How to spot fake iPhone headphones

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How to distinguish the original?

The great popularity of wireless headphones from Apple has led to the fact that a huge number of fakes have appeared on the market, which can be quite difficult for an inexperienced user to distinguish. That is why we propose to understand in more detail the main features that distinguish an original product from a product of a Chinese manufacturer.

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The branded Airpods box is made of dense material, decorated in a minimalist laconic design. On the left side, there are two wireless earbuds on a white background, on both sides at the ends there is a flickering embossing with the brand logo. The print quality is very high, the background is white. The side side contains an image of Airpods with glossy embossing, and on the fourth side there is a short description indicating the brief parameters of the accessory, its serial number and configuration.

The box of fake Airpods is usually made of low-quality soft cardboard, there is no description text, there is no indication of the serial number and the basic equipment may be incorrectly indicated. Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers indicate the serial number, but it is incorrect. The image on the box is faint, low quality.

The set of branded headphones includes:

  • case;
  • battery;
  • headphones directly;
  • Charger;
  • operating instructions.

The creators of counterfeits most often do not include the user’s manual or instead put a small sheet with a short letter, usually in Chinese. For original products, the cable is stored in a special paper wrapper; in copies, it is usually untwisted and wrapped in film. Real “apple” headphones have a cord wrapped in transparent polyethylene. If you see a film with a bluish tint, this directly indicates a fake.

When choosing an iPhone, be sure to check the case for originality: this product is made of high quality plastic, it is compact, looks very neat and does not contain any gaps. All fasteners are made of metal. The lid of real headphones opens and closes rather slowly, does not jam on the go, and at the moment of closing it emits a click.

A counterfeit is usually easy to open, since there is a very weak magnet in it, most headphones do not hear a click.

On one of the sidewalls of this case, there is an indication window, under which the country of origin is written, it is not indicated in copies. The back of the original product bears the Apple logo. Differences are also visible when the accessories are returned to the case. The originals have a high quality magnet, so the headphones are easily magnetized. it feels like they go into the case themselves. Fakes have to be inserted with effort.

You can also determine the original Airpods by external features, the main of which is dimensions. Real models are very compact, they are much smaller than fakes, yet they fit comfortably in the ear and almost never fall out, while fakes are often quite large. There are no buttons on the original product, they are 100% touch-sensitive. Copies usually have mechanical buttons. We draw your attention to the fact that a fake is not able to call Siri with a voice. Most of the fakes are equipped with LED indicators, which are invisible in the daytime, but in the dark you can see that the lamps are blinking red or blue.

The easiest but most effective way to find out that this is not a fake is to check the serial number of the model offered to you. To do this, go to the official Apple website, go to the “Support” section, under the “Get information about the right to service” block, you will find the option “Check the right to service for your product.” As soon as you click on it, a page with an empty window will appear on the screen, you must enter a number in it and click “Continue”.

If you see a record that the block contains an error, it means that you have a fake.

Features of the

Apple’s wireless earbuds are known as Airpods. They consist of two headphones, as well as a charging case, a case and a cable, in addition, the kit includes a user manual, as well as a warranty card. The peculiarity of such a headset is that it includes headphones with a built-in microphone and a magnetic case; it is both a case and a charger for the headphones. Airpods look quite unusual, in some ways even futuristic. The design is emphasized by the white shade of the product.

To date, Apple produces wireless headphones only in this color.

Airpods are very lightweight, weighing only 4 grams, so they stay in the ears much better than standard EarPods. There is a certain difference in the form of inserts. So, the developers of Airpods do not have silicone tips, instead, the creators offered users a ready-made anatomical shape. It is these features that allow the earbuds to firmly adhere to the ears of all sizes, even during active sports activities, for example, while running or cycling.

The wireless gadget does not rub your ears and does not fall out, even long-term wearing of such headphones does not cause any discomfort.

