How To Uninstall Game From Laptop

How to completely remove a game from your computer

Hello dear site visitor! If you want to know how to remove games from your computer, then you are here, in this tutorial I will explain to you in detail and step by step how to completely remove a game from your computer.

The revo uninstaller pro program will help us to remove programs and games from your computer, with this program you can easily remove any installed game on your computer.
For example, I will delete the Max Payne 3 game on my computer.
To start and uninstall the game from your computer, you need to run the revo uninstaller pro program, then in the search box, enter the name of the game you want to uninstall, in my case, in the search box, I enter the name of the game Max Payne 3, after which the installed game will be displayed just below.
Now you need to hover your mouse over the game, and press the right mouse button once, after which a menu will open, in which you need to select the “Delete” item.

When you select “Uninstall”, the uninstall wizard for the game will open on your computer.
To continue and remove the game from your computer, you need to click on the “Yes” button.

When you click on the “Yes” button, the process of removing the game from your computer will begin on your computer, after the game is removed from your computer, you will see a notification window stating that the game has been successfully removed and you just have to click on the “OK” button.

Please note: after deleting the game, the remnants of traces of this game may remain on your computer, so we need to analyze the remaining traces, for this we check the box opposite the “Advanced” item and click on the “Scan” button.

When you click on the “Scan” button on your computer, the analysis of the remaining traces will begin, after scanning in the revo uninstaller pro program, you will see the remaining traces of this game that you need to delete, for this we click on the “Select all” button and click on the “Delete” button.

When you click on the “Delete” button, a confirmation window will open on your computer, in which you will need to click on the “Yes” button.
When you click on the “Yes” button, the selected records will be deleted from the computer.

Please note: after you delete the selected records, another window may open on your computer with the found records of this game.
Here again we need to click on the “Select All” button and click on the “Delete” button.

When you click on the “Delete” button, a window with confirmation of deletion will open on your computer again, here we also click on the “Yes” button.
When you click on the “Yes” button, all remaining game elements will be removed.
In this way, you can remove any installed game from your computer.

How to uninstall the game correctly

Want to learn how to delete games?
The process of removing games is reduced to calling the standard “removal wizard” and following its advice.
If the game is NOT removed using the wizard, then try restarting your computer, because the wizard’s capabilities are usually sufficient.

Is it possible to delete the game incorrectly?

In fact, it is possible, this is not the first time I have encountered cases when a shortcut is removed from the desktop or only the folder with the game.

Deleting games is wrong. this is a step towards the accumulation of garbage and slowing down the computer, since the game is not only files in the folder, but also saves, as well as entries in the registry.
Good luck saving the galaxies.

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What to do if games are in the list of installed programs

1. When the game is installed, a shortcut appears on the desktop and in the “Programs” folder (Start. Programs). If you open the game folder (the black triangle indicates that the folder can be opened), then we will see that there is a shortcut to start the game and a shortcut to uninstall the game. click uninstall and follow the instructions.

Uninstalling via the Start Menu

2. If there is a “delete game” icon, go to the game folder, for this click on the game shortcut on the desktop, right-click and select “properties”, then in the window that opens.

If there is a delete game icon

We are looking for a file called “Uninstall”

How to uninstall a game in Windows XP

1. The most working of all methods is to uninstall the game, through the control panel. install uninstall programs.
Open the Control Panel. “Start”. “Settings”. “Control Panel” for the classic Start menu, or “Start”. “Control Panel”.
We are looking for the “Add or Remove Programs” icon, if it is not visible, scroll down the list.

We are looking for the icon “Add or Remove Programs”

Hover over the Add / Remove Programs icon

As you can see, deleting the game correctly is quite easy, and the benefits of this are much greater:
– more free space appears;
– less bugs and junk;
– you become more advanced users.

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  • Abylai 10/06/2009 #

And if it is not removed from the Control Panel and I cannot reinstall it, it gives an error 5001?!

Try cleaning the registry.

[.] and found the Kaspersky Anti-Virus program there, clicked uninstall and a message appeared to uninstall [.]

I will learn to delete games. Thanks for the hint!

But my problem is the following:
I deleted all the files in the manner specified in paragraph 3. But when I click to start the installation program for the game, they write to me:
“This game is already installed on your computer.” I don’t know what to do. Tell me how to delete ALL game files.

Margarita, maybe some files are left. Try installing the game on a different logical drive or in a different folder.

And I don’t have all the files in the control panel, that’s the problem, please help me to delete

Artyom, there are no files in the control panel and you cannot delete anything there, but through the installation and removal of programs (Programs and components in Windows 7) you can remove games and programs.
The basis is that NOT every program or game can be removed through the installation and removal of programs, some programs are removed from the autorun disk, some from the program folder using uninstal, but the remaining garbage is saved in the form and the folders from the game are deleted manually.
In the registry with corrections of entries in a remote game Better not to climb.

And I have such a problem: I installed the game (GRID), it went crookedly and I began to conjure over it and put the latest patch in the end, nothing helped, out of anger I just selected the folder and pressed delete. I wanted to re-install the game and what thread to come up with, but when I click on the installer, he writes to me that a later version of the game is already installed and to install the game, you need to delete the previous one. I dug in the registry manually and with programs (as far as I was smart enough) and deleted all sorts of save files on the C drive, nothing helps, it does NOT delete through the control panel, when you click delete, it gives an error due to NOT gripping some dll file. Help pliz.
ZY I have 7

Zhenya, try to search the computer for folders by the name of the game. there may be some hidden in user folders. For example, in the hidden ProgramData folder located on the C drive, there may be something.

I have a problem with uninstalling a game; none of the listed methods removes an internal error. What to do?

Danila, try to delete the files manually and do not worry, after the next reinstallation of the system everything will definitely be deleted.

Help pozhalik I can not delete the game writes that the Program is NOT able to locate the installation log file “d: \\ DeIsL1.Isu”

Inkar, perhaps this file is available, perhaps you need to specify the path manually or this file is on the disk.

People help! I can’t delete the game! (I have half of the game left on the second hard drive, and the other half of D remained, I just can’t delete it, tell me what to do)

Valeria, don’t worry. the operating system’s service life is about half a year, so in any case the game will be deleted sooner or later. As for how to uninstall the game now, there is only one option. to remove it from Programs and Features (Windows 7) or Add or Remove Programs (XP) and it doesn’t matter where. What’s installed. The program itself knows what to delete and where the files are located.
If you cannot delete normally, then just delete the folders with the game. something will remain, but it will take up a little space.
And yes, check, maybe there is a delete option in the game disc menu.

Please, tell me what to do in my case, out of anger I deleted the game and it was wrong, and I also cleared the basket, which is wrong, I thought about it much later, but it was too late. In fact, I deleted the shortcut and, as it turned out, partially the folder. The game remained in the start menu, it is not deleted, writes that Windows requires the unins.Exe file, in short, the problem is that there is no this shortcut, I searched the search engines, found a folder on the disk with files, where it says delete, I click and everything is the same, and deletion cannot happen without unins.Exe, but it definitely exists on the computer, I have already rummaged everything. Is it possible to delete or will it hang and eyes calluses.

Lyudmila, there are several options. you can reinstall the game and uninstall it correctly for “Add or Remove Programs”. Or you can use a program like unlocker (I doubt that I wrote it correctly) and delete everything that you want and that blocks and does not allow you to delete the operating system.

Help, I want to delete the batman artham asylum game from the control panel, and the game is NOT deleted from the control panel, an unhandled exception is displayed, error number 0x80040702, the description could not load the GameuxInstallHelper dll file, the installation will be broken what should I do?

Edik, how fast you are This is not a chat. Try to clean the registry using CCleaner.

Strange, cleaned it up, it still doesn’t help

Edik, it’s really strange, usually such entries are cleared in the registry and that’s it.
There is another option. try a file that the system cannot find. Place GameuxInstallHelper.Dll in the C: / Windows / Sistem32 / folder. check if you have this file. I have this file in the system folder, but looked on the network, there is an address where it turns out that the file is in the folder with the game.

