablet on which a good navigation program is installed. will help in a large metropolis, informing you about traffic events, in particular traffic jams and work.

How to learn to draw on a graphics tablet: basic tips

Depicting landscapes, portraits, anime, comics, and anything else, on a digitizer (for example, Intuos S) is much faster and more convenient than on plain paper or with a mouse on a PC. Especially in the first case, speed helps out, especially if the gadget is used for work.

How do I start painting with a graphics tablet? Here are 3 top tips:

  • Learn to draw traditionally first. If you do not know how to draw pictures on paper, then even a “fancy” gadget will not help you draw beautifully. The more skillfully the images are obtained on paper, the easier it will be on digital.
  • Exercise regularly. You can watch various training videos on the net on how to draw correctly on a graphics tablet. The most difficult thing is to get used to the fact that the drawing is applied with strokes, and not by dragging your hand over the surface of the device. To begin with, it is worth practicing on the image of simple shapes (triangle, square, etc.), hatching them, writing the alphabet, then you can print the pictures on paper, put it on a tablet and draw outlines. The hand should get used to the pressure on the stylus pen.
  • Choose a drawing program that suits you. A convenient and understandable program is one of the main elements of drawing. For complex graphic designs, Adobe Photoshop is ideal. But you can use lighter and simpler software: GIMP, Paint Tool SAI or another utility. The program should be tested for convenience first on a PC, click the interface with the mouse to find out all the capabilities of the software.

Don’t jump straight to complex technology and learn how to draw anime or comics on a graphics tablet. All this takes skill and practice. Here you need to follow the principle “from simple to complex”.

Wrong canvas size

There may be 2 problems here:

  • The leaf is too small. An aspiring artist usually uses a sheet size to match the resolution of his screen. This is fundamentally wrong. It is impossible to know exactly on which display other users will later watch the created image. Therefore, you should not “save” on the resolution, the higher it is. the more pixels in the picture and the better the final resolution will be.
  • A very large sheet. For maximum resolution, you will need a powerful PC, which will have an equally powerful program for processing pictures. It should also be remembered that high resolution is best for detailed pictures. Drawings on a graphic tablet (for example, on a Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth) are not always needed exactly like this.

Is there a solution to these problems? Before saving the picture, you need to resize it. There is no ideal resolution setting that will suit absolutely everyone. But there is a general rule: the more detailed the result, the less chances it will be fuzzy and blurry at maximum resolution. But if, according to the idea, the picture is a little sketchy, then it is better to use a small resolution.

Avoiding Strong Contrast

It happens that the perception of shades is impaired due to the quality of the display itself. So how do you get the contrast you want to look the same on all screens? Photoshop has a dedicated Levels tool that shows you how much of each tone is used in the picture. You can change levels by moving the sliders.

The contrast level depends, of course, on the picture itself, but if there are no dark and light zones in the image at all, the picture will not look very good.

Before drawing, you need to plan the lighting on the sphere:

  • draw a circle and shade it with a dark shade (not black);
  • add a medium tone, then the lightest (not white);
  • add 1-2 semitones;
  • add a small amount of black and white;
  • then connect everything and smooth out the transitions.

You can use this blank to shade other objects. You also need to act on the rest of the pictures: the darkest tone, semitone, the lightest, semitone, white and black tones.

How to draw on a graphics tablet: where to start, 3 tips

A graphics tablet consists of a “canvas”. a touch surface and a “pen”. a stylus. This device allows the artist to simulate drawing on paper. The picture drawn with the stylus on the surface of the tablet is displayed immediately on the computer. expensive units like the Cintiq Pro touch 16 FHD allow you to see the image right on the tablet itself. But this gadget is not so simple. Using it is not at all the same as drawing on paper. How to learn to draw with numbers. described in the article.

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Common mistakes when drawing

Drawing with a graphics tablet like the CTL-4100WLE-N is quite unusual and difficult at first. Beginners can choose, for example, the wrong canvas size or use the wrong brushes. In order not to make common mistakes, it is worth studying the following sections of the article.

How to set up your tablet for drawing on your computer

It is unlikely that beginners will be able to connect a new device and immediately start drawing on it: first, they will need to customize it for themselves. How to start drawing on a graphics tablet (such as the One by Wacom small)? It is clear what to connect the gadget to a PC or laptop. This is done using the standard USB cable supplied. What to do next. we will consider in detail the points.

Too many complex brushes and large strokes

Professional artists perform most of the work with simple strokes, only occasionally using complex ones. When painting with a digitizer like the Huion L4S, the selection of brushes is greatly simplified: there are brushes, for example, for creating fur or a brush. No need to practice drawing, there is already a ready-made solution.