The charger is also very convenient: the upper part of the case is fixed on hinges, the magnets ensure the reliability of fastening the metal elements of the charger. Similar magnets are provided on the bottom of both Airpods, thus ensuring the most reliable and practical fixation of gadgets in the charger. If you compare typical wired Earpods and Airpods, you will notice that the cost of wireless products is almost 5 times higher, many are worried about this fact. Users ask themselves, “What is so special about a headset like this that it costs so much?” But there is a very practical explanation for this. Users who purchased Airpods for themselves admitted that they are worth every penny spent from the declared amount. Here are just some of the advantages of the model.

The first and probably the most fundamental characteristic that explains the choice of suitable headphones is the quality of the audio signal reproduction. In Airpods, it’s clean, quite loud and crisp. By the way, it is much better than the traditional cabled headsets that come with iPhones. We can say that these are truly revolutionary headphones that work effectively in both mono and stereo modes. The gadget gives a well-balanced sound with a comfortable amount of low frequencies.

As we mentioned, Airpods lack the silicone tips that are found in typical vacuum earbuds. This design allows you to maintain a certain level of connection with the surrounding space even while listening in loud mode, that is, by putting Airpods into your ears, the user will not be completely soundproofed from what is happening around. This is especially convenient when you plan to listen to music while playing sports or walking along the city streets.

Airpods are easy to connect. Everyone knows that traditional Bluetooth headphones are expensive but not high quality. One of the most common disadvantages is connection setup time. Airpods are devoid of these shortcomings. Even though it also connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, Connect is much faster.

The fact is that this gadget has a special option that allows the product to connect to a specific smartphone. In order to start work, you just need to open the case with the headphones, after which a proposal to turn on the gadget immediately appears on the smartphone screen. Another plus is the large connection range. “Apple” headphones can pick up a signal even 50 m in diameter from the source.

This means that you can put your phone on charge and move around the apartment listening to music without any restrictions.

What devices are compatible with?

Pairing Apple Wireless Headphones with iPhone is extremely easy. However, the developers made sure that Airpods could connect without any difficulties not only to smartphones, but also to many other devices in the iCloud account (iPad, Mac, as well as Apple Watch and Apple TV). Not so long ago, the creators made a nice gift to all smartphone users by releasing headphones that connect not only with the iPhone, but are also intended for other gadgets, with them they function like a regular bluetooth headset.

In this case, they are combined with Android smartphones, as well as Windows technology. Such a connection is not difficult: you just need to make the necessary bluetooth settings on the device, that is, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, be aware that some of the iPod’s special features will not be available to outsiders. This is what led the experts to the conclusion that after all, the vast majority of buyers in this case, Airpods will still be the owners of Apple phones running on iOS 10, watchOS 3.

Apple wireless headphones: characteristics of models

Apple released the iPhone 7 30 years ago, and from that moment on, it said goodbye to annoying wires and 3.5mm audio jacks. This was good news, as the cord was constantly tangled and broken, and in order to listen to the recordings, you had to constantly keep your smartphone with you. Apple today provides a new technology for wireless headphones. they will be discussed in our article.

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The lineup

Wireless headphones from Apple today are represented by two main models: these are Airpods and Airpods Pro. Airpods are a high-quality, high-tech gadget that delivers all-day sound. Airpods Pro are the first headphones to feature Active Noise Canceling.

Apple Earbuds. REAL VS FAKE

In addition, each user can choose their own size of the earbud.

In general, the characteristics of these models are as follows.

  • Airpods are presented in one size. There is no noise cancellation function, however, the option “Hey Siri” is always active. The period of autonomous work on a single charge is 5 hours, subject to listening in a case with a recharge. The case itself, depending on the modification, can be a standard charger or a wireless charger.
  • Airpods Pro. This model has three sizes of earbuds, the design contributes to the intense suppression of background noise. Hey Siri is always activated here. On a single charge, it can work up to 4.5 hours in listening mode without recharging. Includes wireless charging case.

How to connect and use?

Everyone knows that for comfortable listening to audio recordings on any device, you need at least three buttons: to turn the device on and off, adjust the sound volume and switch audio tracks. There are no such buttons in Airpods, so the user is faced with the question of how to control this gadget. The peculiarity of this headset is the absence of on / off buttons.

