How to print from a tablet to a printer

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Virtual printer

Google’s official cloud printing utility. It will not only help you send the file for printing, but also give information about the status of the printer. you can find out what documents are in the queue, change the order or cancel the job. To do this, you need to sign in to the Google account to which the printer or MFP was previously connected.

The good news is that the utility allows you to work with multiple accounts that can be connected to different peripherals.

Printing is done in two ways.

  • In the utility, click on the printer symbol and specify the path to the file that you want to print. The selection can be made through a third-party application. browser, file manager or gallery.
  • In an application suitable for the type of file, open it and click on the “send” button, then it remains to indicate “virtual printer”.

Depending on the device, you can make various settings for printing, for example, specify the page orientation, paper type, print in color or monochrome, etc.

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All about printing documents from your phone or tablet

Modern technologies allow you to print any information without a computer, from a simple text document to a full-fledged color image. The main thing is that, along with a smartphone, your printer also supports a similar function. Let’s take a closer look at how to print from phone to printer, and what useful applications you can use for this.


The principle of operation of the application is similar to “Virtual Printer”. By analogy with it, linking a Google account is required, and if there are several peripheral devices, then you need to set the one that will be used by default.

The advantage of the application is the expanded number of content sources. The user will be able to print not only what is stored in the memory of his phone, but even SMS, data from a contact book, files from Google clouds, OneDrive, Dropbox, photos from and much more. After installation, the application is automatically integrated into the “send” section, so it’s easy to print any file.

Cloud printing

Printing equipment sometimes has support for wireless networking or cloud storage. This means that from any device, even if you are tens of kilometers from the printer, you need to enter the cloud to which it is connected and send the file for printing. An important condition. the printer must be in an active state and be connected to the Internet.

Digital Printing Apps for iPhone

  • Apple airPrint. Perhaps the most famous application for working with printing. By installing this program, you can print from the iPhone not only text information, but also a photo, and you can do this in several convenient ways. An obvious drawback is the need to purchase special equipment, which in our realities does not seem to be the most productive solution. However, users have no complaints about the operation of the application itself.
  • Handy Print. Almost completely duplicates the application mentioned above. There is a possibility of a test mode for the first two weeks, you will have to pay for further use. The obvious disadvantage is that for correct operation, you will still need a PC on which this application is installed.
  • Printer Pro. This program looks much simpler than the previous two. It allows you to print files directly from your own explorer, just specify “open in” and specify the required program, for example, the well-known Dropbox. User-friendly interface and intuitive menus make Printer Pro so attractive.
  • Epson iPrint. This program is developed by manufacturers of printing equipment. After installing it, the application itself will find all the devices to which it can connect, and will offer to synchronize with them over the wireless protocol. The abundance of settings and capabilities make working with this program affordable and productive. If you are looking for functionality and manufacturability, then this is what you need.
  • HP ePrint Enterprise. Another branded application from the manufacturers of the relevant equipment. Synchronization from the device occurs via the Internet. It is possible to work with cloud services, as well as queuing up for printing via e-mail. The menu perfectly scalable on a smartphone makes the application extremely convenient in everyday use. It is worth trying it once, and you will have a clear feeling that you have been using it for a long time. the menu is organized simply, clearly and ergonomically.


In terms of functionality, PrintHand is most similar to PrinterShare. The possibilities here are similar, but there are differences in the interface, many believe that the Hand utility is visually more pleasant and understandable. She also knows how to print pages from the browser, documents, SMS, phone book and more. It has its own browser, file manager and gallery. This makes it much easier to find the file from the application. In addition to Gmail, the program also supports other sweat services and more. There is work here with OneDrive, Dropbox. Evernote, SugarSync and others. Another useful option is help with installing a new printer.

Through GooglePlay, PrintHand can be used to download official software for equipment from popular manufacturers, for example, Samsung, Epson, Canon and others.

Wi-fi printing

Connecting over wireless networks is much easier. Basic condition: the printer must support this communication technology. A request must be sent from a phone or tablet to sync with a printing device. After a short compatibility check, both devices are synced and ready to work in tandem.

There is no need to repeat the search process: once “making friends” with the printer, your phone (or tablet) will remember its address, and next time it will connect to it without any problems.

