How to make HDMI input on a laptop

Extending the desktop

For a computer and a TV connected to it via HDMI, you can adjust the frequency and resolution of the screen separately. The settings for AMD (ATI), NVidia, etc. video cards have their own capabilities related to the installation of multiple displays. For example, when using an NVidia GeForce video card, right-click on an empty space on the desktop, and then select the line “NVidia Control Panel”. You can customize your monitors in the “Display” section:

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How to connect a second screen

Open the Action Center window in the lower-right corner again. In the window that opens, click on the tab. Bluetooth. After that, the corresponding icon will appear in the taskbar.

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How to output sound to TV via HDMI?

  • It is necessary that all the necessary drivers are installed on the video card. You can determine if the driver that provides audio output via HDMI is installed in the “Device Manager”. To open it, you need to click “WinPause”, then select “Device Manager”. The section dedicated to audio, gaming and video devices must indicate a device that supports “High Definition Audio”. high definition sound:
  • In playback devices (right-click on the speaker located near the clock or go to “Control Panel. Sound”) there must be an HDMI digital audio device or similar in name.
  • When the TV is connected to a computer device, the status will change to “Ready”. Right click on it and select “Set as default”.
  • On some TVs, not all HDMI inputs are capable of receiving sound! The port called “HDMI 1” probably knows how to do this. If the sound does not appear automatically, try digging into the TV settings to set the digital, not analog (used when connecting tulips) audio stream for the HDMI input you are using.

After that, the problem with the output of sound via HDMI to the TV should be resolved. You just have to restart the programs you are using or completely restart your computer.

Projecting Windows 10 how to connect a second screen

Hey ! We continue to disassemble the Windows 10 operating system! Today you will learn how to set up projection and connect a second screen on Windows 10. For example, you want to connect a TV or a second computer to your computer, or just an additional screen. You can not only connect an additional screen, but also be able to adjust the projection.

To connect the second screen, in the lower right corner of the screen, open the “Notification Center” by clicking on the corresponding icon in the form of a written sheet. In the window that opens, click on the tab. Project. Projection needs to be adjusted only after connecting the second screen.

Further, in the window that opens, you will have a choice of 4 types of projection:

How to enable HDMI on Windows 10

How to properly connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI?

Immediately, we note that in order to connect everything, you will need to set the desired parameters on the TV and laptop. You will also need the HDMI cable itself. Also, note that some laptop models only have a DVI connector. Then you will also have to get a special adapter.

The procedure itself for connecting a laptop to a TV via HDMI is quite simple. You need to do the following:

  • We make sure that there are connectors on both devices.
  • We turn off the TV and laptop. This is to protect the ports. If you connect the cable with the devices turned on, then there is a risk of their failure.
  • We connect one end of the cable to the HDMI connector on the TV. Typically, modern TV-devices have it on the back or side. In this case, there can be several connectors. Usually they are all signed. HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc. In which of them you connect the cable there is no difference.
  • We connect the other end of the cable to the laptop. Now we turn on both devices and go to the connection settings.
  • We start with the TV. We pick up the remote control and press the button on it, which is responsible for setting up signal sources. This is often the key “input”, “source” (on LG, Samsung TVs, etc.) or “home” (on some Sony models).
  • A menu will appear on the TV screen (its interface is very different depending on the TV and the manufacturer!), Where you need to select the signal source. In our case, HDMI. If you choose the wrong option, the following message will appear on the TV screen: “No signal”. Do not be afraid! Just click on another signal source.
  • That’s all. Most likely, everything worked out for you, and you are already watching a movie or playing computer games using a TV monitor, and not a laptop screen.
  • If the laptop did not connect to the TV and it was not possible to display the image on its screen, then on the laptop we go to “Start”. Further in the “Control Panel”. Click on the item “Setting the screen resolution”. Next, in the “Screen” line, select the TV screen if it was not automatically recognized. Press the button “Find”. For laptops with Windows 10, go to the system settings in the “Screen” section and click on the “Detect” button.

Helpful information! Not all laptop models have an HDMI connector. In this case, some users, using an adapter, connect the device via VGA. This is a fairly old 15-pin connector that became popular back in the 80s of the last century. However, no sound is transmitted through such an interface. Therefore, in addition to the HDMI cable, you will need to connect an additional wire for the audio signal.

