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How to change app icons on iPhone without jailbreak

By default, Apple has never allowed the user to drastically interfere with the design of the iOS interface. Change Wallpaper or Screensaver? You are welcome! There is no need to count on more. Of course, where there is a jailbreak, complete freedom opens up, but over the past few months, nothing has been heard about the update of the utility for jailbreaking iOS devices.

But there is a way that allows you to change the standard iOS application icons to more original ones. We will tell you how.

How to change icons in iOS

Open the website using the Safari browser on the iOS device. Scroll down the page and go to Browse all Themse.

Choose any one you like from the list of topics offered. Let’s take the iOS 9 Concept theme as an example.

Open the theme and find Application icons. After opening this menu item, you will see a long list of icons for popular applications.

Select the applications you are interested in and give them names. These names will be displayed instead of the default ones on the Springboard screen. Please note that you need to select icons with one background color.

After finishing the selection of icons, press the Install icons button. Wait a few seconds and don’t press anything.

The profile installation menu will open with a proposal to install a new profile with the name of the selected theme. Click Install. Enter the Master Password. If you receive a message about an unsigned profile, confirm the installation.

Once the profile is installed, click Finish. Return to the home screen by pressing the Home key.

Now you need to set a background image-gradient (depending on the theme), which will serve as a background for future icons. Return to the iSkin site by double-clicking the Home key and selecting the Safari browser. In the menu of the selected theme, open the Home screens item and select the wallpaper color that matches the background of the icons you have selected. In our example, this is Blue.

On the page that opens, tap on the gradient picture and hold your finger. Select Save Image and then open the Photos app and set it as your Home screen wallpaper (remember to set the wallpaper type to Screensaver).

Return to the Home screen. Unique icons with your names will appear on the new page. Installation finished!

How it works

The iSkin service creates icon shortcuts that link to the original applications. Every time you launch the application, the Safari browser opens for a moment (it does not affect traffic and works without an Internet connection). It gives the device a link to the original application on your iOS device, after which it starts up.

The iSkin website has dozens of different themes and icons, and using the service, you can independently create an icon design for any application.

Tired of the default iOS look? Try it:

Can I change the font on the iPhone?

This is the only legal way to change the font on iPhone. Click on the gray gears icon. Scroll down and tap Display & brightness.

How to enlarge the font in your notes?

On the Home tab, in the Font group, select the font size you want. The default font size is 12 points. If you want to increase the size of the text in your notes, change the value 12 to larger.

How to remove screen magnifier on iPhone?

  • We go into the settings. It works the same way on iPhone and iPad;
  • We click on the main ones;
  • Select the section “Universal Access”;
  • Item “Magnifier”;
  • Click on the small switch to turn it off;

How To: Custom App Icons & Widgets On iPhone Home Screen! (iOS 14)

How to remove bold text on iPhone?

How to turn off notifications and widgets on the lock screen of iPhone or iPad. How to set bold on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app in iOS;
  • Go to the “Display and brightness” section;
  • Set the “Bold” switch to the active position.

How to change the screen scale on iPhone?

Open the Settings app from the home screen. Go to the General Accessibility page Zoom. Click the button next to the Zoom button. to turn it green and turn it on.

How to increase the size of icons?

To resize desktop icons, right-click (or press and hold), then hover over View and select Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Small Icons.

How to enlarge app icons?

Just go to settings (hold your finger in an empty spot on the home screen), enter general options and look for the icon size option. A slider will be displayed that allows you to increase the percentage of our icons, both on the home screen and on the app list screen.

How to make transparent icons on iPhone without jailbreak

Ever wanted to manage your home screen icons just like you do on Android? Place icons anywhere on the iPhone screen? Now it is possible and for this you do not need a jailbreak or install third-party tweaks. Here’s what to do.

This is made possible by a trick that creates icons that blend in with your iPhone’s wallpaper. So, technically, you are not creating free space, but you are adding icons that are almost invisible when placed in the correct place on the home screen.

To do this, we will use the iEmpty online tool.

  • Press and hold an icon on the home screen to make the icons vibrate, then swipe left until you are on a blank page
  • Take a screenshot of this page
  • Go to via your iPhone’s Safari
  • Click “Customize” and then CUSTOM Mode
    enlarge, icons, iphone
  • Click “Add“ and then click the “Select File” button
  • Click on “Media Library”, then select the screenshot you just took
  • Click “Upload Photo“
  • Then you will see your home screen with a bunch of icons; you need to click on the icons you want to make transparent. For example, if you want to create a blank space in the upper left corner, click “1 x 1”. Empty space in the lower right corner. select “5 x 4”.
  • After you have chosen a position, you will be offered an icon to match your background. Now press the Share button (square with an upward arrow) and then select “Go Home Screen”
  • Click “Add”
  • Repeat this process for all places where you would like to leave an empty space.
  • Now go back to the home screen and move the new icon to the desired position

You can also watch a video from iDownloadBlog showing this trick.