You just need to slightly open the cover of the housing box in order for the device to activate. However, the track will not play until the earbuds are in their respective ears. It would seem that this is a fantasy, nevertheless, it has a very real technical explanation. The fact is that the Smart system of this gadget has special IR sensors, thanks to which the technique is able to exit sleep mode as soon as it gets inside the ears, and if you remove the headphones from your ears, they will immediately turn off.

For information on whether there is a difference between Apple Airpods Pro and Airpods wireless headphones, see the following video.

The main signs of non-original Airpods

Noticing the following 3 nuances when buying the coveted headphones, you should think: is the accessory really real? So, what should be on the alert for the buyer choosing Airpods?

Packing quality

It is worth paying attention to which box the headphones are packed in. The real packaging from Apple is all white, to match the device. The “droplets” themselves are drawn on the front panel.

Low cost

The suspiciously low price of the headphones casts doubt on their authenticity. Original Airpods cost about 200. The user pays such a fabulous price for the brand, ease of wearing, ultra-modern filling and crystal clear sound.

Differences during work

You can recognize real Airpods by sound. Music from them “pours” crystal clear, without noise and creaks. The bass is clearly audible. The fake has a slightly muffled sound. No matter how well a fake is made, it will not achieve such an ideal sound.

  • Apple headphones sync with any device wirelessly in seconds. Perfect work, no lags. A copy, too, will most likely be able to do this, but it will take more time to connect.
  • The original battery is used sparingly. The autonomy of the counterfeit will be lower.

Difference of structures

Both the case and the headphones themselves are made of smooth plastic. It shines pleasantly with a gloss, but at the same time does not slip in the palm of your hand. Most likely, the fake will not be as cool. It is worth examining the device carefully:

  • For defects on the surface of the “droplets” and the charging case.
  • Compare the color. it should be white for both the accessory and the case.
  • Easy to open case.

Cheap plastic is felt in the hands, it bends, it can crack when pressed. If there is even the slightest suspicion about the quality of the materials, you should listen to your intuition and look for Apple Airpods in another place where there will be no fake.

Summary table of differences

You can distinguish a replica from the original iPhone 11 by a number of characteristic features, an overview of which is presented in the table below.

Criterion Original Counterfeit
Packaging Has an attractive, prestigious appearance Can be made from recycled materials
Equipment Full Headphones are often missing
Software Branded Apple Android
Build quality High Low
Performance Conforms to manufacturer’s declarations On the level of a budget smartphone
Additional slots Absent Full of variety

Determining the originality of the iPhone 11 at the software level

Another way to determine if the iPhone 11 is original is to use iTunes. Genuine gadget syncs easily. A fake will give an error.

The most convincing way is to check the serial number on the official website. A fake product will not pass verification. In the case of the original, it will be possible to verify its authenticity.

IPhone 11 Smartphone Inspection

If a counterfeit is detected, it is necessary to inspect the iPhone 11 smartphone itself. First of all, it is recommended to check the main camera. Its lens should be larger than that of standard budget smartphones. over, it has a special protective layer. Therefore, the lens gives off blue.

The original iPhone 11 has no build defects. Therefore, the smartphone should be examined from all sides. The screen of branded products fits snugly to the body. Any crevices and gaps indicate that the smartphone in question is of a fake origin.

When turned off, the original iPhone 11 has a deep black screen. If the display gives off in shades of gray, then a fake is in front of the buyer.

Apple pays great attention to the quality of painting. Therefore, the case should not be scratched or erased when you slide your finger over it. An unpleasant smell can also be produced by a fake smartphone.

The iPhone 11 lid can only be removed by unscrewing the screws on the sides of the charging connector. Therefore, if their heads are scratched or damaged, then the gadget was unambiguously opened, and rather casually.

iPhone 11 shouldn’t have the attributes of Android smartphones. So the original phone has only one SIM card slot. Branded iPhone 11 does not have a memory card tray, USB connector, antenna. Also, a budget replica is given by a removable back cover and a battery.

