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How To Put A Capital Letter On A Laptop

Consider how to insert a button on a laptop

If a button appears on your mobile PC, you don’t need to panic right away. In many cases, the problem is solved on its own. At home, you can also solve the problem of how to insert a button into a laptop. To do this, it is enough to have a simple paper clip with you. Before inserting the button on the laptop to replace it, the old part must be removed from the keyboard. Working with the buttons on a mobile PC requires more care as they are flatter and can be damaged if pressed firmly. Removing an element is as follows. It is necessary to unbend the paper clip in a straight line and thread it under the lower platform of the key. Now you need to pull it towards you, and the key will jump off its base.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to use force when installing the buttons. Any pressing must be done smoothly and easily.

After installation, you need to carefully check the fastening of the replaced key. When buying new buttons, you need to check if they will fit your laptop model. If you need to change a few details, it is better to do it gradually. In order not to confuse the location on the keyboard.

Before inserting the button on the laptop, you need to carefully check that the plastic mount, which is located under the button itself, is in place. It may immediately seem that it is very difficult to dock everything. But in fact, this is not entirely true, because in reality there can be only one correct option. There is no other way to install anything.

How to insert a large button

Let’s look at how to insert a button on a large laptop. These are such keys as Space, Tab, Shift, Enter. In addition to the “rocker”, which is made of plastic, they can also have a metal stabilizer. It is necessary so that the key is pressed evenly. There are two lugs on the inside, which are necessary for attaching the stabilizer to them. Immediately you need to start its ends. Then we put the antennae of the “rocker” into the grooves and put the button in its place by pressing it slightly.

The space bar is held by several “rockers” and by the stabilizer. A situation may arise that the “rocker” can be disassembled. It is not difficult to assemble it using a needle or toothpick for this. One side needs to be brought into the groove, and the other is installed using needles.

Let’s consider how to insert a button on a laptop, in which the mount is made using metal brackets instead of a plastic swing. Here the fastening is also simple. It should only be noted that such a keyboard will be more noisy.

The most common causes of breakdowns

The keyboard on a mobile PC has about the same structure as on a personal PC. She, like any device, is very sensitive to all kinds of dirt, animal hair, crumbs, and especially liquid spilled on it. After a certain amount of time using the keyboard, the buttons on the mobile PC fail or simply fall off.

Also, a simple banal cleaning of the keyboard with the introduction of a vacuum cleaner for THESE purposes can become a prerequisite for breaking the buttons on a mobile PC. Or a small child may accidentally rip off the button. Also, a prerequisite for such a breakdown can be pets that live with you. This is also common. But you don’t need to take your laptop to repair right away. Very often you can do everything yourself.

How to insert a button on a laptop? The button fell out of the laptop. What to do?

It is necessary to clearly understand that there will most often be only one attempt to repair a button. This must be taken into account before putting the button on the laptop. Before starting to perform the necessary work, you need to have the following tools available:

    Needles from a simple syringe.

We place the broken mount on his workplace. We take needles and a soldering iron. We apply the needles to the place of the broken Usyk and make sure that it goes there a few millimeters. We heat it with a soldering iron and melt it into the mount. We bite off the unnecessary part of the needle. Cleaning off excess plastic.

Let’s consider another option, how to put a button on a laptop. We heat the needles with a lighter and make a groove with it, in which you can put, for example, a lint or something like that. We place it in the groove and glue it with superglue

How to make a new button yourself

If the button stops working, don’t rush to throw it away. Maybe she just sunk and can be put in place. If there is, then first you need to carefully consider the button. If it is just a little cracked, then it can be glued together with simple superglue. Only the most important. This is to keep her contact in the same place.

Button structure

Before considering how to insert a button on a laptop, you need to know its structure and mounting features.

The button consists of the key itself, a mechanism for holding it and a spring element with which it can be raised and lowered. There is also a special film with platforms and tracks.

The mount consists of two parts. These two parts are held together in the center by small “tendrils”. They come out of the inside of the mount and are inserted into special grooves in the outside. Thanks to this design, they can move when pressed on them. The button itself is attached to opposite sides.

There are general guidelines on how to insert a button on a laptop, since there are many well-known brands that produce keyboards. But we will look at general principles that can be applied in most cases.

