How to enable caller ID on iPhone

Hiding through the iOS settings

So, we got acquainted with the services of operators. What can be done with improvised means on the phone itself? We carry out the following steps:

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The Settings icon may look different depending on the iOS version

We turn the switch to the “On” position

This algorithm of actions works in any version of iOS. The difference can only be in the “icons” of the menu items.

Successful result of enabling the hide number function: the person you are calling displays your number as “Unknown”

“Anti-Caller ID” from “Megafon”

Another variation of the Anti-Caller ID service, this time from the mobile operator Megafon. Its action is similar to “Anti-Caller ID” from “MTS”, there are two ways to connect: via USSD. 221 # and a call key, and through the official website. The cost of the service is 5 rubles / day. There is also a catch here: it is easy to connect the service through the website, but to disable it, you will have to call the operator’s call-center and tell the employee your passport data and password (code word). In the case of USSD, everything is easier. both connect and disconnect.

How to block calls from hidden phone number on iPhone

And what if you are called by “Unknown”? Unfortunately, there is no absolutely universal protection against such calls. Let’s take a look at the three most common ways:

  • Contact your mobile operator and activate the service of “declassification” of the anonym, for example, “SuperAON”. If there is no such service and the operator cannot block such calls, then he can definitely find out who exactly is bothering you by providing the subscriber with detailed conversations.
  • Make a list of allowed numbers. In the standard iPhone settings, you can create a so-called “white list” of subscribers. In this case, only those who are included in this list will be able to reach you. All other calls, including anonymous ones, will be ignored. The disadvantage of this method is that you can miss an important call from a subscriber who is not included in the “white list” or even not recorded in your contact book.
  • Activate Do Not Disturb mode on your smartphone. In this case, absolutely all calls will be ignored. This function can be configured by setting the inclusion of the mode at a convenient time for you (for example, at night). Mode activation is available:
  • through the “Settings” menu;

We turn on the “Do not disturb” mode through quick setup

It makes sense to use all these methods only if the anonymous person really bothers you a lot. If you were called only once or twice, then perhaps you shouldn’t waste time trying to block unknown numbers.

Skylink dialing ban

The service from this operator is called “Number identification barring”. We connect it either through the SkyPoint personal account (the “Connect” button opposite the service name), or (for one-time use) we dial USSD-command 52 [subscriber_number] on the phone and press the “Call” button. Details about the service can be found on the operator’s website.

When connecting any of these services, remember: there is never a 100% guarantee of your anonymity! For example, if you use the call service at the expense of the receiving party, your number will be seen. The same will happen when sending an SMS message.

Anti-caller ID from “Beeline”

Beeline has only one service for hiding the number. It operates from the moment of connection to disconnection (there are two connection methods, they are described in detail on the operator’s website), it hides your number during an outgoing call, even if the caller is connected to the caller’s phone. But here it is not without pitfalls: the service does not function if the “Super-caller ID” option is activated on the subscriber’s phone.

Services of mobile operators

Consider the range of services for setting up anonymity from the four main mobile operators in Russia. Note that in other countries, service names and settings will differ. If you are not a resident of Russia, then use the Internet search to find a suitable service for you from a mobile operator in your country or region.

How to hide your number on iPhone (iPhone)?!

Sometimes there are times when you need to call someone from a hidden number without disclosing information about yourself. That is, incognito. We will not focus on the reasons, but consider the technical part of the question of how to hide your number on the iPhone. In Russia, this can now be done only by activating additional options with your mobile operator. On Megafon and MTS, the AntiAON service is connected in the same way, by dialing the code: # On Beeline, you can hide your number through the code: 31 # On Tele2, the option is activated via the USSD command: 1171 # Here you need to understand that these options are completely paid and for every time you use them, a small amount will be debited from your account. somewhere in the region of 10 rubles for each call. There is one more method that in Russia can work only with some small regional operator and sometimes works abroad.

It allows you to hide the number on iPhone through your phone settings. In order to use it, you need to open the Settings of your device, select the “Phone” section:

We select it and find ourselves in this menu:

Here you need to move the “Show number” slider on the iPhone to the “Off” position so that it changes color to gray. Now your phone should not be displayed at the person you are calling. He will display a message or “Unknown” on his screen. Accordingly, to disable the “Hide number” function on the iPhone. just slide the slider to the “On” position.

