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How to turn on the sensor on a laptop

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How to disable touchpad on HP laptop when mouse is connected?

Disable the touchpad when connecting a mouse in Windows 10 Almost on all laptops, you can disable the touchpad by pressing certain keys (some samsung models. FnF5, lenovo FnF8, acer. Fn F7, asus. FnF9, HP. on the touchpad itself, press twice on the fossa in lion upper corner).

How to disable the touchpad on an HP Windows 7 laptop?

Basically, you need to press the Fn key and the touchpad enable / disable icon to disable the touchpad. Important: if the specified key combinations DO NOT work, it is quite possible that the required software is not installed. details here: Fn key does not work on laptop.

How to enable the touchpad on an HP laptop?

You can turn on the touchpad on an HP laptop using a dedicated button above the touchpad.

  • Acer. Fn F7.
  • Samsung. Fn F5.
  • Dell. Fn F5.
  • Lenovo. Fn F8 and Fn F5.
  • Toshiba. Fn F5.
  • Sony. Fn F1.

How to turn off the touchpad on an HP Windows 10 laptop?

How to disable the touchpad in Windows 10 settings If your laptop has Windows 10 installed, and you also have all the original drivers for the touchpad (touchpad), you can disable it using the system settings. Go to Settings. Devices. Touchpad. Set the switch to Off.

How to disable touchpad on HP laptop hotkeys?

Answer: Often a combination of the Fn function keys and the key with the touchpad on / off icon (crossed out rectangle) are used to disable the touchpad. Some HP notebook computers have keyboard shortcuts to disable the touchpad.

How to unlock the touchpad on a laptop?

2 Hotkeys to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop In second laptops, to enable / disable the touchpad, you need to press the Fn key combination and one of the top row F1-F12. The Fn key is usually found in the lower left corner of your keyboard.

How to enable the touchpad on an Acer laptop?

Here is a list of key combinations for enabling the touchpad for common laptop brands:

  • Asus. Fn F9 or Fn F7.
  • Acer. Fn F7.
  • Lenovo. Fn F8 and Fn F5.
  • Dell. Fn F5.
  • Sony. Fn F1.
  • Toshiba. Fn F5.
  • Samsung. Fn F5.

How to enable touchpad on HP Windows 10 laptop?

Turning on TouchPad on a Windows 10 laptop

  • For Asus, this is usually FnF9 or FnF7.
  • For Lenovo. FnF8 or FnF5.
  • On HP laptops, this can be a separate button or a double tap in the left corner of the touchpad.
  • For Acer there is a combination of FnF7.
  • For Dell Use FnF5.
  • At Sony try FnF1.
  • Toshiba. FnF5.

How to enable TouchPad on an HP laptop?

HP ProBook 4430s Notebook PCs. Enabling the TouchPad Using the Keyboard

  • Press the Start key on your keyboard (Windows logo key).
  • In the search box, type mouse.
  • Press the arrow buttons to highlight Edit Mouse Properties and press Enter.
  • Without leaving the window Mouse.

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To cope with the problem on your own, without contacting specialists for help, you just need to reinstall the drivers, which will solve all the problems that have arisen. If this method does not help, then you should contact the service center where such equipment is repaired. Each laptop comes with a disc with drivers for installing the touchpad. However, sometimes the touchpad is not listed in the laptop’s device manager. Before turning on the touchpad on the laptop, you need to check if it is in the control panel. There are isolated cases when the touchpad drivers were NOT installed.

To fix this problem, you just have to reinstall the drivers. If the touchpad does not appear in the device manager, then it may simply be turned off. It must be turned on, which will allow you to resume normal operation.