It is advisable to press the buttons available on the phone. They should enter as quietly as possible. The presence of backlashes is unacceptable. Clearances should be kept to a minimum. The original iPhone 11 is crafted with premium materials.

How to distinguish an iPhone 11 from a fake

The fake iPhone 11 appeared on the market a month before the official release of the smartphone. It looks very similar to the original, but has a budgetary internal filling. There are a number of rules for detecting a fake, which also apply to other Apple products. Some tips are relevant and, if necessary, identify fake iPhone headphones, for example, EarPods or Airpods.

External inspection of a fake iPhone 11

Some Chinese replicas have clear features to distinguish them from the original. Incorrect brand spelling is a prime example of this. This is the fault of the lowest-grade copies. Sometimes the number of cameras, color or size is different. Such features immediately catch the eye, so it is important to be vigilant when buying a smartphone.


The original phone package contains:

  • paper clip to eject boat SIM card;
  • documentation;
  • wire for connection;
  • charging;
  • Airpods headphones;
  • headphone case;
  • smartphone.

When determining a fake, it is important to check not only the completeness of the package, but also the accuracy of the location of the accessories. All elements must be laid out in their places and securely fixed. It is unacceptable to use films with inscriptions of any other brands.

Verification of originality by internal filling

If the buyer buys a damaged iPhone 11, then you can check its authenticity by the internal filling. The motherboard must be neatly done. The original battery has the brand logo. Information on it should not contain spelling and other errors.

Another feature of the original iPhone 11 is its battery. It has only one connector. The reason for this is due to the lack of reverse wireless charging.

Package inspection

Apple is responsible for the little things, including the box. The original packaging is made of thick coated cardboard. It has smooth corners. On the box there is a corporate logo, applied by embossing.

There is a sticker at the bottom of the phone’s packaging. It contains basic information about the smartphone. The branded label must not have printing defects or spelling, punctuation and syntax errors. It is recommended to pay special attention to the barcode. It consists of 13 digits, the authenticity of which can be verified on the official website.

A correct barcode is not a complete guarantee of the elimination of counterfeit. A dishonest seller could have put a fake iPhone 11 in its original packaging. In this case, an incorrect barcode is always a 100% sign of a replica.


Starting in 2016, it became possible to purchase iPhone wireless headphones. They are called Airpods. The headset works using a Bluetooth connection. The price for AirPods is 6-10 times higher than for EarPods. You can get acquainted with the detailed algorithm for detecting fake Airpods here.


The sequence of detecting counterfeit headphones iPhone

To check the originality of the iPhone headphones, it is recommended to follow the instructions:

  • Examine the box. It must be made of high quality materials.
  • Read all the labels. The original is unacceptable for inaccuracies, spelling errors.
  • Look for the logo. It must be done neatly, without flaws.
  • Weigh the headset.

Summary table of differences

All original headsets for iPhone have a number of characteristic differences from replicas, since counterfeiters do not have access to high-precision equipment and solid materials. The main criteria for determining branded products are presented in the table below.

Criterion Original Counterfeit
Brand name Painted with high-quality paint, usually of a grayish tint May have errors
Sound quality High, with good detail Excessively loud bass that drowns out the sound
Workmanship All clearances are minimal and uniform. The materials are pleasant to the touch. Skewed joints and other defects of fit of parts and assemblies


EarPods have been used on iPhones since 2013. They are a wired headset. Branded EarPods have a clever design and excellent construction. You can familiarize yourself with the identification of a fake by going to the article “EarPods fake headphones”.

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How to distinguish between fake iPhone headphones

Apple products are popular and in demand. Therefore, the market is filled with counterfeits of her branded products. The counterfeiters and the iPhone headphones have not been spared. Therefore, when purchasing a headset from a famous brand, it is important to be able to distinguish the original from the replica.