If the button just fell out

If the button fell out of the laptop, you need to follow these steps. On its reverse side there are grooves and latches. They contain “swing ears”. Their purpose. Connect the button to the keyboard. If a key with “rocker”, they must be disconnected. Then it is installed “rocker”. There will be a button cover on it. They are connected to each other by grooves that are on them.

So, we figured out how to put a button on a laptop. As you can see, this is not very difficult to do, and in many cases the problem can be solved without contacting the service center.

How to write in big letters?

Of course, names, titles and every sentence should be capitalized. To write one capital letter, press the Shift key and the key of the letter you want at the same time. For example, for the letter A

Shift a = capital A

The Shift key is also needed in order to type special characters, which are located, for example, on the number keys at the top of the keyboard. There is an exclamation point under 1, the Internet symbol @ under 2, a question mark under 7, and so on. Remember that the resulting special character also depends on the current keyboard layout! In the Russian layout, there are quotes under the number 2, in the English. @. This is how you can print a question mark in the Russian layout

Shift digit 7 = question mark in Russian layout

And if you suddenly want to decorate a message, wrote it entirely in large letters, just press and Release the Caps Lock key.

Caps Lock key

To return to normal letters, press Caps Lock again. Now, if all your letters suddenly turn out to be large, then you know how to fix it.

How to capitalize on a laptop

If you’ve only used a pen or pencil before to work with text, then you need to learn the basics of using a computer keyboard as soon as possible. You will soon realize that writing letters and editing documents with the help of a computer is much easier, faster and more convenient. On the Internet, of course, there is also nowhere without typing skills. Take a look at your keyboard, it looks something like this.

Keyboard. View from above.

To start quietly banging on the keys, typing its own name, first click once with the left mouse button in the text field.

A text box is a white rectangle on a site page for entering text. Click on the text field with the mouse and start typing. the letters will magically appear inside the rectangle.

Type your name in the text box below.

How to fix mistakes?

Only the one who does nothing is NOT mistaken! Did you accidentally make a mistake while typing? Unlike the situation with pen, ink and paper, a typo is very easy to correct! First move the cursor to the position immediately after the wrong letter.

The cursor is a flashing vertical bar in the text box. The cursor indicates the location on the screen where the letters you type will appear.

Cursor blinks in the text box

To place the cursor in the desired position, just click the left mouse button in this place on the screen. There is another way: control the cursor position with the arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard.

The cursor can be moved with arrows

So, you have positioned the cursor in the text after the letter you are about to erase. Then press the Backspace key and this letter will disappear.

Text can be typed in different programs: WordPad, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office or Notepad, however, the keyboard capabilities in all THESE programs remain the same. It switches from Russian to English by pressing two keys at the same time: as a rule, these are Alt / Shift or Crtl / Shift. There are also key combinations to switch the case on the keyboard, in which we will talk below.

If we carefully examine all the labels on the keyboard buttons, we will find several keys with strange symbols. service keys. Some of them will help us make lowercase and uppercase letters.

By default, all letters are printed small. lowercase. To capitalize the first letter, you must simultaneously press two keys: the letter and Shift. Shift switches registers. In this case, the sizes of the numbers do not change. If you press Shift and a number at the same time, a punctuation mark will appear on the screen. Which one depends on the keyboard layout and on the language in which the text is currently being typed.

The keyboard layout can be changed through the “Control Panel” in the “Keyboard” tab, but do not rush to do this. As a rule, by default, pressing Shift / number Prints the character shown on the key. With the English layout, the character shown above the number is printed, and with the Russian layout, the character on the key next to the number is printed.

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If you need to make not only the first, but all the letters in the text capitalized, then you have to type with one hand, because The other will constantly hold down Shift. But this is inconvenient, which is why the keyboard has a Caps Lock key. If you press it, all letters will be printed in capital letters. Only the number keys, Caps Lock will NOT have any effect. If you also press Shift while holding Caps Lock, a small letter or punctuation mark will be printed on the numeric keys.

If Caps Lock is pressed, an indicator on the keyboard lights up, by which you can always find out which letters you will now start typing.

Microsoft Office is a very handy program: sometimes it fixes some errors itself or allows you to do it faster. For example, if you forget to capitalize a letter at the beginning of a name or a city name, the Office will correct the mistake itself: change the small letter to a capital letter.

