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How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung?

When copying saved contacts from their account, the user moves the data along with the photos. To carry out such an operation, you need to adhere to two basic rules: setting a personal avatar, and using the Gmail service. However, in order to integrate the data, you should first learn how to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung, as well as how to trim a song for a ringtone online.

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Set a photo to a contact

Installing photos is pretty simple. You need to go to the contacts section by clicking on the “Contacts” icon directly from the workspace. After that, you should choose which contact the user wants to set the photo to. After clicking on the selected contact, you need to hold your finger for a few seconds, after which the “Change” function will appear. Then select an image from the gallery and install it. Most often, before installing a ringtone on a contact on Samsung, a photo is attached to it.

We put an individual call

In addition to the photo of the contact person, you can set up an individual call. Setting a piece of music to calls, however, is a little more difficult. You should be aware that there is no big difference between how to set a melody to a contact of Samsung J5 and other models of the J series. First of all, the user enters the contact change menu, presses the call change function and selects any melody at the user’s discretion for a specific contact person. When it was possible to set a melody for a call from a specific person, it is necessary to save the performed operation.

Ways to Install Music Background

For owners of older versions of Android, installing music is more confusing. This also applies to the Samsung J3. How to set a ringtone for a contact in this phone? The owner initially needs to create or find a catalog of musical works in his smartphone, and only after that he can set the melody.

The next way is the ability to establish a call through the music player while it is running. You can put the same melody that the user likes on many contact groups. It is necessary to enter the groups, with a long touch on the display call the “Change” function and make a selection. Installing a photo, as well as an individual melody for a subscriber’s call, is simple if you follow these instructions.

How to put purchased music on a call on an iPhone?

  • Open the iTunes Store app.
  • Click the button.
  • Click Sounds.
  • Find the ringtone you want and click the price to make a purchase.
  • Choose the option with automatic ringtone installation.
  • You may need to enter your Apple ID password to complete the purchase.

How to cut a piece out of a song?

  • STEP 1. Upload music Click the Upload button and select a song, melody or music composition of any format (mp3, wav, wma, flac, ogg, aac, ac3, ra, gsm, al, ul, voc, vox.
  • STEP 2. Select an interval
  • STEP 3. Crop and Save

How to make a song on a call?

To put it on a call, go to Settings → Sound → Ringtone → Media Storage, find the song, select it and click OK. The second method is also available: using the same file manager, create a folder “media”, in it a folder “audio”, and in it. a folder “ringtones” (all three with a small letter).

How to cut a song online?

The process of trimming a song in Audio Trimmer is very simple:

  • Choose mp3 or any other audio file on your computer.
  • The sound will start playing immediately if your browser supports this feature. Otherwise click “Download”.
  • Drag the handles to select the part you want to remove and click Crop.

How to cut a song to ring on Android?

By listening to the track and frames (left. green, right. red), select the place in the song that needs to be cut. Then click on the “Save” button at the top of the window. Give the ringtone a name, click “Save”. You will immediately be prompted to use the default ringtone or assign it to a contact.

How to Add Ringtone to iPhone 2020?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Sounds, Tactile Alerts menu. 10. Go to the Ringtone menu. At the very top of the ringtone list, you will see the ringtone you have created and downloaded.

How to trim a song to iPhone ringtone?

  • Open the website in the browser.
  • Select the file from which you want to make a ringtone
  • Select the required interval by moving the blue sliders.
  • If you want your track to start out of silence, gradually increasing the volume, then turn on the “soft start” function.
  • Choose format: iPhone ringtone.
  • Click “Crop”

will remove vocals from a song

Another service to make a high-quality backing track is.

  • The algorithm for working with it is similar to that described above. you click on the “Browse” button, specify the path to the audio file for the service, and then click on “Download”.
  • After downloading the audio file, you must click on the “Make a crush” button, listen to the result, and then click on “Download the resulting file”.

Vocalremover chokes voice

The third service that allows you to remove words from a song online and leave only music is Vocalremover. Note that it does not work on all browsers, on Chrome it worked without problems, and on Firefox, for some reason, refused to process the downloaded file.

  • The principle of working with it is similar to the services described above: click on the inscription “Download audio file”.
  • We indicate the path to the corresponding file on your disk, wait for the end of processing.
  • We listen to the result, and then download it to our PC.

Online services

If you need to cut one or two songs, you can do it without programs. There are a large number of resources that allow you to work with music online. The set of functions of such sites allows you to trim songs, cut out a section to create a ringtone, and you can also glue different fragments of a composition. Online services support major music formats. mp3, wav, aac, flac and others.

