How to sync iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

How to sync two iPads with each other?

  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, then open iTunes and select your device.
  • Click Browse on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • Select “Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi”.
  • Click the Apply button.

How to upload photos from iPhone to iCloud?

To upload your photos and videos to your iOS device, select Settings [Your Name] iCloud Photos and select Keep Originals. On your Mac, open the Photos menu, choose Photos Preferences, and then choose Upload Originals to This Mac.

How to connect iPhone and iPad?

On the device you want to connect, select Wi-Fi Settings and find your iPhone or iPad in the list. Then tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. If prompted, enter the password for the tethering mode.

How to remove syncing photos between iPhones?

Disable sync for all photos

If prompted, confirm that you trust your device. Click on the “Photos” tab under the device information. Uncheck the Sync box, then click the Delete Photo button. Click the Apply button.

How to delete photos from iPhone but keep them in iCloud?

How to delete photos from iPhone but keep in iCloud? You can disable it in the following settings menu: open Settings. Photos and Camera. Disable the slider next to iCloud Music Library. After that, you can open the Photos app and delete all photos without fear of their safety in the iCloud cloud storage. May 5, 2018.

How to Recover Photos from iCloud on iPhone?

On iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, go to Settings → iCloud, scroll down the list, and click Sign Out. Next, log in with your account, after which photos and images will be uploaded from your backup to iCloud. All you have to do is copy the data to your computer or cloud storage.

How to sync iPhone with Windows 10

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Just because iPhones are so much easier to connect to MacBooks doesn’t mean they can’t run Windows 10. It takes a little more patience and time to sync iPhone data with Windows 10, but it’s okay if your laptop is running Windows 10.

Of course, you won’t be able to connect the iPhone as it connects to the MacBook. When synchronizing, it will not be possible to simply move files in Explorer from phone to computer in the same way as Android, but a couple of clicks and a little ingenuity will help you work with iPhone on Windows just as well.

Copy to iPhone

Synchronizing music, photos, movies and other video content requires mastering the iTunes program, which can be downloaded here. You can import music by opening the File menu Add folder to library and add a folder. Individual files are also added from the menu by choosing File Add File to Library. After adding your music library to iTunes, follow these steps:

Connect your iPhone to laptop with a Lightning cable.

Click the Continue button when you see a request to connect your phone to grant access to the system.

Click on the phone icon in the top bar of iTunes.

Click the Synchronize button.

After that, two devices. the computer and phone will be synchronized. If it doesn’t, go to the sidebar and turn on sync by checking the boxes next to music, movies, TV shows, and photos. Click the Synchronize button again.

The syncing process may take some time, depending on how much content needs to be synced.

Similarly, you can sync the rest of the content from your computer to iPhone.

Pick up your iPhone and check your photos, music, apps, and videos to make sure you’re getting all the files from your Windows 10 PC.

Copy from iPhone

But copying from iPhone to Windows 10 computer is really not an easy operation. In an effort to avoid piracy and illegal copying of content, Apple has made it very difficult for ordinary users to sync computer with iPhone. Fortunately, there are some workarounds that we will now look at.

  • Music and films. You can move media files from iTunes to your phone from your computer, you cannot send them from your phone to your computer. However, if you buy media from iTunes on your iPhone, you can get it to your desktop via the cloud. As long as you maintain one Apple ID, you will be able to download all your songs and movies again from iTunes on your computer at no additional cost.
  • Photos. To import photos from iPhone to Windows 10, I recommend using the cloud service OneDrive, the client of which can easily be found in the Apple Store.
  • Files. The cloud service is your best friend for file syncing. You can use almost any cloud service for these purposes, the client of which can be found in the Apple Store. Although I personally use Dropbox, you can also use iCloud. I also recommend that you read the article The best cloud services of the Russian Internet for storing information, if you do not know which cloud service to choose.

The way to sync iPhone with Windows 10 is not that difficult, you just need to download and install the iTunes application on your Windows 10 computer, and then the application will do everything for you. But when you want to get files from iPhone to your Windows 10 computer, it becomes sad. But cloud services will allow you to send any files from iPhone to Windows 10 computer.