But here you need to be careful, because K. The office can overdo it. For example, in the words split-system, he will definitely try to write Split with a capital letter, considering it the name of the city. The same will happen if we are talking about the Trojan virus: after all, Trojan is a name! If you write about viruses more often than about ancient heroes, then you should add the “Trojan” with a small letter to the Word dictionary. To do this, right-click on the word, select “Add to Dictionary” in the menu that opens.

In case you find that you forgot to capitalize the first letters where necessary, you can use the Ward menu. Select text that is typed with the wrong case. In the “Format” tab, select “Case”. A window will pop up, which will offer a choice of several options for changing the case. All that remains is to check the box in the desired option, for example, “MAKE ALL LETTERS IN CAPITAL” (uppercase). You can also completely change the register there.

Although Excel is a Microsoft Office program, none of these Ward tools work in it. There you need to type text in the cells, as in a notepad. Therefore, if you forgot to capitalize letters in Excel, you will have to fix it manually.

How to make large letters on the keyboard?

If you need to type several letters so that they are larger, then for this you can simply press and hold the Shift key. And if you need to type a large amount of text in more letters, then options are possible here:

  • You can press the Caps Lock key before typing,
  • Or, if I am typing in Word (Microsoft Word), just select the desired piece of text and, while holding down the Shift key, press the F3 key. Each time you press the F3 key, the case will change, and you can easily change any text from small to large, and from large to small.

To make large letters on the keyboard. find the Caps Lock key on the left, press once and you will type in large letters. Then, to switch to small ones, press Caps Lock again. If you only need a few large letters, hold down the Shift key and Type.

In order to translate the keyboard into large letters, you need to press the Caps Lock button on it. To return back small letters, you need to press e a second time. If you need, for example, to type a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, then you can press and hold the Shift key to type this letter and release the key.

In general, there is a dedicated key for this purpose. “Caps lock” (from the English Capitals lock. fixing the Capital letters). But it might be easier to take any ready-made text and convert it to uppercase. Many programs make it very easy to do this, for example, in the text editor AkelPad, for this you need to select the text and press the key combination “Ctrl6”.

You need to press the Caps Lock key and write in large letters. As soon as you want to write in small letters again, then press the same key a second time. Or you can just hold down the Shift key and at this time type text on the keyboard.

To write in large letters, you can increase the font size, both in the Word document and in the Internet browser settings.

If we are talking about uppercase and lowercase letters, then you can write in large letters by pressing the Shift key and typing the text. Or you can press the Caps Lock key (look for e on the left, above Shift) then all the letters that you will type will be large. You can cancel this function by pressing the Caps Lock key again.

To bake letters, a row of letters or a sentence, you need to press Caps Lock and release it, then type. the letters will become large.

If you need to type one or more letters, then you can press the shift key, left or right. Type while holding down the key. while large letters are needed.

The third way is to type text in the editor, then select the text you want to make in large letters with the mouse, and press the F3 key. and the letters will become large. And if it does, it will be small again. the Select action.

If you need to write one large letter, then it is more convenient to use the Shift key. While holding it, you must simultaneously press the desired letter key and the letter will be printed in upper case.

If you want to write several large letters in a row, it is more convenient to use the Caps Lock key. You do not need to hold it to return to small letters, press it again.

Well, it’s as easy as shelling pears. To make the letters large when typing, you need to press just one button. Caps Lock, to make them small again, you need to press it again.

According to the rules of the Russian language, a sentence must begin with a capital letter. The rest of the statement will be framed with small signs. If you have a pen, there will be no problems when writing text. What if the sentence needs to be entered into the computer’s memory from the keyboard? The answer to this question is contained in this article.

  • If you do not have pre-typed text, on the keyboard find the “Caps Lock” key located between the “Tab” and “Shift” buttons. Click on it.

Interesting! Capital letters are called uppercase. Lowercase characters are named lowercase.

  • Find the Shift key in the lower left corner of the keyboard. Press and hold to capitalize.

Important! To write small letters, the “Shift” key will need to be released.

Enter text from the keyboard.

Note! If the “Caps Lock” key is pressed on the keyboard and the “Shift” button is pressed at the same time, the letters entered from the keyboard will be lowercase.

