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How to Recover WhatsApp on iPhone after Deleting

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Cloud backup

To successfully restore a cloud backup, you must use the same phone number with the cloud account that was used for the backup. To restore it, you need to uninstall and reinstall the application, open the service and confirm the phone. Then the application will offer to restore the previously saved messages with media files. Upon completion of the specified procedure, the user will have to complete the action by clicking next. After that, chats with renewed information will appear. If more than 7 days have passed since the deletion, the copy will not be saved. If the function of sending data to the cloud has never been installed before, then all information will be saved in a local backup. Then you will need to use the above instruction.

Recovering WhatsApp from phone after deleting

Whatsapp today is not an easy means of entertainment, but a means of communication, a working tool. How to restore WhatsApp on phone without losing data is a common user request. Here’s what to do and in what situation.

Through a local backup

Local type of data backup in WhatsApp is done randomly every day. On an Android smartphone, iPhone, data is stored for 7 days. If the time for copying the information has not been specially selected, then the telephone data is saved at 2 am. You can return the correspondence to WhatsApp in the following moments:

  • If, before the account was accidentally deleted, the person did not set up a backup to Google Drive. In such a situation, the process is automatic after a long press on the information recovery. The system will start generating a packet with data until the account is deleted.
  • If the user wants to restore data not in 7 days, but in the first 6. The process will be started manually.

It is worth pointing out that data recovery via a local backup can only be performed on a smartphone. On iPhone, working with the file manager is prohibited due to the fact that there is a closed file system.

To restore Votsap, a deleted dialogue, you must follow the following step-by-step instructions:

The last step during the installation of the application is to click on the data recovery button. Then it remains to wait until the process ends.

Via Hetman Partition Recovery

If an archive with copies is lost due to accidental deletion of an application or formatting, you can restore the lost information through Hetman Partition Recovery. This is a free utility for a computer that can be downloaded from the official website of the service. You can find it among the first positions on the search engine. After the program from the official site is installed, the user needs to follow six steps:

  • Connect the phone or memory card to a personal computer;
  • Log in to the service to restore and open the media for verification;
  • Start the analysis and click on readiness at the end;
  • Open the Databases folder on the left;
  • Select archive and click on restore.

After the last step, the program will be able to recover the deleted file with the copied data. To restore the application, you will need to upload the service further and agree to the renewal of data. After a couple of minutes and clicks, the information will be restored.

Recovery features on iPhones

Returning deleted data to iPhone can be done through an iCloud backup. Before starting to return the lost data, you need to make sure that the backup file exists. To do this, you need to open the messenger, go to the settings, enter the “Chats” and open the “Backup” item.

When saving the date of chats, the procedure can be performed by logging into the cloud storage and understanding the availability of free space on the phone. In addition to the above conditions, you must be connected to the Internet and have sufficient battery power. This completes the preparation. You can start recovering information. To do this, you need to remove WhatsApp, install the messenger, check the phone number and restore from a copy. The system will then be able to return the application to the iPhone with the saved information. At the same time, not only correspondence, group and individual chats will be saved, but also media files (photos, documents and videos).

Is it possible to recover data without access to a phone number

The correspondence in the messenger often contains user data: from documents and bank cards to photographs and love messages. Contact information is lost due to unintentional, deliberate deletion of a message, user chat, telephone breakdown, uninstallation of an application, formatting of a memory carrier, loss of information after a telephone flashing. Therefore, many users of the application ask the developers for instructions for action.

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You can restore Whatsapp if you do not have access to a phone number using the Google Drive archive, a backup copy of the device and a special program. To return a deleted chat or the entire account to iPhone, you need to use cloud storage.

How to restore WhatsApp on phone if accidentally deleted

It is possible to restore WhatsApp after deletion for free, if it was unintentionally deleted, at any time. The main thing is that the user retains the old SIM card to which the application is linked. With regard to displaying information about lost data along with the resumption of the service, in order to restore SMS in WhatsApp, the following conditions must be met:

  • there was access to the phone on which the service was installed, and the factory settings were reset on the phone to restore data within 7 days;
  • the information was backed up from the application to Google Drive, after the service was accidentally removed and the Google account was connected to which the backup was connected, this option will allow you to restore the entire conversation history to WhatsApp with all the data sent by media files.

