How to turn on the Internet on iPhone 6

Mobile Internet

This type of Internet access is provided by a mobile operator at your chosen tariff. Before turning on, make sure that the service has been paid for and you can go online. This can be found using the operator’s hot mowing line or by downloading the proprietary application from the App Store.

Device settings

    Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone.

To enable mobile Internet access, set the position of the “Cellular data” slider as shown in the screenshot.

Going down the list below, it will become clear that for some applications you can turn on the transmission of cellular data, and for others. turn it off. For this, the position of the slider must be as indicated below, i.e. highlighted in green. Unfortunately, this can only be done for standard iOS applications.

You can switch between different types of mobile communication in the “Data settings”.

In this window, select the option you need. Make sure there is a jackdaw icon on the right. Please note that by choosing a 2G connection, the iPhone owner can do one thing: either surf in the browser, or answer incoming calls. Alas, this cannot be done at the same time. Therefore, this option is only suitable for those who want to conserve battery power.

Control Panel

You cannot turn off mobile Internet in the Control Panel on an iPhone with iOS version 10 and below. The only option is to turn on airplane mode. Read about how to do this in the next article on our website.

But if your device has iOS 11 or higher, swipe up and find a special icon. When it is green, the connection is active, if it is gray, the Internet is off.

Mobile internet settings

  • Follow Steps 1-2 from Option 2 above.
  • Click Data Options.

Go to the section “Cellular data network”.

In the window that opens, you can change the parameters of the cellular network connection. When configuring, the following fields are subject to change: “APN”, “Username”, “Password”. You can find out these data from your mobile operator using SMS or by calling support.

Usually, these data are set automatically, but before turning on the mobile Internet for the first time, you should check the correctness of the entered data, since sometimes the settings are incorrect.

A wireless connection allows you to connect to the Internet, even if you do not have a SIM card or the service from a cellular operator has not been paid for. You can enable it both in the settings and in the quick access panel. Please note that by turning on airplane mode, you will automatically turn off mobile Internet and Wi-Fi. How to turn it off, read the next article in Method 2.

Device settings

Move the indicated slider to the right to enable the wireless network.

Select the network you want to connect to. Click on it. If it is password protected, enter it in the pop-up window. After successful connection, the password will no longer be asked.

Here you can also activate the function of automatic connection to known networks.

Enabling in Control Panel

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Panel. Or, if you have iOS 11 or higher, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Activate Wi-Fi internet by clicking on the special icon. Blue means the function is enabled, gray means disabled.

On OS versions 11 and higher, wireless Internet access is disabled only for a while, in order to disable Wi-Fi for a long period, you should use Option 1.

Enabling Internet on iPhone

The Internet on the iPhone plays an important role: it allows you to surf on various sites, play online games, download photos and videos, watch movies in the browser, etc. The process of enabling it is quite simple, especially if you use the Quick Access Toolbar.

Turning on the internet

When you turn on mobile access to the World Wide Web, you can configure certain parameters. At the same time, the wireless connection can be established automatically when the corresponding function is active.

Modem mode

A useful feature found in most iPhone models. It allows you to share the Internet with other people, while the user can put a password on the network, as well as monitor the number of connected. However, for it to work, it is necessary that the tariff plan allows you to do this. Before turning on, you need to find out if it is available to you and what are the restrictions. Let’s say the Yota operator when distributing the Internet, the speed drops to 128 Kbps.

For information on how to enable and configure the tethering mode on the iPhone, read the article on our website.

So, we figured out how to turn on mobile Internet and Wi-Fi on an Apple phone. In addition, there is such a useful feature on the iPhone as tethering.

How to turn off mobile (cellular) Internet on iPhone or iPad

Turning off the mobile Internet on an iOS device is also very simple. just tap the slider opposite “Cellular Data” located in Settings. On will change to Off, which means that the smartphone is no longer connected to the Network. In Control Center, the Cellular Data button will change from green to transparent.