  • Select with the mouse a piece of text that needs to be changed.

After changing the case in a text document, other characters may undergo changes. For example, the uppercase slash after pressing the commit key will turn into a vertical bar.

Note! If the Caps Lock light” does not light up, but capital letters are entered in the text editor, which means that one of the Shift keys is pressed. Check both buttons.

Buttons on the OSD keyboard for writing lowercase letters

To call the On-Screen Keyboard:

    Click the “Start” button located in the lower left corner of the screen.

  • If the text was not printed on the document sheet, click on the “Caps” button.
  • Find the Shift button in the lower left corner of the keyboard. To write a capital letter, click on it.

How to switch keyboard layouts?

The letters on the keyboard are cramped: almost all keys are responsible for two letters at once. The current alphabet of the keyboard (Cyrillic or Latin) is called the layout. To switch the layout and type Russian letters instead of English ones or vice versa, you need to press two special keys simultaneously. Depending on your computer settings, these are keys named CTRL and SHIFT, or ALT and SHIFT. To be sure to switch keyboard layouts, try both pairs of keys in turn. They can be found in the lower left corner of the keyboard.

The ctrl and shift keys must be pressed simultaneously

Alt shift is also at the same time

There is another easy way to switch the layout. Look at the very bottom right edge of the screen, there is usually a clock. There should be a square next to the designation of the current layout, for example RU or EN. Click on it and select the desired layout with the left mouse button.

You need to find the icon with the keyboard layout, click on it and select another

Change uppercase letters to lowercase using the Microsoft Word toolbar

  • Select with the mouse a piece of text that needs to be modified.
  • Select with the mouse a word or sentence that needs to be edited.

Note! The “Register” button shows “Aa”.

In the dialog box that opens, select the phrase “all lowercase”. Click on it.

It is interesting! There are other types of character conversion in the “Case” window.

So users can choose the following spellings of letters:

    “As in sentences”. the first character in the statement will be capitalized, the rest of the letters will be small;

  • Select with the mouse a word or phrase, the letters of which will need to be modified.

Note! For quick access to the “Font” menu, users can press hot keys “ControlD “located in the lower left corner of the keyboard.

If the buttons are problematic to find, the “Font” menu can be called by clicking on the arrow located in the lower right corner of the group of the same name.

Note! In the “Font” dialog box, users can change Not only the size of the text, but also the font itself, the color of characters, the spacing between characters, etc.

Read interesting information with details in the article. “How to make a smaller scale on a computer”.

The first device for inputting information appeared 150 years ago, when the first typewriter was invented at the end of the 19th century. The characters intended for outputting information on paper were arranged alphabetically. Such a layout caused inconvenience to the owner of this device, which is why the arrangement of the keys was changed. Frequently used characters have been moved inside the keyboard, the rest have been distributed around the edges of the device.

Home »Slider» Big and small letters

Working with users to solve their problems related to working on a computer, I very often (too often) see the following picture.

When the user types text, in order to enter a capital (capital) letter, he presses the key “Caps lock”, then types the letter itself, then, to continue writing in lowercase (small) letters, presses the key again “Caps lock”.

For example, how to type a word “Statement”.

The key is pressed “Caps lock”. Then the key with the letter is pressed “FROM”. A capital letter is printed “FROM”. Then the key is pressed again “Caps lock”. Keys are now pressed sequentially “AND”, “I”, “IN”, “L”, “E”, “H”, “AND”, “E”. Result Printed “statement”. In total, we get the word “Statement” with a capital letter.

To my question, why is it so difficult for you to type a capital letter? After all, for this you have to press the keys THREE times? After all, you can replace these three keystrokes with just ONE key combination.

In response, I usually hear such answers: I am so comfortable. I’m so used to it. How is it different?

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You can, of course, and so, but you can also in another way.

But before talking about how best to type “big” and “small” letters, I want to introduce you to such a concept as keyboard register.

In one funny article, I already told how I had to face one user who told me clearly and specifically that “There are small letters on the keyboard”.

In his own way, he’s right. The keyboard keys really “drawn” only “big” letters. So let’s figure out where they are located “big”, And where “small” letters.

So, after entering large or small letters, the so-called keyboard register answers.