Many iPhone users have received calls from a classified number when the caller’s number is displayed as “unknown” on the phone display. This indicates that the caller has activated the anti-identification function, as a result of which you cannot find out his phone number.

In fact, iPhone owners of most Russian mobile operators can hide their number, regardless of the form of service, that is, they can be serviced both under a contract and on a prepaid basis. There is only one feature in which this service does not work. sending a simple text message (when sending an SMS, the service does not work and the number becomes available).

The instruction further describes how to activate anti-caller ID on iPhone.

How to enable caller ID on iPhone:

Open the Settings app from the home screen.

Go to the Phone menu.

Go to Show phone number.

Turn the switch to the Off position.

It’s all! Now, when you make a call to another subscriber, he will not see your number.

Sometimes a situation arises when it is necessary to make an anonymous call so that the person receiving the call does not know who exactly is calling him. But it happens the other way around: an unknown number is too persistently seeking your attention. In both situations, iPhone owners have several ways to set up anonymous calls.

How to enable Yandex Caller ID

Today we will talk about how to enable Yandex. There are a lot of scammers in the world who only need one phone to get money. We, in turn, want to warn you what not to do so as not to run into them. And in general, to simplify life, now in most cases with this function it will be known who the caller is. If you also do not pick up the phone from unfamiliar numbers, then

How to enable Yandex Caller ID

Enabling Yandex Caller ID on iPhone

On iPhone, this feature is enabled slightly differently in the phone settings. This requires:

  • Go to “Settings” and find “Phone” in the list.
  • Then find “Block. and identifier. call “.
  • Select “Yandex” and redisplay the slider to enable.

Ready! You have successfully activated this feature on your iPhone. If unfamiliar numbers call you, the application will give you all the information about the number.


This application has many analogues. Some of them are TrueCaller and GetContact. It works on the same principle, you can use it if you have problems with Yandex.


  • You can confidently know whether to pick up the phone or not;
  • Fewer calls with annoying ads that you don’t want to listen to;
  • Database data 5 million and constantly updated

Caution scammers!

Regardless of the fact that there are such wonderful applications. There is also another side of the coin. Namely, the substitution of a phone number, for this there are even special applications.

That is, hypothetically, you can be called by any person who hides his number. In this case, you will be shown on the screen the number of someone from your loved ones. They will say: “Your mother had an accident, immediately throw money on the card.” In a critical situation, we often forget about everything in the world and run to transfer money. All that needs to be done in this situation is to reset the number and call back. By calling you back, you will be directed to the correct number and understand that it was a deception.

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Even if you want to know who did it, you cannot. It’s no secret that there can be a lot of SIM cards. And even having found out his number, it will definitely be impossible to say anything, maybe he has already thrown out the SIM card.

Basically, only the number is forged, with SMS it is much more difficult and almost impossible to do this.

Warn family and friends about this phenomenon and how to act. Forewarned. armed, do not fall for the tricks of deceivers.

How to enable Yandex Caller ID

An ordinary phone has a significant drawback. it only knows the numbers that the user taught him. And if they call from a stranger, you can easily run into intrusive ads. Or aggressive collectors who do not know that sometimes the numbers change the owner. Yandex caller ID will help to avoid such difficulties and make life easier. how to enable it for free, which application to install and how to use it, we will tell you in this article.

How Yandex caller ID works

Reviews are collected automatically, and Yandex’s caller ID will not bother the user too much. there is no need to provide a report after each call. Only from time to time, the program will offer to share information about the unknown person and why he called. Reviews can be left through the application from the call history, if the program did not ask, but you really want to speak.

The question remains. is the service provided for a fee or not? Free, but keep in mind that in return you will have to view ads, and information about your device and calls will be collected. Yandex claims that it is as impersonal as possible.

What you need to work?

Caller ID must be installed as part of a special Yandex search program ( You cannot download Yandex caller ID as an independent application, so in addition you will receive not only search, but also a voice assistant.

At the moment, the caller ID works exclusively on the Android platform (at least version 6), but Yandex said that it plans to implement it for iOS as well. This is due to the peculiarities of the iPhone and other devices with OS from Apple. Therefore, it is useless to search on the iPhone how to enable the option from Yandex. use the system identifier.