Speaking about how to enable the touchpad on a laptop, it’s worth noting that there are faster ways to do it. You can use certain key combinations. Usually the mouse starts working after pressing FNF9 or F5F7. It all depends on how the laptop and keys were configured earlier. To turn on the mouse, you need to press one or another key combination at the same time, after which the touchpad will start working. Pressing the same combinations again will pause the mouse. Before turning on the touchpad, it is worth checking if there are any problems with its operation in general. Quite often there are situations in which the touchpad does NOT react to touches at all or does it very badly, sometimes there are problems with scrolling with the cursor, which moves very badly.

turn, sensor, laptop

Customization features

At its core, the touchpad is analogous to a mouse used to operate on a regular desktop computer. It is recommended that you trust the setup to specialists, but you yourself can handle it if you study everything in order. If you are not only interested in how to enable the touchpad on a laptop, but also how to configure it, then there is a certain sequence of actions. First you need to go to the Start menu, where you can find Control Panel, or click on the touchpad icon in the tray. After that, you will see the tabs related to the touchpad. It is here that the settings for the speed with which the cursor will move across the monitor, the sensitivity of the touchpad, the density of pressure on it, and the ability to disable or enable the panel lock are made if data is entered from the keyboard. In addition to all of the above, the control panel provides such an opportunity as disabling or enabling the touch panel itself.

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How to turn on the touchpad on a laptop: a comprehensive guide

Laptops are now an integral part of modern everyday life. They began to be used in offices, replacing bulky computers, it is convenient to work with them at home or perform tasks at school. In kindergartens, they are used to teach and develop babies. They are convenient to take with you due to their compact size and light weight, while their technical data is at the level of desktop computers. You can even take laptops with you on vacation or outdoor activities.

Modern technology is developing quite rapidly, this also applies to companies that produce laptops. Most modern models offered to customers have a touch panel. This innovation is designed to make the user experience easier and more efficient. However, for correct operation, the touchpad of the laptop must be configured. This is the question worth considering.

Subtleties of work

It’s worth noting that using the touchpad on a laptop requires some skill, so it takes a little practice first to get used to using it. For beginners, there are instructions that describe how to configure the touchpad of a laptop, which helps a lot in future work.

A traditional optical mouse can be connected to almost every laptop, but this technique is rarely used. If, nevertheless, there is a need to connect such a device, you must choose the model that has a USB connector for connection. For such a manipulator, most often it is not necessary to install drivers. Now you know how to enable the touchpad on your laptop and how to use it.

How to enable the touchpad on a laptop

The individual approach of computer manufacturers to the placement of the touchpad activation keys made every laptop owner sooner or later suffer with the inclusion of the touchpad.

This article will go over all the ways to activate the touchpad with visual examples.

How to enable the touchpad on a laptop if all drivers are present

The first way to activate the touchpad on a laptop PC is very simple. You do not need to have Special knowledge for this. The fact is that each manufacturer, without exception, provides for the activation of the touchpad by means of Special keys, or their combinations.

Depending on the brand of laptop (or even the model), the touchpad is activated by a keyboard shortcut. Manufacturers do not pay much attention to the touchpad and spare resources for bringing out a separate button on the case.

The only manufacturer that makes the touchpad power button on all modern models is HP.

On budget laptops of second companies, this procedure is carried out by successively pressing 2 buttons. So, let’s figure out how to turn on the touchpad on a laptop using these keys.

In the lower left corner of the keyboard (the bar to the left of the space bar) is the Fn button. It is always highlighted in a second color, or has a different structure, strokes, and other signs of difference. Having found this button, you need to start looking for the second key. It will certainly be on the F1-F12 keys.

This key will also have a designation. The drawing will be made in the form of a touchpad, and you can find it with the naked eye. A cross will appear on the large rectangle representing the touchpad itself. So, the required button within the F1-F12 keys has been found. Pressed Fn F (desired number) sequentially or simultaneously. you activate the touch panel.

The second way to enable is to restart your computer. If the additional device worked normally, and when the PC was turned on again, it stopped responding to touches, then the problem is not the most loaded drivers. The problem is solved by a simple reboot. Windows 7 most often suffers from such failures. However, they are extremely rare.

The third way is to turn on the device with Separate keys. As in the second situation, this method is simple. In earlier HP notebook models, the touchpad is directly activated by pressing it. In the upper left corner of the panel, you must double-click. Panel is activated.