Here’s a quick list of the steps you need to follow to sync your devices over wi-fi:

  • turn on wi-fi on your smartphone;
  • turn on wi-fi on the printer (mfp);
  • wait until the process of searching for devices available for connection is completed;
  • request a connection to a printer from a smartphone by clicking on its name in the list of devices available for connection;
  • wait for a check for synchronization;
  • in case of successful synchronization, open File Explorer or the corresponding printing application on your phone.

The advantage of this connection method is its versatility. no additional devices are required. The downside is the greater chance of incompatibility at the hardware level, since systems may simply not recognize each other, which is much less common when connected with a wire. However, modern software manufacturers work a lot in terms of the universality of devices, so the problem of incompatibility will most likely affect devices that have been in operation for several years and have not been updated for a long time.

What information can be printed from a smartphone or tablet

Only imagination is capable of limiting a modern smartphone with an up-to-date printer. There are various ways to connect your gadget to a printing device. If you have the ability to connect via Wi-Fi (on both devices), then you don’t even need a power cord, the installed application will be enough. In this case, you can even print the file remotely.

Through the cloud, you can transfer the same list of media information as over the wire:

  • Text Document;
  • digital photo;
  • archive (, etc., containing materials for printing).

All current operating systems today (Android, IOS, W10) support the possibility of wired and wireless data transfer to printing devices, including the so-called sharing and synchronization via the cloud.

There are several ways to connect your smartphone or tablet to the printer. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

Quick Access Toolbar

Memorizing a key combination is not always convenient, especially for people who type so rarely that such information simply does not stay in memory for more than a few minutes. In this case, use the Quick Access Toolbar. Let’s consider Microsoft Office as an example, in other software the principle and procedure of actions will be the same or completely coincide.

    First, click “File”, this will open a window where the user can save, create or print documents.

  • Immediately after this, you must perform all the actions regarding the print settings that were described in the first method. After that, it remains to set the number of copies and click “Print”.
  • This method is quite convenient and does not require much time from the user, which is quite attractive in conditions when you need to quickly print a document.

    Keyboard shortcut

    To address this issue, the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office software package will be selected. However, the described method will be relevant not only for this set of software. it also works in other text editors, in browsers and programs for various purposes.

    • First you need to open the file you want to print.
    • After that, you must simultaneously press the key combination “CtrlP”. This action will bring up a window with settings for printing a file.
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    In the settings, it is important to check parameters such as the number of pages to print, page orientation and the connected printer. You can change them according to your own preferences.

    The document will print as long as the printer requires. These characteristics cannot be changed.

    Printing a document from a computer to a printer

    It would seem that printing a document is a fairly simple task. However, beginners are not familiar with this process. And not every experienced user will be able to name more than one way to print files. That is why you need to figure out how this is done.

    How to print a document from a computer to a printer

    The number of computer equipment is growing every year. Along with this, which is logical, the number of PC users who are just getting acquainted with many functions, which are quite often useful and important, is increasing. Such as, for example, printing a document.

    Context menu

    This method can be used only in those cases when you are completely sure of the printing settings and know exactly which printer is connected to the computer. It is important to know if this device is currently active.

    • Right-click on the file icon.
    • We select the item “Print”.

    Printing starts instantly. You can no longer set any settings. The document is transferred to physical media from the first to the last page.

    Thus, we have analyzed three ways of how to print a file from a computer to a printer. As it turned out, this is quite simple and even very fast.

    How to print from Android phone to printer

    There are several ways to print from an Android phone to a printer:

    • Using Google Drive and the Cloud Print app;
    • Using a proprietary application;
    • Using universal apps.

    Connecting your phone to a printer via Bluetooth

    Some of the above Android applications allow you to connect between a smartphone and a printer via a Bluetooth connection.

    This requires a Bluetooth interface supported by the printer.

    Branded applications for printing from Android phone to printer: download

    For printers of well-known brands, such as HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others, there are proprietary applications for printing from Android devices.

    They are an order of magnitude more functional than “Virtual Printers” from Google, have more settings and different configurations for printing documents and photos.