Problems when connecting a laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable are far from uncommon. Therefore, we will dwell on this point in detail. we will describe the most common problems and ways to solve them.

  • What if you connected everything correctly, but the TV screen does not show the image from the laptop? The first thing we do is sit down at the laptop. Right-click on the desktop. In the menu that appears, select the line “Screen resolution” (for Windows 7, 8). Now you need to select “Multiple monitors” in the “Screen” item. Below you will see another option “Multiple screens”. Here we put “Duplicate desktop on the first and second”.
  • Why is there no sound on the TV? As we noted above, an HDMI cable carries an audio signal. So it is weird if the sound continues to come from the laptop and not from the TV device? How to fix it? Go to the notification panel and click on the sound icon. We select “Playback devices” or “Sound devices”. it all depends on the OS version (Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.). The list that opens should also include the TV to which you connected the laptop via HDMI. Click on it with the right mouse button, and then select “Use as default” or “Enable”. It remains only to click “Ok”. The sound should appear.

If the TV still does not see the laptop via HDMI, then it is worth checking if you connected the cable itself well to all the connectors. The plug may not be fully seated in the socket. Sometimes it happens that the cord itself is not working properly. But this is very rare.

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Sometimes there are conflicts that prevent the laptop from connecting to the TV via HDMI. The main reason is outdated or incorrectly working drivers. For example, video cards. Therefore, if you cannot connect the device to the TV, then update the software for the video adapter.

On a note! Connecting a laptop to an old TV via HDMI is hardly possible. Mainly due to the lack of an appropriate interface. Therefore, if you have a rather “ancient” TV receiver, then you can connect it to a laptop only through RCA (everyone knows them as “tulips”).

How to switch to HDMI output on a laptop

The HDMI connection transfers multimedia data in good quality and high speed. The transfer of information is carried out through special cables connected to two or more necessary devices. HDMI is the most popular digital interface and has replaced the old analog one. In this article, we will explain in detail everything about this type of connection and analyze how to enable it on a laptop.

Possible problems

When connecting two devices through a single cable, problems can be either with the picture or with the sound. How to enable smooth picture and sound output via HDMI on a laptop? Follow these simple tips:

  • After connecting, restart your computer, and you can also turn off and turn on the TV.
  • Check the outputs on both devices. It is unacceptable for the connectors to dangle in the connectors. Due to “poor contact” on the screen of the second display, ripples, stripes, predominance of green color, the absence of a picture as a whole are possible.
  • Update your laptop graphics card drivers. Then restart your computer.
  • In the absence of only sound, in the “Sound” settings, check which device is now transmitted by default. Change the “Use as default” option to the desired playback source.

If the settings do not work, it may be due to the HDMI cable and device ports used. Check the cable for damage or use another to check the ports.

Use only high-quality HDMI cables for connection (with protective shield and thick braid).

Connection features

The HDMI interface allows you to transfer images and sound to displays in high definition (even 8K). But, so that the signal is not lost during transmission, and the picture is not distorted, the cable length should be no more than 5 meters.

Since its inception (2002), the interface has gone through several stages of development. But what makes it remarkable is that the cables and ports of the newer versions are backward compatible with the old ones. The latest 2.1 spec was released in 2017. It supports screens up to 10K with refresh rates up to 120Hz. Has a bandwidth of up to 48 Gbps.

You need to connect devices that are disconnected from the power supply to each other, so as not to burn the ports.

The connection is made using a male-to-male HDMI cable, but if there is no connector on the display, you can use adapters:

  • HDMI (laptop). DVI (display);
  • HDMI. Display Port.
  • Display Port. HDMI.

Look for the HDMI port on the sides or back of your laptop. The same connector in the monitor and in the TV is located on the back, but sometimes it can be output from the front side, from the bottom.

If you connect a laptop to any miniature device that uses a reduced interface connector, just buy an adapter kit for the cable.

If you connect the display to a laptop via HDMI, a picture will appear on it when the Windows operating system boots. If this did not happen, you should set the parameter for working with screens that you need in the OS settings.

