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How To Set Up Skype On A Laptop

How to find Skype on a laptop

For comfortable communication in Skype, you need to properly configure the microphone, webcam. If this is NOT done, there may be no sound during conversation or. Therefore, below we will tell you how to set up Skype on a laptop and what the main parameters are responsible for.

The first thing to do is download the program distribution kit from the official website. The browser will automatically detect the operating system and offer to start downloading the installation package. Thereafter:

After that Skype is ready to use and you can add new contacts, create groups and make calls in the program. If the parameters were NOT configured by default, then you need to manually change the camera, microphone settings.

The initial configuration is performed immediately after launch, if the window for selecting devices has NOT appeared, then you can debug the parameters yourself. For this:

  • Go to the main menu under Tools-Options.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Sound settings and”. An additional window will appear where you can select default devices (microphone, webcam).
  • It is important to choose exactly the devices that are used by the system by default. You can check this through the mixer. To do this, click on the speaker icon in the tray.
  • To check the volume of the speakers, click on the “Sound Test”.
  • To evaluate the quality of communication and the performance of the microphone, click on “Make a test call in Skype“. Say a few words and listen to the result.
  • If you see your image in the camera block, then the program automatically configured all the necessary parameters. If a black screen is displayed, then select the required driver from the list of available.

Changes take effect automatically, so restarting the program is not necessary. You can change the parameters for recording devices, playback at any time, through the “Settings” menu.

Additionally, Skype allows you to edit profile settings. This can be done through the official website (authorization required) or the program. Procedure:

You can only change your password, email address and other account parameters through the official website. It is impossible to change the username, because This is a unique profile name that is assigned after registration.

In this article we will tell you how to enable Skype, set up easy access to it, as well as the difficulties that may arise in the process. let’s get started! This application is one of the best solutions for communication both with friends and for work purposes, which is why so many people prefer this program.

Before you start Skype, you need to make sure that it is downloaded and installed on your device. Please note that the app is completely free to download. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the “Start” menu or open “My Computer”;
  • Go to the list of installed applications;
  • Make sure you have a program.

After making sure of the installation, we will figure out how to turn on Skype on a laptop. Just in case, we give a link to the step-by-step instructions “Download on PC”.

While there are usually no questions about the location of the installation files, the location of the shortcut often worries ordinary users. If you want to drag the Skype icon to the desktop or taskbar, you can use several methods at once.

  • Open the Start menu, find the program in the list;
  • Right click and select “Pin to Start” or “Create Shortcut to Desktop”.
  • Enter “My Computer”, open drive C;
  • Go to the Program Files folder;
  • Find the program folder and go to it;
  • File Skype.Exe is located in the “Phone” folder;
  • Click on it with the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu select “Create shortcut”. If you want to create a user account, then follow the link.

To enable Skype on a Windows 10 computer or any other OS version, just take a few SIMple steps.

As you can see, connecting Skype to the network on a laptop is quite SIMple; you don’t need any special skills. Now you know what to do if Skype has been disconnected, how to re-enable it when the device starts.

Then you can set the Skype settings as you like.

Automatic launch of the program is a very convenient feature, especially for those who use the application constantly. So, let’s figure out how to turn on Skype on a computer in automatic mode.

How To Set Up Skype On A Laptop
  • Open the app;
  • Go to the “Tools” tab on the top panel;
  • Open “Settings”. “General settings”;
  • Check the box next to “Start automatically when Windows starts”;
  • Save and go out.

In the modern world, the Skype program rightfully occupies a leading position among all users of innovative computer technology. The key factors in this popularity are high-quality communications, the ability to exchange instant and SMS messages, as well as multimedia files of various formats. And all these services are provided to all users of the program on an ongoing basis and without any mandatory monetary payment.

However, the process of installing and managing the convenient Skype service is not a sign for everyone, so it is worth getting acquainted with all the subtleties and nuances of these processes in a laptop.

If you want to know how to turn on Skype on a laptop, then first you need to prepare all the required devices and programs:

Important: so that you can quickly and correctly connect Skype, you must first visit the official website of the program developers and download the most suitable option, which should be correctly installed on your computer.

To enable Skype on your laptop, you need to follow a series of steps:

  • If you are interested in how to find Skype on a laptop, then for this you just need to find a shortcut with the corresponding name on your desktop.
  • After you have found the desired icon, you should click on it with the left mouse button. Then a special login window will open, which contains several fields for entering your personal data (login and password).
  • The login process lasts a few seconds, after which you can independently choose a useful parameter in which the identification of your personal data will occur automatically every time you log in.
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Important: By choosing this option, you put your page, contact list and all personal data at risk, since any user of your laptop can quickly go to your page in Skype.