Since this trick uses specially created icons and not a firmware bug, nothing will change after the reboot and the empty spaces that you created will remain on your home screen and will look exactly the same as it was before the reboot.

How to improve the performance of iPhone and iPad on iOS 8?

Apple uses high-performance components to deliver unmatched performance for iPhones and iPads. However, software embellishments, animation and other optional features of the operating system negatively affect the speed of mobile devices. First of all, this applies to not the most top-end gadgets.

You can solve the problem by disabling the most resource-intensive functions. Using standard operating system settings, you can improve the performance of legacy iPhones and iPads.

Disable Spotlight Search. In 2009, manna from heaven fell on the heads of iPhone users. Released the third version of the iPhone OS endowed Applephones with hundreds of new functions at once. Then for the first time in Apple smartphones appeared such now familiar things as “cut-copy-paste”, MMS and the universal search mechanism Spotlight. You can get to the latter by swiping from top to bottom on any page of the home screen.

Spotlight is nothing more than a global search across all content: contacts, mail, SMS, applications, music, calendar, and its main advantages are instantaneous and visual results. The problem is that Spotlight continuously indexes content on mobile devices to keep abreast of any changes to the OS. Disabling this feature can improve the performance of your iPhone and iPad. Go to Settings. General. Spotlight Search and uncheck all items.

Disable background app refresh. Apps in iOS 8 can download information in the background. This function is very useful, but it consumes battery power and additionally loads the processor power. Go to the Settings. General. Content update menu and disable the use of services in the background. The function can be turned off completely, or you can restrict its use for some applications. Disable parallax and frosted glass effect

Apple has probably spent a lot of time creating parallax effect for wallpaper that creates a three-dimensional effect. Everything looks nice, but apart from the extra load on the processor, this feature is no longer good for anything. Therefore, when setting the wallpaper in iOS 8, we turn the “Perspective” switch to the Off position. A special chic of the Apple software shell gives the effect of transparency. Many elements of iOS 8 are made with a three-dimensional effect. layers above the main interface. At the same time, everything below becomes blurry, like behind frosted glass.

This effect is seen all over the OS, including Action Center, Control Center, and the top clock bar. You can disable UI translucency by going to Settings. General. Accessibility. Increase contrast. By default, the Reduce transparency switch is set to Off. With the effect disabled, it works visually faster, especially on not the newest models.

Disable animation. For a long time Apple has been creating a beautiful pseudo-three-dimensional effect for the “flat” iOS interface: menus, icons, notifications that slightly change their appearance when the device is tilted. The function is rather insignificant, but it consumes CPU time. Therefore, go to Settings. Basic. Universal Access and activate the item “Reduce Motion”.

Free up memory space. IPhone and iPad should be cleaned from time to time. Imagine that you are working somewhere in an office and after a while you notice that your desk is gradually starting to get littered with unnecessary documents and papers. And what are you doing? That’s right, you will clean and tidy up to free up more space and work more efficiently. The same thing happens on iOS. Smartphones and tablets, like desktop computers, should also be kept clean and tidy.

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You can find the list of installed programs, sorted by the size of the data they occupy, in the operating system settings. To do this, open the General section and go to the Statistics menu. iOS 8 will show the size of downloaded programs and will quickly free up memory on the device.

How to remove crackles from Airpods

Airpods owners often complain about crackling and some kind of extraneous thoughts in their headphones. The fact is that Bluetooth technology, like any radio signal, is susceptible to interference such as static noise or crackling.

You can solve the problem as follows:

  • Disable or turn off other unused Bluetooth devices around you.
  • Reboot your headphones.
  • Unplug the earbuds for 30 seconds, then plug them back in.
  • Reduce the distance between your smartphone and headphones, as this will also help reduce (or even eliminate) any static interference.

If this method does not help, check to see if there is a software update for your Airpods.

How to update Airpods?

To install a new version of the software, you must:

  • Place the earbuds in the charging case
  • Close and open the case
  • Place the last paired device (iPhone or iPad) next to the headphones. For everything to go well, you should make sure that the device has access to a stable Wi-Fi hotspot.

