How to take a video of the screen on a laptop

How to enable screen recording in Windows 10

How to record video in any Windows 10 window

Recording what is happening on the screen of a computer or laptop in a video clip has long become commonplace and every day is gaining its relevance for an increasing number of users. Someone records games, someone makes video instructions for themselves or for others, and someone else comes up with other ideas that require capturing what is happening on the monitor and then saving it into a movie.

In general, regardless of the purpose, the means for recording video from the screen are used alone. We will consider 2 options for recording on video, everything that happens on a computer or laptop screen:

  • The first option will not require the installation of any programs and will make it possible to record video, using only the built-in capabilities of Windows 10
  • And in the second case, we will use the installation of a convenient and, importantly, a free program for capturing video from the screen.

Video recording from the monitor, without installing additional software, built-in Windows 10 function

The method is interesting primarily because you do not have to search and install anything, but it is not suitable for all purposes.
The fact is that the built-in Windows 10 utility for capturing video, after the start of recording, will only record the game or program in which the recording was started and does not know how to record just the desktop, Explorer, or other elements of Windows.

  • Remember that the built-in recorder will only work inside the game or program you need.
    In our example, we will be video recording the work in Photoshop.
  • We launch the browser, or any other program that needs to be recorded on video, and press the Win G key combination (that is, hold down the “win” key, and without releasing it, press the “G” key once)

After that, a small window will appear on the screen in which you need to check the box next to the entry “yes, this is a game”

  • As soon as we check the box, the window will disappear, and to call the video recording control panel, you will need to press the Win G key combination again (that is, hold down the “win” key, and without releasing it, press the “G” key once )
  • On the control panel that appears, all that remains is to press the round red button to start recording.
  • A mini-bar will be displayed on the right side of the screen, marking the recording process and allowing you to instantly turn on / off the microphone or stop recording video.
    If this mini-bar gets in your way, you can hide it by pressing the arrow button. (The video, however, will be recorded further)

    And, to return the Windows screen video recording panel, press the Win G key combination again

    You can end the video recording by pressing the same red button, or simply minimize the game, the program or application in which the recording was conducted.
    The recorded video will be automatically saved in the video clips folder located at the address “drive C.” folder “users”. a folder with “username”. folder “Videos”. “Clips”.

    How to create a video clip of everything that happens on a computer or laptop monitor.

    Windows 10’s built-in video recording is great for capturing videos in games or programs.
    However, when you need to record everything that happens on the monitor, desktop, switching between windows and / or running programs, games, and so on, you will need to install additional software.

    Best of all, Free Screen Video Recorder is suitable for capturing video from the screen.
    Download it HERE.
    (if the installation process causes any difficulties, you can refer to the detailed installation instructions for Free screen video recorder)
    After installation, launch Video Recorder and see a small window approximately in the middle of the screen

    The working window of the program is minimized in order to cover as little part of the screen as possible, so that the user can freely navigate which window or which area he needs to select for video recording.

    This small panel has six main buttons, each of which speaks about its purpose if you hover over it with the mouse cursor.

    To start recording a video, click on one of the three buttons on the right.
    Here we are invited:

    • Record on video everything that happens on the screen. “Record video from the desktop”
    • Recording video of what is happening in a specific window or program. “Record video from a window”
    • And the ability to record everything that happens in a certain area of ​​the screen, which we will be asked to pre-select. “Recording video from the area”

    For example, we will select “Record video from area” and click the corresponding button on the Free Screen Video Recorder panel

    After that, we press the “Continue” button to use the program for free

    And select the area you need for recording video by holding down the left mouse button

    After you release the mouse button, the selected part will be fixed as a window for recording video, and a panel of main commands will appear below it, to start recording in which, you need to click on the button in the form of a red circle.


    The frame around the recording area will blink to indicate the start of screen recording.
    2 buttons will appear under it. “pause” to stop video recording with the possibility of further continuation of the clip, and “stop”. to end the video recording.


    After clicking the stop button, the screen recording will be minimized, and the main panel of Free Screen Video Recorder will reappear in front of us.
    In order to view the recorded video, click on the icon in the form of a lattice on the right


    As a result, the program will open a directory in which all the videos made in it are saved.

    How to take video from your computer screen with Free Screen To Video

    For example, consider the process of capturing video from a computer screen using the Free Screen To Video program. This program is distributed completely free of charge, supports the Russian language and is equipped with all the necessary functions. For example, it allows you to shoot video with sound, which is rare for free programs. So let’s take a step-by-step look at the whole process of using this program.

    Download Free Screen To Video and install it on your computer.

    Go to the official site of the Free Screen To Video program and download the installation file. The program weighs a little over 1 MB, so the download will not take much time, even if you have a slow Internet connection. The installation process itself is not difficult. All you need to do is click on the “Next” button.

    The only caveat is that at the beginning of the installation you will be prompted to install a few additional programs. These are advertising programs and they are not needed to shoot videos, so you can refuse to install them.

    Run the program and check the settings.

    After installation, launch the Free Screen To Video program and immediately click on the language change button. It is located in the lower left corner of the program. Click and select “Russian”. After that, the program will switch to using the Russian interface.

    Then click on “Configuration” in order to check the default settings and make changes to them, if necessary.

    After clicking on the “Configuration” button, a window with program settings will open in front of you. There are a minimum of settings here, so it’s very easy to deal with them.

    The upper part of the settings window contains audio recording settings. Here you can select which microphone you want to use and set its volume. If only one microphone is connected to your computer, then, most likely, you will not have to change anything here.

    Below are the video recording settings. Here you can select the video format (AVI, FLV, SWF and WMV formats are available), the number of frames per second (FPS), as well as the codec for encoding video and sound (Video Codec, Audio Codec). There is also a “Configure” button that opens the codec settings. In the codec settings you can set the video compression level.

    If you have little experience, then you can start shooting video without changing any settings. In this case, nothing terrible will happen, the standard settings of the program are quite normal.

    We start shooting video from the computer screen.

    First, you need to choose a video recording method that we will use. To do this, click on the “Capture” button and select the recording method.

    • Capture the entire screen. in this case, the video will be captured from the entire screen at once;
    • Capture the selected window. in this case, the video will be shot from only one window you selected;
    • Capture an area. in this case, the video will be shot in the area that you select with the mouse;

    After you have chosen the recording method, click on the “Start” button.

    If you selected “Capture the selected window” or “Capture the area” then after clicking on the “Start” button the program will prompt you to specify the area that will be used to record video. After selecting the desired area, a window will appear in which you need to specify the location to save the video file.

    If you chose “Capture the entire screen”, then the program will immediately prompt you to specify the location to save. After selecting the desired folder, the program will start capturing video from the computer screen.

    To stop recording, press the F10 button. The F9 button allows you to pause recording. After stopping the recording, the resulting video file will be in the folder that you specified after clicking on the “Start” button.


    If you prefer recording game walkthroughs or tutorials, you should definitely pay attention to Bandicam, as this application has long been popular in these areas. All the necessary settings are present here, allowing you to flexibly configure the audio capture device, webcam, set a suitable area or select the game mode right away. As for the recording, here it happens like this:

      Of course, immediately after installing Bandicam, you can go directly to capturing what is happening on the screen, but first, it is still recommended to set the basic parameters and additional options, which are also important. To understand all this will help separate materials on our website at the following links.

    Next, go to the “Home” section. There are several operating modes here. choose one of the convenient ones and proceed to the next step.

    After specifying one of the capture types, a panel will be displayed on top of which basic information will be displayed. On the right, there are additional tools that allow you to take a screenshot or use the drawing function.

    When you’re ready to record, simply click on the Start Recording button or use the standard F12 hotkey. By the way, you can choose absolutely any combination or key, replacing it with F12 in the settings.

    The recording ends either through the main window of the program, which is far from always convenient, or by pressing the same key again.

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    As in the previous review, Bandicam creates its own folder in the “Documents” section, where all materials are saved by default. This save location is edited all in the same settings window.

    We have already said above that the remaining two programs that will be discussed in this article are paid. Accordingly, Bandicam also falls into this category. Of the limitations, it is worth noting the presence of a watermark indicating the use of this particular tool. You can get rid of it only by purchasing a license and registering it through the official website.

    Video recording with sound from a microphone

    Video recording from the computer screen is made with sound, but if you wish, you can switch the source and record sound from the microphone. To do this, just check the box on the corresponding item on the control panel. “record sound from the microphone”.

    This option is useful when commenting on actions in a video, in the process of preparing training materials or video instructions.

    How to start video recording in Windows 10?

    To record video from the computer screen in Windows 10, you just need to use the following key combination. Win G. As a result of executing the command, a special game panel will appear on the screen. Initially, the program will “ask” a simple question to which you need to give the only answer. “Yes, this is a game.” After that, the control panel will be available to you on which you can easily find the record button.

    When you press the red button, you will see the video recording timer.

    Depending on the actions during video recording, the timer may move to the right corner.

    To stop recording, just click on the “stop” button (white square), after which you will find the saved video in the “Video” folder.

    Recording video from the screen in Windows 7

    Now you know that there is no built-in recorder in Windows 7, and you are ready for the upcoming software selection. The algorithm of operation of each of them is identical, only some built-in functions differ, which may be unique. Therefore, the most important task is to find the optimal tool, and the capture is almost always performed in just a few clicks. Let’s break it down with three simple tools.

    What else can you shoot video from your computer screen?

    There are other programs that allow you to capture video from your computer screen. Among the free programs, the most popular are:

    • CamStudio;
    • oCam Screen Record;
    • Free Screen Video Recorder;

    Among paid solutions, such programs are popular as:

    • Screen camera;
    • Ashampoo Snap;
    • UVScreenCamera;
    • FastStone Capture;
    • Camtasia Studio;

    If you want to shoot video from the computer screen in computer games, then programs such as:

    Unfortunately, both of these programs are paid.

    There are many situations in which you need to record video from your computer screen. Some use this tool in the process of their work, others record videos of the game’s passage, others prepare training materials for their YouTube channel, and someone needs to record a video “here and now”. I think it is unpleasant for everyone to realize their helplessness, in certain situations, but not in this case, since the tool you need is at your fingertips. There is no need to look for special programs on the Internet, download them and figure out how to use them for a long time. Plus, these easy-to-learn programs are no better than the standard Windows 10 computer screen recorder.

    Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

    We are gradually getting to the final software called Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. The well-known domestic company Movavi has long been engaged in the production of a wide variety of products that allow you to record and edit video materials. Screen Recorder is also on this list. Its functionality includes both familiar tools and unique ones, one of which we will mention below.

      After starting Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, the user will see only a small window and a frame showing the capture area. On the left in the menu, this parameter is edited by selecting a free zone or specifying the exact resolution.

    Then don’t forget to set up your webcam, system sound, and microphone. If the icon is green, then the sound is being recorded, and to the left of it is the volume control.

    We advise you to look into the separate settings menu. Here you can change general parameters, hotkeys, effects and where to save materials.

    After completing the preparatory work, set the timer to record by time or immediately press the button to start capturing.

    A notification will appear that a trial version of the software is being used with certain restrictions, and below will be marked with hotkeys for quick control of the recording.

    At the very top above the capture area, you observe the recording status, and below, in the same control window, you can pause or end the process.

    After stopping, a new window with an editor will open. This is a unique feature. Here you can transform the recording, adjust the sound, effects, and also cut off unnecessary moments. Click on “Show file in folder” to go to view it.

    A browser will open with a directory where all clips in MKV format are saved by default.

    The trial period for Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is seven days, and the terms of use include a watermark and a recording limit of five minutes. However, this is enough to get acquainted with all the functionality of this software and decide whether to use it on an ongoing basis.

    Above, we took into account only three representatives of the software that allows you to record video from the screen. Now there are a huge number of similar solutions from third-party developers. All of them cannot be described within the framework of one small article, besides, the algorithm of work is almost the same everywhere. If you are not satisfied with any of the tools discussed above, study a review of other popular software of this kind by clicking on the link below.

    Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

    Most users know how to take a screenshot or screenshot. To do this, just press the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. But, not everyone knows how to shoot video from a computer screen. If you are interested in this question, then you have come to the right place. Now we will talk about how to take video from the screen, and also consider a number of programs that allow you to do this.

    Unfortunately, the Windows operating system does not have built-in tools that would allow you to capture video from your computer screen without using third-party programs. Therefore, before starting to shoot something, you will have to choose one of the programs for recording video, download it and install it on your computer. It is quite easy to work with such programs. In most cases, in order to start filming a video, it is enough to launch the program and click on the “Record” button. Sometimes some settings need to be changed before recording starts.

    oCam Screen Recorder

    If you start looking for specialized software on the Internet, you will notice that almost all tools are distributed for a fee, and trial versions include certain restrictions. Therefore, first of all, we want to focus on completely free software called oCam Screen Recorder. Of course, the functionality here only includes the main one, and there are a ton of ads in the main window. However, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions and watermarks.

      To download oCam Screen Recorder and see the full list of features, follow the link above. After successful installation and launch, you will find yourself in the main window, where you can immediately start setting up the recording. First of all, we recommend that you decide on the size of the captured area. To do this, click on the corresponding button on the top panel.

    A green frame will appear, which can also be edited separately. Pinch one of its corners and drag to adjust the size, or cross in the center if you want to move the area to another part of the screen.

    When finished, click on the “Record” button.

    The successful start of the capture is indicated by a timer that appears. You can stop capturing, pause or take a screenshot at any time.

    This will move to the directory that was created automatically. From now on, all captures and screenshots will be saved in it. This location is changed through the oCam Screen Recorder settings.

    As you can see, the interaction with oCam Screen Recorder is extremely simple, however, there are no unique tools that deserve special attention. You can only note the freeness of the application. If it does not suit you due to its obsolescence, we offer a choice of the following two options.

    How to record video from the screen on a computer, laptop and smartphone

    Many streaming sites block the ability to download video clips. If you want to have access to your favorite movie at any time and not depend on the Internet, screen capture software will come to the rescue. They will also be useful for the creators of web courses and videos in the letplay genre. Read our article to learn how to capture video from your computer or smartphone screen.

    There are two ways to capture video from the desktop of your computer: using the built-in capabilities of the system or a special program. These options differ in feature set.

    No programs in Windows 10

    The latest version of Windows includes the option to record screen from Xbox. Although in fact it was created to capture the gaming process, it can be used to record actions in any window.

    To launch the built-in option, press the G and Win keys (Windows icon) at the same time. The capture function works only with an active open window or program, so first open a browser or start a video.

    Press the red button to start recording. To open additional settings, click the nut icon.

    The recorded video will be automatically saved in the “Videos” folder in the “Clips” subfolder.

    This option is convenient because you can record video from the PC screen without additional software. But there is no control over the result in it. Use Xbox if you need to quickly capture games or browser action.

    Using the On-Screen Camera software

    Using a special recorder is useful if you want to create a full-fledged video with music or voice acting and edit the video. Screen Camera is perfect if you don’t want to waste time on complicated, overloaded professional software. The program launches quickly and runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP versions. The recorder is not demanding and practically does not load the system. Other benefits include:

    To record actions on the monitor using this program, follow a few simple steps.

    Install “Screen Camera”

    Adjust the parameters

    The capture control panel will open. Set audio capture in the appropriate item and specify whether you will connect a microphone. Then select the appropriate mode.

    After selecting the mode, click the “Burn” button. To stop the process, use the F10 key.

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    Edit the video

    Immediately after the capture is complete, you can modify the created entry. To open the built-in editor, click “Edit” in the player window. Here you can:

    The editor interface is extremely simple, so there will be no problems with mastering the functionality.

    How to Record Your Computer Screen in Windows 10

    Export the clip

    It remains to save the finished video. To do this, open the “Video Creation” tab. Screen Camera allows you to save the result as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA and other popular formats. You can also export a video file for a smartphone or tablet, optimize for the Internet, send to YouTube or burn a movie to disk.

    Sometimes you may need to record your mobile phone screen. The methods described below will help you cope with this task if you are the owner of an iOS smartphone or tablet.

    video, screen, laptop

    We use built-in capabilities

    The latest versions of iPhones already have a screen recorder built in, so you don’t need to install additional apps. The captured videos are saved in the Photos folder. The downside is that you won’t be able to edit the video.

    Open Settings, then go to Control Center. After that find “Customize Controls”.
    2. Mark “Screen Recorder” with a plus.
    3. Return to the home screen and swipe up from the bottom with your finger. This will open the control panel.
    4. Find the “Screen Recorder” button in the bottom row and click on the circle to start capturing.

    Using third-party applications is more convenient because you can process the recorded clip. DU Recorder allows you to record what is happening on the iPhone screen, start a live stream and connect multiple devices.

    Download DU Recorder App from App Store.
    2. Add the function of recording to the desktop, as in the previous method.
    3. Bring up the menu with control elements and press the record button. Select DU Recorder.
    4. Click “Start Broadcast”. The application will start recording everything that happens on the phone.
    5. To interrupt the recording, open the control panel and click “Stop broadcasting”.
    6. Open the app and go to the “Video” section.
    7. Highlight the video and find “Share” in the bottom pane, then “Save Video”. The clip will be exported to the “Photos” folder.

    It should be noted that the DU Recorder app is available for iPhones with iOS 11 and above.

    In the case of an Android smartphone, we will use the Mobizen app. It has a minimalist design and produces high quality videos. The difference between the program is that it allows you to capture what is happening in the background.

    The downside of the free version of the app is that it loads a lot of ads even when you’re not using it.

    How to choose the right option

    The choice of a monitor recorder depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to create a short video for Instagram, mobile apps are enough for you. However, any other video requires additional processing.

    Therefore, the “Screen Camera” becomes the best choice (you can download the software here). There is no time limit, so you can record marathons of TV shows or gamers’ walkthrough literally for hours. And the built-in editor will help you get rid of unnecessary video fragments and process the audio track.

    How to record video from a computer screen
    2 easy ways

    The need to record video from a computer screen most often arises among fans of computer games. However, screen capture can be useful in other areas as well: saving online broadcasts and webinars, creating training videos, and simply having to film something to show to friends.

    How do you record from your desktop? There are many ways, but we will show you two of the simplest ones. after all, no one wants to deal with the complex functionality of professional programs. We will talk about the built-in Windows 10 tool for capturing games and the Screen Camera program.

    How to Record Screen Videos in Windows 10

    Microsoft decided to take care of the gaming community and made a “native” tool for recording video from the screen. through the Xbox Game Bar. The advantages of this method are obvious. it is free and available to all Windows 10 owners. But not all users have switched to the new system, so those who have Windows 7, Vista and others will have to look for another option.

    The algorithm for using the Xbox Game Bar is simple. It is enough to find it in the system search or press the Win and G keys at the same time. You will open a menu in which there will be a report on performance and audio settings. In the upper left corner, find the “Burn” panel. If it is not there, click on the computer icon with a circle inside.

    The panel can be removed and called back by clicking on the icon in the top menu

    Click the Start Recording button to capture video. A timer appears on the screen. To the right of it there is a microphone turn-on point that allows you to dictate text for a screencast in real time. To complete the process, click on the white square, and the video will be saved in the “Clips” folder.

    You can turn on and off sound recording right during the broadcast

    video, screen, laptop

    This is a convenient way to record from the screen without additional software. However, for those who have Windows 7 and below (up to XP), it is definitely not suitable. In addition, you may need additional software to edit and convert the resulting clip. If you are looking for a program that can give your video a professional look right after recording, try Screen Camera.

    Screen Video Recording in On-Screen Camera

    Screen Camera is a completely Russian-language program in which you can shoot video from the screen of a computer or laptop of any model without restrictions. Gameplay, online broadcasts, skype conferences. all this can be recorded and saved in all popular formats. The software interface is simple and natively understandable, even an inexperienced user can figure it out.

    You can go back to processing the project you recorded earlier

    One of the main features of the On-Screen Camera is a built-in editor, in which immediately after recording you can trim a clip, add music to it and insert colorful titles. Thus, the program outperforms the Xbox Game Bar in terms of functionality and at the same time turns out to be easier to learn than professional software. Watch the video tutorial with an overview of the program:

    How to take video from your phone or tablet screen: useful apps

    In addition to creating training videos, using such applications, you can record video chats and video calls from Skype, Agent and other “dialers”.

    Using root access

    But for “rooted” smartphones and tablets, there are a bunch of special Android applications for capturing video from the screen, making it possible to do without a PC. Among them. Screencast Video Recorder, SCR Screen Recorder, Shou, REC Screen Recorder and just Screen Recorder.


    Screen Recorder is easy to set up. nothing more. But the full functionality is available only after purchasing the paid version.

    Press the Start button to start shooting. Minimize the application. After 5 seconds, the recording of all your actions from the device screen will begin.

    Screen Recorder functionality is the same for smartphones and tablets. At the first start, the program will ask for Root access.

    By clicking on “Submit”, you will get access to the application settings and video recording.

    Screen Recorder controls the bit rate, allows you to record sound, overlay an inscription on the video, minimizes without stopping recording, stops recording when the screen turns off, selects the codec (by default. AVI) and performs other equally important functions.

    Recording is started by pressing the record key. You can view the recorded video by going to the saved videos tab.

    Before viewing, you are prompted to select a player from the list of installed ones that support this video format.

    Select any of the installed apps to view recordings

    Comparison of screen video apps

    The main parameters of each of the five programs described above, which are worth paying attention to, are shown in the table.


    Recordable has another name. Easy Screen Recorder No Root. In the case of use without a PC, it requires the Superuser rights. There is a paid version with advanced functionality.

    Disadvantages that prevent the full use of the application:

    • The free version of Recordable does not allow you to record video with a frame rate of more than 8 frames per second.
    • The program inserts its logo into every post made by the user.
    • Incorrect orientation when recording video. the captured video, when the screen is rotated during recording, “falls on its side” by 90 degrees.
    • Send Videos Directly to Skype. Selecting this Send menu item will launch the Skype app.

    To start recording, switch to any other application by minimizing Recordable. To stop recording, go back to the Recordable app.

    You can view the footage by opening the tab with saved recordings.

    You can transfer any of the videos to another smartphone or tablet with Android, upload to YouTube, social networks, save in the cloud service or send by mail and Skype, add to notes.

    Possible problems

    The obstacles to screen capture of Android devices are as follows:

    • The earliest versions of Android are up to 2.x, released in early 2010. They simply will not “pull” almost any of the above applications.
    • The first models of smartphones with Android, having too low performance. they were only suitable for shooting video with a resolution not higher than 640480, in most applications for shooting video from the screen there are no such “weak” video modes.
    • No support for large memory cards. The captured video should be saved to the SD card, and not to the internal memory of the gadget. if Android suddenly completely freezes, you will lose everything, since you will need to completely reset or reinstall Android. You need at least 8 GB on a memory card to start. a smaller SD card will fill up quickly: a second of 15 Mbps video recording requires about 120 MB of memory for every minute of such shooting.
    • Any video shooting consumes a lot of energy. you need a battery of the largest possible capacity. If it is shabby, replace it. Choose a gadget not only for the characteristics of the “filling”. pay attention to the battery capacity.
    • Modern gadgets rarely record video in MKV (Matroska Video) format. even if you convert a high-quality video to MKV recording on a computer, it will still “eat up” a lot of space on the memory card, despite the fact that compression in MKV is almost the best. without loss of frame quality.

    How to get root access

    Since most applications for recording video from the screen still require access to Root, you can use more than 20 “routers” applications available in the Play Market: Framaroot, Universal Androot, Visionary, GingerBreak, z4root, Baidu Root, ROMaster SU, TowelRoot, RootDashi, 360 Root, iRoot, RootTool, Stump Root, DingDongRoot, Poot, etc.

    Everything is done simply. As an example, Universal Androot is taken on a budget smartphone with a small screen and not the latest version of Android. so that the owner has a complete understanding of the nuances of “rutting”.

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      Download and install the application. When launched, it will “ask” what version of Android you have on your gadget.

    Root access obtained. you can install third-party Android software

    These applications are made as easy to use as possible. The ideal of rooting an Android smartphone or tablet is to get Root rights in one or two clicks. It often happens that one of the applications did not fit (“sharpening” for a narrow line of models of gadgets of certain brands). Try all “rutilka” until any of them works.

    In the case of obtaining Root using a PC, the sequence of actions may be similar. The Kingo Android Root program is taken as an example.

      Download, install and run the program.

    Allow installation of unsigned apps

    Other applications for getting Root from a computer are RootkitZ, Root Wizard, Unlock Root Pro, etc.

    TOP 10 best screen capture software

    Screen Camera.
    A shareware application created by the domestic company AMS Software. The trial version can be used for 10 days, videos created during this time are accompanied by a special mark placed at the very bottom of the frame. It features a simple interface, allows you to record any activity, from working with electronic documents to playing video on a laptop or running a game. Equipped with a built-in video editor, the ability to select the shooting area and sound source, overlay an audio track, set the frame size, convert the resulting video to the desired format, and send it to YouTube. The developer’s website contains an understandable online tutorial in the form of articles and training videos.

    FastStone Capture.
    Lightweight application with built-in codec for storing high-quality video in.WMV format, support for 1440p and 4K resolution, simple operation, mini-editor, selection of capture area, audio recording from two sources (sound card and microphone), transmission of mouse and system clicks Windows sounds. Does not overload the processor, creates small files, does not add marks indicating the use of the free option. Works under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. A portable version is also available. Among the shortcomings should be highlighted the lack of Russification and errors when recording games.

    A paid program with a stripped-down, but functional enough for the needs of ordinary users, a free version. The software has a fully Russified interface, a well-thought-out and convenient arrangement of menu items, support for 4K resolution and 720p / 1080p format. Allows you to shoot video from a laptop screen and simultaneously capture a video stream from a webcam, suitable for recording any games, make notes, add logos and take screenshots. Without a purchase, the user will be able to shoot only for 10 minutes, in the paid version, the size of the video file and the duration of the recording are limited only by the volume of the PC hard disk.

    Ashampoo snap.
    The program is designed for users with minimal experience. Writes video with audio or no audio capture, can create collages from screenshots (including from 3D games), add watermarks, enable timer recording, instantly capture all windows visible on the desktop, visualize mouse clicks, create GIF animation, upload images to cloud services. Works with multiple monitors, adjusts to screen sizes, recognizes texts in several languages. Full functionality is available as a paid option.

    Free software that is ideal for gamers. create videos and screenshots while playing. Captures sound, supports the use of hot keys, removes the cursor from the frame. Equipped with a built-in video codec, allowing high-quality recording even on low-power computers. The disadvantage of the application is the large size of the resulting file, which is why the video will have to be compressed using other software. Works on Windows from version XP and above.

    It captures all the actions that are displayed on the display, captures sound from the audio system and from the microphone, works with two audio sources at the same time, tracks cursor movements, allows you to specify the capture area, and also pause recording. The program has its own video editor. Runs from a hard drive or flash drive (with the purchase of a special license), compresses video on the fly, so the videos are small. Paid, flags videos created during the trial period. Can convert files to different formats using external codecs installed on the system.

    Writes videos in several formats, is suitable for creating video tutorials, presentations, screenshots, GIF animations, flash movies, executable files (with the.EXE extension), captures sound from different sources, works with hot keys. Supports recording 3D games, drawing with the cursor during shooting, fixes keystrokes and key combinations (including system ones). The package includes a convenient video editor that allows you to remove or insert frames, add effects, captions, overlay audio. The set of options is wider in the PRO version.

    Free and open source software. Video recording is carried out in AVI and MP4 formats, as well as SWF, which is convenient for creating training and advertising materials. Supports several common codecs, including H.264, MPEG-4 and Xvid, allows you to add notes, highlight the capture area. Works with a variety of audio sources.

    Free Screen Video Recorder.
    Free software with a minimalist design for writing. what happens across the entire screen area. Videos are saved in AVI format, screenshots. in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TGA. Not suitable for shooting games, as there is often no picture in the finished video when there is sound.

    Movavi Screen Capture.
    A paid program that puts a watermark when running in a trial version. Suitable for recording individual sections or the entire desktop, video and audio from sites, Skype negotiations, creating screenshots, presentations and video courses. The application has a convenient timer, as well as its own editor for removing unnecessary fragments, adjusting the image, inserting text notes. Presses on the keyboard and mouse buttons, cursor movements are also recorded. Supports many popular audio and video formats.

    Most applications require separate installation of codecs to work with different formats. A considerable part of such software works under new versions of Windows: from 7 and higher, although some are compatible with XP, and some are released under 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

    How the video is recorded from the display

    The programs intercept the data stream from the video card and save it to a file of a certain format. The user can set the desired video quality and select the shooting area (part of the screen, application window, entire desktop). You can add sound and the app will capture the audio stream coming from your sound card or microphone.

    The last option allows you to record voice comments from the creator of the video, designed to explain what is happening on the screen, which is relevant for video tutorials, game sessions and video reviews. Audio recording is included optionally, at the request of the user.

    How to record video from the monitor screen

    To cut out a fragment of an interesting video clip, record user actions while working on a PC, or record the passage of a difficult level in a computer game, you do not need to acquire a separate camera or tripod to secure your smartphone. You can record video from a monitor on a laptop using special software. What applications are used for these purposes, what are their capabilities and scope, will be described in this article.

    What programs record video from the screen

    Software for recording what is happening on the laptop display is produced by many developers. The functionality of such software varies: some applications are used to create video in low resolution and with a low frame rate, while others allow you to convey all the nuances of the image without loss of quality.

    Working with Windows 10 Game Bar

    The new version of the OS from Microsoft provides the option to take screenshots and record video while gaming. To activate this feature, you must start the game in full screen mode, and then press the WinG combination on the keyboard. Thanks to the GameBar, it is possible to capture images and sound and then save them to a file. The volume is adjustable, and if necessary, you can record a video without sound.

    The resulting files are edited without the use of third-party programs: you will be able to crop a picture or combine video files into one due to the built-in tools. You can select the path to save the shooting results.

    You need to enable the game panel in the “Settings” section, which can be accessed through the “Start” menu. In the “Games” item, set the switch under the “Record game clips” line to the “Enabled” position.

    Screen recording without third-party software

    Although a large number of applications such as those mentioned above are hosted on the network, you can take a video from the laptop screen without installing additional tools on the hard drive. A number of tasks can be solved by means of the operating system or with the help of browser add-ons.

    Browser extensions

    Add-ons for popular browsers eliminate the need to install entire software packages.

    Among the extensions for Chrome, Screencastify is worth noting. With it, you can take pictures of the desktop, the contents of tabs, capture video from a webcam, record sounds (background and system), save files to local media or to the Google Drive service. Supports Full HD resolution, video cropping, adding annotations. In the paid version, the shooting duration is not limited in time, while in the free version, the maximum video length is 5 minutes.

    VideoSolo Screen Recorder is developed for FireFox. It will allow you to record user actions, videos on sites that do not provide for downloading, create a training video, and also capture the passage of the game. With it, you can select the capture area, image quality, output file format, location to save it.

    During shooting, you can select fragments, insert inscriptions, take screenshots. The project is free, but the developer accepts voluntary donations.

    Recording video from a laptop display is possible without auxiliary equipment and significant costs. In addition, the picture and sound quality is better when using special applications than when shooting with a smartphone camera or digital camera. The user only has to choose the appropriate software, familiarize himself with its controls and click on the “Save” button.