How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone 11


One of the main indicators of originality is the package bundle. If you are going to check the originality of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, study what accessories the manufacturer has equipped the smartphone with. Apple packs a Lightning cable, 5W AC adapter, SIM tray clip, Airpods, and documentation in a shipping box. The original iPhone cable is much softer than the counterfeit cable, and there are no defects in the plastic molding. All components are individually packed. The fake kit is as similar as possible to the original. The kit includes instructions, the paper clip looks like the original one, but there are no stickers. The fake charger is not at all like the original, the Airpods are in the old packaging, but very similar to the original ones. The original headphones must be in biodegradable packaging, however, in the Chinese version, the packaging does not dissolve in water.

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Another way to determine if the iPhone 11 is original is to use iTunes. A genuine gadget is easily synchronized, but a fake one will give an error.


The screen of branded products fits snugly to the body. When turned off, the original iPhone 11 has a deep black screen. Any crevices and gaps indicate that the smartphone in question is a fake. An unpleasant smell can also be produced by a fake smartphone.


First of all, it is recommended to check the main camera, its lens should be larger than that of standard budget smartphones. At the same time, there is a special protective layer on it, so the lens gives off blue. The Chinese counterfeit is extremely similar to the triple optics of the latest generation Apple smartphone. It is equipped with transparent windows for non-existent cameras, and qualitatively simulates additional modules. In that case, pay attention to the Apple logo on the 11 model. It is installed right in the center of the back panel, and on all previous phones, the bitten apple was shifted to the top edge.

General differences

There are a number of rules for detecting a fake. Even at the stage of selection, do not be too lazy to go to a large online electronics market and carefully examine the desired model of iPhone 11. Take a closer look at such trifles as the gaps between the case, screen and buttons. Enjoy the quality of materials, clarity of fonts, lettering on the back panel.

The iPhone 11 lid can only be removed by unscrewing the screws on the sides of the charging connector. Therefore, if their heads are scratched or damaged, then the gadget was unambiguously opened, and rather casually.

The original phone only has one SIM card slot. Branded iPhone 11 does not have a memory card tray, USB connector, antenna. Also, a budget replica is given by a removable back cover and a battery. Often, the subject of a fake is the previous model of the iPhone X, which is passed off as the iPhone 11 by gluing a special overlay on the protrusion of the rear camera. The clear signs of a fake include the incorrect spelling of the brand. Sometimes the number of cameras, color or size is different. Such features immediately catch the eye, so you need to be vigilant when buying a smartphone. Unlike Chinese counterfeiters, the manufacturer makes cases from aluminum, there is no even the highest quality plastic, so the gadget should pleasantly cool your hand.

Types of iPhones

All iPhones on sale can be roughly divided into several categories:

  • Brand new, officially delivered to the country. These smartphones are the most expensive.
  • Officially remanufactured by Apple to meet all quality requirements. Manufacturer refurbishing. They are also covered by the traditional warranty. The cost of such devices should be 10-20% lower than the standard.
  • Unofficially recovered. Seller refurbishing, that is, refurbished by the seller. The warranty may cover a year or a month, sometimes a week, but it is not official. The life of such an iPhone is not known. IPhone data is often found without Touch ID, especially a lot of artisanally refurbished iPhone 5S, 6, 6S. In terms of quality, they also have 3-4 classifications.

It is the last option, the reboot of which does not take place in the factory, that poses a real danger. Such devices have nothing to do with the official “ref”. Damaged iPhones are bought from their owners and restored, as a rule, in China at factories of various levels, sometimes handicraft in Russia. Their quality is almost impossible to track. These smartphones most often have the original motherboard and touch ID. The rest of the parts are replaced with analog ones. Accessories are also unlikely to remain native.

The difference between the official iPhone Refubrished and the original iPhone

Apple makes a distinction between types of smartphones by honestly warning potential users that they are purchasing a refurbished phone. There are a number of ways to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from an original.