The entire update process will only take a few minutes. Unfortunately, you cannot start this procedure manually.

Often, in order for Airpods or any other Bluetooth headphones to lose connection with the smartphone and not stutter less often, you just need to turn off the Wi-Fi module on the iPhone to which the accessory is connected. If you know any other features of working with Airpods, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our Telegram chat.

How to turn up the volume on Airpods

Often, Airpods owners are unaware that the volume on their headphones is limited. The fact is that there is such an item in the settings of the iPhone itself, which is called “Volume Limit”. I found that the feature was enabled on my iPhone, although I remember exactly not activating it. Check and you.

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to “Music”;
  • Scroll down to the Volume Limit menu;
  • Go to it to make sure that the limitation is turned off.

Volume may be limited on some iPhones

Please note that in order to see if this menu is on or off, you must go to this section. And inside, already adjust the slider to the desired position. So you can both turn up the volume on Airpods and turn it down. for example, on a child’s device.

It is up to you whether you use this setting or not. But nevertheless, it was not in vain provided for. do not forget that high volume has a negative effect on hearing.

The iPhone has a built-in hearing test function, which will allow not only to conduct competent prevention of damage to delicate organs, but also allow you to understand if you have progressive deviations.

How to fix the problem with the volume of Airpods

Sometimes the headphones can “hang” at a certain volume level due to a firmware bug. You can try to fix the problem yourself.

  • Put on Airpods and play music;
  • Decrease the volume to zero;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Bluetooth” and find Airpods there;
  • Click on “i” and select “Disable”;

Reconnect Airpods to fix the problem

How to adjust volume on Airpods

When your iPhone’s battery is close to zero, iOS may decide to turn down the maximum volume to extend battery life. This is a feature of the power saving mode, but the function only turns on when you have a really low battery.

If your iPhone’s battery is charged and you activate Power Saving Mode from Control Center, you probably won’t hear any difference. However, if you turn it on when the battery is low, it may affect the volume. Sometimes one Airpods starts to play quieter than the other. here’s how to fix it.

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to “Universal Access”;
  • Scroll down to the “Audiovisual Element” menu;

If your balance is out of balance, adjust it

If the balance slider is not quite in the middle, you will notice a difference in volume. Adjust it.

How to increase the volume of Airpods? Tips for Apple Headphone Owners

Some Airpods owners may sometimes notice that their headphones suddenly become quieter. over, the problem is not at all that the Airpods are faulty. sometimes iOS itself limits the maximum volume level, and it is enough to know a few tricks that will help fix the problem. Oftentimes, the problem may even be the low battery level of the iPhone. Therefore, if you suddenly notice a decrease in the volume of Airpods or Airpods Pro, the tips below will help you figure out what the reason is. whether you need to go to a service center or just “tweak” something in the settings.

There are some tricks that Airpods owners might find useful

Longreads for you

Depending on the country, Apple services cost differently: for example, Apple Music in Russia is available for 169 rubles, and in the United States for as much as 9.99. Here’s how to get around this limitation and pay the lowest price for Apple services and apps in the App Store.

From time to time we have a desire to break against the wall of the iPhone, especially when, for some reason, important data is deleted from it. These apps will help you deal with this problem, and they also have cool discounts on Black Friday Honor.

Despite the fact that Apple has long been actively hinting to everyone that augmented reality is its domain, Google has gone much further in the development of this techno

I suffered for a long time and finally scored that Siri spoke barely audibly into the earpiece, until I was surprised to learn that you could just ask her to speak louder)) “Hello, Siri. Speak at 80% volume. ” Maybe someone will come in handy. I did not find it in the settings of this function


Enfocar Accessibility Tool What I told you about in a dedicated chapter on the iPhone X, as I said, is also available on earlier iPhones as well as some later models (XR and XS).

To activate it, go to Settings General Accessibility Zoom and touch the Zoom area. On the next screen, choose if you want this tool to magnify the entire screen (full screen) when activated, or just what’s inside a specific box (window).

After checking one of the above items, return to the previous screen and move the Enfocar en EN lever to activate scaling. If you have any questions or concerns please see the information above.

Zoom screen

By zooming icons on iPhone through the Zoom Screen tool, you must first implement this function. Pygia, therefore, in the gear icon is located on the main screen of the mobile phone to access the configuration menu.Then tap the item Display and brightness and on the next screen that appears, click the wording to visit.

At this point, on the next screen called Zoom screen, tap Zoom and, to confirm the operation, first tap the tax button located in the upper right corner, and then in Zoom. The device will reboot.

