How to insert SIM card into Samsung j5

How to insert a memory card into a Samsung phone?

Most smartphones from Samsung support memory cards, which can, for example, save photos taken with the device’s camera. In this article, we will show you how to insert a memory card into a smartphone if you do not know what to do to do this. By the way, if you want to connect a USB flash drive via OTG, we have already talked about this earlier.

You will need a paperclip. You can find it in the kit from a smartphone. If you don’t have a branded paperclip, use a regular paperclip.

Pick up your smartphone and look for the edge on which the tray is located. In our example (Samsung Galaxy S8), the tray is on the top edge.

In the photo above, it is on the right. There is also a small dot on the left, but this is a microphone. do not insert a paperclip into the hole for it!

insert, card, samsung

Insert a paperclip into the hole in the tray and press down.

After pressing, the tray will be pushed in slightly, something like this:

Actually, this is what the tray looks like. Please note that it can take a variety of forms. So, in our example, a tray is used either for two SIM cards, or for one SIM and a memory card. You may have a dual SIM and memory card tray.

Next, insert the memory card. You will not miss the place, since the seat for the memory card is much larger than for nanoSIM, which is used in modern Samsung smartphones. It should look like this:

Insert the tray with the memory card, and be sure to all the way.

If everything is done correctly, you will see a message about the inserted memory card. If the card is already known to the smartphone, information about it can be found in the section “Device maintenance”. “Memory”.

For Samsung smartphones with a removable back cover, the memory card slot is located next to the battery, for example:

You will have to remove the cover beforehand.

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Incorrectly cut sim card

Some “craftsmen” themselves try to cut the card modules, adjusting them to the nano standard. We do not recommend doing this kind of thing. The slightest violation of the dimensional grid will lead to damage to your property.

The phone does not see the SIM card

Have you inserted a module, turned on the gadget, but it does not want to perceive the card? There are many reasons for the problem. Let’s consider the most common:

  • SIM card blocking (usually happens after six months of inactivity);
  • software failure;
  • damage to contacts;
  • natural wear and tear;
  • lack of network connection;
  • plug dirty.

Possible problems

Problems often arise in the event of improper cutting or installation of the card module. You are dealing with a fragile mechanism, and you should not make excessive efforts here. Re-remove the tray to make sure it is seated correctly. it should slide out easily.

We have figured out how to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but keep in mind the fragility of the clips. Sometimes the card falls inward. you have to carefully pick it up with tweezers. If the task seems impossible, go to the service center.

How to find out your tablet model

Let’s go back to the preparatory stage and try to figure out where to climb in order to get information about your device. Suppose the cover of the device cannot be removed. you will not be able to display the information on the battery. Catch a universal algorithm for all Androids:

  • Open “Settings” (gear icon).
  • Go to the section “About the tablet” (sometimes. “About the device”).
  • Scroll down.
  • Find the “Model number” option.

Go to Google and type in the received number. It turns out that you are dealing with a Galaxy Note 3 smartphone that supports LTE technology. This is the simplest example. Everything works the same with tablets.

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How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung tablet

How to insert a SIM-card into “Samsung“. this question is tormented by many owners of tablets of this brand. If you have performed a similar operation with Galaxy smartphones, then you know about the need to use a key. Without this tool, pulling out the tray is problematic. What should owners of Tab 3 and similar devices do with a brand new SIM card? Let’s start with the good news. you don’t need a key for a tablet. Read our instructions. everything is there.

How to insert a SIM card into a specific tablet model

There are several types of card modules. this should be taken into account when installing into individual Samsung models. The number of devices with standard connectors is rapidly decreasing. Most modern slots are designed for microSIM. This family also includes “Samsung“. Galaxy Tab, for example. Some of the tablets of this brand are designed for the nano format. Here’s what to do before going to a cellular salon:

  • clarify the model of your device;
  • collect information about the technical parameters of the tablet;
  • determine the location of the Tab 2 slot (or another representative of the line);
  • understand whether you have a tablet computer or a phablet;
  • choose the optimal type of card module.

Having coped with these tasks and connected to the required operator, take your Tab in hand. Now you will find out the whole truth about how to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy Tab without breaking anything. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Turn off the gadget, turn it upside down and place it on a smooth surface. If you are afraid of scratching the display, place a piece of cloth.
  • Find the connector (localized in the end part) and slide the protective flap. It’s easy. pry off the lid with your fingernail. There are options with a key. then you have to use a needle or paperclip. The scenario will change. a sharp object must be inserted into a special hole and slightly pressed (the tray will go out by itself).
  • If you cannot reach the tray with your fingers, use the needle as a tweezer. Proceed with extreme caution.
  • If everything was done correctly, you should see the holder. its shape repeats the configuration of the SIM card. It is difficult to mix up the sides of the plastic module due to the special bevel. If installed incorrectly, the card will simply not fit into the tray. Some tray models are equipped with prompts to reduce the chance of error.
  • Insert the filled tray into the dedicated slot. A light pressure is enough, do not put extra effort.
  • Activate the tablet and check the fact of recognition.

If the device does not see the SIM card, it will have to be changed. There are several reasons for the problem, which we will discuss a little later. You already know how to insert a SIM-card into “Samsung”. this is a major breakthrough. You will figure out the rest of the nuances later (if they arise).

Installing a SIM card usually takes place without incident. But if something happens, don’t panic. Check the settings, make sure the airplane mode is not running. Reset the system, test alternative cards. If these actions are unsuccessful, go to the service center.

Dual slot

Found mainly in the latest more powerful models. For example, in the flagships “Lenovo”, “Huawei” and “Samsung Galaxy”. How to insert a SIM card into a dual slot?