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What to do if everything is turned on, but the Internet is still not on the iPhone or iPad

If, after performing the above steps, communication with the World Wide Web through mobile (cellular) traffic does not appear, then for the Internet to work, you will need to enter the correct settings (APN data, username and password) for your cellular operator.

APN data, username and password must be entered along the path: Settings → Cellular → Data settings → Cellular data network → Cellular data section. For example, for the Belarusian MTS, the data is as follows:

APN: mts
Username: mts
Password: mts

Usually, these data are sent by the operator via SMS automatically. You can also find them out by calling the service numbers or at the company’s office.

How to turn on and off mobile (cellular) Internet or Wi-Fi on iPhone and iPad

It is difficult to imagine a modern smartphone or tablet without an Internet connection. Reading news, finding something you need in a search engine, downloading a useful application or an interesting game. all this requires Internet access. This instructional article will tell you how to access the Internet from your iPhone or iPad. and how to get out of it.

How to enable mobile (cellular) Internet on iPhone or iPad

You can access the Internet from an iPhone or iPad from any place where your cellular operator provides a mobile access to the World Wide Web.

Go to “Settings” and select the “Cellular” section. Tap the slider to the right of the “Cellular Data” label. it will turn green, and the letter “E” or the word GPRS will appear to the right of the name of your operator. We just went online! True, so far. only at low speed, through the second generation of 2G cellular networks. Their resource is enough for the most basic tasks. for example, updating mail or correspondence in Skype. but absolutely not enough for surfing the web, navigating maps and downloading applications.

Another very serious drawback is that with 2G enabled, you can only do one thing: either make calls or surf the Internet. If you choose the second option, they will not be able to get through to you! Therefore, it makes sense to activate faster mobile Internet 3G or LTE (provided that, of course, there is coverage of these networks in your region).

You can enable 3G or LTE in the same section “Cellular” by clicking on the item “Data Options”, and then “Voice and Data”

In addition, starting with iOS 11, a switch has also appeared in the Control Center that allows you to turn on / off mobile Internet.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad

Accessing the Internet via a wireless Wi-Fi connection is the fastest and most comfortable way to surf the Web using your iPhone or iPad. The speeds are comparable to those that you use on your computer. The source of Wi-Fi can be a home modem, a careless neighbor, or a public institution (such as McDonalds). Starting with iOS 7, there are two ways to enable / disable Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad:

  • Open Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the display). In the “curtain” that appears, just tap the Wi-Fi icon. Wi-Fi enabled. blue icon;
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ATTENTION! With the release of iOS 11, Apple changed the principle of disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules through the “Control Center”. The two buttons are no longer standard on / off switches. and disconnect the wireless connection only after a set period of time.

In more detail about managing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the Control Center, we talked in this material.

  • Go to “Settings”, select the item “Wi-Fi” (second from the top), touch the only switch, select the required network and password to it. Green. “on”, gray. “off”.

That’s it, you are now armed with the knowledge on how to turn Internet on and off on iPhone or iPad. Enjoy your journey across the Internet!

Resetting the Wrong Attempts Counter

In order to ensure the safety of the device, the gadget can lock itself permanently after the sixth attempt to enter the password incorrectly. In this case, it will give you the information “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. In such a case, the lock can be removed by resetting the bad try counter. The steps to remove the password from the iPhone are possible only if there is synchronization with the computer, its authorization with iTunes:

  • Connect your phone to your computer via a cable, turn on iTunes. When Wi-Fi is turned off on the device, synchronization with a computer via it will not occur.
  • Wait a little time for the gadget program to recognize.
  • In the menu, select “Devices”, click “Synchronize with”, select your phone. Similarly, you can pass this item through the “Tabs”, “Overview”.
  • With the start of synchronization, the counter of incorrect attempts will be reset to zero, and you can continue entering your password.
  • When you try to turn off and turn on the gadget, or forcibly restart it, the counter will not be reset. keep this in mind.