Item 4. “Give preference to standard definition video”

This point needs no comment.

Point 1. “Synchronize automatically if iPhone is connected”

iTunes automatically starts transferring data from PC as soon as iPhone connects to iTunes. The problem may be that with such automatic interaction there is a risk of losing data previously written to the device. This can happen if the device was previously synchronized with another PC. Therefore, I would advise not to take risks.

Item 6. “Process music and video manually”

With the latest versions of iTunes, the process of downloading music and videos to iPhone has become much easier. You can download music and videos directly to your device bypassing your iTunes library. Previously, in order to upload video or music, you had to set the path from the video or music files in iTunes, and then synchronize with the device. Now, with this feature, the process has become easier.

Before you start filling the device with content, we recommend that you first go to Settings (the tab is located in the upper left corner) of iTunes and go to the “Store” section.

There are checkboxes in this section that you should pay attention to:

  • Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases.
  • “Synchronize playback information between devices”.

Both points are responsible for the instant transfer of information purchased from iTunes to the “cloud” (Internet), which can significantly increase the time for synchronizing the iPhone with the computer. Therefore, it is up to you to check the boxes or not.

In order to download video to iPhone in the standard Video application, the video format must be mp4. The standard player does not read other formats. But this only applies to the standard turntable. There are many video player applications in the Apple Store that support the same variety of video codec formats. You can upload music to the iPhone into the standard application in mp3 format.

Synchronization (setting the path to iTunes on your PC) works like this. You should transfer the desired folder with music or video to the area of ​​the media library.

After that, the program links with the content you are transferring. And when it ends in the media library tab, the music or video you added will appear in the sections of the same name with a brief description of what you added.

After we have linked folders with music or videos from iTunes, we will proceed to sync directly with the device (in this case, the iPhone). To do this, go to the device tab,

Next, go to the “Movies” or “Music” tab and select what we want to sync.

We can synchronize directly everything that is by clicking one checkmark, or select individually what we want to transfer. After we have decided what we want to transfer, we press the “Apply” button.

The iPhone will start syncing with your computer via iTunes, and what you marked will be transferred to your device. You can repeat the same thing with music separately or all in place, and then synchronize once.

A similar situation is with uploading photos to iPhone. You need to specify the folder in iTunes where the photos are located, and do all the same steps that were described earlier.

Important! If, after syncing iPhone with your computer, you deleted this information on your PC, whether it be movies, music or photos, then when you re-sync with the media library on the device, this information will also disappear.

Also, do not change the location of this information after the initial sync between iPhone and computer. That is, you should not transfer a movie from folder to folder. The device will not find the path to the previously selected file during synchronization and will delete it from the iPhone. Another feature is that if you previously set the sync (checkbox), for example, to music, and later removed it for some reason, when you re-sync with the device, this music will be deleted.

iTunes Store

The upper part of the program will display the tabs “Music”, “Movies”, “Books”, etc.

In order to purchase and download all of this, you will need an Apple ID. What it is and what it is eaten with is written in previous reviews at this link.

Before purchasing music (it may not be a whole album, but a separate song), you can listen to it. About a minute.

Point 3. “Synchronize only marked songs and videos”

This means that only the music or video that you mark for moving will be moved to the device.

How to sync iPhone to computer: all the ways

The main feature of iOS is that we have to interact with iTunes, which is not so easy to love the first time. With the introduction of the eleventh version, interaction became more conceptual. Now, even for a person who first encountered this application, it will be much easier to understand the principle of work. In this article, we will look at how to sync iPhone with computer via i 11.0.2.

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When you connect the cable to a device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, iTunes starts up on your computer. Which can be used to record data, music, movies, programs to the device, or to create a backup on a PC (save settings and data on the device).

The first one to open is the standard tab, where all the information about your device is presented. Starting from the firmware that is on it and ending with the date of the last backup.

If we go a little lower, then we will see extremely useful settings. There is a tick box opposite each of the six items. I will try to explain which items should be included, which should not, and why.

Point 5. “Reduce the bitrate of high quality songs to”

This means that you can set the music quality for all the songs in your library, thus you can save space on the device, but the quality of the songs will deteriorate.