Cable versions

Unlike many devices, the HDMI interface has a reverse connection between any of its versions. For example, you can use a first generation cable and use the data transfer from a second generation connector. However, in this case, the baud rate and picture / sound quality will be consistent with the cable standard, not the connector.

Also, many experts recommend paying attention to the cable length / thickness ratio. The fact is that the market is full of fakes, and if there is no way to learn more about the characteristics of the cable, then you should pay attention to its appearance.

First, if the cord is long, then as it grows, the thickness should also grow. That is, a cable one and a half meters long will be much thinner than a cable with a length of ten meters.

Second, safety comes first. Cable manufacturers, in order to secure their products, put special filters that prevent the occurrence of electromagnetic interference. Outwardly, they look like a cylindrical bulge at the base of the cable.

Causes of HDMI malfunction

Sometimes there are problems in the operation of devices, this may also be due to the connection interface. When using HDMI, two problems are often observed. no picture and no sound. Incorrect device settings, outdated drivers, or physical breakdowns are considered to be the main causes of malfunctions. In such cases, it is recommended that you resort to one of several methods for solving the problems encountered. about them

Above, we examined in detail the main function of the HDMI interface, got acquainted with the types of cables, figured out how to turn on this connector on a laptop and talked about possible malfunctions. We hope our article was useful and you learned everything you need to know about connecting devices via the HDMI connector.

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Role of the HDMI connector

Before you know how to enable HDMI on a laptop, you need to understand what this connector is for. With it, you can broadcast movies, clips and music. The principle of operation is simple. replacing the analog connection method, HDMI facilitates the transfer of high quality video and audio from one device to another. This can be a connection from a computer to a TV, from a smartphone to a monitor, and so on. Even video cards are connected to the monitor in this way.

Modern versions of the cable are capable of transmitting images in 2K and 4K quality. Unlike its predecessor VGA, this interface does not distort the image and has a higher data transfer rate when the screen is updated at 60 and 120 Hz. And the presence of an audio channel helps to avoid additional audio connections.

Interface version

In order to purchase a suitable cable, you need to understand how to find out which HDMI is on a laptop. To do this, you need to consider the characteristics of the video card, since it is responsible for this output.

If the video card is discrete, then you should visit the manufacturer’s website and view the detailed characteristics of the video card, or rather, its outputs. For laptops, this will be seen in their technical specifications.

How to connect an HP laptop via HDMI?

How to connect PC to TV using HDMI cable?

  • Find the HDMI port on the back of your TV.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to a port on your TV.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your computer.
  • Use the TV remote control to select the HDMI input corresponding to the port to which the cable is connected.
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What is an HDMI port on a laptop for??

HDMI (English The HDMI connector in a laptop is used to connect to an LCD TV or a projector. The main difference between HDMI and DVI is that the HDMI connector is smaller in size and also supports the transmission of multi-channel digital audio signals.

How to check the HDMI port on a laptop?

Check your TV’s HDMI connector, many brands may have more than one. Open the TV menu, determine which port is input by number, possibly not the one connected. Press the source selection key. Mark the required input, click “OK”.

How to change the HDMI screen resolution?

Solution. right-click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution” or go to “Control Panel”. “Screen”. “Screen Resolution Setting”. The next step is to determine which screen we have the main (1st) and additional (2nd), for this you need to click “Define”.

How to Cast Screen from Xbox One to Computer?

Stream games from Xbox One to PC

  • In the connection area of ​​the Xbox app, choose Streaming to open the Xbox One screen and select a game.
  • Or, when watching an Xbox One game in the Xbox app, select Play on Console to start streaming the game immediately.
  • To stop streaming, press the ESC key.

Is it possible to display an image from a computer on a laptop screen?

It is possible to display the image from the computer system unit on the laptop display only if you have previously configured the display of the desktop on the PC. To do this, you need a monitor, at worst, a modern TV with an HDMI, DVI or VGA connector (depending on which connection the PC monitor supported).

Is it possible to connect a laptop to the system unit?