But back to Android. If you are the rare person who bought Yandex.Telephone, then nothing needs to be configured. everything is already included in the package and works by default. The rest, in order to connect the service from the search engine as the main one for finding phones, will need to give the application access at the first start:

  • to the phone. to record the very fact of the call;
  • to contacts. to check if the number is in the list, as well as to correctly sign “familiar” entries in the history kept in the application;
  • to the Internet. to request information over the network;
  • to pop-up windows. to show a prompt during an incoming call.

Xiaomi owners will also need to enable autoplay and notifications for the lock screen and tooltips. You also need to remove performance restrictions, otherwise when the battery runs out, the system may turn off the detection function as wasteful.

On devices from Huawei, you need to edit the launch parameters (enable everything in the Manual control section for the application). In addition, you need to disable automatic program termination when the screen is locked.

The search application is installed, accesses are granted. now you can activate the recognition function. To do this, through the program menu, you need to enter the Caller ID section.

On request, issue permissions for recognition to be activated.

Have you tried it. didn’t like it, wondered how to remove the function? Just open the application and, in the same way as you turned on Yandex caller ID, go to the section to disable it. Call up the settings via the menu.

Of course, there is always the option to completely remove the application as it did not live up to expectations. His average score in the Play Market is quite high, but there are also complaints about incorrect work or annoying ads.

How to enable caller ID on the iPhone from Yandex?

And before using this useful option, you need to install the Yandex application on your smartphone. It is present in the App Store and is displayed by the entered name. But try not to confuse it with the browser. it happens sometimes. We start installing the program on the iPhone and wait for its successful completion. And after that, go to the step-by-step instructions and turn on the caller ID:

  • Open the Yandex application.
  • Click on the four squares located in the bottom panel.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Caller ID”.

Turn on Yandex identifier on iPhone

As a result, you have successfully enabled Yandex identifier on your iPhone. Now every incoming call will be checked in the database for a special mark. If it turns out that an advertising agent is calling, you will see a corresponding notification. Optionally, the option can be disabled by changing the position of the slider to the previous.

Note! The service database contains not all numbers that are used by scammers and advertisers. Therefore, if you encounter spam, you can notify other people about it. To do this, go to the call log and swipe the suspicious number from right to left. Then select “Report” and answer a few questions. So you protect not only yourself, but also other users. Also read how to disable spam Events calendar and mail on iPhone and iPad. a common problem for almost all owners of Apple devices.

Thus, we looked at how to enable Yandex identifier on the iPhone. As it turned out, there is nothing difficult in this, because it is enough to activate the option in the smartphone settings. Also, do not forget about the built-in options that allow you to check any phones. To do this, you need to select a number and click on the “Information” item. Still have additional questions about the material? Well, you can always ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.!

IOS standard tools

The user can try to enable automatic hiding of the phone number in the settings. To do this, you need to do the following:

Find the parameter “Show number” and tap on it.

Change the state of the switch to activate the function.

However, usually this function is associated with the cellular operator and its conditions. That is, to enable it, you need to activate the AntiAON service (anti-caller ID). Typically, you need to enter a command in the dialer, similar to a request to check the balance. Here are such USSD requests for popular cellular operators. The cost of the service can be found on the website of each operator or by calling technical support, as it changes quite often.

  • Beeline. This operator will not be able to hide their number at one time, only by activating the subscription service. To do this, enter 110071 #. Connection is free.
  • Megaphone. If you want to hide the number only for one time, then dial # phone_called_ subscriber. starting from number 8. Permanent service is connected with the command 221 #.
  • MTS. A permanent subscription is connected with the 11146 # command. one-time. # phone_called_ subscriber. starting with 8.
  • Tele2. This operator provides only a permanent subscription to AntiAON by entering the request 1171 #.
  • Yota. This company provides anti-caller ID for free. And for this you do not need to enter a special command. The user simply turns it on in the settings of his phone.

In this article, we have discussed how to hide a number using a special application, and what commands you need to enter in order to connect the corresponding service with a cellular operator.

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There are often situations when you need to call someone, but you don’t want the subscriber to be identified. Many cell phone owners do not know how to anonymize their number on the iPhone. Most of the users turn to the manufacturer Apple with the question: “How to hide the number on the iPhone?” We get a positive response from those support. It turns out that the phone has such a function. to hide numbers. Apple’s official website provides instructions for everyone who wants to hide the number on the iPhone.