After successfully logging into the Skype program, you can independently change your online status. To do this, you need to click on the Corresponding icon and choose from a huge list of the Most suitable option at the moment.

At the moment there are a huge number of programs on the Internet, which are used as a means of communication. over, almost all programs support Not only text correspondence, but also make it possible to communicate by voice, and even make calls.

And all this does not require huge internet speed. For SIMple calls, a speed of 56 kb is enough, and for communication. 512.

But many do not know how to set up Skype on a laptop, and believe that the functionality of the program on a laptop is limited. This is not true, and laptops in some cases can be much more convenient for communication in Skype than ordinary PCs. And all because many modern laptops have a camera and microphone integrated from the start. And, accordingly, unlike a PC, you don’t have to worry about connecting them.

Let’s set up Skype for stable work on a laptop.


But first we need to download it. It is best to do this from the official site, as the latest version will always be there. On the same site you need to register a notepad.

After downloading the program, you need to install it.

As soon as it is launched for the first time, after authorization, the user will be prompted to configure the microphone and webcam. This process can be postponed, but if the user plans to use These devices, but the settings are better done immediately.

No complicated operations are needed. For example, it is enough just to turn on the camera, after which the program will detect it and display the image on the screen.

After we click “Continue” we will be prompted to upload your avatar. This action is also optional and can be done later. After loading the avatar (or skipping this item), we will finally get into our notebook.

Setting up

Now let’s move on to how to set up Skype on a laptop. In principle, this is not necessary, since after entering your account, you can already start adding contacts and communicate with them.

But if you still want to customize the programs for yourself, then let’s go to the “Settings” tab.

In the new window, we will see several categories of settings. It is impossible to say for sure what exactly needs to be changed, since everything depends solely on the user’s desire.

If the user wants to use NOT the built-in laptop speakers, but others, then he can change them in the “Sound settings” category. There you can also change their volume. The microphone can also be changed to an additional one if the built-in does not suit.

Call lovers can find many interesting settings for themselves in the “Settings” category. There you set the display parameters (contrast, brightness, etc.). If the user does NOT want to show his face during the conversation, then he can set his avatar.

In the “Security” category, you can configure what the contacts NOT added to friends can send to the user. They will be able to write messages, but to call and invite to chats. only at the request of the user.

In the same category, you can see a list of people added to the blacklist.

The Alerts category is responsible for sound effects. That is, the user can choose his own soundtrack for different situations instead of the standard one.

In “Chats and SMS” you can make the design of chats more attractive, or, conversely, strict. For those who do not like the standard font in Skype, there is an opportunity to easily change it. There is a separate button specially for this.

In the same item, you can make settings for writing SMS messages to mobile devices. But, like calls, this feature is paid. You can top up the balance in your personal account on the program website.

And the last category is Advanced Settings. Here you can disable automatic updates, change the port for connecting to the network (for those who use a proxy server) and configure hotkeys. They are needed in order to carry out various operations (for example, to receive a call) by pressing certain keys.

Now we know how to set up Skype on a laptop. In fact, this process is almost the same as setting up Skype on a PC. over, setting up Skype on laptops is even easier, since there is no need to separately connect a microphone and a webcam.

On a PC, I would have to devote time to connecting them, launching and installing drivers.

To some, the setup process might seem complicated. This could be due to the large number of possibilities. But this setting is not necessary at all (it is just for convenience).

Well, there shouldn’t be any problems in using the program. On the left of the program there is a window with contacts, and just click on any user, as it will be possible to communicate with him.

How to set up a WEB-camera

One of the most popular ways of communication today is communication by means of communication, which can be organized using the worldwide Internet. However, to do this, you need to first configure the WEB-camera on your computer. Honestly, it’s very, very easy to do this.

To make our advice as informative as possible, we will tell you how to configure WEB cameras in a variety of situations. And it doesn’t matter which company your WEB-camera is: Genius, A4Tech, Logitech or any other.

How to set up a WEB-camera on a laptop

As a rule, webcams in laptops are already built-in, therefore they DO NOT require any special settings or settings. You just need to correctly install the operating system (preferably Windows 7) and connect your laptop to the Internet, and it will find all the necessary software by itself. It should be noted that the camera itself does not turn on, but only works when you turn on the appropriate application, for example Skype. If the camera does not work, then you need to install the driver. You can find them either on the Internet, by entering the request “WEB-camera driver for a laptop, specify its model here”, Or (which is more correct), install them via a disk that comes with the laptop. Most of the problems are caused by Asus, MSI and Acer laptops.