The keyboard register has two states, and these states are respectively called upper case and lower case.

By switching the register of the keyboard on the keyboard itself, two keys respond. This is the “Shift” key (for the convenience of keys, there are 2 shift keys. left and right) and a key “Caps lock” (onion capsules).

Why exactly two keys? Why not one? Let’s see how THESE keys work.

I will describe my actions, and you can train with me at the same time to feel live how the keyboard case affects the input of letters, numbers and various symbols.

It is easier and clearest to train in the Notepad program.

Launch Notepad. Move the mouse pointer in sequence and select with one left click: “Start”. “All Programs”. “Accessories”. “Notepad”.

And so, to begin with, by default, after you turn on and boot your computer, the keyboard is lowercase enabled. What does this mean?

And this means that if you start pressing the keys with letters, then lowercase (small) letters will be printed on the monitor screen, i.e. letters in lowercase.

For example, if you have the Russian layout enabled (Russian input language), the following letters will be printed:

capital, letter, laptop


Well, and accordingly, if you have the English layout enabled (English input language), the following letters will be printed:


Now in the “Shift” key. Key “Shift” temporarily switches the lower case of the keyboard to the upper case of the keyboard.

What does temporary mean? This means that if you press the “Shift” key (it doesn’t matter left or right) and keep this key pressed, the keyboard will switch to upper case. As soon as you release the “Shift” key, the keyboard will switch back to lower case.

I show it with an example. I press and hold the Shift key. I start typing letters (then I will show everything on the Russian keyboard layout).


I release the “Shift” key.


Simply put, if we have enabled the lower case of the keyboard, then lowercase (small) letters are printed. If we have enabled the upper case of the keyboard, then capital (large) letters are printed.

Let’s go back to the word for a minute “Statement”. In this word, the first letter is capitalized, the rest are lowercase. How will we type this word using the key “Shift”?

Press and hold the “Shift” key. Press the key with the letter “FROM”. A capital (capital) letter is printed “FROM”, which is in the upper case of the keyboard. I release the Shift key. We print “statement”. lowercase (small) letters are printed, which are in the lower case of the keyboard. The total is the word “Statement” with a capital letter.

Essentially to print a capital letter “FROM”, we used the key combination “Shift С”.

Now in the key “Caps lock”. Key “Caps lock” switches the keyboard register to the opposite and commits this register.

What does it mean? Let’s press the keys again to understand and remember.

So, by default, lowercase is enabled on the keyboard, i.e. If we type letters, the letters will be printed (displayed) in lowercase (small):


Press and release the key “Caps lock”. Everything. The register of our keyboard has switched to the upper position and is fixed, i.e. Now we have the upper case. Nothing extra now Don’t click, we can just type in capital (capital) letters:


Note! After we pressed and released the key “Caps lock”, one of three lights (indicators), which are located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, turned on on the keyboard. Namely, the middle light bulb. In the picture of the keyboard, which is given at the very beginning of the lesson, this light is highlighted in green.

This light shows us visually which register of the keyboard is turned on at the moment. lower or upper (this is not to get confused and NOT to remember). If the indicator is off, then the lower case is on, if it is on, the upper case.

This indicator on different keyboards can be labeled differently depending on the imagination of the designers. I know two designations for this indicator. it “A” and “Caps lock”. in the form of inscriptions above the bulbs themselves (indicators).

Now if we press and release the key again “Caps lock”, then the indicator will turn off and the keyboard will switch and lock to lowercase:


Thus, pressing the key “Caps lock” we switch and fix the register we need.

Well, let’s now type the word again “Statement”, but already with the introduction of the key “Caps lock”.

So. Initial position. Light bulb (indicator) “Caps Lock “does not light. we have lower case enabled.

Press the key “Caps lock”. We have an indicator with the inscription “Caps lock”, yak means upper case is on. Press the key “FROM”. we have a capital (capital) letter “FROM”. Press the key again “Caps lock”, the light (indicator) goes out. this means that the lower case is turned on and fixed. We recruit “statement”. In total, we get our word “Statement” with a capital letter.

Which method you will use is up to you. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. As for me, I only use the “Shift” key to enter capital letters later, which when typing quickly, capitalization is 3-5 times faster.