Enlarge icons on iPhone X

to enlarge the icons on the iPhone X, you must act through the configuration menu, where you need to activate the Enfocar function is present in the panel related to Accessibility. This tool allows you to scale the entire screen or just what is present on a specific phone screen. Once Enfocar, it can also be activated from a PC using the iTunes software. But in order.


As you would expect, in order to expand the icons on the iPhone X home screen, you need to activate the Enfocar iOS feature. To do this, enter the iPhone configuration menu by clicking the gear icon located on the main screen, then click the General items es Accessibility.

Now click on the Enfocar wording and in the next screen shown, tap the Zoom Area item.Then check the box on the Window item if it is not selected by default. If, on the other hand, you want to make sure that the entire screen is enlarged, check the box next to the Pantalla of the kit.

At this point, take a step back and move the Enfocar en EN lever to activate the tool in question and enlarge the full screen (Kit Pantalla) or just what’s inside the box (Window). Once this is done, you just need to go back to the home screen of your iPhone X to see all the enlarged icons, or drag the window to the icon you want to enlarge.

Enlarge icons on iPhone

If you have an iPhone other than the X, you can enlarge the icons using the Zoom Display tool, which lets you zoom in on anything that appears on your device’s screen. This feature is only available on the following iPhone models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 iPhone Plus, iPhone XR es iPhone XS Maximum.

Alternatively, you can activate the Enfocar tool using the Accessibility menu or through iTunes. Find everything described below.


After installing the zoom option on iOS, you can also activate the latter through iTunes on the PC. In this regard, I inform you that the Apple multimedia software, which is present by default on Mac, is also available on Windows (version 7 and later) as a free download.

With that said, launch iTunes by clicking its icon and connect iPhone X to PC using the appropriate cable. Zipper Supplied. Once connected, click the phone icon located in the top menu, and on the next screen that appears, click Configure Accessibility. Now put a check mark on the Enfocar article and confirm the activation of the latter by pressing the buttons OK es final.

At this stage, depending on the previously selected option (full screen o window), scaling will be activated. Easy, true?

How to enlarge icons on iPhone X

How to enlarge icons in iPhone X

Vision problems make it difficult for you to use the iPhone X. the icons are too small and difficult to find applications on the device screen. Therefore, look for a solution that will help you solve this problem, since a mobile phone is an indispensable assistant for you in your daily life and at work.

How do you say? Such are the things and are you wondering how to enlarge icons on the iPhone X? In this case, you should know that this operation can be implemented in a very simple and fast way using some of the features included in iOS. Therefore, in the next lines, I will explain how to activate the features in question, acting from the iOS accessibility settings and through iTunes. I will also show you how to enlarge iPhone icons using the Screen Zoom feature, available on some iPhone X models and some earlier Apple mobile phones.

However, if you are anxious to learn more about this right now, sit back, grab your iPhone, and pay close attention to the procedures I am about to show you so you can put them into practice and achieve your intention. set for yourself Are you ready to start? Huh? Excellent! At the moment, I have no choice but to wish you good reading and good “work”.

  • Enlarge iPhone X icons
  • Enfocar
  • iTunes
  • Enlarge icons on iPhone
  • Zoom screen
  • Enfocar
  • iTunes
  • iTunes

    After setting up the Enfocar tool in the Accessibility menu from iOS, you can activate the tool in question also through the iTunes software on the PC. Also in this case, the operations performed are the same as in the chapter on iPhone X.

    Then launch the Apple software on your PC / Mac and click the phone icon in the top menu after connecting the device via the dock cable. On the next screen, click Configure Accessibility to activate Enfocar voice and confirm the operation by clicking OK first and then final. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the information provided in the previous chapter.

    Flip iPhone

    The speakers on iPhone are at the bottom of the device. To increase the volume, simply turn the device over so that the sound is not drowned out by any surface or object, such as a table top. This will make the sound a little louder and cleaner. With your iPhone propped up, also make sure the speaker is facing up.

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    Equalizer: add bass (low frequencies) when listening to music on iPhone and iPad.

    Equalizer Late Night Mode

    Select Settings → Music → Equalizer and then Late Night Mode. Of all the EQ modes available on the iPhone, this is the loudest. However, if the sound on the iPhone is at its maximum, you may hear slight distortion when operating in this mode.

    How to properly shade secret data on screenshots in iPhone so that they cannot be seen.

    Roll your palm around the iPhone speaker

    This method is good if you hold the iPhone in your hands, for example, to watch YouTube. Just curl your palm in a semicircle near the speaker and sound waves can bounce off your hand towards your ears.