Have you ever had a situation where someone calls you, and instead of a number or name there is an inscription “Hidden Numbers”? Perhaps someone is trying to play a trick on you? How can you find out an anonymous person using your gadget. In fact, everything is very simple and is done in a few clicks of buttons.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Phone” section.
  • Then, in the option “Show numbers”.

Application “Number spoofing. hide the call”

Third-party applications are often more powerful than built-in functions. The same applies to the solution of the problem posed in this article. The App Store offers different solutions for hiding the real number, we will take “Number spoofing. hide the call” as an example. This application does not hide your number completely, it only replaces it with another one. The user simply comes up with any number, then enters the phone of another subscriber and calls directly from the application.

How to fix Caller ID that’s not working on the Apple iPhone XS, No Caller ID

    Download and open the application “Number spoofing. hide the call”.

Enter the number that will be shown to another subscriber when they call. Click Finish.

Now go back to the main menu and tap on “What number are we calling?”. Here also enter the number to whom you will call. This is necessary in order to call directly from the application. Click Finish.

Click on the tube icon. By sliding the switch to the right, you can record the entire conversation, which will then be saved in the “Recordings” section.

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Hide number on iPhone

Hiding the number on the iPhone is possible only with the activation of the corresponding service from the mobile operator. Each of them sets their own and conditions. A standard feature on the iPhone rarely allows you to activate this mode yourself.

How to find out incoming hidden numbers on iPhone 5s in just a few minutes?

For example, a user does not give his contacts, but asks for yours. How to proceed in this case and determine who called? This happens when a person does not want to provide personal information about himself and calls from a hidden number. One of the options for identifying an unknown subscriber is to install the Tele-2 application program on your device. This mobile operator provides customers with many services, among which the definition of anonymous calls should be highlighted.

  • First you need to download the application to your phone.
  • Opening the program.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • After authorization, all information about your tariff, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS within the network, Internet traffic opens.
  • Next, go to the menu and see many functions: “Services”, “Question-answer”, “News”, “Salon addresses”, “Contacts”, “Applications”.

But, we are interested in the item “Detailing”. We click on it and a submenu opens in front of us. It includes the following buttons: “All”, “Voice”, “SMS / MMS”, “Internet traffic”. Here, you need to highlight the “Voice” column. In other words, when calling from a hidden phone, this item will display all incoming hidden calls. With this app you can always call back or define anonymous call.

How to hide the number on iPhone when you call

Sometimes life presents situations in which the best way out is not to show personal data. With the growing popularity of smartphones, subscriber numbers have become a widespread type of personal information, which can reveal all the “ins and outs” of the owner. In such circumstances, it is advisable to hide the phone number on the iPhone in order to avoid getting into an inconvenient position for the user.

How to make your call anonymous if the operator is MTS?

Almost all mobile operators offer their subscribers to install the function of hiding their calls. MTS is no exception.

To do this, in the call line, dial 11146 # “call”. After processing the request, a notification appears on the display: »The application has been sent, wait for an SMS-message about registration. A few minutes later, an answer appears that your phone has an incoming call anti-detection service.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to hide your number from the called subscriber. For example, this is necessary when calling a large number of people. If you do not hide your number, then people you have not reached will call you back and distract you from work.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can hide your number on iPhone. Information will be relevant to all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and X.

In order to hide the phone number on the iPhone, you need to enable the corresponding function in the settings. To do this, open the iPhone settings and go to the “Phone” section.

After that, go to the subsection “Show number”.

And put the function “Show number” in the off state.

After turning off the “Show number” function, call someone and check how your number is displayed. If your mobile operator allows you to hide the number, then the subscriber you called will see the inscription “Unknown” and will not be able to determine your phone number.

However, it is quite possible that the cellular operator does not allow hiding the phone number. In this case, disabling Show Number on iPhone will have no effect. It is also possible that in order to hide the number, you need to connect a paid service of a cellular operator. Usually this service is called “AntiAON” and you need to pay for it daily.

You also need to take into account that the “Show number” function affects only your calls. When sending SMS messages, your number will be displayed as usual.