To fully understand how the “Shift” and “Caps Lock” keys work, let’s type the word “Statement” in a somewhat unusual way.

Press the key “Caps lock”. We have an indicator with the inscription “Caps lock”, yak means upper case is on. Press the key “FROM”. we have a capital (capital) letter “FROM”. And then, to switch the keyboard to lower case, we press the key “Caps lock” WE WILL NOT. We will temporarily switch the case with the key “Shift”. I.e. Press and hold (Do not release) the “Shift” key (the keyboard will temporarily be switched to lower case), we type “statement”, release the “Shift” key (keyboard will switch to upper case). In total, we get our word “Statement”.

With numbers and signs in this regard, it is both easier and more difficult.

The fact is that for entering numbers and signs, the key “Caps lock” does not affect in any way. Case switching is possible only with the “Shift” key.

Easier in the following sense. For example, a key. Regardless of which keyboard layout is enabled (Russian or English), a number will always be typed in lower case “eight”, and an asterisk will be typed in upper case (with the “Shift” key pressed) “”. And there is even a certain association. “eight” is drawn on the bottom of the key, and the asterisk “” from above.

And here is another example. a key, where it is more difficult to figure out what will actually be printed, depending on the keyboard layout and the selected case.

For example, if we have selected the English layout, then when you press this key (lower case), the number three will be printed “3”, and if you press and hold the “Shift” key (temporarily switch to upper case), the pound symbol will be printed ” # “.

If we switch to the Russian layout, then when we press this key (lower case), the number three will again be printed “3”, and if you press and hold the “Shift” key (temporarily switch to upper case), then the number character will be printed ” No. “.

In order to remember where which symbol is located, you just need to practice. I can advise you (at one time I did it myself) to make yourself a cheat sheet for your layouts, print and paste or Paste it into your notebook (which I hope you purchased and write down various useful information there). well and “necessary” highlight symbols with colored pens or markers.

For example, you can do this:

That’s all. Good luck and creative success to everyone.

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Set of latin letters on the keyboard

For a set of lowercase and uppercase letters of the Latin alphabet, the English keyboard layout is usually used. The English alphabet is based on Latin, so all letters look exactly the same. Therefore, in order to type Latin letters on the keyboard, you need to switch to the English layout.

On most Windows computers, one of two key combinations is used to switch between layouts: ALT-SHIFT or CTRL-SHIFT. You can try one combination first and then the second. One of THESE options should work and switch the keyboard layout.

You can monitor the configuration of the keyboard layout by the icon located in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the system clock. This icon shows the current keyboard layout.

If you find it difficult to switch the keyboard layout using keyboard shortcuts, then you can do it with the mouse. To do this, click on the icon that displays the current language and select English.

After you switch the keyboard layout to English, you will be able to type in Latin letters Using the English alphabet, which is always present on any computer keyboard.

Lowercase and uppercase latin letters

The set of lowercase and uppercase Latin letters is NOT different from a set of letters from any other alphabet. To do this, you need to use the SHIFT or CAPS LOCK keys.

The CAPS LOCK key gets its name from the English capitals lock, which can be translated as “fixing on uppercase letters”. By pressing this key, you switch the keyboard to a set of Uppercase letters. In the future, the keyboard will only type uppercase letters, as long as you DO NOT press CAPS LOCK again, thus switching the keyboard to a set of lowercase.

The SHIFT key is a modifier key and usually changes the behavior of the second keys. When typing letters, the SHIFT key is responsible for switching between lowercase and uppercase letters. If CAPS LOCK is off and you are typing in lowercase letters, then pressing a letter together with the SHIFT key will result in an uppercase letter. If CAPS LOCK is on, and you type in uppercase letters, then pressing the letter together with the SHIFT key will have the opposite effect, you will get a lowercase letter.

How to type uppercase and lowercase Latin letters on the keyboard

Latin letters may be needed for different purposes, for example, to write scientific terms, old names of cities or names of historical figures. Fortunately, this is not a problem at all, since they are present on any computer keyboard, you just need to switch the layout. In this short article we will tell you how to type lowercase and uppercase Latin letters on a computer or laptop keyboard.

Solving problems with Latin letters

If in the list of your layouts there are comments of the English layout, then you will NOT be able to use Latin letters. In this case, you must first add the English keyboard layout to the list of available keyboard layouts.