It is possible to return WhatsApp to Samsung and phone with contact information via local backup or cloud storage.

Features of recovery on Windows Phone

According to an official source, since 2020, the messenger has stopped supporting this operating system. For this reason, the service functions on these devices stop working. The app company recommends that such users migrate to Android or iOS. It is worth pointing out that you can restore the application and chat history on Android and on Ayos, if you follow the instructions above.

Third-party applications to help

There are third party apps to recover Whatsapp data. You can consider some of them.

Recovery method immediately after deletion

Let’s say that Whatsapp was deleted by accident, through the fault of the user. There may be other reasons. For example, an update error left no choice but to uninstall the program. The phone remains intact, nothing prevents you from recovering data.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone (Without Backup) Retrieve Whatsapp Messages

This is a simple case that is easy to fix by following these steps:

  • Open the App Store and find in the Applications menu. Next, enter the AppleID
  • Enter “My Purchases” and find the WhatsApp application, click on the cloud icon “download”.
  • After installation, click on the “open” button.

Next comes the usual Whatsapp authorization procedure. During it, the application will ask you to recover from iCloud. It is important to save in the Cloud in advance in order to be prepared for such situations. The Whatsapp application will open. It will contain all groups, chats with users. No contact will be lost.

Restore WhatsApp Backup to iPhone

In recent years, Whatsapp has become popular. Including on iOS, which is the most popular mobile system after Android. People exchange messages, valuable thoughts, join groups, where they communicate and exchange information. It so happens that after a breakdown or a virus in the gadget, the application can be deleted.

You need to be prepared for such a situation and have in your arsenal the knowledge of how to restore Whatsapp on the device. Otherwise, valuable contacts and information will be lost forever. Whatsapp for iOS leaves behind an account, user information, downloads, and other information. Recovery is possible.

Data recovery after complete deletion

If Whatsapp has been completely deleted from the phone, then it is almost impossible to recover data and messages on a new iPhone. The fact is that the application does not store anything in the Cloud. All information is stored in the device’s memory. There is a special folder for this.

Its removal can occur due to the fact that the user simply updated the entire system, made a full reset after an error, or purchased a new iPhone. Recovery is only possible through the storage server. But this is only possible if the user has set a backup in the Whatsapp settings so that the information is stored outside the phone.

Local backup

To create a local backup, you must first set up the Google Drive from which it is made. You must specify a personal account. Then, in the “Backup” item, set the execution of this operation by setting the frequency of copying to disk.

On a computer, you can go to the site and there, after passing through the identification, find the “backups” section. It will contain the item “whatsapp backups”, and the user’s phone number is indicated in parentheses next to it. When you install Whatsapp on your phone, the application will ask if you need to restore the correspondence from the Google drive. The process will take a long time.

If the local copy is in the phone memory, then in the Databases folder. Files of extension msgstore-YYYY-M-D.db.crypt12. Here YYYY is the year, M is the month, D is the day. These files can be transferred to SD card or flash memory via USB. When Whatsapp has to be reinstalled again, these files must be returned to the Databases folder, which the messenger will automatically create again.

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There you can restore your WhatsApp backup to iPhone. The messenger itself will find these crypt files upon request during installation. You can also put back the video files that should be in the Media folder on your phone, also in the Whatsapp folder.

Via iCloud

It is possible to return the lost through the iCloud cloud if saving was set there. It is better to do this before there is a loss of data in the phone.

  • Go to the item “Settings”.
  • Open the “Chats and Calls” section.
  • In the “Chat settings” menu, select the “Chats backup”.
  • At this point, you need to set automatic data copying by ticking the appropriate checkbox.

If you take these steps, the user’s information will be on iCloud. In the event of an unpleasant incident, the user can easily restore it without a backup in the phone itself. In the Chat Settings menu, you can periodically check the Chat Backup item. There will be a line “Last backup”, and next to it will be the last date the data was updated on iCloud. Now, breaking the iPhone or resetting the phone data does not lead to dire consequences. Before uninstalling the Whatsapp application, you need to check the latest copy creation date.

Updating to iCloud can be done manually. It is important to wait until the end of the operation, and then update the system, delete Whatsapp or perform other actions, during which data loss may occur.