Thanks helped, but now I can’t install it, what to do?

Edik, I haven’t come across such a thing, but who didn’t tell me or wrote that it helps, so try to delete all the garbage left over from the game or try to specify the path to another folder where you will install.
Once again, you can clear the registry after deleting.

Sorry, I was wrong, I got into ccleaner and then into the uninstall service and clicked uninstall and it was displayed to me, the application will NOT be removed. ARE YOU SURE OF THIS? I pressed ok, but I had to uninstall, what should I do how to restore the game?

Edik, you confused me. there is no record of the game in “Programs and Features”? Or it remains, but the game needs to be reinstalled?
Most likely, in order to install the game, you will have to find its files, manually uninstall or try to trick the computer into specifying a different folder for installing the game. Try to go to the registry and manually search there for an entry in your game and try to delete it manually. You can also see the system folders. maybe there is something left from the game there.
Unfortunately, this did not happen with my computer, so I can’t look for a solution myself, but usually if the programs refused to install, then an elementary path change and installation in another folder or logical drive helped.

Well, the fact is that I completely deleted all the files of this game, and when I insert the disc I can’t even open the installation, I also click the settings, they DO NOT open.

I just want the game to appear again in ccleaner to uninstall it and install it again, but when I insert the disk everything is highlighted install, redme, settings, exit, I press install and it is NOT displayed

Edik, what if you open the disk and try to run the setup.Exe file? In addition, the game This is not only a folder on the disk, it is also an entry in the registry, probably still files in the Aplications folder or the like, so it will probably be difficult to delete until the end.
If there is an entry in the registry, then perhaps there are still some folders, you can enter the name of the game in the search, there may be some other files or folders with a SIMilar name on the computer.

I completely deleted all files from the computer !! In more detail, I insert the disc and it displays to me, install, redme, settings, exit. The installation does not open at all, and the settings open to me they write autorn the specified file is not found. And I press open the disc and turn on the game writes shippingpc.bmgame-System error, the program cannot be started. since wxmsw28u core vc custom / dii / is missing on the computer. Try reinstalling the program. Where can I find setup.Exe.? Help please

Edik, you can open the disk by hovering over the drive icon in “My Computer” by right-clicking and selecting “Open” in the context menu.
If there is an autorun on the disk then double click will load it.

The second point is that the computer does not have enough dll library, give it. I take my words back, apparently the library will appear after unpacking, when the installation of the game starts. While looking for the library, I found that this error occurs if you double-click on the disk drive icon, you still need to run it via setup.Exe or install.Exe

Hello! I have such a problem, I inserted a game with a disc, then I stung it, first in my father’s program files, and then in method 3)., But in the start I had everything left, I deleted the installation in the start and then when I clicked on delete it wrote: I need an exe file of some kind. After I deleted it all in the start-up, after the work. I moved the table. And now I insert the disc. And he does NOT flicker at all when I click on PLAY

Varik, it’s just that some games are NOT completely deleted, and you did the right thing by manually deleting the leftovers. That’s only after deleting if you click on the game’s shortcut, it certainly could not find this file that launches the game, from there, and messages that there is no exe file.
If autorun does not work or the buttons do not work, then you can open the disc and start the installation from the inside by finding the setup.Exe or install.Exe installation file in the game folders

I had a problem like this I had a batman arkham asylum game, but I formatted the D drive and it was gone, I deleted it from the documents, the ion remained only in my control panel, now I want to install this game again, but I cannot because it remained in the control panel and from there I can not delete it because the error 0x80040702 comes out Description: failed to load the file.Dll: firewallinstallhelper then I downloaded this firewallinstallhelper but the same error still pops up WHAT TO DO?

I do everything as written, even special programs DO NOT help, only the shortcut from the game disappears and all the butts and files remain and even the installation one, even if run again

Hello. Help me please, I can not delete the game from the computer. I tried adding and removing programs through the Control Panel. But the game is NOT displayed in the list. What should I do?

Alena, if there is no uninstal file in the game folder and you cannot delete it in any other way, except to select and delete. delete it like this. Sooner or later, after reinstalling the operating system, nothing will happen, so don’t worry about such trifles.

Hello, in general, I removed the antivirus and dropped the folder in the trash
and after installing NOT how to write or change or delete more than one from two, the registry does NOT come out tried through the program cleans it does not help what to do?

Micah, maybe the antivirus was NOT deleted, and its folders and files can be restored from the trash?
It is also possible that the program works and until you turn it off, it will not allow you to install another antivirus.
By the way, if he writes to change or delete, then you can choose. delete.

I have a game, I do not know where it is on the computer, but when I found it, it writes to me (it is not possible to launch the add-on, start the basic version of the game.) I launch the disk to install the game and writes to me (you have such a game on your computer, delete this version) it to start a new one

Olya, there are games, but there are patches or additions to games, but these additions are NOT games, but only additional levels or the best costumes for players.
The game should be looked for in the Program Files folder and you probably found it, only it is possible that it launches the add-on. perhaps there are some other shortcuts and one of them launches the game.
You can also look at the “Start / All Programs” menu, there is probably a shortcut to the game.
As for deleting the game, it may be worth trying the options without deleting at the beginning.

Hello! I always delete games with the Uninstall.Exe file. And manually, if there are any files left. We reinstalled the game, which was deleted two months ago, but it remained all Saved. Maybe it still remains in some unknown places, I would like a “clean” game.

Yulka, look for the save in the folder “My Documents” (in the folder with the name of the game), sometimes during deletion they offer to delete everything, including the save, but most often they remain.

Tell me, I had a game of traffic rules on my computer for a long time, I have to go there and all that. I wanted to play it again, I downloaded it and tried to install it. I started to install and the computer writes. That the program “rules of the road” is already installed on this computer “I look through the control panel and try to remove it there but it is not there and I can’t remove it. I’ve already rummaged the whole computer. I can’t find the folder this is what to do guys help pliz.

Egoкlol, it happens that games after installation in the control panel do NOT appear in the uninstallation of programs at all, so they are removed either using the uninstal file or manually.
As for the fact that the game is installed. perhaps there are some other entries in the registry, try programs to clean the registry.

I have already cleaned the registry and I cannot find this game on my computer in general and some files from it!

I removed the shortcuts from the desktop, but the programs remained and now when I try to remove them from the list of programs they say that this file does not exist and uninstallation is NOT possible 🙁

Gulenki, deleting the shortcuts from the desktop most likely did not affect, just try cleaning the registry, (maybe it will help, only select programs like Ccleaner).

Hello! E delete the game World of tanks then put it back and the settings remain I can’t figure out where to find these settings files to completely delete all information for a clean reinstallation

Volodya, during the removal of the game, the folder and settings may remain (see where they were installed), or in the folder “My Documents”.

Help! I decided to delete the Madagascar game from my computer, deleted it through the control panel, the folder disappeared. And after a while it again appeared in the control panel, but the strangest thing is that there is a game in the folder where I saved it. And in the control panel there is. I click delete, he writes the preparation of the program for removal, wait. And that’s it, everything stops there. The game is not deleted, at least how long you wait. What to do.

Olesya, during uninstallation, the system shows many windows and sometimes you need to select “complete deletion”, and if this is not done, shortcuts in the start menu, save, etc. may remain. If the game itself is available, then you can clean the remnants manually and programmatically clean the registry.

Hello, I have such a problem, I installed the game, and then deleted it in parts, otherwise it did NOT work, all the files that were associated with the name of the game, I decided to install a new one, and they write to me that it is already installed, I tried it with the disk, it does not delete it, I cleaned the registry and corrected errors. so after that it doesn’t install, tell me what to do??

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Konstantin, reinstalling the system will definitely fix everything. But apparently the registry cleaners consider the game installed. apparently some files remain. Perhaps it will help if you manually check the registry branches and find the entries related to your game to delete.

I installed the patch the game became Lagat. Reinstalled the game, the patch is still valid. I was looking for it I never found it :(. How to find and remove a patch from the game? (He’s somewhere in C)

Vitalik, the patch can replace old game files with new ones, so removing it is not always possible, try reinstalling.

