How to install Viber laptop without a phone

Activating viber with and without qr code on your phone, PC, tablet. real help

Good afternoon, dear readers! Before using viber on a smartphone, PC or tablet, you need to activate it. This procedure differs on different devices. Errors during activation lead to the impossibility of working with the messenger, so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the process in detail.

Without QR code and SMS

On the phone and tablet, the only way to launch the application without SMS is to use the call to receive the code.

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Launching viber without a QR code on a PC can be dispensed with if you use emulators.

Viber activation on phone, tablet, iPad, PC

We strongly advise you to check the correct installation of the vibe on the device before dealing with the activation.

The messenger is activated after installing it on the device, entering the phone number and specifying the country. How to do this depends on which device the vibe will be used on.

There are two ways to do this on an Android smartphone and an iPhone:

  • via SMS. A code comes to the number you specified, after which you need to register it in a special window. If a mistake was made when entering, you can receive SMS again no more than two more times;
  • through a phone call. A call will be made to the number you indicated during registration. When using an Android device, it is not necessary to answer, the vibe is activated by itself. If you have an iPhone, you need to answer, write down the numbers, enter them into the messenger window. Thus, you can activate viber only once a day. Retry is possible after 24 hours.

The process is organized differently on a computer, laptop. After installing the application, specifying the phone number, country, you need to make sure that the messenger is activated on the phone, there is an Internet connection. After opening the QR code on the PC, click on “Open QR Scanner” on the smartphone and scan.

The approach to a tablet, including an iPad, is twofold:

  • if a SIM card is installed on it, and this is the only device on which a vibe is used, you should use the instructions for your smartphone;
  • if there is no SIM card, follow the process described for computers.

On a computer without a phone

To activate the application on a PC, you need a smartphone and a phone number. However, in some situations, the messenger can be outsmarted.

If you use a push-button phone or do not want to install vibe on a regular mobile, download and install an android messenger and emulator on your PC, for example, Bluestacks.

There are no such apps for iOS.

After the installation is complete, you need to enter the phone number, country, and register the received digital code in the vibe window. If a QR code is opened, the application will not work. The disadvantage of this method is that if viber has already been used on some device, the account data will not be synced.

There are also situations when a person does not want to show his number. In this case, you can use applications for creating virtual numbers, for example, Telphin. Another program. Onlinesim.

The viber installed on gadgets and PCs must be activated. Without this, the application will not work. The main methods of activation: receiving a code via SMS, a call, and scanning a QR code.


The most suitable emulator for Windows is BlueStacks, which can be found through the search engine:

  • Download the program and install, specifying the storage pack;
  • Accept the terms of the agreement;
  • Configure the program for work in your Google account;
  • Find Viber in the list and click on the icon;
  • Install the messenger and indicate the real phone number;
  • Enter activation code.

How to install Viber on a computer if the application is installed on the phone?

You can find the version of the application on the official website using the search engine. The application can be installed on a device running Windows, Mac or Linux. To run the program, you need an active application on your phone and that the device meets the minimum requirements:

  • at least a dual-core processor;
  • at least 1GB of free RAM;
  • having a good headset.

Is it possible to install Viber on a computer without a phone?

If there is no way to use a vibe on the gadget, but the application is necessary, you can install it on a PC without a phone.


On an Apple MacBook laptop with a Mac operating system, you can install Viber from the official website if the version is macOS 10.7 or higher. The procedure is the same as for Windows, only the “Download for Mac” button is used if macOS is 10.11 or higher, or the version of the operating system is selected from the list of other operating systems.

After the download is complete, find the Viber.dmg file and move it to the Application folder. Further:

  • Open the application;
  • Confirm the availability of a version of the application on your smartphone;
  • Indicate phone number and country;
  • Scan QR code.

How to install Viber on a computer without a phone?

Users who spend a lot of time at the computer are interested in the opportunity to use the Viber application on their work device. By installing the portable version of Viber on a PC or laptop, the user will be able to communicate and make calls from one device. To do this, you need a phone with a valid messenger and a computer.