Removing Activation Lock

The “Find iPhone” option has already been equipped with a new feature from the seventh software. iCloud Activation Lock. It automatically turns on when setting the first option and makes life much more difficult for users who have purchased an unlocked smartphone. Each time you activate this option, the smartphone will ask for the Apple ID and password.

Basically, the problem of removing Activation Lock affects users who have purchased a mobile gadget from Apple with their hands. It is known that resetting the settings, activating through other programs or resetting the settings in this case will not help in any way. And bypassing the lock is necessary to activate iCloud and start using your device normally.

Of course, you should never save money by buying such an expensive gadget unofficially, as you can run into fakes. It can be noted that when buying an iPhone from your hands, in order not to suffer with unlocking it, you need to check the full range of the device.

In order to remove the binding of the iPhone to the Apple ID of the previous owner, if, after all, the phone was purchased not unlocked, you need to follow certain recommendations that are associated with contacting Support:

Unlock via R SIM

R-SIM is a universal chip card. Experts have created this module to activate and unlock most iPhones so that users can use their operator’s network.

To use R-SIM, you need to have a Nano-SIM card with you. Very often, employees of workshops or communication salons can simply cut a regular SIM card to the required size, but it is best to ask to reissue the operator’s card in a mini-size. So it will be much thinner than usual.

If you have a card, you need to remove the password from the smartphone and remove the password lock, if it was installed on the SIM card. This is done so that the pin code does not interfere with the correct setting of the R-SIM. Then it is necessary to insert the chip-card into the smartphone so that its “tail” goes under the tray, and the chip does not lie on top. Together with the chip, a SIM card is inserted into the device.

After all the manipulations with the chip and the SIM card are done, the settings menu will appear on the screen of the mobile device. In it, you need to select the appropriate model of the gadget, your operator and accept the settings. Now the smartphone can be rebooted, and then after a few seconds the iPhone will pick up the signal.

How to Recover iPhone if Forgot Password

Once your phone is synchronized with your computer, you will need to restore it. This is an important point in the information on how to unlock 4 iPhone if you forgot your password. Methods of transferring the phone to the desired mode are discussed above, but bypassing the official lock is possible as follows: reflash the gadget. The lock can be removed either through iTunes or using iCloud. Both options are applicable in relation to restoration, recommended by the official dealership of the brand.

If there are errors in the unlocking situation, then the way out of the situation may be to read the forums, where it is possible to find answers to any questions that arise. Experienced users share secrets with newbies, which often turn out to be little tricks to deceive the system and return the device to its original state. So, there is an advice to initially install the latest firmware version, and then restore the iPhone. it takes less time and is suitable for users with slow Internet.

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

Unlocking your phone using iCloud is only possible if the mandatory requirements are met:

  • Find iPhone feature included.
  • Wi-Fi enabled or available internet via cellular.
  • The screen is not viewable due to the requested code.

The question of how to unlock iPhone 5 can be answered by following these steps:

  • Go to iCloud, make sure that in the “All devices” tab, when you select “Find iPhone”, the name of the required gadget is green, and the status shows “Online”.
  • Click on the device name by selecting “Erase iPhone“, in the pop-up window, click “Erase” again.
  • Enter your Apple ID code, phone number, click “Finish”.
  • The screen will turn off, but the logo will be highlighted, the status bar will be displayed. When it reaches the end, you can return to the original settings.

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Turning on the internet

When you turn on mobile access to the World Wide Web, you can configure certain parameters. At the same time, the wireless connection can be established automatically when the corresponding function is active.

Enabling Mobile Networking on iPhone

Most often, there are no problems with mobile access, it is quite easy to connect due to the fact that SIM cards are sold with all ready-made settings. You just need to install it on your phone and enjoy all the privileges of accessing the Internet from the gadget. However, it happens that the ability to transfer data over the cellular network disappears.