Unknown number using iOS

How to make a call from an iPhone so that the number is not determined, this part of the instruction, dedicated to the tools built into the Apple operating system, will tell. We act as follows:

  • On the main screen of the smartphone, we find the icon with “Settings” (gray gear). In the menu that opens, scroll down until we find the item “Phone”.
  • Inside the “Settings” select “Show number”. Inside it, disable the function by placing the switch selector in the inactive position.

Now, during a call to another iPhone, the inscription “Unknown” will be displayed instead of the usual numbers. However, it should be remembered that “hiding” can be hindered by the “Auto-identification” service provided by telecom operators. In this case, the slider will be inactive:

This means that it will be possible to hide only by contacting the cellular operator and connecting the appropriate service.

How to disable?

To deactivate the service, you can call the MTS service at 0890 or 8 (800) 333-08-90. You can also use your personal account on the operator’s website.

How to connect “Caller ID” to MTS?

Some services are provided by the mobile operator by default and are part of the starter package. They do not require additional activation or special configuration, these options will work with any tariff plans. The MTS company has one of these services is “Caller ID”.


The service makes it possible to display on the screen of the mobile device the number from which the incoming call is made. The price of using the service depends on the terms of the tariff plan that the subscriber has chosen.

  • find out exactly who is going to talk to you. During an incoming call, the subscriber’s number appears on the device screen;
  • set a special melody for each subscriber so that a suitable song will sound when a call comes in;
  • find out exactly who called, if there is a missed call and call back as soon as possible.

If anonymity when making a call is important to you, you can activate the Anti-Caller ID service (option opposite to the identifier). And if there is a need to determine the number even when the subscriber subscribes to the Anti-Caller ID service, you can use the Super Caller ID option.

How to turn it on?

For subscribers whose tariff plan does not provide for the option of determining the number in the basic services, this service can be activated independently. There are several ways to activate:

  • “Personal Area”;
  • Message 111 to 2113;
  • “SMS. assistant”;
  • “MTS. service” or “My MTS”;
  • USSD. command 11144 #.

The cost

The provision of the service is free, but not for all tariff plans.

The connection is paid if the subscriber uses one of the following tariffs: “Optima” (more precisely, its varieties: 100, 200, “Universal”, “Day” or “Evening”), “MTS Business” (“Minute”, “200” or “400”), “Summer”, “Sunny”, “Avangard” or “Active”, “Local”, “MTS SMS”, “Youth”, OPEN, President, MTS Exclusive, Favorite.


A guarantee of the correct operation of the service can be given only when both incoming and outgoing calls are made in the area of ​​the MTS home network.

In order for information about an incoming call to be displayed correctly, it is recommended to save phone contacts in the address book in a generally accepted international format. They must start with “7”, for example: 7 916 xxxxxxxx.

Unfamiliar numbers. to pick up the phone or not

“I don’t take calls from unknown numbers and don’t worry,” is a very popular position. And this really should be done if you cannot determine right here and now who owns the number using one of the methods described above.

But it’s better to just always be fully armed, it’s elementary. Install a caller ID on your smartphone, bookmark the service for punching numbers, register in Viber and WhatsApp even if you do not plan to use them. A few actions, and now you have at your fingertips a complete set of tools for punching any number. A very advanced set that allows you to see even the caller’s photo!

Why do this? What if a relative in trouble calls you from an unknown number? Or a boss who urgently needs to throw off a report? Calls from unknown numbers do not always come from scammers. It is extremely easy to make sure of this.

Checking the number in Viber and WhatsApp

We figured out how to recognize the numbers of scammers or banks. It is quite easy to do this using search engines and special services.

But what if the number is not in any databases and it belongs to an ordinary person? You can punch through additional information about ordinary people.

First of all, you need to search by phone number in Viber and WhatsApp messengers. They are incredibly popular in the CIS countries, most of the subscribers of mobile operators are registered in them.

However, not everyone knows that Viber and WhatsApp freely disclose some information about their users, including photos. In order to punch a number by one of the messengers, it is enough to start adding it to the contact book. There is no need to confirm the addition, the main thing is to start.

Just a few seconds, and you will find out the name of the person who called you from a hidden number and get a photo of the person.

Using the application “Sberbank Online

Checking the number through Sberbank Online allows you to find out the name and patronymic of a person. to which the unknown number belongs. This method can help out if others have not helped. In particular, if the number was not registered in Viber and WhatsApp.