    Universal Android Print Apps: Download

    There are also universal Android applications with which you can print information to a printer. As a rule, they are paid and cost 100-300 rubles.

    Before purchasing a license key, users have the opportunity to test printing in a test mode to make sure that the application is compatible with the printer.

    How to Print from Android Phone to Printer

    Topic: how to print document, photo, text from Android phone to printer via Wi-Fi, USB or computer.

    Despite the fact that we live in the age of digital technologies and paper media are gradually losing their relevance, they still have not completely outlived their usefulness. And people sometimes still have to face the need to print a document or photo. But now it is much easier to do this, there is no need to use auxiliary intermediate means or devices in the form of a computer, laptop, USB stick or other removable storage device. You can easily print from Android phone to printer directly. And in this article we will figure out how to do it.

    Printing from Google Drive with Cloud Print

    Next, using the example of a photo, we will consider how to print from an Android phone to a printer using Google cloud storage and the “Virtual Printers” application.

    You need a Google account to use Google Drive. If you do not have it, then you should register. And also. a virtual printer connected to the account.

    Instructions for setting up printing to a printer via an Android smartphone:

    • Install the “Virtual Printer” plug-in on your mobile device;
    • Open a gallery of images;
    • Select the desired photo;
    • Press the “Share” button;
    • Select the item “Save to Disk”;
    • Open Google Drive;
    • Open a photo to be printed;
    • Open the context menu by clicking on the icon with 3 vertical dots;
    • Select the “Print” item;
    • Click “Select printer” and, if necessary, specify the number of copies, as well as the paper size;
    • Click “Add printer”;
    • Select the “Virtual Printers” printing service;
    • Wait for the search for printers, or add manually;
    • The results found will display all printers that are connected to the “Virtual Printers” service, as well as printers that are located in the same local network with a mobile device.
    • You need to select the desired printer, after which the photo will be sent for printing.

    If, after the search, the notification “There are no printers in the list” is displayed, then you need to connect the printer to the “Virtual Printers” service (link to instructions).

    If the printer is on a local network, make sure the mobile device is also registered on that local network.

    When working with documents, as a rule, programs already have a built-in function of sending to print, so there is no need to use Google Drive.

    The advantage of using the “Virtual Printer” application is that the device and the printer do not have to be located on the same local network or Wi-Fi network, you can send a document or photo to print to a printer located in another part of the world.

    Connecting Android phone to printer using USB cable

    Connecting an Android phone or tablet to a printer via USB is the easiest way to print. Modern office equipment already has built-in components for creating a connection between a mobile device and a printer, scanner.

    To connect to older models, you need to use Android apps. Best of all. proprietary applications from the printer manufacturer. If the branded application does not support USB printing, then you can use the universal.

    How to print from Whatsapp to a printer

    Sometimes, during correspondence, users receive the necessary documents or commemorative images. In this case, there is a desire to print them. To do this, you need to learn how to print a photo from WhatsApp. You can use several methods. It is also possible to print directly from the device.

    From the computer

    To do this, use the methods above to transfer the necessary data to your PC. After that, print documents or pictures as standard by connecting your printer.

    From the phone

    There are special programs that allow you to print documents and images directly from your smartphone. Each operating system has its own utility. But it’s important to remember that mobile may not support all file formats. Before you start working with these applications, familiarize yourself with the functionality and capabilities.

    From tablet

    From these devices, you can use the same utilities as for the phone. It all depends only on the operating system of the gadget: Android or iPhone. If possible, you can start printing wirelessly. Otherwise, you will have to use a USB cable to connect directly to a printer or PC. Now you know how to print photos from WhatsApp.

    The first way

    This method is the simplest. To do this, you will need:

    • Open gallery;
    • Select the desired pictures;
    • At the top, click on the “Share” icon. Send to your E-mail;
    • Go to your email inbox and save them to the desired folder.

    How to print a photo from WhatsApp

    Many active users of gadgets and applications want to know how to print photos from Whatsapp. This program is quite popular and widespread. It allows people to exchange free messages, as well as images, videos and audio files. These features allow you to diversify your communication. But it is important to remember that access to the Internet is required to use all functions.