Using iCloud will help restore WhatsApp on iPhone, save all correspondence, call information. In order to set up saving in the cloud server, you need to go to the phone settings and select iCloud there. It has a user account, and you need to log in through it.

There you need to check if the server is synchronized with the messenger. To write to the storage, you also need to set up the iCloudDrive service, inside which all the user’s saved data are securely stored. Access to data is also available on a specific site. ICloudDrive requires system eighth or even higher to work properly.

Errors may occur during the iCloud data recovery process. They are due to the fact that there is no space on the phone, iCloudDrive is turned off, and the Internet is weak. In the first case, you can delete unnecessary programs, then a place will appear. In the second, you just need to check the server status in the settings and turn it on. In the latter case, you can connect Wi-Fi.


The Fonelab utility is designed to recover from uninstallation. It can work with iTunes, iCloud. With the help you can recover whatsapp data, including photos, contacts, chats, groups. When the phone is connected to a computer, all data in the storage becomes available to the user. Including remote and existing ones. The user can choose what to restore. Works in situations: the phone is frozen, the password is lost, the phone has been completely rebooted or FoneLab files have been deleted with all types of iPhones.

Via iTunes

iTunes provides the ability to recover data for Whatsapp. Let’s say the user is updating the iPhone. He needs to rewrite all Whatsapp chats to the new model.

  • Need a computer with iTunes downloaded.
  • Older iOS phone required.
  • Connect it to your computer.
  • Open iTunes on your computer and start the “Backup” option.
  • Run “File. Devices. Backup”.
  • Wait for the process of the end of file synchronization.

Data recovery in progress on new iPhone. It must be connected to the computer. After that, a message will immediately appear in iTunes about the restoration of the copied information. All that’s left is to restore WhatsApp from an iPhone backup. The copying process starts. After completing the process, activate it. To do this, you must go through the identification process, and to do this, enter the phone number. After the transfer process, all correspondence will be on the new iPhone.

How to recover Whatsapp

Want to recover WhatsApp with message history? Can this be done? Yes, and you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to do it on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Via Hetman Partition Recovery

If the archive of copies has disappeared due to accidental deletion or formatting, then the history of WhatsApp’s correspondence can still be revived. An application called Hetman Partition Recovery will help with this. It is available free of charge for downloading to a computer from the official website of the service. Use the link to go to the web resource:

After installing the program for recovery, you can proceed to the revival of Watsap. To do this, you need to perform 6 actions:
1. Connect phone or memory card to PC.

Log in to the recovery service and open the media in it for verification.

Run the analysis and upon completion click “Finish”.

In the left column, open the “Databases” folder in WhatsApp.

Next, the program will return the deleted backup to its original location. To restore WhatsApp using it, you need to follow the steps described in the previous subheading.

You can get back deleted chats on iPhone using an iCloud backup. Before starting the process of recovering lost data, you should make sure that the backup file exists. For this you need:

  • Open messenger.
  • Go to settings.
  • Enter the “Chats” section.
  • Open the item “Backup”.

If the date of saving chats is present, then you can start the operation to resume the messenger. To do everything right, the following conditions must be met:

  • The device must be signed in with the same Apple ID as in iCloud;
  • enable iCloud Drive in smartphone settings;
  • make sure there is free space on your phone and in iCloud.

TIP! In addition to the conditions mentioned, it is recommended to connect to a Wi-Fi network and ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged.

The preparation process is complete. Now you can start reviving the Watsap data. To do this, you need to do 4 steps:

  • Remove WhatsApp.
  • Install messenger on iPhone again. Download link:
  • Check the phone number. It must match the number previously associated with WhatsApp.
  • Click on the text “Restore from a copy”.

The system will return WhatsApp to iPhone along with all saved data.

When can it come in handy

Correspondences on messengers sometimes contain very important information. These can be phone numbers and bank cards, important documents or photographs that are dear to your heart.

Such valuable information is sometimes lost. Why? This may be due to the following situations:

  • accidentally or intentionally deleted a message or the entire chat;
  • breakdown of the phone;
  • removal of Vatsap;
  • formatting the storage medium;
  • data loss after flashing the phone.