Hello. Faced such a problem. So. I downloaded the game and installed it using Daemon tols. I didn’t like it. I decided to delete it. I went to the REMOVAL PROGRAMS. I delete and it gives me some kind of error. Utcompiledcode not found internal error. What should I do? Who’s to say? (((

Demon, apparently something has not been found, most likely the matter is in the game itself and you will have to delete it in parts, after the next reinstallation of the system it will definitely be deleted, so do not worry.

I installed the game after passing it, I deleted it. Now, when I want to install it, it says that the game is already installed and asks to uninstall it or not, I clicked uninstall, nothing happened. In “programs and components” it is not there and it is not in the start. What to do ? I have Windows 7.

Ilya, write the name of the game and try CCleaner, RegCleaner. programs that remove garbage from the windows registry.
Look, maybe after deleting the game there are folders, try to find them and delete.
Try installing to a different folder. specify the path to the second drive or folder (this method works with some programs).

Help)) I deleted the game from the computer, but when I turn on the computer, this game starts to be installed again, and I have to wait ((how to remove?

Power, if the game is deleted through the installation and removal of programs, then delete the folders that could remain from the game, see what is in the “Start” startup. enter msconfig and see what is there on the “Startup” tab.
If the game is installed, then it is possible that the image remains in the virtual disk drive or a disk in the disk drive, i.e. Two points need to be tracked. where does the installation start from and how does it start.
Clean the registry as well.

Hello, I have such a problem, I installed the PM stalker and installed patch 1.006 on it, played a little and wanted to install patch 1.004, because. There were problems with the programs for Rollback of patches, because of which I almost did NOT go crazy, I decided to reinstall, but I delete everything as it should, I clean it manually, and as I reinstall it, the game becomes version 1.006 anyway, everything was dug up everywhere, everything seems to be I did it, but then again ver 1.006. Help, I don’t know what to do anymore

John, perhaps it was necessary to delete both the remaining folders and entries in the registry.

Hi. Help, I don’t know what to do! I have a lot of games on my computer that I no longer need, but I cannot remove them, I tried to remove them by all means, but without results! I really want to get rid of them, tell me how?

Nastya, where do you see that they are NOT deleted??
Do the folders remain? Sometimes you need to check the box to delete the save, perhaps you only have the save and remain.
There are entries in the “Add or Remove Programs”, so you need to clean the registry.
There remain shortcuts in the start. they can SIMply be removed.

I downloaded a mini-game from the Yandex catalog. It was installed on disk C. I want to uninstall. Using the program to add and remove programs. Cannot be removed

Elena, is there an uninstal file in the folder with the game itself? Maybe try to run it with administrator rights?
Also try to read where you downloaded how the game is deleted.

HOW to delete the game if it pops up (((((error-1618 Another copy of the installation process is already running. Complete the already started Ustonovka before starting a new one))) I deleted the GTA game FOLDER AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN PLEASE PLEASE

VLAD, if another copy of the installation is running, then it turns out that you immediately start the installation twice.
Maybe you should just restart your computer? If the game was already installed, then clean the registry.

Help please, a game from classmates with a virus appeared on my desktop. I can not delete it, I tried all 3 methods, but it is nowhere to be found. Besides the desktop.

Mara, exactly what methods have you tried?
Disabled in application startup and left only system?
The shortcut of the game with the virus indicates which files can be deleted manually.
If this is not a game, but a virus, then it must be removed with antivirus programs. Html

With the help of an antivirus program, the game was NOT deleted. I tried to delete: 1) by clicking on the “properties” shortcut, but there is no data there. 2) Start. control panel. 3) Start. programs. And the game shortcut looks like an opera shortcut.

Mara, as I understood in the “control panel / Uninstall the program”, this game was NOT found, so it is still a virus.

How can I remove this virus. Kaspersky found it, the game was gone, but the shortcut remained. When you click on it, classmates open. And the “kaspersky” is still yellow. security is under threat. Is it possible to fix the situation without downloading a second antivirus program?

Mara, if kaspersky does NOT remove, then you will have to try other antiviruses. If a virus hangs in the computer memory, then Casper will NOT remove it.

Sorry to be stupid, but after reinstalling the system, will the virus remain or not? Thank you very much for the information.

Mara, after reinstalling the system on the logical drive D, games and viruses may remain, so put an antivirus at the beginning and then clean the logical drive D with an antivirus and manually from garbage, because many games will not start.

I deleted the game as shown here, but the folders are still there, help clean the computer please! I tact is not very meaningful in the computer!!

Azamat, sometimes saves remain in the “My Documents” folder and leftovers from the game in other folders. all of this can be deleted as regular files or folders by selecting, using the right mouse button and “delete” in the context menu or keyboard.

Hello, we have the following problem: one daughter began to delete the game Zhukodrom (about Kuzyu), the other pressed cancel, and now she will not install the game or install it in a new way, cleaned it with all sorts of programs, manually deleted the folder on the C drive, nothing helps, setting does not start, help!

Elena, and if you go to the “Users” folder, then to the folder of your “User” account, then to the “AppData” folder and then to “Local”, and there you can look for the files left over from the game.
(To make hidden folders visible, follow the steps.
You can also view the entries in the registry.

And how to look in the registry DO NOT prompt?

I have no user folder

Elena, what is your operating system? If XP, then the folder is called Documents and Settings.

Well, that means I climbed in correctly, only there is nothing like that, I mean from the game. So it can go into the register, only as?

Elena, in the windows folder there is a regedit file. you need to run it and you can use the search.
On the first point, there are hidden folders in the “Documents and Settings / Username” folder, perhaps there is something there, but most likely the whole problem is solved in the registry.
The registry is a database, you just need to delete the entries that relate to the game.


I entered the register, and there is so much! How do you find what you need? How to find recordings for a game?

Elena, click “Edit / Find” and enter the name of the folder with the game there, perhaps some keyword or look at the software folders. As a last resort there are not many entries.

Wow! It was necessary to enter the game in Russian, and now you can safely remove it?

Elena, if there is no game, then why is this recording? This is a filing cabinet, you just remove the card with the entry about the game.

I typed the Zhukodrom through EDITING, there were a lot of signatures of all sorts with numbers, and not a card. I’m probably a complete fool (

Elena, I’m figuratively. Most likely you will have a folder like Alawar and in it the Zhukodrom folder, this folder and everything that is in it can be deleted.

It seems I did everything, thanks, I deleted everything, but the game DOES NOT start for some reason, maybe you need to restart the computer?

Elena, what exactly does NOT start. game or installation?
Perhaps not everything in the record has been deleted., but if the game is installed and does NOT start, then what are the symptoms. an error occurs, freezes, a splash screen appears and does not work further?

I insert the disc, and the installation menu does not come out, and I do not find anything else in the registry

Elena, there are several answers here.
You need to open the disk and run the setup.Exe file

I tried this, but it does not work. I just rebooted the computer, the installation screen came out, but there is a section to install, there is to start playing and uninstall the game. I clicked uninstall, I got an error 0x0040ad22 accessed the memory at 0xfffff90. The memory cannot be read

Alchemy Report Handler with a blot of some kind of yellow gives out if you click on PLAY

Elena, so the game is still installed.
There is this game in the “Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs”?
Try running the registry cleaner. after all, there could be several names in the game folders in both Russian and English.
Try searching for files and folders in the computer. it will also search in hidden folders, somewhere there is apparently information that the game is installed.

Elena, try ccleaner, it’s still more convenient to delete programmatically than manually.

I already ran it, cleaned it, maybe I need to check the boxes, I do it by default. I changed something myself only for browsers so that Passwords do not erase.

I cleaned the registry several times both manually and with different programs, but I achieved it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Elena, you not only achieved, but also showed the rest that you can solve the problem if you want and showed how to do it.

It was not there, the installation went through somehow quickly, and hangs 100%, i.e. Shows that the load is 100%, and does NOT complete

Elena, Close the installation and go to the C: / Program Files / Zhukodrom folder
In this folder you need two Config files. open and Set the map and Runtime settings. for this file, make a shortcut and place it on the desktop to start the game.