For users of devices with Windows OS you need:

  • On the official website, go to the download page and select the version of the operating system. If Windows 8 and higher, click the “Download for Windows” button, for Windows XP the download link is at the bottom of the page, in the list of other OS;
  • Specify the download path;
  • Download program.
  • Click on the installation file;
  • In the window that opens, click “Run”;
  • Accept the terms of use and start the installation (“Install” button);
  • In the welcome window, answer the question about the presence of the installed messenger on the phone. If “no”, then you will be asked to install a free application on the gadget. If you have a valid account, click the “Yes” button and proceed to the next step;
  • Indicate the current phone number and continue;
  • A QR code will open, which is read using a smartphone camera, or a call from subscriber 44… will arrive at the specified number. After answering the call, identification will be completed;
  • The application will automatically sync with the phone and all contacts will be available on the computer.

Instructions on how to connect and activate Viber on a PC without a phone

On the official or other site, download a suitable version of the messenger for PC and minimize the window. Next, you need to install an emulator on the computer that is suitable for its OS.


The Mac operating system is perfectly synchronized with Windows apps, so you can install an Android Bluestacks emulator on your laptop. After the program is installed on the device, further actions are the same as when installing vibe on Windows.


To download and install Viber messenger on Windows laptops, you need to:

  • Open the official website of the messenger;
  • At the top of the screen, click the “Download” button;
  • In the window that appears on the right, select the required operating system and click the “Download for Windows” button (if Windows XP is installed, then scroll down the screen and click the “Download Viber for Windows XP” button);
  • Wait for the download to finish and open the downloaded exe-file (usually opens by double-clicking on the icon in the download bar in the browser);
  • In the window that appears, check the box next to the phrase “I agree with the license terms” and click “Next”;
  • Wait until the end of the installation of the messenger on the laptop;
  • In the window that appears, confirm the presence of the mobile version of the messenger and enter the phone number to which it is linked;
  • Open the application on a smartphone, launch the scanner through the messenger settings and scan the QR code from the laptop screen;

The messenger has synchronized the computer and mobile versions of the application.


It is very easy to install the messenger on Windows. You need to download the emulator, download Viber in it. Further it is necessary:

  • Launch messenger on a laptop;
  • Enter the country code and work phone number;
  • Enter the received PIN-code;
  • Upload avatar and enter login.

Now you can work with Viber on your Windows laptop.

Instructions on how to install Viber if it is not installed on the phone

If the Viber messenger is missing on the phone for any reason, then you can install the application on your laptop without using the mobile version. Such assistants are special applications. emulators of various smartphone platforms. However, a work phone number is required to activate your account. To install Viber on a laptop without a phone version, you must:


To install Viber messenger on Mac laptops, you need to:

  • On the official website, find and download the messenger for the required OS version (for 10.11 and higher. the big blue Download for Mac button on the right, for older versions you need to scroll down the screen and select the one you need, but not lower than 10.7);
  • Run the installer file of the messenger;
  • Drag the installed Viber icon into the “Application” folder and launch the messenger from this folder;
  • Confirm the availability of the phone version of Viber;
  • Enter the phone number, the received code, scan the QR code;

How to install Viber on a laptop if the application is installed on the phone?

If you have Viber on your phone, it’s very easy to install it on your laptop. You just need to find the computer version of the messenger for your operating system on the official website and download it. After that, go through the installation and activation procedure, and you can use the application on a laptop without losing information.


For laptops running MacOS, installing Viber messenger is no different than installing it on Windows. You need to install a mobile platform emulator and download the Viber file. Next, open the messenger, enter the phone number and country code, the received PIN-code, set the avatar and enter the login.

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Sign up with Google through BlueStacks

Those users who have mail on Gmail do not need to read further, skip this section and go to the paragraph “Authorizing and configuring BlueStacks”. If there is no account yet, proceed to registration.

  • Now we indicate the data about ourselves (you can not enter the phone number) and click the button indicated in the picture.
  • We agree to the terms that are offered to us.
  • That’s all, we got a Google account. Click on “Continue”.

Activating Viber on PC

Let’s go back to the suspended installation of the desktop version of Viber. We do the following:

  • Click on the inscription marked in the picture with a red rectangle.
  • After that, Viber will issue an authentication code. We enter it into the emulator browser.

Few settings

In order to log in to the program and install Viber from Google Play, we need a Gmail account. You can register directly in the program.