Via Google Drive

For Android devices, WhatsApp stores copies of chats in the cloud storage on Google Drive. Only one duplicate data is saved here. Archive creation can be done automatically or manually.

Accept the terms of use of the messenger and privacy policy.

Enter the phone number previously registered with the service and click “Next”.

Enter the received confirmation code.

Click “Continue” and give permissions to the necessary system requests.

Agree to restore the backup and after the process is complete, tap “Next”.

Enter your name and make further settings.

As a result, not only text messages will be returned, but also media files that were sent through the messenger.

Phone backup

The WhatsApp messenger provides automatic backup of chats. Such archives are created daily at about 2 am. They save data for the last 7 days. Chat history files are stored in the internal memory of the device. Namely. in the “Databases” folder, which is located in the “WhatsApp” section.

If backups to Google Drive have not been created before, then data recovery will be performed using the archives saved on the phone. To return WhatsApp on a Samsung smartphone or other Android device in this way, you first need to uninstall the messenger. Next, you need to follow the same procedure as when restoring via Google Drive.

There are times when you need to return not the last, but an older archive of chats. To do this, you need to do the following:
1. Enter the file manager on the phone.

Rename the required archive to “msgstore.db.crypt12”.

Next, you need to reinstall the messenger and restore data using a backup.

To restore WhatsApp, with the previously existing correspondence, on a new smartphone or tablet, you must first transfer the file with the archive to the required device. To do this, from the “Databases” folder, copy a backup named “msgstore.db.crypt12” and transfer it to a new gadget.

Now you can install WhatsApp on your new device. In this case, the system will find the backup and offer to restore it. Agree with this and continue with the installation.

Recovery on Android

There are three ways to restore WhatsApp to your Android phone:

  • through the archive on Google Drive;
  • using a backup on the device;
  • using the Hetman Partition Recovery program.

What about Windows phones?

How to be users of smartphones with Windows OS, for example, Nokia phones? According to a statement on the official WhatsApp website, starting January 1, 2020, the messenger will stop supporting this operating system. Therefore, the service functions on these devices may be terminated at any time. Windows representatives recommend switching to gadgets with Android or iOS OS.

THE MOST IMPORTANT! Restoring WhatsApp with the history of chats is possible on Android devices and devices from Apple. By following the instructions in this article, you can revive your favorite messenger. This will return all text messages and media files.

If you forgot your password

If you forgot your WhatsApp password and lost your entire chat history, it can cause tons of trouble. The easiest way is to reset your password. It is also possible to restore messages using backup without WhatsApp.

To recover your password, you need to contact Support on the application website, or use the standard “Forgot password” form on your phone.

If you use the official site, you must follow the instructions on the page to recover the access code, provide your own email address. The service will e-mail a link that will allow you to set a new password.
After that, the subscriber will be able to enter WhatsApp with a new password.

How to recover Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication tools on the planet. But if the user accidentally deletes the application, buys a new phone or changes the number, he loses the old account and all data stored on it (messages, images, videos). However, there are several ways to help restore WhatsApp.

You may also need to restore your account if the phone was lost or stolen, and its owner deactivated it for security purposes. The application support service will help you freeze the profile for a while. In this case, the user will continue to be displayed in the contact list and receive messages.

When recovery may be needed?

Often, the account is deactivated by WhatsApp support itself at its sole discretion, leaving the right not to explain the reasons. This usually happens due to violation of the rules for using the messenger.

Among the main reasons for blocking a profile are:

  • distribution of advertising content;
  • sending spam;
  • inappropriate tone of communication with other users;
  • mass mailing of messages using prohibited utilities.

If the account was frozen through no fault of the user, the question still arises of how to restore it now. Within a few days after deletion, you can contact the administration of the messenger with a request to consider the possibility of restoring the activity of a previously blocked subscriber.

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You won’t be able to suspend the account or restore it without your SIM card from someone else’s phone. Messages are stored for a month. After the account is restored, they will be delivered to the addressee.

How to recover messages, photos, videos?

Even if you are unable to recover your password, you can still get all your messages back thanks to a free program called Free Recovery WhatsApp.

This tool allows you to retrieve any remote chat (including photos, videos and other message attachments). The tool is available to work on an iPhone or other phone.