  • The cost of a refurbished iPhone should be lower than that of the original new one.
  • The main distinguishing features can be seen immediately from the product box. There is no picture on the front side. It contains only 2 inscriptions. the iPhone model and “Apple Certified Pre-Owned”
  • On the end sticker, in a series of numbers and letters (serial number and IMEI), you can recognize the letters RFB (Refurbished iPhone).
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It is not scary to buy an officially remanufactured or “iPhone” RFB, since, according to experience, they break no more often than brand new ones, and have an official guarantee. It is much worse if, under the brand name of an officially restored one, you acquire an artisanal fake that has no guarantee, no build quality, or original parts.

What is a Refurbished iPhone

Since the end of 2015, first large, and then medium (in terms of sales) companies began to actively offer Apple smartphones with the adjective “ref” or “iPhone like new”. The Russian-language term is a derivative of the English Refurbished iPhone, translated as a refurbished iPhone. Not a single corporation can completely eliminate the percentage of scrap. Deficiencies can be identified both during pre-sale testing and during the warranty period. In fact, the “ref” iPhone may never have been in use. Problematic iPhones, returning to the manufacturer, go to work. In such an iPhone, first of all, defective parts change, and without fail, the case, display, many other modules, iOS is reinstalled. Full pre-sales testing eliminates potential problems. A new serial number is assigned to it, the official warranty starts from scratch. Thus, the phrase “iPhone like new” is really true, as it works at the same quality level. Refurbished iPhones go on sale with Apple Certified.

How to tell an original refurbished iPhone from a fake one.

This is not difficult to do, you need to pay attention to the little things.

  • Box. As a rule, this element carries a lot of information. The original box is dense, even, smooth, without gaps and gaps. For fakes, the paints may be washed out or too bright. All inscriptions and logos are located exactly in their places.
  • Equipment. Each accessory and all parts are precisely and tightly in their places, have original logos, signs of wear are not allowed.
  • Checking identifiers. First of all, the serial number and IMEI must match on the box, case and in the iPhone program. It is preferable to check the IMEI data on the Internet. There you will also find out how much memory and body colors the iPhone originally had.
  • Efficiency. Test the iPhone’s performance and functionality.

What are refurbished iPhones?

Refurbished phones can be of two types:

  • Manufacturer refurbishing. devices officially refurbished by the manufacturer. These are phones returned under warranty. They put on a new case, the display is changing, all ports and connectors, speakers, cables, microphone. Devices pass quality control, are packaged in a new box and sold as new but at a lower price.
  • Seller refurbishing are hand-assembled phones. Roughly speaking. fake.

It is clear that the acquisition of a fake does not bode well. So before you go shopping for an iPhone, it is better to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to distinguish a fake from the original.

Refurbished iPhone. how to distinguish from the original?

What is a refurbished iPhone, how can you tell such a product from an original one? Refurbished iPhone is called a ref iPhone (Refurbished iPhone).

This is a pre-owned phone with factory reset and new housing.

How to distinguish an original device from a refurbished one

  • The first thing that can be appreciated is the packaging. The original packaging is dense, smooth, paint-resistant and cannot be erased even with a wet cloth. Fakes can have dents, scratches, paint can pick up on your hands.
  • The phone is clean, odor-free, packed in a control film, which can be opened only once.
  • The speaker grid is also clean.
  • The documents are clean, not wrinkled, brand new.
  • The bolts have no traces of loosening, their caps fit snugly to the body.
  • The charger and headphones are working properly. When buying them you need to check.
  • The quality of color reproduction, display illumination, image clarity at high magnification. this is something that cannot be faked. In addition, the original screen has a special coating that repels fats and oils. If you run a marker over it, then the paint begins to melt.
  • The square on the large round button is white, not gray (for black iPhones).
  • Flawless, fingerprint-free metal edging.

As for officially refurbished phones, Apple does not hide that these are refurbished devices and their serial number starts with 5K.