Yeah, thanks, I managed to launch the game, but why is this happening? Before. And in the Config folder, I did NOT do anything, because I don’t know what to do, but the game starts, I don’t say goodbye)))

Elena, usually everything is normally removed and installed back, this is an exception to the rule.

Thank you, bye then! Probably I will apply more than once)

I really am a “teapot” using a computer)) I only know how to play)) Thank you very much for making this site!

Jump, please! I deleted the game King of Poker 2 a long time ago, now I decided to play again. Installed, launched, I can not start a new game. Writes that the old career should be removed. I deleted and reinstalled 10 times, cleaning the registry does not help. What else can you try?

Lena, maybe there is a folder in my documents with saving?

And I have a problem that I can’t remove the game in any way writes 1628: it was not possible to install the script. And I insert the disk, I press install and he writes me again to remove the game and all its components and this is every time I click install.

Dima, unfortunately, apart from the methods described above, I can not offer anything, because I do not know the name of the game and it is not installed on my computer.
It is likely that there are still entries in the registry and they need to be deleted.

Deleted the game folder
trying to reinstall
in window 2 you can delete and play (when you press both of them, the window crashes)
what to do?

Andrey, it seems that only the registry is involved, you tried to delete entries about the game from the registry?

Hello everyone, I downloaded the game, installed it, I went through the whole game, but I don’t know how to uninstall it, in installation and uninstallation It is not displayed, in the folder itself there is no uninstallation of the game (uninstall) installed the uninstall toll program, but this game is also NOT displayed there. has anyone faced the same problem? Please help me remove it now!

Michael, try Tune-up utilites, there you can check the system for errors and uninstall programs.
But if it doesn’t work out, then demolish it manually.
By the way, if it starts the installation of the game, then there will be no uninstall item by accident?

Hello, and my problem is this: I installed the gold edition of the code of war, then I deleted it, and a little later I wanted to install it: I insert the disc, the install button is off, but the start and uninstall button are on, I press delete, nothing happens, I press start, nothing too. what to do. Help please, the game is very cool.

Mouse, all of the Above tips Didn’t help? The theme is the same for everyone and is treated the same, if of course an error occurs, then you need to look, otherwise you will have to try everything to install the game again.

Hello! Downloaded the game started to delete deleted, but one file is not deleted, writes access comments are NOT deleted

The problem was this on the laptop there was a game from Oberon Media 1912, the Titanic wanted to delete, deleted the shortcut in the games folder with the game in the game zone. shortcut) I thought I’ll delete it using the utility writes the deletion was successful partially some files were not found.

Nikolay, you want to install it again so that it can be used or uninstall correctly?
I installed and uninstalled the game, then repeated. Perhaps you still have a save. delete the rest in the game folder in Program Files. You can also reinstall the game and uninstall as needed.

I can not uninstall the game. Writes “The file format is not supported by this version of the uninstaller”

Elena, and in the game folder the uninstal file comments?
Try other uninstallers. Uninstall Tool, Revo Uninstaller are highly recommended on the network, but I have not used them myself.
I understand you have XP?

We have 7. There is an uninstaller in the game folder, we try to delete it, but for some reason he writes this phrase. We tried it through Uninstalling programs, through the cleaner. Everything is useless. But these uninstallers, about which you write, they will NOT remove anything from the OS installation?

Elena, I cannot give guarantees about the programs. What is the name of the game?

GTA game, tell me, we reinstalled the OS a week ago, maybe something was not installed.?

Elena, it’s strange, usually games of this level are tested far and wide, especially since your operating system is not outdated. You have installed everything. Perhaps the pirates are not crazy, but there shouldn’t be any problems with uninstalling programs.
Although now, in addition to games, a lot of things are being installed. bars, plugins, add-ons, antiviruses and so on. Perhaps you had a game with some additions.
In my opinion, you spend too much time on it. if you are afraid to install some utilities, SIMply select the folder and delete.
Sooner or later, reinstall the operating system anyway.
If we compare a computer with a saucepan, then the operating system and programs, this borscht sometimes deteriorates, it can be poured out and scolds a new one.

I downloaded the Revo Uninstaller program, everything was deleted. thanks.

Is there anyone else alive here? Old topic.)
So, it all started with the fact that I installed Windows 7. She, as everyone knows, is very capricious ((
I installed the game. I played and played, I’m tired!) I deleted it at random, (usually it was deleted through the control panel), but this time I deleted it manually. I probably forgot something (. Exactly a year later, I decided to remember the toy. I insert the disk. And there, instead of installation, uninstallation (removal). When the uninstaller starts loading. An error pops out
“Unable to locate the installation log file ‘C: \ Program Files \ Snowball Interactive \ ZM4 \ DeIsL1 \ isu”. Unistallation will not continue. ”
Of course, I got to the address right away, but I didn’t find this file in the Program file. Ie Snowball Interactive.
I cleaned the register. I used all the programs to clean it. I cleaned it manually. It did not help ((
Help her !! VLS 🙂 I really want to play isho at least once)

Madik, the topic may be old, but topical)
The game as I understand it “The Lost World 4”? What exactly did you do except cleaning the registry?
Used uninstallers other than the standard one?
Remaining Snowball Interactive content folder? Searched the computer for folders with the same name and ZM4?

I have such a case. After deleting the game, there are empty registry keys and it gives an error-ml of such a key is HKUS \ S-1-5-21-2930542315-1264625046-999400278-1000 \ Software \ SecuROM \.Next HKCU \ Software \ SecuROM \.how to remove this garbage? Not one registry cleaner has helped either paid or free

Alas that there is no answer

Valery, as I understand it, this is either a SecuROM program that you have NOT deleted, or some kind of cracker. You need to look for instructions exactly on how to remove this SecuROM.
Try CureSecuROM to automatically clean your registry.

When uninstalling the game, it says Runtime Error (at280: 5) could not call proc what to do how to uninstall the game?

Thank you. I read it, figured it out, I realized that this is a program for protecting games from copying (somehow) which is installed independently with the game and after deleting the game remains in the system. You need to delete it separately. I will try.

Alexey, ran the Internet and found a couple of tips. to delete with the antivirus disabled or delete the directory with the game using the command “rmdir [path to folder] / s / q”
If it’s not a secret what kind of antivirus and operating system?
Perhaps the task is not completed and hangs in the processes. Maybe it is a network and is on the line all the time?
Try uninstalling with TuneUp.

I deleted the game, it looks wrong (in the file), and for some reason it remained in the BD-ROM drive (K 🙂 BBAC, I click on the context menu, but DELETE is there, I click EXTRACT, it seems to be deleted, but after a while it is again appears. What to do?

Nelya, judging by your description of the disk in the drive, or it is a virtual drive and in it a disk image. Try again to go to the control panel and see if the game is still in the list of programs, as well as see where the legs grow from the drive. if it is the Deamon tools program or SIMilar, then the disk image must be found and removed as well.

After installing and launching the SNIPER ELITE V2 game, I climbed into the graphics settings and changed the textures, or something like that from medium to high, weighed everything, got out through the task manager, start the game on a new one, the first inscription appears, then a dark screen, you see it hangs again, I went out again through the disp. Zad. I deleted the game through the control panel, uninstall programs. I installed the game again, I start it, after the first inscription again I hang on the dark screen. Guys, where is the folder with saving the settings? Maybe something else?

SANSEY, the save is in my documents, but sometimes some files remain in the game folder. THOSE. The game was removed. everything that was installed, but then. What appeared after installation was removed Was not.
Therefore, sometimes it is better to delete folders from the game.
Also, some games have a separate configuration file. you run it, you can set the resolution and effects to enter the game.

Sorry, the old theme has installed gta vice city on an Internet played tired of using it) then I wanted to install it again I launch the installation it is written to play and remove the output but I do not have everything I could have removed through the program help please!

The computer writes; there is not enough space on the C drive. I go to “replace or remove programs” remove the games are not needed. But they are NOT removed. And the computer says: Not enough disk space. ” Well, in short, DO NOT delete anything from your computer. Help me please. Tell me. What needs to be done.