To restore chat, you need to download the free application to your computer and follow the instructions in the guide:

  • To reset WhatApp password, firstly, launch Recovery Free WhatsApp on your computer. It will automatically detect a list of all backup files.
  • Select the backup file in the “Backup options” section.
  • After a few minutes, all WhatsApp data will be displayed. You can scroll down and up to view all transformations in detail.
  • To restore, you need to select the data you need and click the “Export” button. Then choose the save path.

The simple procedure requires you to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your gadget. This will restore all deleted data using automatic backup.

The main steps to complete this task in the shortest possible time are:

  • Remove WhatsApp from your device.
  • Reinstall the app on the device.
  • Click the “Restore” button when the boot system asks about it.

These are the simplest methods of recovering both the application itself and its data.

Whatsapp (WhatsApp) how to recover chat history after deleting on iPhone

Whatsapp is a convenient application for communicating between people, video calls and simple calls are available. Sometimes you need to resume messages that you accidentally deleted. You can’t do without a backup copy here. So, consider the topic: WhatsApp how to recover history?

How to restore a WhatsApp conversation without a backup

Alas, you can’t do without a backup created by your own hands or automatically by your phone. WhatsApp does not have its own repository for user information, so only you are responsible for its safety. When using for the first time, you need to check the settings and create an automatic copy in the cloud.

Via iCloud

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • Go to “Settings”, find “iCloud”.
  • Check if iCloud is enabled and if whatsapp is allowed to use it. This can be done by clicking on your account, as in the picture and look at the sliders, they should be green.
  • Made sure everything is included. Next, go to “Settings” in WhatsApp, find “Chats and calls”, select “Copy”.
  • The last copy will be displayed, if it suits you, then use it further, if not, then create a copy, as in the picture.
  • Next, you need to reinstall Datsap, after which you need to click “Restore from a copy” when the device asks about it.

The second method is related to the Tenorshare UltData program. You need to go into it with an iPhone connected to the PC. At the top of the window, select “Recover files from iCloud”. The computer will ask for your Apple ID and password. They need to be specified.

Run the scan, select the files of interest for recovery with checkmarks and click “Next”. Using the “Output Settings” button, you can set the location for recovering files: computer or phone.


How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

Deleted important messages by mistake. How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone? Renee iPhone Recovery, a dedicated program helps you

Lost contacts on iPhone 6 / 6s? Not sure how to recover them? You will find an effective solution in this article! Read

Restoring WhatsApp on Android from a backup

Many fans of the WhatsApp application take good care of the communication history created in the messenger. They don’t want to part with old chats, videos and photos. But sooner or later you have to change your mobile phone. And then you need to decide how to restore WhatsApp on a new phone. After all, on the old one you have to delete it.

The messenger developers have foreseen this problem and came up with a special function. To restore WhatsApp on phone after deletion, user needs to back up data. over, it is imperative to perform the operation before deleting.

Android owners can save a backup to Google Drive. And users with iPhones on the iCloud cloud. You can send there not only chats, but also media files sent in the messenger.

How to restore WhatsApp on the phone after deleting, Android will consider first. The first thing you should do is create a copy.

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • Press to bring up a menu of options at the top and right of the three dots.
  • Select “Settings” then go to chats.
  • There, select the function “Chats backup”.
  • Click on the big green button that says “Backup” to start the process. The more data in your WhatsApp, the longer it will take to create a copy.

On the same screen, you can adjust the frequency of copying to Google Drive so that everything happens automatically without your participation.

  • Tap the line “Back up to Google Drive”.
  • In the menu, choose how often you want to keep copies. There are options: daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Then mark which Google account to use, add it if necessary.
  • You can select the network through which the copy will be carried out.
  • And at the bottom, you can choose whether to send the video to the reserve. This is important because these files are the largest.

All settings can be changed at any time. Each new take will replace the previous one. A non-updatable copy is kept for about a year and then disappears. So it will be correct to copy shortly before deleting WhatsApp from your phone.

And restoring WhatsApp from a backup is very easy. When you delete the messenger on the old device, you need to install it on the new phone. If you have Android, download the app on Google Play.