How to add a new device to iCloud?

Open the Settings app. Click Sign in to [device]. Enter your Apple ID and password. If prompted, enter the six-digit verification code sent to your trusted device or phone number and complete the sign-in process.

How to sync apps from iPhone to iPad?

Right click the iPad icon after iTunes detects it. And then tap Transfer purchases from iPad. Click the iPad icon when the transfer is complete. Click on the Apps tab and then check the box next to Sync Apps.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud?

Upload all photos and videos to iCloud Music Library

Setting up such a system is very simple. on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, open Settings → Apple ID (topmost section) → iCloud → Photos and activate the switch opposite the item “iCloud Media Library”. May 23, 2017.

Can I Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone?

how to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using Apple ID

  • Open the App Store on your new iPhone.
  • Click the Purchased option at the top of the screen.
  • Click the Not On This iPhone icon.
  • Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone.

How to Transfer All Information from One iPhone to Another?

On the Apps & Data screen, click Recover from iTunes Copy. Connect your smartphone to your computer and select iPhone from the iTunes device menu. Click “Recover from a copy” and select the desired copy by date. If necessary, enter the password. May 20, 2019.

How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to Old?

To start transferring data from your old iPhone to your new one, click the Transfer from iPhone button. If using a cable connection, the transfer icon indicates that the devices are connected. You can also choose whether to transfer some settings from your old iPhone to your new one, such as Apple Pay and Siri.

How to Transfer Sounds from iPhone to iPhone?

To find out how to transfer ringtones from iTunes to iPhone, select the device and go to the Tones section. Then confirm the “Synchronize Tones” selection. The desired melodies for synchronization can be manually selected or completely selected.

How to sync iPhone to iPad via Bluetooth?

Pairing your device with a Bluetooth accessory

  • On your device, go to the Bluetooth Settings menu and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Put the accessory in discoverable mode and wait for it to appear on the device’s screen.
  • To pair, tap the name of the accessory when it appears on the screen.

How to sync iPhone to computer?

The iPhone user has access to music, games, all kinds of applications and even fine-tuning the device. of course, under the vigilant supervision of the manufacturer and within the framework of the latter. Even to create or recover an Apple ID password, you have to share personal data with the system. Syncing your iPhone to your computer isn’t easier; how to do it with minimal loss of time and effort. let’s try to figure it out.

How to sync iPhone to computer?

You can synchronize your iPhone with your computer using two software packages recommended by the developer. “stationary” iTunes and “cloud” iCloud, as well as many third-party applications. The order of the operations described below for iPhone and iPad is fundamentally the same: both types of devices work under the iOS operating system and are equally controlled by Apple.

An iPhone or iPad owner will need:

  • the device is switched on, working properly and with sufficient charge;
  • a computer or laptop connected to the Internet;
  • USB cable for connecting the device to a PC.

Important: you will not be able to immediately set up communication with the program via Wi-Fi. even if you plan to use an exclusively wireless connection in the future, to install it, you must first connect the equipment according to the “standard” scheme.

If the phone or tablet is not ready for work, before connecting, you should find out what the reason is: you may need to clear the memory on the iPhone, remove unnecessary applications or take the device to a service center. synchronization of faulty equipment is impossible.


iCloud, unlike iTunes, is a completely cloud storage that allows the iPhone owner to synchronize as many devices as he wants without worrying about the safety of files: all data is downloaded to a virtual disk, encrypted and, if necessary, can be restored on the end device.

The most significant drawback of iCloud is the limitation of the amount of memory available to the user. So, by default (free), it can only have five gigabytes; to “improve” the indicator to 50 gigabytes, you will have to pay 0.99 per month; up to 200 gigabytes. 2.99 per month and up to 1 terabyte. 9.99 per month.

Before synchronizing the phone with a PC, you should make sure that the device is working properly and is ready for use: for example, if the computer does not see the iPhone, you must immediately find out the reason and eliminate it.