Connecting the system unit to a laptop

A LAN connection is always used to connect the laptop monitor and the system unit. This connector is found in all modern laptops and computers (this is an RJ 45 port). To connect the system unit to the laptop monitor, you just need to insert the cable on both sides.

How to use your laptop as an Xbox monitor?

How to connect Xbox to laptop (broadcast)

  • Turn on both devices and connect to the same network.
  • Launch the Xbox app on your laptop.
  • Go to the “Connection” tab.
  • Click the “Perform Streaming” button.
  • The Xbox image will appear on the laptop screen.

How to use your laptop as an Xbox monitor?

How to connect Xbox to laptop (broadcast)

  • Turn on both devices and connect to the same network.
  • Launch the Xbox app on your laptop.
  • Go to the “Connection” tab.
  • Click the “Perform Streaming” button.
  • The Xbox image will appear on the laptop screen.

How to connect a laptop as a Windows 10 monitor?

On Windows 10, there is an easier and more affordable way. using the “Project to this computer” option in the “Options” tab of the display properties window. True, it will work only if the laptop is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter with Miracast support (standard for wireless multimedia signal transmission).

How to use a laptop as a monitor for the PlayStation 4?

Almost all modern laptops have an HDMI port. But often it works in the Out format, that is, it displays the image, for example, on a monitor, TV and projector. In this case, nothing will come of it. Only devices that support HDMI In can be used to connect Sony Playstation 4.

How to use a laptop as a monitor?

On your primary computer, press the Windows P key and select “Connect to a wireless display” at the very bottom. Your computer will start looking for available displays, and as soon as the second screen is found, you will have the option to Extend and Duplicate.

Can Xbox be connected to laptop?

Connecting an Xbox to a laptop via HDMI is not that easy, but almost impossible. it is not enough just to plug one end of the cable into the HDMI input on the console, and the other end to a similar input on the laptop, even if your laptop has a suitable connector.

How to connect Xbox 360 to Windows 10 computer?

Going to the “Control Panel”, you need to select “Network and Sharing Center”. Select the item “Add” = “Create a network” (Computer. Computer). By following the instructions that appear, you will ensure that the Xbox 360 detects as a newly created network. Checking the connection of the set-top box to the computer.

How to enable correctly?

The best way to fix the problem and figure out what is wrong is to do it all over again.

  • Gently insert one end of the cable into a laptop or computer, and the other into an HDMI port on a TV or other device.
  • In any free field of the desktop, right-click and select the desired section.
  • Under the screen with the number. select the second item.
  • Next, we are offered several options. For displaying the monitor screen, it is better to choose the first or fourth option. After that, click “Apply”.

For faster switching on of the display mode and screen duplication, you can simultaneously press two keys “Win” (located between the keys “Ctrl” and “Alt”) and the English button “P”. After that, just select the mode. Just don’t mix it up. you need to click on the English letter.

HDMI stopped working on laptop: how to check and enable

I bought myself a TV quite recently and somehow there was no need to use an HDMI cable at all. But then the relatives came home. And I decided to show a video and a photo. I plug in the cable, but there is no picture and no sound either. In general, I fought with this problem, but still managed to solve it. Today I will tell you why HDMI does not work on a laptop and how to solve this problem.

And so first of all, look at the integrity of the cable. A friend of mine had a cat that bit through the wire from the Xbox and he could not understand for a long time why there was no image. They rarely burn, but still it is worth checking for that. Now we go to the settings. The configuration will be the same for all Windows versions: 10, 8, 7, etc.

No sound

  • First, let’s check if the sound is being output to the second device. Let me remind you that a cable of this format should calmly output both sound and video on the screen. Click “Start” and then enter the word “Sound” in the search box. Next, select this section.
  • Go to the “Playback” tab. You should now see the name of your TV there, with the word “TV” written on it. Right-click and select “Use this device as default.” Do not forget to click “Apply”. If there is still no sound, go to the next chapter.

Installing drivers and checking

And so, let me remind you that the HDMI output goes directly from the video card. No difference built-in or separate. Our task is to install newer drivers.