So if the budget is limited, then you can purchase such a device. it’s not so bad. It is subject to the usual terms of the warranty, and it can please the owner for a long time with impeccable work.

7 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

“Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

The instruction was written at the request of one of the readers, who just saw an advertisement on Avito about the sale of a supposedly new iPhone with such a box. Although in fact the smartphone is refurbished.

On Avito, 9 out of 10 new iPhones on sale are Chinese trash in the right boxes, unfortunately.

A reader wrote to our editorial office. He asked if it was a new iPhone or a refurbished one and showed a photo from Avito. We looked on the Internet. many have questions about the difference between the packaging of new iPhones and refurbished ones (as new), in connection with which the instructions were made.

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And in it we specially marked twice (!) That in any case you need to check by the model number in this way. /.

At the very beginning of the manual it says “There is a proven and most reliable way to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this manual. ”

In this manual, we are talking about how to distinguish new from remanufactured (Like new) by packaging.

“Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Refurbished iPhone vs Used iPhone | Things to know before buying a refurbished iPhone

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by the box?

There is a proven and most reliable way to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this instruction. However, few people know that you can calculate the new iPhone directly from its packaging.

In order to identify a refurbished iPhone, just look at the packaging of the smartphone. Refurbished iPhones, regardless of model, do not have a smartphone on the box. The package only says the name of the smartphone model.

The packaging of the new iPhones depicts a smartphone inside, or, as in the case of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, an image of a smartphone is engraved on the front surface of the box.

Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone from your hands. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account.

It is also important to emphasize that it is highly recommended to check the iPhone for “novelty” directly when purchasing using this method. So you can be sure of purchasing a new iPhone.

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How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one

The issue of distinguishing features of a refurbished original Apple iPhone from a new one, as well as a fake restoration has become widespread.

First, let’s figure out what a refurbished iPhone is. Officially refurbished iPhones are original smartphones that were handed over to certified service centers, as well as purchased by Apple through the Trade-in program. The refurbished device was already in use. The company sends products to factories where smartphones are subject to checks, elimination of system damage, replacement of parts with new ones, reinstallation of programs, replenishment of the kit with new accessories in the form of headphones, a charger and a USB cable. All parts are original. After a complete manufacturer refurbished. “restoration”, “update” from the manufacturer, the devices enter the market with the mark on the packaging “RFB”. The cost of such a phone is correspondingly cheaper.

There is also the concept of seller refurbished. restoration by a reseller company. A reseller is a wholesale reseller between a distributor and an end customer. In most cases, unofficial product recovery is done by China.

Our task is to determine the main differences between a new smartphone and a refurbished one. And also identify the differences between a fake and an original refurbished smartphone

How to Check if iPhone is REFURBISHED (2020)

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone in the settings menu

Check the purchased device by model, serial number and IMEI in the settings and on the body of the smartphone itself. The numbers on the packaging, case and in the settings menu must match.

Go to Settings. General. About this device. Serial number, Model, IMEI.

The complete coincidence of the numbers and the first letter M in the designation of the device model means that the iPhone is new. Finding the letter F. officially rehabilitated and original. Sometimes the letter N is found. it means that the previous user carried out repairs under warranty at a service center. P is a personalized device. All other symbols indicate the recovery of other unofficial companies.

  • Guarantee
    • Apple’s new smartphones have a 1-year warranty.
    • Original refurbished iPhones also come with a 1 year warranty.
    • Non-original smartphones that have been updated have no warranty.

    How to tell the difference between a new iPhone and an original refurbished iPhone

    There are several details to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one. It:

    • packaging;
    • model and serial number;
    • IMEI;
    • guarantee.
    • Packaging

    Please note. in the original “refurbished” Apple smartphones, the box is pure white. The package contains no photos of the phone itself, no bright elements. Only the name of the presented model of the mobile phone and the branded “apple” are indicated. If there is a photo on the box of the refurbished smartphone. the product is not from an official manufacturer.