If you have Windows 7, then for this you need to right-click on the keyboard layout icon and select “Options”.

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As a result, a window with language settings will appear. Here, on the “General” tab, you need to click on the “Add” button.

After that, you need to select a language and close all windows by clicking on the “OK” button.

If you are using Windows 10, then you need to click on the keyboard layout icon with the left mouse button and go to “Language Settings”.

As a result, the “Options” window will appear, opened in the “Region and language” section. Here you need to click on the “Add language” button.

Then you need to select one of the available languages ​​and click on the “Next” button.

After that, a window will appear in which you need to uncheck the box next to the function “Set as Windows interface language”. If this is not done, then the added language will be used as the main one in the entire Windows operating system.

To complete the process, you need to click on the “Install” button. As a result, the selected language will appear in the list of keyboard layouts and you can work with Latin letters.

Degree in a text editor Word

If you are working in a text editor Word and you need to write the degree of a number, then the easiest way is to use a special button called “Superscript”. In modern versions of Word (for example, Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016), this button is on the Home tab. Select the sign that should become the degree of the number and click on this button.

As a result, you will get a number and a degree. It should be noted that not only numbers, but also letters can be used as a degree.

If you are using old versions of the Word text editor, for example, Word 2003, then in order to make a degree, you need to select a number, right-click on it and select “Font”.

As a result, the “Font” window will appear. Here you need to enable the superscript font and save the settings by clicking on the “Ok” button.

Thus, the highlighted number will turn into a power.

How to write a degree on the keyboard

When typing, sometimes it becomes necessary to type the degree of a number. But there are such characters on the keyboard, so this task baffles many users. If you also faced a similar problem, then this article should help you. Here you will learn how to write a degree on the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you use only the keyboard, then you can write only the second and third degrees, that is, raise a number to a square or cube. To do this, use key combinations:

  • Alt0178 (square)
  • Alt0179 (cube)

It is very easy to use this key combination. You need to switch to the English keyboard layout, hold down the Alt key and hold it down and type on the numeric keypad 0178 or 0179.

The keyboard shortcuts Alt0178 and Alt0179 work in most text editors, including all versions of Word and regular Notepad, as well as browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), spreadsheet processors (Excel).

Degree Using the Symbol Chart

To insert a degree into other programs, you can use the standard Symbol Table program. This program is available in any version of Windows and allows you to insert various special characters into the text.

In order to open the “symbol table” you need to press the Win-R key combination and execute the command “charmap.Exe”.

Also, the “symbol table” can be started by searching in the “Start” menu.

Then you need to find the desired symbol, select it with the mouse, click on the “Select” and “copy” buttons.

After that, the selected one from the “Symbol table” can be inserted into any program using the Ctrl-V key combination or the “Paste” command.

In this way, you can insert any special character into almost any program.

Functional set

Let’s start with the function keys. There are 12 of them on the keyboard. They are located in the topmost row. Their purpose depends on the open application at the current time. Usually a hint is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and these are the most frequently performed operations in this program (for example, creating a directory in Norton Commander is “F7”).

About what is not

But what about the characters on the keyboard? Is there any way to get them? The answer to this question is yes. There are two ways to type these characters. The first of these involves the use of a text editor Word. After launching it, go to the “Insert” toolbar and select the “Symbol” item there. In the list that opens, select “Others”. Then a special input window will open. Here, using the navigation keys, find the desired character and press “Enter”.

Additional characters on the keyboard can be typed in another way. with the introduction of ASCII codes. This works in all Windows applications. a major plus. Its downside is the use of large code, which must be remembered. To begin with, we find out the digital code of the sign we need on the official website of Microsoft Corporation or in any other source where there is a corresponding table, and remember it. Then we go to the application we need.

Be sure to turn on “Num Lock”, hold down “Alt” and on the numeric keypad on the right we sequentially type the code found in the previous step. At the end, you need to release “Alt” and after that the desired symbol must appear. For example, to enter “” the combination “Alt” “9829” is used. It is convenient to use for non-standard

Punctuation marks

Punctuation marks in the keyboard are concentrated mostly near the right Shift key. This is a period and a comma. Also in the English version of the layout there is a question mark here. The rest of the characters (colon, dash, hyphen, question and exclamation marks) are located on the main numeric keypad, which is located immediately below the function keys. To enter them, briefly hold down “Shift” and with it the corresponding button.