At the moment, the headset on the iPhone is presented in two types: EarPods and Airpods. They differ in price, performance and appearance. Both headsets can be used not only on iPhone, but also on iPod touch with iPad.

Features of all original iPhone headphones

Apple cares about sound quality when developing a headset for the iPhone. For this, a well-thought-out design and high-tech speakers are used. Therefore, the original headset cannot sound bad a priori. Poor sound quality is a 100% guarantee that the headphones are fake. This rule is similarly true for microphone operation.

Airpods Pro Original Differences From Fake

The Chinese have learned to make really high-quality fakes, which are difficult to distinguish from the original in appearance. Even the name is consonant. APods Pro. So what is the difference and how not to be fooled when buying Airpods Pro?

  • The non-original product lacks the Designer by Apple in California inscription on the back of the case. over, the metal stiffener is darker than in the original;
  • On the back of the non-original case, the button for resetting the connection will be highlighted more clearly. Connectors for charging, both the original and the fake are the same;
  • Fake Air Pods have oval earbuds inside, while the original product has more round ones;
  • The lid of the original case is capable of opening 120 degrees, while the fake case opens only 90 degrees;
  • A fake can be distinguished by the presence of an LED indicator in the case, since the original Airpods Pro do not have such an indicator;
  • A fake is lighter than the original by a couple of grams, however, it is quite difficult to find external differences;

You can also identify non-original headphones from Apple by two criteria: by the contact area, which is located at the bottom of the accessory, and by the shape and color of the nozzle for removable eartips.

Of course, there is no noise reduction in the Chinese fake APods Pro. In fact, these are the most ordinary wireless headphones with a rather low sound quality. For little money and a similar appearance to the popular and fashionable Airpods Pro, you get hollow sound output and lack of adequate bass.

Manufacturers of non-original earbuds have spent a lot of effort to create a superficially exact copy of the Airpods Pro. However, they did not have enough money to provide a high-quality assembly of sound drivers.

The main thing that should confuse the consumer in the first place is the low price of the proposed headphones.

how to identify ORIGINAL Apple Earphones (EarPods)?|R3 Factory Self-Help Video|REAL vs FAKE| #apple

Signs of Non-Original Air Pods

When buying headphones, you should pay attention to several basic nuances that will help determine the authenticity of an accessory. If you find similarities, then it’s time to be wary and think again:

How to distinguish original Airpods from fake: top signs

When buying headphones, you should pay attention to several basic nuances that will help determine the authenticity of an accessory. If you find similarities, then it’s time to be on your guard and think again.

Airpods. Purchase Date Not Confirmed: How To Remove

If you, at some point, felt a trick and decided to check your headphones for originality, then the official Apple website can help. On this site, you can enter the serial number of your airpods and check if they are original or a clever Chinese fake.

However, what to do if after entering the serial number you receive a notification “Purchase date not confirmed”?

First of all, do not panic, because such a message means that your Airpods wireless headphones are original, and the serial is registered in the Apple database.

On the official website, you can not only find out the authenticity of your smartphone, headphones or other gadgets from Apple, but also register them in the database upon purchase.

How To Check Airpods By Serial Number?

Apple reliably monitors its product turnover. Therefore, it is not surprising that any of their products has a serial number, which can be checked at any time on their website. This is a reliable way to test headphones for originality.

The number itself is located on the lid of the charging case and on the box. Of course, cunning sellers can easily fake and re-stick the serial on the box. But changing the number on the lid is almost impossible. You can check the serial number on the official website.

Do not exclude the possibility that someone will be able to change the case by inserting non-original Airpods there. So always inspect the earbuds themselves and the charging case for signs of defects.

External Differences Of The Forgery From The Original

First, you need to distinguish two categories of differences: visual and workflow.

