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How to put a photo on a contact in iPhone

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How to remove an avatar

If you do not want to show your photo to the whole world, remember how to hide and delete it.

For Android and Iphone, the action plan is identical:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu, click on the photo.
  • We select the parameter “Delete photo”.

To delete a photo in Viber, it is also enough to erase the image from the master device.

Change photo in Viber

Profile pictures can tell a lot about their owner. Today, not only friends, but even hiring managers pay attention to avatars, so the choice of image should be taken with special attention. What if you installed a low-quality snapshot during registration? How do I change my Viber photo? Let’s figure it out.

Change avatar

In order to install a new avatar in Viber, owners of phones and tablets with an Android platform need to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  • We go into Viber and click on the inscription “” in the lower right part of the screen.
  • A window has opened, at the top of which you will see a valid avatar or an empty square, in the middle of which the camera icon is displayed. You need to click on “Change” next to the photo or just click on it.
  • After that, a menu will appear prompting you to take an instant photo, or select a frame from those that are in your smartphone.
  • If you want to take a picture, choose the first option, pose and confirm the taken photo by clicking on “Install”. You can edit the image at any time.
  • If the required picture is in the gallery, select the second option, scroll through the opened folders with photos in search of the desired one. Next, click on the file and confirm the action with the “Install” button.

How to edit someone else’s picture

Not everyone knows, but in Viber you can change not only your photo, but also put a cool GIF or pig on the ava of any person from your contact list. After manipulation, messages from chats will come under the photo that you have set for a friend. And the best part is that no one will know about it.!

  • Open the application and select the “Contacts” or “Calls” menu.
  • We find the person whose avatar you plan to replace. Click on the description (name).
  • Above you will see three points, click on them, in the window that opens, select “Change”.
  • After that, the program will open the friend’s ava. Click on the picture that is opposite the name, and insert the one that you have chosen in its place. Now click on the checkmark. Done! A person will not know about the changes.
photo, contact, iphone

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible to change users’ photos only if their data is saved on a Google account.

To configure the synchronization of contacts with Google, do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Choose “Accounts”. “Synchronization”. Next, we find in the list the account with which you want to synchronize contacts, click “Finish”. The data transfer process will start automatically.

You can customize and completely change your contact images as many times as you want.

Assigning a Photo to Contacts. iPhone

On the computer

From a personal computer or laptop, changing the picture in Viber or putting your first photo on an avatar will not work. You can only change images from the mobile version. However, you shouldn’t be upset: all changes that you make to the application on your smartphone will be automatically installed on the desktop versions.

On iPhone

On the iphone, you can also take a snapshot (selfie or full-length), or select a file.

  • We go into the application, click on the item “” and in the window that opens, we find the profile photo.
  • We start replacing the image by clicking on the pencil icon (right next to the picture).
  • Choosing a camera sign in the center of the photo.
  • We click a new picture using the camera or insert a photo from the opened gallery.
  • We confirm our choice. Done, now the subscribers of your contact list see a new photo.

Where to get a new photo

Before you change a photo in Viber, you need to understand where, in fact, to take it from?

An option can be not only a photo gallery of the phone and its camera, but also hundreds of thematic sites offering their visitors avs for every taste.

Collected millions of images on the web, from passionate girls and cute cats to bunnies on a bike and inspirational quotes.

You can change the avatar as many times as you like, so you can immediately pick up several options for profile photos.

Possible problems

It happens that when changing ava on a smartphone, the changes are not displayed on the PC. The problem may lie in an outdated version of the application, update the program to the latest version on the official website.

In some cases, the new snapshot does not want to be installed in any way. Check your internet access. Does not help? This means that the photo does not fit, look for another (the case may be too large, the wrong extension, or it contradicts the rules of the application. It is better not to upload candid photos).

That’s all, we figured out how to add images to the main photo. Installing a beautiful avatar in vibera and editing it is a matter of a few minutes, the most important thing is to make your choice and not accidentally click on the video. It is also easy to change the photo to another contact and, most importantly, the application will not send any notifications to the friend.

How to change wallpaper in WhatsApp

You can quickly and easily change the background in WhatsApp in the chat settings of the messenger. It can always be returned to the standard one and configured individually for different contacts.