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How to properly configure a WEB-camera on a computer

Please note that for the correct operation of the WEB-camera, it is enough to connect it to the computer (via USB-output) and turn on the program that you need. As a rule, the computer itself installs the drivers and understands what kind of camera it is. If you want to adjust the clarity or quality of the signal, then you need to install the utility (program) that comes with the WEB-camera. To do this, insert the disc into the drive, in the pop-up window, select “Install the program for working with the WEB-camera”.

In addition, many programs allow you to customize the signal quality in their interface. Also, consider factors such as room lighting and the specifications of your device.

How to set up a WEB-camera in Skype (Skype)

Setting up a camera in Skype is quite SIMple, to do this, turn on the Skype program (Skype), enter your username and password (or register). Next, go to the “Tools” tab, and then select the “Settings” item, as shown in the screenshot:

The settings window will open in front of you, in the left menu in the “General” section, click on the “Settings” item. Then the following window will open, in which you can enter the necessary settings for the WEB-camera in Skype:

How to set up a WEB-camera in classmates

To make calls on the Odnoklassniki social network, you just need to connect a WEB-camera to a computer or laptop and direct it towards yourself (try to sit so that the light falls on you, and not on the WEB-camera). Do not forget to check the sound from the speakers and if the microphone is connected. Naturally, you must install all the drivers for the WEB-camera, find them, as we have already said, on the disk, which comes with the camera.
Sometimes the absence of an image is due to the fact that you do not have a flash player installed, and for this you need to install the Adobe Flash Player program (it is free). Then everything will be SIMple: move the mouse over the photo in your friend’s profile, you will see a prompt with the offer “Call ?!”. Click on this button, and then allow the social network to Access your camera and microphone.

Step-by-step instruction. Skype setup.

  • First, you need to open skype and select the “tools” item from the drop-down menu.
  • In the “tools” select the sub-item “settings” and “click” on it. Skype settings window will open in front of you.
  • In this window on the left will display a menu of all settings that can be changed in the program. Select the item “sound settings” (It is the third from the top).
  • Further in the fields “microphone” and “speaker” (They are displayed in the main window) you need to select the name of the equipment that you have installed. If you do not know what hardware you have installed, you need to open your desktop and right-click on the shortcuts “My Computer”. In the menu that opens, select the “computer management” item. A control window will open in front of you. Important: if you see incomprehensible words there, or this is the first time you see this window, then strictly follow the further instructions, And without changing the second settings, so as not to break the wood in the settings of your laptop. So, in the window that opens, click on the “Device Manager” item. It is displayed in the left column of the opened window. After clicking, a list will open where you can see what equipment is installed on your computer. Find Matching Audio, Devices. Most likely they are located in the “Sound and game devices” item. If you have a “My Computer” icon on your desktop, DO NOT worry, the backs in the “Start” menu will have this shortcut, just right-click on it and then follow the instructions described above on how to set up Skype on a laptop.

How to set up Skype (Skype) on a laptop?

It is done, you have installed Skype on your laptop and now you can contact your friends even on the other side of the planet. You turn on Skype, add friends and start calling everyone, but here’s the bad luck: no one hears you and no one sees, or vice versa. You are seen but not heard, etc. What’s the matter? The program is new, downloaded according to all the rules, but there is a connection with the outside world.

The problem here is SIMple. the lack of proper microphone and camera settings. The fact is that on a laptop, a camera and a microphone are often already built into your device, and they do not need to be installed separately. This is where the “pitfalls” are encountered. In order to fix this, you need to do the following, and you will understand how to set up Skype on a laptop for free.

Install drivers.

So, you have done the above steps, but you still cannot hear the sound, and the webcam does not work. Most likely, the name of your equipment was not in the drop-down menu either. Now how to set up Skype on a laptop? The thing is that you SIMply do not have the drivers installed. We need to install them. Check if the software discs come with your laptop. If they are available, then the drivers you need are located on them. Install them from disk to your laptop. If there is a disk, or, for example, you have a netbook and a disk drive there, then check their presence on the hard disk. Perhaps the manufacturer recorded them there. If they are not there either, or you purchased a netbook or laptop without an operating system, then the drivers must be downloaded from the Internet. You can download them from the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop, or from unofficial resources that these drivers have posted. But it’s still better to download from the official website, so as not to download any virus or spyware.

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Moving on to setting up Skype on a laptop

To use all the features of this software, you need a gadget: a computer, laptop, second devices with the ability to access the Internet. But in each specific case, the installation of this program with its further configuration is required.

For those who use a laptop, there are problems with installation and configuration. The program is available to everyone and even a schoolchild can understand it. And if the laptop is equipped with a webcam and microphone, then its owner can even afford to make calls. So the opinion that Skype demonstrates all its capabilities only on a computer, and on a laptop, its functionality is limited is fundamentally wrong. In fact, it all depends on the speed of the Internet and the characteristics of the equipment. Even in the absence of a webcam and microphone, you can listen to the interlocutor through the sound reproduction system, Answering him in writing.

This application functions both as a phone and in background mode. It is important that the internet parameters allow communication. To do this, it is necessary that the Internet traffic for telephone communication is not less than 56Kb / s, and for. 512Kb / s. The question is how to set up Skype on a laptop. Arising in the users of this equipment has a very SIMple answer.

Free registration and installation of Skype on a laptop

If you have the Internet that has the required characteristics for the program to work, the process of installing and configuring Skype is very SIMple. The Internet can be either connected to a fixed point, fiber-optic type, or mobile. the main thing is that the operator’s capabilities and technical characteristics of such an Internet meet the requirements. In the second case, you need to consult with your provider about the possibility of using Skype. How to register in Skype you can find out by the link.

The first step is to visit the official website of the developer of the program, where you need to follow the pointers in the free download of the control installation file on the laptop, indicate which system is downloading.

The downloaded file is opened and the program is installed using the setup element. After the installation is complete, you will need to go through a quick registration, where you need to come up with a password and login. After entering these parameters, you will enter the program, where there are all the necessary elements to complete the settings.

After entering the password and login, a window will open in which there are several fields, the selection of which (check the box) will allow the launch of Skype automatically, immediately after the system boots and further visualization of photographs of the avatars of their interlocutors, if they have installed them. Auto included will not require the constant password entry in the future, however, this particular item will increase the load on the entire laptop system. So it is important to choose which is more convenient.

How to set up Skype on a laptop? Basic setup steps

Today, everyone who uses electronic systems with Internet access must use software that facilitates communication between counterparties, regardless of distance and completely free of charge. Such an application is Skype, which has been present for more than 12 years in the environment of the most accessible communication system, allowing you to send text messages, photos and files completely free of charge. It was with its use that real-time text communication and voice communication became available, and today calls among the users of this program.

Set up Skype for free on a laptop for free

Now you can restart the program and proceed to the main part. set up Skype for free on a laptop. The first input immediately activates the check of the program operation in all modes. She will offer to connect a headset, microphone, webcam. In fact, at this stage it is only important to do a sound check for now. All other items should not be touched, keeping their original data. If there is no response sound or the user’s voice is not heard, it is necessary to check the connection of all elements. The camera in working mode should broadcast the image directly to the laptop screen.

After this check, you can start installing your own avatar, if necessary. An existing personal photo or a photo that can be taken using a webcam, shrunk to the required parameters, is suitable here. Or, instead of it, SIMply install some kind of image taken from the Internet. Next, you need to press the button. “Use Skype”.

Further configuration can be done at any convenient time. For this, there is a section “Tools” in the upper working panel of the program window, in which the item “Settings” is selected. Here, each user is free to combine their own desires with the capabilities of the program, respectively, in the settings area. A window appears here, consisting of several items, select and configure, which the program itself offers.

Sound and its settings in skype on a laptop

A laptop with a built-in microphone allows you to select an additional one from the list of proposals. There is also a choice of speakers, besides the built-in ones. When headphones are connected and detected by the system, you can start adjusting the volume.

Skype setup

The section dedicated to the work of the image in the program allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, clarity and many parameters “for yourself”. Allows the use of an installed avatar when calling, which will be broadcast to the interlocutor. Very convenient when there is no desire for him to see the user.

The main items that are found in the settings menu:

  • “Security”. sorts callers’ data into desired and not.
  • “Announcement”. allows you to set the call volume level and select the alert signal itself that someone is trying to call or a message has come.
  • “Calls”. allow you to forward a call to a regular phone.
  • “Chat and SMS”. a section that allows you to change the design of the chat, correspondence, organizes the sending of SMS to phones.
  • “Additional settings”. work with the installation of new ports, indication of automatic updates and much more.