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Nata, if you are trying to delete games, but they are NOT deleted, then knowing for sure that this is a folder with a game, select and delete manually.
Check whether there will be space. if not, and all because of viruses, then in my opinion it is better to reinstall the system, although you can try to cure the computer.
Here is a topic with a link to the desired program

Also try the FULL-DISKfighter program, but it’s paid, although it’s probably free somewhere.

I can not delete the game behind enemy lines the fall of a hawk on my computer it is not in the registry it does NOT find how to delete it?

I zashol into the place where the game was kept, I cut out everything and pressed it in fate, but the litter did not get any more and then I found it in the game browser, as I did it in fate completely

Roma, there may be files left in the basket, so there is no more memory. Use the instructions and then clean the basket.

I have such a problem. I had the stalker game installed. It was going great. Reinstalled Windows deleted the game. I decided to install it again. I start the game, the menu appears and the copm is cut down, then it turns on itself. Other games run fine apart from all the stalker parts. Who knows what the problem is?

Admin help! I installed the gta game and when I try to uninstall it, I get a window with an error and it says: “The protocol file for uninstallation is NOT recognized by this version of the uninstaller. Uninstallation is NOT possible. ” what to do?

Dima, try to download the uninstaller and remove it. In general, the operating system of a computer does NOT live too long, so RAO or later, all the same, everything will be deleted.

Hello dear admin! For some reason, I do not have such a file to delete the whole game and PC (uninsta) at once, neither in the control panel, in any way. I just selected all the files and deleted, then I selected the same game for the slave. I also deleted the table. I cleaned the cart. Did I do it right? Thanks in advance!

You can tell the admin. I have built-in igruhi from Oberon on my Asus, and when I try to remove them, the machine hangs tightly and I have to recover from the Point every time. network) and explore.Exe (Explorer hangs and clogs up all processes). If you know, please tell me. WHAT and HOW you can remove the built-in igruhi from Oberon. Respect in advance.

Sergey, when there are no other options, you can do so. operating systems still do not last long and sooner or later you will delete everything.
As for right and wrong, then the garbage remains and there can be errors, therefore it is wrong, but there is nothing particularly terrible.

Ed, you can try other uninstallers, safe mode.
Most likely, removal from windows just works crookedly.
To calm your conscience, you can turn off firewalls and antiviruses if you suspect that he is being prevented from sending some data.

I do not have an Uninstall icon in the game folder, so it is NOT deleted either through start or through the control panel, and in the folder I can not find this icon what to do.

Valera, try revo aninstaller or select and demolish everything in a SIMple way.

Admin, you are SUPERRR)) saved it helped

Hello, I cannot uninstall the game using any of the above methods. In the folder with the game finally there is “Uninstall” in Some games it is, but in this one I did not find everything. I wanted to use the control panel, there is no such game. I can’t comment on the icon on the desktop either. (Windows 7) please help. ((

Sergey, highlight the folder and delete it like that, then you can clean the registry.
In general, how long does your operating system live? Even if some garbage remains, then it will be removed for sure.

How to play a remote game

Help delete the game, I can’t load a new one because the memory is full.

Maxim, what methods don’t work?

Hello. In general, here’s the problem:
I deleted the game from “My Computer” and the boot game menu a few times ago, then I thought to install it again. This menu was opened, there was a button “Delete” and “Play” (I can’t play), I decided to delete, wrote that there were no files needed (before that I uninstalled the game irrevocably, R.Saver had to return all the files that were not needed) for uninstallation. I downloaded two files (unins000.Exe and unins000.Dat), and, when trying to uninstall, writes an error: Protocol file for uninstallation “D : \ Disciples III \ unins000.Dat “is not recognized by this version of the uninstaller. Uninstallation is not possible.
I tried to download uninstallers, downloaded Aninstall Tool 3.2.2, and there, in order to forcibly remove the leftovers, you have to buy a license, and fig knows if it will help and whether they will deliver. 700 rubles to the wind I DO NOT want to throw it out. The game is cheaper.
Question: what should I do (I don’t understand this), can I download the missing file and press the “Delete” button again, do something without buying licenses? I searched through searches, other uninstallers, installing and removing programs. I did not find this game. Only through Aninstall, but to remove it, I need a license. What should I do? I really hope for your answer, help, please. I’ve already tried all the possible options (support, uninstallers, cleaner, installation and removal of programs, download via torrent. Not a fig (. Please, if you can answer, describe in more detail. what to do.

Andrey, it seems to me that the whole problem is that the game deletes itself incorrectly and trying to delete itself with it again is a waste of time.
As for the rest of the solutions, apparently there are still some entries in the registry and files on the computer’s disk.
They need to be found through the search, try by the name of the game, by the name of the game, maybe not written in abbreviated form.
Try a system restore (be careful here. new files and programs may disappear. everything will return to the moment the game was installed.) Or a complete reinstallation if recovery and other options DO NOT work.

As for licensed programs, some have a trial period of 30 days, maybe the program will work. If the program categorically does not work without a key, then here you have two solutions.

Hello, there was a computer game. Passed all. Deleted everything (from drive D, where the game was) and on drive C (in My Documents, where the save was). I decided to go through the game again from the beginning, installed it, and in the game menu it says “Continue the saved game. In the game menu there is an item “Delete the current game” I press “Yes”, and the game hangs and nothing happens, the cursor freezes. Help me please. Thanks in advance.

Garik, what kind of operating system? Usually there are files with saving in my documents. they need to be deleted to create a new profile and play from the beginning.

Good afternoon. Operating system Windows 7 Maximum. Save deleted in My Documents. The effect is zero. The same trouble.

Garik, it is possible that the game sees something other than saved. Maybe information is entered in the registry and there you need to search for the name of the game and see what records are present.
Apparently it hangs and goes after that there are no saves on the disk. Maybe you should slip them into the game. now there are many games for which there are saves on the network.
What if you download them and upload them to a folder?

All this was done, and no reaction.

Garik, well then it remains to try any software to remove.
By the way, during the uninstallation of the program, there is sometimes a check mark. delete temporary files.
And yet, I haven’t tried that, but what if you create a new user account and try to install the program there.
In theory, for a new account, this game may not have been installed.

Hello again. Your advice helped a lot, and I decided, I hope for the last time with a SIMilar problem, to contact you. After installing the same game, when you run it through the file. Exe writes the following error:
ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory was only partially completed.
I was looking for information on this topic, everywhere it was written that MB is a virus that loves the. Exe format, but after analyzing the computer by my Kaspersky, this virus was not found.
Can you help in solving this problem? What should be done? Don’t know what to do. Hope for help. Thanks in advance.

Andrey, apparently there are some inaccuracies in the installation. If the game works and does NOT crash, then apparently you have to put up with them.
Judging by an error, the program cannot be read or written, but what exactly, one can only guess. the system configuration, saving or something else. You can try to change the settings.
Also look at where the error occurs, what is being loaded at that moment. it may become clearer what causes the error.

I tried to reinstall on two different disks, the same error. I tried to run it without an Internet connection with the antivirus disabled. the same error. I will try to change the format. SIMultaneously with the launch of this game, the client game and the minimized Google tab are running. It is unlikely because of this. Settings.

Help people. I put the game NFS Hot Pursuit. Passed her through. I liked it and wanted to go through it again. The game menu has new career options. I decided to remove it and reinstall it. But after installation I open it, and there are all the trails and races passed. In general, everything is like what I went through. I tried to delete it by all means, and I already installed it on another disk. it does not help. Tell me what to do please.

Eugene, you need to look for where to save. Maybe try to delete again, just read carefully. maybe the program will offer to delete temporary files.

Hi) There is no “Uninstall” folder and the above-described removal methods DO NOT help. Games are installed on both C drive and E drive

Zarina, this is a file, and in the control panel. add or remove programs, does not help either?

And in the control panel. add or remove programs this game is NOT displayed at all

Zarina, then select the folder with the game and delete it SIMply. And then check the registry using programs to optimize and clean it.