Did not help? Try to hold your finger in one point in the same place for a few seconds. Modern laptop models are simpler in this regard. The button is taken out separately, or there is a recess on the touch panel, which must be pressed twice.

Sophisticated methods of enabling the touchpad

BIOS activation. To open the BIOS menu, immediately after turning on the laptop, press the required button for a long time. Such a key can be buttons: F1, F2, F8, Delete.

It depends on the model. If you do not know which one is responsible for calling the BIOS menu, then when you turn on the PC, pay attention to the display. One of THESE buttons will definitely appear. Restart the included computer and immediately start pressing the revealed button. The BIOS menu will open. All items will be in English.

Select “Internal Pointing Device”. This item should have the value “Enable”, if not, then change it to that. Then select the “Save Exit” item. The computer boots up and the touchpad turns on.

Touchpad Synaptics. Most new computers use Synaptics drivers. You can find out in your PC’s manual. Or on the official website of this company. Insert the driver disc and install them on your computer.

Does not work? The drivers are out of date. In this case, you need to go to the official Synaptics website and select your laptop model. A list of drivers will appear, select the latest software and download to your computer.

After following the prompts of the installation wizard, install the file contents, complete the installation and restart the computer. You learned how to enable the touchpad on a laptop by installing drivers.

Enabling on a legacy system. If for some reason Windows XP is still installed on your laptop, then it is easier to reinstall the system to a newer one. Currently, Microsoft has discontinued support for OS Windows XP, which means that the OS installed on your computer is more Plasma and does NOT download updates.

You can solve the problem without reinstalling the system. To do this, you need to remove the touchpad drivers from your computer. Install them again. Enter the settings mode and uncheck the “automatic check and installation of updates”.

Enabling using standard Windows helpers. This operating system is very reliable. It is almost impossible to “bring down” it. There are many built-in recovery functions, as well as many helpers and programs that work with plug-ins, components, and drivers. All drivers, if you suddenly lost a disk, can be updated using the standard features of Windows 7.

To do this, go to “Control Panel”. “System and Security”. “System”. After that, they will name the left mouse button on “Device Manager”.

After that go to “Properties”.

Go to the “Driver” category and click “Update”.

A window will open in which you must select “Search automatically for updated drivers.” The search and update of all components will begin, including the touchpad driver. Optionally, you can update the drivers for only one device.

If everything is fine with the drivers, or you went through the procedure for updating the drivers, and the touchpad still does not work, then you just need to turn it on with the buttons. It is impossible to activate the touchpad with the keys, then you can do it programmatically. And then everything will work.

To do this, go to “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Devices and Printers”. Select your computer and double-click on it.

Then you need to do everything as shown in the following figure.

Do not forget to “Apply” the changes, otherwise they will NOT take effect. We hope our article helped you solve the problem.

How to enable touchpad on laptop 2 comments

Tips for any occasion. how to enable the touchpad on your laptop. A similar situation will surely arise in laptop owners when you do not know what to do in this case.

Boy you blew it up! I was tormented and puzzled, but as a result, the function and the escey! thank you brother

How to enable touchscreen in Windows 10

How to update your touchscreen driver

In some cases, you may have a touchscreen that does not work even after you turn it on. If you see a list of HID-Compliant touchscreens in Device Manager and your touchscreen is still not working after turning it on, you might have a driver or hardware issue.

In situations where the touchscreen does not work due to a driver issue, you can fix it by updating the driver, running Windows Update, or contacting your computer manufacturer for any Special instructions or update tools.

Here’s how to update your touchscreen driver:

If you DO NOT have Device Manager open yet, click on the search box on the taskbar, type Device Manager and click Device Manager to open it again.

Click on the arrow next to Human Interface Devices. To expand the list.

Click HID Compliant Touch Screen.

Click Update Driver.

Click Automatic Search to update the driver software.

If the Update Driver Wizard finds a new driver, install it.

Check if your touchscreen works.

If your touchscreen is still not working, try running Windows Update.

You need a touchscreen in Windows 10?

