How to Make a Whatsapp Video Call on Laptop


The easiest and fastest way to switch to a video call via the WhatsApp program for iOS can be implemented without actually interrupting the correspondence with this or that member of the system, that is, directly from the chat.

    Launch messenger on iPhone.

  • By any means, open a chat with the user to whom the Video call will be made:
  • Go to an existing conversation from the list in the “Chats” section of the program.
  • Create a new dialogue by tapping the “Write” button in the upper right corner of the screen with the “Chats” tab open and then Selecting the interlocutor in the list of address book entries.
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    While in a chat, tap the “Camera” button next to the name of the interlocutor or his ID, which will immediately initiate a video call.

    Wait for the subscriber to answer and conduct a conversation using the cameras of your devices. During video communication, you can switch from the front camera to the main camera and back (1), as well as temporarily turn off the image capture module (2) and / or the microphone using the buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

    To end the call Tap the “Hang up” button or wait for the other party to do so.

    How to make a video call via WhatsApp for Android

    The ability to make a Video call is available in almost every section of the WhatsApp application for Android, that is, you can go to the beginning of the exchange of information on the technology in question very quickly, regardless of the screen displayed by the messenger.

    Android Contacts

    The non-obvious, but nevertheless very convenient possibility of making a video call via WhatsApp can be obtained without first opening the messenger application for this purpose. The system application “Contacts” in the Android OS is equipped with a special option, using which, you will very quickly solve the problem in question.

      Open Android Contacts as if you were going to make a regular phone call

    Find the contact you will be making a Video Call to, and by touching his name, open the details screen.

    Find the option indicated by the WhatsApp icon among the second interface elements on the screen and tap on it. Next, click “Video call USER_NUMBER”.

    The execution of the above manipulations ends with the launch of the messenger and automatic initiation of a video call of the second user through the WhatsApp service.

    Contact card

    Another option to navigate to Video Call in WhatsApp for Android is available from the screen showing information about adding your messenger to the user in Contacts.

      Launch WhatsApp and go to view the contact card to which the Video call will be made. This can be done in one of two ways:
      On the “Chats” tab of the application in the lower right corner, click on the button for creating a new conversation. “Write”. Then tap the avatar of the future subscriber in the opened list of address book entries and go to view detailed information about him by tapping on the “i”.

    Go to the open correspondence menu by touching the three dots at the top of the case screen and click “View contact”.

    In the “Details and Phone Number” area of ​​the screen that appears, tap the Camera icon located here on the Video Called Person ID. As a result, the call to the selected subscriber will immediately start.

    IOS Contacts

    The close interaction of the messenger and the iPhone operating system, or rather their address books, which are essentially the same software module, allow us to solve our problem, do not specifically launch WhatsApp for this.

      Open the iOS “Contacts” and find the desired user among the entries displayed on the screen. Tap the name of the subscriber, which will open in front of you Details about him.

    Click on the “video” button under the contact’s name, then select “WhatsApp” in the list of available video call services that appears at the bottom of the screen and Tap the subscriber’s phone number.

    As a result, the messenger will start and the Video call will be automatically initiated.

    How to make a video call via WhatsApp for iPhone

    WhatsApp for iOS users can follow different paths to use iPhone video calling, and they are all very simple.

    Switch from an audio call

    Making a voice call, you can quickly use the camera of your device and thus switch to using video communication.

      Initiate an audio call to a second WhatsApp participant or answer an incoming voice call.

    During negotiations, tap the “Camera” icon in the lower panel on the screen displayed by the application and then Confirm the system request by tapping “switch” in the window that appears.

    If your interlocutor expresses a desire and activates the “Switch” button in his messenger, then you will continue communication with the video.

    Call tab

    The second method to go to Video Call by WhatsApp is available from the Call tab in the system application. This may be more convenient than the above method of calling from the chat screen, because almost every user of the messenger has contacts, communication with which is carried out only through calls.

    New challenge

      Open the WhatsApp client application and go to the Calls tab from the menu at the top of the screen.

    Click on the “New call” button located in the lower right corner. Next, find the user’s name in the address book and then tap the located case from him the “Camera” icon.

    Wait for the WhatsApp account owner you are calling to answer the call, and then have a conversation.

    Call log

    If you have ever communicated with a WhatsApp registered user via audio or video communication, this fact, like missed calls, is recorded in a specialized “Journal”. From this list, it is possible to initiate another call, including the one involving the use of video cameras of your device and the subscriber’s accessory.