    Sometimes users want to save the captured images to their smartphone or PC. There are several ways. They are quite simple, and even a beginner can cope with the task. In this article, we’ll talk about how to transfer photos to your computer and leave them on your phone. We will also analyze methods for printing documents from WhatsApp from any device.


    A similar utility for iPhone is called AirPrint. For use:

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    • Install and run the program;
    • Open the menu;
    • Select “Print” and find your printer;
    • Check the parameters;
    • Print.

    Best Printer Apps for Android

    While there are some third party Android apps that may suit your printing needs, it is best to use Google Cloud Print.This is the official Android recommended app that gives you the ability to print directly from whatever program you work in, be it web browser, email client or document management system. Instead of opening a separate app, Google Cloud Print lets you print directly from your phone or tablet.

    There may be other printer apps for Android, but make sure you use either the Google Cloud Print app or your preferred printer plugin. Third party apps may not be the best way to go.

    Apple’s built-in AirPrint makes it easy to print directly from any iPhone or iPad without downloading additional software to your mobile device.

    • AirPrint can only be used with printers that are compatible with Apple technology, check this list to make sure your printer supports AirPrint.
    • Make sure your phone and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Then open the application you want to print from and look for the print option, which might be under Share, Print, or Other options. Click Print or the printer icon and select Select AirPrint Printer. In this example, we printed something directly from the Apple mail client.
    • You should be able to easily identify and select the printer of your choice (or add a new printer), specify your printing needs (number of copies, etc.)) and submit the job to the selected printer.

    If you are still having problems using AirPrint, make sure you are using the latest version of iOS and that there are no updates available for the app you are printing from.

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    If you’re using a Windows 10 device and want to print wirelessly, setup is easy.

    • First open Cortana and type “Printer”. When it appears, select “Printers & Scanners”.
    • Select Add Printer or Scanner. Assuming your printer is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Windows 10 device, you should have no problem finding it and adding it to the queue.
    • You can now print easily.

    If you have a Windows 8 device without a built-in driver, here’s what you need to do for wireless printing:

    • Download for Print Now ( 1.99). This is a Windows application that allows Windows users to wirelessly print via Google Cloud Print.
    • Make sure your Windows device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your cloud printer.
    • Link your printer to Google Cloud Print by opening the Chrome browser and typing “chrome: // devices”.
    • Find your printer in the New Devices section. Click “Manage” next to it.
    • In the pop-up window “Confirm registration” click “Register”.
    • Go to and click Printers to confirm your printer is registered.
    • You can then easily send files to the printer from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your phone’s built-in media library.


    Google Cloud Print is preinstalled on most Android devices, but you can download it manually.

    • If you manually download the Google Cloud Print app to your mobile device, you will need to identify or add a printer that is compatible with your device and is on the same shared Wi-Fi network. Open “Settings” and find “Print” to add a printer.
    • After adding the printer, open the application you are printing from and tap the three additional dots (usually in the upper right corner) to find and select the Print option.

    Step-by-step guide to printing from your phone

    Below are step-by-step instructions for mobile printing, adding a printer, and choosing a printing app for Android, iOS, and Windows.

    Connection and configuration methods

    As one of the options for connecting a smartphone to a printer, you can consider a regular USB cable for such purposes. But t

    HP printers. print wirelessly from laptop, phone or tablet

    Use the HP ePrint App or HP ePrint Software to print to HP Public Print Locations. Standard print / copy fees may apply.

    Cloud printing requires an Internet connection or a network to an HP ePrint-enabled printer.

    Mobile devices require an internet connection and email. Wireless access point may be required. Separately purchased plans or usage fees may apply.

    Internet connection required to access cloud services. Wireless access point may be required. May require third party subscription with separately purchased service contract.

    iPhone, iPad, or iTouch using Apple AirPrint or the HP ePrint App

    PC and Mac mobile devices with HP ePrint software

    Android mobile devices using the HP ePrint app or HP Native Printing Solution for Android (Jelly Bean and later)

    To download the HP ePrint App to your computer, you must manually sync with your phone or tablet.

    Included in the firmware of select HP printers. Firmware update may be required to enable Cloud / Internet printing directly from Windows or Macintosh applications.