To sync data, the owner of the device must:

  • Log in to the system by entering your Apple ID details in the appropriate fields: email address and previously invented password.
  • If an account has not been created yet, you should use the corresponding link at the bottom of the page. Having come up with a password and providing personal data, the user will have access to synchronization.
  • Now all that remains is to choose, by moving the sliders, which data (contacts, mail, photos, and so on) will be transferred to the “cloud”. If the need for synchronization disappears or the data exchange needs to be temporarily suspended, it will be enough to return the sliders to their original positions.
  • Now you need to set up iCloud on your personal computer. The easiest way is to go to, log in with your Apple ID account information, and go to file management.
  • If you plan to sync data between iPhone or iPad and your computer on a regular basis, the user will not hurt to download the iCloud app. To do this, you need to use the link given at the top of the same page, then in a new window click on the link “Download iCloud for Windows”.
  • Now you need to click on the “Download” button and wait until the file is downloaded to your hard drive.
  • By launching the executable file, the user must agree to the terms of use of the application and privacy, and then click on the “Install” button.
  • The installation process, depending on the parameters of a PC or laptop, takes from two to three to twenty minutes. If desired, the owner of the phone can cancel the installation using the button of the same name.

How to Sync Your iPhone through iCloud | Mac Basics

  • When the installation is completed, you should click on the “Finish” button.
  • Restart the computer. some options will be unavailable until a new restart.
  • You can sync data between iPhone and computer right in File Explorer by going to the iCloud folder.
  • Inside the user will find several folders; data in them is easy to delete, move, update and rename.
  • To start synchronization, it is enough to select the data by ticking the corresponding checkboxes, and click on the “Apply” button. the process starts automatically.

Tip: at the end of the synchronization, if you no longer plan to work at the computer, it makes sense to log out of your Apple account by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom of the window.

How to sync iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi?

To sync iPhone and computer, you don’t need to connect the devices to each other with a USB cable every time. Like sharing data via iCloud wirelessly, you can set up the same way to transfer files in iTunes in a few steps.

  • Using the cord, connect the phone as described earlier, then go to the “Settings” of the program and in the “Options” section, check the “Synchronize with this iPhone via Wi-Fi” checkbox.

How to Transfer everything from old iPhone to new iPhone using iCloud

  • In the “Settings” of the phone, move the “Synchronization over Wi-Fi” slider to the “yes” position.

Now data can be exchanged throughout the entire coverage area of ​​the home network; it should only be remembered that such synchronization leads to a much faster discharge of the iPhone or iPad.


The main advantage of iTunes over iCloud is the absence of difficulties with free space: if the “cloud” service does not allow the user to take more than the limit set by the manufacturer, then the program allows you to store on your computer (and synchronize with the iPhone) any amount of information. from a couple or two megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes.

The official program from Apple also has a major drawback: synchronization in it is carried out only unilaterally. data is transferred from a PC or laptop to an iPhone or iPad. To copy files to your hard drive, you have to resort to various tricks. or use a third-party application.

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Important: you can sync iPhone via iTunes with only one personal computer. If you change the “source”, the data on the phone that is not in the new PC will be erased.

Also, the user should keep in mind that the iPhone will sync with the device every time they connect to iTunes. In fact, this means that the data deleted on the computer after the last copying will be automatically destroyed on the phone. in order to keep the “personal library” in order, the owner of the iPhone or iPad will have to constantly store the necessary data on the PC or refuse to sync altogether.

How to sync iPhone with PC via iTunes:

  • Connect your phone or tablet with a USB cable to your computer. Until the end of the work, it is not recommended to pull out the cable or otherwise interfere with the functioning of the application. Launch iTunes. The PC application can be downloaded from any trusted source; installation, depending on the parameters of a computer or laptop, takes from several minutes to half an hour.
  • In order not to interrupt the synchronization in the middle of the process, it is strongly recommended to check the relevance of the program. otherwise, the warning about the need for an update may “come out” at the most inopportune moment. This can be done by clicking the drop-down menu “Help” and then selecting the item “Updates”.
  • It usually takes a few seconds to find updates; if you have difficulty, you should check your internet connection.
  • If the latest version of iTunes is installed, the user will see a corresponding notification. Now you can close the verification window and go to sync iPhone and computer.
  • In a new window, the system will offer the owner of the device to log in by entering his account data, or create a new account.
  • If registration with Apple has already been made, the user just needs to enter his email address and password in the appropriate fields, and then click on the “Login” button. If the password is forgotten or lost, you should use the recovery form by clicking on the corresponding link under the main fields.
  • If an account does not exist yet, you can create one without leaving the application. To do this, click on the “Create a new Apple ID” button, and then fill out an electronic registration form consisting of several pages, indicating, in particular, your payment details.
  • When you are finally logged into iTunes, the name of the iPhone or iPad will appear in the side menu of the program, and the phone icon will appear at the top, right below the main menu.
  • To sync iPhone with your computer, you should click on this particular schematic image. it’s easier than using the standard “Settings”.
  • On the main page of synchronization, the user will see detailed information about his device. Here, in particular, you can check which cell phone is attached to the iPhone, find out the serial number of the device or, using the button of the same name, restore the iPhone or iPad to factory settings.
  • Scrolling down the page below, the owner of the phone will see in the “Parameters” section the checkboxes needed for synchronization. Synchronization at each connection (first checkbox) is not recommended for the above reason; but limiting the list of data transferred from PC to iPhone or iPad (third) does not hurt. After checking the boxes, you can safely click on the “Apply” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Now all that remains is to select the files to transfer, click on the “Synchronize” button and wait for the process to complete. its duration depends primarily on the amount of information. As already mentioned, you should not disconnect your phone from your computer or laptop before copying is complete.
  • If you do not intend to use the computer connected to the iPhone or iPad in the future, you should log out of your account by calling the “Account” drop-down menu, hovering over the “Authorization” item and selecting the “Deauthorize this computer” sub-item.
  • By clicking on the “Deauthorize” button in the new menu, the user will secure personal data. but in order to sync the iPhone and PC again, he will have to repeat the login procedure in the future.

Tip: if iTunes does not see the iPhone, it makes sense to first check if the phone is neatly connected to the cable, and the latter to the computer, and only then move on to other ways to solve the problem.

ways to transfer notes from iPhone to computer

How to sync notes from iPhone to computer via Gmail

In addition to iCloud, you can use any cloud storage to sync notes. For example, it’s also easy to transfer notes from iPhone to computer via Gmail.

Open Settings. Accounts & Passwords on iPhone. Select Gmail.

Also activate the switch opposite the note item to start synchronization.

After that, from your computer, you can go to your Gmail account and in the notes section, find your notes made on iPhone.

How to sync notes between iPhone and computer using iCloud

In notes, we often write a lot of useful and valuable notes, some thoughts during the day, etc. In order not to manually overwrite your notes to your computer, you can simply sync notes between iPhone and computer via iCloud.

Open Settings. iCloud on your iPhone (on iOS 11 Settings. Accounts & Passwords. iCloud). Set the slider opposite the Notes item to active state.

Now open on your computer. Enter your Apple ID and password, sign in.

3.Next, go to Notes. You will see all the notes saved on your phone in the iCloud folder. You can easily view, modify, add new records right on your computer. All changes will be automatically applied to iPhone.

How to sync notes from iPhone to computer

We often store a lot of important information on the iPhone or iPad, because it is almost a mini-computer in our Users of mobile devices often need to synchronize data between iPhone / iPad and a computer in order to be able to use the files they need in a more comfortable format on a PC. Most often, phone / tablet owners do not know how to sync notes from iPhone to computer quickly and in just a few clicks. We will tell you several ways at once. using iCloud or GMail, as well as the most convenient way. this is the Tenorshare iCareFone program.

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Computer Using Tenorshare iCareFone

The simplest tool is Tenorshare’s iCareFone program. See how it works.

Download from the Tenorshare iCareFone official website. Install it on your computer and run.

Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable. The program should automatically recognize your device and display detailed information about it in the main window.

Select “Backup and Restore”. Then, in the window that opens, select the Notes section and click the “Backup” button.

The backup time depends on the data size of your device as well as the speed of your network connection.

To sync notes between iPhone / iPad and computer, select the necessary checkboxes, then click the “Export to Computer” button. You will be prompted to select the format in which you want to save notes from iPhone / iPad to your computer and specify the directory. Then click “OK”. your notes are now saved on your computer.

