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How to turn off app subscription on iPhone

What kind of application?

Despite the fact that the application is initially positioned as free, this is not entirely true. The user can choose from three subscription packages: two paid and one free. The free subscription is called “Premium”. It is provided for a free trial period, for a period of 1 month.

A trial subscription provides a basic set of features, which will be enough to understand how the program works and how useful it can be for both an ordinary user and a large company, for example, in the sales area.

It sounds tempting to offer a useful service for free, but is everything really good? Unfortunately not. The fact is that the program gets access to a lot of personal information. An iOS application can only access the user’s notebook, but as for Android smartphone users, here the program gets access to the Internet, permission to shoot, permission to make calls and much, much more. The developer company collects a large amount of information for personal statistics and new developments, which is unacceptable for many users.

One of the interesting functions of the program is the ability to see how you are subscribed in the contacts of your friends. So, by agreeing to install the application, you confirm the transfer of your data to the GetContact network. this is done by each user. Then, by entering the number in the appropriate window, the person sees how this or that subscriber is registered with other network participants.

In addition to the Premium mode, there are two more subscriptions available:

  • Business. Monthly usage costs 9.99. options for customers and twice as many requests and display tags available;
  • Exclusive. A complete package of features, priced at 35.99 per month. Twice as many queries and tag displays as in Business Mode. There is an opportunity to use the plan with 10 other employees of the company.

Cancel auto renewal subscription for iPhone and iPad any iOS

GetContact. how to unsubscribe

Get Contact is an application for mobile platforms, the main task of which is to block spam and get an opportunity to find out who is calling your mobile. The program allows you to protect yourself from scammers and calls from unwanted numbers.

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At first glance, it may seem that the application is incredibly useful and necessary. in a sense it is, but the program has a number of features that make users reject it as quickly as they quickly agree to install it. In this article, you will learn what this program is and how to cancel your premium version.

turn, subscription, iphone

GetContact has a subscription option. which can be disabled

Disable subscription in GetContact

To unsubscribe from Get Contact Premium, please follow the instructions below.

Open the settings, find your name, go to “iTunes Store and App Store”;
2. Find your personal identifier and select “View Apple ID”;
3. Go to the section with subscriptions and find the one you need;
4. Select the desired option. Disable if desired.

Please note that uninstalling the program will not cancel your subscription! First you need to cancel it, and after that you delete the program itself.

We open Google Play;
2. Go to your account;
3. Select the section with subscriptions and find the one you need;
4. Select the subscription settings and click “cancel”.

After you have unsubscribed from GetContact, I advise you to visit this page on which you can completely remove your number from the database or change its display for others. The same link can be accessed through the application itself: open GetContact and go to “Options” → item “About GetContact” → select “Delete account”.

Removing an account from the GetContact system

Before you agree to even a trial subscription in this application, think carefully and be prepared for the fact that some of your personal data from your mobile phone may fall into the wrong hands. Be careful and careful!

How to renew your subscription

Want to renew the subscription you canceled? Apple stores all of your subscriptions so you can access them.

  • Go to iTunesStore Settings and App Store Apple ID.
  • Select View Apple ID.
  • Enter your AppleID password or use Touch ID / Face ID.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Find the Inactive section.
  • Select the subscription you want to renew.
  • Now select the option you want to subscribe as usual

You will be automatically charged every month until you cancel your subscription.

How to cancel a paid App Store subscription for an app

1) On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.

2) Go to iTunes Store and App Store, click on your Apple ID at the top, select View Apple ID.

3) Pass authentication.

4) Select the Subscriptions section. You will see a list of your active and invalid subscriptions.

5) Select the subscription you want to cancel and then click Unsubscribe and Confirm.

Even if you cancel your subscription, you can still enjoy its benefits for a while, which have already been paid for.

How to cancel an App Store or News subscription on Apple TV

It is very easy not to notice the debiting of 149 rubles per month from your account, so be sure to check your subscriptions and cancel unnecessary ones. Now you know how to cancel iTunes subscription on iPhone and other devices.