In WhatsApp, there are several ways to change the wallpaper on your PC and smartphone:

  • standard. installed by default after installation;
  • color selection. solid fill without patterns and pictures;
  • download from gallery. selection of photos, pictures, wallpapers from what is on the phone;
  • selection of themes from special applications. whole catalogs with a large selection of themes that need to be downloaded to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

All options for installing wallpaper work in the messenger itself and do not depend on the operating system. They are the same for Android and iPhone. Only a few details differ. In the computer version, this function has some limitations.

You can use special applications, such as WhatsApp Wallpaper, to choose beautiful chat wallpapers. After installation, the backgrounds from it will be available in the messenger. When changing the design, you will need to click on the name of the application.

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How to set individual wallpaper for a contact

Setting an individual background for a contact assumes the same steps as when changing a picture for individual chats. If you change the image not in the application menu, but in the dialog itself, it will not change in other conversations.

On “Android”

The procedure for changing the design on Android devices:

  • Launch the application, go to the “Menu” section by clicking on the icon in the form of three dots.
  • Go to “Chat settings”.
  • Click on “Wallpaper” and select from “Gallery”, “Library”.
  • Go to the desired image and click “Install”.

How to change the background in WhatsApp

In the WhatsApp application, you can choose different designs using standard themes and your own images. This feature is available in different versions on Android, iOS and Windows. There are simple instructions on how to change the background in “WhatsApp” on your smartphone and computer.

On iPhone

How to change the screensaver in “Watsap” on iPhone devices:

  • Launch the “WhatsApp” application.
  • Go to the “Settings” item, select “Chats and calls”.
  • Click on “Chat Wallpaper”.
  • Choose from the offered options “Library” (from standard), “Photos” (your photos and pictures from your phone) or “Solid” (one-color).
  • Press “Install” on the screen of the desired wallpaper.

In the section “Chat wallpaper” you can reset the settings to the default.

Is it possible to make different backgrounds in different chats

The ability to set different images for correspondence is implemented on smartphones. You need to go into a separate conversation, go to settings, select “Wallpaper” and select the desired image.

This can be done with every dialogue. This function allows you to better navigate the correspondence, separate friendly and business correspondence and simply change the design for a change.

In the web version

In the computer version of the messenger, it is possible to change only the general background for all dialogs. The function of setting an individual image of the chat will appear soon.

You can set a new background in the web version of the application as follows:

  • Launch the application, click on the call icon at the top.
  • Select “Settings”, then go to “Wallpaper”.
  • Click on the desired image.

You cannot upload your photos and pictures in the PC version.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone

The network often encounters complaints from unfortunate cell phone owners who have received a SIM card with a “bad” history from an operator. It is unpleasant when unknown people call with incomprehensible requirements and questions. To exclude intrusive calls and not flinch from the call of your own smartphone, you can block the subscriber on the iPhone. But the opposite action may also be required. You had a fight and added a friend to the blacklist, but then you made up and want to return him to the list of available ones. This is exactly what the article is about. we will tell you how to block a contact on an iPhone, how to view blocked numbers on an iPhone and how to “restore them in rights”.

How to block unknown or hidden number on iPhone and put it in the blacklist of contacts

You can block a number on the iPhone even if it is not in the phone book. Open the Recents section in the Phone app, find the number you want to block, and click the info icon next to it. Scroll through the list and select “Block Caller”.

But adding a hidden number (not displayed during a call) will not work that way. Special third-party programs will help you to complete this procedure. The tasks of such applications include recognition of telephone spam and protection from it. It is not necessary to select one program. iOS sparsely allows multiple applications to manage blocking. Download and install them from the App Store. Then go to “Settings”. “Phone”. “Call blocking and identification”. At the top of the window, you will see a list of installed programs that can manage blocking. Move the slider to the “Enabled” position for applications that will be used to protect against telephone spam.

These programs are integrated into the operating system, and when a call comes in, iOS will verify the number against the phone bases of these third-party applications. Depending on the settings of a particular program, if a call is detected as spam, a corresponding label will be displayed on the call screen, or the call will be automatically blocked.

Caller blocking: blacklist on iPhone

The iOS operating system offers a number of ways to add a contact to the blocked list. Which one is right for you depends on the situation in which you need this feature. Let’s analyze the possible cases in more detail.

How to know if you are blacklisted

This cannot be done directly. The blocked subscriber does not receive any notification either about the fact of blocking at the moment of entering the number into the “black list”, or when trying to call or send messages. However, there are several ways to check this.