    How to make and install a ringtone (ringtone) on any iPhone without a computer right on the device?

    Place iPhone in a bowl

    This trick has been around for many years. Just place your iPhone in a bowl with the speaker facing down. Sound waves will bounce off the bottom and sides of the selected cookware, thereby increasing the volume.

    How to enlarge icons on iPhone

    Sound on iPhone models from 2g to iPhone X and 8 plus is extracted from two speakers. Consider them.

    One is used for conversation, and is at the top of the screen. Through the narrow horizontal opening of the display glass and the mesh, sound passes from the internal speaker, which in turn is screwed to the display and pressed to the contacts of the cable, on which, in addition to the speaker, there are a front camera and light sensors to adjust the brightness of the display.

    This speaker. so called speaker, mainly used only for mobile phone conversation like standard GSM. as well as for Internet calls via viber whatsapp skype programs, etc.

    The second speaker is used for speakerphone and loud reproduction of sounds and music. It is much larger and stronger in power. It is located near the charging socket on the right side, and is also covered with a protective mesh. which protects the speaker from dust, debris, sand and liquid.

    The iPhone 7 and 7 plus has an innovation. stereo sound for music and video playback. And everyone wondered if the engineers had created an iPhone with three speakers, or the iPhone had two speakers left, and the speaker became louder and more versatile.?

    The answer is number two. stereo sound is extracted from two speakers: the lower and upper speaker-a.

    In general, we have already figured out how many speakers and where they are on the iPhone. It remains to disassemble the types of their breakdowns and repair options.

    The simplest thing is that the sound of the speaker in the iPhone has become quiet. Such a breakdown usually manifests itself if any kind of liquid gets into the speaker hole and the protective mesh located there. The sticky and viscous liquid immediately clogs the holes and holes in the mesh. thus closing the passage for sound, and possibly nailing the speaker membrane.

    You can try to quickly repair such a breakdown at home without disassembling the iPhone by dropping a drop of alcohol or any other non-aggressive degreaser on the mesh and brushing it with a toothbrush.

    This option saves with a probability of 70%, but it happens that you still have to disassemble the phone and change both the mesh and the speaker.

    If the sound has disappeared completely from the earpiece, you need to make sure that the iPhone has not switched to headset mode. To do this, when you call, you need to press the volume button and see the message that appears on the iPhone screen. If the inscription “headphones” appears under the volume scale. this indicates that the speaker is simply turned off by the system, and the iPhone thinks that headphones or a headset are connected to it.

    Repair of such a breakdown is solved either by replacing the lower loop, or by soldering the elements on the board that are responsible for switching the sound modes of the smartphone.

    If the earpiece does not work and the sound mode is standard, we try to disassemble the iPhone and change the speaker itself and / or the cable to it.

    Few people know that iPhones shipped to Europe through official channels have a factory volume limit. This requirement is primarily due to EU laws, according to which the sound power in headphones cannot exceed 100 dB. According to scientific studies, listening to music at loudness levels above 90 dB can have a truly irreversible effect on hearing. Despite the fact that for most markets Apple does not limit the volume in its smartphones in any way, we still advise you to do it yourself.

    Today, almost all playback devices (including iPhones) and headphones are capable of providing very high sound pressure levels, sometimes exceeding all permissible standards. This is especially true for open-type headphones like EarPods or Airpods, where noise isolation is absent as a class. As a result, in a busy place it is easy enough to exceed the limit without even noticing it. Fortunately, the iOS mobile operating system is well placed to manually set the limit. Let’s find out how to do it.

    So how to limit the maximum volume of iPhone and iPad?

    • Launch “Settings” and go to the “Music” section on your device.
    • We find the item “Playback” and go to the “Volume Limit”.
    • Here it will be necessary to set an acceptable volume level for you. To do this, drag the “Maximum volume” slider. The recommended indicator is 70-80% of the total volume.
    • Next, go to “Settings” → “Screen Time” → “Content and Privacy”.
    • In the “Allow changes” section, go to the “Volume limit” menu item.
    • It remains only to check the box opposite the option “No”.

    All is ready! In order to return everything as it was, it is enough to set the slider in the menu “Settings” → “Music” → “Volume Limit” to the maximum, before that turning off the corresponding option in the “Screen Time”.

    Many have found themselves in a situation when, during a trip, it turns out that they have forgotten the Bluetooth speaker at home. Or, for example, while preparing lunch, the user tries to listen to a podcast, but nothing is heard due to the gurgling of the tap and the hiss of the frying pan. There are many situations where you need to turn up the volume on your iPhone, but there is no way to use a bluetooth speaker or headphones.