      In the WhatsApp app, go to the Calls tab. Next, find the name or identifier of the called person in the list of made and missed calls, tap on his photo. In the window that appears, showing an enlarged user avatar and a list of options applicable to him, tap the “Camcorder” icon.
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    As a result of the previous paragraph of the recommendations, the connection will immediately start, and you will only have to wait for the subscriber’s response.

    Group video calls

    As in the case of the WhatsApp for Android described in the first part of our article, in the version of the messenger adapted for use with Apple devices, it is very easy to organize video communication between Several (up to 4 simultaneously) users of the service in question and this can be done NOT by the only method.

    Existing group chat

      Launch WhatsApp on iPhone and go to a group you are already a member of. Or create a new conversation that brings together multiple account holders in the messenger.

    Create a WhatsApp Group Chat for iPhone
    How to add a member to a WhatsApp group from iPhone
    Having opened the correspondence, click on the “New call” button. this interface element is located at the top of the screen, the case from the group name. In the list of chat participants displayed at the bottom, check the checkboxes next to the names of the users invited to chat via video communication.

    Completed the formation of the list of merged video calls of persons, click on the button “Camera” the case is now formed by their avatars of a number.

    Expect a response from the invitees to communicate during the conference, communication of people, and Conduct negotiations in the most informative way that exists today.

    Section “Calls”

      Open WhatsApp and go to the “Calls” section of the program. Next Tap “New call” in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Click on the “New group call” option located below the contact search field. Highlight the names of future conference participants by ticking the checkboxes located here.

    Completed the selection, tap on the “Camera” icon. As a result, a video call will start, addressed simultaneously to several users registered in WhatsApp.

    Receiving a video call

    To answer an incoming video call, the subscriber needs to move the green button. If the person is busy, you can drop the call by pressing the red button. Also, the developers of the application offer users an additional option. to reject an incoming video call with a quick message. To do this, you need to use the message icon.

    As in other similar messengers, there are functions for accepting or rejecting a video call. In addition, you can reject the incoming message by sending a quick message via WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp video calls

    Whatsapp has long been one of the most popular and downloadable apps of its kind and is available for all mobile platforms. Since the program uses the Internet connection to perform its functions, it does NOT charge any additional fees for text messages other than using the data package.

    If from the first day of its appearance, the developers positioned the messenger as a product exclusively for exchanging text messages, then over time, users were offered additional opportunities. transferring photos, audio recordings and videos. With the growth in popularity and the number of users, the functional characteristics have constantly improved. Now a tool such as Whatsapp video calls has been introduced. With Video Call, WhatsApp is late, but still catching up with its main competitors: Skype, FaceTime, Viber.

    Technical requirements

    The “WhatsApp video call” function is currently not available to all users of the WhatsApp messenger. Owners of the following operating system versions are able to make calls of this nature:

    • Android OS 4.1;
    • iOS 8.0;
    • Windows Phone 8.1.

    Make sure you have a good network connection before making or receiving a call. Poor or incorrect Internet connection significantly degrades the image quality and sound characteristics. If the subscriber uses a Wi-Fi access point for connection, the listed parameters and their quality will depend on the presence of a signal of such a network, the data transfer rate.

    Making a video call

    To make a video call, the user just needs to open any chat and click on the handset in the upper right corner, then select the video call option.

    Users were able to switch modes between the front and rear cameras during the conversation, mute the sound, end the call. The updated interface is slightly, but still has differences in gadgets on Android and iOS. Systems offer different video presentation and button placement.

    Previously, WhatsApp only offered a range of standard communication features, including text chats and voice calls. But the company has taken the next step as video calling has recently become one of their users’ top requests.

    Other features

    The messenger continues to remain a free platform for communication, and not charging a fee for calls. The connection is based on an Internet connection, which excludes the possibility of emergency calls in the absence of it.

    In addition, WhatsApp has the function of calling landline or mobile numbers not linked to the service, unlike Skype, Viber. Although the company’s management does NOT exclude the appearance of a similar function in one of the nearest updated.

    As for the video calls function, its essence and specificity is the same as in other services.

    Thus, now users who prefer the WhatsApp messenger do NOT have to worry about the need to use other video calling apps as well.

    How to enable video calling in Skype on a laptop (make a video call)

    To do this, just being in the program, press the hot keys (look at the picture).

