How to find out if the camera works on a laptop

How to turn on the camera on a laptop

A webcam (webcam) is an integral part of the vast majority of laptops. It, unlike the Bluetooth adapter, is enabled by default and is immediately ready for use after the first start of the device. But what if you are trying to get an image from the camera, but it is not?

The main thing is not to panic. Situations when a webcam does not work on a mobile computer are more often associated with the fact that it is simply turned off or not installed in the operating system (breakdowns of this device, fortunately, are rare). How to turn on the camera on a laptop and troubleshoot related problems, read below.

Fixing webcam recognition errors in the system

If the webcam in Device Manager is marked with a black arrow (disabled in Windows), right-click on it and click “Enable”.

When disabled in the operating system (by the user or programs), this is enough to make it work.

If the webcam is marked with an exclamation mark on a yellow triangle, which means: “the device is not working properly”, click the “Delete” command in the same context menu and restart the computer. The system will recognize it again and automatically reinstall the driver.

If it doesn’t help, click the “Update drivers” item:

Search for the Internet (if you are not sure that the correct driver is present in the system) or this computer (if the camera worked properly with the old driver before the problem occurred or you have a fresh version of it).

Follow the further instructions of the wizard and restart Windows after the update.

Installing the driver

If, after turning on the webcam in hardware, something unidentified appears in the device manager, install the driver on it. The best way is to download it from the website of the laptop manufacturer or the webcam itself, if you know its model for sure. Or install from a disk, if one was included with your device.

If you do not know the exact name of the laptop model, turn it over. There is a sticker on the bottom cover of each laptop where it is indicated.

This is how the branded label of the MSI MS-1757 laptop looks like:

Having identified the model, find it on the manufacturer’s website and download the driver for your operating system in the “Support” section. Install as a normal application, after installation, reboot the machine.

By the way, there may not be a separate webcam driver for some OS versions, since it is included in Windows (USB Video Class Driver). Problems with this group of drivers are solved by installing updates or fixing Windows errors.

How to quickly check if the camera is working

To find out if your webcam works at all (it may not “plow” in only one program, since it is disabled in the settings), go to the Webcammic Test service and click “Check webcam”.

If you see a request for permission to access the device for Adobe Flash Player, then everything is in order: the camera is working. Check “Allow” and check if an image appears on the screen.

If you see a message like in the screenshot below, then the camera is really not working. What to do in this case, let’s figure it out further.

Checking the status of the webcam in the system

We start diagnosing any hardware problems by checking how it is displayed in the device manager. To open the manager, press the Windows R hotkeys (this will launch the Run application), enter the devmgmt.msc command in the Open field and click OK. The method is convenient because it works in all versions of Windows.

In the dispatcher window, open the list of “Image processing devices” and see if our webcam is present there. The following options are possible:

  • The webcam is not on the list of equipment. the computer does not see it. This happens due to a hardware shutdown or physical breakdown.
  • There is no camera, but there is an unknown device, which, most likely, it is. This means that the computer sees it, but cannot recognize it. The reason is the lack of a driver.
  • There is a camera on the list, but next to it there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark or a black arrow in a circle. The first indicates a malfunction, the second indicates a shutdown in the operating system.

Turn on the WEB-camera from the keyboard

The function of turning on / off the webcam from the keyboard is not implemented on all laptop models. Where it is, a miniature image of the camera is applied to one of the keys. Most often this is the “V” key, sometimes “Escape” or others from the number F1-F12.

To turn on the web-camera, press this key simultaneously with “Fn”. After that, the webcam should appear in the device manager. If it is still not there, you probably have that rare case when it is physically broken or not connected.

Webcam software

Many laptops come with webcam control software right from the factory, which can turn it on and off, among other things. These programs include:

  • AsusECamUtility.
  • Asus Virtual Camera Utility.
  • Asus Life Frame3 Utility.
  • HP Cyberlink YouCam (installed via HP Recovery Manager).
  • HP MediaSmart (installed via HP Recovery Manager).
  • Lenovo EasyCapture.
  • AcerCrystalEyeWebcam (factory installed).
  • Fujitsu FJ Camera.
  • TOSHIBA Web Camera Application.

And many others. It is possible that your laptop also has a similar utility: look in the list of applications and check. The interface of such programs is designed for beginners, so it will be easy to figure out what turns on and off where, even without instructions.

By the way, some users think that uninstalling the webcam control program will make the webcam inoperable. The fears are in vain: the basic functions, which include turning on and off, do not suffer from this. they are simply transferred to the operating system. And how to manage them using Windows tools, I hope you already understand.

Use of online services

You can make sure that the video device is working with the help of special resources on the Internet, designed to check the camera on a laptop online. This is a universal method suitable for all versions and editions of Windows, but you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. There are a lot of services themselves, so we will limit ourselves to mentioning only the three most popular.


An English language service available at To test the camera on a laptop using it, follow the specified link, click on the “Play” button in the player window and allow the web application to access your video device. If everything is in order, your image will appear in the player window, and the number of frames per second will appear in the upper right corner of it. The service also allows you to test the operation of the built-in microphone and keyboard.

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The rapidly gaining popularity Internet messenger Viber also allows you to check the camera on your laptop. Open the application settings, go to the “Audio and video” tab and select your camera from the video device menu, if required. And so, in general, the image in the mini-player window should appear immediately.

The camera is checked in a similar way in other messengers with video communication support, for example, Skype, in the parameters of which you need to select “Video settings”.


A simple service that allows you to check the correctness of the operation of the WEB-camera and microphone. To check, go to the page, turn on Adobe Flash by clicking in the player window and grant the service access to your webcam and microphone. After that, an image should appear in the player window.

If there is no picture, make sure that the flash player is configured correctly, for which open its menu by right-clicking, select “Options”, in the window that appears, click on the camera icon and specify your video device in the drop-down list. If the picture does not appear after that, then there is a possibility that you have some trouble with the camera itself or the drivers.

Webcam test

Service with a self-explanatory name that allows you to check a WEB-camera on a laptop online. Go to the page, wait for the device to be detected (you will be notified of this), click the “Test camera” button and grant the application access to the camera. In this case, in the window of the player, you will have to see what the camera sees. Additionally, the service supports the definition of camera resolution, the number of megapixels, stream type, luminance and brightness values, picture aspect ratio, bit rate and many other parameters.

How to check a camera on a laptop. online services and programs to check

Video communication technologies have become so popular and in demand that you probably won’t find a laptop or tablet that doesn’t have a built-in webcam. Even some models of desktop computers are equipped with this useful device, but if the PC does not have its own camera, you can always purchase and connect an external one to it. But the mere fact of having a webcam is not enough, without the appropriate drivers and software, it will not work.

In general, before you can start enjoying the benefits of video calling, you need to test the camera on your laptop. It is not difficult to make sure that the device is functioning properly. You can test it in three different ways, namely: by means of the operating system itself, using special online services or through desktop programs.

Checking by means of Windows

First, you need to make sure that the camera is detected and does not have any restrictions on the part of Windows 7/10. Therefore, first of all, we go to the Device Manager, look for and expand the item “Devices for image processing”, find the camera there and double-click on it. In the properties window, the status field should say “The device is working normally”, if the camera is disabled, the recording will be appropriate.

If you see a problem message, the camera is marked with a yellow icon in the device list, or is missing altogether (there is some unrecognized device), most likely you have a driver problem. Use DriverPack Solution or a similar tool to find, install and update drivers, or you can download the camera driver from the manufacturer’s website.

If everything is in order with the definition of the video device, we proceed to the next stage. checking the broadcast picture. First, let’s see how to test the camera on a laptop with Windows 10 and 8.1. Both of these versions come with a built-in, versatile Camera application capable of capturing photos and videos. Find it through search or start menu and run.

As soon as you do this, the picture transmitted by the webcam will appear in the application window. In Windows 10, you can also launch the Camera application using the Scanners and Cameras Control Panel applet, but only if it is present in it.

But with the “seven” everything is a little more complicated, because it does not have a standard tool for working with a video device. If you are looking for a way to check the camera on a Windows 7 laptop, then see below.

How does the camera test online?

Testing the camera is straightforward. Since Flash technology allows working with multimedia devices, it provides special algorithms for checking the presence of a signal. As a matter of fact, these algorithms are used when checking your WEB-camera on this page.

When you allow the flash drive to access your WEB-camera, it immediately begins to receive and analyze visual and audio information in streaming mode from your computer. If one or both signals are not received or are received, but it is dark on the screen and / or the sound scale does not respond, then the result of the WEB-camera diagnostics is displayed on the screen. This report describes what exactly is present / absent and gives a verdict. If everything is in order, then you will see green check marks.

How to turn on the WEB-camera?

Everything is very simple! In 90% of cases, to activate it, you just need to turn on the application that works with the webcam. But you are unlikely to succeed the first time. The camera will not work immediately. In order for it to work, you need to configure not only the camera, but also the laptop itself.

How to check a webcam on a computer or laptop

The webcam today is found in almost all devices, from computers and laptops to tablets and even phones. It has become an integral part of our life with you, as we are already accustomed to communicate through video communication. But it happens that the programs do not see the camera, or it stops working normally. I will tell you how to check the camera for performance.

After the release of the WindowsVista operating system, due to the revised kernel, and indeed the system update, it became impossible to test the webcam for performance without third-party programs, but simply by means of the system. Therefore, in this manual, such programs will be used as: Skype and VLC player, with which you can view whether the video stream is coming from your camera.

First of all, we will use the most popular video communication program. Skype. You can download it here. Go to skype, open Tools / Options.

You will see a settings window in which you need to go to the section “General / Video settings”.

In this window, you need to make sure that the selected webcam is the one that should work, since several webcams, including virtual ones, can be connected to the computer. By choosing the one that is needed below, if it works fine, you can see the video from the camera.

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Otherwise, the webcam does not work, you may need to download and install drivers for it. This can be done using the DriverPack Solution program, you can download it here.

The second option, how to check the webcam, I will show using the example of the equally popular VLC media player program, you can download the player here.

We launch the program. Go to the section “Media / Open capture device”.

You will see a window in which you need to go to the “Capture device” tab. Then, below you need to specify the capture mode, this is the same as the “webcam selection” in Skype. Select the one you want to check and click the “Play” button at the very bottom of the window.

Now, we are waiting for a while and instead of the usual video file, you will be able to view the video stream from the webcam. If even after a few minutes the video stream still does not play, then you need to either update the drivers or replace the webcam.

How to set up?

  • First you need to enter the device manager;
  • At the end of the list your camera will be located;
  • Right-click the small triangle icon;
  • Then click “activate” (See the picture below)

What to do if your laptop does not have Windows 7 or 8 installed?

Check WEB-camera online, check WEB-camera, test camera and microphone online.

To check the WEB-camera online, allow the flash application (at the top of the page) to access your camera and microphone. To do this, click on the “Allow” button in the special dialog.

After that, the signal from the WEB-camera will be automatically checked and you will see a report on the screen. It will contain the result of the camera test for the presence of video and audio signals. If the camera works well, then you will see the corresponding inscription. If one or both signals are missing, the application will inform you about these problems. In addition, you can test the WEB-camera yourself, simply by seeing the video from it, as well as making sure of the presence of an audio signal using a special sound scale on the right side of the application.

find, camera, works, laptop

How to check a camera on a computer on the Internet

Currently, there are quite a few services that allow you to check your WEB-camera online.

List of sites where it is possible to check the camera online:


Having entered these sites, you are required to click on the “check camera” button and allow access to your camera. If everything is in order, then you will immediately see the image from your camera. If there are problems, then you will be informed about it.

Device video check

As an example, I will give the most common Skype program in use, go to “Tools”.

In this case, you can check the camera for operability through the “Settings” section in the “Video Settings”.

Thus, the question is solved, how to check the camera on the computer, whether it works or not. However, if after the above verification options, the device did not work, then you should try to install it on another computer to make sure it is working properly.

If it works, then look for the cause of the problem on your computer, otherwise, you should contact the service or exchange it for a new WEB-camera.

The first step is to work with the drivers for this laptop’s camera.

Most often, during the installation of the operating system, those drivers that are installed automatically must be changed to new ones. To find out if the drivers are correct, you need to start the device manager:

  • Using the WinR button combination, we launch the “Run” dialog box.
  • After that, in the “Open” line, write the command: devmgmt.msc.
  • The Device Manager of the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system will appear.
  • Next, we analyze the presence of all devices with a pronounced yellow exclamation mark. The presence of this sign indicates that the computer recognizes the device, but it is not active, since there is no required driver.

How to check if the camera works on a computer, laptop

How to check if the rear camera is working, video surveillance and how to check the camera on a computer, laptop. read the answers of experts.

The webcam is connected to a computer via a USB cable or it can be built-in. Before checking whether the camera is working, you must first find out whether the cable is fully inserted and whether it corresponds to this port.?

After confirming the physical connection, you need to check if the webcam is installed correctly. Here you need to select the path: “Control Panel”, “System”, “Hardware”, “Device Manager”. After the list is the webcam. If the icon has a yellow exclamation mark, then the device drivers are not working and should be updated. There are several ways to do this:

  • right-click on the webcam icon and select “Update driver”;
  • use the disc supplied with the webcam;
  • use the DriverFinder program from the Internet.

How to check if the camera works on the computer? Online services such as Test Webcam can be used. To do this, you need to go to the site, after which access to the webcam is made. This test checks the delivery of the image and the assessment of its quality.

Drivers are also checked and installed on the laptop. The camera is physically connected correctly by default. There may be a hotkey on the laptop keyboard that can be used to test the webcam.

How to find out if a CCTV camera or a rear view camera is working

Video surveillance is used to protect objects. The customer considers installation to be the most important and no further maintenance is required. But over time, the system may malfunction. How to find out if the CCTV camera is working and what are the malfunctions in it? You can do this by tracking the following failures:

  • the image on the monitor disappears. In this case, the power supply to it and the health of the monitor itself are checked;
  • failure of one of the cameras. All connectors should be checked. During any checks, it is always necessary to determine the presence of voltage in the network. It may be missing due to a broken cable or damage to the connection pins;
  • stripes or flickering appear on the screen. This may be due to a broken insulation or a bad connection;
  • The dash cam does not work due to damage or malfunction of the power supply. If these malfunctions are eliminated and the device does not work, it should be taken for repair.

Unlike security devices, a car’s rear-view video recorder works for a short time, mostly for parking it or for filming and recording traffic incidents. To connect it, you need a radio with a monitor (multimedia center). They contain the connector for the camcorder cable. Some camcorder models are made together with monitors. In these cases, you can do without a multimedia device.

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The system is switched on with a toggle switch on the driver’s instrument panel. All cameras must be powered and the video signal can be cabled or wireless. When purchasing a wireless module, you should check whether it can work with this car radio.

The camera is inserted into the hole in the bumper or body, but it is firmly fixed only after a clear picture appears on the monitor, without the presence of elements of the car body on it. It is advisable to mount the camera higher from the road to reduce pollution.

Portable programs

How to find out if the camera is working properly if there is no Internet or, for some reason, it is impossible to enter the video chat? In this case, you can download a portable version of the program that is used to work with a video camera.

Attention! Portable version can be run from a flash drive without copying to the laptop’s hard drive. This greatly facilitates checking and does not clog the RAM.


If you like the webcam resolution test or have any ideas or questions, feel free to leave comments. Please note that all comments are public.

webcam test

In almost all new laptop models, the manufacturer provides a built-in video camera. And given the fact that today communication via video communication is becoming more and more popular, this option is very useful. But how to find out that on a laptop, the video camera really works, and you do not need to contact the workshop after a while.

Use of online services

You can make sure that the video device is working with the help of special resources on the Internet, designed to check the camera on a laptop online. This is a universal method suitable for all versions and editions of Windows, but you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. There are a lot of services themselves, so we will limit ourselves to mentioning only the three most popular.

Why can’t I check the camera on a laptop

Usually, when connecting a video device, there are no difficulties, and the equipment performs its main task in normal mode without any failures and various malfunctions. But there may be exceptions.

In some cases, problems appear during camera detection and operation. If this happened, then you need to perform a full diagnosis, determine the cause and, if possible, carry out repairs or adjust the operating parameters of the video device. The following malfunctions are most often noted:

  • System malfunctions, which can lead to various disruptions in the performance of camera functions.
  • Incorrect connection and subsequent parameter settings. As a rule, these problems are encountered, therefore you need to know the principle of connecting and adjusting the camera operating modes.
  • The format of the graphics card that is installed in the laptop is not suitable, or it is missing.
  • Infection of the OS with virus programs while downloading files from unverified resources from the Internet.
  • Lack of drivers and required software. In some cases, the problem appears during the installed old version that does not provide support for modern hardware.

Perform an external inspection of the video device housing, and also adjust all system parameters, separately paying attention to the above problems.

Video communication technologies have become so popular and in demand that you probably won’t find a laptop or tablet that doesn’t have a built-in webcam. Even some models of desktop computers are equipped with this useful device, but if the PC does not have its own camera, you can always purchase and connect an external one to it. But the mere fact of having a webcam is not enough, without the appropriate drivers and software, it will not work.

In general, before you can start enjoying the benefits of video calling, you need to test the camera on your laptop. It is not difficult to make sure that the device is functioning properly. You can test it in three different ways, namely: by means of the operating system itself, using special online services or through desktop programs.

About checking camera resolution

Webcam Resolution Checker is an easy and free way to check online what the resolution of your webcam is. As a result of testing, you will receive a complete list of resolutions supported by your camera, as well as some hints such as maximum resolution, minimum resolution and default resolution.

How to activate laptop camera in Hindi | laptop camera not working windows 7,8.1,10 | webcam

A good feature of this test is the ability to take photos for each supported resolution, thanks to which you can download and compare their quality.

By default, only checked if your camera supports popular resolution standards. It’s fast, but may not be accurate enough. If you don’t want to miss any supported permissions, enable the brute-force method.

Using “Start”

  • At the bottom left of the screen, click “Start”.
  • Go to Task Manager, go to Hardware and Sound. In Windows 10, to enter the task manager, you need to click on the Win button on the keyboard, then click on the arrow on the bottom left of the screen and go down to the end in the menu. Find “Control Manager” here.
  • Then you need to go to the tab “Imaging equipment”.
  • Now click on the webcam, right-click on “Enable”.
  • After that you need to make the last check. click on the “Properties” item, the broadcast image should appear.

Camera resolution and quality

Even though resolution is an important property of a camera, this does not mean that the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Generally speaking, higher resolutions tend to provide more accurate detail and better sharpness. For example, images captured with a higher resolution camera are better for large format printing, viewing on large screens, or capturing small objects. But even if you don’t need it all, Full HD is definitely much better than VGA.