How to set up Internet on a Sony TV

TV-2 menu

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  • Home button (MENU);
  • go to “Settings”, then “Network”;
  • sections “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct” are included;
  • then go to “Wi-Fi Direct Settings”.

What you need to know?

The network adapter allows you to access the Internet wirelessly for SONY BRAVIA HDTV TVs. It can be integrated or connected to a TV via USB. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) connects the receiver to your home network.

The built-in adapter helps you connect your Sony TV to Wi-Fi without installing additional equipment. With this option, you can easily access the Internet and use all the features and services of Smart TV.

Reference! The availability of an adapter in the package depends on the TV model. Either you have it or you can buy it separately. Sony only fits UWA BR100.

Setup options

There are three ways to connect your Sony TV to Wi-Fi:

  • via the WPS key;
  • PIN-code input;
  • using SSID and network key.

details about each method of connecting SONY BRAVIA to Wi-Fi:

  • WPS key. Pairing with WPS simplifies setup and minimizes manipulation. You need to find WPS on your router. The subsequent actions look like this:
  • press the HOME key on the remote control;
  • go to the “Settings” section;
  • select “Network settings”;
  • go to “Wireless setting”;
  • select WPS (button);
  • then the system will offer to press WPS on the router.

Not all router models are equipped with this feature. Therefore, if you do not find the button, you will have to connect manually. by entering the network name and password from it.

  • Entering a PIN. You need to perform the same manipulations as when connecting via the WPS button. Only instead of the button, select WPS (PIN) to use the code. In the future, you need to follow the instructions of the system.
  • With SSID and password. SSID is the name of the wireless network. To connect, find out its name and network key (password). Once you have received this information and completed the first 4 steps, you need to click the “Scan” button. Then select the desired network from the search and follow the requirements.

After connecting Sony Bravia to Wi-Fi, it is recommended to update the list of applications. On the remote control, select Home, then “Settings” and “Network”. Click on the second item “Update Internet Content / Download Available Web Content”.

After the update is finished, press Home on the remote again. We will see the “Processed” section, where all installed applications will be. Click on “All applications” and “Add to my applications”. All.

See your Sony TV manual for a complete guide to connecting to Wi-Fi. View it if something didn’t work out, or write to us!

How to access the Internet via Wi-Fi on a Sony TV: our method

Some models of SONY TVs have a function that allows you to access the Internet using a wireless connection. There are several methods, each of which is discussed in detail below.

TV-3 menu

  • Home Button (MENU).
  • Section “System settings”, then “Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Turn on “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi Direct Settings” tab.
  • press the “Options” key;
  • choose the “Manual” method;
  • press the button “Other methods”;
  • the SSID and WPA key will appear.

Reference! The option is not available on all devices that are compatible with Wi-Fi Direct. For more information, refer to the user manual of your smartphone, tablet or PC.

For a video tutorial on working with Wi-Fi Direct, see the following video:

TV-1 menu

  • On the remote control (RC), press the “Home” (MENU) button.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Select “Wi-Fi Direct Mode”.

Setting up a wireless network

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Sony TV? It is important to know a few basic points:

  • use wired setup;
  • only UWA-BR100 adapter is supported;
  • the option gives access to the Internet, and the setting depends on the type of network and router.

Direct cable connection

There are several ways to connect. If the device has a LAN input, you can connect the TV to the Internet via a cable by connecting it directly to this port. With a dynamic IP address, a network cable connection will be created without any additional user action. The TV will immediately receive an IP address that opens access to the Internet.

If the provider provides a static IP, the subscriber will have to set the necessary parameters in the settings manually. In the TV menu, find the “Network / Network Connection” item and go to the “Configure Connection” tab. Using the remote control, you must select the “Manual setting” item and press the “Wired” button. Here you should enter the IP address and DNS, confirm the changes. After that, the user can independently build a route map.

What TVs can be connected to the Internet

You can connect the Internet to a TV that has the “Smart TV” function. With this technology, the user can change the device settings online. With the Smart TV option, the TV is connected to the Internet via a local network or using a wireless Wi-Fi connection.

You can go online from a regular TV without Smart TV. Before you connect the Internet on your TV, you need to prepare a TV set-top box to which you need to connect an HDMI cable. This equipment allows you to access the Internet from a TV without built-in Wi-Fi.

Connection methods

There are the following ways to connect your TV to the Internet:

  • direct connection using a cable for models with a built-in LAN connector;
  • using a Wi-Fi router, special set-top box or PLC adapter;
  • enabling WPS;
  • signal transmission through a computer or laptop;
  • setting “Smart TV”.

Knowing how to access the Internet from a TV using this equipment, you can take advantage of all the benefits of such a connection.

Via PC or laptop

Users can connect an old TV or any modern TV model to their computer or laptop. The device will operate in 2 modes:

  • Image repeat: TV acts as a display. You can open a browser and watch movies, but the device is controlled only through a computer. Use HDMI or VGA to establish the connection.
  • Reading data from a computer. You can get access to computer data using the established local network. The user will be able to watch movies and listen to music stored on the PC hard drive without an internet connection.

What is required to connect

Before connecting, make sure you have the necessary equipment:

  • router and configured internet access point;
  • LAN cable for direct connection.

The owner of the television device must first study the technical instructions for the TV and find out his IP address for further settings. It is recommended to obtain information about the type of connection provided by your ISP. There is static and dynamic IP or PPPoE, which also needs to be considered.

Through a router

The router allows you to connect several devices to the Internet: computer, laptop, TV. Through the port of the router, you can connect to the TV using a cable or via WI-FI. In the first case, one end of the cable is connected to the built-in TV port, and the other to the input located on the back of the router and marked in yellow. If everything is done correctly, data from the router will be transmitted to the TV, on the panel of which the port indicator will light up. Finally, you need to select the type of IP used and manually enter the necessary data.

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You can establish a Wi-Fi wireless connection on a TV device equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. To activate it, you need to do the following:

  • check the functionality of the connected router;
  • open the device menu and in the settings go to the “Network connection” item, if necessary, indicate the type of connection. wireless;
  • in the list that appears, select an available wireless point of your home network;
  • enter password and wait for connection.

If there is no Wi-Fi adapter, you can connect to the Internet using WPS. Wi-Fi Protected Setup. To do this, you need to know the login and password set on the router. There is a WPS button on the back of the router, you must press and hold it for a few seconds, then activate the WPS function on the TV, if necessary, enter a special code.

How to connect and configure the Internet on a TV?

Many TV owners would like to access the Internet from their devices without using a PC. Knowing how to connect a TV to the Internet, a person can not spend money on buying a computer or laptop. This can be done using a headset and special equipment.

Through a TV set-top box

You need to understand what you need to connect. Standard TV set-top boxes from different manufacturers have the functions of watching TV, browser, and home theater. They are analogous to “Smart TV”. The set-top box connects to a router using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, and to a TV via HDMI. IP address settings are set in the STB menu.

An Android set-top box is an analog of a mobile phone or tablet, the interface of which opens on a large screen. Applications downloaded from the Play Market can be used from the TV. On TV, access to work with e-mail and instant messengers, viewing online channels via the Internet opens. To do this, you need to study the instructions for finding and setting up channels.

Such a set-top box allows you to connect the Internet to an old TV that does not have a Smart TV function or Wi-Fi receivers. In fact, this is such a minicomputer.

Do I need to clear the cache on the TV?

You do not need to clear the cache if you only use your TV to watch TV and not to access the Internet. Memory problems are not related to content, they can occur when browsing any internet pages and media files.

How to clear memory on your Sony Bravia TV?

  • Select [HOME] [Settings] [Applications]
  • Select [YouTube]
  • Select [Clear data] [OK]

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Sony TV?

How to connect the TV to the network using a wireless connection

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Network in the Network & Accessories category.
  • Select Network Setting.
  • Select Simple.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Select connection method.

How to update the browser on a Sony Bravia TV?

How to update the TV software?

  • Press the HOME button on the supplied remote control.
  • For Android 8.0 (Oreo) only: Select Apps.
  • Select Help.
  • Select System Update.
  • Select Automatic software download or Automatically check for update.
  • Select On.

How to install a new browser on a Sony TV?

Press the HOME or MENU button. Select Apps or Applications. NOTE: If the Internet browser is not displayed, select All Apps or All Applications, then select Internet Browser. Select Internet Browser.

How to increase memory on a Sony TV?

Connect the USB storage device to the TV. Press the HOME button, select [Settings]. [Device Settings]. [Storage]. the desired USB storage device. Format it as internal memory. When formatting is complete, press the HOME button, then select [Settings]. [Applications].

What is IPTV

The abbreviation IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which in English means television over the Internet protocol. The technology also provides for the use of digital packet data transmission. It should be noted that Internet TV and IPTV are significantly different. In the first case, you only need to connect to the World Wide Web to watch TV.

For the correct operation of IPTV, the Internet protocol is also involved, but this is far from the only condition. The broadcasting process is controlled by the provider, in some cases using closed channels.

How to watch TV channels over the Internet on a Smart TV?

The owners of modern Smart TVs are increasingly interested in the question of how to set up IPTV for comfortable viewing of popular channels? This is streaming technology. Providers offer similar services. However, you can set up broadcasting yourself, but first you need to understand what IPTV is.

How to watch TV on a computer

There are several ways to watch TV online on your computer. The simplest and most effective option is IPTV. To set up TV broadcasts, you need to download the VLC Media Player and then download the Playlists. When the player is installed on a laptop or computer, and the list of TV channels has been downloaded, open the Playlist in VLC. That’s all, you can enjoy watching.

The obvious advantages of setting up IPTV on a computer:

  • ease of customization;
  • no restrictions;
  • access to channels that are not available on all satellites;
  • no monthly fee.

If for some reason the considered option is not suitable, you can use alternative methods. Download special software to your computer. There is really a lot of software, but really working applications can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Pay attention to the “Eye TV” utility. It is a program with an intuitive interface. The utility takes up a minimum of free space. Install the software, then you can watch TV. No registration and channel setup required.

The third option is perhaps the least effective. viewing channels online. You just need to open a dedicated website. Finding a portal in a search engine will not be difficult. Online browsing in the browser creates an additional load on the computer, which can cause freezes. Another disadvantage is the large amount of ads.

Pros and cons of IPTV

Interactive television IPTV opens up several useful additional functions for Smart TV owners:

  • recording of television broadcasting;
  • pause and rewind the air.

The functionality of IP-television is not limited to the traditional set of federal and regional channels. Even the extended broadcasting of cable or satellite providers can be inferior in the number of available Internet TV channels. All this applies primarily to pay Internet TV.

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You can also watch TV channels over the Internet for free. Self-connection to unencrypted networks allows you to customize the display of 150 TV channels, including educational and thematic programs. Mostly this service is included in the standard set of services of Internet providers, but you will not be able to find really high-quality content.

An obvious advantage of IPTV is the absence of the need to purchase expensive equipment, which is required to connect satellite television. All kinds of receivers and antennas are also not required. Mostly users have to pay for related work:

  • setting up your TV and equipment;
  • cabling;
  • Additional services.

Of course, all-Russian companies include such minor work in the cost of connection, but local providers charge subscribers an additional fee.

You can set up interactive television not only on a TV, but also on other devices:

  • tablets;
  • PC;
  • smartphones;
  • Smart set-top boxes.
  • viewing the stream using special Playlists;
  • setting up channels, creating lists with selected content from them;
  • recording a video program with saving to a media file;
  • display of volume, record indicator;
  • TV program viewing and recording planner;
  • background saving in multiple threads;
  • remote control of the content playback process;
  • multichannel sound.

Of course, IPTV also has certain disadvantages. Periodically, the signal is cut off, mainly due to the low speed of the Internet. For proper content transfer, a connection with a speed of 10 Mbps or more is required.

As for other disadvantages, they are not so significant. Signal transmission over the Internet Protocol is a really effective technology. Owners of outdated smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs may face certain difficulties. The point is that these devices may not support some functions.

Where to get Playlists

To watch TV channels on TV via the Internet, you need to use special Playlists. Free channel lists on some models are embedded in pre-installed applications. If your provider provides IPTV service, then free Playlists can be requested from him. The content can also be downloaded from the Internet, but this method carries additional risks:

  • poor image quality;
  • unstable display of TV channels;
  • periodically some channels simply stop working.

You can download free Playlists to your TV from dedicated websites, but this is not the safest way.

There are tons of proven resources that provide access to stable Playlists that are updated automatically. It is advisable to use such portals.

Installing the program on the TV and setting it up

Smart TVs allow you to use a wide range of different software. The main thing is to know how to properly dispose of the available opportunities. The developers have created many useful applications for watching TV. However, in the process of installing software, you need to take into account the model and functional features of the TV. The region of residence also matters.

For example, some operating systems offer access to a wide list of preinstalled programs, while on other models the software must be installed independently. This requires a stable internet connection. You can connect to the network using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

If the software was previously downloaded to a laptop, PC or tablet, then you can install the software on the TV from a flash card.

How to connect IPTV for free? The process begins with the installation of the corresponding application. Create a personal account in the program, and then log in to the system. The software may differ, but the TV tuning algorithm remains unchanged. To give users a real idea of ​​how to watch TV over the Internet on TV, consider a specific example.

Samsung Smart TV owners primarily use the Fork Store App Market. This program can be used on TVs from other brands as well. The software is convenient for efficient formatting of TV channels, you can sort them and create a list of “Favorites”:

  • Go to the official website of software developers. Forkplayer.TV.
  • Select brand name and TV model.
  • Read the instructions for the application.
  • Open the Fork Store App Market.
  • Select the SmileBY application from the drop-down list.
  • Reboot your TV.
  • The SmileBY widget will appear in the menu of available applications.
  • Turn on the program, and then select the first item in the list.
  • Go to the “Onlier Playlists” section.
  • Open the “Segaz” folder. Available Playlists are displayed in this directory.
  • Launch one of the available Playlists, for example, Rostelecom.
  • If a certain channel stops working, you can find it in another Playlist.
  • Turn on any of the available TV channels to watch.

At the bottom of the screen, a menu is displayed for quick tuning and sorting the list of found TV channels. You can create a favorite list by pressing a few buttons.

It is simply pointless to consider absolutely all applications with which you can configure IPTV. The list of programs will change depending on a number of important factors:

  • the location of the provider and user;
  • the presence of regional TV channels;
  • TV brands and models.

Now you know how to tune channels on your TV over the Internet. Remember that IPTV control is carried out using a regular remote control. The number of available channels is determined depending on the Playlist used. Free lists contain up to 150 channels. For a wider assortment, you need to subscribe.

Each user can edit Playlists and even create their own. However, this requires special skills.

Why watch TV over the Internet

Digital TV is the optimal broadcast technology. Data transfer is carried out promptly without loss of quality. That is why the decision was made to abandon analog television. As for IPTV, this technology is fundamentally different from the above methods of signal transmission. Data stream is transmitted via Ethernet cable.

How To Set Up Internet On Your Sony TV. Wi-Fi

Television over the Internet on the TV can be configured using the appropriate services of the providers. Many companies provide access to an unlimited number of channels at maximum resolution. Subscription is accompanied by additional services:

  • watching new films, TV series, cartoons;
  • announcements of television programs, new films;
  • detailed TV program.

IPTV is an interactive technology with online feedback and surfing the internet. In this component, this type of broadcasting is noticeably superior to other methods of channel tuning: analog, digital, cable and even satellite. The user will be able to in real time:

  • use video communication via Skype, Viber and other applications;
  • run all kinds of services, video games;
  • send messages;
  • surf the internet.

Given these arguments, it becomes clear why users prefer Internet TV.

If there is no Wi-Fi module

How to connect a TV without a built-in module to the Internet via WI-FI, but with the ability to use an external device? Everything is very simple. you need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the USB port of your TV receiver.

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Then, having entered the settings, select “Network”, “Network settings: wireless” and press the OK button located on the remote control. You will see a menu in which we select the desired connection.

  • “Setting from the list of access points (AP)”. selected if you have data for authorization and information about the name of your home network.
  • “Easy Installation (WPS Button Mode)”. is used if your router supports the ability to automatically establish a connection to Wi-Fi. This method can be called the simplest, since all that is required of you is to select this item and press the “WPS” button (holding it for a few seconds) located on the router. The setting will take place in automatic mode.
  • “Network setup (Ad hoc)” is intended if you want to set up a connection with your computer without Internet access, that is, a local.

Connecting via a router

After connecting, a window will appear on the screen notifying that an Internet connection has occurred. It disappears on its own, and no additional settings are required. you can immediately use SmartTV or update the firmware.

Settings for Smart TV

How to connect the Internet in different ways on the TV is now clear, but for the full use of the capabilities of Smart TV, just one connection to the World Wide Web is not enough.

We connect the TV receiver to the Internet

Today, Internet access is implemented on many devices, and the TV is no exception. The easiest way is to connect new models of TV sets to the Network. they have built-in Wi-Fi modules, and the setup is intuitive. However, you can also connect to the Internet on old devices using a cable connection and special external Smart set-top boxes. Read more about the various ways to go online through the TV. in the material below.


  • the first thing to do is go to the main menu;
  • in the upper right corner of the screen there will be a button to enter your account. click on it;
  • in the next window, you can enter your authorization data (if you have already registered) or continue creating an account on LG Apps. the “Register” button;
  • then you need to come up with a password and enter it together with your e-mail address in the form that opens, and then click on “Register”;
  • then check your email using your smartphone or computer and confirm the creation of the profile;

Sony Bravia TV: How to Connect to Wifi Network (Internet)

  • to enter your account, click in the upper corner “Login”;
  • enter your registration data, put a tick next to “Stay logged in” (next time you will not be prompted to enter data);
  • answer “No” in the window that appears, in which you are asked to enter additional information;

On Samsung Smart TV

To connect the Internet, cable or wireless, to a Samsung TV, you can use the instructions for the same LG device. The connection steps and the diagram are not much different, except for the names of the items in the menu (from the point of view it is easy to guess about the purpose of the buttons). But there are some differences in setting up Smart TV on a Samsung TV:

  • after connecting to the Internet, try to enter the Smart Hub menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
  • to check the Internet and Samsung Smart TV functionality, you need to launch an application, for example, YouTube.

If you managed to connect your Samsung TV to the Internet, and everything worked, then you can relax and start installing various kinds of applications from Samsung Apps, and enjoy watching videos and Internet TV.

Connection in newer TV models

The overwhelming majority of modern television sets have already built-in capabilities for joining the World Wide Web. All that is required of you is to correctly connect the device and configure the Internet. In practice, there are 2 ways to connect:

  • wireless connection of the device via Wi-Fi;
  • connection using a network cable.

over, the second option can be implemented both with the use of a router (router), and without it.


The whole connection procedure for a SONY BRAVIA TV (Sony Bravia) is similar to that described above for other brands of devices. But connecting Smart TV to the Internet and setting up Smart-functions are somewhat different from those considered.

  • First, press the key on the remote labeled “Home”.
  • Click on the button with the image of a suitcase in the corner of the window and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • In this window, select the item “Network”.
  • Now click on “Update Internet Content”.
  • A connection to the Sony Entertainment Network server will start to configure the services that are currently available.
  • After the end of the tincture, Bravia will display a message with a recommendation to return to the main menu by pressing the “Home” button. But you need to ignore this offer and click on the “SEN” button, after which you will see a list of channels with video and a list of applications, both foreign and Russian.
  • It may take some time for the Sony unit to update. By clicking on the sign “” or “All applications”, you will see the entire list.
  • Having decided on the choice of content, click “Open”, after which the broadcast will begin.
  • The TV channel you like can be added to the quick access list by clicking on “Add to my applications”. The list appears initially when you press the “SEN” key.