    You can also enable video communication on the page of the contact itself. Also look at the picture.

    If you want, for example, to improve video communication, then you need to configure the program. Settings can be made as in the program itself. So in the camera settings.

    How to check the camera on a laptop in Skype

    If you went into the settings and saw yourself in the image, then everything is in order with the camera. Well, if skype did NOT detect your camera, then you should contact Support at and repeat all instructions who will write to you.

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    We turn on video communication in Skype on a laptop and computer

    Hello everyone, dear readers! And today I will tell you how to enable video calling in Skype on a laptop. To begin with, I will say that for successful work and video communication in Skype, you must have all the equipment working. It is usually installed automatically. Well, now to the point.

    Setting up the camera in skype

    In order to configure your camera on a laptop, you just need to select “Tools” in the horizontal menu located at the top of the program, then. “Settings”.

    Here in the program there is a section called “Video Settings”. In this picture I show that I have no camera installed. You may have a different picture.

    Well, if your camera is functioning and all drivers are installed, then a window with settings will open. In my picture, I show that I have 2 cameras installed, so you should select the one that we will configure.

    If you have only one camera, then you will see a window in which you click on the camera settings button.

    Here we will be able to adjust both brightness and contrast, as well as many other settings. Choose and move the strips as you like.

    With this option, you can greatly improve the picture, as well as the sharpness and quality of frames.

    Setting up a video call on Skype

    During a call, you can also set up a video call. How to do it. say Skype technical support. And I will attach you a picture with all the descriptions.

    Video on how to enable video calling in skype on a laptop

    Friends, maybe I missed something and did NOT answer your question. Please ask me in the comments and I will gladly answer everyone. I wish you all good health and peace!

    Does WhatsApp have a video call and how to find it

    One of the most popular instant messengers in the world provides its users with a very wide functionality and among the most popular questions about it the following is the leader: is there a video call in WhatsApp??

    There is no definite answer to this question, since everything depends on the version of the application installed on the smartphone. Video calls in WhatsApp are available to owners of devices running modern operating systems. For older devices running the first versions of Android, as well as almost out of circulation Symbian OS, initial versions of iOS and Windows Phone.

    Since June 30, 2017, the messenger will stop supporting most devices with old operating systems altogether. Therefore, if you have just such an operating system installed, you should think about replacing your smartphone with a more modern one.

    Call cost

    Video calling on WhatsApp is completely free. Application developers do NOT charge users any payment for making such a call. Nevertheless, traffic can be paid, especially if you use a mobile connection.

    Therefore, before talking on video in Watsap, make sure that you are using unlimited Internet or cheap 3G. 4G options. In this case, Whatsapp video call will be really free for you, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the connection.

    How to set up a video call in WhatsApp

    Before making the first video call via WhatsApp, you need to configure this function.

    • Download the application via Android Market or from the developer’s website.
    • Install it.
    • Add contacts (what you had in your phone book will be added automatically).
    • To make a call from the Android application, you need to enter the chat with the interlocutor and click on the icon, the handset and select the option to make a call with video. Also, the call can be made from the contact list. On iOS devices, the function is activated in a similar way.

    In case of problems with making a video call, check the connection of the device to the connection. Also, make sure that your front camera is in order and that the application installed on your phone is up to date, for which this function is available. And then you won’t have any problems with how to set up a video call in WhatsApp.

    Basic requirements for the device

    To make video calls, you need to:

    • The smartphone had one of the following operating systems: Android OS 4.1, iOS 8.0, and Windows Phone 8.1 or later of any of them;
    • There was a stable connection using wi-fi or high-speed mobile Internet;
    • Front-camera.

    To make a video call, these requirements must be met by the phones of both users. If all the elements are present in the gadget, then there is video communication in Wotsap and you can make such a call.

    If you have any problems with communication, technical support Watsapp can help, more details about the work of which are easy to learn from the article on our resource.

    Who can I call?

    Some instant messengers, like Viber or Skype, allow you to make calls to smartphones on which this application is not installed. Is this service available for video calls from Wotsap? Unfortunately, both voice and video calls in this application can only be made to those subscribers who also have it installed.

    It is also worth making sure that the called subscriber has a sufficiently high quality of communication. Both you and your interlocutor will need fast Internet if you want a stable signal.

    You can learn more about how much traffic Whatsapp spends from the material on our website. There is an approximate value for both text messages and second forms of communication.