During installation, after confirming the number, WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore backup duplicates. You just need to agree by clicking on the “Restore” button. If you refuse the procedure, the reserve will be lost.

In some cases, restore a WhatsApp backup. The reasons may be as follows:

  • You are using a different phone number.
  • You are not connected to the Google Account that stores the copy.
  • Device SD card or WhatsApp files are corrupted.

How to restore WhatsApp on phone after deletion and more

You will get information on how to recover WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. Use these instructions to restore WhatsApp after uninstalling the app and on a new phone.

Copy and Restore WhatsApp to iPhone

Now let’s find out how to restore WhatsApp on iPhone phone. As you already know, there the data is backed up in the iCloud storage. To do this, do this:

  • Go to WhatsApp, click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen to bring up a menu.
  • Open in “Settings”, then “Chats”.
  • The next screen will be the iCloud “cloud” icon.
  • Tap the Create Copy button.

Here you can also configure the automatic creation of the reserve. We talked in more detail about transferring chats from iPhone to iPhone here.

When the copy to iCloud is ready, you can restore WhatsApp on your phone after deleting. Uninstall the app on your old iPhone. And download the messenger from the App Store to install it on your new phone.

Next is the standard procedure for authorizing and confirming the number. The messenger itself will ask if you are going to recover the deleted Whatsapp. You just have to agree and wait until the backup is loaded.

After that, you can say that you have successfully completed the “Restore my WhatsApp” operation. All your data has been safely transferred to your new phone. See below how the installation on a computer takes place.

Is it possible to restore an account after deleting it

Sometimes the user discovers that WhatsApp has disappeared from the phone, whereas recently the application was in one of the folders or the shortcut was on the main screen.

This happens when a software failure occurs in the gadget or in WhatsApp itself. The user can unintentionally uninstall the program or hide the icon. To fix the situation, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to smartphone settings and see if WhatsApp is installed.
  • If you suspect that the technique is not working correctly, you need to turn it off. After that, you should remove the battery from the smartphone, install it in place and only then turn on the gadget.
  • In situations where the icon has disappeared, it is returned to the desktop. To do this, go to the list where all applications are listed. Press and hold the WhatsApp icon until the shortcut appears on the home screen.

Smartphone owners should remember that the correspondence is stored in the gadget itself, from which the profile was activated. Therefore, if you use a different device, old messages will be deleted. But in situations where the profile is linked to a Google account, you can search the cache for copies.

Account recovery may be required after it has been frozen. If the gadget was lost, then blocking the SIM card is not enough. It is better to contact technical support and “freeze” the profile. When needed, access to it can be restored.

To do this, you need to write to Support. The user will need a SIM card. Without a phone number, it will not work to resume communication in Watsap.

The system stores all messages received by the subscriber after the profile was “frozen” for 30 days. When it is restored, SMS will come.

Many users are wondering what to do if a person has forgotten their password to log into WhatsApp. The procedure for its restoration will be the same as described above.


If using an iPhone, all files must be saved to iCloud.

When you start the newly installed WhatsApp, you will be prompted to restore the backup from the archive. The account owner must confirm the action. So he will be able to download not only data about chats, but also about calls.


Android devices differ in that it is easy to recover files on them. The user enters the Play Market, downloads the program. When the app opens, it shows the country and phone number.

The blog about WhatsApp will send an SMS, it will contain the code that is indicated in the field. The process of login recovery ends the procedure. This is the name by which other people can find the user.

If a backup copy is saved on Google Drive or on a smartphone, the messenger will offer to use it. This will restore all correspondence, videos and other data. To do this, the account owner must click on “Restore”. After that, he will be able to continue using WhatsApp.

How to restore WhatsApp on phone after deleting

If the user was registered in WhatsApp, and then the program was deleted, the data from it can be restored. The reasons for deletion can be different. This is the purchase of a new phone, flashing the gadget or resetting the settings to the factory settings. But not everyone knows how to recover WhatsApp on their own.

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How to restore WhatsApp on phone after deleting

If there is a need to restore the application, the program is reinstalled first. The procedure is performed free of charge. Further actions depend on which platform the device is running on.