    How to instantly jump to the first or last photos in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad.

    Here are five free and easy ways to make your iPhone a little louder.

    How to enlarge or shrink icons on iPhone?

    The interface of iPhone products was originally conceived to be comfortable to use and intuitively simple: the icons of all applications are conveniently located on several screens, which you can easily scroll through and select the one you want. However, sometimes users are faced with a random incident: the image on the screen of the device suddenly became enlarged, all the icons suddenly became huge and it is impossible to open them normally or find the necessary programs!

    What happened, why there is such an option and how to work with it. we will talk about this in detail today in the article. We will also give visual step-by-step tips on how to reduce or enlarge icons. using photo and video instructions taken on the iPhone 8 Plus!

    IPhone zoom feature: what it is and how to use it.

    The reason for the sudden enlargement of the image on the display and, as a result, the change in the size of the icons, may be the zoom function, which could be activated accidentally when you enlarged the screen in order, for example, to read small text on the site. Zoom is an option from the Special section. opportunities, it is intended for people with impaired vision, so that they can more easily see images and text on the screen.

    How to downscale the display to standard?

    If scaling was accidentally enabled, it can be easily canceled by reducing the size of what is displayed on the screen to standard values, or disabled altogether. How to do it:

    • Hold three fingers together, and double-tap the screen with all three fingers at the same time. This gesture returns the zoom level to its previous state.
    • When we are in zoom mode, it is important to remember about the “rule of three fingers” (they can also be found in the Settings section, in the zoom menu. the option “Zoom”)
    • three-finger press to zoom;
    • three-finger double tap plus finger squeeze to drag. to move around the screen

    To prevent accidental activation of the screen zoom function, you can turn it off. For this:

    • Select Settings, go to the Universal Access section there
    • Select the “Increase” option and move the slider to the passive position. You can make sure that the function is disabled by double-tapping the screen with three fingers. the screen will not enlarge.
    • Accordingly, if, on the contrary, we want to enlarge the image on the display and the icons, we can activate the “Zoom” option again, and increase / decrease the size of the screen by touching it twice with three fingers.

    What you need to know about the zoom feature.

    This option is available on iPhone 3GS and later, on the 3rd generation iPod Touch and all later, and on all iPads. If your device has all of the icons and screen images suddenly enlarged, it is most likely that the zoom was the culprit. You accidentally turned it on by accidentally double tapping three fingers on the screen. Therefore, just follow the steps described in the previous chapter. If this does not help, and the display image is still enlarged, it is worth contacting Apple technical support directly, as there was some kind of glitch. In addition to the zoom option, or zoom, to enlarge the text and make it better readability for visually impaired users, there is a special “Text Enlargement” function:

    • Go to Settings, from there. to Universal Access.

    Thus, Apple provides its users with the ability to enlarge or shrink the display as needed. The main thing is to understand where this function comes from, and how to turn it off if it is not needed. We hope we have covered this issue in detail, and our readers will be able to easily deal with this utility. Also, to increase the specific text on the screen, there is a separate option, which we also talked about.

    We wish you a convenient use of your Apple devices! Customize the display for yourself and let your work be a joy!

    How to increase the size of text and icons on iPhone

    You can make text larger and more readable on your iPhone or iPad, but you can also increase the size of app icons, text labels, and UI elements on your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, or 6S Plus by using.

    By default, your iPhone’s resolution is displayed in standard mode. However, you can set it to “Zoomed” mode, which makes it much easier to display your iPhone the same size as the next smaller iPhone model. For example, an iPhone 6S Plus in Zoomed Mode will look like an iPhone 6S in Standard Mode. Instead of seeing more content on the screen, there will be more content, which is very helpful if you’re having trouble seeing items on your iPhone’s screen. The image above shows the standard iPhone 6S Plus mode on the left, and the Zoomed mode of the same iPhone on the right.

    This does not just affect the home screen: either the entire OS will display slightly larger elements to make them easier to see.

    To put iPhone into zoom mode, tap the Settings icon on the home screen.

    On the Settings screen, tap Display & Brightness.

    Then tap View on the Display & Brightness screen.

    On the Zoom Image screen, tap Zoomed.

    The icons in the example screen have been enlarged to show what the increased display resolution would look like. To set this permission, click “Install”.

    A confirmation pop-up will appear with a message stating that zooming in will restart your iPhone. Click “Use Scaling” at the bottom of the screen to use the enlarged display.