The first option is to call from someone else’s number. If such a call goes through, and the call from your phone comes across short beeps, then the number is most likely blocked.

Another way is to use the Anti-Caller ID service. Connect it with a mobile operator (as a rule, it is paid), and then turn off the display of the number in “Settings”. “Phone”. “Show number”. Now try to call the other person again.

Block unwanted spam SMS senders

To add a number from “Messages” to the blacklist, go to the application and open a conversation with an unwanted interlocutor. Now click on the “Contact” button at the beginning of the conversation, and in the panel that appears on the information icon next to the handset. A new window will open in which you need to find the item “Block subscriber”. Recall that the “blacklist” is general, so a contact added from “Messages” will not only be able to write messages, but also make calls.

What applications allow you to create a blacklist?

The iBlackList program has the widest functionality, but it is paid. The application allows creating several independent lists, setting the barring of outgoing calls to unknown numbers within the framework of parental control, viewing and exporting the history of blocked messages and calls. In addition, it is possible to check unknown and hidden numbers for being in the databases of spam mailings.

How to block a caller from iPhone contacts?

You won’t be able to block the number directly from the “Contacts” application. this functionality is absent there. But if you go to the phone book from the “Phone” application (“Phone”. “Contacts”), then when you click the information icon next to the contact number (letter i in a circle), a window will open, at the bottom of which there will be an item “Block subscriber”. After clicking on it, the contact will be added to the “black list” and will not be able to reach you.

Not so simple

It should be noted that the Android operating system can be implemented in different ways on different smartphones. Many manufacturers install their own proprietary shell, which can slightly change your algorithm of actions taken in order to put a photo on a contact in Android.

But most of all, the way the photo is displayed when receiving an incoming call depends on the specific shell. In some cases, this picture has the minimum size, much more space is allocated to the subscriber’s name. Other skins have a built-in function to display a photo in full screen. But even if your smartphone does not have such an effect, no one bothers to use some third-party application. But our story today is not about, but about assigning a certain image to a contact.

Second way

Often, if the owner of a smartphone thinks about how to put a photo on a call in Android, then he remembers exactly this method. It consists in the implementation of no less simple actions, but they will take a little more time from you. So, follow our guide:

Go to the phone book. To do this, click on the icon of the preinstalled application “Contacts”.

Now click on the contact you would like to include a snapshot.

Click on the “Edit” button. It can be located inside the context menu that pops up after clicking on the ellipsis. Or it can be made in the form of an icon depicting a pencil.

On bare Android, the contact‘s photo is located at the very top of the window that appears. To replace it, you just need to click on the icon in the form of a camera. In branded shells, you may need to click on the ellipsis, which is located in the upper right corner, after which the selection of the appropriate item.

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In any case, you will be offered several options for further action. You can delete the photo, replace it with another image, or take a photo right now. Choose the option you want. we assume that you will use a photo that is already in the device’s memory.

Next, you may be asked about which application to use to select a snapshot. It doesn’t matter at all. you can choose either the “Gallery” or some other program. up to the file manager. By the way, on our site you can find out about the best file managers for Android.

Next, you need to choose a suitable photo.

The system will prompt you to crop the picture (this does not happen in some shells). Again, you need to select the utility with which you will crop the excess part of the image.

Crop the picture, then click the “Done” button (usually looks like a checkmark).

That’s all. All that remains is to click the checkmark after finishing editing the contact.

How to put a photo on a contact in Android?

In ancient times, mobile phones did not have a contact book. In this regard, the call was accompanied only by the caller’s number. Later, each owner of such a device had the opportunity to assign a name to the numbers. And with the development of smartphones, not only a name, but also a photograph of a person began to be displayed on the screen. However, not all owners of “androids” know how to achieve this function. Therefore, we decided to talk about how to set a photo to a particular contact.

The first way

Perhaps the easiest way. But it will not be suitable for those people who have replaced the standard “Gallery” with some third-party application. So, your algorithm of actions should be like this:

Go to the “Gallery”.

Click on the photo you want to assign to a specific contact.

Now click on the ellipsis located in the upper right corner.

Select “Set picture as”.

Here you need to click, as you might guess, on the button “Contact photo”.

It remains only to select from the list the person whose call you want to accompany with this image.


There were two ways to set a photo to a contact. They work on the vast majority of smartphones running any version of the Android operating system. You can also use third-party applications for these purposes, but we do not see much sense in this.