    Printing devices built into Android include Kindle Fire HD / HDX, etc.

    Not compatible with Windows RT tablets. Use the InOS driver.

    HP built-in printing for Android is not available on Android OS 4.3 or earlier, except on select devices.

    Although Wireless Direct connections can be used, Wi-Fi Direct connections are not supported.

    Install google print driver for local printing via google cloud to print from third party application such as MS Word to google cloud printer.

    How to print wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet

    While the world is going paperless, there are still times when a printout is a must. As a last resort, this could mean printing directly from your smartphone. Fortunately, both iOS and Android support mobile printing without the need for a third-party printing app. You can send documents to any printer as long as you are on the same Wi-Fi network and know how to add it, which can mean flexible printing options for small and medium businesses.

    Printing from a mobile device is easy. if you have an iPhone, this is a built-in feature that you can access by clicking the Share button on documents, depending on which application you are using. Most Android phones have printing capabilities. built-in, but if your device does not give you the ability to connect, you will have to download the Google Cloud Print app.

    If you are interested in mobile printing to portable printers, here is a list of possible options. These printers, although a little expensive, can be a good option for business travelers who need to print on the go. They can also easily connect to your Apple or Android device for fast and efficient printing.

    Printing via USB or Wi-Fi

    Owners of old printers and phones that have a USB Host output, as well as the necessary drivers or a special USB Connection Kit application, can try to set up printing on their own. Lucky for those who have HP devices, then you just need to download the ePrint program, which allows you to see all printers and MFPs produced by this brand, connected via USB.

    WI-FI connection. one of the fastest ways to send a file to print from your smartphone

    It is easier, of course, when the printing and mobile device supports Wi-Fi. In this case, it is worth activating Wi-Fi Direct in the parameters settings and sending the file for printing. the easiest and fastest way and it is possible only when you own a new generation printer. With others, you will have to get confused and connect directly to the router via WPS before printing. For this you need:

    • see if your router supports WPS connection;
    • turn off filtering of MAC addresses and check that the network is encrypted;
    • specify the network name and password to it, in addition, look on the box from the router under the serial number for the eight-digit PIN code.

    Then activate WPS, in the browser in the login field enter, And in the password field. admin. Also, don’t forget to specify the ENABLE parameter in the Security section. Do not touch the network search button on the router until the connection is established, in addition, remember that the devices must be turned off for a couple of minutes.

    How to print a photo from a phone on a printer? All ways!

    Modern smartphone models allow you to send photos and documents directly to print from your phone

    Mobile phones are so firmly entrenched in our daily life that they have replaced cameras, computers, and many other equipment. They help us solve business issues. send and receive mail, edit documents, and are also indispensable on vacation when you need to take photos or videos. As a result, we store a large number of text and photo documents in a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, it is not surprising that from time to time there is a need to print them.

    When buying photo printers for home and even office use, we do not always pay attention to such important technical characteristics as the presence of a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to work with cloud services, but it would be worth it. But first things first.

    Cloud printing

    If your printer has a Cloud Print Ready label, then you are very lucky. You can print from your smartphone after connecting to the Internet and registering on one of the cloud services, which are enough today. If there is no such function, then use your computer to add the printer to the Chrome settings and register with Google.

    Cloud printing allows you to send to print any photos and documents from anywhere in the world with access to e-mail

    Taking a smartphone on Android OS, download one of the proposed applications:

    • A virtual printer is a Google development through which it is easy to send documents or photos to print, link accounts and printing devices.
    • Cloud Print. which has the same functions as “Virtual Printer”, only allowing you to print out a list of contacts, screenshots, SMS, files from the social network
    • Print Share. allows you to print files in the format MS Excel, PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, in addition, a calendar, a list of calls and contacts, viewed web pages. The application itself is free, but its full functionality is available after paying for the key.
    • Dropbox is a virtual storage for which you first need to create an account on your computer, and then download the application, go to it on your phone and save the files you need. After that, you can see them on a PC and print from there.