You can customize everything yourself. In addition, the operator can block access due to the lack of money in the account or exceeding the traffic limit.

Note! The most common loss of communication with the Network occurs due to a system failure.

You can diagnose and fix the failure yourself without any problems. If this does not work, then it is recommended to take the iPhone to a service center.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the Internet and make all the settings on the device from “Apple”:

  • The first step is to make sure that the data transfer on the Network is activated. You can see it in the phone settings. To check, you need to perform the following actions: “Cellular”. “Settings”.
  • After that, you need to check the activity of two icons. “Enable 3G” and “Cellular data”. They should be green. If both or one of them is gray, then the service is inactive.
  • If the “Cellular Data” switch is inactive, then it is possible to connect only via a wireless Wi-Fi network. It is also advisable to activate the point about enabling 3G, otherwise the iPhone will receive and transmit data only according to the outdated EDGE standard. It has a very low speed (up to 470 Kbps), which clearly does not suit the user.
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Important! The connection of the fourth generation standard is carried out in the same way, only you need to choose a connection to LTE or 4G instead of 3G.

It should also be noted that the inclusion of data transmission services according to the standards of the third or fourth generation is not a guarantee of constant work with them. The fact is that if the quality of the connection is low, the device will automatically switch to a lower format. For example, from 4G to 3G or from 3G to 2G, that is, outdated EDGE. Getting information about the current technology is very simple: you just need to see which icon in the upper left corner is active. There will be one of the following:

  • LTE. In this case, the user can be calm and confident that the device operates at maximum speed in the fourth generation connection format;
  • 3G. This means that the device has downgraded the standard due to poor connection quality;
  • E. Such a letter can shock some fans of fast mobile Internet, because the phone went to the lowest standard and works at the lowest speed;
  • If none of the indicated indicators are lit, it means that there is simply no connection to the Network.

Note! The last point may indicate a lack of connection due to technical problems with the operator or subscriber. In addition, the cellular data switch may be inactive.

The limit of the available data package has been exhausted

This is another fairly common reason why access to mobile Internet services may be restricted. Each operator provides the ability to access the Internet at a particular rate. If it is not unlimited, then it is limited by a certain amount of received megabytes.

Note! If the user has exhausted the entire limit, then the operator has the right to automatically disable the service or transfer to a lower speed.

In such cases, you can extend the action and get an additional package for a fee, or use the following tips:

Lack of funds in the personal account

Note! The simplest and most common problem among all users.

The fact is that if the subscriber does not have funds on the current account, then the operator blocks the opportunity to make a call, use the Network and send messages. In such cases, the wireless icon may be active, but not connected. There is only one solution. replenishment of the account. You can do this without a commission on the operator’s website. To do this, you need to enter your bank card details.

Note! It is widely believed that the cellular connection to the Internet may disappear due to the past update of the iOS operating system. It is erroneous, since the new version has no effect on data transfer.

If the lack of communication has occurred due to a system failure, then in 50% of cases of loss of connection to wireless networks, a simple reboot helps to fix the problem. In all iPhones, it is performed the same way. by simultaneously pressing two buttons “Home” and “Shutdown”.

You can also perform a full factory reset. In this case, you need to take the following steps:

Important! The user’s personal information, such as photos, audio, video and messages, will remain the same. It will only be necessary to re-configure the cellular network settings.


When all the above steps are completed, it is required to clarify the correctness of the data entry for the wireless mobile connection. This can be done as follows:

  • You need to go to the “Cellular” section again. Below you need to find the item “Cellular data network” and click on it to enter.
  • There you can see the “Cellular data” side, in which there are three lines under the names APN, username, password.

Note! For various operators, enter their data, which can be found on the official website or enter the following.

For the mobile operator “Megafon” you need to enter:

  • APN: internet;
  • username: gdata;
  • password: gdata.

The MTS operator requires the introduction of the following combinations:

  • APN:;
  • username: mts;
  • password: mts.

