How to take a screenshot of Samsung A 50

How to easily take a screenshot on Samsung A70. the most fabulous ways

A smartphone is a unique device that has a number of useful functions. One of these is the ability to take a screenshot of the screen at any time. This is useful if you need to save a picture from the Internet, a message from a messenger, a photo, and much more. There are several interesting ways to create a screen photo. Next, let’s look at how to take a screenshot of just one or two finger movements on the Samsung A70.

The second way is with a wave of your hand

Swiping your palm across the display is also a fun way to make a copy of an image. The task execution algorithm is as follows:

  • unlock the phone (if necessary);
  • enter “Settings”;
  • select the section “Additional settings”;
  • enable the corresponding function there;
  • return to home screen.

After that, you need to place your right palm with an edge on the left edge of the display and smoothly move your hand until it passes all over the screen. After performing the action, the result is checked in the “Gallery” folder. This method cannot be regarded as the main one, because the image is formed at a maximum of 40.50% of user attempts to photograph in this way.

screenshot, samsung

The fourth method is a screenshot app

Owners of the Samsung A70 phone can download a special application with which it will be easier to take a screenshot than before. The procedure is as follows:

  • unlock the phone;
  • connect mobile internet or Wi-Fi;
  • open PlayMarket;
  • enter the query Assistive Touch in the search bar;
  • after the application is downloaded to the phone, click. Install;
  • wait a few tens of seconds;
  • open the application, try it out in practice.

The first way is the power and volume button

Many people think that this option is not very convenient to implement, but it deserves attention:

  • press the button on the side surface “Quieter sound”;
  • in parallel, press the “Power On / Off” button, then wait for a sound signal in the form of a click, by analogy with a conventional old camera;
  • go to the “Gallery” and see how the screen turned out. The image is saved in a separate folder so that the user is not confused with other photos.

The third way is a voice assistant

Voice Assistant Bixby is one of Samsung’s services that you can download and install on your phone using PlayMarket. The algorithm for making a copy of an image thanks to the functionality of this application is as follows:

  • start the program with the assistant using the touch button “Home”;
  • wait until the program opens;
  • run the setup procedure (if necessary);
  • say the phrase “Take a screenshot“.

After that, the user will hear a click in 2-3 seconds and will be able to check the presence of a photo in the folder with images. The uniqueness of the corporate assistant is that it clearly perceives voice commands and quickly executes them.

The fifth method is a snapshot with a scroll function

This option will appeal to those who are interested in the maximum image coverage for a screenshot. To complete the task you will need:

  • enter “Settings”;
  • go to the “Additional settings” mode;
  • enable “Screenshot” option.

Then the user goes to the main screen and, using the scroll function, fixes the area that needs to be photographed.

Taking a screenshot is one of the most convenient and useful functions in a smartphone. It allows you to save absolutely any necessary information without making any unnecessary movements. In the Samsung A70 model, you can even take a photo of the screen with your voice, which is undoubtedly also a big plus.

Watch a complimentary video on how to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A70:

System Tools

The basic features of the Samsung Galaxy A50 phone include four methods of taking screenshots.

Special functions

  • For users who find it difficult to implement the first two methods, for example, due to some physical impairment, the “Auxiliary Menu” function is provided. It is an accessibility feature, which means, like many of the options in this category, we will have to enable it ourselves. In the “Settings” we find the section “Impaired coordination and interaction”

and enable the function. A floating button will appear on the display, which will always be docked on top of other windows.

Now, on any screen, open the menu with one click, and take a screenshot with the other.

“Long shot”

  • This option is added automatically at the right time and allows you to first capture several screens at once, and then combine them into one screenshot. We fix the screen in one of the ways described above, and then press the down arrow icon on the control panel. Continue clicking the icon until we capture the desired area.

A long screen will look something like this.

Search pictures

There are two ways to find where screenshots are stored on the Galaxy A50:

    Using any file manager, for example, the proprietary application “My Files”.

Hand movement

  • Palm gesture is another quick method of taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A50. Sometimes you need to adapt to this feature, and it can be disabled by default. Open “Additional functions” again

and in the section of movements and gestures, activate “Palm Screenshot”.

We go to the screen that we want to fix, and we drag across the smartphone display with the edge of the palm.