Brushes for various designs are convenient. The problem arises if you use them as core skills. That is, do not look for ways to draw fur beautifully and accurately, but just take the right brush and paint. If this becomes a habit, then the user will stop learning altogether. To begin with, you should use simple brushes, hone your drawing skills. and only then move on to complex ones.

Another problem with brushes is the use of very large strokes. When the picture is almost complete, there is a desire to get the finished result as soon as possible. And this is where the user resorts to big strokes. But this is wrong. Large strokes should only be used first to sketch out the shape, add colors, etc. Draw the details and finish the sketch with a small brush. This will help create very realistic and accurate pictures.

Autodesk Sketchbook

SketchBook Pro is a professional drawing application optimized specifically for tablet devices. It is easy and pleasant to draw in it, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by novice users.


A raster graphics program that looks like a symbiosis of Painter and Photoshop. Compared to GIMP, it is slower to process, but with a much larger set of brushes. Widespread support for Wacom tablet.

Painter lite

The lighter and cheaper version of Painter offers all the painting tools you need, but at a lower cost. An excellent option for those who are just starting to draw and are not ready for significant expenses.


Free and handy vector illustrator, which is essentially a symbiosis of Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator. The remarkable support for pen pressure sensitivity. a big shortage in the vector illustration world. makes Inkscape a powerful tool for serious calligraphy enthusiasts.

By the way, Inkscape has an excellent resource in seven languages, including Russian, which is very rare even for commercial graphics programs. On the Inkscape website, you can not only download the program, but also read articles, study lessons, participate in discussions and much more. There is also an opportunity to become one of the developers and testers of the product and bring useful functions to it.

Colorful and functional bitmap program for drawing, illustration. It is similar in appearance and functionality to Corel Painter. Widespread support for Wacom tablet.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer

Editing photos, drawing, unusual effects. these are not all the features of Xara Photo. Users will appreciate the file format compatibility and the product’s low cost.

Corel painter

Painter simulates traditional brushes, textures, dry and wet effects with incredible precision. Thanks to this, there is an almost complete immersion in the artist’s real studio, where there is no computer and monitor, only an easel and canvas.

Affinity Designer

The program supports working with layers, import / export of different file formats, a convenient navigator and all the tools for working with vector graphics that you can think of. Affinity Designer is a kind of Adobe Illustrator killer. The only drawback of this program may be that it is only for MAC. But the price is more than pleasant.

Key Features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Artistic drawing with no selection and scaling functions
  • Supports OpenRaster (.ora), PNG and JPG formats
  • Russian language support

Computer system requirements

MyPaint’s closest competitors are the graphics editors ArtRage, Krita and Corel Painter Essentials. The main difference is the most complete support for “drawing” equipment, primarily graphic tablets, and a lot of brushes in the kit (about three hundred). Brushes can be organized into groups. Each brush can belong to several groups at once. MyPaint supports a concept of layers similar to the implementation in GIMP and Adobe Photoshop.

Painter lite

The lighter and cheaper version of Painter offers all the painting tools you need, but for a lower price. An excellent option for those who are just starting to draw and are not ready for significant expenses.


And here is another noteworthy drawing program. ten thousand novice and professional artists managed to download this wonderful development for free. You don’t have to waste time learning about menus and tools. just open a new file and showcase your talents using clearly visualized functions.

Blending modes, layers, virtual canvas rotation, subpixel anti-aliasing level are available to users. In addition to standard painting tools, the application contains special tools such as graffiti, water drops, stars, grass. Synchronization with tablets is also implemented.


Undemanding and easy-to-use open-source software for digital artists. Allows you to focus on creativity, not the program interface. Tablet support is well implemented.

Corel painter x3

Painter X3 simulates traditional brushes, textures, dry and wet effects with incredible precision. Thanks to this, there is an almost complete immersion in the artist’s real studio, where there is no computer and monitor, only an easel and canvas.


Free and handy vector illustrator, which is essentially a symbiosis of Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator. The remarkable support for pen pressure sensitivity. a big shortage in the vector illustration world. makes Inkscape a powerful tool for serious calligraphy enthusiasts.

By the way, Inkscape has an excellent resource in seven languages, including Russian, which is very rare even for commercial graphics programs. On the Inkscape website, you can not only download the program, but also read articles, study lessons, participate in discussions and much more. There is also an opportunity to become one of the developers and testers of the product and bring useful features to it.