To check the number through the Sberbank Online service, you need to start the transfer procedure using the phone number. Specify 1 ruble as the transfer amount and click “Continue”. Do not worry. This ruble will not be withdrawn from your account until confirmation, which you do not need to complete.

After clicking the “Continue” button, you will be taken to the payment confirmation menu, where the name and patronymic of the recipient will be indicated.

Punching numbers through search engines

The easiest way to determine who called from an unknown number is to poke it through search engines. Such a check will take literally a minute, but often it will turn out to find out which organization or company the number belongs to.

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Most often, such a quick check is enough to identify the number. Since in most cases banks or companies call from unfamiliar numbers with various “profitable” offers, they are identified on the very first page of the search results.

To effectively punch a phone number in Google or Yandex, it is recommended to enter it in different formats. Here are the exact formats to check:

  • 89xxxxxxxxx
  • 79xxxxxxxxx
  • 8-9xx-xxx-xx-xx
  • 7 (9xx) xxx-xx-xx
  • 8 (9xx) xxx-xx-xx

Punch a number in at least the first two formats. During testing, we searched search engines for two numbers of editorial staff. In the first case, it turned out to find out additional information about the number when searching in the format 79xxxxxxxxx, in the second. in the format 89xxxxxxxxx.

Checking numbers in various formats should not be neglected. A certain number format may appear on different sites, including those that store information about a person in an open form.

How to find a hidden number on iPhone

Why the phone constantly receives calls from hidden and undefined numbers?

Today, a subscriber of any mobile operator can hide a phone number. The service is provided by telecom providers and is usually called “caller ID”. it does not allow other users to see the number of the calling call. Typically, the phone displays the message “Number not identified.” The question arises. is it possible to answer such a call? Who is calling from a hidden number? Many subscribers simply do not pick up the phone for fear of fraudulent activity. Such foresight is not in vain and avoids unpleasant consequences.

The “hidden number” service is often used by companies checking the database of numbers of potential customers. Usually, such a task is carried out through special software, so after answering, the subscriber will not be able to hear anything. the connection is broken. The number is hidden for confidentiality reasons so that the recipients of the calls do not call back. Sometimes the “ringing” of numbers is carried out by spammers or scammers, therefore it is undesirable to answer such a call.

Another common situation is the use of classified numbers by collectors or microfinance organizations, when the debtor refuses to fulfill obligations under the concluded loan agreement. The hidden number plays two roles here. Firstly, it acts as a tool of psychological pressure, and secondly, such a number cannot be blacklisted.

How to find out a hidden phone number?

Some subscribers, after receiving calls from hidden numbers, want to declassify them. Today, this procedure is quite simple. If your phone is constantly being called, temporarily disconnect your mobile device for a few minutes. After switching on, the mobile operator will send a notification with a list of callers. This service is usually called “You’ve received a call. There is, albeit a small, but probability that a previously hidden number will be contained here.

How to Disable Caller ID on iPhone 7 Plus 7 6S 6 SE 5 5C 5S 4S 4 iOS 10, 11 or iOS 12

The next method involves connecting the “anti-caller ID” service. All operators know “hidden” numbers, so the user of such a service will certainly be able to view the secret phone from which calls are made. It is important to consider that the service is quite expensive. You can see the exact price on the official website of the mobile operator (or call support).

Calls from hidden numbers are often the intrigues of fraudsters or collectors. It is also common for spammers to call on the phone with a variety of promotional offers. It is recommended to drop such calls. If it is imperative to declassify the number, it is better to activate the “anti-caller ID” service.

Sometimes it happens that, for one reason or another, you need to call somewhere from a hidden number, and users do not know how to do this on their phone model. Due to the great popularity of Apple phones, many are interested in the question about him and it usually sounds like this. is it possible to hide a phone number on the iPhone and how to do it?

We answer. yes, of course you can, the iPhone has a function to hide the phone number. And how to do this will tell you this small instruction.

In order to hide the phone number on the iPhone, just go to the menu and do a few simple actions there.


Unlike the previous options, in the Sync.ME application, the caller ID on iPhone and iPad is the main function, not just an add-on.

This program was specially designed to recognize calls from unknown phones and warn you about annoying spammers.

