How to find email on a laptop

How to change your Microsoft account email

A Microsoft account used in Windows 10 and 8, Office and other company products allows you to use any email address as a “login” and, if you change the address you use, you can change the email address of your Microsoft account without changing it. (that is, Windows 10 profile, pinned products, subscriptions, and linked activations will remain the same).

This instruction is about how to change the email address (login) of your Microsoft account, if necessary. One caveat: when changing, you will need to have access to the “old” address (and if two-factor authentication is enabled, then the ability to receive codes via SMS or in the application) to confirm the change in E-mail. May also be helpful: How to Delete Microsoft Account Windows 10.

If you do not have access to confirmation tools, and you cannot restore it, then perhaps the only way out is to create a new account (how to do this using OS means. How to create a Windows 10 user).

Change your primary email address in your Microsoft account

All the actions that are required in order to change your username are quite simple, provided that you have not lost access to everything that may be required during recovery.

  • Log into your Microsoft account in a browser, on the site (or simply on the Microsoft site, then click on your account name in the upper right and select “View account”.
  • From the menu, select “Details” and then click on “Manage Microsoft account sign-in”.
  • At the next step, you may be asked to confirm the entry in one way or another, depending on the security settings: using an email to E-mail, SMS or a code in the application.
  • After confirmation, on the Microsoft Services Sign-in Management page, in the Account Alias ​​section, click Add Email Address.
  • Add a new (on or existing (any) email address.
  • After adding, but a new mail address, a confirmation letter will be sent, in which you will need to click a link in order to confirm that this E-mail belongs to you.
  • After confirming your email address, on the Microsoft Services Sign-in Management page, click Set as Primary next to your new email address. After that, in front of him information will appear that this is the “Main nickname”.

Done. after these simple steps, you can use the new E-mail to log into your Microsoft account on company-owned services and programs.

If you wish, you can also remove the previous address from your account on the same account login management page.

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Thank you for the article. But when a mailbox linked to a Microsoft account is broken, it will not work to change. Which is what happened to me.

Hello Dmitry! Is it possible to install a photo on a laptop

I didn’t quite understand the question. But if we are talking about an account photo, then in the account settings of Windows 10 this can be done (parameters. account. something about an avatar)

Dear Dmitry! I rummaged through a bunch of sites on the internet and can’t find an answer to the current situation.
After turning on the computer, my hard drive will not stop performing any operations. For an hour and a half, he thrashes like restless, does something and then calms down. Help pacify this rabid piece of hardware. He cannot defragment disks after each start. There are no viruses. Discs don’t hurt.

And in the task manager it is not visible (if not pressed, click there in more detail, and then go to the “details” tab) which process is working with the disk?

I’m trying to “Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias”, but I get a message saying “This email address is already in use. Try another one. “

p.s. My new nickname is similar to Microsoft, but only on the mail ru!

I have only a guess, but it is very likely that you just registered this address as a separate account with Microsoft sometime in the olden days (perhaps even sometime in the days of Windows Live, and maybe even later. for example, used it to register in Skype, which is now equivalent to creating a Microsoft account with this address).
A possible (but not the fact that it is a working) solution: try to log into your Microsoft account (in a browser) with an address on. if you can remember or recover your password. Then delete this account on their website, and only then attach this address as an alias.

Hello! Dmitry please tell me. I want to change my name, login, email. mailbox for a microsoft account. But I’m afraid (I was updated from win 7 to win 10 back in 2015) whether the activation, that is, the license, will fly off or not. She’s kind of tied to an account. That’s scary.

No, it shouldn’t (personally checked a couple of times, everything is ok). She’s still tied to equipment. Those. if installed on the same computer, then activation will be in order, even without Microsoft account or with a different account. over, if you reinstall the system and create a new account, or delete one Microsoft account and add another, then the activation will be linked to it.

Hello! A record of another home PC connected to another channel of the router appeared in the list of accounts:
“Account alias
email_address (primary alias) Remove
lusi.groz ”
Due to this record, persistent problems with the main account.
How to remove it?!