  • We press simultaneously on two keys “WinR”. Next, we write the command as above in the picture.
  • Go to the “Video adapters” section. Click on our card with the right button and then “Update drivers”.
  • We immediately select the first item and wait until the system finds a new driver on Microsoft servers. If the driver is found, install it. But it is not always possible to update the software in this way. Sometimes the system does not find anything and you see a message that the driver does not need to be updated. In fact, he just didn’t find it.
  • To install the exact driver, you need to find out the name of your video card. As you might have noticed, the name is displayed there in the “Device Manager”. Then just enter it into the search engine and download the driver from the official website.
  • Do not forget to specify the operating system. We download only the latest driver and the full package. After downloading, install and reboot the device.
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If this does not help and there is still no image on the TV, then try a different port on the TV and on the laptop (if available). Otherwise, you need to take some other wire, perhaps the one you are using is broken or not compatible by standards. The cable can be tested by connecting another laptop or PC to it.

General summary

HDMI ports come in different types and versions, each of which requires a suitable cable. For example, you will not be able to connect a device that uses a C-type port (this is the smallest HDMI port) with a standard-sized cable. You will also have difficulties connecting ports with different versions, plus you need to choose a suitable cable for each version. Fortunately, with this point, everything is a little easier, because some versions provide good compatibility with each other. For example, versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.4a, 1.4b are fully compatible with each other.

Before connecting, you need to check the ports and cables for various defects. broken contacts, debris and dust in the connectors, cracks, bare areas on the cable, flimsy fastening of the port to the device. It will be easy to get rid of some defects; to eliminate others, you will have to take the equipment to a service center or change the cable. Problems such as exposed wires can be hazardous to the health and safety of the owner.

If the versions and types of connectors match each other and the cable, you need to determine the type of problem and solve it in a suitable way.

Problem 1: the image is not displayed on TV

When connecting a computer and a TV, the image may not always be displayed immediately, sometimes you need to make some adjustments. Also, the problem may be in the TV, infection of the computer with viruses, outdated video card drivers.

Consider the instructions for carrying out standard screen settings for a laptop and computer, which will allow you to configure the display of images on TV:

    Right-click on any empty area of ​​the desktop. A special menu will appear, from which you need to go to “Display Settings” for Windows 10 or “Screen Resolution” for earlier OS versions.

Then you will have to click “Find” or “Find” (depending on the OS version), so that the control panel finds a TV or monitor that is already connected via HDMI. The required button is located either under the window, where the display with the number 1 is schematically shown, or to the right of it.

  • In the “Display Manager” window that opens, you need to find and connect the TV (there should be an icon with the TV caption). Click on it. If it does not appear, then check again that the cables are connected correctly. Provided that everything is fine, a similar image of the 2nd screen will appear next to the schematic image of the 1st screen.
  • Select options for displaying the image on two screens. There are three of them: “Duplication”, that is, the same picture is displayed both on the computer display and on the TV; “Extend the desktop” implies the creation of a single workspace on two screens; “Display desktop 1: 2”, this option implies transferring the image to only one of the monitors.
  • Setting up the display does not always guarantee that everything will work 100%. the problem may lie in other components of the computer or in the TV itself.

    What to do if HDMI doesn’t work on laptop

    HDMI ports are used in almost all modern technology. laptops, TVs, tablets, on-board computers in cars and even in some smartphones. These ports have advantages over many similar connectors (DVI, VGA). HDMI is capable of transmitting audio and video simultaneously, supports high-quality transmission, is more stable, etc. However, he is not immune from various problems.

    Problem 2: sound is not transmitted

    HDMI integrates ARC technology, which allows audio to be transmitted along with video content to a TV or monitor. Unfortunately, the sound does not always start to be transmitted immediately, since to connect it, you need to make some settings in the operating system, update the sound card drivers.

    In the first versions of HDMI, there was no built-in support for ARC technology, so if you have an outdated cable and / or connector, then to connect the sound you will either have to replace the ports / cables or buy a special headset. Audio support was first added in HDMI version 1.2. And cables manufactured before 2010 have problems with sound reproduction, that is, it may be broadcast, but its quality leaves much to be desired.

    Problems with connecting a laptop to another device via HDMI are common, but many are easy to fix. If they cannot be solved, then most likely it will be necessary to change or repair ports and / or cables, since there is a high risk that they are damaged.