A few points about iPhone contact photos

A contact photo taken in the Phone application (in the phone book) is not saved in the camera roll.

For the image to remain, you need to take a picture with the “Camera” application, and then attach it to the number.

In iOS 7, only small photos can be installed, and starting from iOS 8 and higher, full screen.

Therefore, in the iPhone 4, you will not be able to add a photo to the full screen, while in the iPhone 4S you can. do not mix it up. Success.

How to take a photo on iPhone on a contact

One of the good changes in ios 8, ios 10, ios 11, the appearance of a large caller picture, although, as for me, it is much better when the iPhone 5s, iPhone 4 and so on says the names of those who are calling.

If you set a photo on the phone contact, then it certainly looks nicer, but how is the sense of it zero to me.

However, this is a matter of taste, and since for some people this is in demand, I will tell you below what needs to be done so that instead of a tiny circle, a large photo of a person calling appears on the screen.

When you have already added a photo to a specific contact, it should be edited. To do this, click on the edit field, then edit it again by moving your finger in different directions. However, let’s go in order.

How to add a photo to a contact on iPhone

Open the application “Phone” or “Contacts”.

Now we select the number to which we want to attach the contact, for example I will choose “Radionovich”.

Now in the upper right corner, click “Edit”.

On the left you will see a gray circle with the words “photo”. click on it.

All your pictures will open. select the one you need and confirm with the “Select” button.

Now we confirm again with the “Finish” button.

Congratulations. you just were able to put a photo in your iPhone on a contact. now as for making it full screen.

How to put a photo on the full screen on a phone contact

If you have ios lower than version 8, then you will not be able to insert a picture on the whole screen. they do not support this.

If you have, for example, iOS 10, and the picture is not displayed on the full screen, then look at its size. perhaps it is just small. Then remove it and try to put a large.

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How to make a contact splash screen full screen?

On Android, you can put a photo on a contact in full screen.

  • Go to the mobile gallery.
  • Open the image you want.
  • Click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on “Set Image As”.
  • Select the option to use a photo on the contact.
  • You will be automatically transferred to the list of numbers.
  • Find the number you want and tap on it.

It remains to select the desired area and confirm the action. Thus, a full-screen contact photo can be installed on any Android device, if the “Contacts” application itself supports such a display.

How to assign a photo to a contact in Android?

To get started, go to the menu and find the “Contacts” application. Then search for the person you want manually or through the built-in search (enter the first name or the first letters of the subscriber’s last name in the top line). Open the post and follow one of the two suggested options.

  • tap on the gray picture where the image should be;
  • two methods will appear to upload a photo: upload from the gallery or take an instant photo;
  • if you will take a picture, then select the desired camera, and when the photo is ready, mark the area that will be displayed when you call;
  • if the photo is in the gallery, upload it and select the part you want.
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It is easy to set a picture to a contact in your phone using this method, but if it doesn’t suit you, read the next one, which is more universal.

  • when you have found the contact you need, there will be a pencil icon in the upper right corner;
  • click on it to start editing;
  • on the template where the picture should be the plus icon, tap on it and a new window will open;
  • you will be prompted to take a picture of a person right now or pull up a picture from the gallery.

Choose the method of adding that is convenient for you and repeat the third and fourth points from the first method.

How to put a photo on a contact in the phone

One of the nice things about modern smartphones is the ability to customize them. We are given a chance to change fonts, themes, select applications that we like externally and in functionality. Even in the phone book, you can make pleasant changes, for example, put a photo on a contact in Android and iPhone. Below are the most versatile and simple ways to help you do this.

How to assign a photo to a contact on iPhone?

You can put a photo on a contact in iPhone by following a short guide.

  • go to the gallery and select a photo;
  • click on the “Share” option;
  • a menu will open where you need to click on the sub-item “Assign to contact“;
  • mark the person you want;
  • indicate on the photo the area that will be displayed and click on “Select”.
  • in the phone book, select a contact and open it;
  • in the upper right corner there is a button “Edit”, click on it;
  • when the menu opens, there will be an inscription “Photo” on the image template;
  • click on it.

It remains only to take a picture of a person or select his finished picture from the list of images. Now it will not be difficult for you to put the desired image on the contact of a friend, girlfriend or relative on any smartphones.

How to take full screen photos of contacts already on iPhone?

What to do if contact photos that were already on iPhone after iOS update are stretched. These photos were taken for small round icons, so they need to be recreated.