    The film on the packaging is neatly sealed on both original manufacturer refurbished and new products of the company. No protruding seams, bubbles or creases. Welded seams go along the entire perimeter of the box, thin, without damage. Transverse short thin stripes are located along the edges of the longitudinal seams. However, there is a photo of the presented product on the box of the new smartphone. How, for example, to distinguish the packaging of the original new iPhone 7 from the iPhone7 refurbished by the manufacturer:

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    The reverse side of the packaging of the reconstructed original contains the phone model itself, serial number, IMEI. Indicated in clear legible type, no illegible inscriptions. According to the company’s standard, all the labels on the back of the package are printed on stickers. Serial number and model sticker indicates RFB refurbishment. The model numbers recovered by the official representative on the label have the original F. New devices. the letter M. Take the iPhone 6 as an example.

    Picture “Label of the officially refurbished iPhone 6” Picture “Label of the new iPhone 6”

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone (activated or not)?

    You have been sold an iPhone in a sealed box and the seller assures that it is new. Before you can start using your new Apple smartphone, you need to activate it. The activation procedure involves connecting a smartphone with an inserted SIM card to Apple’s activation servers. To do this, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data.

    And only after the iPhone owner receives confirmation of activation, he will be able to use his device.

    Thus, if, when the smartphone is turned on for the first time, the user immediately goes to the home screen, bypassing the welcome, activation and settings screens, then it has already been used. At the same time, if after the first start-up of the iPhone, a welcome screen appears, this does not mean that the gadget has not been used. The fact is that a screen with the word “Hello” in different languages ​​of the world appears every time the iPhone is reset to factory settings or after the iOS restore procedure on the computer. In other words, even unpacking the sealed box and the appearance of the welcome screen when you turn on the purchased iPhone does not guarantee that the smartphone is new.

    How to Check if iPhone is Refurbished or New?

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 1

    Apple has a Service and Support Eligibility section on Apple’s website that lets you quickly and effortlessly verify that the iPhone you’re buying hasn’t actually been used before. All the user needs to know to work with the service is the serial number of the device. For activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “Settings”, in the “General” section, the menu item “About this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the start-up welcome screen, his serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

    In addition, the serial number of the iPhone can be found on a label located on the back of the original box.

    So, to check your iPhone, follow these steps:

    one. Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.

    2. Enter in the appropriate field the serial number of the iPhone (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.

    IPhone serial number NEVER contains the letter “O” (uses the number “0” (zero).

    3. If, when checking a supposedly new iPhone (or an officially restored (ref, refurbished) Apple), the message “Activate your device” appears, then this really confirms that the smartphone had no history and is indeed new.

    After activation, the Right to Service and Support service will display (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours) the estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day. In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

    NOTE: The data on the Apple server may not change immediately, it usually happens in the interval from 1 minute to 12 hours.

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 2

    Open the Settings app and follow the path: General → About this device.

    In the window that appears, open the item “Limited Warranty”.

    The estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day, will appear here (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours). In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

    If the activation date that you carried out differs from the one specified in the service “Checking the eligibility for service and support”, then you can safely file a claim with the seller. the smartphone was activated earlier, ie. unfortunately, you are not the first owner of this iPhone.

    Let’s take a real life example. In the post-Soviet space, it is often used to sell gray (illegally imported) activated iPhones under the guise of new ones. How does this happen? New locked (tied to a mobile operator) iPhones are sold, for example, in the United States, at a fairly low price. They are bought by “businessmen” for the purpose of subsequent unlocking (decoupling from the operator) for a fee.

    However, often in order to unlock such an iPhone, in most cases its box must be unpacked, software restored and repacked. By and large, this is a new phone (in fact, it was not used), identical to the one purchased from an official reseller, but the date of its first activation will not correspond to the date of activation by the buyer, since it has already been produced earlier. Naturally, the service and support period of such a phone will be less than a year.