How to recover WhatsApp if your phone is stolen or lost

A smartphone or tablet can be stolen. If this happens, then to restore WhatsApp, you need to contact the support service of the mobile operator, deactivate the SIM card and “freeze” access to the profile. When a new smartphone is bought, you need to restore the messenger. To do this, you can use the following methods.

The first is based on the fact that the SIM card is being restored. It is inserted into the device, and then the program is activated.

The second option is suitable if the user wants to change it. In this case, you need to write a letter in WhatsApp, indicating in the title that the gadget was stolen. Technical support is asked to deactivate the account, in the text of the letter they must write a new number in the international format.

When the letter is sent, the account is activated, but with new data. In situations where backups are saved to Google Drive or iCloud, correspondence can be easily restored even with a new SIM card. Contacts can be restored from cloud services.

If the number is blocked, the support staff should write a message. The letter can be sent in Russian.

How to restore WhatsApp on a new smartphone with an old number

If you bought a new smartphone and the SIM card remains the same, you can quickly restore WhatsApp. First you need to find a backup. It is transferred to a new smartphone via Bluetooth or a new gadget is connected to a computer.

After that, the latest version of WhatsApp is installed on the new phone, but the program does not start. The copied files are saved on the new device in the Databases folder.

Then they launch the application, enter the data specified during registration. The system will prompt the user to perform the recovery, and he must agree. This completes the procedure.

Deleted WhatsApp can be returned?

Yes, you can restore all messages from your whatsapp-e correspondence in a few minutes! We will not “stretch” the article, but we will immediately write the essence of such recovery and instructions.

First, restore Whatsapp

  • If you have Android, then open GooglePlay (Play Store) and enter Whatsapp into the search, here is the link so as not to perform unnecessary actions:
  • If your gadget runs on IOS (iPhone or iPad), then download from the AppStore (iTunes):

Downloaded, installed! Then go through the standard authorization in this messenger and the fun begins here

Recovering chat and media files in WhatsApp

If all is well, after authorization, the application itself will offer to restore all your correspondence and media data. Just follow the prompts and don’t forget to turn on the Internet on your device (or Wi-Fi).

Please note that if you refuse to restore chats, files, then in the future this will no longer be possible!

As a result, all WhatsApp messages and pictures with video and audio recordings, “GIFs” will be restored! This very useful “feature” of the program will be very useful after installing WhatsApp on a new smartphone or tablet.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp and chats?

Hello everyone! What if you reset the phone settings and everything is deleted, all photos, videos, applications, including the Whatsapp messenger (WhatsApp)? What to do and how to get back deleted WhatsApp and all correspondence (messages), pictures and videos from whatsapp. we’ll talk about this today on the website!

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How to set up chat backup

In the options of the WhatsApp itself, there are such functions as. a backup copy of chats. This is a backup function, the program itself is tied to your account, so all files in whatsapp will be restored from your account (this is if everything and “everything” has been deleted on the smartphone or Smart is new)!

To find this backup in the program, you need:

  • Open “Settings” in WhatsApp itself;
  • We open “Chats”;
  • Then the item. “Chats backup”;
  • And at this point you can see the current size of the copy of your messages and media files, we advise you to immediately perform a “Backup” on the google drive;
  • And just below, select the frequency. “Daily” in order to avoid different “force majeure”!

The process of saving a backup to Google Drive will be in the notification bar:

Now I can’t say for sure. how this function is configured by default for you, but I set it up for daily copying of all files to the google disk (I have an Android smartphone).

The same actions are similarly performed on the iPhone, and messages, namely SMS on Android, can be restored using this instruction.

That’s all for today, tell your friends, let them keep their Vatsap correspondence in the cloud storage, from which you can restore all your data at any time.!

If using an iCloud backup

Click “Add iCloud Backups” in the iPhone app’s backup browser on the left side of the app, and then sign in to iCloud using the pop-up window. You will need an iCloud username and password.

Sign in to iCloud

If multiple backups are available from iTunes or iCloud, select the one containing your WhatsApp messages from the list of backups shown on the left side of the app. If you have an encrypted iPhone backup, you will be prompted for your backup password now.

Choose the iPhone backup that contains your data.

iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically check for backups in the default folder. If your backup is in a different location, select the folder by clicking Add Backups`.