Using the “Restore to device” button, you can, on the contrary, select the note files on the computer and transfer them to the iPhone / iPad. You can also use the “Add” button to create a note directly in Tenorshare iCareFone. it will automatically appear on your mobile device.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the process of syncing notes from iPhone to computer. you only need to make a few clicks and a couple of minutes of your time.

Tenorshare iCareFone is available in two versions. free and paid. You can download it only on the Windows platform. The utility perfectly copes with the duties of a file manager, you can easily manage, sync and transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, notes, e-books and other files between iPhone and computer. Tenorshare iCareFone also allows you to quickly backup all data and restore the device from the backup file, clean and speed up the device, block ads and fix some errors in the iOS system.

Create a Google account

First of all, you need to create a Google account. If you do not have it yet, you can do this by following the link The account provides access to all services, including the Gmail mail service.

  • Log in to Gmail via the context menu.
  • Click on the Contacts link below the folder list on any Gmail page.
  • This is where your notebook will be stored.

Disadvantages of syncing contacts with iTunes and iCloud

  • By giving your account to someone to install programs, you immediately give him access to the phone book, because App Store and iCloud login details are the same.
  • If you decide to change your iCloud account on your device, you will lose access to your phone book. Your contacts will be downloaded from the new iCloud.
  • If you accidentally deleted someone’s contact, then you can restore it only through restoring a backup.
  • And if you made a new entry in the phone book, then in order for it to be archived, you need to sync with iTunes.

Sync contacts with Google

Then you ask: “Is there an alternative?” Of course there is, it is very “beloved” by Google’s Apple users. The platform independent service Gmail is devoid of all these annoyances. Once the settings have been made, you can automatically sync your iPhone contacts without fear for phonebook entries. Except for you, no one will have access to it. And besides, in Google, you can restore your contact list as of any time in the past 30 days.

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How to sync iPhone contacts (correct way)

After writing an article on how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone, I was frankly surprised by the results of the survey. It turns out that more than half of users store contacts only on the phone.

Perhaps many do not attach any importance to this, but I will say from experience. Between the second and third recovery of the notebook, the thought comes that I am doing something wrong. There can be a lot of reasons for losing records, from an unsuccessful update or jailbreak to a banal loss of your phone. Therefore, this article is for those who have reached enlightenment.

Apple seemingly provides users with a convenient system for storing their records and phone book. It is tied to the iCloud cloud storage. And here, as they say, all the shortcomings follow from the positive sides. Namely:

Sync Contacts with iPhone

Now we will set up the synchronization of contacts from the iPhone to the created Google account.

  • Open the iPhone Settings app.
  • Click “Mail, Addresses, Calendars”.
  • Open the “Add Account” menu.
  • Click on the Google logo.
  • Fill in the fields: Name: Enter your name. E-mail: Enter the email address of your Google account. Password: Your account password. (Note, if you have enabled two-step verification, you must create a password as described here.) Description: Enter the name of the account entries such as “Google Book”.
  • Click Next at the top of the screen. And make sure On is selected in the “Contacts” line.

Now the contacts from the Google address book will be transferred to the phone. But we have nothing there now. Need to sync iPhone contacts backwards so that everything from the phone is automatically transferred to the Google phone book.

  • Return to the “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” tab.
  • Scroll down on this tab to the heading Contacts and click “Standard Account”. Click on your Google account.
  • Go back to the previous tab. It should be like this:
  • Now open the Phone app on the Contacts tab on your iPhone. Synchronization will start automatically.
  • All changes made on the phone will almost immediately be displayed in the Google phone book. And vice versa.

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Restoring from a backup. How it works?

After registering with the service, the owner of the gadgets gets 5 GB of free space in the cloud storage for free. The volume of your cloud can always be changed by paying for additional space. Using it, he stores there backups of all important data on his devices.