How to Identify FAKE Apple EarPods IN 5 STEPS | 2019

  • Original Airpods are white without yellowing. While the fake has a heterogeneous admixture of other shades: yellowness and whiteness.
  • In the original product, you get a perfectly smooth plastic without defects. It’s a fake. it is a frosted plastic with a slight roughness.
  • The original case opens easily and closes tightly, without gaps. A fake may have a worse “fit”.
  • The original earphones on the speakers have a metal mesh. It fits snugly into the case, leaving no gaps. Fake presents a fabric mesh with gaps.
  • The originals are marked for the designation. L and R. In a counterfeit such markings may not be.
  • Original labels without errors on the packaging. Counterfeits often have errors in brand names or in general.
  • Original Airpods deliver clear sound, no squeaks or noises, with crisp bass. Fakes have a more muffled sound.
  • Apple earbuds instantly sync with other devices wirelessly. It will take a little longer for the copy.
  • The original battery lasts longer, as it has an economical consumption. Counterfeit requires recharging more often.

How to Distinguish Airpods 2 From Fake

Apple’s Wireless Airpods 2 are a natural complement to your mobile phone for communication, audio, and voice commands. That is why many iPhone owners prefer AirPods 2.

  • If, when you first listen to music with fake headphones, you could not catch the differences, then we recommend setting the sound to the maximum mark. This will create distortion. It should be noted that non-original headphones have a problem in the face of a deterioration in the quality of communication.
  • Fake earbuds need to be charged more often than original ones.
  • A non-original product will not fully integrate with iPhones, since it does not provide for subtle settings.
  • Buying non-original headphones, the consumer not only gets bad sound and inconsistent connection, but also loses the whole set of advantages that Apple put into Airpods This is what made them the most popular wireless headphones.
  • The boxes of original and fake headphones may appear identical at first glance. One difference, which can only be noticed in direct comparison, is the embossing of the accessory image on the top of the lid, which in the original products will be made with a large relief. To understand that the headphones are not original, you can also use the labeling table, since in this case all the information will be written on one sticker. In the original product, this information is indicated on three stickers. You can also see the difference in the layout of the text.
  • You can immediately identify a fake by examining the lodgement for the case: in the original it has clear embossing edges and is made of matte plastic. The counterfeit has a not-so-neat plastic stock made from the same material as the yogurt can.
  • Pay special attention to the availability of the accompanying documentation. If you have not noticed any typos in the text, then look for a separate insert with the serial number of the accessory. Non-original headphones will not have it.
  • The case of non-original products is lighter by a couple of grams, however, the quality of materials and the assembly itself practically does not differ from the original. The Chinese made it so that the cover of their product snaps into place with the same sound, and the headphones are fixed with a magnet with the same force.
  • Non-original Airpods 2 have the same serial numbers on the right and left earbuds, while the original products have different serial numbers.
  • Original Airpods 2 have an icon in the left recess on the inside of the case lid, which indicates that the headphones cannot be disposed of in household trash cans. Counterfeits mainly put this mark on the right.

How to distinguish original EarPods from fakes and Chinese copies: recognition by speaker type

For Chinese manufacturers, the speaker grill is a cloth covering, behind it is possible the presence of foam rubber. The original has a solid gray metal mesh with an oil sheen:

  • Each EarPods must be one piece, that is, completely exclude welded plastic particles in the structure of the headset.
  • You also need to visually exclude the absence of roughness, burrs and other defects of poor quality.
  • The remote control in the kit, when pressed, emits a light click without effort, while with a fake you need to make some effort, and the click sounds much louder.
  • Plugs. In different parts of the wire, the original has no gaps. Apple wire must be flexible, strong and resilient. Diameter. 2 millimeters. The original has a serial number on the wire. The fakes have an inscription of a slightly different nature, sometimes it is absent. The three-letter “HTP” notation on the device should not be.

What’s inside real EarPods?

Due to ignorance of basic things, many scold Apple for the lack of designations. Since the melody sounds differently if the headset is positioned incorrectly.

Serial number (IMEI)

If in doubt about the originality of the product, a poor-quality headset can be checked by the serial number of the EarPods and the barcode on the package. It is enough to enter a barcode or a series of headphones in the register of released products (they can be found on the check, on the box, on the invoice) and determine:

  • place of production;
  • time;
  • compare documents for quality.
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EarPods IMEI check will allow you to quickly lock your phone if you lose it and restart it. IMEI is sewn into every phone at the factory. To find it out, dial #. After a short free operation, a fifteen-digit number will be displayed. This is the identifier (serial number) of cell phones.