To search for the desired resource, it is enough to create a search request for trimming music in the browser and select the site you like from the list.

Then download the song, format it and save the result to your computer. The procedure is quite simple.

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As you can see, there are several ways to work with audio compositions. For constant work with music, it is better to download and install special software. If you need to cut one or two songs, then it is more advisable to use online services.

Trim songs online

The Internet is teeming with various data processing sites, on some of them you can convert documents, on others you can change images. But we are only interested in those that allow you to quickly and easily cut music to the desired size.

How to create a ringtone

It is very easy to create a ringtone, by the way the service is called mp3cut. It allows you to trim a song in just three steps. And now I will describe this process in more detail.

We do this: go to the site (link above), and click on the blue button “Open file”

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But let’s continue, if we need to select a song from our computer, then click on the “Open file” button, and in the window that appears, select the song we need.

We are waiting for mp3cut to download it (see download bar). After the song is fully loaded, you can start trimming it.

At this stage, we can start playing the song by pressing the green button. Then use two sliders to set the beginning and end of our ringtone. Also, if desired, you can turn on a smooth start, and a smooth fading. Then you need to choose the format in which we will save our ringtone. By default, it’s MP3, you can also select “iPhone ringtone” if you are creating a ringtone for the iPhone, and there is also an “” button, by clicking on which you can select the AMR, WAV and ACC formats. After all this has been done, click on the big blue “Crop” button.

The service will inform us that everything is ready, and will provide a link to download our ringtone.

Click on the “Download” link and save the song wherever you like.

That’s all, our ringtone is ready. Now you can throw it off the phone and set it to a call. As you can see, nothing is complicated, on the contrary, it’s interesting :).

In fact, the service is very cool, I found two more of their services on it. The first one allows you to connect mp3, make such a mix for yourself, and the second is an audio converter, it allows you to change the format of a song, convert it from one format to another. For example, you can make OGG with MP3, and even set the quality.

These are the sites that can be found on the Internet today. precisely, services that already allow you to replace computer programs. Well, if I find something else interesting, I will definitely write about it. Hope my advice helped your mobile to ring in a new way :). That’s all, good luck!

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How to cut mp3 music on computer: programs and online services

Do you want your favorite melody to accompany you always and everywhere, do you want to create a unique audio composition from several musical “cuts”? A variety of special programs and online applications will help you create your own musical masterpiece.

How to trim a song on a computer: online applications

If you cannot or do not want to engage in the installation of profile programs, contact the online helpers. The most popular service in this area. The application interface is intuitive. Use the service and in a few minutes your musical composition will acquire the desired size. This online editor works with audio and video files of any format. As a result, you will receive a track in mp3, AMR, WAV, AC format or a ringtone for iPhone. There is no payment for using the service.

  • Select the song you want to shorten, open the browser.
  • Go to the site
  • You will see a window asking you to download a musical composition.
  • Click the “Open file” button and select the desired song.
  • The melody is loaded. Use the scrollbar sliders to highlight the fragment you like and listen to it at the same time.
  • To increase the volume of the composition smoothly, enable the Smooth start option. This feature is especially popular when preparing a song for a mobile phone ringtone.
  • Decide on the format of the finished melody (the most convenient format is mp3, it is the default).
  • Click the “Crop” button.
  • A new window will appear asking you to download your sound file.
  • Specify its name and storage location on your computer.

The best services for creating high-quality backing tracks

Below I will give a list of services for separating a melody and words and explain how to use each of them.

How to Trim Music on Samsung Phone

The owner of a Samsung smartphone can trim the music track. For example, to create a ringtone, which includes exactly that part of a musical composition that the user likes. You may also need to create shortened melodies for other purposes: creating music for a video clip, screensaver, etc. Let’s figure out what tools Android has for these purposes, how to trim a song on a Samsung phone.

Special apps for trimming music

Currently, you can trim music in the following ways:

  • using the application;
  • on the website.