Now you no longer need to run iTunes over and over again to restore iPhone from a backup, as everything becomes much easier. At the moment the iPhone charging is connected and Wi-Fi is turned on, a backup copy of all data is created by it absolutely automatically. The record stores:

  • general device settings (their copy is always stored in the cloud);
  • individual arrangement of icons on the screen;
  • all messages (iMessage, SMS), you can recover lost messages at any time;
  • purchased music, books, TV clips;
  • arrays of photos, video captured with the device’s camera (with this service, you can go to the cloud at any time and restore everything that is important to the user from the copy);

All the necessary documentation in the cloud service

There are situations when certain work data needs to be urgently restored or uploaded to an iOS device, and iTunes is not at hand, as luck would have it. But with an iCloud account, that’s not an issue either. You just need to go to iWork from your computer, upload this file to the required application, then go to this application on iOS and in a matter of seconds the document will be where you need it.

This app is truly invaluable, and using it means ensuring you have complete STIHL. In addition, when you edit a document on iOS, its updated version automatically appears in the web version of iCloud, on the iPhone and other connected gadgets. So if it is possible to lose some data, then it is extremely easy to restore it at any time.

All keys in one bunch

Let’s say a user works on an iPhone, then he decided to switch to another gadget from Apple or work from a computer. At the same time, the service will not only completely automatically restore data and synchronize it, but also allow you not to remember all logins and passwords from accounts, applications and other things.

Key features of iCloud

Endless stream of photos

Shooting on an iPhone is much more comfortable than carrying a bulky camera with you. The smartphone camera allows you to take high quality photos, so many people take pictures with it almost every day. What to do if you need to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or computer, or recover photos?

For those who know about this global cloud, who use it, this is not a problem. After the photo is taken, it is automatically uploaded to the photo stream and transmitted to all gadgets that the user wants to sync to iCloud. The volume of saved images is up to 1000 pieces. In this case, you do not need any additional actions. you just need to use it, log into your account and thereby synchronize the data.

Day One Diary: How To Record Without Paying Developers

Download the file on the iPhone using the link

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Make the last sentence (about OS versions) first.

Books and application stuffing does not copy, you are stupid. Pro podzalupny.

Please tell me, if I don’t have a computer, how can I sync my iPhone?

iPhone Fell into Water, No Sound: First Aid and Troubleshooting

ICloud sync

The most famous way to synchronize two gadgets without losing information is using Apple’s cloud service. This option is available for those iPhones or iPads running iOS 5. The instructions for synchronization are as follows:

  • It is necessary to create a backup via iCloud, having previously enabled the function of copying data to the cloud service in the settings of your iPhone.
  • First you need to check the connection of your device to the Internet.
  • The duration of the copying process directly depends on the speed of the transmitted information on your Internet channel.
  • You should also consider the size of the database that you decide to synchronize;

After the backup is created, you need to activate the new iPhone. First, you will need to select a country, language, and, if necessary, enable the geolocation service;

  • When the window for setting up a new device opens, you need to select the “Recover from iCloud copy” button, and then enter your personal data.
  • You just have to select the backup of the old iPhone and click the “Restore” button, after which you wait for the data to be downloaded from the cloud service and reboot the device.

    It is important to know that media files are not synced this way. To do this, you need to use the iTunes tool.

    Synchronization of two iPhones

    Many owners of Apple mobile devices often have a question about how to sync one iPhone with another? The reason for this question is known, having bought a new gadget, it becomes necessary to transfer information with contacts, passwords, mail and other accumulated data.

    In most cases, all issues of syncing iPhones are solved by two simple methods: transfer using iTunes or using iCloud.

    Sync via iTunes

    This is the old way, which allows you not to connect your devices to the cloud service, but to use the iTunes tool. The problem is solved by this method:

    • We use the latest version of iTunes on the computer;
    • Create a backup copy of files from your old iPhone;
    • Disconnect the phone from the computer;
    • We remove the SIM card from the old device and install it on the new gadget;

    In some cases, the program may offer to configure the device with new data. But we need to restore the backup.

    It should be recalled that it is possible to synchronize devices if you have high-speed Internet in the case of iCloud, and through iTunes you need a personal computer or laptop.

    it is worth noting that it is required to take into account the versions of the operating system iOS. If your iPhones have different OS versions, then synchronization will fail.

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