To get started, press the key that says: “Login through Google”.

Authorization and configuration of BlueStacks

Now we need to configure the emulator itself. This is a one-time procedure, in the future it will not be required.

  • You need to come up with a name for yourself, then press “Done”.
  • We don’t need geodata, turn them off.
  • But we set the interface language to Russian, of course, if you yourself are Russian.
  • By pressing the button with the inscription: “OK” once again we accept the license.
  • Using different checkboxes, we select the Google services we need.

The emulator is installed on your computer, now you can run any application or game on it directly from the Play Store.

Detailed instructions for installing Viber on a PC without a smartphone

❗ Here’s how to install Viber on a computer without using a smartphone. It’s not that easy and you have to use an Android emulator, but unfortunately there is no other option. The developers rigidly tied the product to the phone number and tried not to use it without the latter.

  • First you need to download the program on the official Viber website. We made sure that you do not surf the web in search of a messenger and place the original distribution on your website.
  • We agree with the Viber license (check the box marked with the number “1” in the screenshot) and click “install”.
  • Viber is being installed. It will not take much time, for example, on our PC it took 30 seconds.
  • Next, we are waiting for a question about whether our phone has Viber, we answer positively and click “Yes”.
  • We indicate the phone number and press the “Continue” button if you have Viber on your smartphone, if it is not, go to the instructions “Installing BlueStacks”. We will need this program to fake or emulate a phone on Windows-PC.

Installing BlueStacks

You can download the latest version of the best Android emulator BlueStacks from the official website at the link below.

After the distribution is downloaded, run the file.

  • Installing the emulator begins with unpacking. We are waiting for the process to complete, it will not take long.
  • This is the first step of installing BluStax and at the same time a welcome message. All you need to do is click “Next”.
  • We indicate the directory in which the installation will be carried out. By default, it is a little non-standard, if you want to change the path, select it using the “Browse” button, then click on “Next”.

Note: It is better not to touch the target directory unnecessarily. This should only be done if there is little free space on the system disk.

  • Another important point. Make sure that both checkboxes remain on, otherwise the functionality of the emulator will be cut. Click “Install”.
  • The installation of the application has started. Waiting for the end.
  • That’s all, BlueStax is installed, click “Finish”.

How to install Viber on a computer without a phone

We launch Viber through the emulator

  • Then we select the option “The camera does not work for me”.
  • We will be prompted to copy the authorization code and enter it in the phone browser. We will do so, just enter the password in the emulator browser.
  • Copy the code and paste it into the BlueStacks browser
  • Viber is ready to work, you just need to log in.

What to do if your phone camera is not working?

If your camera is not working and you cannot read the QR code, please create an ID key to activate your computer or laptop app.

  • At the bottom of the screen on the page with the QR code there is a link “Camera does not work”.
  • Copy the key code that appears as a pop-up on the screen.
  • Send the secret key to your smartphone via email or SMS.
  • Open the message on your phone and click “Open” to get the link in Viber.
  • Select “Allow / Yes” to activate Viber on your computer and phone.

After successfully scanning the QR code, the Viber program will open and will be ready to use. If the application was previously installed on the phone, all contacts are automatically synchronized to the new version for PC.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to install viber on a computer or laptop following simple instructions.


Open the installed program and see such a window.

Click on the “Yes” button and continue the installation process. If the vibe is not installed on the smartphone, download the program first to the phone, so it will be easier to launch the messenger. How to install Viber on a laptop without a phone. in this case, you can use special programs that simulate a mobile device.


Getting to the main page of the site, the following message opens in front of us:

We are interested in the “Download” section, where the distribution of the program is stored, which must be installed on a laptop and PC.

Left-clicking on the “Download” section opens a new page where the user will see the following elements:

Choosing Viber for your computer and your operating system. The official site offers download versions for Windows and MAC operating systems. Since the Windows operating system is widespread in our region, there should be no difficulties with installation.

Important! Before installing the program, you need to install the vibe on your mobile phone. If this is not possible, then we will tell you how to install vibe on a computer without a phone.

We select “Download for Windows” and wait for the download to finish. After downloading, we find the downloaded program in the folder. On each computer, the download takes place in a specified folder, most often this is the local drive C, where the Downloads folder may be located.