    And another article on our website will help you choose a messenger and tell you which is better WhatsApp or Viber. It compares the pros and cons of THESE applications and gives them a full description.

    How to set up sound on WhatsApp?

    To turn these sounds on or off:

    • Open WhatsApp.
    • Tap settings options Notifications turn on or Turn off chat sounds.

    How to enable WhatsApp call? How to make a video call on WhatsApp on a computer?

    Open the chat of the person you are going to call. At the top, click on the handset icon. Choose. Video call.
    Contact information.

    make, whatsapp, video, call, laptop
    • Open the messenger.
    • Go to contacts and choose an interlocutor.
    • Opposite his phone number there will be a video camera icon, click on it to make a Video call.
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    Why can’t I hear WhatsApp calls?

    If a connection was established during a WhatsApp call, but one of the subscribers is NOT heard, this may be due to the fact that the audio signal transmission device on its side is used by the second application or is disabled. You can verify this by checking the icon depicting a crossed-out microphone.

    How to listen to your WhatsApp call?

    Real Call Recorder

    • Open Real Call app from Google Play Store, select WhatsApp and enable recording.
    • If you want to enable the function for the second messenger, enable it too.
    • If you do NOT select the app, all incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded automatically.

    Where WhatsApp calls are saved?

    Whatsapp seems to record calls and keep the data on your phone from the start. You have noticed the fact that in your WhatsApp folder (on your SD card) there are subfolders named “WhatsApp Calls”. Although everyone has a folder existing on their cell phones, but for most of you, the folder will be empty.

    Why doesn’t WhatsApp login?

    If WhatsApp is still not working, doing a forced stop and clearing the cache on your device might just fix the problem. A forced stop basically kills the Linux process for the application, and clearing the cache gets rid of the temporary files that this application is storing.

    Where are recordings of WhatsApp conversations stored?

    On Android phones, media is saved automatically in your WhatsApp / Media folder. If you have internal storage, the WhatsApp folder is located in Internal Storage.

    Can I listen to my conversation on WhatsApp?

    You can listen to conversations on applications such as Viber, WhatsApp and Skype, since the channels through which information is received are not sufficiently protected. May 17, 2017.

    Is it possible to call WhatsApp from a computer?

    Important note: you can use WhatsApp on a PC only if the messenger is also installed on the mobile phone and is online (that is, connected to the Internet). With regard to calls, the version for computers has such an opportunity. Neither video calls nor regular voice calls can be made.

    How to sign in to WhatsApp from a computer?

    To get started with WhatsApp Web, you need to go to Then you need to launch WhatsApp on your phone, go to the Chats of the WhatsApp Web Menu and scan the phone with the QR code from the computer screen. Everything, you can start using!

    How to install WhatsApp on a Windows 10 computer?

    We need a smartphone on which WhatsApp is already installed.

    • Download and install the program from this link
    • Open the application on your phone, go to the Chats section, open the Menu
    • Select the item. WhatsApp Web.
    • A window will open in which you will be prompted to scan a QR code.

    How to make WhatsApp on tablet and phone?

    How to use WhatsApp on a tablet

    • To get started, on your tablet, go to the WhatsApp web client page.
    • After that, go to the application settings on your smartphone and find the sync point via QR code.
    • In this case, the browser on the tablet should have this very code.
    • You can now use WhatsApp on your tablet using WhatsApp Web.

    How to install whats app on iPad?

    How to install WhatsApp on iPad?

    • Connect iPad to computer and make sure it is detected in iFunBox.
    • Click on the Install application button and search for the installation file.
    • After successful completion of the procedure, WhatsApp will appear on the iPad screen.

    Is it possible to call VK through a computer?

    The social network “” offers an updated functionality, which has been at the beta testing stage for a long time. video calls to friends. You can make calls both from a mobile and from a planet, laptop or computer.

    How to set up WhatsApp on a laptop? How to make a video call in WhatsApp on a laptop?

    Open the chat of the person you are going to call. At the top, click on the handset icon. Choose. Video call.
    Contact information.

    • Open the messenger.
    • Go to contacts and choose an interlocutor.
    • Opposite his phone number there will be a video camera icon, click on it to make a Video call.

    Can I log into my WhatsApp account from another phone?

    You will be able to log in and view WhatsApp from another phone, provided that this is a new smartphone that does not use the messenger. DO NOT try to take the device as a friend. you will have to delete his account to open your profile.