On the Play market, there are more than two dozen free programs for downloading that will help you cut and change musical fragments. Most Popular:

  • Ringtone Maker. the utility is distinguished by functionality that is capable of working together with a smartphone: you can set ringtones for a contact directly from it. It is possible to sort files by album, artist, etc. Works even with old versions of Android, supports all possible formats. To create your own track, set start and end marks. Save changes. The application will offer options for further actions with the created fragment, the user has to make a choice;
  • Music editor. the program has the finest cutting settings. This will allow you to create a complete composition without unnecessary sounds at the end or beginning. The application allows you to assign a melody to a contact directly from it. The sequence of actions for all such offers is the same. The sensitive slider will take some getting used to to trim the music on Samsung at will.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of trimming a piece of music using Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor as an example. Sequencing:

  • Download and install the program, run.
  • In the list that opens, select a melody. Open the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three vertical dots.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Edit”.
  • Track editing stage. The interface is made in the form of graphic waves, the desired segment is selected using limiters. Zoom is done with a magnifying glass icon.
  • When the best variant of the segment is created, make a choice: save or set as a ringtone (“Save” or “Set as ringtone”).
  • Further, an extended choice will be offered. what the created melody will be used for: ringtone, notifications, alarm clock.
  • The process of creating a piece of music is now complete.

Online services

You can trim music on Samsung using online services. There is no need to download third-party software and take up space in memory, just open a browser and follow the link to one of the services:

  • ru. Here you can: trim a track, combine several, convert formats, record new ones. This applies not only to audio files, but also to video. The song does not need to be saved to the smartphone. IT can be downloaded from the VK social network or the cloud;
  • ru. Simple service without unnecessary bells and whistles. Simple interface, only music trimming function is available;
  • org. Supports trimming ringtones of all known formats. Feature. the ability to adjust the volume of the final file.

Any service will do, the sequence of actions is similar.

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Why crop media files on Samsung phone

Trimming a musical composition can be useful for:

  • a medley of popular tunes;
  • listening to your favorite fragment, excluding long plays;
  • video soundtrack;
  • ringtone, alarm sound and other system sounds, etc.

There are several ways to crop a ringtone on Samsung using a third-party application on the website. The resulting track is used as a ringtone or other system sounds. Most services have built-in automatic installation of a call to a contact from the phone. Online services offer advanced functionality: trimming, converting, connecting, changing the volume, cleaning the track from noise, etc. Both audio and video can be processed. The download is performed both from a smartphone and from the library on social networks.


Previously, trimming a musical composition required such resources that cell phone owners could only dream of, so a computer was used. Well, now we have a device in our that is not inferior in its characteristics to a good laptop. Unsurprisingly, you can easily find a music trimmer app on Google Play. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

There are two most common ways to trim a song on onboard Android devices:

Let’s take a look at both of these ringtone making methods.

Application use

On Google Play, you can download about a dozen programs for cutting MP3 files for free. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Ringtone Maker is quite an advanced application. Directly from it, you can assign a ringtone to a specific contact. Also, sorting of music is conveniently implemented here, which can be carried out by albums, performers and tracks.
  • Cut Song Music Editor. the creators of this utility have incorrectly translated its name, but the essence of its work is easy to grasp. This Android music cutter supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and M4A formats. Here, too, directly from the application, you can assign a ringtone for one purpose or another.
  • Cutting ringtones. has a nice interface. Often, you can open this application even from other programs that are used to edit sound files.
  • Ringdroid is a utility that has existed since 2008. It differs not only in its freeness, but also in the complete absence of advertising. The program runs stably on operating systems starting from Android 3.0. And on the developer’s site, you can find older versions of the application that even support the ancient Android 2.0.
  • Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor is the simplest program that supports many music formats. Allows you not only to cut files, but also immediately assign them to an alarm clock, a notification signal or a call. There is also an opportunity to share the resulting ringtone with friends.
  • Ringtone Slicer / Maker MP3. at the time of this writing, the program was in beta status. However, it already copes with its task well, providing the user with basic functionality and an excellent interface. Supports several common formats, and the Russian language greatly simplifies the creation of a ringtone.

We will show you the process of trimming a song using Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor as an example. So, download, install and run this program, then perform the following manipulations:

how to cut songs for ringtone in your phone

Select the song from which you want to create a ringtone. Clicking on the name of the track starts listening to it. You also need to click on the vertical ellipsis, which will display a context menu.

Click on “Edit”.

You are now in the section where the track is being edited. Here you can see the graphical sound waves. You need to select a fragment that will be used as a ringtone. For this purpose, the limiters are intended, each of which has three vertical stripes drawn. You can start playback of the selected area by pressing the corresponding green button located at the bottom of the screen. Scaling the music track is carried out by pressing the buttons with the magnifying glass.

When you’re done, click the Set as ringtone button. Or “Save” if you just want to save the trimmed composition.