For Beeline subscribers, you need to enter the following data:

  • APN:;
  • username: beeline;
  • password: beeline.
  • APN:;
  • username: do not enter anything;
  • password: enter nothing.
  • APN: internet.yota;
  • username: do not enter anything;
  • password: leave blank.
  • APN:
  • username: motiv
  • password: motiv

The national telecom operator Rostelecom has established:

  • APN:
  • username: leave blank;
  • password: leave blank.

You can not enter any data into the smartphone yourself, but call the technical support of the mobile operator and ask to send the settings. After a short period of time, an SMS with all the information will come. And even in this case, you do not need to enter anything, all settings will remain to be saved directly from the received message.

Note! It is also important to remember to reboot the gadget every time after entering. The connection is activated after turning on the device.

Why the mobile Internet does not work on the iPhone

Despite the fact that iPhones from Apple are of high build quality and software implementation, breakdowns and malfunctions of these devices are not excluded. With the correct parameters entered, there are several general reasons why the connection to the World Wide Web through the operator does not work on the iPhone:

  • 3G or 4G connection error;
  • operating system system error;
  • malfunction of the SIM card.

Mobile Internet iPhone most often does not work precisely because of a software malfunction. Hardware damage is extremely rare and requires careful maintenance by a qualified technician. Such work is carried out in service centers or (if the device is under warranty) in an official Apple repair center.

The user can fix software failures by himself. over, in most cases they are caused by the operator himself. This problem can be solved by calling the hot line or filing a complaint. The connection must be restored within the time period agreed by the consultant.

Another reason for a connection error is a hard restart of the system or a factory reset. Its feature is the missing LTE work icon when the cellular antenna is displayed. The situation is corrected by performing the following actions:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • Select the “Cellular network” tab.
  • In the “Data transfer” menu, re-enter the parameters, having specified them in advance with the operator.

Before performing these steps, you should also make sure that the corresponding tariff has been paid, there is coverage and the service is being provided at the moment. To do this, it is enough to make a request by sending a certain combination of characters. The user can find out them on the official website of the operator. You can also contact a consultant and find out from him the current position of the account and other important information.

How to turn OFF Data | internet in iPhone 7 iPhone 6s iPhone 5 iPhone 6 Plus

Experts recommend, if there is no need for access, to block the connection to the global network. To turn off the mobile Internet on the iPhone, just switch the “Cellular Data” slider located in the “Settings” of the smartphone to the off mode (it will turn gray). In this case, you will not be charged for traffic. This saves money.

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How to turn on the mobile Internet on the iPhone is a fairly frequent request in the vastness of search engines. Apple phones provide the user with several types of communication at once. mobile Internet, connection to a wireless Wi-Fi network, connection to a computer using a wire or Bluetooth. The most widespread are the first two options for connecting to the Network.

Today, any mobile operator provides an opportunity to connect mobile Internet in the 3G, 4G or LTE standard. With normal coverage and connection quality, you can achieve good Internet speed. As for Wi-Fi networks, now almost every public place has its own access point with the ability to connect for free.

Internet access service not connected

This reason often forces users to endlessly change settings. But everything is much simpler. The fact is that by default, all telecom operators on the domestic market have a connection to the Internet. The absence of a connected service can only occur due to the fact that the subscriber independently and accidentally disconnected it in his personal account or through a hot line. You can reconnect the service as follows:

  • call the operator and ask to return everything as it was;
  • contact the operator’s service center;
  • do it in your personal account on the official website of cellular communication.

Problems with mobile connection

If the mobile Internet does not work, then we try the following steps:

  • Unplug and unplug your phone.
  • Try reconnecting to mobile internet.
  • Look at the icon at the top of the phone. it is possible that the connection does not work, because you are far from the tower: for example, you are outside the city or in the forest.
  • Check the balance on the account, it may need to be replenished.
  • Go to “Settings”, find the subsection “General” and then go to “Reset”. You need to find the button to reset the network settings and click on it.
  • We call the operator on the hot line mowing line.