Physical buttons

The picture will be automatically saved in memory, and the control panel, which will be displayed for a while on the display, can be used to process it

If the above panel is not displayed, then it is disabled. In this case, in the “Settings” go to the section with “Additional functions”,

then “Screenshots”, and move the slider next to the “Action Bar” option to “ON.”.

The last picture taken can be found in the notification area. Click on it to open

or down arrow to expand the panel with additional options.

Screenshot “Palm

On Samsung, you can take a picture of the display with a palm gesture. When this function is enabled, it will be easy and convenient to take a screenshot at any time. Its only drawback is that in rare cases, screenshots will be made by accident, when they are not needed at all.

Important! Not all smartphones of the South Korean company support this feature. It is available only on flagship and premium models, as well as on new mid-range phones.

How to enable the ability to create screenshots “Palm”:

Gesture capture is now enabled. To use it, you need to slide the edge of your hand over the display. Can be carried out both from right to left and from left to right.

Important! The edge of the palm should touch the screen.

Each of the presented methods is easy to use, so it is recommended to try all the options, choosing the most suitable one. Often the choice is based on user requirements. When a person needs to screen dialogs or applications, system options are suitable.

If the user wants to not only take screenshots, but also edit them, choose which area of ​​the display to shoot, then it is better to use third-party software.

How to take a screenshot from the screen on a Samsung Galaxy phone

There are several ways to make a screen on Samsung. These include taking a screenshot of the physical buttons, using a palm gesture, using third-party applications. Additionally, it is useful to know where the display images are saved.

A screenshot of the screen on a Samsung phone allows you to capture any visual information in the form of an image. This is especially effective when drawing up instructions for using a smartphone.

Snapshot using third-party programs

In addition to the above two methods, you can take screenshots through third-party applications. The advantage of this option is that you can do more than just screenshot the display. Depending on the program, the user has options such as taking a snapshot of a certain place on the screen, editing the images taken, sending screenshots to other applications, and much more.

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Steps for Screenshot touch:

Important! The icon of the running program will be visible on top of any windows, be it another application, a game, video during playback, and everything else.

For convenience, the icon can be dragged. To stop the program, you need to move the upper notification curtain down and click on “Stop”.

Screenshot touch

An excellent application, it works quickly and most importantly, it is stable. There is support for the Russian language. There are many additional options, including video recording.

How to view a screenshot on Samsung

After the screen is made, the corresponding icon will appear in the top panel (see the picture). Pull the shutter down and open the resulting image.

Screenshots are saved in a special folder in the gallery, you can always find them there. Just open it on your smartphone. The folder will be named differently depending on what device you have. Also, applications save them in special directories. Usually you can change them directly in the settings, some allow you to use the SD card as storage, which is quite convenient.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Phone. Easy!

Usually, you can get a screenshot on Samsung, and on any other device on Android, quickly and by pressing two buttons on the phone, but since all models are different, some have their own nuances.

How to make a screen on different Samsung phones in detail and with pictures, you will learn from this material. Additionally, there will be a list of applications that can automate this process on all smartphones.

In the previous article, we looked at ways to recover your Google account. Now you will learn how to make a screen on Samsung, or rather on different phones of this brand.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung

With home button

If your device has it, you can take a screenshot by pressing it simultaneously with the power button.

Also, if you have a completely old device and it has buttons: “Home”, “Back” and “Call open applications”. The screen is done by clicking “Home” and “Back”.

Without home button

Works on models without a mechanical home button. all new ones. To take a screenshot, press the volume down and power buttons at the same time. On some models, they need to be held down for a couple of seconds in order for the picture to be taken.

One comment

Good afternoon, the first two methods went well for my phone, unfortunately 3 did not work out, Thanks for the advice.

The easiest way to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a20 with the buttons

This method to take a screenshot on the Galaxy a20 is a native tool integrated by the developer.

All you have to do is gently put your left index finger to reduce the sound and your right big hand on the power and press them together.

A click will occur, the screen will blink, and a screenshot is taken. The picture will linger for a few seconds on the screen, then disappear.

Then you will find it in the storage (gallery). Is this a good way? Yes and no. Firstly, it takes two hands, and secondly, you need to get a little grip.

Which Samsung smartphones can take a screenshot with the palm of your hand

Only on flagship devices. Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note, some mid-range models. Information on a specific model can be found:

In the user manual, section “Screenshot” (below is an example for the Galaxy A50 model).

If your device does not support screen capture with the palm of your hand. take a screenshot using the buttons.