It’s no harder, if not easier, than adding a photo to a contact. You don’t need to make and link a new photo, you just need to edit the old one! After that, when you call, the photo will be full screen.

Go to the “Contacts” application on your iPhone.

Select the contact you want to change the photo.

Click on the “Change” button in the upper right corner

Click “Edit Photo” in the pop-up menu.

Move the existing photo a little to have the iPhone register and resave the photo.

Click “Finish” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now, with the next incoming call from this contact, his photo will be stretched to full screen.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to bulk change the photos of contacts on the iPhone, so you will have to repeat these steps with each contact.

How to put a photo on a contact on iPhone and iPad (3 ways)

The phone book in the iPhone has long since ceased to be an ordinary list of names and phone numbers. Now any contact is a full-fledged card, in which you can add phone numbers, address, website, social media profiles and photos.

Today’s post is about photos in contact cards on iPhone. The fact is that, for some reason, not all users use this function, someone because of the usual laziness does not want to fill out the cards, and someone out of ignorance. For users who do not know how to put a photo on a contact in the iPhone, I wrote this instruction with three simple ways.

Installing photos through the iCloud service

You can also assign a photo to a contact through the iCloud cloud service.

Log in to the service using your Apple ID and password.

Double click on the contact icons

Drag the photo, change the scale of the photo, use the slider, press the “Finish” button.

Now when you call the contact you just edited, the photo will be displayed in full screen.

Setting Photos Using iPhone Phone Book

Go to the “Contacts” application on your iPhone.

Select the contact you want to set a photo.

Click on the “Change” button in the upper right corner

Click on the round icon “Photo Location”

Select “Take Photo” or “Select Photo”

Zoom the photo by pinching and spreading your fingers on the screen, press the “Select” button.

Now when you call the contact you just edited, the photo will be displayed in full screen.

Setting a photo using the “Photos” application

Go to the “Photos” application on your iPhone

Select the photo you want to assign to the contact

Click on the square icon with an arrow in the lower left corner

Click on the “Assign to contact” icon and select a contact.

Zoom the photo by pinching and spreading your fingers on the screen, press the “Select” button.

Now when you call the contact you just edited, the photo will be displayed in full screen.

What size photo is best for contact?

In order for the photo on the contact to look beautiful when a call comes in, it is best to use photos of a certain size. Due to the different screen sizes for each iPhone, the optimal image resolution is.

See the screen resolution of all iPhone models, you can follow the instructions:.

In these simple ways, you can set photos to contacts on your iPhone. After the next sync with iCloud, the contact cards with the photos installed on them will appear on all your iOS devices.

If you know other ways how to put photos on contacts in iPhone and iPad, be sure to write about them in the comments below.

IPhone contact photo

Especially for a reader with a nickname Emma and other novice users who do not know how to set a photo on an iPhone contact, we have prepared a small instruction with which anyone can assign a photo or a picture to any number of the Apple iPhone phone book.

Thus, during an incoming call, a photo of the caller will appear on the phone screen. You can install a photo on an iPhone call using standard tools (the “Phone” or “Contacts” application), i.e. no need to install any additional programs.

So, let’s go, to assign a photo to a contact, we need the contact itself, i.e. the number and name of the subscriber stored in the phone book. If you do not yet know how to record a number in iPhone, read the “Basics of working with a contact book”, if you already have created contacts, do the following:

We launch the standard application “Phone” or “Contacts”, select the subscriber to assign a photo and in the upper right corner, click the “Change” button.

After clicking this button, you can edit our contact in the iPhone, and add a photo here. Click on the square window with the inscription “Photo location”, below a pop-up menu appears offering to take a photo or select a photo. By pressing the button “Take a picture” you can take a picture of a person in real time. If there is a photo of a person among the previously captured or uploaded photos of the photo archive, you can click the “Select photo” button.

After the picture is taken or the image is selected from the phone, the iPhone will offer to adjust the scale and size, move the picture with your finger and use the Zoom In / Out gesture. If everything is fine, press the “Select” button
4. If everything is done correctly, a photo will appear in the square window. Press the “Finish” button to exit the editing mode.

That’s all, as soon as a call is heard from a subscriber with a photo, the photo will be displayed on the entire screen of the phone. If the photo was set incorrectly, or you are tired, you can repeat the above procedure and set another, more suitable picture.

In addition to adding a photo, you can select a contact using an individual ringtone.