    Printout from gadgets on iOS

    If you have a photo printer with 10×15 photo paper, and you are holding an iPhone or iPad, then the above applications will not work for you, except for Dropbox, of course. For apple gadgets, there are a number of other programs that will help you print the desired picture, among them:

    • Apple airPrint. allows you to transfer photos from digital format to media with a few taps. Only this function should be supported by the printer, but there are not many of them and they are all from the latest developments.
    • Handy Print is a convenient but paid service that you need to install on your computer.
    • Printer Pro is an application that allows you to print through other programs. To do this, you need to select “Open in. “And click on Dropbox, for example.

    Apple recommends using AirPrint for printing photos and documents

    If you need to print any file from your phone, you can also use modern proprietary applications created directly by the printer manufacturers. These include Epson iPrint and HP ePrint Enterprise, which automatically connect wirelessly to compatible devices, allowing you to print even from e-mail.

    Cloud printing

    Many modern printers have Cloud Print Ready, and if you are the owner of such a device, then you just need to save the required photos and documents in any cloud storage. Then you can print photos on a printer without using a computer from anywhere.
    If your printer does not support the Cloud Print Ready function, you can install the “Virtual Printer” application on your phone, or its analogs Cloud Print, Print Share. After installing the program, add your printer to the Chrom browser settings and register with Google, and then you can use the cloud to print from your phone. Just remember to check your printer’s task history.

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    Wi-Fi printing

    This method is one of the simplest, but you can use it if wi-fi is possible on the printer and phone, and both devices must be connected to the same network. If you have a modern phone and printer, then you do not need to install additional utilities, connect wires.

    Before starting work, enable Wi-Fi in the printer settings. Android smartphones use Google Cloud Print technology. In order to transfer a photo from such a phone to a printer and print, you should:

    • go to “Settings”;
    • select the “System” tab;
    • enter the “Printer” tab;
    • select “Virtual Printer”, and there in the settings add your printer.

    You will be able to pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

    If you have an iPhone, Apple AirPrint is used for printing. In this case, there is no need to add a printer, just select the desired photo, open “Print” in the same place, set the size and print quality, everything is like in a computer. IPhone printer will find automatically

    If you do not have these applications on your phone, you can install special programs from the printer manufacturers. And then you can not only print, but copy, scan (if the printer supports these functions). Well, if the printer is an outdated model, then it will have to be connected to the network directly through a router that must support the WPS protocol.

    How to print a photo from your phone to a printer

    Some 10 years ago, it was possible to print photos or documents on a printer only through a computer, but progress does not stand still and now you can print your favorite photo or transfer a document from a digital medium to a paper one directly from your mobile phone. It is not difficult to do this, choose the method that suits you best and go ahead.

    USB Printing

    This printing method is suitable for owners of phones with USB output, moreover, not all printers can work with this technology. To print, you will have to install special drivers and download an application that is suitable for a particular printer model. Most of these applications are paid, so as not to make the wrong choice, first install the trial version and try to print a few test pages. After installing drivers and programs, the phone detects the printer as a USB device, and you can print any documents.

    How to print documents from your Android smartphone or tablet

    Due to the rapid development of technology, mobile devices are firmly entrenched in the daily life of almost every person on the planet. And many business people, especially those who work with documents, would like to print papers directly from their device. In our new instructions, we will tell you in detail how you can print documents from a smartphone or tablet on Android.

    Printing from a Smartphone via Google Cloud Print

    Google Cloud Print or Google Cloud Print is one of the easiest solutions when the printer does not support official applications or does not work on the network. To use the cloud printing service, it is imperative to link the printer to an account on the official Google Cloud Print website. To bind, you need to perform several actions:

    • Sign in to your google account from the google chrome browser.
    • Click on the “Menu” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Enter the “Settings” section.
    • Click “Show advanced settings”.
    • At the very bottom of the list of options there will be a “Print” section containing the item “Google Cloud Print”.
    • Open subsection and click “Add printers”.
    • Select the printers you want from the list that appears.

    After completing the setup, you need to install the Google Cloud Print application to send documents or images to print from your Android smartphone or tablet. Anything that can be sent on a smartphone via the Share button can be sent to the Cloud Print service, after which all that remains is to wait until the end of printing.