Accessing iPhone Backups with iPhone Backup Extractor

How to Transfer or Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Difficulty: easy
Steps: up to 3
Time needed: 5 minutes

WhatsApp. it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 1.5 billion users and over 65 million messages sent daily. As with any data on your iPhone, WhatsApp chats are important and losing them can be a problem. Fortunately, there are several different methods you can use to restore or transfer your WhatsApp.

This article will guide you to recover and transfer WhatsApp data in three different ways. If you would like to transfer WhatsApp messages from one phone to another, using the ChatStorage.sqlite files, go to Method 3, which will guide you through this process.

  • direct access to WhatsApp backups
  • Quick access to WhatsApp chats from iPhone backup
  • transfer WhatsApp files from one iPhone to another using ChatStorage.sqlite

Accessing WhatsApp chats from iPhone backup

If you want to access your WhatsApp messages as a whole or individually, you can use this method to do so. We describe transferring WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another in Method 3 below.

Deleted WhatsApp messages can be quickly restored from iPhone backup in 3 steps:

  • Download and Install iPhone Backup Extractor
  • Find a suitable iTunes or iCloud backup
  • Use iPhone Backup Extractor to recover messages

WhatsApp conversations are not stored on WhatsApp servers, so they cannot be restored directly from the application itself. The good news is that your iPhone has most likely already saved your WhatsApp chats to an iTunes or iCloud backup. and you can extract messages that you have saved on your iPhone or iPad.

Restoring an iCloud backup on your iPhone can result in data loss as it will delete everything that was created after the backup. We do not recommend doing this if you are only interested in getting WhatsApp data and not restoring your phone to a backup state.

Make sure your device does not overwrite your last backup before launching. To do this, make sure your device is not charging or connecting via USB (iCloud backups can be updated and overwritten automatically if the device is connected to Wi-Fi, charging and locked).

Recover your WhatsApp messages

Once your iPhone backup is loaded into iPhone Backup Extractor, you will be able to see the number of WhatsApp messages found in your backup in the Overview pane.

Recover WhatsApp Data with iPhone Backup Extractor

If you want to extract all your messages, click on the WhatsApp icon to extract your messages. iPhone Backup Extractor will extract PDF messages by default, although you can also save your files in CSV or HTML format. We recommend that you extract your data in PDF format, as this format is easier to share and read on different devices. Saving as CSV files will save all your messages as text in a single file with images extracted to a separate folder, while HTML files will be saved as separate files that can be opened in a browser). To extract files in CSV or HTML format, click Extract in the top bar, then select WhatsApp from the drop-down list and select the file type you want to use.

Recovered WhatsApp Messages in PDF Format

When extracting your messages, you will be able to choose the location where you want to export the files. the folder with saved messages will open automatically after the export is complete.

Alternatively, if you prefer to extract individual chats, you can do so using the Preview panel of iPhone Backup Extractor. Here’s how:

Open your iPhone backup and select the Preview panel. Scroll down to find the WhatsApp icon in the left-hand list and select it. Select all the chats you want to export. Click Extract to extract selected messages in PDF format.

IPhone Backup Extractor Preview Mode Showing WhatsApp Messages

direct access to WhatsApp backups

When iCloud is enabled, WhatsApp can back up messages directly. This approach only works when using the same phone number and iCloud account. Methods 2 and 3 in this tutorial can be used for different numbers and accounts.

While this is the most direct way to access your messages, this method will not allow you to choose which messages you recover: it is an all-or-nothing recovery. Thus, direct use of WhatsApp backups is best used when transferring messages to a new iPhone, as long as the WhatsApp messages have not been transferred using the regular iPhone backup and restore process.

You can access the archived WhatsApp chat in the WhatsApp application itself by following these steps:

Open WhatsApp and click on Settings in the lower right corner.

Viewing WhatsApp Backups

Here you can see when the last backup was made.

To restore from an internal backup, you need:

Make sure there is a recent backup for WhatsApp. You can select Back Up Now to create a new backup (although note that this will delete data from the previous backup.).

Delete WhatsApp from your iPhone. This will delete all chats that have not been saved to WhatsApp.

Set up WhatsApp as usual with the same phone number you used earlier.

WhatsApp will ask if you want to recover your chat history from iCloud; to continue, click “Restore Chat History.