Where to find screenshots

You can view the screenshots you have taken in the Gallery or My Files application. They are located in the Pictures / Screenshots or Pictures / ScreenCapture folder.

Do you want to know how to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung A 50? Read the review. we have collected effective methods, prepared detailed instructions and descriptions! Remember our tips for taking pictures at the right time.

The third easy way to take a screenshot on Samsung a20 by voice

Despite the appearance of Bixby, you can use the services of the Google Assistant and take screenshots.

Find the content you want to grab, then either hold the Home buttons or say “Hey Google” to launch the Assistant. Then just say “Take a screenshot”.

You can also make a screen with Bixby by voice. follow the same steps, but instead say: “Hello Bixby”.

Tip: you must first set up Bixby and teach him to recognize your voice, how to do this you can find out here.

Next, a list of parameters should appear at the bottom of the screen. One option is scrolling.

When you use this feature, your phone automatically scrolls down, takes another screenshot, and adds it to the end of the previous image. You can continue or stop anywhere.

Why you might need screenshots. Information on Internet sites is protected from copying and downloading.

You may not be able to save the photo on our computer or copy an important article?

Snapshots are very useful for saving interesting images and data. Take them and save photos and watch offline.

Samsung Galaxy A50: How to take a screenshot/capture? (works also for A50s)

A significant number of people will undoubtedly solve the problem of capturing the screen literally with the help of a camera.

Do this every time you need to get it before you take a picture. Samsung a50 offers great ways. Success.

The second easy way to make a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Galaxy a20 with the palm of your hand

With the advancement of technology, the possibilities are improved. Taking a screenshot has never been easier.

To enable, the first step is to go to “Settings”. There, find the categories “Additional Features”.

Followed by “Movements and gestures”. Now just move the slider to the right, where the line “Palm screenshot”.

Now swipe your hand across the screen from left to right, right to left to take a picture. Be aware that this method may take some practice.

How to know if a screenshot has been taken

A special icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone.

But the function is in demand precisely because it is done in one motion, and it is very easy to use it, because it (screenshot) remains in the memory of your smartphone forever, or at least until the first factory reset.

And how to take a screenshot from the screen of a Samsung smartphone?

There are many ways to take a picture of the smartphone screen, and each phone manufacturer, to the standard method, which is done by pressing two buttons: “Power” and “Volume lower”, comes up with something original.

We have an editorial copy of the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone running Android 9, which has only three buttons on the body:
– Power button;
– Volume up button;
– Volume down button.

Now, as a rule, all the latest versions of smartphones from major manufacturers come to a more concise look, where there are only three buttons on the phone case, while the rest of the buttons are virtual buttons on the phone screen.

On a “three-button” Samsung smartphone, a screenshot can be taken in two main ways:
Method 1: screenshot with two buttons;
Method 2: screenshot with palm.

Method 1: screenshot with two buttons.

Instruction for capturing a screen (screenshot) using two buttons on a Samsung smartphone.

To take a screenshot of the smartphone screen, you need to simultaneously press two buttons: the “Power” buttons and the “Volume Down” buttons.

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Screen. press the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button simultaneously. Screen. screenshot view.

Method 2: screenshot with palm.

Instructions for setting up a Samsung smartphone for Palm Screenshot.

On the home screen, launch the Phone Settings application.

Screen. click on the application icon Phone Settings.

In the Phone settings, select the Additional functions section.

In the Additional functions section, select the subsection Movements and gestures.

Screen. select the subsection Movements and gestures.

Next, we examine the state of the “Palm screen capture” item. If it is off, then it needs to be turned on. And for this you need to click on this item. “Screenshot with the palm of your hand”.

Screen. click on the item “Screen capture with the palm of your hand”.

In the “Palm Screenshot” window, you need to turn on the switch for this function.

Screen. press the switch to enable the Palm Screenshot function.

Now the “Palm Screenshot” function is enabled, and we can take a screenshot of the screen in this way.

Screen. “Palm Screenshot” function is enabled.

Instructions for capturing a screen (screenshot) using the “Palm screen capture” method on a Samsung smartphone.

To take a screenshot of the smartphone screen, you need to slide the edge of your palm across the screen either from left to right or from right to left. You need to hold your palm so that the edge of the palm touches the surface of the screen.