You will be prompted to choose what you want to use the cropped composition for. “Ringtone”. ringtone, “Notification”. notification sound, “Alarm”. alarm clock. Make your choice and click on the “Ok” button.

That’s all! The melody is saved. You can exit the application.

How to trim a song to ring from your Android phone?

We often store dozens and even hundreds of MP3 songs on our smartphones. However, none of them are suitable for the call. Do you want to listen to the intro, which is often very long, as a ringtone? This is why trimming the music is imperative. It allows you to get rid of the intro and first verse. As a result, a perky chorus will sound during the call. How to trim a song from your phone. read below.

Use of online services

In theory, you can do without helper applications. It is enough to open an Internet browser and go to a special site that allows you to trim the song online. The most popular resources of this kind are:

  • allows you not only to cut songs, but also to join them. There are also functions for recording sound and converting (both audio and video). Interestingly, it is not at all necessary to upload a song here from the device. you can send the song from your page to or use the cloud service.
  • is the most simplified service. There is nothing superfluous on it, only means for trimming the composition. MP3 and AMR formats supported.
  • is another service that has nothing superfluous. But it supports many more formats. And the number of functions here is slightly more. you can even adjust the volume of the resulting file.

Let’s try trimming a melody using To do this, you must perform the following actions:

Go to using the browser you usually use.

Click on the “Download” button.

You will be presented with a list of applications. Choose the one with which it is most convenient for you to choose a musical composition. In our case, it will be the preinstalled “Documents” program.

Select the MP3 file you want to trim.

Wait until it finishes uploading to the site.

Then use the markers to highlight the fragment that will sound during the call. Select the save format. in the case of the Android operating system, it should be MP3. Click the “Make Ringtone” button.

Click the Download button.

Look for your melody in the Download folder. You can move it from there to another folder and perform other actions using any file manager.

This completes the trimming of online music! This method works not only on smartphones, but also on tablets, desktops, laptops and many other devices that can access the Internet.

How to set a ringtone in Xiaomi?

How to set your own ringtone and SMS

  • Select the menu item “Settings”
  • Select the menu item “Advanced”
  • Select the menu item “Melody”
  • Select the menu item “Melody” again
  • Click on the blue round “Phone” icon
  • Select a melody from the list or click “Browse”
  • Record your melody or select a track
  • Select a track from your library and click “OK”

What program can cut music?

  • Audacity.
  • Swifturn Free Audio Editor.
  • mp3DirectCut.
  • Movavi Video Editor.
  • Sound Forge Pro.
  • Wave Editor.
  • MP3 Cutter and Editor.
  • Direct WAV MP3 Splitter.

How to trim a ringtone on Samsung?

  • Select the song you need from the list of available on your phone.
  • Listen to it if necessary. Highlight the part in the sound wave that you want to leave.
  • The upper slider should be placed at the beginning of the new composition, and the lower one. at its end.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

How to trim an audio recording on your phone?

  • Select the song you need from the list available on your phone.
  • Listen to it if necessary. Highlight the part in the sound wave that you want to leave.
  • The upper slider should be placed at the beginning of the new composition, and the lower one. at its end.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Set MP3 Song as a Ringtone

How to select a piece of music for a call on Samsung?

Lazy laziness! Go to settings / sounds and notifications / melodies and sounds / ringtone / add melody and select a melody and put a tick “only selected fragments” and if you are satisfied, then click it ready. But this fragment is selected by the system automatically.

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Export photo

After creating a layout for your Instagram, click on the export icon in the upper right corner.

Here you can save the photo to the Camera Roll or send it directly to Instagram by selecting the Instagram option, we are going to send this image directly to Instagram as there is nothing else you can do about a photo with such white borders.

In the next step, select the highest resolution and then select Instagram from the list of apps you see on the screen.

How to crop a parsed image in Android?

Kenet Wilson (Articles written: 122)

Crop image when selecting from gallery in Android

Open your photo in Squaready

First step. open a photo by selecting the import icon in Squaready.

Then you need to select the import source. If your photo is already on your iPhone, select the “Albums” option.

How to crop photos on Samsung phone

The camera is one of the main functions of a modern smartphone. Many of us choose a phone based on its parameters. Photos have become an integral part of our life, as an obligatory attribute of social networks and communication in instant messengers. This article will show you how to crop photos on your Samsung phone using the built-in default and third-party apps.