How to cancel your subscription in 3 easy steps

If you are too lazy to follow all of the above steps, just click on this link on your iPhone or iPad, and you will automatically be taken to the Subscriptions page.

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Click on the subscription you don’t need and select Unsubscribe. This is the easiest and fastest way.

How to cancel your iTunes subscription

To unsubscribe from paid subscriptions through iTunes, do the following:

1) Launch iTunes on Mac or PC.

2) On the menu bar, select Account View and authenticate.

3) Scroll down and click the Manage link next to subscriptions. You will see all your subscriptions.

4) Click Change next to the subscription you want to cancel.

5) Now click Unsubscribe and confirm your action.

How to cancel a paid App Store or iTunes subscription for an app or game

and more developers prefer to make their applications free, but provide users with the opportunity to purchase a paid subscription with additional features and content.

If you’ve previously purchased an in-app subscription, you need to know how to turn off an App Store subscription if you no longer need it.

Many users forget about their trial subscriptions and continue to pay money for apps or music they no longer use. In addition, newer versions of iOS 12 make it easier to unsubscribe. Below we will tell you how to unsubscribe from the App Store for an application.

Subscription is not canceled?

If the subscription is displayed in active, but there is no cancel button, then you have already canceled it, but the validity period has not expired yet. You can confirm this by checking the subscription date: there will be a date when its lines will expire. If you are still paying for the subscription, instead of Ending will be the word Renewal.

If the subscription is not displayed at all on the screen, then you need to cancel it directly through the source. For example, a Netflix subscription will not be displayed here, it must be canceled through the website or app.

Refusal in iTunes

Refusal to receive further services can be made in iTunes. This is the second way to answer the question of how to disable any iPhone app subscription:

  • Launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID. If your computer has a Touch ID sensor, log in with it.
  • Expand the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  • Enter your password or tap Touch ID for personal identification.
  • On the “Account Information” page, find the “Settings” section.
  • Click on the “Manage” link opposite the “Subscriptions” item.
  • Find the subscription you want to remove. Click “Edit” next to it.
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Quick Tip: How To Manage Subscriptions on iOS

You can change the terms of service or opt out of content. Subscription will expire at the end of the paid period.

IPhone Control

The first step is to deal with the disconnection on the iPhone. There is nothing complicated: to view the list of subscriptions, just follow these steps:

  • Open settings, click on your account name and go to the “iTunes Store and App Store”.
  • Click on Apple ID at the top of the menu.
  • Select “View”. Enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID to log in.
  • Click on the “Subscriptions” link.
  • Select the subscription you want to unsubscribe.

You can choose a different service / application mode or cancel your subscription. If canceled, it will expire at the end of the paid period.

If you are charged for a subscription, but it is not displayed in the settings, then you have issued it directly with the provider. To cancel, you must contact the publisher or developer of the application.

Disable app subscriptions on iPhone

How do I turn off my iPhone app subscription so that it doesn’t automatically renew? Unsubscribing from iPhone and iTunes.

What is subscription

  • Apple News.
  • Newspapers magazines.
  • Apple Music.
  • Internet services like Netflix, Spotify, HBO NOW and a large number of apps in the App Store.

If you want to opt out of further use of the service, you must cancel your subscription. This must be done at least 24 hours before renewal, otherwise the subscription may not be canceled.

ICloud and iTunes Match subscriptions

ICloud and iTunes Match subscriptions are not managed in a standard way, although these services are also provided by Apple. If you want to opt out of additional iCloud storage:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “iCloud” section.
  • Select “Storage”.
  • Click Change Storage Plan.
  • Tap “Reduce volume” or choose another size.

On a computer, the operation is performed in a similar way, the only difference is the location of the settings. On Mac, go to System Preferences and click on the iCloud icon, and on Windows, launch the iCloud app and select “Storage”.

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Expand the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  • Enter your Apple ID details.
  • Find the “iTunes in the Cloud” section.
  • Click “Disable Automatic Updates” next to “iTunes Match”.

If money is withdrawn in a specific application, carefully read the terms of its operation. It is recommended to do this before installation in order not to face unplanned expenses.