Comments, Windows 10 laptops and 2-in-1 devices do NOT technically need a touchscreen. This means that you may run into situations where you find that the touchscreen is disabled. Disabling the touchscreen can prevent inadvertent data entry, such as tapping on items you did NOT want to tap, which is why some people prefer to do without this feature.

The main reason for enabling the touchscreen on a Windows 10 device is that it can make it easier to do some tasks as touching the screen usually takes less time than moving the mouse and clicking a small trackpad.

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In some cases, a touchscreen and compatible pen device may allow you to use a Windows 10 laptop, 2-in-1, or tablet in the same way you use a drawing tablet such as the Cintiq. If you’re into graphic design, this is a great way to get some extra features on your Windows 10 touchscreen device.

What to do if you DO NOT see a HID-compliant touchscreen?

If you DO NOT see an entry for HID Compliant Touchscreen in Device Manager, there are two possible reasons. First, Windows Media is not aware that you have a touchscreen that can be fixed by scanning for hardware changes. Second, you have a touch screen.

If your touchscreen has never worked and you DO NOT see a list of HID-compliant touchscreens, contact your device manufacturer. Give them your product number and they can tell you if your device should have a touchscreen. Many laptop lines include similar versions with and without touchscreens.

If you’re sure your device should have a touchscreen, here’s how to get Windows to check it:

If you DO NOT have Device Manager open yet, click on the search box on the taskbar, type Device Manager and click Device Manager to open it again.

Click on the arrow next to Human Interface Devices. To expand the list, and Make sure you DO NOT see the HID-compliant touchscreen.

Click Action.

Click Scan for hardware changes.

Check the list of Human Interface Devices. To find out if there is a HID-compliant touchscreen.

If the Windows Setup Wizard detects your touchscreen, check if it works. If not, skip to the next section to check for driver updates.

If It doesn’t find your touchscreen, you may have a hardware problem or your device may not have a touchscreen at all.

How to enable touchscreen in Windows 10

To enable the touchscreen in Windows 10, you need to Access Device Manager. You can Access Device Manager through the Control Panel, but it’s a little faster Access it directly through the search box on the taskbar.

These instructions will work on Windows 10 and Windows 8 computers. If you have a Windows 7 computer, the process will be the second.

Here’s how to enable the touchscreen in Windows 10:

Click the search box on the taskbar.

Enter Device Manager.

Click Device Manager.

Click on the arrow next to the human interface device.

Click HID Compliant Touch Screen.

Click Action at the top of the window.

Click Enable Device.

Make sure your touchscreen is working.

Have you changed your mind? Turn touch back on in a few quick steps

Both Windows 10 and Windows 8 work great with touchscreens, and many Windows laptops, 2-in-1 devices, and tablets come with built-in touchscreens. The touchscreen is usually turned on right out of the box, but if it isn’t, you can turn it on yourself without too much trouble.

To enable the touchscreen in Windows 10 or Windows 8, you need to Access Device Manager, which you can find in the control panel or open directly from the search box on the taskbar.

If the touchscreen is disabled on your Windows 10 tablet, you need to connect a USB keyboard and mouse to enable it again.

How to enable touchscreen in Windows 7

Touchscreens work differently in Windows 7 than in later versions of Windows. If you have Windows 7, you need to enable the touchscreen via the Pen & Touchscreen menu instead of Device Manager. This menu can be accessed through the control panel.

Here’s how to enable your touchscreen if you have Windows 7:

Click Start.

Click Control Panel.

Click Pen and Touch.

Click the Touch tab.

Check the box next to Use your finger as input device.

The box must be checked for the touch screen to work. If it’s already tested and your touchscreen isn’t working, you might have a hardware or driver issue.

Make sure your touchscreen is working.

The advantage of the sensor on a laptop

Until recently, all models were equipped with a standard monitor for displaying images. And all the control actions the user had to carry out using the keyboard and mouse.

The sensor function has been added recently. But it immediately became popular with users. This control method provides convenience and comfort in operation, and also makes it easy to navigate the system interface.

In our article we will talk about how to connect this option on a laptop.