I didn’t quite understand the situation. Or you can take a screenshot?
In general, apparently we are talking about aliases (but again, I’m not sure about 100% on the issue) and if I’m right, then

Hello! The screenshot is ready, I will send it from the specified address. I will explain the situation.
Two PCs were connected to the router via wires: a laptop with Win10 x64 and a PC with Win7x32.
Home network mode was initially enabled on the laptop and sharing was allowed.
At some point, they turned out to be turned on at the same time, and Skype was used on the PC.
Probably at this moment in the list of aliases there was a pseudonym for logging into Skype on PC.
For now, instead of a screenshot, I will show its full analogue:
“Account alias
email_address (primary alias) Remove
lusi.groz ”
So “lusi.groz” is a PC username that has never been used on a laptop. It is completely inactive, although it must be removed.
The problem is that for some time the login is normal, then a message appears that it is necessary to correct the account, and the standard password does not work. The system starts up normally, but no updates occur. To fix it, I change the mail password, change the account password and the cycle repeats again.

Thank! I often look at your site. Both from a computer and from a mobile. Information is always relevant and true.

Is this information relevant for 2020? I changed the mail in the settings, but the login continues for some reason using the old mail and all letters come to the old mail

How to Check Email ईमेल कैसे चेक करे

Relevant. But if we don’t delete the old one, then it also works on a par with the main address.
About letters: it depends on what kind of letters. If from Microsoft, then, in theory, they should also go to the main one, unless the old one is specified separately somewhere (for example, something was registered on it from Microsoft)

Maybe someone will come in handy. I changed the mail for logging into the account, but letters for example to the microsoft family still came to the old address, it was also necessary to change the mail in the address book section.

find, email, laptop

Hello. But my whole process has stalled. When I enter a new email address, it says: “This email address is already in use. Try another one. ” And I cannot use a different address, as it is tied at work. What am I supposed to do? Delete the account completely and create a new one with the email I need?

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I didn’t quite understand the situation and the task. Just according to the description, it turns out that the new address that you enter already has a linked Microsoft account and therefore you cannot set this address for another Microsoft account.
But: since you have a Microsoft account for this email, then you don’t need to create a new Microsoft account, you already have one. You can just add it on your computer.

ID in Yandex.Direct

Knowing the identifier of your advertising company in Yandex, you can also find out your username. In the section “Access to” click on the link “Fill in the form”.

Enter the campaign or ad number and all other required data (see form fields).

After sending an application with verification data, Yandex technical support will send you a mailbox login to your specified e-mail address.

How to find your email address

Yes, when you need to remember something, especially urgently, the tension of each gyrus is felt in the head. Consciousness wanders convulsively through the neurons of the hemispheres in search of the correct answer. But he must be in these very neurons, he just hides, probably in some secluded corner of memory.

And if you’re lucky, the research does not last long: “Oh, that’s how! Oh, how could I forget! ” And if not the outcomes may already be different. For example, such as those of Chekhov’s heroes, who guessed the “horse” surname Hmmm, only chance helped them.

But in our case, dear reader, to find out a forgotten e-mail address, we can strain not only our own head, but also the computer, the resources of global networks. It is very possible that they will be able to show us an e-mail (eh, well, what is this e-mail address ?!).

So let the secret be revealed. Still, let’s try to find the address lost in memory.

On Yandex, you can request your login in technical support, having in your hands other identification data used in related services of the system.

Open the help section in a browser.

In the text of the instruction, click one of the proposed methods (depending on what data you have).


If you constantly forget your mail, use the services of a browser to save passwords. It will automatically fill in the fields when you enter a particular resource, and then problems and questions about “how to remember my email address?” will not arise.

In cases where a “kind soul”, in the form of your relative or a programmer at work, will clean the computer and delete all browser data about the pages viewed, you can use its “internal memory”. Go to “settings”. “passwords and forms”. Any browser will display for you a table with sites and the data required to enter them. mail and password. This will help you remember the data you need.

General guidelines for finding mail

Contact your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, in general, to all those people with whom you corresponded via e-mail with a request to see messages from you in their mail profiles. In letters, in the “From” line, there will be the login of your e-mail box, that is, the sender’s address.

If you used your lost e-mail to register on social networks, websites and forums, open your account there (log in) and go to the panel with personal data. As a rule, the address of the specified box in the panel is displayed.

An example of how to do this on Change settings (link under the avatar) → the “Basic” tab → the line “Email address. mail “(here you can find the lost!. mailbox login)

Try to ask the search engines what your email address is. Type your first and last name in the search box. Perhaps an indexed page will appear in the search results with this same e-mail in the social network or on the online service that you used.

If the “Autocomplete” option is enabled in your browser, place the cursor in the login field (in the authorization panel of the mail service). There is a chance that the address will appear in the tooltip (drop-down list of snippets).

Open the “Save Passwords” setting in your browser. If it is enabled and the cache has not been cleared, the mail login will be displayed in the list of saved credentials.

Example for Google Chrome: Settings → Passwords and Forms → Prompt to save passwords → Change (link in the same line)

Type your name and surname in the Google search engine (as you indicated in the questionnaire) and next to it add the domain name of the service. “”.

Look in the output for the data under the links to the profiles (perhaps one of them is yours): the login (mailbox address) is displayed in the third line.

First step

The biggest challenge is usually creating your first mailbox. This question was relevant when personal computers were just entering residential buildings and were rare. If you belong to the older generation, who know nothing about computers, then ask the question: “What is my email address?” needed by the programmer installing your computer.

Now the firms that sell computers are exclusively engaged in the distribution of technology. Having bought a computer and brought it home, you can call a “wizard” programmer for its initial setup. Usually, this is how students from computer specialties in universities work. When he arrives, you can ask him, “Tell me my email address.” For a small fee, he will help you open a mailbox or create a page on a social network.

My e-mail address. how to find out or create

What is an email address? In different systems and services, this concept can mean different things. On the one hand, knowing your email address, a person may want to know your mail in order to send any data. On the other hand, especially in social networks, an email address can mean a link to a user’s page. So how do you answer the question: “How do I find my email address?”.

In browser settings

If the function of saving passwords is enabled in the browser used, and the cache has not been cleared for a long time, then the name of the mail can be found. In particular, for the Google Chrome browser, this option is enabled in the settings. in the field Passwords and forms.

You can view saved logins and passwords by entering chrome: // settings / passwords in the address bar

My mail

In this tutorial I will tell you how to log into your email Mile, Yandex or Google. And what to do if the address does not open.

What is email

Email is a personal box on the Internet. Through it, letters are received and sent: both plain text and files from a computer. documents, photos, videos.

Each box has its own address. This address is assigned to only one user. it cannot belong to several people at once.

The address consists of English characters without spaces and consists of three parts:

  • Login. name.
  • @. a separator called a dog. To type it, you need to hold down the Shift key and the number 2 (above) on the English layout.
  • Postal site address. Internet address where the mailbox is located.

Example of an email address

Every mailbox on the Internet is on some kind of mail site. For example, on the Yandex or website. And it turns out, in order to enter your mailbox, you first need to open the mail site.

The most common sites are. and

There are others, slightly less popular:,,, This does not mean that they are worse, just fewer people use them.

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You can find out to which site the mailbox belongs to its address. The mail site is written immediately after the @ sign.

  • If after @ is written., or, it means that the box is on the site
  • If after the dog is, then the mailbox is on the site (Google).
  • If,,,,,, then on the site (Yandex).

Why won’t my mail open

There are three reasons why a person cannot get into his box:

  • Invalid login
  • Invalid password
  • Mailbox deleted or locked

I’ll tell you about each case now. And I’ll tell you what to do too. Trivial advice, but this is the only sure way to open your email.

Invalid login. Each mailbox has a login. This is his unique identifier on the mail site. On it, the site can identify you and open your mailbox, and not someone else.

Login always consists of English letters and / or numbers. It can contain a period, a hyphen or an underscore. And from this login, the address (email) is formed.

To enter your mailbox, you need to type your login correctly. You cannot be mistaken in any letter, number or symbol.!

For example, my login is ivan.petrov-35. And if I type ivan.petrov35 instead, then my email will not open. an error will be thrown.

In addition, on some mail sites, it is important to correctly indicate not only the login, but also the ending. the part that comes after the @ sign. This applies to everyone’s beloved There, the end of the box can be as standard. both:, or

For example, I have mailbox on Mayla. So, in addition to the correct spelling of the login, you also need to choose the correct ending. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get into my mailbox. the site will give an error.

Invalid password. The password is the key to the box. A set of letters and / or numbers with which it opens. If you make a mistake in at least one character, the password will not work, and the site will give an error.

If the password contains letters, then they are typed only in English.

over, it is case sensitive. This means that if there is a capital letter in it, and you typed it in a small (lowercase) letter, then such a password will not work.

The box has been deleted or locked. It happens that it is impossible to get into the mailbox, because it has been deleted from the mail site. That is, it was simply erased along with all the letters.

This usually happens if the address has been inactive for a long time. For example, they did not enter the mailbox on for six months. then, according to the rules of the service, it can be deleted.

What to do if mail won’t open

Open “Notepad”, type there the password for the mailbox, copy it and paste it on the site.

To do this, open “Start” and print a notepad right in the window. Launching the program.

Select it and copy it. To do this, move the cursor to the end of the password, hold down the left mouse button and circle it. Then we right-click inside and select “Copy”.

Next, go to the mail site and paste the copied one. To do this, remove everything from the password line that was in it. Then we right-click inside and select “Paste”.

This simple procedure will help you not to make mistakes when entering. After all, on the site, the password is typed in dots, and it is difficult to notice the error.

Login is a unique identifier for a mailbox on a mail site. If you enter only one wrong letter, the system will not be able to identify the mail, and, therefore, will not be able to open it.

Often people do not make mistakes in the spelling of the login, but rather describe themselves. For example, a person has the address jan.ivanov @. And he prints the login yan.ivanov. This is mistake. Even if the password is typed correctly, the mailbox will not open.

By the way, the login, unlike the password, is not case sensitive. That is, you can type it in letters of any size. Big, small. whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Use the login and password recovery function.

Mail sites allow you to restore access to your mailbox. The system will ask several questions about your mail and if you answer correctly, it will ask you to enter a new password. Immediately after that, the box will open.

To restore access, click on the inscription “Forgot your password?”.

In Yandex. to “I forgot my username” or “I forgot my password”.

In, click Forgot your email address? or “Forgot your password?”.

  • There are no spaces in either the login or the password.
  • Both login and password are typed only in English letters.
  • The password is sensitive to the size of the letters. If you type a small letter instead of a capital letter, it will not work.

If you can’t remember your login

It also happens that a person remembers the password, but forgot the address of the box. But the address, that is, the login on the mail site, is the main thing. Without it, you will not be able to restore access.

You can try to find out the login using a browser. the program through which you access the Internet. To do this, simply click on the field for entering the address with the left mouse button. If you’re lucky, a list will appear where your username can be written.

Another way to find out your mail. it is to address the person to whom you sent letters. If he has at least one letter from you, ask him to say what is indicated there in the address line. To do this, you need to open the message and look at the line under the title (at the top).

How to enter mail

How to enter mail. Instructions for those who have @, @, @ or @ in the mailbox address.

In the upper left square, in the line “Mailbox name”, type login. name before the @ sign. Click on the “Enter password” button.

For example, if the mailbox address is ivan.ivanov35 @, you need to print ivan.ivanov35

If the address does not end with. then in the adjacent field select your ending from the list.

In the line “Password” type the password for your mailbox. It will be typed in dots. as it should be. Then click on the “Login” button.

If everything is typed correctly, the mail will open. It looks like this:

The next time you enter. there will be another window instead of the login window:

How to Check your Email

This means that your mailbox is already open. You do not need to type in a username and password. just click on the inscription “Mail”.

In the event that you do not want it to open itself every time, inside the drawer, in the upper right corner, click on “exit”. And the next time you enter the box, remove the bird from the “Remember” item.

How to log into Yandex. For those who have @, @, @, @, @ or @ in the address.

In the upper right rectangle, click on the “Enter mail” button.

The login window will load. In the line “Enter your login, mail or phone” type your email and click “Login”.

In the line “Enter the password” type the password for the mailbox and click “Login”.

If you entered everything correctly, the mail will open. It looks like this:

The next time you visit Yandex (, there will be another window in the upper right corner. In it you just need to click on the inscription “Mail” and the mailbox will open without entering a username and password.

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If this automatic login does not suit you, then inside the box, in the upper right corner, click on your login. And from the list select “Exit Yandex services”.

Sign in to Google mail (Gmail). Instructions for those whose mailbox ends at @

Often, right after that, your box opens by itself. But if it doesn’t, the login window will appear. Google prompts you to enter a phone number or email address. The phone will only work if you have previously attached it to a drawer. And so in this field you need to enter the address and click “Next”.

Sometimes the Gmail home page appears instead of the login window. In this case, click on the inscription “Login” in the upper right corner.

In the next window, type your password and click “Next”.

If everything is correct, incoming letters will open.

If the site writes that the mailbox does not exist

It happens that the mail site writes that the mailbox name is incorrect or there is no such account.

There are two reasons why this is happening:

  • You made a mistake typing your login.
  • Box deleted.

With the first reason, everything is clear. The address is typed incorrectly and there really is no such login in the system. You just need to enter it correctly.

But if you are sure that the login is correct, and the site still shows that such mail does not exist, then the mailbox has been deleted. You can delete it yourself in the mail settings. Or it can happen automatically.

On some mail sites, this happens if the mailbox is not used for a long time. For example, if you have not logged into your mail for more than six months, it can be deleted.

The address is erased along with all content. You can return it, but without the letters. To do this, you need to re-register mail with the same name.


Gmail is Google’s mail service. When you create a box here, you get an account to access the entire ecosystem of the corporation: YouTube, Google Drive cloud storage, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and other services.

Incoming messages in Gmail are automatically categorized into social media, promotions, alerts, and forums, making it easy to find the emails you want. In addition, you have 15 GB of Google Drive cloud storage.

Yandex Mail

Yandex.Mail is an email service for the Yandex search engine. When registering on it, in addition, you get 10 GB in the Yandex.Disk cloud storage, as well as a single account for access to other company resources: Yandex.Money e-wallet, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Market, etc.

The volume of the mailbox is not limited, you can store as many letters as you like in it. In addition, there is a built-in translator, which, when recognizing a foreign language, offers to translate the text into Russian.

On iOS

IPhone and iPad owners have the option to register a mailbox with iCloud, the cloud service to which Apple devices connect. To create a new account, you only need a device and Internet access via Wi-Fi or a mobile network. The iCloud mail address will simultaneously become your Apple ID. an account that provides access to all Apple services: App Store, iCloud, Find iPhone, FaceTime, iMessage, etc.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the section “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • Click “Add Account”.
  • Select the type “iCloud”.
  • Click “Create Apple ID”.
  • Enter your first and last name, date of birth. Add real data as you may need it when contacting Support.
  • On the “Apple ID” page, check the “Get a free e-mail in iCloud” option.
  • Come up with a name for the mailbox. If it is already taken, you will receive a corresponding notification. In this case, you will have to specify another option.
  • Create and enter a password twice. It must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number, lowercase and uppercase letter.
  • Select security questions and enter the answers to them. Include information that you will definitely not forget. Answers to security questions will help you regain access to your account if you do not remember your password.
  • Specify the address of the backup email, to which instructions will be sent to restore the password from the box to iCloud in case of loss.
  • Disable the “Updates” option if you do not want to receive emails from Apple with information about products and services.
  • Read and accept the terms of service.
  • Confirm your backup email address by following the link from the notification.

To send and receive correspondence from the iCloud mailbox, you need to add it to the standard Mail application.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the “Passwords and Accounts” section.
  • Click “New Account” and select the iCloud service.
  • Enter the mailbox address and password that you set when registering your account.
  • Click “Next” and wait for the account linking.
  • Use the radio buttons to specify which data the application will have access to. For convenient work with letters, leave the items “Mail”, “Contacts”, “Calendar”.

To check emails, launch the Mail application and go to the Mailboxes section. It will contain a link to the iCloud mailbox. Click on it to view incoming messages or send an email.

In the same way, mailboxes registered on other services are added to the iPhone: Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. If there is no resource in the list that you are using, click on the “Other” item. Then tap “Add account”, enter your username, address, password and description, for example, the name of the service.

Also, the application will ask you to specify the addresses of the servers of incoming and outgoing mail. For example, for Yandex, these are the following:

  • incoming mail;
  • outgoing mail.

For services that are not in the list of preinstalled ones, you will have to search for addresses yourself. Most often they can be found in the help section of the mail portal, which describes how to configure the mailbox on different devices.

This completes the mailbox setup. You can find it in the Mail app. In the list, it will be indicated under the name that you specified in the “Description” field when adding.

How to create mail on a smartphone

There are standard applications built into the system to manage email on mobile devices, but you can also use third-party email clients.

How to create mail on a computer and laptop

To create an e-mail box on a PC and laptop, you need a browser and Internet access. You can also use special applications. mail clients to manage correspondence without launching a web browser.

Free Russian-language mail services

Next, you will get acquainted with services popular in the Russian Internet, where you can register e-mail for free. And besides, get access to their additional functions, for example, to cloud storage.

What is email and how to create it on your computer and phone

About every second inhabitant of the planet has an e-mail box: at least that’s what Google experts think. If you have not had time to get one for yourself, then you can correct this flaw and create an email right now to get new opportunities for working with sites and various services on the Internet.