How to distinguish original EarPods from fakes and Chinese copies?

In this article, we will answer the question of how you can check EarPods for originality and distinguish them from fakes. Several rules, tests, experiences of our specialists will help you not to run into a cheap Chinese copy. About 13 million fraudsters trade in the market of counterfeit cell phones and mobile phones. Negligent sellers profit from the inexperience of buyers, picking up a big sum of money. Today it is important to be interested in the actual question of how you can distinguish original Apple EarPods from fakes.

Original packing box

  • the original has a bluish tint, the copy has a yellowish tint;
  • the apple on the package should almost cut your fingers, it has very clear edges;
  • the color of the headset and packaging is the same. A difference of even one tone is unacceptable. The box is shiny, made of injection molded plastic;
  • usually the original weighs 3 grams more than the copy.

You can recognize the original by the logo on the package:

  • If you shine a lamp on the logo, it will glow evenly. The sign should not have faint stripes, black dots, gaps.
  • The fake logo is not neat, you can see drops of glue supporting the Apple sign, bayonets, some parts glow very dimly. EarPods in white only.

How to distinguish original EarPods from fakes and Chinese copies: sounding ringtones

If you take the headphones with your hands, in addition to the above, you need to listen to the sound of the melodies. The original headset has a basic, even, clean, harmonious sound. If the sound of the music is muffled. before you is a copy, even a box from real branded headphones.

Apple knockoffs can be very different in how they play music. Extraneous sounds, hiss, pauses will immediately let you know that you have purchased a fake. Sometimes the original EarPods do not fit well in the ears, so this indicator does not indicate a fake.

If the box, mobile and headphones are the same color

The headset looks flawless, the main rule is to listen to the melody. If you did not find a catch here, then this is a clean original. Sometimes the original wireless headphones are included in the iPhone kit from Chinese manufacturers, be careful!

So you learned how to distinguish fake wired EarPods from the original. You can buy a real iPhone on the manufacturer’s official website.

How to distinguish a fake?

It is possible to distinguish fake headphones, for example, Apple Earpods from original ones, even before connecting to an iPhone.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

EarPods are unveiled by Apple alongside the new iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012. Head Set have a built-in remote control and a microphone, but this iPhone version of the headphones is distinguished from the rest of the earbuds by an unusual ergonomic design, no additional seals (ear pads).

It’s hard to imagine how many fakes were made in China during this time, and what level they reached, until a new target appeared. Airpods.

Genuine Apple products can be distinguished by the following features:

  • on the branded packaging, the font is clear, made with bright typographic ink;
  • logo, serial number applied;
  • the plastic case has no breaks, the base is streak-free, and the transparent cover has cloudy spots;
  • the cable is marked at a distance of 20 cm from the plug with the inscription “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China ”and a 12-digit serial number, while its length is 110 cm for Earpods;
  • the remote control has no gaps, and the buttons move smoothly without a loud click;
  • speakers, diffusers on headsets are covered with a thin metal mesh, not a cloth;
  • clear sound with rich lows that does not wheeze or disappear even at full volume.

Joints, crevices and gaps

Genuine Airpods casing looks like one piece thanks to its perfect fit.

When making copies, they do not pay attention to this, therefore, shifts and cracks appear at the joints of individual parts of the shell.

When connected to an iPhone

When syncing an Apple device and a fake, the following happens:

  • there is no voice message about the connection in the headphones;
  • a special animation menu does not pop up on the smartphone, and the gadget is defined as ordinary wireless headphones.
  • For advanced fakes, a branded menu may appear, but after pressing the reset button on the box.

When you connect real Airpods Pro for the first time, the device prompts you to set up the Siri voice assistant, fake headphones do not have this function.