After that, a notification icon will appear in the status bar of the phone (this is the top line of the screen), informing about the new screenshot.

To read the text of the notification itself, you need to swipe down from the top edge of the screen to open the Notification Panel.

Screen. open the Notification panel with a swipe from the top of the screen down.

Further, on the Notification Panel, you can click on the notification itself “Screenshot created”.

Screen 0. open the text of the notification “Screenshot was taken”.

This will launch the Gallery application on your phone, and you will see the screenshot itself. Here, being in the “Gallery” application, you, if desired, can edit, forward or delete this screenshot by clicking on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen.

Screen 1. Screenshot view in Gallery application.

The first way to take a screenshot of the screen in Samsung Galaxy a 50 2019 phone is a combination of buttons

The first way to make a screen on Samsung a50 2019, using certain buttons, is so fast, but not very convenient.

To use it, open whatever you want on the screen, be it an application, a game, a web page, a photo, etc.

Then just press and hold the “Enable” and volume down button for a while until you hear the sound button and notice the picture with the parameters below.

This gives you an audible and visual prompt telling you that the phone has taken a screenshot. At first I did not succeed very much, but I quickly got used to it, but only if you do it with one hand, then you need to get a handle on it.

The third way to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Android a50. with one click

You can set a multifunctional virtual button for Android phones all in iOS style.

You can download this “assistant” “Assistive Touch” right here. This is essentially a quick shortcut to certain functions that you often use, in particular when taking screenshots.

The usefulness lies in the fact that the application can be customized to your needs and it can be useful in many cases.

As soon as you install it, then immediately enter the settings, the button will appear on the home screen and on any tab you have, which will indicate that the application is ready and running.

If you click on the symbol, you will have quick access to several basic functions (depending on which you choose) I find it useful to quickly lock the phone without having to “fuss” after a physical button or quickly activate silent mode.

I also find it useful, and if you have problems with the physical buttons on your phone, this app may well make up for them.

Remember that this virtual button can be “placed” anywhere on the phone screen, just touch it and drag it to the desired place.

Only by default, the application does not take screenshots, you need to spend no more than a minute to add this function yourself.

The second way to take a screenshot on Samsung a50 is a swipe gesture

You can also take screenshots on Samsung a30 with simple motions. Screenshots can be taken by swiping your finger across the screen from right to left or left to right.

Then also get audio and visual prompts when you take a screenshot in Method 1.

This gesture can be used in the “Settings”. “Additional functions”. Switch and find the option “Hard Slip Capture” screenshot and open it.

There, if necessary, move the slider to the right making it blue (active, by default it should be enabled).

Theoretically, this method looks quite tempting, but in practice it often fails.

Check your result. Suddenly everything will go off without a hitch, although I always prefer the third way.

The fourth way to take a screenshot on Samsung a 50 is with scrolling the screen

There is also an option called “scroll capture”. If you don’t see these options after taking a screenshot, switch to the Settings menu. ” features” and enable “Screenshot”.

Scrolling screenshot is a very useful option that allows you to take a long shot, not just one image on the screen.

It can be used to grab entire pages or long lists in specific applications. Here’s how to use the scroll capture feature.

Take a screenshot of Samsung a50 using the first or second methods mentioned above. Remember that scrolling is only applicable if the page has more content to grab.

The scroll capture option should now appear at the bottom of the screen. Press this button and the phone screen will scroll down to grab more content.

When you get the screen you want, you can save it by clicking somewhere on the screen, or continue pressing the scroll capture button to stop it.

5 ways to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy a30

Those who recently bought a Samsung phone were at first confused because it didn’t have the traditional physical home button.

Samsung Galaxy A 30 doesn’t have it either. The operation of the “Home” button in it is carried out using the volume keys.

But the buttons are far from the only way to take screenshots on the Samsung a50. Therefore, I will immediately present you with a series of tips from which to choose the most effective for yourself.

Personally, I liked the third method most of all because of the convenience, everything happens in one click, but we are all different, so experiment.

Also, don’t forget that after you have taken a screenshot on your Samsung a50, the device will offer many features such as sharing or editing the screenshot.

Options include drawing, cropping, and sharing, which appear at the bottom of the screen.

The fifth way to take a screenshot on Samsung a 50. by voice

You can take screenshots on Samsung a30 using your voice. You can use the Google Assistant with a voice command, but you need to activate it first.