    Don’t worry at this point. The screen will redden slightly and then return to the “Zoom Screen” screen. The message said your phone would restart, but you don’t need to sign in to your phone again.

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    When you return to the home screen, the icons and text labels will be larger, just like other texts and elements on your phone.

    One final catch: if you have an iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus, the home screen won’t change in landscape mode while you’re in zoomed mode. You should revert to the default display scale to allow your phone’s home screen to automatically switch to landscape mode when you rotate it.

    How to increase the font size of iPhone and iPad for text, buttons, labels, etc.

    To make it easier to read text on the screen, the iPhone font can be quickly increased in a few seconds or readjusted so that all the inscriptions on the screen become larger.

    And this is convenient not only for older users or for people with poor eyesight, but also for any user, since the enlarged iPhone font is much easier to highlight. Plus, if you make more buttons and icons, then hitting them with your finger is also easier.

    In this post, we will discuss the two most common ways to increase the size of text, buttons, and icons on iPhone. Both work on both new and old iPhones, and even iPad (by the way, if you’re interested, follow this link about the real tuning of iPhones).

    So, in short, the text can be made “bold” and better readable for a long time, but for this you will need to restart the iPhone, or, if necessary, quickly increase it in 10 seconds without any reboots.

    So, how to increase the font of iPhone and iPad:

    way # 1. increase tests and labels in the menu:

    • open “Settings”, tap “Screen and brightness” and then. “Text size”;
    • now, using the slider, select the most appropriate font size;
    • return to the “Screen and brightness” section (changes will be saved automatically).

    Immediately in the “Screen and brightness” section, you can also enable “Bold font”, but in order for the fonts to be updated later, you need to reboot the smartphone.

    To increase the font size and enable the Bold option for buttons and labels in the iPhone menu, go to the Accessibility section. This is done as follows:

    • open “Settings”, tap “General” and then. “Universal access”;
    • find and click “Enlarged text” and then use the slider to select the font size.

    Method # 2. enlarge everything on the iPhone screen

    This is in case you need to enlarge individual buttons and other controls on the screen:

    • open “Settings”, tap “Screen and brightness”, then scroll down the screen and press “View”;
    • instead of “Standard” we turn on the “Increased” mode.

    Changes will take effect after system reboot.

    How to enlarge the font in your notes?

    On the Home tab, in the Font group, select the font size you want. The default font size is 12 points. If you want to increase the size of the text in your notes, change the value 12 to larger.

    How to change font style on Android?

    To change the default font, you need to go to “Settings. Display. Font. Font Style”. Just click on the font you like in the list and then confirm your choice. The font change will happen instantly. Don’t even need to restart your phone.

    How to make bold text on your phone?

    in the lower right corner. Enter your email text. Double-click the text you want to format. Click Format and select the options you want (bold, underline, etc.).

    How to make large icons on iPhone?

    Enlarged home screen icons on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • If the enlarged icons on the Home screen make it impossible to access the Settings menu, zoom out.
    • To turn off Zoom, go to Settings Accessibility Zoom and press the switch.

    How to make the keyboard bold?

    If you need to highlight a word in bold, place the cursor in the middle or at least the last letter in the word you want to select using the arrow keys on your keyboard, and apply the CtrlB shortcut.

    How To Make Icons & Text Bigger On iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

    How to increase the size of icons?

    To resize desktop icons, right-click (or press and hold), then hover over View and select Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Small Icons.

    How to increase font size in Safari on iPad?

    Change the font size on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • Go to Settings Accessibility and check the box next to Display and Text Size.
    • To select an enlarged font, click “Bigger Text”.
    • Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

    How to make a second screen on an iPhone?

    Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

    To split your screen on iOS, you just need to open the second app and minimize it. It will then appear in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

    What to do if the screen on iPhone is enlarged?

    • With three fingers, tap three times on the iPhone screen. The screen will shrink to normal size.
    • If, after repeated attempts to touch the 3rd, nothing happened (the iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and do the 1st step again.

    How to zoom out a photo?

    Select the desired picture and right-click on it. In the menu item “Open with” select “Paint”. Then at the top click on the “Resize” button and reduce it in percentage from 100 to a lower number. Now you can save the result. 14 May 2018.

    How to reduce iPhone screensaver photos?

    Press the Photos button and select the frame of interest from your albums on your phone. After uploading a photo, swipe right to access the app’s editing tools menu. The application will prompt you to change the image resolution in percent or pixels.

    How to reduce the weight of a photo?