  • It is imperative to pay attention to the manufacturer’s labeling. As a rule, it is located on the slot itself. The SIM card in such a slot must strictly match the format and size, otherwise problems are almost inevitable.
  • You can see the slot markings only by pulling the part out of the case with a special pin that comes with the kit. It is not recommended to try to use improvised means for this small hole. there is too high a chance of leaving scratches on the body of the device.
  • The required hole is signed by Nano-SIM, less often. by Micro-SIM. Important! Not to be confused with microSD! This place is for inserting a memory card.
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How to insert a SIM card into “Samsung“, “Lenovo”, “Huawei” and other popular branded smartphones without getting into trouble

When purchasing a new smartphone, not every buyer asks the seller to demonstrate the basic properties of the device and talk about the intricacies of using the chosen phone. And in vain.

The very first difficulty that a newly-made owner of a modern and “stuffed” smartphone with functions may face at the very beginning of use is the lack of knowledge how to insert a SIM card into “Samsung”, if before that he had, for example, a push-button “Nokia”.

In order not to create unnecessary problems for yourself, you need to know in advance a few subtleties regarding SIM cards.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Duos. How to Insert SIM Card and micro SD Card

Helpful hint: insert before purchase

It is not so difficult to insert a SIM card into a phone, and the vast majority of owners can do this without any assistance. But some difficulties do happen.

As a rule, there are only two problems. either questions regarding the slot, or problems with the size of the SIM card.

SIM size

At the moment, there are three formats of sim cards: mini, micro and nano. Almost all smartphone manufacturers have already abandoned the mini format, replacing them with more compact options.

  • It is important to make sure that the format of the SIM card matches the format of the slot! Otherwise, you can damage it and some parts of the smartphone.
  • If the SIM card is larger than the slot, then you simply won’t be able to insert it. You will have to contact the operator to replace the card. It is not recommended to cut it off on your own, the probability of making a mistake and spoiling the SIM is too high.
  • If the situation is the opposite, then you can purchase a set of adapters or, again, replace it in the subscriber department of the cellular operator. You can try to insert the SIM, even if it is smaller, if the slot of the device is completely open for viewing and is located on the back of the smartphone. In this case, you need to lift the slot clamp, attach the chip chip to the contacts of the device, and carefully close it with the upper clamp, thus insert the SIM card. Both in “Samsung” and in “Lenovo”, “Fly” and other devices with a collapsible body, such a trick is quite acceptable.

Unexpected advice in the end: read the instructions

Yes. Exactly. Trivial, right? History shows that this is still one of the most effective ways to avoid trouble with any device.

Disconnecting the SIM card chip from the base

Any SIM card consists of a plastic base and a microchip glued to it with a contact pad. Gently heat the SIM card from the opposite side (where the plastic is), this usually takes from 30 seconds to 1 minute. After that, carefully separate the chip with the contact pad from the base. A sharp knife or razor blade can be used as an auxiliary tool.

Actually, this is the most dangerous part of what needs to be done. Just in case, it’s helpful to have a spare SIM card just in case. Or you have to go to the office of a mobile operator.

Recent comments

We attach the SIM card to the MicroSD

Most Exciting Stage fixing the SIM card to the surface of the microSD memory card. This can be done using double-sided tape (then in which case the memory card can be free ) or superglue (this option is less preferable, since if you damaged the SIM card chip, then you will separate it from the memory card not easy). Refer to the measurements taken in the first step for correct placement.

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P.S. We will not be surprised if some telecom operators will soon start offering ready-made options of this type.


Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Insert Sim Card & Micro SD Card

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How to insert SIM card and flash drive into Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

With the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the company has brought back the microSD card slot. Despite the fact that Samsung has not implemented the “adoptable storage” technology that appeared in Android 6.0, we are still allowed to move applications to the SD card. If you are switching from a previous phone model to an S7, then the location of the SIM card slot and flash drive may be new to you.

For users, for example, Moto X Pure Edition, the process of inserting a SIM card and microSD card is familiar firsthand, since Samsung, in its Galaxy S7 line, did the same, namely: the SIM card tray was combined with the microSD tray.

So, let’s figure out what to insert where, and where everything is. Below is a detailed instruction.

  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • On the upper side edge of the phone, closer to the left side (if you turn the phone with the display towards you), find the hole for removing the SIM card tray. It is impossible to miss it, but if you have doubts, it will be a hole for more.
  • Insert the special SIM eject tool (it should be in the box with your device, slightly looks like a small key) into the hole and press a little. If you do not have this tool, you can use a straightened paperclip.
  • After pressing, the tray for cards will “come out” a little from the edge. Pull it out all the way.
  • So, take the tray and insert (in fact, carefully insert, since there is no latch in the tray) the SIM card into the smaller slot. Please note you need a nano SIM!
  • Insert your microSD into the slot for more. Do not worry about putting it on the wrong side, as there is only one possible insertion option, and you will not be able to put it on the wrong side.
  • Gently, so that nothing moves from its place, bring the tray to the smartphone, and, without making great efforts, insert it inside. You may have to push a little harder towards the end to completely push the tray inside.
  • Turn on your phone.

We hope our tutorial helped you. But, if it is still not clear, then watch the video below. It is in English, but it is not the conversation that is important there, but the process itself. Thanks for attention!

U Mobile

Trimming the SIM card for installation on MicroSD

Now you will need to carefully cut the SIM contact pad to fit on the MicroSD card. Usually it is required to shorten it by 1-2 mm on each side.

How to Insert SIM Card into Samsung Correctly

Home Instructions [Instructions] How to make from a simple SIM card. Micro-SIM card

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