Launches the downloaded program. After that, the installation process begins, which will last no more than 10-15 seconds.

After launch, a dialog box opens, from where the installation process will begin. Clicks on the purple “Install” button.

How to install Viber on a computer or laptop in 6 easy steps

Messenger Viber is a popular application for sending messages and calls around the world. Communication between the owners of the vibe is free, the main condition is the Internet connection and the application installed on the phone or computer.

The mobile and desktop versions are the same, the controls and functions remain the same, so you don’t have to get used to the new type of program. In this article, we will describe in detail how to install vibe on a computer and laptop in just six simple steps. Believe me, with this instruction even your grandmother will be able to install Viber on a PC.

How to register your number with Viber?

  • Enter a valid phone number in the window that opens. If the program did not automatically determine the mobile country code, choose yourself from the list.
  • We check the correctness of the entered number, and press the “Yes” key.

In the updated desktop version, after installation, the program immediately prompts you to open the application using a QR code.

  • open Viber on your phone;
  • open the menu screen;
  • open the QR scanner;
  • scan the QR code on the computer screen using your phone.

How to install Viber on a computer or laptop? Step-by-step instruction

Considering that with the help of the messenger we write a lot of text messages, it is not always convenient to do this from the phone. Still, the keyboard of a computer and laptop is more comfortable, and your fingers always fall on the right key.

Before installing the vibe on your computer, you need to go to the official website of the application. It is important to download the program only from official sources, otherwise, you can get to the program containing viruses, and for a long time “heal” the PC from the consequences of careless and risky installation.

How to scan a QR code?

After you have opened the QR scanner on your phone:

  • Bring your smartphone camera to the code on your computer screen.
  • Keep it there until you see confirmation that your phone has read the code.

How to install Viber on a laptop without a phone

The popular Viber messenger, originally developed and released exclusively for mobile platforms, has long been available on computers with laptops.

The program that allows free (via the Internet) to exchange instant messages, multimedia, stickers and photos, voice messages and make voice and video calls is currently very popular all over the world.

The only thing that is required for registration and authorization in Viber is a mobile phone number, since the user’s account is linked to it. However, in some cases it becomes necessary to use this messenger without a mobile phone (without your personal number). There are several reasons why this may be needed, but their essence boils down to the fact that the user simply does not want to use his real number. A completely logical question arises: how to install Viber on a computer without a phone?

In fact, everything is not as simple as we would like, but the solution still exists, which we will discuss below.

If you do not want to use (light up) your real mobile number for registration in Viber, and also do not want to buy a new starter package, which, by the way, will also have to be attached somewhere and topped up on it, we recommend that you use the service called virtual phone number.

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What is a virtual number?

A virtual phone number is a digital analogue of a real number that can be assigned to a specific operator and / or country, but is not tied to a real SIM card. Calls or messages to such a number can be forwarded not only to a mobile phone, but also to a landline, IP-phone, and even to personal computers with laptops. over, even applications such as Skype and its analogues.

The virtual number functions not in the cellular (telephone) network, but in the IP network, that is, directly via the Internet. This guarantees the user not only a higher connection speed with no interruptions, but also a lower cost of such a service.

You can find out where to download and how to install Viber on your computer at our website. However, after installing the application on your computer, do not rush to launch it, because in order to launch it without a phone and create a new account (and this is what is required), you must first acquire a virtual number.

How to get a virtual number for registration in Viber without a phone?

There are quite a few services that provide an opportunity to get a virtual number and, we hasten to warn you, you will have to pay for their services. But you pay for your mobile number, which is installed in your phone? Here is the same story, especially if you intend to install Viber on a computer without a phone, then there is no other way to do it.

We bring to your attention a choice of four resources that differ little from each other:

  • Follow the link to the site providing the virtual number service;
  • Register on this resource;
  • Top up your account within the site and choose a service / tariff (for register an account inViber it will be enough to have a number that only accepts SMS, and it costs less);
  • You receive SMS to your virtual number, thanks to which you successfully register / log in to Viber, without flashing your personal number, like the mobile device itself.

Only after you receive a virtual number, you can start Viber on your computer and create a new account in it, tied to your virtual number, to which you will receive a confirmation SMS message with a code, forwarded to your chosen device or email address.

Actually, that’s all, because now you know exactly how to install Viber on a computer without a phone, more precisely, with a virtual number.

How I installed Viber on my computer without a phone

Viber without a phone? You will say something impossible, but there is a certain working method that allows you to do this. It so happened that I don’t have a smartphone. Yes, it happens in life. Not that the iPhone has already set the teeth on edge, but I don’t have the most overwhelming Android smartphone. But there is a spacious push-button Nokia, one of the main additional functions of which is a flashlight. Well, the old faithful desktop PC, which is not a laptop. On PC Windows 7. But how to install vibe on a computer or tablet without a phone? Let’s figure it out!

Registration in Viber

Viber registers exclusively by your SIM card number. Not by email, not by social media account, not by your mother’s maiden name, but by phone number and only by it. With a smartphone or iPhone, there is no problem. Just put Viber on your phone, register on this phone number and that’s it. He will also copy the phone book and select those who already have Viber in it. call and chat. Then you synchronize your smartphone Viber with your computer and it’s in the bag.

But we do not have a smartphone with you, but a flashlight with the function to call. It has nowhere and nothing to put Viber without a phone. But you must!

How to install vibe on a computer if there is no phone?

And now, having this, frankly, simple equipment, I was impatient in addition to Skype, ICQ, Mile agent. get hold of Viber as well. Not that it was an itch, but life circumstances have developed this way.

Unlike another similar application called WhatsApp (WhatsApp), I liked Viber more for PC. Which was the main argument in his choice.

So, we go to the official Viber website, download and install the long-awaited chat room in anticipation of long and completely free calls to friends on mobile phones, or correspondence with them.

But it was not there. Our joy is short-lived. It is not enough to install Viber on your computer; paradoxically, you need to register it. And this is precisely the main reason for our subsequent dances with a tambourine.

Installing Viber on a computer without a phone using BlueStacks

Install an Android emulator for Windows on your computer. There are many and different such emulators. Their purpose, basically, is to run various android toys on the computer. There are also emulators, more tailored for the developers of these same toys and applications.

Without going into details and not really understanding the intricacies and differences of these emulators, I downloaded and installed BlueStacks.

I can’t say good or bad. Personally, I rather didn’t like it. He constantly wants to register on Google, then on his website, or something else. Shows some kind of advertisement endlessly. My firewall won’t let him go anywhere. But that’s not the point. I didn’t care what he advertised there. I am confident in my antivirus. I only need an Android emulator for one time. I was not going to keep it to myself. Our cause is right and we will win!

And here, dear friends, is the most important moment in this whole story. We have got hold of you on the computer. like Android. You need to install Viber on this Android. version for Android. But! In no case do not put it from his site. The latest version is downloaded there. And for our purposes, we need an android version of Viber 5.0 and only this one. Now I will explain why.

When registering a mobile phone number in the Viber system, you are sent, I don’t remember how many-digit confirmation code that you need to enter in the registration window, So, in versions of Viber after 5.0, this code is sent to Viber itself. either text or voice message. But what we have with you is not a real smartphone, which has it all in one bottle. We have a SIM card and Viber in different physical devices. And the Viber system simply has nowhere to send this code. We have a SIM card in a phone that does not have Viber, and vice versa. we have Viber, on the Android type without a phone number. And in the version 5.0 we need on Android, there was a button. send SMS with code.
Here is a link to the version of Viber 5.0 we need so much.

Download the android version. This will be a file with the.APK extension (the same as.exe for Windows) Install on the emulator. In the case of BlueStacks. this is the usual double click on the file. The installation of Viber on our Android type will start automatically. After its completion, the emulator window will open and you will find yourself on the monitor of your PC in the Android environment.

At this point, it is rather unusual to change over to the control algorithm from Windows to Android. No right mouse button, no wheel scrolling. And wield one left))). With a slightly longer press to call properties and functions, without a double click and with scrolling by dragging around the screen. But these are little things.

Having launched Viber on the Android emulator, we get to the registration page. Enter your phone number, the one that is Nokia))) well, or any other non-smartphone. Enter your name. We indicate the country. And we put a tick (I don’t remember literally) this device is a phone, or something like that. If you do not check this box, then there will be no cherished and necessary button for sending an SMS with a confirmation code. And press send SMS with a code. And then you have to wait. I do not know why, but this code does not come immediately. I could not stand it and pressed the code request more than once. What you shouldn’t have done.

If you have activated the function You have been called, then you will receive several messages about unsuccessful attempts to get through to you, and from several different numbers. But on the Vibera phone that is not. And then (in my case, an hour later) this same confirmation code comes in SMS to the phone. Enter it in the window.

All. Viber on our smartphone is ready to use. And you can already call and correspond. If you are very lucky, the emulator will even pick up your WEB-camera. That is, in principle, you can use it like that, using an emulator. But this is very irrational. Emulator. the program is quite resource-intensive. Both the RAM and the processor take over quite a lot. And since Viber is such a program that should always work in standby mode, then I think that it is possible to drive the emulator, spending computer resources on it only because of one standby program. not worth it.

Therefore, we will have the official and latest version of Viber for Windows on duty. We have already installed it from the official Viber website at the very beginning. But if you install it in a different sequence (not before, but after installing and registering Viber on the emulator), it’s okay.

Without closing the emulator and without leaving the smartphone Viber, we launch Viber computer. He will ask you to sync with your smartphone. Enter your mobile phone number again. This time, the confirmation code will be sent to Viber of our impromptu smartphone. Just switch to the emulator window and Viber will already have a text message with a code. Enter this code in computer Viber.

This completes the installation and activation of Viber on PC.

If you no longer need the Android emulator along with the smartphone version of Viber, then before uninstalling it, I recommend doing the following:

  • Using emulator Viber, set your profile photo;
  • Enter all those with whom you plan to communicate in the list of contacts;
  • Since in a computer Viber I did not succeed in doing this;
  • After these operations have been done in the emulator, both the profile photo and the list of contacts are calmly and without problems displayed in Viber on the PC;
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I wish you all good luck and pleasant communication on Viber.

Using an emulator

In general, developers have not provided for the independent installation of the messenger on Windows, but the settings can be tricked. How? Include emulators. The application will “think” that it is being installed on a smartphone, although in reality you will be activating it on a computer. How can this be done? Download android emulator and install the program through it.

Some sources may offer you a Viber program for a computer without using a phone with an interface in Russian, and also with the ability to download for free. This set of “tempting” words is likely to lead you to paid content. We will consider free and effective ways.

Installing Viber via BlueStacks

It’s time to start installing Viber. To do this, go to the Play Store (white suitcase icon with a bright triangle in the middle). We click on it and enter the word “Viber” in the opened search line of the new window. We see the familiar icon and click on the “Install” button. The download of the messenger on “Android” has begun.

After its completion, a window will appear in which you should accept the access request (the “Accept” key), the vibe is installed. You can download the program from other resources, search engines will gladly give out an abundance of sites, but we do not recommend doing this, as you can catch a virus.

Launching the messenger under the emulator

The next step after downloading is to install the vibe through the emulator. We open the messenger and indicate the cell phone number in the window that appears. The application will ask you to open a QR scanner, here you need to click on the inscription “My camera does not work”.

After that, you will be prompted to copy the authorization code and enter it in your phone browser. We copy the code, but enter it into the emulator browser (the top line where the links are driven in).

Now all that remains is to log in to Viber. To do this, you need to return the desktop version of Viber and click on the “Continue” option in the updated window.

Next, click on the blue inscription “Viber is already installed on my phone.” The messenger will issue an authentication code, which must be entered into the browser window (by analogy with the authorization code).

The authorization will be completed automatically. Done, viber is active, you can run.

If entering the codes seemed too difficult for you, then you can complete the installation of the vibe using the phone number manually. Don’t have a SIM card at hand? No problem. You can generate a number using special applications. Setting them up is easy.

Install Viber on a computer without a phone

The possibilities of messengers are constantly expanding, offering their users new functions. One of them is installing the application on a computer without a phone.

How convenient it is, everyone decides for himself, but there are situations when the program is needed on a working laptop or tablet, and not on a smartphone. It turned out that Viber can also be installed on a PC.

There are several ways to activate vibe on a computer without a phone. Let’s consider each of them. YouTube offers a huge number of instructions on a similar topic, but most of them will lead you to paid and questionable programs.

The fact is that you can connect a vibe on a PC with Windows or ipad only by slightly tricking the system, there are simply no concepts of “computer” and “mobile” version.

Important: It will not be difficult to download Viber for your computer in Russian for free. Difficulties can arise when trying to install the program without a previously registered account with access to a smartphone or tablet. However, it is still possible to install Viber. How to bypass the factory requirements of the program, read below.

Sign up with Google

In order to log in to bluestax, you need a Google account. If you have it, just enter the data, no. create it. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Without leaving the emulator, we press the inscription “Login through Google” (blue bar at the bottom of the screen).
  • In the window that appears, select the “Other options” option and click on the “Create account” button.
  • The program will ask you to provide information about yourself, fill it in.
  • We agree to the terms by clicking on the “Accept” icon.
  • Registration is complete, click on the blue rectangle “Done”.

How to install BlueStacks?

One of the proven emulators that allows you to install vibe on a computer without a phone is called BlueStacks. You can download the “dummy” android from the official website of the program.

After the download is complete, the emulator should be started. Its installation will start with unpacking.

As soon as the compressed files are unpacked, the emulator will “say hello” to you and offer you to accept the license agreement. Here you just need to click on the “Next” button.

The next step is to specify the folder where you will download the program. Choose it at your discretion. Click on “Install”. We are waiting for the end of the installation (this may take some time) and click on the “Finish” button.

How to connect viber to a laptop without installing it on a smartphone

Figured out how to avoid using a SIM to install a vibe. But there are situations when a person does not mind using his mobile for registration. The problem, however, is that he cannot install the application on a laptop or PC due to the fact that he is still using an old push-button phone.

You can solve this issue by installing a free android emulator:

  • bluestacks;
  • nox app player;
  • genimotion.

As soon as the program is installed, you will see a window that simulates Android.

  • download viber via Google Play, install and register as if you were using a regular phone;
  • install the messenger on your laptop, enter the country, mobile;
  • when the qr code appears, please note that the camera is not working. This must be done, because you do not have a smartphone and, accordingly, a camera;
  • a window will open, in which the key will be indicated. an analogue of the code. It needs to be pasted into the emulator browser. After that, the application on the laptop should work.

Installing Viber on a computer without a SIM card and phone

When installing viber on a PC, an active SIM card and a smartphone are required.

The phone number that mobile users receive with a SIM card is a kind of identifier for viber clients. With its help, correspondence and personal data are synchronized on various devices.

Another function of the mobile is that it receives an SMS with an activation code. Without entering this information, the application cannot be registered and used in the future.

It is these two reasons that explain the need to bind a SIM card when installing the messenger.

However, in some cases, users do not have a phone number, or for some reason they do not want to connect it to viber. In such situations, virtual numbers can be used instead of real numbers. Today, this is not unusual, part of our life, including when we read articles from our computer site, in any case takes place in virtual reality.

The numbers are created in online applications specially created for this purpose. This can be done in onlinesim, freezvon, telphin. Obtaining a number and using them to register in Viber is free. The problem, however, is that they are temporary, and therefore problems may arise if a reinstallation is necessary.

Installing viber on PC and iPad without SIM card and phone

Hello friends! Everyone knows that to install a vibe, you need a smartphone with an activated SIM card. Another condition is that the phone must have an operating system installed. However, there are ways to get around these restrictions and still use the messenger for communication. We will devote this article to them.

Install Viber on a tablet and iPad without a SIM card and phone

Virtual numbers are used to connect viber not only on PCs and laptops. This mechanism also works on tablets and iPads, if they do not have a SIM card.

In a situation where a person does not have a smartphone, or he uses a push-button device, an android emulator can be installed on the tablets. Next, you need to download and register viber. The only thing is that you won’t be able to do it on the ipad. The reason is simple. there is no ios emulator.

For more information about installing the Viber messenger on your phone, read our new article, completely dedicated to this.

Viber can be installed on a computer, laptop, tablet without a SIM card and smartphone. To do this, you need to get a virtual phone number and put an android emulator on the device. Problems can occur on MacBooks and iPads.