Hi) tell me where to find this registry in order to check the registry using programs for its optimization and cleaning. And what a program. Thanks in advance and deep bow.

Admin quarrels I know that questions should be asked on the topic, but why in the article “How to install drivers” there are links to leave a comment, so I write here: So I have Windows 7 installed, but it will soon fly off a bunch of viruses and it constantly issues errors, so I want to reinstall, but since the first time I want to install a second OS for safety net. So the question I have is the DriverPack Solution 12 program, it perfectly updates there are no problems with it, but if I install Windows 7 there, the Internet will not be there right away, so could you tell me which Drava needs to be downloaded and where

Zarina, the topic, in principle, concerns everyone who cannot uninstall the game and are afraid to reinstall the system.
After reinstallation, you get a practically working system.
Internet if ADSl, then It is not configured after reinstallation, since everything in the modem is saved. USB modems, they also install their drivers.
Therefore, you can install the system, and then look for drivers for the card and sound card, as well as the rest. In the topic about the driver, search aLGorithms are described there.
And only today they asked about disks with drivers that they sell. you don’t need to buy anything, everything is on the manufacturers’ websites.

Hello, the game shortcut disappears in the installation folder and the game crashes. Reinstallation does not solve the problem. The game is NOT licensed. What to do?

Garik, maybe something with the game itself, maybe the antivirus is quarantining it?
Either the computer is infected.

Installed the game LoL then deleted I want to download again I click download and I write that the game is running, although everything has deleted the hard drive only 1 I want to download it again but I can not tell you what to do please (Windows 8) thanks for the explanation for I DO NOT especially understand because there are a lot of differences

Hello! I need your help. Uploaded the toy gow-hu2011. I didn’t like the toy. There is not enough space on the C drive, it is all occupied by incomprehensible programs. I uninstalled the game in the Programs and Features section. The number of free GBs on drive C has not decreased. Then I went to the downloads, there this game hangs 579 MB Occupies, I right-clicked on the folder with the game, and they write to me: “The operation cannot be completed, because this folder or file is open in another program. Please close the folder or file and try again. ” Naturally, this program is not used anywhere, all files are closed. And it happens often. I ask for your advice. Programmers get insolent and rip off decently if invited. =)

How to download a game that you deleted if you start downloading it, a window pops up, the process is started and the download window closes and that’s it (I have Windows 8) Thank you)

Vanya, perhaps there are some remaining entries in the registry, try programs to clean the registry.
Also try CTRLAltDel and see if there is a running game in the actions. you never know.

Elena, after restarting the computer, you can delete the game, but you need to do something with the C drive in order to free up space at the beginning.
I also recommend Read the article, which shows how to choose an installation location so that you can install on other logical drives.

Vansh, where are you downloading from? You can try downloading with programs like Download Master.

Dear forum users, the best programs for cleaning and removing progs and remaining garbage are Vit Registry Fix 12 (to fix errors) and Revo Uninstaller Pro (direct removal of programs and keys). All this can be downloaded from the Internet).
Sincerely, Zarishka

Hello. I had a licensed game on two discs. Disc scratched me and now it’s impossible to install the game. I downloaded this game from the Internet. Is it possible to somehow install a screensaver from this game from disk No. 1 to fit into the downloaded game (to install, play, uninstall, this is the autorun program, so that it works with the downloaded game and burn it to a blank disk? If this is possible, tell me how you can in detail. Waiting for an answer. Thanks in advance.

Garik, apparently you downloaded the image of the game and you need to open it with a program for recording or in a virtual disk drive and install.
Try installing Deamon Tools Lite and using it to see what is inside the image.

The game is installed via setup. You don’t need to create an image. I want the main menu of the game with the license responsible for the installation. THOSE. When a new disc with a recorded new game was placed into the floppy drive, the main menu opened on the desktop (a picture appeared, that is, the installation menu), as it happens when you install from a license, so that then when you press the “install” button on the menu picture, the installation wizard appears. Now I have to open the folder with the game and then double-click on setup, and only then the installation wizard appears with the choice of installation parameters (on which disk, whether to create a start menu and a shortcut on the desktop)

Garik, just try to copy small-caliber files to the folder with the game you downloaded.
You may have to edit the autorun file, maybe it says opening the wrong files.
There is also Autoplay Media Studio for creating disc menus.

Hello, tell me which program is better to burn the downloaded game from the Internet to a disk, so that when this disk is placed in the drive, the autoran program is launched ?

Garik, usually games on the Internet are images, if they are recorded NOT as an image file, but in their original form, then avtorun should run.
Iso files on my Windows 7 can write in the desired form (I can’t check now).
In Deamon Tolls Lite, you can monitor the disk, and then right-click on the image file in the program window and select “Burn to disk” from the context menu.
But I see no reason to record games in general. it’s more economical to record them on a USB flash drive, and then mount them in the form of images and play.

How is it for dummies

Polinka, this meme is a well-established expression that means that information for beginners.

When I want to deinsalize, I have an internal error vibrating what is it.

Pasha, we need the full text of the error. Maybe the game is no longer there, but there are only some entries in the registry.

Please tell me if the games are written to a USB flash drive, is it possible in the control panel-programs and components to delete the data of all games that are currently on the flash drive, will the games start later through the USB flash drive, because Previously, the games were on disk D.

Anna, most likely not, although portable games (Portable) that do NOT require installation use the registry and add entries there.

Please tell me how to delete games that I played on the Internet, I’m trying, but I write to contact the system administrator.

Timur, the question is how do you delete games?
Try to go to the game folder, name it with the right mouse button on the uninstal.Exe file and select “run as administrator” from the context menu.
Games are always removed from the control panel normally, so if you have a problem there, then maybe the game hangs in the processes in the task manager.
That is, you need to see the comments in the task manager of the process from this game.
If so, it turns out that the game is in use and therefore the system does NOT delete it.
Also try using the second software described above to uninstall programs.

Drasty, please tell me, in installing and uninstalling programs I’m trying to uninstall the game, writes: you do not have enough rights to uninstall, Contact the administrator, what to do and?

Ekaterina, apparently you have several accounts on your computer and yours does not have administrator rights.
You either need to log in under a different account, or ask the “Administrator” to delete the game.
If I’m wrong, then try to go to the game folder, find the uninstal file, name it with the right mouse button and select “Delete as administrator” in the context menu.

I have a problem. I installed the game, but it won’t send. I deleted all files and folders of the game. When I started downloading it again, it says “the game is installed”. What to do. Half a year has passed after that, and the game is still not installed ((((

Help! The problem is this! I installed painkiller and the game turned on! Put it on full schedule, it took you to restart the game! Overloaded! But the game turns on for 1 hour and then the error crashes! The game was reinstalled with the same history, apparently information about the configuration was left somewhere, help how to return the old graphics of the game.

Roman, in the game folder sometimes there are applications that are responsible for setting the graphics when you first start. They can be run from a folder and reconfigured.
Apparently when you deleted the game, it did not delete the folder from Program Files.

Good afternoon, I have such a problem, there was a game “Operation Bagration” played it for the time being, then deleted it, unfortunately it is not correct, now I want to install it, but before installing it says “delete the game?” click yes and this is what flashes an “unhandled exception.” Error number 0x80040702
Description: Could not load file FirewallInstallHelper.Dll
installation will be interrupted »help please, I will NOT know what can be done.

Artem, try to slip this file into the system. FirewallInstallHelper.Dll

Yes, I tried, it doesn’t help, but I figured it out, the files in the registry were deleted and I was able to completely remove the game, but thanks for answering)

When uninstalling the game, it says Runtime Error (at266: 5) could not call proc what to do how to uninstall the game?

Sanya, try uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller or a SIMilar program.
Apparently there are problems with the game uninstall file, so if you are not lucky enough to delete it with other programs, you will have to delete it manually.

Hello! I installed the MetroLL game, after passing it I decided to delete it, but there is a shortcut for deletion in the folder with the game, the game is also not visible in the “programs and components” and CCleaner does not see it either! Tell me how to remove it correctly.