Cover engraving

On the inside of the lid on the right side of the Airpods of the first and second generation, on the left side of the Airpods Pro there is an engraving with a serial number.

For fakes, you can distinguish inscriptions in two niches at once and in Chinese.

Box shape and appearance

A box with a Chinese counterfeit is sealed in thin polyethylene (traces of soldering are visible, the surface is wrinkled nearby), while the original Apple box is placed in a polypropylene transparent case with an arrow on the tongue showing the opening location.

The fit of the edges on the fake box is less accurate, and on some edges there are bulges.

The color of the cardboard in this packaging looks with a warm yellowish tint, the pattern of the headphones is embossed, which is palpable, and the logo shimmers in the light.

On one of the edges of the original, Apple must stick 3 stickers on which you can find information:

  • about the serial number;
  • about the place of production;
  • about operating systems that support Airpods.

The headphones in a real box hold tightly, and the contents are stacked in a specific order:

  • there is an instruction under the lid;
  • under it in a special tray. a charging box with headphones,
  • under the tray itself. a charging cable.

In the original Apple cardboard box, no gaps are visible between the bottom half and the insert tray.

The wire

Relying on tactile sensations, those wishing to purchase original Apple products will also be able to distinguish the “original” by a more elastic wire and its grayish tint. Replica wire will be more rigid in its characteristics and whiter in color.

The original EarPods cable must have the serial number of the product and the inscription: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”.

Checking Apple headphones: original or fake

How to distinguish original Apple headphones from a fake is the most logical question that arises in the head of a person intending to pay a large sum for a branded device. What should you pay attention to when buying? What is the difference between the sound of the product of the Californian manufacturer from the non-original version of the “black” market??

How to quickly catch a seller in an attempt to sell a copy of Apple headphones, passing off as the original? The article below will not leave these questions unanswered, having received which a potential buyer of an Apple accessory can be confident in his choice.

Remote Control

In identifying fake EarPods, it is important to check both the quality of the presented design of the wires, headphones, and the remote control of the device.

It is not difficult to recognize the original, since the button on its remote control is pressed smoothly, without an obvious sound accompaniment. In the case of using a fake, some effort must be made, and when the button is pressed, a loud characteristic click will be heard.

Manufacturers of some replicas do not fully recreate the functions of the remote control inherent in the original. This fact should also be borne in mind when checking the selected headset for authenticity.

Headphone shape

It will also not be difficult for the buyer to distinguish the original headphones presented by the Apple campaign from their cheap counterfeits by carefully examining the device itself. On a genuine iPhone headset, starting with the 5 and 5S line, the manufacturer denotes the right and left earpieces with the words L / R. Most replicas do not have this mark.

In the manufacture of diffusers, as for all products, Apple uses high-quality material (metal mesh), which, in comparison with a replica (rag mesh), allows you to quickly identify the “original”.

The external performance of the original device looks solid, neat, of high quality, as, in fact, the technical components of the device. Most non-original headsets have seams, prints of parts of the forms used in the manufacture of plastic headphones.

Apple Headphone Features

Since Apple headphones are designed in such a way that the user receives not only high-quality sound, but also a number of unique functions, the high demand for EarPods is understandable. The base iPhone headset remote control allows you to:

  • accept and drop an incoming call;
  • “Call” Siri (voice assistant of the iOS operating system);
  • give commands to the voice assistant;
  • play, stop, switch, rewind multimedia tracks;
  • “Hold” an incoming call;
  • switch between lines of active conversation.


This device from the American corporation comes in a white square case with a clear engraving of the campaign logo (a bitten apple), the ideal execution of which is often neglected by the creators of forgeries. This package, which is transparent on the front side, contains the device itself. The box for the original iPhone headset is made of high-quality plastic without any shade, with the device itself inside. With a detailed examination, it will not be difficult to distinguish the original from the fake. In addition to inaccurate external performance (cracks, “burrs” and so on), the material used to create the packaging of the replica, as a rule, is of lower quality: it has a yellowish or cloudy tint, lends itself even to a slight external influence.