How the touchscreen works on a laptop

For a start, it will be useful to know how this technology works in modern devices. The basic principle of operation is the recognition of hand touches of the display on the monitor. The technique recognizes the signal transmitted from the fingers to the internal elements of the microcircuits to process and convert the incoming command. After that, the signal is converted into a specific action that the user sees on his screen.

Various components and programs are involved in this process. They instantly process the received commands and activate a specific action.

Connecting and disconnecting the touchpad on laptops

If you are convinced that your device has this function, you can start connecting.

How to enable touchscreen on laptop

The rapid development of modern technology allows manufacturers to improve their equipment and add various features. Everyone already knows about touch screens in various devices. They are actively used in phones, tablets, in the displays of some cameras. Now the developers have come up with a version of the touch screen for laptops.

Algorithm of action

If the documentation was NOT found or you have lost it, use the following action plan to activate the sensor.

  • We activate the operation of the equipment in the standard user mode, Wait until all components are loaded.
  • Enter the main menu of the system by pressing the “start” key.
  • After that, in the list presented, select the “control panel” section, go to it.
  • In the drop-down list of sections, go to the “pen and touch input” item. Select your finger as your primary tool among the available control options on the display.
  • Now all that remains is to calibrate the sensitivity and display position for better interaction.

After THESE manipulations, you will be able to perform various actions and commands with a simple touch with your hand. If necessary, you can further adjust the display settings and input method for ease of use.

On different operating systems, due to the differences in the interface, it can be difficult to find the path to the Needed section of the settings.

Now you know how to enable the touchpad on your laptop. This will make it more convenient to use.

2 Hot keys to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop

In the second laptops, to enable / disable the touchpad, you need to press the Fn key combination and one of the top row F1-F12. The Fn key is usually found in the lower left corner of your keyboard. Which of the F1-F12 keys to press can be judged by the pictograms applied to them, which are made in the same color as the Fn key.

The icon for turning on / off the touch panel usually looks like this touch panel. a rectangle with rounded corners (the image of the “platform”), under which two small rectangles are shown (like buttons, left and right mouse buttons, see Fig. 1) and above everything this is a cross, like the letter “x” meaning “off.” But there may be other mnemonic images of the touchpad. Here, computer manufacturers are trying their best to.

For a Sony Vaio laptop, you can disable / enable the touchpad using the FnF1 keys. Once we pressed two FnF1 keys and thus disabled the touchpad. Pressing FnF1 again will re-enable the touchpad.

Hotkeys to enable or disable the touchpad for different laptop models:

Acer Fn F7

Samsung Fn F5

Sony Vaio Fn F1

Toshiba Fn F5

Asus Fn F9 or Fn Fn 7

Lenovo Ctrl F6 or Fn F6 or F5 F8

Option 1, how to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop

Some notebook models have a small indentation in the corner of the touchpad. This is the touchpad on / off button. Press it twice, you activate the touchpad or Disable if it was on. This is very convenient, although not all models of portable laptop computers provide such a button.

In an HP laptop, there may be a sensitive spot on the left in the upper corner of the touchpad. If double-tapping doesn’t work, try another option. Hold your finger in this place for a few seconds (fig. 1).

How to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop?

Before moving on to the question of how to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop, you should clarify what it is. a touchpad. Laptops, netbooks, and other similar portable devices (such as a tablet computer) usually have a built-in computer mouse. This built-in mouse is NOT at all like your usual computer mouse that you can move around the table and press buttons.

The built-in mouse in portable notebook computers has a completely different design. If an ordinary mouse moves on the table, then the built-in mouse of portable computers stands, as they say, tightly. But you can move it with your fingers, which in response is completely analogous to the movement of an ordinary computer mouse on the table.

5 Laptop manual to help

Another way how to find information on where you can disable / enable the touchpad on a laptop. For this, instructions for your laptop may come in handy. It is usually stored electronically rather than on paper. You can find the instructions on the hard drive C: of the laptop, usually in the folder “Documentation”, but not necessarily in it.

Option 4: looking for a touchpad in BIOS settings

If, for some reason, using the described methods, it is not possible to enable or disable the touchpad with a special button, or using the function keys, or using the Winndows 10 settings, then this can be done through the BIOS settings.