Muslim, try Revouninstaller.
Or just select and delete, then clean the registry.
Sometimes even in the autorun on the disc for the game there is a link to delete the game.

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I once installed a game for a long time. I put it somewhere and forgot. Now I want to install it, but the installer tells me that it is in my computer. What to do?

Ivan, in the control panel, “uninstall the program”, see if the game is installed.
If it is not in the list, then try cleaning the registry.

How to delete a game if it even exists in the registry

Vladimir, I delete such games as regular files and folders. Even if there is garbage left, not much.

Thank you very much for helping

The fact is that in 1 case there is no such folder in the menu.
In case 2, there is no Uninstall icon.
And in case 3, there is no game in this program (

Lesha, then games that cannot be deleted correctly, I just select and delete.
Taking into account the fact that at the time when I installed the games, the operating system worked for me for up to six months, then after half a year everything was still cleared.

Please help me, I have such a problem, I installed the Lord of the Rings game a long time ago and there was a warning it was necessary to turn off the antivirus and create a folder of files programs I did not do this but it was written there if you don’t do this, otherwise ace will die in 5 minutes and so it happened everything died, I have already deleted it a million times and uploaded it again, but I have already made these requirements, but still everything dies after 5 minutes it was deleted everywhere from all kinds of folders through the start, too, it also deleted through the documents, too, everything was deleted again. Install it does not help already tired help please

Max, try to restore the system. If it does not work out, then Contact the specialists.
The hard drive may need to be formatted. According to the description, I cannot understand anything, since it is not clear how the system was reinstalled.
Or did you just delete the program? Perhaps an application is sitting in memory that is shutting down.

Tell me if the game can depend on deleting one file?

Vanya, if this is a game file, then the consequences can be different. the game can crash or completely suspended.

Frankly [] advice, you can’t clean the games completely, so I had a problem that the save game was jammed due to which even when re-installing the game It did not start, I searched for it for a very long time, Until I found it in the AppData folder.

I played the game everything was fine. I quit the game. I turn off the computer. After a while I decided to play the game, I turn on the computer, I click on the game, and it says to me that “the file does not exist, uninstallation is impossible! What to do.

Help. When installing the game, it is installed for some time (10-15 seconds), and then writes that the removal is in progress. And at the same time, the folder to which the path indicated was gone. Is it possible to find the files that were in that folder? thanks

How to uninstall a program or game

In this tutorial, I will show you how to uninstall a program from your computer. We will learn how to completely remove programs and games with cleaning residual files and registry entries.

How to remove antivirus

Unlike standard applications, erasing antivirus is often problematic. The fact is that to protect your computer, antiviruses add their own services and services, which it is not always possible to disable when uninstalling. After that, in such a case, manufacturers lay out special utilities for uninstallation.

Using Special uninstallers

Next, we will consider special programs with which you can not only destroy the application as standard, but also clean up all the remaining folders and files. In the review, I will show several proven free uninstallers.


Utility for forced uninstallation of software from Avast.

1. Download the application from the link: After starting, you will be prompted to run the utility in safe mode. We agree.

2. We agree to restart the computer.

After rebooting, the utility will show the found paths with the installed antivirus.

3. Click “Delete” and Wait for the process to finish.

4. Restart your PC.

Revo Uninstaller

The uninstaller can be used in two editions Free (free) and Pro (paid). Free version is suitable for standard tasks.

1. After launch, a list of all installed applications will appear in the window. Click on the name of the desired one and click “Delete”.

2. You will be prompted to create a restore checkpoint in case something goes wrong. We will Skip this step.

3. A standard uninstaller will open, through the same application. To do this, you just need to click “Next” or “Next”.

If the uninstaller has errors or it does not work, the following menu will automatically open.

4. Select one of the scan modes to clean up residual files. In most cases, “moderate” will do. Click “Scan”.

5. Revo Uninstaller will show all found files and mark them with a tick. By clicking on “Finish”, they will be destroyed.

On a note. The application has a unique tool “Hunter”. With it, you can bring the sight to any shortcut, select the “Uninstall” menu and quickly erase the program.

  • Complete and effective removal of programs and their files.
  • Fast cleaning in hunter mode.
  • Flexible and intuitive interface.
  • Ability to use portable version without installation.

Through the “Control Panel”

1. Open Control Panel via Start. In Windows 10, for this you need to print the control panel directly from the open menu.

2. Click on “Uninstall a program” or “Programs and Features”.

3. Select an application from the list and click on “Uninstall / Change”.

4. Allow the process to start.

5. Click “Next” or “Next”.

6. Check all the boxes for complete cleaning and click “Delete”.

Geek Uninstaller

Perhaps the SIMplest uninstaller, which is downloaded from the official site in a portable version. After unpacking it is just one executable file.

1. Double click on the application you want to remove.

2. Follow the steps in the uninstaller.

3. After the scanner will start, which will show the path to the remaining files and branches in the registry.

  • Portable version, not requiring installation.
  • Clearing registry entries in non-existent applications.
  • Forced destruction of stubborn programs.

In the start menu

1. Open Start, find the folder with the required application in the list and open it.

2. Run the uninstaller from the folder and Confirm the action.

Usually after that you need to click “Yes”, “Next” and “Finish”.

On Windows 10, if the app is right in the list (not in a folder), you can right-click on it and select Uninstall. In this case, the uninstaller will automatically start or the Control Panel will open.

Iobit Uninstaller

Iobit Uninstaller comes in two versions: Free and Pro. The Pro version has more cleaning tools, but Free is enough for ordinary tasks.

In the main window, you can go through the subsection and see voluminous or rarely used applications.

It is possible and even necessary to enable the Installation Monitor. Then IObit Uninstaller will trace all paths when loading new applications.

To uninstall a specific program, click on the trash can icon next to it.

A window will open asking you to create a restore point and automatically clean up all leftovers.

I usually only create backups if I erase something serious, like antivirus or image editor. But I always remove residual files.

After successful cleaning, a window will open displaying the performed actions. Well, advertising of the paid version. where can we go without it 🙂

  • Easy and quick cleaning in a couple of clicks.
  • Automatically scan and check for residual files.
  • Monitor installed applications.

Manual removal

Most users decide to completely uninstall the program manually, since the methods used in this process have remained unchanged for the second decade (in some cases, only the location of the service has changed). The options considered below and the screenshots attached to them describe the uninstallation process in Windows 10 (in case of any differences with previous OS, this will be indicated).

Revo Uninstaller

Another good option, SIMilar to CCleaner due to its advanced features for cleaning temporary files, recycle bin, etc.

How To Uninstall Game From Laptop
  • We select the required version on the official website (free basic is enough):, download the installer and Install the utility on your computer.
  • Launch Revo Uninstaller and immediately see a list of installed programs on your computer. Select the program to be removed and click on the “Remove” button in the top panel.
  • After that, you must select the uninstall mode. The default is “Medium”. You can leave it. This mode will allow you to remove the program and search for its remnants in the registry in order to remove.
  • After clicking the “Next” button, the uninstallation process begins.
  • After the program is removed from the computer, Revo offers us to clean up its remnants in the registry. We tick off the entries in which the name of the remote program is mentioned, and press the “Delete” button.
  • The operation can be repeated several times, until all entries in the registry are deleted from the mention of the remote program.

It remains to analyze the moment how to remove a program that is NOT displayed in the list. For this, Revo Uninstaller provides a “Hunt Mode”. After pressing the corresponding button, you will have a sight, which you need to hover over the element of the program that you want to uninstall.

Uninstalling a program in Program Files

Most of the programs you install have an uninst. If you have NOT changed the installation path, then by default the application will be located in the “Program Files” folder. Located at the root of the “local drive (C :)”.

  • Double-clicking on the uninst executable file will start the uninstallation process of the program related to it.
  • Press the “Uninstall” button to confirm the selected action.
  • The process is completed, and we were able to remove all traces of the program from our computer.

In those cases, if you cannot find the root folder with the application (or the uninst file located in it) and at the same time have access to the shortcuts, you can use the “File location” option.