Mobile Internet

ATTENTION! The phone must have a valid prepaid SIM-card, which includes a package for access to the global network. If you do not have a SIM card yet, then contact any current operator: MTS, Megafon, Yota, Beeline, Tele2, etc.

Open the “Shutter” menu. to do this, on the main screen, swipe up with your finger. Next, you need to click on the button with the antenna image.

NOTE! If you are using mobile internet, turn off Wi-Fi.

Also, the mobile Internet on the iPhone is turned on elsewhere:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Cellular” section.

You do not need to do anything else, the data transfer settings for the mobile Internet are configured automatically. Then you can surf the internet. If you have any difficulties with connection, then first of all look at the balance of your personal account. You can also call your provider’s tech support phone number. You can access the Internet through the standard Safari browser.

  • Turn on the function by moving the slider to the right.
  • Wireless networks will be displayed below. select the desired one and enter the password for connection (if any).
  • At the top you will see a connection icon.

NOTE! If the mobile global network and WI-FI are turned on at the same time, then the connection will be made to the wireless Wi-Fi network.

Let me remind you that you can also share the internet with each other. That is, one phone connects to the global network, then it switches to the “Access Points” mode and distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi. Instructions for enabling this mode. read here.

How to turn on mobile Internet on iPhone: solving connection problems

Hello everyone! Today we will consider the question. how to enable and configure the Internet on the iPhone. This can be done in two ways: using mobile access (3G / 4G / 5G / LTE) or via Wi-Fi. Let’s consider both options. If you have any questions or something goes wrong. write in the comments.

NOTE! The instruction is suitable for all known iPhone models: 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7Plus, 8, 8Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max. SE and later models.

Wi-Fi problem

Go to the “Wi-Fi” section in the settings and check again that you have correctly connected to the wireless network, perhaps you entered the password incorrectly and the connection did not occur. Go to your router and reboot it by double-clicking the power button. It can also be restarted by unplugging and inserting the power supply.

How to put 2g on an iPhone?

How to Switch Cellular Data Speed ​​on iPhone from LTE, 3G, or 2G

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to Cellular (sometimes referred to as Mobile for other carriers)
  • Click Voice & Data
  • Select the required cellular data rate from the following options:

How to enable 2g on iPhone 6?

In order to configure the communication parameters, just go to the Settings. Cellular. Voice and Data menu. Here you can put a switch in front of one of the proposed types of communication. 2G, 3G or LTE.

What to do if 3G does not work on iPhone?

As a rule, the reason why 3G does not work on the iPhone lies in the malfunctioning of the phone settings and, specifically, of your own carrier. You can immediately restart your phone or try to turn on / off Airplane Mode. Disabling / enabling “3G” and “Cellular data” (Settings-Basic-Network) can also help.

How to make LTE work?

Android: Menu → Settings → Connections → Other networks → Mobile networks → Network mode → 4G / 3G / 2G (automatic connection). Windows Phone: Settings → Data Transfer → Fastest Connection → 4G.

What is LTE VoLTE incl?

VoLTE. next generation voice communication

Voice over LTE technology transmits a call over a high-speed 4G (LTE) network. Voice stream is delivered many times faster and in better quality.

How to Connect Cellular Data on iPhone?

To set up the mobile Internet, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select in the menu: iPhone (iOS 6): “General” → “Network” → “Cellular data network”;
  • In the Cellular Data section, enter the following settings: APN.
  • In the “LTE Settings” section, enter the following settings: APN.

How to check if the Internet is connected on iPhone?

Go to the Settings application. Select Cellular. Next, go to the Cellular data network.Following actions:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choosing Cellular.
  • Find the item Cellular Data.
  • Switch the slider to active mode to turn on the Internet.

What to do if the Internet does not work on the iPhone?

Reset your network settings by going to Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular network settings, and previously used VPN and APN settings.