    Separately, it should be noted that printers connected in a standard way will be available only if the computer to which they are connected is turned on and has access to the Internet. You can also add network printers to the Google Print Cloud service without this limitation. To make it easier to work with devices that support cloud printing, you can also connect them to the service from Google. The registration of most models of office equipment from almost all manufacturers is carried out in exactly the same way.

    Printing from a Smartphone over Wi-Fi

    In a similar way, you can print from an Android smartphone that is connected to the same network as a printer, scanner or MFP. At the same time, office equipment must support a connection via Wi-Fi Direct or through a router via Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS.

    Wi-Fi Direct setup requires the printer to support this wireless standard. Typically, such devices have a separate button to enable direct mode. It becomes active after initial configuration via the PC application. After activating this function, you need to do the following:

    • Switch Wi-Fi Direct on the printer to automatic mode.
    • Find in the list of Wi-Fi networks the network created by the printer using Wi-Fi Direct.
    • Connect to this network and enter the WPA2 password set in the computer application.
    • You can send documents or photos to print from a smartphone using a printer.

    In the case of a connection using a router and WPS, the sequence of actions is different. First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether the router and printer support such a mode. You also need to find out the password (PIN) for WPS. as a rule, it is indicated on the back or bottom of the router on a special sticker. If everything is in order, then you need to follow these steps:

    • Turn on WPS using the button on the router or in the settings.
    • Connect the printer and smartphone to the router via WPS.
    • Find your printer in the list of Wi-Fi print devices available.

    Within the network to which the printer is connected, you can send any photos or documents to print from your smartphone or tablet on Android.

    Smartphone printing via USB OTG cable

    This method works primarily with older printers, as newer models usually support one of the wireless printing options. And you can only use it if your smartphone or tablet supports USB Host mode. To send to print from a smartphone to Android using a USB cable, you will need an OTG adapter that converts a standard USB connector into a microUSB, as well as an installed application with drivers for printers, for example, StarPrint or PrinterShare.

    Smartphone printing with proprietary app

    The most modern models of printers, scanners and MFPs from most manufacturers are designed to be used not only from a computer, but also from smartphones and tablets on Android. And in order to use office equipment as conveniently as possible, manufacturers have released special applications:

    • Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY. Application specially designed to work with Canon’s PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY printers and scanners.
    • Epson iPrint. Epson application that allows printing from a smartphone to printers, works with most modern network devices of this company.
    • HP Printing Plug-in. In fact, it is a plug-in driver for a smartphone that helps to synchronize the device with any Hewlett-Packard printer, including even older models.
    • Samsung Mobile Print. An application that allows you to print, scan and even send faxes using Samsung devices.
    • Xerox Print Service Plugin in conjunction with Xerox Workplace. Perhaps the most fully featured applications from the oldest manufacturer of office equipment. They allow you to use MFPs and printers even with the NFC module of your smartphone and a QR code scanner. over, these applications work even with network devices from other manufacturers.

    For the most part, these applications are highly specialized and only work within the office equipment of specific manufacturers. But most of the functions in them also work via the Internet, providing extensive opportunities. They do not require any special configuration of the printer, scanner or MFP. it is enough for the device to be connected to the network. After installing the application on your mobile device, you need to do a few simple steps:

    • Check if the printer and smartphone or tablet are on the same network.
    • Search the application for your printer, scanner or MFP.
    • Synchronize your mobile device.

    After these steps, you can safely print any documents from your tablet or smartphone on Android at any time.

    Printing from a Smartphone Using the PrinterShare App

    A universal application that supports most printers and can replace both branded applications and Google Cloud Print. It even works with printers that connect via a USB OTG cable. But it makes sense to use it only when the number of different-sized office equipment is very large and all of it needs to be combined in one application. The principle of setting up and using PrinterShare is quite simple:

    • Download and install the PrinterShare Print Service application.
    • In the application, select your printer connection type.
    • Connect the printer using one of the methods listed earlier in the instructions.
    • After completing the setup, printing from an Android smartphone will be available directly from the application.

    The PrinterShare app allows you to print online from anywhere you can connect your smartphone to the Internet. At the same time, you can use for printing any of the configured and synchronized with the service active and connected to the Internet printers. The main disadvantage of PrinterShare is that some of the functionality will not be active without purchasing the premium version of the application.