To identify phones, you can use both the application itself and the widget in the “Today” section.

The app itself is free, but you can purchase a premium account with advanced functionality. In it, you can combine contacts, create backups and, in general, it is convenient to manage your phone book.

At the moment, the Sync.ME directory contains over 1,000,000,000 numbers, but this is an international base. There will be significantly fewer phones relevant for Russia.

The application requires iOS version 10.0 or newer to work.

Caller ID on iPhone

Still, not answering calls at all is not an option. So you can skip an important call from a courier, from relatives or from work. What to do then?

The phone identification service will come to the rescue. It will let you know who is calling before you answer the call. If the call is unwanted, you can safely ignore it. Let’s figure out how to install and configure caller ID on iPhones and iPads.


Yandex is a free universal program for iOS, which, among other options, has a caller ID for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This is the functionality this application has:

The Caller Line Identification function is used to determine who is calling you. To make it work, you need to enable the item “Caller ID” in the main menu of the application.

Caller Line Identification works only on iPhone or iPad with system version 11.0 or higher. On devices with an outdated version of iOS, the application will also start, but it will not be possible to identify phones in it.

The 2GIS application is an online card that has several additional functions:

Turn Caller ID off iPhone

  • Built-in navigator that works both within the city and between cities. It takes into account road signs, traffic conditions, toll roads and other conditions important for building a route.
  • Information about events on the road. You will see on the map notifications from other users about traffic police cameras, blocked streets, traffic jams or any accidents.
  • Timetable of city transport. Here you will find data on routes and departure times for buses, minibuses, trolleybuses and trams. In some cities, traffic can be monitored in real time.
  • Construction of optimal walking routes, taking into account sidewalks, yards and underpasses.
  • Guides and guides to cities in Russia, CIS, UAE and Cyprus. Here you will find information on the main attractions and the best establishments.

In the application, you can see full information about any building. photos, the number of entrances, the index, to which clinic it is attached. Also, here you can find all the data about the organizations that are located in them.

The system requirements are as follows: iOS 10.0 or watchOS 3.0. On devices with older systems “2GIS” will not start.

To start identifying phones, you don’t need to enable anything in the app itself. Just activate “2GIS” as a reference in the settings of your gadget.

Kaspersky Who Calls

Kaspersky Who Calls is a free multifunctional caller ID for iPhone from Russian developers.

  • Identify spam and calls from scammers. The spammers base is formed by the Who Calls user community.
  • Automatically block unwanted calls. you don’t even have to drop the call yourself.
  • Provide information about the organization: name, industry, reputation (based on user ratings). Works both in Russia and abroad.
  • Check the base of any phones from which you or your friends received calls.
  • Add suspicious or unwanted numbers about which you are complaining to the database.

The main app is free, but it also has a monthly or annual subscription. It provides access to additional functionality of Kaspersky Who Calls.

The application does not need an Internet connection to work. Also, you do not need to enter your own number or share your contact list. your personal data is safe.

The application is compatible with iOS 11.0 and newer versions.

How to set up caller ID on iPhone

Phone detection is built into Apple mobile devices by default. But it cannot work on its own. to find out who is calling you, you need a database of numbers.

Such databases are added using third-party iOS applications that act as a telephone directory.

To activate caller ID for iPhone or iPad, you need to do the following:

  • Install any reference app on your gadget.
  • Run the settings of your device, and then open the “Phone” section in it.
  • Select the sub-item “Call blocking and identification”.
  • In the “Allow these programs to block and provide a subscriber ID” section, select the required application (or several to combine their directories).
  • Pull the switch so it lights up green.

Some applications also have a function for detecting the phones of ordinary users.

There are quite a few reference apps for iOS now. Some of them have a fairly extensive database, while others are not very accurate.

Let’s analyze the popular options, their pros and cons.

“Who is calling”

Like the previous version, this is a Russian phone number identifier on an iPhone or iPad. But, unlike Kaspersky Who Calls, the “Who Calls” application is initially paid.

It costs 379 rubles. The amount is debited once. no paid subscriptions for a month or a year are provided.

The functionality of the application is pretty standard:

The application base is updated in the background. At the moment it contains over 1,500,000 phones.

To use you do not need to register, enter your number or share any other personal data.