To access these settings, you need to hold down the F2 or Del key while starting the laptop. As a rule, when turned on, a hint is displayed at the bottom of the screen which key to press. It must be remembered that this prompt appears for a very short time. And you need to press this key exactly at the moment when the prompt is displayed. Otherwise, it will be impossible to enter the BIOS setup program, you will need to restart the laptop.

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In the BIOS settings, we find the item Pointing Device (literally “Pointing devices”). Change its value to Enabled (literal translation “Enabled”) if you want to enable the touchpad, or to Disabled (literal translation “Off”). to disable the device. Then I will exit with saving (as a rule, this BIOS setup menu item looks like “Save Exit” or “Exit with Saving”) for the changes to take effect.

You need to be careful with the BIOS settings, especially if you do not know what an option is needed for. It is even possible to rebuild the computer settings to such an extent that it cannot be repaired. This is how it is, this BIOS is “cunning”.

Option 3: enable / disable the touchpad via Settings in Windows 10

On a Windows 10 laptop, you can use another option to enable or disable the touch mouse. To do this, open the Options (Fig. 3):

Number 1 in Fig. 3. Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for parameters on your device.

2 in Fig. 3. We type without quotes “options”.

Number 3 in Fig. 3. The search result will be visible from above. this is “Options”. Click on the label, the parameters window will appear, shown below (Fig. 4):

We open “Devices” (fig. 4). We will see a window with a list of devices in the left column (Fig. 5):

Click “Touchpad” (1 in Fig. 5). Next, you should check that the switch is in the position “On.” (2 in Fig. 5). Then the panel will be enabled.

Also check the checkbox next to the option “Do not disable the touchpad when connecting a mouse”, if it’s necessary. If you uncheck the box, then the built-in touchpad will be disabled automatically, without warning when an external mouse is connected to the laptop. In principle, this mode of automatic shutdown of the built-in mouse may be useful for someone.

And if the touchpad needs to be turned off, move the switch to the position “Off.” (2 in fig. 5).

Cons of the touchpad or how the touchpad gets in the way

In any convenience, there can always be a downside. inconvenience. This “law of harm” not bypassed the touchpad (touchpad, built-in mouse of laptop computers).

The fact is that usually this touchpad is structurally located just below the computer keyboard (laptop, netbook, computer tablet, etc.). When working with the keyboard, you can unnoticed by yourself accidentally touch the touchpad, then the very panel (pad) located below the keyboard.

The touchpad any touch Not only a finger, but also, for example, a shirt cuff can be perceived as a signal for action. This false signal will send a signal to the computer from the touchpad, for example, to move the mouse cursor up, down, left or right.

And now imagine, for example, that you are typing text. And suddenly, at some point, the mouse cursor “slides” to a completely different place in the text, where you continue, without suspecting anything, to type the text further. Not everyone knows the touch typing method, so when typing, all attention is usually directed not to the screen, but to the keyboard. And you just do not notice that the cursor has long been “moved”, and the text is being printed completely not where it should be.

Unpleasant? Still would. And then you have to rule everything, look for where the text “went”. Extract it from there, move it to where this text belongs. It takes a long time and sometimes boring to fix everything.

Therefore, the developers of portable notebook computers have long been concerned with the problem of temporarily turning off the touchpad, touchpad, and built-in mouse. If, of course, the user needs it. This off function (and, of course, on if the touchpad is again in demand) is very convenient. Therefore, it is useful to know and be able to use this function.

At home, where a laptop can be placed on a table, many people prefer to use a regular computer mouse. Only in this case, the included touchpad can greatly interfere, so the question arises: how to disable / enable the touchpad?

Manufacturers have worried about the function of turning off the touchpad. To do this, laptops have a special key or key combination. It is not necessary to resort to any special hardware or software.

Touchpad not working on a laptop 5 ways to solve the problem

What to do if the touchpad on a laptop stops working? DO NOT immediately carry it to the service. The bottom line is not always a hardware failure: it may be incorrect operation of drivers or another software failure. Simple actions will help to revive it, which even an inexperienced user can do.