Keys and register

A special group of keys are keys. They control the behavior of the other part of the keyboard. The first one is “Caps Lock”. It changes the case of letters. By default, lowercase characters are entered. If we press this key once, then when the keys are pressed, capital letters will appear. This is the easiest and most convenient way to put characters on the keyboard with different case. The second key is “Num Lock”. It is used to switch the numeric keypad. When turned off, it can be used for navigation. But when turned on, it works like a regular calculator. The last key in this group is “Scroll Lock”. It is used in table processors. When it is inactive, it moves through the cells, and when it is turned on, the letter scrolls.


The control keys should be considered separately. First of all, these are arrows. They move the cursor one position left, right, up and down. There is also page navigation: “PgUp” (page up) and “PgDn” (page down). To go to the beginning of the line, use “Home”, to the end. “End”. The control keys include “Shift”, “Alt” and “Ctrl”. Their combination switches the keyboard layout (it depends on the settings of the operating system).

When you hold down “Shift”, the case of the entered characters changes and it becomes possible to enter auxiliary characters. For example, Let’s figure out how to type characters on the keyboard from this set. Let’s enter “%”. To do this, hold down “Shift” and “5”. The set of auxiliary characters depends on the active keyboard layout at the current time. That is, only characters are available in the English layout, but in the Russian one. Others.

Pay attention to the designations that are on the keyboard. Deleting a character on the left is “Backspace” and on the right is “Del”. Enter. Transition to a new term. Another special key is “Tab”. In the table, it provides a transition to the next cell, and at the end it adds a new line. For text, pressing it leads to the appearance of an “increased” indentation between characters. And in the file manager, pressing it leads to a transition to another panel.

How to put characters on the keyboard. Additional characters on the keyboard

Often, when first acquainting with a personal computer, the user has a question about what characters are on the keyboard and how he enters them. Within the framework of this article, each group of keys will be described in detail with an indication of its purpose. A method for entering non-standard characters using ASCII codes will also be described. This material is of greatest interest to those who work with a text editor, such as Microsoft Word or a second similar application (OpenOffice Writer).

Basic set

The main character set on the keyboard depends on the active layout at the current time. It can be Russian or English. Switching between them is carried out using the combinations “Alt” “Shift” on the left or “Ctrl” “Shift”. The selected combination is determined in the settings of the operating system. You can find out the active combination by selection. That is, we press the first of them and look at the state of the language bar (located in the lower right corner of the screen). If there was a change of language, then this is the combination we need (for example, from “En” to “Ru” or vice versa). The first one is installed by default.

The letters on the keyboard are located in its central part and are divided into three rows. The more often a symbol is used, the closer it is to the center, the less often it is farther from it. That is, the letters are not distributed alphabetically, but according to mathematical statistics. At first, it is difficult to get used to this principle of organizing the distribution of signs, but the more you work, the more I get used to it and you understand that it is really convenient. One more nuance that needs to be taken into account. For short-term switching between capital and uppercase letters it is better to use “Shift”, and for long dialing. “Caps Lock”.

Numeric keypad

Another required component of such input devices is the numeric keypad. It is located on the right side of it. It has two modes of operation: input and navigation. In the first case, characters are typed on the keyboard (these are numbers and basic mathematical operations). This is useful when working with a large number of digits. And in the second version, cursor movement keys and page navigation are duplicated. That is, the arrows for moving the marker, “PgUp”, “PgDn”, “Home” and “End”. All this is present here.

Switching between them is done with the “Num Lock” key. When it is off (the LED is inactive), navigation works, and when it is turned on, digital dialing. If necessary, you can set the desired operating mode after booting the personal computer into the BIOS (it is better to do this for advanced users, since newbies may have problems with this operation).

Within the framework of this material, all the characters on the keyboard that are available today were described. The purpose of all buttons is indicated and Practical examples of operation are given. It also shows a method of work that allows you to go beyond the usual character set using ASCII codes. All this in total will help a novice user to thoroughly understand the operation of the keyboard and the basic principles of the functioning of a personal computer.