Allow the site to resize your images

If all you want to do is take random snapshots and share them, you can leave all the resizing to the sites. When you upload your photos to social media and photo sharing sites, their system will either automatically reduce the size of your images or reject them as too large (for example, reject images larger than 3MB, so you’ll have to reduce their size anyway. ) That’s right, auto resizing can degrade the image quality as it is rather simplistic. However, it may take an experienced eye to see the difference between best and average quality, especially when you are viewing low resolution images on sites such as or

  • You don’t waste time on things that may not matter to you, such as finding camera settings or photo editing software.
  • Your device will still have the original, higher resolution photo.
  • You can download locally if you have an internet connection.
  • Loading and sharing large image files is much slower due to their size.
  • Email systems and some social media reject large files.
  • Image quality may deteriorate.

Sometimes there are too many good things. this is still the case with megapixels these days. While the resolution of cameras is constantly increasing, the places for displaying photographs barely keep up. For detailed recommendations on the required resolution, see the table below.

Sally Wiener Grotta. fine art photographer, author and speaker who has used and written about digital images from the beginning. You can reach her @SallyWGrotta, on Google and

How not to crop Instagram photos

Have you ever tried to upload a photo to Instagram but were frustrated that this popular photo sharing app requires you to crop all photos into squares? Even though Instagram wants to be a squares-only photo network, there is a little-known trick you can use to avoid cropping your photos when you upload them to Instagram. (Update: You can now upload non-square photos directly to Instagram!)

For this article, I’m going to use one of my favorite landscape photos from iPhone, if I cropped this photo into a square it would lose its impact because I would have to cut out either the rock in the foreground or the orange cliff in the background.

Instagram only accepts square uploads, so the only solution. turn this photo into a square by adding white boxes. This allows me to trick Instagram into believing that this photo is square and thus bypass the crop menu. And since Instagram photos are shown with a white background, the visual experience of my followers does not degrade.

While there are several apps that can do this, my favorite app is called Squaready, which is a free ad-supported app. They also have a paid version with the same functionality but no ads, which I am going to use in the next example.

How to put SMS ringtone on Samsung phone?

In this article, we will show you how to change or set a notification ringtone for SMS on a Samsung smartphone. And if changing the melody to another is quite simple (provided that the melody is built-in), then things are different with their own ringtone. However, there is nothing complicated here either, although the process will take a little longer.

If you decide to just change the melody to another built-in one, go to the settings.

Next, select a SIM card. Even if only one SIM is installed, you still need to choose one of the options. Let’s use the first SIM as an example.

We select a melody by tapping on it, after which it starts to play. If the melody suits you, just click on the “Back” button.

Open the application “My files” or any other file manager.

We select the device memory where you saved your own ringtone. internal or external (memory card), if any. We have melodies stored in internal memory.

Long press to select the ringtone, then press “Copy”.

We return to the main memory section and open the Notifications folder.

Now we do everything the same as mentioned in the first part of the article: go to the settings, select the “Sounds and vibration” section, then. the item “Notification sounds”, the required SIM and And look in the list for a melody that will appear in this list, since we placed it in the Notifications folder. And here she is. tap on it and press “Back”.

If you transfer a ringtone from a computer or laptop, immediately transfer it to the Notifications folder, then the ringtone will instantly appear in the section with ringtones for notifications. The number of ringtones for this folder, as far as we know, is not limited.

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How to set music (ringtone) to ringtone on Samsung

How to set music to ringtone on Samsung? If you want to change the default melody, then this procedure will not cause problems. Our article will provide appropriate instructions for users.

How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung?

Additionally, you can put a specific melody on a separate contact to immediately determine who is calling you. But this option is not supported on a number of Samsung devices. Therefore, you will need to use a third-party application. Ringtone Maker.

Important! To set a ringtone for a contact, it must be saved in the device memory, and not on the SIM card. You can copy the data to use this option.

How to put music on a call on Samsung?

To set a specific ringtone, you first need to download music or select a standard ringtone. Galaxy series devices are considered very popular in our market. They provide ample opportunities, are easy to use, and have a good design. But how to change the default ringtone on Galaxy from Android?

  • Directly through the settings.
  • Through the “dialer”.

No third-party software

A number of smartphones from the Korean manufacturer can be handled without third-party software. Required:

  • Open the standard “Contacts” application.
  • Launch the Actions menu with three dots.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Choose “Contacts”.
  • Click “Show Contacts”.
  • Choose to display them on your device.
  • Open the contact list again, find the person from the list.
  • Click on the pencil.
  • Select the item to set the ringtone. It can be added in case of absence.
  • Confirm the launch of the “Storage” application.
  • Choose a suitable melody.
  • Save changes.