  • To do this, click on the shortcut of the PCM file and select “Properties” in the drop-down list.
  • You can see the path to the folder with the file next to the “Object” label. Or click on the “File Location” button.
  • If you chose the last option, then in this case a folder with the Uninst or Uninstall file in it will open for you in Explorer.

Using utilities

The above methods are effective, but many users like to optimize their time. To achieve this, narrowly focused software and utilities help. Skillful programmers have long been delighting users with created programs that allow them to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the computer, including effectively uninstalling unnecessary products.

We remove all traces from the Register

If you have previously sinned by incorrectly removing software and are sure that traces of its presence are still somewhere deep in the bowels of the disk, we advise you to find them in the registry and “say goodbye” to them forever. This can be done in the following way:

  • With the classic Win R key combination, calling the Run service.
  • In the input field, enter the regedit command. Press “Enter”.
  • In the opened registry editor, click “Edit”. And then “Find”.
  • In an empty column, write the name of the application that interests us. Click on “Find Next”.
  • The found key is selected by right-clicking and in the context menu, click on the “Delete” option.
  • You managed to remove the program from the registry! Repeat this procedure until all existing keys associated with the application are removed.

Using Programs and Features on Windows

If you intend to thoroughly approach the process of cleaning your PC from unnecessary programs, we recommend using the built-in Windows service for cleaning programs and components. It may also contain leftover files that are as a result of past incorrectly deleted.

  • You can access the service through the “Control Panel”. We enter it through the Windows 10 search window (In Windows 7 and other operating systems, this can be done through the “START” menu).
  • We select the display of icons by category and find the element we need.
  • In the menu that opens, we observe the contextual of correctly installed applications on our PC. Select the program we are interested in (highlighting it with LMB), and then click on “Delete”.


A utility widespread among users, with huge functionality. Despite the fact that many use it precisely as a PC cleaning program (from junk, cookies, registry errors), CCLeaner has the function we need.

  • Download and upload to your computer the latest version of the program (free), at the following link.
  • We launch the program. In the side menu, select the “Service” tab.
  • In the section “Uninstall programs” we can observe a service SIMilar to the service for uninstalling programs and Windows components. Select the required software from the list and click “Uninstall”.


But this is a highly targeted application that allows you to remove system services (which cannot be said about the standard removal methods).

  • Download GeekUninstaller on the official website of the developer with subsequent installation on your PC.
  • We launch the utility. In the list of all the programs found by her, we are looking for the Necessary one and highlighting it by pressing RMB. In the menu that opens, select the option “Uninstall.”.
  • At the end of the removal process, the utility will provide you with a summary of the keys in the registry and temporary files, if any. Delete them at your own discretion.

Complete removal of programs from a computer manually or with the introduction of special software

Many users know that the workload of the system affects its performance. Cope with the lack of free space allows the timely removal of files and applications. However, as statistics show, many users in both cases use the standard “delete” option, ignoring “uninstall”. This is fraught with a congestion of the registry and optional processing of residual data.

That is why it is necessary to use complete removal of programs, which will allow you to keep the starting performance of the PC as long as possible. In this article, we will analyze several options, after applying which there will be NO trace of uninstalled applications.

Uninstall Tool

This program, according to the developers, removes games and applications about 3 times faster than the system utility.

A SIMilar interface to the previous program. Now let’s remove the Angry Birds game again, but with the help of the utility:

Again, the built-in uninstaller is initially launched:

And after its completion, the utility will ask you whether to look for the remains of the game. Answers the program in the affirmative:

After searching for the utility, if any leftovers are found, it will report it and offer to remove it. If they are not found, you will receive a message that the game has been completely removed:

Sometimes it happens that the built-in uninstaller is completely absent, or, for one reason or another, is damaged, and the game cannot be removed even with the help of specialized utilities. This complicates the deletion and you have to use method 3.

Revo Uninstaller

This program is one of the most popular solutions for the tasks we need. This software completely removes all folders and files of the game, as well as the branches and values ​​in the Windows registry that are no longer needed after deleting the game. Among other things, this program has a “forced” uninstallation function, which, with the help of a special filter, will help to remove especially annoying games, which for some reason could not get rid of in the usual ways.

It is worth saying that Revo Uninstaller, before starting the process, will create a backup copy of the registry and a Windows restore point, which will allow, if necessary, to roll back to the system state. to deleting the game in just a couple of clicks.

After that, the uninstallation program built into the game is launched, if any, and after the completion of the process, Revo Uninstaller will offer you to scan the system for “leftovers” from the game:

If the process went flawlessly, then the program will give you the following:

Deleting a game manually

In order to uninstall the game yourself and “forcibly”, you need to do the following:

  • Restart your computer in safe mode.Perform a normal Windows restart and hold down the F8 key on your keyboard until the Windows boot logo appears. Press Enter to confirm entering Safe Mode.
  • End active game processes. Right-click on an empty spot on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”:

Next, you need to go to the “Processes” tab, find the process with the name of the game and press the right mouse button and select “End Process”. If the running processes of the game are not found, then you can proceed to the next stage.

Find the location of the game files. Right-click on the game’s shortcut and click “Properties”, then pay attention to the value in the “Working folder” field:

Delete game files. Copy this value (without quotes), enter in the address term in Explorer and follow this path:

In the editor itself, you need to press the Ctrl F combination, then enter the name of the game in the search bar and click “Find Next”. The found key must be deleted and repeated until the editor reports the absence of search results.

Launching the uninstaller through the “Control Panel”

You can get to the “Control Panel” built into Windows in several ways. Let’s consider one of the most obvious ones using the example of Windows 7. Open “Computer” (in Windows 8-10 it can be “This computer”) and under the address bar we find a direct transition to the “Control Panel” submenu, which is responsible for removing applications (and games ):

In the list that opens, we are now looking for the game that we want to delete (in this example, I will delete the Angry Birds game) by selecting it and clicking on the “Delete” button in the top panel:

The system may ask you if you really want to delete the specified game. I confirm:

We are waiting for the uninstaller to work:

After completing the work, you may see a window with reports at the end of the game uninstallation. For me, in this case, the system did not display such a window, but SIMply returned to the menu with a list of programs:

As you can see, the game is completely removed.

These methods will help you uninstall the game correctly if its manufacturer has developed the correct uninstallation program. But what if you cannot delete the game using the above methods, or after deleting you can observe the “remnants” of the game files and / or save? Then pay your attention to other removal methods.

  • How to completely remove the program from the computer and what to do if it is not deleted:
  • How to remove a virus from your computer correctly and permanently? You will find the answer in this article.
  • How to completely remove the antivirus program from your computer? Detailed instructions for beginners.

Removing a game using Special utilities

In order for the procedure for removing the game to be 100% correct and complete, you can use one of the Special utilities for removing games and applications. It will find all files and game keys and completely remove them. We will take a look at several popular uninstaller programs.

Removing the game by built-in tools

Conscientious developers usually implement an uninstaller into the installer, with which you can uninstall the game without any difficulty. Depending on the developer, a shortcut to such an uninstaller may be placed in the standard Start menu, or may not be available.

Using the uninstaller located in the Start menu

Press the “Start” button in the lower left corner or press the button with a “window” on the keyboard:

We select “All programs”, in the list of programs we find the game that we are going to remove. As an example, I will be deleting Far Cry 3.

Open the game folder in the Start menu, find the uninstaller by its name and launch it. The following window or a SIMilar one will open:

We click on “Yes”. It is this one that re-specifies whether to delete games:

Since we are considering today a scenario in which we need to completely remove the game from the computer, by clicking on “Yes”, we wait until the uninstaller program finishes and we receive the following notification:

That’s all. The uninstaller built into the game itself took care of removing Not only the game files, but the player’s profile with saved games.

Rules for deleting a game from a computer

There are several ways in which you can remove the game from your computer. In this case, some nuances are possible that unprepared users may encounter. So, below you will learn how to uninstall the game, and how to fix Possible problems.

, how to delete the game

You can clearly see in the following how to delete a game using the first method: