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How to send a song from iPhone in WhatsApp

How to send a song to WhatsApp from iPhone

Since it is Apple’s policy to actively counter the illegal distribution of copyrighted content (in other words, piracy), iOS users often do not know how to send audio to WhatsApp. The version of the application for this platform itself does not send audio to WhatsApp, so you will have to use the help of a third-party application. Download the iTransfer app. it was created just for such cases. There are both paid and free versions of the application, which are distinguished by an abundance of ads. But the application copes with its function perfectly and allows you to send the interlocutor any audio file available on the phone.

iTransfer works in both mobile and web versions and can be installed on a computer. To transfer a song:

  • Download the application, install it, go to it. It will show all folders on your device and files in it.
  • We need the “Music Library” folder. We open it. all the music files that are contained in the phone’s memory will be here.
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  • We select the composition we need or the entire playlist and press the “Open” button.
  • In the list of applications that opens, select Whatsapp, the application will redirect us to the messenger.
  • Select the user to whom you want to send music and click “Send”.

Unfortunately, in the latest updates of the free version of the application, the function of sending files to instant messengers was removed. To send files to WhatsApp, you will have to purchase the paid version of the application.

There is a more complex way to transfer data using iCloud Drive. To send music in this way, you need to log in to the website using your Apple ID, during the authorization process, click the “Trust” button, so as not to repeat the two-factor authentication procedure later. After opening iCloud, select the iCloud Drive, upload music to it. Open File Explorer on your phone, select the songs to send, and select the app you want to send the files to. In the messenger that opens, select a contact and click “Send”. The music will be loaded into the dialogue.

How to send an audio or song to Whatsapp

Music is an integral part of our life. with its help, we can express an emotion or cheer up the interlocutor. Today we’ll talk about how to send a song to WhatsApp.

How to send a song to WhatsApp via phone. Android

To do this, we will need to open the application and a dialogue with the user we need. Click on the icon with a drawn paper clip. a list of types of files that can be sent to WhatsApp will open. We need audio files. they are indicated by the headphone icon.

The file storage will open with your saved songs. You can select one song or a group of files. We send the selected files to the interlocutor as a regular attachment. To forward a song sent by another user. You need to go into the dialogue, find the message with the song, hold it down and wait for the arrow icon to appear. After that, open another dialog and send the file.

Why Can’t Send Song or Audio to Whatsapp

There are restrictions on sending files to WhatsApp. Unable to send a file or group of files larger than 100 MB. Also, the messenger will not send unsupported formats or packed into archives.


When creating your own media files and sending ready-made ones, it is important to consider the limitations of Watsap:

  • File size no more than 16MB;
  • The duration of the video is no more than minutes;
  • GIF files will not send and display correctly without installing a dedicated converter.

Send music by email

The app does not always save audio recordings in folders, so your favorite WhatsApp song that a friend sent you may get lost. The third way to solve the problem is considered more reliable. This is sending one or several records to your e-mail, from where it will not be difficult to download files.

You can send a message with attached music or video via the cloud by uploading files to it. This is especially easy with the iPhone. Disadvantage of the method: wi-fi is required and preferably with unlimited, since this procedure will eat up a lot of traffic if there are a lot of files.

You can accidentally delete a chat along with the music that was sent in it. To avoid such embarrassment, it is recommended to make backup copies of message histories through archiving.

Users can not only exchange text messages with each other, they also need to know how to send a song to WhatsApp so that the other person can enjoy a novelty or just an interesting recording.

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In addition to sending audio to WhatsApp, there are a number of additional nice features. It was not just that it was chosen by more than a billion users from all over the world.

  • Send and receive voice and text messages in real time;
  • Transfer media files, including audio;
  • Make voice and video calls using the Internet connection

How to throw a song to the interlocutor in Votsap?

How to send a song via WhatsApp

The world-famous WhatsApp messenger allows you not only to call and send messages, but also to share interesting content. The user can please friends, colleagues, acquaintances or relatives with a funny video, bright photo or favorite song. The application contains a lot of useful options that make communication comfortable and enjoyable. But not all program users know how to send a song to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp functionality

In addition to sending audio to WhatsApp, there are a number of additional nice features. It was not just that it was chosen by more than a billion users from all over the world.

  • Send and receive voice and text messages in real time;
  • Transfer media files, including audio;
  • Make voice and video calls using the Internet connection

How to throw a song to the interlocutor in Votsap?

Converting audio messages, voice notes, sound recordings and more

Except WhatsApp audio messages, voice notes, the same media converter can be used to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3, convert Samsung Voice Recordings from 3GA to MP3, etc. It is a very useful media player, converter, burner, transfer tool.

Update 2017: this post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated to reflect the new software UI through the above video demo in 2017.

Update Jun 2018: the media converter now provides native support to.opus format. You do not need to change file extension of WhatsApp audio message, voice note from.opus to.mp3.wma or other common audio file extension any more. you can directly import them to the media player, play them with the built-in player and convert them to other audio formats.

The first option is the iCloud service

Before using this method, you need to understand that the user will need free access to the computer and iPhone at the same time. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Download on PC all the necessary songs in supported formats.
  • Open the official iCloud resource.
  • Authorize the user, enter your unique Apple ID in the field.
  • Sync devices, pass two-factor authentication, and allow sign-in.
  • An SMS with a confirmation code will come to the iPhone, enter the code into the line on the PC.
  • After that, the user opens iCloud login.
  • Select iCloud Drive from the icons presented.
  • In the cloud on the top bar, click the download icon, open all the required audio files.
  • When all the selected files are uploaded to the cloud, continue on the iPhone.
  • Open the standard “Files” application, you can also install it from the AppStore.
  • Upper display panel in the right corner, click the “Select” button.
  • All previously downloaded songs will open, mark all the necessary.
  • In the lower left corner, find the square icon with an up arrow, press.
  • The user will see icons with messengers, select Whatsapp.
  • Mark contacts to whom audio files are to be sent.
  • Click on the “Send” button, in the window that appears, confirm the transfer of the file.

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to save files on Athos and overload the device’s memory. All compositions are conveniently stored in the cloud, if necessary, you can easily drop the desired track to any of your contacts.


When creating your own media files and sending ready-made ones, it is important to consider the limitations of Watsap:

  • File size no more than 16MB;
  • The duration of the video is no more than minutes;
  • GIF files will not send and display correctly without installing a dedicated converter.

How to save media from WhatsApp?

We will immediately give an answer to the question of where Whatsapp photos are stored. in the smartphone gallery, with any download method they will be transferred there.Android

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the “Chats” button on the top bar;
  • Select the desired conversation and open it;
  • You will see a gray “Save” arrow over the picture;

How to send a photo from phone to phone via Vatsap?

If you need to send a photo by Watsap to the phone number in a batch. do the following:

  • Open the messenger, go to the “Chats” window;
  • Find the desired dialogue and enter it;
  • Click on the button in the form of a plus sign or a paper clip (depending on the operating system used);
  • Select one image;

How to download a voice message from WhatsApp?

Open the whatsapp. media. voice notes folder with any conductor; there, among the folders, we look for the date for which day you need to save the audio. open the desired folder, all files are permissions

How to Transfer Song from iPhone to Another Phone?

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
  • Launch iTunes and go to File Devices Transfer Purchases from [your iPhone name] to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes.
  • Connect target iPhone to computer and open iTunes.

How to save a voice message in WhatsApp?

How to save a voice message to WhatsApp

To record, press and hold the microphone icon located at the bottom right of the screen. Then send the record. Such audio files are saved as backups on the phone or virtual storage, if this option is activated.

How to send a large audio file to WhatsApp?

How to send a large video to WhatsApp

  • Open a chat with the person (or people) to whom you want to send a large video (or other media file, as well as a document).
  • In the line of the message set, click on the icon for sending a file with the image of a paper clip and select “Document” from the menu that appears.
  • In the list of your media files, select the desired video and click on it.
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How to save music from WhatsApp to phone memory?

  • Log into the WhatsApp application;
  • Go to settings;
  • Find the “Data and Storage” section;
  • Go to the block “Media startup”;
  • Determine the option of saving. via a mobile network or via Wi-Fi and check the box next to “Audio”.

How to get a voicemail from WhatsApp?

Open the whatsapp. media. voice notes folder with any conductor; there, among the folders, we look for the date for which day you need to save the audio. open the desired folder, all files are permissions

How to send an audio file via WhatsApp?

To forward media, documents, locations, or contacts:

  • Open an individual or group chat.
  • Press and hold the message you want to forward. You can select multiple messages.
  • Click Forward.
  • Select the chat to which you want to forward the message or media file.
  • Click Submit.

How to throw music into telegrams from iPhone?

How to Send Music to Telegram from iPhone?

  • go to the player on the phone;
  • click on the desired track;
  • select “Export file”;
  • click on Telegram;

How to send music to WhatsApp from iPhone?

Instructions: how to send a song to WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp app;
  • Go to the section with chats;
  • Find a conversation with the right user;
  • Click on the paperclip next to the text entry field;
  • A small menu will appear. click on the “Audio” icon;

Is it Possible to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone?

How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone using the iTunes Store. With iTunes Store, you can also transfer music from iPhone to iPhone. … Select “Music”, go to the “Not On This iPhone” tab and select “All Songs”.

How to throw audio into telegrams?

For the phone version, you need to do the following:

  • Open a chat with your buddy.
  • Click on the paperclip in the right corner of the message set.
  • Select “Music”.
  • Find the file you want (all tracks will be automatically detected).

Where is WhatsApp audio stored?

On Android phones, media is saved automatically in your WhatsApp / Media folder. If you have internal storage, the WhatsApp folder is in Internal Storage. If you don’t have internal storage, the folder will be on your SD card or External SD card.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Music from iPhone?

Music program

The most frequently used tool for finding, listening and organizing audio recordings by iPhone owners is the Music program preinstalled on Apple devices. Among the capabilities of the specified software there is a tool that allows you to transfer links to songs from the catalog of the Apple Music service to other users, including through the WhatsApp messenger.

    Open the Music program. Find the track to be sent and start its playback.

Expand the player to full screen and call the menu applicable to the actions being played. for this you need to click on the three dots located at the bottom right. Select the item “Share song” in the displayed list.

Doing the above will display a menu showing the available ways to send content. When performing the operation for the first time, the messenger cannot be detected here. Therefore, scroll through the row of icons to the left, tap “”. Next, activate the switch located near “WhatsApp” and then click “Finish”.

We select the WhatsApp icon in the send menu. In the automatically launched client of the information exchange service, mark the chat, where the link to the audio recording from Apple Music will be sent. Or, using the “Search” field, we find the addressee in “Contacts” and put a tick in the checkbox to the right of his name.

After completing the selection of the recipient (s) of the song, click “Next”. Now we tap “Send.” in the upper right corner of the screen. immediately after that, a message with a link to a musical composition will be sent to the destination.

Streaming service

It is worth noting that the “Share” function described above using the example of Apple Music is present in the vast majority of programs that are in one way or another capable of interacting with musical works. For example, in the interface of clients of streaming services and social networks, the option call element looks different and is located in different places, but usually it is not “hidden” too deeply. Thus, to solve the problem voiced in the title of our article from the iPhone, regardless of the preferred service and software for listening to songs, you need to perform three steps.

    We launch the “music” application and find the location of the “Share” interface element, call the function. Three examples:

      YouTube Music:

How to transfer music �� files on WHATSAPP from iPHONE

We indicate “WhatsApp” in the menu of available methods for sending content, select the recipient in the launched messenger, click “Send”

The result will not be long in coming. almost instantly the addressee will be able to open the received message, follow the link from it and listen to the musical composition recommended by the initiator of sending.


The WhatsApp Android app itself is equipped with tools that allow you to attach any audio recording to the message that is sent to the chat. In addition, you can use third-party software to send songs from your Android device without having to open the messenger on purpose.

Share function

If the desire or need to transfer a musical composition to a person registered in WhatsApp (or a group of persons) arises not in the process of correspondence, but while working (listening, organizing) with audio files through any Android application, you can use the function “Share “.

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This feature is very simple to implement, and in order to demonstrate the principle that you need to follow, we will solve our problem using two examples. transferring a song from a file manager and an audio player.

In order to send music via WhatsApp, the following instruction uses the capabilities of the file manager developed for its operating system by the “corporation of good”, but, following the algorithm below, you can transfer from virtually any “Explorer” for Android. in this case, only the location of the called functions differ in the application interface and, possibly, option names.

    Launch the file manager and use it to navigate to the directory where the audio recording to be transferred via WhatsApp is located.

Further actions are two-variant:

    Long press on the name of the song, select it. If you wish, mark a few more songs by ticking the names of their source files. After completing the selection, click on the “Share” icon at the top of the screen.

Or start playing the song and tap on the “Share” icon on the player screen.

The next step is to select the messenger as the channel for transmitting the audio file (s) to another user. Find the “WhatsApp” icon in the menu that opens and click on it.

This opens the WhatsApp app showing the Send screen. Click on the title of the chat where the track is transferred, or find the addressee in “Contacts” by touching the “Search” icon at the top of the screen on the right, and by tapping on his name set a mark on it.

After completing the selection of the recipient or recipients, we press the button with the paper airplane. an audio recording or several will immediately begin to be transmitted to the chat.

Music player

As in the case of the file manager, the instructions below describe only a general algorithm of actions, involving the transfer of a musical composition via WhatsApp from a specific application. That is, in other than the AIMP players shown below for the example, the location and names of the interface elements calling the target function may be different.

    Open the player and go to the playlist containing the audio recording sent through the messenger.

Long press on the name of the musical composition to open its context menu. Select the item “Share” in the list of available options.

We find the “WhatsApp” icon in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen. Next, we indicate the recipient of the song in the list shown by the launched messenger.

We tap on the button with a paper airplane and wait for the completion of the transfer of the audio recording to the recipient.

Cloud service

Recently, cloud services have gained immense popularity, and those users of Apple devices who store their music files in these storages can easily transfer one of them via WhatsApp using the functions of the “cloud” client program. We will consider the procedure using the example of Dropbox, but in competitive solutions that involve sending files via WhatsApp, the actions are almost the same as the algorithm proposed below.

    Install the software for working with the “cloud” on the iPhone from the Apple App Store and launch it. Next, log in if you already have an account in the service, or register in the system.

From the smartphone itself or any other available and capable of interacting with a cloud service (for example, a computer), we unload audio recordings to be sent via WhatsApp to a remote storage.

Learn more: How to use the Dropbox cloud service
Using the Dropbox for iOS application, go to the directory where the file of the musical composition sent through the considered information exchange system is placed.

We call the audio recording menu by touching “” next to its name and then touching the item “Copy link”.

Now you need to select “WhatsApp” in the menu of available ways to send the file, and then specify the recipient in the messenger program that starts automatically and tap “Next” at the bottom of the screen on the right.

We press “Send”, after which the audio recording, or rather, the link to its source file located in the “cloud”, will be immediately sent to the chat with the recipient.


Sending music to other users via WhatsApp for Windows in the same way as in the case of the above-described mobile messenger options is feasible in one of several ways and they are all very simple.

Send Music via WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows

The ability to transfer audio recordings via WhatsApp is not as often used as, for example, sending a photo or video, but it is a very popular function of the messenger users. There are many tricks with which it is possible to send any piece of music via WhatsApp to your contacts, and the article demonstrates what actions you need to perform on an Android device, iPhone and PC in order to carry out this, in fact, a simple operation.

Regardless of the software environment where the WhatsApp application operates, the transfer of media files through the messenger is not only possible, but also carried out in more than the only way, which allows you to share a musical composition with your interlocutors in almost any situation. Next, we will consider the solution to the problem voiced in the title of the article by Android, iOS and Windows users in order. Note that all methods of transferring music assume that the data of its recipient has been added to the address book of the sender’s messenger.