Cleaning the touchpad

Often the touchpad on a laptop does not work due to commonplace pollution. To remove grease and moisture, the sensor must be wiped with special napkins or a lint-free microfiber cloth. The sensor surface must always be kept dry and clean.

Activating the touchpad in BIOS

In case of a situation “the touchpad stopped working” it makes sense to also check the BIOS settings.

In the bootloader menu, for example, in Acer Aspire or Asus X541NA, the sensor is labeled as Internal Pointing Device. It is located in the Advanced tab. If Disable is written in brackets, switch to Enabled and save (F10. Yes).

Turning on the sensor

It is necessary to check the activity of the sensor by simultaneously clamping Fn F2-12. Often the touchpad does not work because it was previously turned off. Different devices provide an individual set of keyboard shortcuts to perform actions, for example, in Asus. FnF9, and in Lenovo. FnF6. In some variations, the sensor power key is displayed on the panel itself. It looks like a barely noticeable depression or dot. In this case, the touchpad is activated by double clicking on it.

Algorithm of actions when the touchpad fails

The touchpad is reliably protected from moisture and dirt, rarely breaks. Failures are mainly caused by program “glitches”. As a result, the sensor does not perceive pressure, but does not recognize gestures, its sensitivity is reduced. Also, the cursor jumps randomly across the monitor or, conversely, slows down. There are a number of problems for which the sensor does not work. In this case, you must initially identify the cause of the malfunction. The main ones are presented in the table below.

Before going to the service center, you should try to fix the problem yourself:

  • Check if the touchpad is enabled, and if not, enable it;
  • Clean the panel surface;
  • Update or reinstall the driver;
  • Activate the touchpad in BIOS;
  • OS rollback.

To check the health of the touchpad, it initially makes sense to restart the laptop in safe mode, and then proceed to the described actions.

GPT and MBR standards

In rare cases, the touchscreen on a laptop does not work due to a system error. The problem lies in the program code of the disk, which is required to boot. Two standards are presented: GPT and MBR. The first is a GUID partition structure that carries information within the hard drive partitions. This is part of UEFI, which is used by newer PC models instead of BIOS. Second Acts as a segment of memory containing the boot loader for the operating system. MBR is a traditional structure and is compatible with all operating systems. The first option has a drawback. this standard does not support old systems, which is why a system conflict arises.

The error is resolved as follows: you need to see which segment is implemented on the laptop using the command timeline. The window opens with a combination of WinR. In the term “diskpart” is entered, after. “list disk” and “Enter” to select the transformation structure. If there is an asterisk in the list that appears in the last column “GPT”, then this is the first version of the standard. If it is empty. the second one. In the first case, it can be assumed that a system conflict interferes with the touchscreen. The standard of the system disk is changed without losing data using special software. Alternatively. AOMEI Partition Assistant.

If you follow the instructions, performing the actions step by step, then the result will be to quickly eliminate the malfunction.

Updating or reinstalling drivers

Regarding software problems, they can manifest themselves in different ways: scrolling does not work, the touchpad does NOT respond to a click. Functionality is usually only partially lost. In this case, you need to scan the system with an antivirus and see the status of the drivers.

You can update, rollback or uninstall the program in Device Manager, Mice tab. The touchpad is referred to as HID device or TouchPad. The problem is signaled by a yellow triangle. Installing the official software expands the touchpad functions.

Sometimes the touchpad doesn’t work after downloading new programs. Then the system rollback will help to restore the device’s performance.

Broken touch panel

If you have completed all the Recommended actions and the sensor on your laptop is not working, the problem is in the hardware. As a result of the shocks and vibrations that a laptop is often exposed to, the touchpad cable is disconnected or the connector lock breaks. Also, a number of problems can interfere with the operation of the sensor model:

  • Poor contact between elements;
  • Connector oxidation, etc.

This is precisely determined only by a specialist after diagnosis. Therefore, the only solution remains. to send the laptop to a service center.