This is something that we can easily do on our phone. Thanks to this, you can take screenshots at any time with a simple voice command.

The fact is that in this way we do not use buttons or quick settings. we will only use an assistant-assistant.

To do this, first of all you need to activate this function on our Samsung a 30. To do this, first you need to open the Google application on your phone and enter the settings.

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In the next step, click Google Assistant. Then we go to the section of the assistant “Assistant”. There we go to the option with the phone.

You will see a menu with several options available. You need to activate two options: use screenshots and share screenshots.

Of course, we will have to constantly activate Google Assistant (hold your finger on the home button for a few seconds). Success.

Method 3

The third way to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone is suitable only for expensive models of the S, Note line and individual A devices. In particular, the option is supported in A50 and above. This method involves the use of gestures, but you must first enable them. To do this, you need to enter the settings and open the “accessibility” item. It contains all the possibilities for controlling a smartphone with gestures, including taking a screenshot. After activating the option, you can create a photo of the display by swiping the back of your hand across the screen. from right to left. Your palm should be touching the screen.

An interesting feature is the function of a photo of a part of the screen. it must be activated in the settings. After selecting an area with your finger, the device will make a screen of only the marked part of the screen. In the top models of the company, it is possible to remove hidden areas of the screen. You want to send someone a full page from the Internet, but you have to scroll through it and take a few pictures. now you can take a long screenshot. To do this, the back of your hand should be swiped across the screen and in the editor select. visible or invisible area.

Our actions

Method 2

The second option to take a screenshot on an old Samsung smartphone released before 2017 is to press the shutdown button. A window will appear prompting you to turn off, restart the gadget or take a screenshot.

For a number of models released in the same period, the button for the screenshot was located in a retractable curtain. It was not very convenient, since the shutter could fall into the picture and close some of the information. this led to the decision to cancel the function.

Today I will show you how to take a screenshot on your Samsung phone.

Good time, regular and new readers of my blog! Any mobile phone user has come across the need to take a screenshot of the display. Contrary to popular belief that the procedure is the same everywhere on Android devices, this is not the case. Today we will talk about how to take a screenshot on Samsung, as owners of these devices more often than others have difficulties.

Method 1

The first method involves using hot keys. it will work for any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, but the method differs depending on the age of the device. On old phones of the company. A7 2017 and earlier models equipped with physical buttons “home”, the screen was made by a key combination. “power” “home”. They needed to be clamped at the same time.

Later, the manufacturer abandoned the physical “Home” button, as in the A10 and new gadgets, which led to the need to change the combination to “turn down” volume “power”. This is a universal way for any modern smartphone.

What to do if the picture fails

It so happens that it is impossible to take a screenshot of the screen using the methods listed above. a ban appears. This is not uncommon with banking applications or instant messengers. In this case, you can enter the program settings and check if the resolution for pictures is provided here. If it is not there, then the screenshot will not work.

However, sometimes the situation can be changed using third-party utilities. The method is not one hundred percent, as banking clients for Android have a high level of protection, but you can still try. To do this, you need to enter the Play Market and download applications for creating a screenshot. Finding the right one is easy. just type in the word “screen” in the search bar. A large list of programs will appear, it remains to choose the one that suits you specifically.

Where to find a screenshot

Some Samsung Galaxy owners are interested in how to understand that a picture has been taken and where the device is saving it. It’s not hard to figure out the first one. if the actions were performed correctly, the screen will blink and a snapshot will appear, it will immediately disappear, but a notification icon will appear in the upper right corner. If further actions with the screenshot are later, then the notification can be ignored, it will disappear on its own or swipe away. If you want to send it to someone or edit it, then just lower the curtain and click on the notification. the standard software for viewing the photo will open, where you can choose what you want to do.

It so happens that you are going to return to the screen later. In this case, it is not always clear where the image was saved. It is located in the dedicated Screenshot folder. Depending on the Samsung model, its name may be translated into Russian. The folder is not a system folder and is always displayed in the image gallery. If for some reason it is not there (by the way, the folder will not appear until at least one screenshot is taken), then through the file manager you should enter the root directory and look for it. it is not a subdirectory of some folders and is always located at the root of the disk system.

For some versions of Android on Samsung smartphones, screenshots are automatically saved to the connected cloud storage. Typically this is Google Photos app.

Thanks for attention! See you again on the pages of articles! Best regards, Rostislav Kuzmin.

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