    • Open the photo with Paint;
    • Select the “Stretch / Shear” tool located in the “Picture” tab;
    • In the “Horizontal” column it is necessary to change the value downward, vertically put the value similar to the first one;
    • Click on OK and save the file.

    How to reduce the size of icons on Samsung?

    Change the number of icons on the desktop and application screen

    How to make the icons bigger on iPhone

    • In the “Settings” menu. “Display” go to the item “Home screen”.
    • Find the menu “Main screen grid” and change the size. the number of icons vertically and horizontally.
    • In the “Application screen grid” menu, change the number of icons on the application screen.

    How to make icons smaller?

    How to enlarge (shrink) icons on the desktop in Windows 7. There are two ways to enlarge (shrink) icons in Windows 7: 1 Method. Click on an empty space on the desktop (or on the shortcut on the desktop), press and hold the “Ctrl” key and use the mouse wheel to adjust the icon size to your liking.

    Increasing the font size beyond acceptable values

    If you have set the maximum font size, but it does not seem large enough to change this value beyond the allowable value, you should refer to the accessibility settings. The steps required to do this are slightly different for the current iOS 13 and its predecessor version 12, as well as those that were released even earlier.

      Using the instructions above, increase the font size to the maximum possible. Go back to the main list of “Settings” and go to the section “Accessibility”.

    Select “Display and Size” and then “Bigger Text”.

    Move to the active position the switch opposite the item “Increased sizes”, then change the font up to as much as you think is necessary.

      In the “Settings” iPhone, go to the “General” section.

    Tap on the item “Universal access”, and then in the block “Vision” select “Enlarged text”.

    Further actions are no different from those on devices with iOS 13 on board. activate the “Increased sizes” switch, and then increase the text to the desired value, moving to the right along the scale presented on the screen.

    Note that with the maximum font size set in the “Settings”, some of the inscriptions do not fit on the display. If, however, through the “Universal Access” set an even higher value, they will be completely truncated. In addition, the changes made in this section increase not only the text, but also a number of other elements of the system, including widgets and notifications.

    Third party app settings

    In some applications, especially if these are instant messengers or social network clients, in which communication through correspondence and reading messages plays an important role, there is a built-in ability to increase the size of the pre-installed font. These include clients and Telegram. Using their example, we will consider how to solve our today’s problem in cases where this does not allow changing the system settings.

    Note: The instructions below may well be relevant for other applications, in the settings of which it is possible to increase the font. The names of some (or most) items may (and most likely will) differ, but you should focus on descriptions that are close in meaning and logic.

    In the “General settings” block, tap on the item “Video and sound”.

    Select your preferred font size by moving a similar system slider and focusing on the preview with text.

      After launching the application, go to the “Settings” tab, and then to the “Design” section.

    Scroll a little down the list of available options, then in the “Text size” block move the slider to the right, similar to that in all the cases discussed above.

    Choose the optimal font size, focusing on its display in the preview area or by opening the main interface or one of the chats.

    As you can see from the screenshot below, in Telegram you can increase the main text (labels in the interface and the content of messages), but not nested text. so, for example, the font in the preview of links does not increase. By adhering to the above recommendations, you can increase the font size in any third-party application, provided that it supports this function.

    Increasing the font on the iPhone

    You can change the font size both smaller and larger on the iPhone in the iOS settings. The disadvantage of this approach is that it will affect the operating system, standard and compatible applications, but not all third-party applications. Fortunately, many are customizable. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

    System settings

    In order to enlarge the font in the iOS environment in general, standard and compatible applications that support the “Dynamic Font” function, you must do the following:

    Scroll down the page that opens and tap on the item “Text size”.

    If you wish, read the description of how, or rather, where this function works, and select the appropriate size by moving the circle indicated in the image below to the right along the scale.

    Note: In addition to directly enlarging the text, you can also make it bolder. this will be useful in some cases.

    To see if this size is right for you, scroll through the “Settings”, open several preinstalled applications and see how the enlarged text looks in them. If necessary, it can always be increased further or, conversely, reduced by following the above steps.

    Unfortunately, the “Dynamic Font” function does not work not only with many third-party applications, but also with some standard ones. For example, in Safari, the text on sites will not increase, although the font size in the browser settings and its menus will be changed.

    Increase font size on iPhone

    The default font size on Apple mobile devices can be safely called the most comfortable for reading text on the screen, but for some users it may still seem small. In our today’s article, we’ll show you how to enlarge it on iPhone.

    As you can see, there is nothing difficult about increasing the font size on the iPhone, and you can even set it to a value larger than the default. Many third-party applications that are not covered by this feature provide additional options for resizing text.